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Spiral Diner and Bakery

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Contact 214-948-4747

1101 N Beckley Ave, Dallas, Texas, USA, 75203

Vegan diner and bakery with its first branch in Fort Worth since 2002. Uses mostly organic ingredients and practices green ethics by recycling and using biodegradable takeaway containers & cutlery. Offers vegan pancakes and biscuits on Sunday. Open Tue-Sat 11:00am-10:00pm, Sun 9:00am-5:00pm.

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Reviews (71)

First Review by Anisabellydance

Don't wait or hesitate to go - Edit

I have been vegan for 5 years and was turned off by faux meats. My impression was that's all Spiral offered, so never went. It's not the case and my loss for not going back sooner.

Went for brunch and could not get enough of the pancakes with blueberries. What makes them so darn good?!

The staff are great, the atmosphere feels diner authentic and great options.

Pros: all vegan. , relaxed fun atmosphere. , great service.

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spiraling to greatness - Edit

Spiral Diner was one of the coolest restaurant experiences we have ever had! The food in both taste and variety was unbelievable. Favourites included vegan spaghetti and meatballs with pineapple and olives, a great burger and homemade tortilla chips with a trio of homemade dips. Outstanding drinks included vegan milkshakes, smoothies and free refills of on tap agave sweetened sodas. Desserts were great as well especially the Star Wars inspired sundae. At the checkout counter there was a well stocked small food shop with KD style boxes of vegan mac and cheese (another trip souvenir stocking stuffer). Spiral Diner was a close second with a near perfect score in our 2014 road trip “Restaurant Wars”. You must go there if you are in Dallas!

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Charming place, delucious food! - Edit

Old fashioned diner offers and excellent all vegan menu. We had the quesadillas (spinach and mushroom), chocolate chip cookie, latte and, chai tea. The quesadillas are sure to satisfy everyone so bring your non-vegan friends! We love chai and this one of the better ones we've had. Loved it!

Pros: Not expensive at all.

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Cool Place - Edit

Good Food. A lot of fake meat and cheese but you would probably assume that before going. It is a diner after all. The service was great and staff was very friendly. I felt like it was on the expensive side but for me it was worth it because it was 100% vegan and I didn't have to scrutinize the menu for ingredients. I highly recommend the queso. It was delicious. The tiramisu ice cream was so good it was hard to believe it was vegan. There's a lot to choose from and they have breakfast all day. I went with 2 meat eaters and they were completely satisfied. The atmosphere is awesome and I loved the music they played. They also sell some vegan groceries.

Pros: vegan groceries, friendly staff

Cons: expensive, parking isn't great

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Favorite Restaurant - Edit

This is by far my favorite restaurant! The food is extremely delicious and I've never had anything that I didn't like. The staff is extremely nice and attentive.

Pros: All menu items are vegan!

Cons: Food is so good their frequently is a line

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Vegan Junk Food Fix - Edit

Been out drinking all night? Been out drinking all day? Want to have a drink? This is probably your best go-to place for hangover help, 'middle of getting your drink on' food, or 'need a drink and grub'. Basically a huge assortment of vegan "junk" food. All pretty good looking. Funny experience...we were waited on by the ENTIRE staff (upwards of 6 peeps)...well, perhaps not the kitchen staff, but everyone on front of the house duty visited our table. Got the quesadillas - didn't want them on flour tortillas so they subbed corn. Twas nice of 'em.

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Seriously, this place is fantastic. My husband and I have eaten here a couple of times now, and we absolutely love it! You MUST get the nachos and cheese. You absolutely must. It is positively delicious. I'm also a big fan of their all day lunch plate, which is an awesome meal, especially for WFPB. The quesadilla and seitan tacos are also a stellar choice. Plus, the atmosphere of this place is pretty incredible too. Just saying, it is an awesome looking place, with super friendly and happy staff. I wish I could give them 6 cows.This place is one of my all time favorite restaurants. (NOTE: I have been to both locations,Ft. Worth and Dallas, and both of them are just as stellar as the other one. I've left the same review for both)

Pros: Amazing food, Awesome staff, Best nachos ever

Cons: Honestly, I can't think of one.

