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Ananda Fuara

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Contact 415-621-1994

1298 Market St (at 9th, Civic Center district), San Francisco, California, USA, 94102

San Francisco vegetarian restaurant offering a variety of Asian-inspired meals alongside Indian dishes and American foods like veggie burgers and sandwiches. A Sri Chinmoy enterprise. Free meditation classes offered. Weekend brunch til 3pm. Open Tue-Sat 11:00am-8:00pm, Sun 11:00am-3:00pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Ovo, American, Indian, Take-out, Asian

Reviews (41)

First Review by cassius

One of my Favorites in SF out of 3 in SF - Edit

I love the variety of food they serve here. Unfortunately i don't get to go as often as I like to this restaurant, but i am never disappointed. This last time we loved the Portobello Quesadilla…. They offer such a variety of dishes (including daily specials) that everyone can be pleased… everything from down home, mexican, Italian and Indian. Only downside of this restaurant is if you are driving a car it can be a little difficult to park. but i try to go at times that there would be parking open nearby...

Pros: Excellent Food, Great value - ample portions, Friendly staff

Cons: Parking

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One of my favorite places for amazing vegan food in SF - Edit

After my first visit, I quickly become a loyal patron at Ananda Fuara. They have a wide and creative menu with regular specials. Their veggie burger is tops and I love their hummus. I would suggest this place at top 3 vegan restaurants in San Francisco. It's also conveniently located.

Pros: Great food, Affordable, Friendly staff

Cons: Not in the most beautiful district of SF

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friendly, tasty, lots of vegan options inc. amazing desserts - Edit

We would highly recommend Ananda Fuara: tasty, varied menu with big portion sizes. More than half of the menu was vegan, and all the desserts!
The staff were lovely, especially our server Daniel. Those good vibes are showing!
Try the Yogi tea for a spicy pick-me-up. Samosas were our favourite appetiser, and the vegan burger.
The decor and the vibe are homely and relaxed. Prices are very reasonable.

Pros: lots of variety on menu, generous portion sizes , Vegan cakes, ice cream and sorbet!

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Long time occassional patron - Edit

I've been going to Anada Fuara since the 80's when they were on Taravel Street. The new location is smaller, so you may need to wait for a seat during popular times.

The food is delicious; my favorite is the Neat Loaf, which unfortunately is not vegan. But they do have several vegan options, and vegan items are marked as such on the menu (some items are not, for example the curry sauce is sometimes vegan and sometimes not, you have to ask each day).

Pros: Great food!, Funky vibe.

Cons: Not a pleasant corner to wait at if there is a lin

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Eccentric spot - Edit

I'd been looking forward to trying Ananda Fuara - for their vast menu of vegetarian options and well-rated chocolate cake! There's not much else around in the direct vicinity of it, and you'd miss it if you weren't looking out for it. Yet they seemed to get very strong traffic the whole time we were there (during the lunch hour on Saturday). It's a very zen-type ambience - certainly not fancy, but inviting. The waitress was in a sari and the staff seemed quite laid back.

The menu had a huge amount of options - from smoothies and salads to veggie burgers and many Indian-inspired dishes. They also feature a large tea menu and a full dessert case (many of which were vegan)! We both got the Neatloaf Dinner, as we'd heard strong reviews about it. Definitely a good portion size for your money! Their site describes it as, "Our specialty! A juicy loaf made from grains, eggs, ricotta cheese, tofu and spices blended together and baked, topped with a tangy tomato-based sauce. Served with mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy. Now vegan upon request." We both had the vegan version - it was very hearty. We each got two large slabs of neatloaf, along with a mountain of mashed potatoes covered in their thick mushroom gravy. The "tangy tomato-based sauce" was more sweet than tangy to me, which would probably be the one thing I'd change about the dish. My boyfriend asked for hot sauce to put on his, which I think balanced the flavor a bit more. The mashed potatoes were good, though they didn't have a lot of spice to them. If I'd more evenly distributed the gravy throughout the potatoes, this may have counteracted that. However, they could have used a bit of garlic, onion and pepper. The mushroom gravy was terrific - generous hunks of mushrooms throughout and a good serving of it. Nice to taste the neatloaf with a bite of the potato and gravy.

