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Pat Greer's Kitchen

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Contact 713-807-0101

412 W Clay St, Houston, Texas, USA, 77019

Take-away raw vegan food that's gluten-free, including kookies, krackers, gRAWnolas, raw entrees, desserts, and even salad dressings and fermented veggies. On Saturday Pat operates a booth at Urban Harvest Farmers Market at Richmond and Eastside. The only non-vegan item is honey (ask). Open Mon-Tue 10:00am-3:00pm, Wed-Thu 10:00am-7:00pm, Fri 10:00am-3:00pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, American, International, Organic, Raw, Catering, Take-out only

Reviews (21)

First Review by LivingGypsy

Delicious raw desserts and kombucha - Edit

I made it out to Pat Greer's Kitchen when I was walking the neighborhoods in Montrose. The kitchen is located in a residential neighborhood in a house with a large garden in the front yard. There isn't a lot of signage, so you need to know what you're looking for. The kitchen offers mostly raw cold prepared foods and some drystuffs. I got the raw Chocolot Peanut Butter mini Pie and the raw Strawberry Geezcake. They are made with cashews, dates, and other natural ingredients, and they are absolutely delicious. But the real star was the Ginger Pear Kombucha, I could drink this everyday. Pat Greer's Kitchen is awesome but has limited hours (so check before you go) or you can find a lot of the products at local farmer's markets and natural food vendors around town.

FYI: mostly vegan, but uses honey. Lists all ingredients.

Pros: Ingredients Labelled

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Convenient pick and go - Edit

Want something healthy before you head for the airport? Stop by Pat Greer's Kitchen. The friendly staff will guide you through their food selection and inform you what's popular/has honey/is spicy, etc...

If you're lucky you may run into the house cat outside

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Kale to the Chief! - Edit

Walking in off the street, it feels like you're going into someone's house, but when you open the door you see the interior has been turned into an amazing open kitchen.

I got a friendly welcome and a rundown of what was in the fridge that day. I went for the Garden Burger and Kale to the Chief salad, and as it was my first time, i got a free coconut pie too!

I love the way you feel good after eating raw. That self-same feeling emanates from this place. Healthy, raw, vegan delights in the midst of a suburban neighbourhood.

The staff liked my shoes too.

Pros: Friendly , Healthy, Awesome

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What an Experience - Edit

Another review brought to you by your travelling conscientious eater Lord of The Crab People. So when I'm out of town (pretty much all year) I plan my trips around the best/weirdest/tastiest veg/organic fare I can find. To be honest (like I'm somehow not honest all the time??) I drove by the place and circled the block out of confusion. I'm not scared to walk into strange situations so I parked and went in. Boy AM I GLAD I DID. I was greeted with a very friendly attitude. He explain all the food options I had then cleaned off one of the work tables to allow me to eat there! The owner of the joint, a nice lady she was, brought me a bowl of this crazy good slaw stuff for me to try because she just made it. Very friendly folks working hard and with passion at what they do. The make a large assortment of unique raw crackers, their own house kombucha, and of course the take out food. A little about the kombucha, you see, I'm a self proclaimed bucha connoisseur and this was the best I've had anywhere from coast to coast. Had pineapple pieces in it and it was the perfect blend of fizz and vinegar. I walked out with nori sesame quinoa crackers, a freakey big mushroom loaded with tasty viddles, a bottle of bucha, and a bunch of great memories. They are a working kitchen primarily selling at area farmer markets so support them any way you can!
BTW, the lack of seating issue is a bit misleading. If you read my review closely you will already know they are a working kitchen, not a restaurant. If you are in the area please drop by and say hi.

Pros: Food!!!, People were beyond awesome, Best kombucha on the planet so far

Cons: None. Lack of seating is a non-issue

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yummy! - Edit

I didn't know what to expect when I visited this place, so I was surprised when I walked up! It is basically just a house that they converted into a giant kitchen. Almost unnoticeable from the street.

I ordered the "burger" and apple pie...yummy! So much flavor. Don't know how they did it! Definitely go check it out.

Pros: tasty

Cons: no where to eat

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Tasty, healthy food - Edit

I am so happy that I found Pat Greer's Kitchen while visiting Houston. While her resto wasn't closeby to my hotel, I was able to order a handful of dishes through My Fit Foods (although, sadly, I ordered too late to partake in her weekly specials).