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Awesome! Especially in Texas!! - Edit

Great diner, huge menu. Hard to decide what to order since it's entirely vegan! My non-veg friend really enjoyed her meal too. Awesome dessert menu, both on the actual menu, as well as the two glass cases with cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, sliced cake, etc. They make their own vegan ice cream which is deliciously creamy. A must visit if you're in Dallas!

Pros: Huge menu, Delicious desserts

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Spiral is a must for everyone who wants clean, natural, organic, VEGAN food, free of animal contents ! The portions are gigantic and the place is spacious and comfortable. Located in a peaceful setting, the smell of fresh vegan food makes you want to try everything offered on the menu of healthy variety.
Non-pretentious, just honest vegan food with true Southwest flair if you so choose.

Pros: Delicious Vegan, Ample portions, Happy Staff

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Baked Vegan Heaven - Edit

I've been to Spiral tons of times. Love everything on their menu. They're well known for their Nachos Supremo boasting an incredible cashew cheese sauce.

Love to come here for my birthday too! You've gotta try a chocolate cupcake!

Breakfast/Brunch/Lunch/Dinner/Dessert/Drinks -they have it all!

Pros: Organic Wine/Beer, Stellar Staff/Chefs, A little bit of everything on menu

Cons: NOT OPEN MONDAYS lol -will I ever learn?

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lives up to the hype! - Edit

Was in town for a show and was thrilled to have time to finally try some infamous Spiral food! I got the Big Kahuna and a slice of strawberry cheese cake to-go one night, and went back the next day for brunch and got a single pancake and the breakfast quesadilla. All were mindblowingly delicious. The big kahuna burger (I chose the cashew quinoa patty) was so many levels of awesome! And the pancake was the best vegan pancake I've ever had. The quesadilla was ooey-gooey scrumptious!
So happy Spiral Diner exists!!

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Love the Spiral Diner! - Edit

It's so cool that there are two locations, because sometimes we're in Dallas, sometimes in Fort Worth, and either way we know we can have a fantastic lunch! The wraps are excellent! The homemade ice cream and milkshakes are delicious and great texture. Love the cookies! Great atmosphere and friendly staff.

Pros: milkshakes and homemade ice cream, cookies, creative wraps

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Mediocre Burger, but Great Desserts - Edit

Overall a decent option, but not great. I had the bacon cheeseburger, a soda, and one of the brownie sundae options. They make their own seitan bacon, and I just don't like it. Too thick, not smoky enough, not crispy. I'd prefer tempeh bacon or even just those lightlife strips. HOWEVER, my sundae was amazing. Spicy candied pecans, chocolate and caramel sauces, and a very generous serving. Also, it's worth noting that the service was excellent, the restaurant was clean, and they have a small selection of vegan snack foods for sale near the register.

Pros: Awesome dessert options, Small market in the store, Excellent service

Cons: Meh bacon

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They have everything! - Edit

I love this place! I plan to go every Sunday for brunch. I'm going to work my way right through the menu. I started with the pancakes and hash browns and freshly juiced orange juice. They also have shirts and products to buy and take home.

Pros: Great food!, Great service!, Everything is vegan!

Cons: Tiny parking lot., Small and crowded, When busy can be noisy

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Definitely go here! - Edit

The best part about this place- besides being 100% vegan and having an awesomely friendly team of staff is that every omni that I have ever taken here is always pleasantly surprised. This would be great for a vegan meet-up or for a mixed group. Their VLT is so good- I've gotten it almost every time I've went and their milkshakes are amazing!

Pros: Friendly staff, Excellent food for great prices, Fun theme

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Excellant Find In DFW Area! - Edit

This place is really cool. It's an old dinner with a small selection of groceries that you can buy at the entrance area. They were voted as having the best nachos in Dallas. Their prices are great because you can buy craft beer for about $3. Last but not least the food is phenomenal. You have to try this place!

Pros: cheap, Tasty

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Wish we had a Spiral Diner! - Edit

We ate a both the Fort Worth and Dallas locations and loved each one. We were happy that there was a great selection of food and that it is all Vegan! The wait staff was fantastic and the atmosphere lively. Oh, and the food is great!

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Wow! it's delicious and vegan! - Edit

Could not believe the food served is 100% vegan! Everything is delicious! The Nachos Supremo was incredible! As a vegan, it's nice to know there are restaurants that can provide great, quality food for us to enjoy. Will certainly visit again and again.