For dessert, we had to try the chocolate cake. We were delivered another generous portion, however, the cake wasn't complemented by whipped cream/ice cream, etc. (I'd have appreciated a vegan topping here). I generally prefer frostings/fudgey centers to the actual cake. This one had a fair amount of frosting, and it was a nice texture without being too oily or buttery with a nice, rich chocolate flavor. The cake part itself was good - certainly moist and made well - but is just not my favorite part of the dessert, regardless of where I get a cake.

Overall, fast and friendly service with reasonable prices.

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It could be better - Edit

I don't like giving a business negative rating but I felt compelled to do so. A group of friends and I visited Ananda Fuara over the weekend.
Appetizer: We had the Hummus, and it was not fresh, it had an brown tinge on the surface.

Salad with bad dressing and wilting brown lettuce. Also, no variety, all the salads on the menu were mixed-greens, how about a quinoa or brown rice salad with arugula and toasted pine nuts and caramelized garlic, lemon and olive oil dressing?

Dinner: I ordered the curry dinner, I was expecting cardamon, cumin, peppers, but no, nothing, it was bland, the mango chutney was pureed mangos, not a chutney at all.

Attention those who are celiacs and must be GF, their GF menu has gluten containing items! I have celiac, and their gluten free menu had items with barley, which contains gluten. When I asked our server why the barley, he stated "Some celiac patients who aren't sensitive can eat gluten", ummm no, they can't.

Servers: It took forever to get someone to visit our table and refill our water glasses, a friend who arrived late ordered a dish that required silver set up, waited 20 minutes for our server to return. Waiter was very nice, but never stopped by to see if our food was ok.

Again, I hate writing this kind of review, I spoke to their manager but didn't get very far.

Pros: Nice waiter??

Cons: too many to list, Bad Health Department scores, Gluten containing items in their GF menu

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nice place - Edit

Really good food for veg and vegan. Friendly (and sometimes not too fast) staff. Peaceful environment (even in the midst of the not-so-peaceful neighborhood). All for a reasonable price.

Pros: peaceful, good vegan and veg food, friendly

Cons: sometimes slow, crowded during performance nights

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Truly a gem - Edit

Ananda Fuara is so quietly and consistently excellent that I don't think it receives as much acknowledgment as it truly should for being an outstanding vegetarian and vegan restaurant in San Franciso. They have about 50% vegan and 50% vegetarian options so plenty for everyone. I work nearby and it is honestly the most popular restaurant in the area for both vege people and meat eaters alike because the food is fresh, delicious and very reasonably priced. Their best dishes are their scrumptious dal soup, remarkably fresh salads (their lemon tahini dressing is to die for), curry dishes, neatloaf sandwiches and desserts. Thanks to Ananda Fuara, I can have freshly baked vegan cake and pies every and any day of the week! Now if only they would offer vegan ice cream . . .

Also, as a person who has been eating there for decades, I have never been approached by anyone in even the subtlest fashion about meditation or their spiritual affiliation. So I think it sends the wrong message to say here that the restaurant is affiliated with Sri Chimnoy and from my experience untrue that they offer meditation. This may discourage people from going there. Yes, the waitresses wear saris but as a business woman who works close by, I find that charming and adds to the peaceful atmosphere.

Pros: Kind, prompt service, Pretty, peaceful atmosphere, Fresh, outstanding food

Cons: No vegan ice cream, No vegan chocolate chip cookies, No vegan milkshakes

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Average but I'm happy it's there - Edit

This is vegetarian food for the masses. For the lunch crowd that needs a sandwich. It is not very creative or amazing, but it's the solution if you're in downtown and are hungry, need to eat NOW!
I love the fact that they have Teecino lattes. That is awesome! With almond milk! Where else can you have that?