First of all, the foods are tasty. My favourite of the bunch was a tie between the Garden burger (what a great side sauce with the meaty patties) and the Pizza Bella. The veggie lasagna was no lasagna at all (although I was prepared for that after reading these reviews) - instead it was a spinach salad topped with grated zucchini and carrots with marinara and cashew cheeze sauces. The curried tomato cup was nice but not heavy on the Indian spices, instead heavier on the raisins. For desserts, the coconut dream pie was incredibly rich and delicious. Again, I was prepared that the carrot cake would be different. And it was: grated carrots with nuts, spices and dates, not resembling any cake at all but still very tasty.

What I loved the most, though, is that the nutritional info is included with every meal and the portions are very reasonable, instead of the inflated sizes you get elsewhere. Everything I tried had between 150-350 calories each, and nicely filling. Not everyone will be filled with a 150 calories of zucchini "lasagna" though.

Anyhow, a great resource for travellers wanting portable, healthy meals. And let's be honest, it can be heard to find any vegan eats in Houston, so this place is a bona fide gem. :)

Pros: healthy, tasty, portable

Cons: no sit-in resto, limited hours at storefront

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As a Vegan, I haven't gotten to the point that I have made raw food an "all of the time" priority, but I must say that when I'm in the mood for good raw snacks and a light healthy lunch, then Pat Greer's Kitchen is one of those places that I look forward to stopping by.

I look forward to picking up some of the delicious raw Pecan pie, raw cheeze-cake, the "Gee-its" (Raw vegan Cheese-its), along with many other little chips, cookies, and raw goodies. Tis food makes for excellent sncak food though there are entree selections.

The staff at Pat Greer's are very friendly and helpful, allowing customers to sample certain items. Though this place is not a sit down restaurant, I highly suggest that Veg-food lovers and health nuts stop by and give their food a try.

Pros: raw pecan pie , raw "cheeze"cake, friendly and helpful staff

Cons: not a sit down place

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Rawsome-delicious - Edit

Pat Greer's kitchen takes raw food to delicious heights.
I usually shop their offerings at Urban Harvest's Eastside Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings. Pat Greer's kitchen was also a vendor at Houston's first annual Vegfest event June 11.
My favorites entrees include the FaLALAfals, pizza bella and veggie lasagna, finished off with the rawsome pecan pie for dessert.
My weakness is for the raw pesto, which I pick to serve at potlucks as a wonderful introduction for newbies to the goodness of raw foods.
Classes in raw food prep, such as the demo Pat gave at VegFest, are frequently available and well attended.

Pros: Fresh, and raw, Well seasoned, affordable

Cons: often sells out at markets, Made fresh, so may need to pre-order

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YUM!!! YUM!!! YUM!!! - Edit

What amazing wholesome food! It taste amazing! I've been twice. The first time i had the Lasagna, WOW It is so gooood! The sauce taste amazing! The Key Lime pie tasted like the real deal YUM! I had the Pizza this evening and I feel in love with it! I could one a day! The Kookies are amazing! I am so excited to have found this place I've been telling everyone about it! I can't wait to learn how to start making the delish recipe's! Everyone there is so friendly and helpful. They have samples you can try. They have classes you can take. If your into healthy, raw foods, you will fall in love with this place!

Pros: Very friendy knowledgable staff, , excellent food, excellent service

Cons: No place to eat

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Fresh but dissapointing - Edit

I was visiting from out of town and walked two miles to get to this odd location. I tried the "lasagna" based on the reviews I read. It was fresh, yes, but it really should be called a salad. It was mostly spinach with a drip of marinara and nutritional yeast cheese and some grated veggies on top. Salad. I guess I am spoiled as my first raw experience was in Chicago at Raw and the raw lasagna really tasted like a lasagna. Oh well, it was healthy. The dessert I tried was the carrot cake and while again, everything was fresh, I wish I had tried the strawberry cheesecake that the staff member recommended to me. It was 90% shredded carrots and not much flavor other than that. Again, super healthy but not what I was expecting. Staff was very friendly and I am glad I knew it was in a residential house otherwise I would have been lost and/or confused. Would love to give this place another try.