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Spiraling Upward! - Edit

First time here...but not the last! Came in from out of town and I knew I had to hit this place. Brought two skeptical, non-vegans with me and they left with knowledge and contentment. Food was great as I tried several things from other plates of the people I was with. I will most likely be back. I felt the prices were a little high and our particular waiter was pretty slow (never checked on us), but the food made up for it! Cool building, but strange part of town. Everyone was friendly and the diversity from the staff to the customers was great to see!!!

Pros: nice staff, great food, cool vibe

Cons: a little pricey, waiter needs to step it up

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Nothing more to say - Edit

Stopped by here when I was in Dallas last month and I kid you not, it's just as good as everyone makes it out to be! Will definitely return next time I'm in Dallas!!!

Pros: Great food, Wonderful staff and service, Not bad prices, big portions

Cons: Parking

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Guilty pleasure - Edit

I have been to Spiral Diner twice now, and I've really enjoyed it both times. The nachos are amazing and so is the hummus! Most recently, I ordered the BBQ sandwich, and while I don't usually like the taste of fake meat, I was pleasantly surprised. They have a LOT of "fat" vegan foods on their menu, which is a wonderful treat sometimes when you mostly eat raw fruits and veggies. Overall a great restaurant with lots of options.
Updated from previous review on Monday August 11, 2014

Pros: Extensive menu, Fun atmosphere, 100% vegan

Cons: Parking

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Amazing place! - Edit

Went there while visiting Dallas. Did not enjoy the city very much, but the trip was worth it for this place! The service is very good (so helpful and nice), the food is just delicious (and so much to choose from, also lots of desserts). We had the breakfast quesedilla and the bacon burger. Everything was so yummy. We also had a strawberry-coconut shake which was quite filling and sweet, so we didn't have any dessert.
In the corner by the cash desk, you can buy some food, t-shirts and stuff.
The Spiral Diner is a great place to have vegan food.

Pros: All vegan , Huge choice , Good service

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I thought it was over-rated - Edit

I went here hoping to have some easy options for a healthy vegan meal. But the menus seemed overwhelming, especially trying to sort through the gluten free menu and the separate soy free menu. Why not just have one menu with (GF) and (SF) type labels?

Cons: Confusing menus, Didn't really seem healthy, over-rated

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everything I could ever ask for - Edit

So amazing! I'm not only vegan but gluten free and there were so many dishes I could choose from. We shared the nachos and portabello quesadilla, huge foodgasm! Will go again and again

Cons: none

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No word for it except AMAZING - Edit

One of the best vegan spots in Texas. Don't forget to try the Nachos Supremo, the Mitch, anything with the tofu scramble, and the specials! Also - the desserts are amazing. Try a slice of cake for sure!

Pros: AMAZING FOOD, Cool vibe, Friendly staff

Cons: Sometimes busy, have to wait for table

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Worth a trip to Dallas! - Edit

Stopped here while on a road-trip. Very hard to choose from many yummy looking things on the menu. Veggie burgers were unbelievable. First time I've had vegan cheesecake, and it was AMAZING! Blueberry cheesecake, bread pudding, all sorts of desserts. I was in heaven. Just delicious. Wish they opened just a little earlier, because we had to wait outside in the hot sun for them to open, but the wait was worth it. Can't wait to stop back in next time I'm in Dallas.

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drooling just thinking about it. - Edit

My family (who isn't vegan/vegaterian) was driving through Dallas, and I insisted we stop here, because we don't have vegan restaurants at home. My mom was against it, but i got her to go. Everyone found something to eat and it was fantastic! We all were very very pleased with the service and the food was to die for. We got desserts and just thinking about them makes my mouth water. My mom even said that when we go through Dallas next, we should stop again!

Pros: food, atmosphere, staff

Cons: nothing :)

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Favorite - Edit

This is one of my top two favorite vegetarian (vegan) places to eat in the world. I moved out of state, and miss it so much. I would travel an hour each way to go their when I lived in Dallas. The desserts are fantantastic (especially the German Chocolate cake), the food is incredible. I love the specials (fig and fennel was a personal favorite). I always took home leftovers, and gobbled them up the next day. I wish this place was a chain!