I have had the nutloaf, curries, salads, it was always pretty good but nothing fantastic. I like the meditative vibe....that Shri Chinmoy was an inspiring dude.

Pros: it's right there, teecino lattes, nice folks

Cons: not an inspiring menu, lots of dairy and gluten

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Chill veggie spot - Edit

We were glad to see that we had a vegetarian restaurant right across from our hotel. We shared the tofu scramble (which comes with your choice of 5 different flavour combos)and the gingerbread pancakes. Both were yummy. Quick too!

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Ehh - Edit

i've eaten here a few times, mostly picking up and taking the food back to my apartment because it's faster and more private, of course. Other than the daily special, nothing on the menu changes, and if you while here for a while, you would like to have some more variety. This is the only all-vegetarian restaurant in this part of town that isn't all Asian food. The portions are on the short side for the price, and i personally wouldn't get any sides for the price.
i would not recommend the gingerbread pancakes that are available on the brunch menu. They were very spicy, and while i'm sensitive to this, i think it would be slightly overwhelming for most people.
All in all, it's alright if you're in the area, but it isn't a regular for me.

Pros: enough vegan options

Cons: a bit pricey, portions on the small side

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popular place for food - Edit

This is one of the few restaurants that non veg folks love to go for food.

I love their Indian food and their fresh salad. Mash potato and mushroom gravy is what I order all the time. The desserts look better than they taste. Most are not vegan. Wish the waiters will dress as nice as the ladies wearing colorful SARIs.

Pros: fresh, tasty, popular

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Feasting inside the meditative blue walls. - Edit

My two non-vegetarian friends and I (I am vegan) ate here yesterday for lunch and were treated to an awesome meal. My friend and I both had the veggie burgers, thick, hearty patties on chewy, delicious wheat bread with lettuce, tomato and grilled onions. A side salad featured greens, carrots and my fave, shredded raw beets. My partner ordered the Neatloaf sandwich, which filled him up for hours and didn't give him the digestive after-effects of a animal lunch. We shared (no actually, they tasted and I scarfed!) a piece of vegan chocolate cake which was the best I'd ever eaten..lovely staff, busy but efficient, we'd visit again and again.

Pros: Fresh, Reasonably-priced, many choices

Cons: Wacky decor, tight spaces, can be expensive

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Nice Vegetarian Place - Edit

Ananda's would not be one of the first places I recommend in SF, but my experience there was pleasant and the food was pretty good.
I tried the curry wrap made with brown rice and the curry of the day which was a mushroom curry. It was pretty tasty, and came with a side of pasta salad, which was good also. My husband had the vegan ravioli which he seemed pleased with.
He also got a slice of banana coconut pie which was nice as well.
I would go back to Ananada's, and am giving it 4 stars because it is a nice, mostly healthy, veg place.

Pros: All vegetarian, Good curry, Casual but nice atmosphere

Cons: Not all vegan, Slightly bland

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quiet and simple - Edit

after our volunteer day at sf pride 2011 my partner and i ate at ananda fuara having seen it last year right close to where we were setting up. we had the hummus wrap sandwich and the neatloaf dinner, and both were excellent. neither were full of sugar, or fat or salt, so those of you insisting that the flavors of foods at ananda are bland, well there is your answer. healthy foods frequently dont taste like moms cooking now do they?

the space was bright and clean, the wait staff was on time and efficient and the bathrooms were excellent, clean and large.

easy to get to and well worth the trip if you have to make it a destination. ill eat there again any time i am in the area. coming away from lunch with a small bag of fresh vegan pastries and cookies is always a great way to finish a meal. try the peanut butter cookie. vegan and though not so low in fat, super tasty!

Pros: vegan baked goods, interior

Cons: parking

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Decent but they need to add more vegan options - Edit

I had heard good things about this restaurant and decided to give it a try for lunch today. As I came closer I saw a waiting line going out on the street, so obviously the place is that popular! While waiting I made friends with someone in front of me, and we decided to simply share a table to cut the wait time down, which turned out very nice.