Pros: fresh , friendly staff, prices not bad

Cons: not what I expected, desserts not sweet, odd location

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Fresh ingredients, prepared with love! - Edit

I have had the pleasure of enjoying raw vegan cuisine from Pat Greer's Kitchen on numerous occasions, whether it be from a farmer's market or catered event. The food is extremely fresh, organic and prepared with love by Pat and her staff. The raw vegan lasagna is excellent, as is the raw veggie burger. Her falafel and salad is refreshing and light, while filling you up. Pat makes the most divine raw vegan desserts and pies, which melt in your mouth. Pat is also the host of KPFT's Ecology. If you've ever heard her sweet, kind voice on the radio, you'll see what I mean when I say her foods are prepared with lots of love and care for the planet. The quality of the food is superb!

Pros: fresh, organic, flavorful, high quality food

Cons: wish they were open for dinner hours

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Delicious food for take out. - Edit

I went there for lunch two days in a row. The first day, I tried the raw garden burger meal deal, it included a salad and desert. It was fantastic!! The second day, I got the raw lasagna and the super delicious raw cheese cake with strawberry topping. Best raw desert ever!! The only negative, is that there is nowhere to eat there, unless you don't mind sitting on the front porch steps. I would recommend taking your meal to a local park and have a picinic.

Pros: Flavor, Variety, Price

Cons: Take out only

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Reviewer Avatar

the most amazing raw food - Edit

Although the location is a little awkward (a house in a neighborhood) the staff are very friendly/accommodating and the food is simply amazing. I'm a vegan and try to find raw restaurants when I travel (there aren't many in GA). I've eaten at many raw places and this one now ranks at the top of my list. I had the pizza bella and was very impressed with the taste and presentation. One of the "cooks" also gave me a pesto/tomoato/pine nut dip for free since it was about to expire. For dessert, I had the strawberry cheesecake and I have to say, again, it was ah-mazing. It seriously tasted like cheesecake but was completely raw!! How they do it is beyond me...it had a pecan-like crumble crust and the cheesecake was vanilla cashew(w/coconut?) cream, then topped with strawberries pureed with agave nectar. I've never had anything like it. I also purchased some raw brownie bites from their small grocery section and they were delicious as well...much better than any raw chocolate dessert I've had in Cali or NYC. I'm sure I ate my weight in raw cashews there but it was well worth it! Great find

Pros: very tasty, healthy, friendly staff

Cons: no seating, odd location

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Who knew raw could be so good?! - Edit

Best raw food I've ever had! I highly recommend the lasagna. I also recommend calling before you go by to see what they have and place an order. This will make the process go much smoother than if you were to just wander in, which is what happened the first time I went. The desserts aren't really to my liking, but everything else I've had has been great.

Pros: Fantastic Raw Food, Good Location

Cons: Must call first, Limited hours

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RAWlicious - Edit

I've ordered food from Pat Greer's Kitchen a handful of times. I've eaten raw food in a few different states and would say that PGK is just as good as any of the more advertised/popular ones (i.e. Pure Food and Wine, Cafe Gratitude..etc.). Her food is fresh, extremely filling and of course healthy. The only problem I have with raw and vegan food is the use of coconut in sooo many items. BUT of course this is a personal preference. I am not a fan of coconut. So I'm always sure to ask when ordering which items have coconut in them. They are very good at steering me away from it! I really enjoy the food here and highly recommend you try it....at least once!

Pros: Pat has the RAW skills, Healthy & Fresh, Good Portion Sizes

Cons: To-Go Orders Only

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Reviewer Avatar

delicious - Edit

I love this place, but it'd be nice if they sprouted all their nuts!

Pros: great krispie kale, amazing desserts, reasonable price

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YUM!!! - Edit

The pies are unreal. The best raw dishes I've found in a long time. Can't wait until my next visit to this very chill shop and lets not forget the knowledge of organic foods and raw food culture the employees have at this great place. That is worth going alone. Thanks Ruthie, you rock.


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Delectable Garden Burger - Edit

YaYa's Raw Rah is simply scrumptious. I usually eat fresh whole foods, but when in Houston I always make a point to enjoy the great cookies and meals from Pat Greer's Kitchen. My favorite cookie is a coconut one that is dehydrated and can easily be shipped. Can't wait to see more of her food in Whole Foods. Keep requesting it!

Pros: Great Meal Deals, Snacks are reasonably priced, Wonderful Educator

Cons: Get it in more stores!

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