Pros: Atmosphere, Food , Everything

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... I have nothing new to add. - Edit

I can't say anything that hasn't already been said about the Spiral Diner. It is awesome. Fun vibe and great good in a semi-bohemian environment. Check it out when you are in Dallas (and order the Viva la Mingas)

Pros: great food, fun vibe

Cons: it is 1,592.3 miles from my house.

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Freakin Fabulous Vegan Junk Food - Edit

Oh my gosh, of all the places we ate out at during our three week road trip, this is the place I remember best and want to go back to most. During the two days we wee in the Dallas Fort Worth area we ate here twice. Every single thing I had was simply amazing and I am glad I don't live in Texas or I would gain twenty pounds from this place alone!!
We tried a lot of menu items, but my favourites were the pickle sandwich (simple but AMAZING), the potato salad (I have never had non-vegan potato salad, so this was a great first), apple pie milkshake (yummmm) and the nachos. Oh, those nachos. I dream of them. I want to visit Texas again SOLELY because of these nachos.
Everything else we tried was awesome and didn't fail to delight our taste buds. We also got three different desserts to go, and they were all excellent.
The decour was great, really fun, the servers were all attractive hipsters, the bathrooms were clean and had great framed prints.
I HIGHLY recommend going here.

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a good find - Edit

Diner style making the famous south meatless and dairyless. cookies and i scream to the entrees. really good. thank happycow folk for the 5star recommendation. another great meal away on business. tomorrow I'm having a smoothie here.

Pros: all vegan, clean, lots to choose

Cons: some fried foods(its the south)

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One of America's Best Vegan Diners - Edit

I recently moved to Dallas, and was so anxiously awaiting my first meal at Spiral Diner, that I went for brunch right after landing at the airport. The place does not disappoint - the ambience was exactly what one should have in a diner - part greasy spoon (but spotless clean), part neighborhood dive, part trendy and hip spot. I decided to forego the all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast (since I don't usually like to serve myself) and opted for the breakfast burrito, which was far and beyond the best I have ever tasted. So rich and "eggy" - not at all "vegan" tasting (I have never quite understood the self-righteousness and arrogance of some vegan cooks who clearly do not know how to cook tofu dishes, and but profess the paradoxical audacity of commending their bland cooking as not selling out). To me, the sign of vegan culinary artistry is knowing how to cook tofu, and the good cooks at Spiral Diner have it in spades. My only small criticism is the service, which was very slow (my friend and I did not order the pancake breakfast, and we were kind of forgotten), but this is a minor complaint (if I had been hungry when we arrived, this might have gone very differently). Needless to say, I cannot wait to try the blue plate special one evening.

Pros: Delicious Diner / Dive food, Price / Good value, Ambience

Cons: Service slow when busy

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Loved the food - Edit

I love this diner! I would eat here once a week if I lived closer. I drive half an hour to eat here. I love the allergy friendly menu. Many members of my family have multiple food allergies and they commented on how nice it was to have a soy-free, wheat-free, nut-free, and gluten-free menu. I have never ordered something that I did not like.

My whole family raved about this diner.

Pros: delicious, vegan, friendly staff

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Fabulous - Edit

I love this restaurant. They have a special menu for people with wheat, soy and gluten allergies! I have eaten here three times with my friends and we have loved the food each time! My husband got converted to vegan food here. He wonders why restaurants still serve meat, milk and eggs.

I have tried the Viva Las Migas breakfast tortillas (divine!), Raw Salad (delicious), Potato Salad (to die for), El Paso Nut Burger (fabulous), Ramsey's Perfect Protein Platter (Yum-o), Hot Hummus Wrap (fabulous), Raw Chocolate Nut Cake (out of this world delicious!)

Updated from previous review on Tuesday December 27, 2011

Pros: innovative, delicious, comforting

Cons: high in vegetable fats, high in oils, high in sugars

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All My Non-Vegan Friends LOVE This Place! - Edit

I am Vegan, but mostly raw. Spiral does have options for me, like the raw salad and raw dressing and the juice/smoothie options, which I love. I always enjoy taking non-Vegans to this eatery, because I know I can find something to eat, and I know they'll love it. I have had their nut patty on a bun, it was fantastic! Many say it's not the healthiest food, but to that I would say "It sure beats the pants off most restaurants!" And honestly, most folks don't go out to a restaurant to eat healthy. It's usually to splurge. But regardless, they do indeed have MANY healthy options. Just choose wisely!