The menu is a bit disappointing if you are vegan. Most options are vegetarian and many come with dairy. Nothing wrong with that, but in a true veg restaurant I always hope to find something that the mainstream restaurants don't offer, and not just the veg Indian curries and cheese sandwiches that I can find anywhere else. So I settled for a vegan version of the "neatloaf", which they served with a great fresh salad as a lunch special. This was a very tasty, light lunch at a good price.

I would come back and try something else, but personally I would gravitate more to one of the Asian veg places that have more vegan dishes by default, since many Asians don't care much for dairy.

Pros: tasty "neatloaf", great salad, freindly staff

Cons: need more vegan options

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This place was so bad, i got sick. I had hummus which was decent....Then they recommended me this big glob of beets and some other vegetables that was so horrible, I had to go throw up. The place smelled, the waiter smelled, the service was slow and impolite.

If you are vegan or non vegan, stay away from this place. It is in the worst part of town too so it is dangerous as well. I couldn't get out of there fast

Cons: terrible taste, smelled, awful service

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good food - Edit

Very casual place. Prices are reasonable depending on what you order. All food and drinks we had were excellent. Vegan neatloaf sandwich, falafel wrap and soup of the day- lentil were great. Red tea and soy chai latte were delicious. Staff was friendly. Will definitely go back when in town!

Pros: food

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Now with enhanced vegan options - Edit

Having previously lamented Ananda Fuara's failure to use vegan ingredients even where it would be simple to do so, I was pleasantly surprised when I stopped in today to be handed a menu with vegan options highlighted. I didn't actually count, but it appeared the majority of their offerings can now be made vegan.

And when I ordered a neatloaf sandwich, vegan with ciabatta bread, my waitress informed me that all their breads are now vegan.

I see others have commented appropriately on the fact that this is a Sri Chimnoy enterprise. As I noted in my previous review, this is perhaps most evident in the saris that all the women who work there wear (while the men wear nothing special).

Otherwise, I didn't see anything egregiously wrong in preceding reviews.

Pros: vegan options, pleasant atmosphere

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Food good but beware - Edit

We ate there several times last May and will do so again this year because the food is good. HOWEVER, they have no concept of "Vegan" because dairy products slip in there somewhere in nearly avery meal. They also conceded that they used battery eggs in their baking. By UK standards this makes the products non-vegetarian because free-range eggs have to be used to secure Vegeterian Society approval.

Pros: Good food, Nice and clean

Cons: no concept of vegan

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Great, Consistent Vegetarian ood - Edit

I love Ananda Fuara, even though it is run by a religious group (one that is truly based on compassion though). I'm Atheist. The food is very consistent and fresh. I go there quite a bit for lunch since it is pretty close to my work. They have my favorite veggie burger. I also love the Soy Chicken Salad Sandwich, samosas, dal (very good version), raviolis, neatloaf sandwich, Marathoner smoothies, and desserts. They have great specials like the Ginger Tofu in peanut sauce.

Pros: Vegan options, Vegetarian, Fresh and consistent

Cons: Religious, Not Completely Vegan

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Last ditch effort when nothing else is available.. - Edit

Nothing too special about this place. Whenever I visit San Francisco..this place tends to be a standby if our flight leaves early - because it always seems to be on the way to the airport. I can grab a few vegan pastry type snacks and eat 'em later on the plane. The food is very bland..but once there was a mulligatawny type soup that was excellent. I always hope to find it again when visiting. This place really is a last ditch effort if you can't get to any other restaurant or store in town.

Pros: vegan options

Cons: bland, hours

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Nothing special - Edit

So I had the vegan portabella wrap. It was alright. Nothing so amazing. It was the same thing for the person I was with. It was just average. I forgot what he had gotten. Also I ordered a green tea and never recieved it. The bathroom was really pretty.

