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Den Teepot

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Rue des Chartreux 66, Brussels, Belgium,

Became all vegan in 2016. Menu of day plus sides and a soup of day. A veggie natuurwinkel. Shop downstairs from the restaurant sells some vegan-friendly foods and health foods. NOTE: please confirm if still fully vegan. Open Mon-Sat 12:00pm-2:00pm.

Category: Vegan, International, Japanese, Macrobiotic

Reviews (37)

First Review by scallymuffin

Not completely vegan and the food didn't impress me... - Edit

I really wanted to like this restaurant but nothing besides their music was ok for me. They aren't completely vegan, almost all of their dessert had eggs in it, the food was not that good(some of it was even tasteless and some had a strong and unnatural taste) They seemed to care more about the fact that it was organic than vegan(they said it's fine that dessert had eggs because everything is organic).

Updated from previous review on 2017-02-04

Pros: Music

Cons: The entrance is not visible and it's easy to miss., Not completely vegan., Food not that tasty

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Lunchdate - Edit

Perfectly located behind the rue dansaert is this little place above on organic health food store serving really nice lunches. Each time the daily meal is a feast. Mouthwatering dishes that my family enjoys on a day out on the town.

Pros: Macrobiotic, Fresh made, Great flavours

Cons: Not open for diner!, Little hidden above the store

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Reasonable lunch in Brussels - Edit

Vegan cafes seem sparse in Brussels and despite it's very limited opening hours it's worth visiting Den Teepot for lunch. It basically serves a soup and plate of the day with a few side options and tart. The food doesn't look the most glamorous but it was all tasty and wholesome. We went back on our second day as we felt it was a 'reliable' choice.

Pros: All vegan, Changing mixed plate of the day, Friendly service

Cons: Limited opening hours, Limited choice, A little pricey

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I Went Hungry Den Left Full - Edit

My companion and I went to this little spot up above an organic store back in 2014. Maybe my review is null and void now, cause it's well overdue, but man, it's time to finish some of my to-do list things (such as review some darn good restaurants). This place was an oasis back in 2014. Great atmosphere and seemed super clean. It was super duper cozy, and all vegan at the time (now I am reading it is not). The food was excellent standard macrobiotic fare. The woman working there at the time and I had a slight language barrier, but with a few hand gestures and positive facial expressions all was figured out. We didn't realize that once you load your plate up with food you have to put it on a scale to weigh it...as that's how they determined the price. Not sure if this is still the drill. The prices were pretty good as I remember. The food was delicious. My eyes were bigger than my stomach because I had a bit left over, but I packed it up and all was well in the world. I'd visit it again...just to see how it has changed. Not too keen on vegan places adding non-vegan items to their menu though. That's such a disappointment in life, yo.

Pros: Macrobiotic, All vegan in 2014

Cons: Hear it may not be all vegan now (2016)

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sad - Edit

I've been there several times since it used to be the only vegan place in Brussels (and well it's no longer vegan).
The place has improved lately, they changed formula and staff.
The food is organic and healthy, but lacks of fantasy (and the portions are rather small).
Apart from that, the place is quiet and cosy. They have a few organic belgian beers.

Updated from previous review on Saturday November 24, 2012

Pros: organic ingredients, organic beers

Cons: small portions, unimaginative, poor opening times

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Nice food and great store - Edit

It was nice to find a vegan restaurant in central Brussels. The food is tasty but price is way high for the size of the portion. Still a good option if you're looking for a vegan option for a coffee in the afternoon in that specific neighborhood.

The store in the first floor is really well stocked, they have a good quantity of vegan and healthy products.

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Healthy indeed - Edit

The previous review describes the place very well in one word - "healthy". The buffet has only very limited options, and during my -so far- only visit of the place I found everything quite bland. However, it is possible to spice up the food with extra seaweed or soy sauce. The focus is clearly on "healthy" and "macrobiotic" and not too much on "delicious". Not on "vegan", either: everything from the buffet was vegan and this seemed to be the default, however, none of the three different cakes offered (coming from the organic shop on the ground floor) was vegan. Friendly staff.

I will probably come back on my next visit to Brussels, at least if I can make it within the only 2 hours they are open. But that is mainly due to a lack of alternatives.

Pros: healthy, mostly vegan, friendly staff

Cons: bland food, lack of variety

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Healthy - Edit

Ingredients are fresh and organic, and everything is vegan which is great as I'm trying to eat mostly vegan. The staff was friendly.
Unfortunately it lacked taste, especially for my mate who is a "carnivore"and therefore is not used to eating vegan food. And the price system is strange : weight your food and pay it, which means usually a rather high bill.
I'd only recommend the place if you're looking for heath above all.