Pros: decor, menu selection

Cons: slow service at times

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Take your anti-vegan friends HERE! - Edit

I am a raw foodist, leaning toward living foods, and I have a wheat intolerance, so Spiral Diner is a bit rough on me, personally, because so many of the dishes are loaded with meat substitutes that are gluten-based, but it is SO yummy that I just have to dive in and try it all a couple of times a year. However, where I find Spiral to be absolutely a treasure is in introducing non-vegans to what vegan food can be. They are often in absolute denial that Spiral's dishes are vegan, insisting there MUST be meat in there. The staff is excellent, friendly, knowledgeable, and informative, and I love the healthy sodas and the mini grocery selling my hard-to-find vegan favorites such as Sweet-n-Sara vegan marshmallows. Spiral Diner is DEFINITELY worth checking out!

Pros: delicious, large, open space, affordable

Cons: lots of wheat, very little raw, organic vegan food can be expensive

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A little over-rated - Edit

I've been here twice. The first was for breakfast. Their biscuits and gravy were unimpressive. The gravy had an after-taste that I get sometimes when I cook with Silk. It's not a good thing. I don't know why it happens.
The blueberry pancakes were delicious.
I had their nut-burger. The portion size was a bit small. The burger was okay. Not my favorite. I enjoyed their nachos with the quinoa on it. That was great!

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Best food ever - Edit

Always come by for a Philly Cheeze Steak sandwich when I'm in Dallas. Staff is friendly and helpful, and the food is sublime. Always take meat eaters with me and they never fail to be amazed by how good the food is. Definitely recommend the Death Star Sundae.

Pros: FANTASTIC food, All vegan and organic, Great service and atmosphere

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Best Dessert Ever - Edit

This place got better through out the duration of the meal. Our appetizer was the tofu scramble, it wasn't that good and if I was ever in the area I wouldn't order it again (I probably like mine more cooked than what they had). The Dinner was good, I ordered the Philly Cheese Steak but it wasn't quite up to my expectations (still 7 out of 10 though). They make up for it by having the Best Desserts I've ever tasted (from before I was vegan to now). We had the Peanut Butter Shake and some sort of ice cream with a brownie in it. mmm

Pros: Large Menu, Great Desserts

Cons: The fountian drinks explolde with fizz, It's 2,050 miles away :)

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Awesome! - Edit

Update on 3/27/11 - We went back for all you can eat pancakes on Sunday. The kids LOVED it! My daughter ate 3 - a huge amount for her - and raved that they were like blueberry gingerbread pancakes. My son, who hates pancakes, also ate 3. My daughter talked about the pancakes all day long. They really were good! Biscuits and gravy were awesome, great coffee. Sausage was so/so.

3/24/11 - I took my mom and two children (8 and 10) to Spiral this evening on our way home from an outing. My daughter and I are vegan, my son is all over the board and my mom is a lacto-ovo vegetarian who will sometimes eat meat.

We started with the chips and nacho cashew cheese. To die for! Mom's comment was, "Tastes like the real thing!"

Mom has the Blue Pate sandwich - a Po Boy - and snarfed the whole thing calling it yummy the whole time. Kids had burgers - one Spiral burger and one Cowboy burger. Both kids finished their whole meal. I had the philly cheese steak and it was divine!

We took desserts home - too full to eat there. Raspberry Cream cake was extremely moist and delicious. Tiramasu tastes exactly like the full cream version. The Snickerdoodle was the least favorite - a bit dry. But the Supreme All Time Favorite was the brownie! OMGoodness! Moist, chocolately and nutty. Pure heaven.

My daughter LOVED that she could order anything on the whole menu - no questioning, no worries.

The serve yourself drinks/condiments/etc... was a little strange - like a cross between a sit down diner and a fast food restaurant. Once you were told how it worked, it wasn't bad, just different.

Service was very good and fast, but we were there early for dinner. Appeared that there were at least 5 people on staff at the time (Thursday night).