Pros: pretty bathroom

Cons: average food

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Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! - Edit

After having passed by Ananda Fuara a ton over the years my fiancé and I decided to give it a shot. The decor is dated, like a religious cults attempt at cool in the late 80's that no one bothered to update, but we are there for some good vegan food and that is what matters the most. After we are seated we noticed two of the servers enjoying themselves trading off use of a fly swatter to try to swat a fly or two. Sort of ironic to see in a vegetarian restaurant but it gets more disturbing when it is feet away from where the completed meals are staged to be served to customers.

If you are a vegan stoked on a menu with a wide array of choices Anada Fuara will disappoint. We settle on the Ravioli and Samosa dinners because those are two of the only options. The Ravioli's were okay but nothing that you couldn't make by stopping over at the Rainbow Grocery, purchasing their ready-made vegan ravioli's and throwing some bottled spaghetti sauce on it. Maybe you can say that about a lot of restaurants but most make an attempt to present the meal well, but not Ananda Fuara. They simply put it in a small bowl with two pieces of garlic bread on another small plate and throw it down like Mom after a bad day at work. Not a thought in the world about presentation. Not horrible, just nothing to be excited about. That is, unless of course, you compare it to the Samosa dinner. Two small american looking and tasting samosas with two tiny, not small but tiny, squares of naan, a small amount of chutney and the most tasteless pile of rice EVER.

After finishing off the cardboard rice our plates were empty so someone grabbed them from our table. At no point did anyone ask if we enjoyed our food, refill our water or offer to get us anything else. After another 10 minutes passes we wander over to their bakery case to see what they had. We encounter fly swatter man who appears to have won the battle between good vs. fly. Our experience thus far told us we should get out before inflicting any more damage but no we went with the "I am a glutton for punishment" option. After all their menu says they have "the best vegan chocolate cake in all of San Francisco". What do we do? We order the "best vegan chocolate cake in all of San Francisco".

Our small slice of cake sort of tasted like a Betty Crocker chocolate cake with some Hershey's chocolate sauce and powdered sugar thrown on it. Overall the food was entirely forgettable but the disappointment is not.

Pros: Close to BART

Cons: bland food, poor service, tiny portions (maybe not a bad thing)

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An experience worth having - Edit

I have a wonderful auntie who was a vegetarian 30 years before it was cool. This is one of her favorite places, and I now love it as much as she does. One must try the Neatloaf. I have traveled 80 miles for it.

Now, do be aware that the restaurant is run by a religious group. Pay no mind to this. Just enjoy your neatloaf.

Pros: Neatloaf

Cons: Seedy location

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Made my evening - Edit

I was at the SF Love Festival walking around from the festival area in search of a cell phone signal to call a friend that had come with, when I ran into this restaurant. I was hungry, but thought I would have to venture into the mission for a vegan restaurant after the festival was over, so I happily went in and ordered a cup of tea, a hummus plate, and a portabello burger wrap. The food was decent, nothing too spectacular, but not disapppointing either. The presentation of the hummus plate was a bit weird though - a big scoop of hummus (ice cream style) with triangles of pita and iceberg lettuce as garnish. My wrap fell apart, but it was still good. I love portabella mushrooms. :) I think they had five or six vegan options on the menu. The staff was friendly and efficient. The place was packed when I went but my food didn't take very long to arrive at all. Apparently their vegan chocolate cake is "the best in the city" but i was way too stuffed to try it.

Pros: decent prices, friendly and efficient staff

Cons: not all vegan, weird presentation on some items

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Yummy - Edit

I love the soups here. They change the soups a lot which is great because so many places have the same soups for days (gross) but not this place. The curries are not too good, but their wraps are amazing. Also they have a vegan stroganoff for the special sometimes that is really good. (sometimes we call ahead to see if they have it just to make a special trip!)
They are really busy at lunchtime. When they are busy they often will put one tops together at the same table.
I read some reviews that said this place doesn't have a lot of vegan options, but I find that not to be true, unless you go at breakfast.