Love this place! The waiter told us they have a cookbook coming out soon. Hope the cashew cheese is one of the recipes!
Updated from previous review on Thursday March 24, 2011

Pros: Yummy food!, Good Service!, Could order anything on the menu!

Cons: It would be nice to have fries w/a burge

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Awesome! - Edit

I've been to this place a couple of times. A few times for lunch/dinner and once for brunch and damn, I was impressed! Fantastic and all vegan biscuits & gravy, all you can pancakes, breakfast quesadilla, BBQ "chicken" sandwich, and more! If you're a vegan, or just curious then try this diner. There menu is so varied and tasty, I'm sure anyone could find something they would like there. Even the decor is trendy and inventive :)

Pros: Excellent food, All affordable vegan, Awesome, helpful staff

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Great place, good food - Edit

This place is very cool... 100% Vegan diner style food. We got the biscuits and gravy complete with sausage, and the breakfast burrito. Both were good, not the best we've had but good.

The best part about this place is that the menu is huge. I am sure that it would not be hard to find something i love on this massive all-vegan menu!

The place is nice and clean, and the staff was all very friendly. They also sell all kinds of cool vegan products including vegan dog and cat food. Definitely check it out!

Pros: 100% Vegan, Friendly Staff, Extremely extensive menu

Cons: Not a thing!

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My "Go To" place in Dallas - Edit

See more pics and the full review at Marty's Flying Vegetarian Review at www.martysnycveggiereview.blogspot.com

You'd probably drive right by it if you didn't know you should be looking for it but Spiral Diner and Bakery is where my culinary vegan mind turns when I see a trip to Dallas. I'll review food from here until ... well, seriously, until the cows come home.

The interior space isn't what I would call warm and fuzzy, except if you take philosophy into account, but more spartan if not utilitarian.

There is a sort of '50s look to it and it's a biiiig space for the amount of tables. The lunch counter is to the left.

Booths line the windows and it's bright and sunny. The self serve beverage and condiment bar is to the far left.

The sign on the hostess station basically says grab a menu and a seat and we'll come over and say hi.

I get to the diner and my mind goes to that zen place that only vegans can know of when they are in a place that doesn't require 40 questions to order. It's somewhat of a meditative state. I look at the menu, and know I have to go for the Philly Cheez Steak although BBQ and Jerk flavored tofu and seitan also are setting their hooks into my palate. It's my go to comfort food meal.

I am craving a salad and the special has about 20 ingredients in it and I also cave in and order a smoothie. Cave in you say? Yeah, I make a smoothie at home about 4 times a week so paying for something I make with no thought or effort is always something I have to push through but I want it so order it. (Wahhhhhh).

Real Smooth Smoothie with Orange Juice, (choice of apple), soy milk, (choice of almond), banana, strawberry, blueberry and pineapple. 16 oz for $4.50. Ok, at that price how could I not order it.
So I'm sipping my smoothie, wandering around the restaurant, checking out the shelves, grabbing a copy of John Robbins' "Diet for a Small Planet." I see a little sign that says all employees are required to read this book before starting work and since it's on my "To Read" list anyway I pick it up. I start to read the forward by Dean Ornish, a semi folk hero of mine due to all the work he's done in REVERSING heart disease ... and my phone rings. Here is where you might start to understand some of the pressure of being a charter pilot.

The passengers want to leave in 1 hour and 15 minutes. I stammer through a lame explanation of why we might, just might not be able to do that exactly on time, grab a waitress ...

Pros: Great food, Absolutely no worries about ingredients, Friendly/efficient staff

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Loved it - Edit

Ate here last night. My wife had the philly cheez steak, I had the meatball sub. We were both extremely satisfied. We'll be going back. She had some of the root beer to drink, I tasted it - wow. I don't drink soda anymore, but the flavor was great. We got dessert to bring home, weren't as happy with it. Got carrot cake, it was more like a spice cake, and very dense. It wasn't bad, just not to our liking. The icing was nice. We've grwon accustomed to Whole Foods' vegan carrot cake. Now judge everything else based on that.

Go - enjoy. Definately worth it.

Pros: Excellent food, healthy, friendly people

Cons: 30 min drive

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Yummy - Edit

I'm sitting at Spiral as I typed. I ordered the nachos as suggested in another review.....loved them. I'm brand new to the vegan lifestyle so I was.hoping my first dining out experience would be good...I was definitely not disappointed. I ordered the Philly Cheese Steak to go but I had a tiny bite before I left....another good choice. I'll def come back. As far as cost and service. The.person helping me waa very nice and helpful. You get.what you pay for. It was $16 for both meals. For a first.visit it's excellent but I'll reserve perfect for a.few more times

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Disappointed - Edit

Based on the reviews here I was really looking forward to visiting Spiral Diner when visiting friends in Dallas. However, I found the food to be "just ok" and the service was terrible. They actually forgot to make part of our order and when I brought it up the waitress was kinda nasty about it. My experience may just be bad luck of ordering the wrong thing and going when the mean people are on shift, but I was not impressed by the Spiral Diner.

Pros: Food, Atmosphere, Store

Cons: Service , Service , Service

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Super Cute! - Edit

I went here with my husband and was pleasantly surprised. The interior is adorable. It has a very retro vibe. Our waitress was nice and down-to-earth.

We ordered the nachos and cheese. My husband loved it a lot more than I did, but I think it's just because I don't like cashew cheese. I ordered the Spiral burger. It was really good and different from other veggie burgers I've had. I also got a Cookies & Cream shake, which was really thick and delicious.

The waitress and my husband talked me into ordering the Tiramisu to-go because I had never had it before. I thought it was okay, but my husband said it tasted like "regular" tiramisu, so if you normally like it, you'll probably enjoy this vegan version.

Pros: Adorable Atmosphere, Nice Staff, Easy to Find

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Watch the cashier - Edit

Excellent chow; as creative as one would wish to see & experince. Every bite was yummy. Not crazy about the self-serve aspect of it all, though, and I'll swear--as I recited the fare from memory [no check]--the cashier got a little creative with the charges. (Suggest yopu keep a tally.) And: they expect a 20% tip-? Well, I dunno. We'll be back, though. I wish there were more such eateries in this gawd-awful town.

Pros: All selections delicious, south of the Trinity, informal

Cons: Kinda pricey, staffers a little cool, ...thinking...

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Spiral saved me! - Edit

I was in Dallas for a week on business and feared I'd find precious little to eat in this bbq-centric town. I finished work at 9pm one evening and headed over to Spiral for some take out. I got the Texas style philly cheese steak, some chips with nacho cheese (they use Daiya) and some desserts. Their brownies are phenomenal! The staff is very friendly and helpful, even suggesting other vegan dining options for me in Dallas. I enjoyed the sandwich and the chips and cheese, though the portions were so generous I couldn't finish them.

I went back for brunch on Sunday and was amazed by unlimited pancakes for $5.95! They were delicious! The place was packed, so we were lucky to get a seat at the counter. We also tried the biscuits and gravy and had a couple of refills of their bottomless cup of coffee. I also took a brownie to go, which I ate back at home in NYC, wishing I could run to Spiral one more time!

If I lived in Dallas, this would be my go-to, hands down. The interior is very welcoming, the staff is great and the food is comforting. Well done, Spiral!

Pros: Great food, Great prices, Great staff

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place a vegans dont have to only eat salad ! - Edit

I love the food i go when i get the chance about 4 to 6 times a month, but the food is good i took my friends who are not vegan and vegetarian and they love it and now go there too. the bakery goods are really good too!

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First Vegan Restaurant I've ever Been To.... - Edit

I have to say I was a little nervous about entering this diner. Being an African American Religious couple, I did not know what type of reaction we'd get from the people there (customers or staff). But much to my surprise, the staff was very friendly, and we did not get stared at.
My husband and I enjoyed our dinner it was very delicious. I had the TOfu Mitch Club sandwich. Mmm. Mmm. There were some items on the menu I did not like though (that's to be expected). But overall it was great! The only thing I'd complain about(And I can't really complain; as I am extremely greatful to finally be able to eat at a restaurant without having to worry about foods that needed to be avoided) would be the pricing. I was not used this sort of place, so it kind of caught me off guard. They seemed to charge for almost everything (ie: ketchup & barbecue sauce). But It's okay. We've still continued eating there from time to time (Its a distance from where we live).
I have tried a couple other restaurants:
1. Veggie Garden
2. New Start's Veggie Garden