Pros: Fresh Soups, Nice service, Great Salads

Cons: bad curries, Busy

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Really tasty - Edit

We liked this place a lot. It has all of its vegan options clearly marked, and is clean, in a great location, and well serviced. We had their veggie burger, and it was one of the best pure vegetable offerings (no tofu, seitan, etc.) we've ever had. Extremely tasty recipe. Also enjoyed their chocolate chip-raspberry cookie for dessert. Yum! Well worth a visit. Really inexpensive as well...

Pros: great value, clean

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definitely an experience, both dining & otherwise! - Edit

i couldn't even remember what we ordered, the fare was so unusual... there was a mix of cuisines on the menu, so there was surely something for everyone, even if the end result was less than harmonious on your table. ;-) the place was packed for dinner (on a thursday) & they stop accepting new customers in advance of the closing time so plan your visit well depending on their business hours!

Pros: eclectic menu, friendly, accomodating staff

Cons: busy!!!

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Fun Place - Edit

I took my kids here and we really enjoyed it. The place is attractive, and the staff were very nice. The place was packed so we expected a wait. To our pleasant surprise, the service was extremely fast. We all enjoyed our meals. Being vegan, we were pretty limited on our selections, but my daugher really liked the BBQ tofu buger (not really a "burger", it was more liked three slices of tofu, layered, that had marinated in a sauce), my son liked his BBQ tofu, but liked to bite of my other daughters burrito even better. I had the vegan burger. It was pretty good. We will, most certainly, go there again (just be careful if you are a vegan...we asked which dressings were vegan and she told us two were--but one had honey in it).

Pros: nice staff, reasonable prices, very quick service

Cons: not many vegan options, they said dressing with honey was vegan

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A good place for lunch near Civic Center. - Edit

Not a lot of vegan options here, which I'm not crazy about, especially from a vegetarian restaurant, but they do have a few that they do well. I like the hummus wrap (vegan), LOVE the veggie burger (vegan on request), and there is usually a vegan option or two on the daily specials board. The soups are usually vegan and almost always excellent, but I can not recommend the curries.

Pros: Calm environment, even when busy., Consistant, good food., Friendly service.

Cons: Few options for vegans., Gets crowded, especially at lunchtime.

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healthy food - Edit

Another place which is trying too hard, like many other veggie places is doing too large a menu. should focus on perfecting less dishes and doing them better. The food was good, but could have been better. It was very heathy tasting though, and the staff very very nice. Worth a try.

Pros: healthy, nice staff

Cons: too big a menu

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Ethnic-Inspired, for sure - Edit

I love this little place. I've been here a couple of times with a fellow veggie and we'll definitely be repeat offenders.

The first time I came, I got the lunch special (SO worth it!) and ordered a veggie BLT. I've never had a real BLT, but this sandwich was tasty enough. The second time I went, I had a wrap of sorts that was great.

It's not the most mind-blowing vegan food I've ever had, but it's certainly worth a stop-over. Just don't wander around the area it's in too much.

Pros: Price, Cleanliness

Cons: Crowded, Location

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Good choice! - Edit

We found this restaurant unusually sophisticated for its type. The food was imaginative, tasty and well sized portions but not particularly cheap. The ambience is light, airy and pleasant.

Pros: good ambience, tasty and unusual, portion size

Cons: not a great area, the music

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Vegans watch out! - Edit

Vegans watch out!

I gave AF a chance; they couldn't handle my simple vegan order ("I'm vegan, can you make this dish vegan?"). My order came out with butter on it. This bad experience, last year, turned me off. I will not patronize or recommend AF until after (quite) a resting period or I hear they can handle vegan orders. There's a piece of veal in every dairy product. Do the right thing, go vegan. www.MilkSucks.com

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wonderful in a quirky way - Edit

this place has some excellent, nourishing food. The vibe might be a bit funny, but I always find it peaceful and friendly. It's a gem in its neighborhood. The lassis are fresh and amazing, the brown rice heavenly, and the faux-chicken chunks are addictive! Just the dahl and rice here makes me happy. Give it a chance!

Pros: wholesome, yummy, peaceful

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