Both are great places. I plan to write reviews on them as well. In the future I'd like to try:
1. Suma's Veggie Cafe
2. Madras Pavilion

Pros: Vegan, Most Food is Delicious, People Friendly

Cons: Somewhat Pricey

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Too good to be true* - Edit

Ohhh....how happy I was to finally find this "Sanctuary!" The most delectable "All you can eat" pancakes and agave nectar Sundays for just $5! EVERYTHING is VEGAN!! I've never experienced the comfort and peace of mind of knowing that I didn't have to worrry if something was Vegan or not except for when I cook for myself. I trust this place and praise the Vegan God's for all of it's wonderfully yummie 100% vegan meals from sweeteners to nutritional yeast on the bar to the chewy cookie sundays!!

Pros: Artsy, Clean, Kid Friendly

Cons: Kinda Pricey

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Tasty stuff, but slow service. - Edit

The food here is really tasty. The menu is full of comfort-food options and everything is vegan. I highly recommend the Chopped BBQ San'ich and the baked goods. Most of the servers are really nice. My only complaint is that every time I've eaten here, the service has been super slow (while the restaurant wasn't busy). It can be a little frustrating waiting 20 minutes for the check or to order a drink. But I'll keep on coming here because the food is so good.

Pros: Good food, Diner-style, vegan food, Friendly staff

Cons: Slow service

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Best Food Ever - Edit

Just a few short days ago I asked an attendant in a small store where she thought I could find vegetarian food in the land of beef. She directed me to Spiral Dinner and sent me on my way with a little map. If I had followed to map I would have made it there in a few blocks instead I got lost and walked about 15 blocks before I corrected my route. I was determined and no matter how hot or how far I finally made it to this lovely haven. I walked in and was greeted by a friendly staff, which got me water, and sat me down in one of their cute booths to cool off. I browsed through the menu, which is huge and varied and I finally figured out what to order. I had the Mitch Tofu Club and it was amazing and a smoothie which was out of this world!!!!!! The prices were reasonable and again the staff was really friendly. They sent me on my way with water to go and directions back to the area I had left from. I found my way easily back to my car (surprisingly only a few blocks away) and back to Spiral diner a few days later to enjoy more of their great food. I wish I could transport this restaurant back to my neighbourhood in Canada.

Pros: Amazing Food, Loads of Choice, Great Atmosphere

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Oh Myyyy... - Edit

Take it to heart.. One of the best with genuine intentions to know right from wrong. The food is speechless... Hopefully to open some locations in the 161/635 area... :)

Pros: awesome, genuine, effortless

Cons: NA

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Best place around, for sure. - Edit

We love spiral diner! They have great food with lots of choices, sound moral practices and a pretty good atmosphere. I've had a lot of problems with them either forgetting things we've ordered, getting orders wrong or just plain leaving us waiting for ages when everyone around us is getting their food. Honestly though, we still go there and still enjoy it. The staff is personable and it's probably the one place in town where I don't feel I'm being stared at.

Pros: reasonable prices, good food

Cons: obnoxious scenesters, unreliable service

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I'm drooling just thinking about this place - Edit

Run, don't walk to this oasis for vegans. 100% vegan, mostly organic. At any given time they will always be at least 50-60% organic. The food is just insane. From wraps and sandwiches, pastas and hearty, tasty salads to smoothies---and the desserts...oh my goodness, the desserts. You will think you have died. The sweet potato pie will make you cry! =) But their sundae is my favorite. Nothing is more expensive than $11. They donate a portion of proceeds to great causes...so you're not only having guilt free food, but you're helping out in a bigger way. The VLT is amazing (add avocado) and it's under $5. Run to this location! Vegans and carnivores alike will thoroughly enjoy it! One thing--don't go to this restaurant expecting fast, prompt service--they are really laid back, so you'll be there for a while!

Pros: great healthy cuisine, great vibe, healthy portions

Cons: staff is slow, but tires

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Spiral Diner Rocks!!! - Edit

I love this place!! The food is excellent! I buy 2 different entrees each time I go because everything is so good I can't make up my mind!! Even my non-vegetarian/non-vegan husband likes this place and he is very picky!!

Pros: Vegan cuisine, friendly staff, excellent food

Cons: no alcohol

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