Pros: Healthy, Organic, Vegan

Cons: Quite expensive, Not so tasty

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peaceful place - Edit

just recently they started to have buffets and you pay per weight of your food, which is better than when they have been a regular restaurant. there were 7 different dishes, a salad and a soup. food was excellent, fresh and tasty and it did taste the same.

Pros: many varieties of food, peaceful place, helpful staff

Cons: a bit costly, hard to find, more desert options needed

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Cosy place - Edit

Good food, very healthy, I liked the calm atmosphere and the relaxed mood. Maybe a bit too relxed in the sense that we had to wait too long, but it's OK for a place that is clearly not intended to be a mass diner.

Pros: Atmosphere

Cons: service a bit slow

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Highly Recommended - Edit

I believe this place has changed a little, it's still only open 12-2, but has become a pay by weight buffet. Also a couple of the deserts aren't vegan but the buffet fully is. The food in the buffet was interesting, a good mix of what I'd call Vegan Healthfood, I had sticky rice balls, a seitan steak, vegetables done in a nice sauce and a good salad. The meal wasn't cheap but worth the price, about 18 euros in all with a cup of tea. The lady on the till was really nice and helpful and spoke really good english after I inquired.

Pros: Great food

Cons: Not cheap, Note the opening hours

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Decent vegan food for Brussels - Edit

I've been there twice so far. It's certainly not the greatest vegan food I've ever had. The ingedients are good and fresh but the food seriously lacks salt. For Brussels' standards it's fine though - you don't actually have that much choice as a vegan. I would go there again when I'm in Brussels.

Pros: vegan

Cons: food lacks salt

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Vegan and good, but not perfect - Edit

My boyfriend and I were relieved about the fact that we found a vegan restaurant in Brussels because being vegan is not that easy in this city as a tourist who has no own kitchen(unless you always wanna eat Falafel and French Fries). The staff was friendly and the waiting time was really short. But we were disappointed when we learned about the opening hours (only from 12-2 in the noon from Mon. - Sat.). Furthermore, there is no big variety of food. There is actually always the same (rice and vegetables) and you can only add or leave out some stuff.

Pros: 100% vegan, friendly staff, no long waiting time

Cons: opening hours, No big variety

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Nice old-fashioned veggie food - Edit

Den Teepot is a bit like veggie cafes in England used to be - brown rice, veg, salads, various grains. Probably perfect if you're a very healthy wholesome sort of eater! Normally we prefer more exciting food but because we found very limited vegan food in Brussels, especially in August when some places were shut, it was a welcome break from falafel and chips.

Bit pricey for what it is (I think we paid over 40 euros for 2 ppl including main meal, soup, and we shared one beer). Friendly nice service but very haphazard, had to wait 20 minutes for tea, although we weren't really in a hurry so never mind. It's a really nice room overlooking a lovely street and they have excellent beers which are cheap (we recommend the Saison Dupont organic).

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Too small portions! - Edit

For a lunch I found the place expensive. The plates were very small, more like starter size. Ingredients were obviously of good quality but the result a bit tasteless. Service was nice and chilled, but after all I left disappointed and still hungry.

Pros: Vegan, Ingredients, Service

Cons: Very small plates, Expensive, Tasteless

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Excellent and very fast - Edit

I had the menu of the month with the praised croquettes and a lovely tarte for dessert. The food was delicious and the kitchen was very fast, everyone got the meal of the day within five minutes at the most. Though others have complained about the dish sizes, I found them completely sufficient for lunch.

The only thing I would have hoped for was for them to have loose tea, considering the restaurant is called the teapot. But that doesn't detract from my overall rating, as everything else was perfect. The store on the ground floor has a great selection of freshly baked bread, vegan cheese, vegetables and lots of other stuff.

Pros: healthy cuisine, fast, nice atmosphere

Cons: no loose tea, small selection

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Great spot in Brussels - Edit

Went here both times I've been to Brussels. The dagschotel (dish of the day) is always quite large and filling with grains, veggies, and some sort of protein. Expect 4 or 5 small components to the meal (grain, protein, pulses, salad, roasted veggie). No coffee available, only grain coffee substitute. Nice shop downstairs as well.

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Queen of Quinoa - Edit

This was my second visit to this charming spot - the road is currently under construction so it is a little harder to find but is well worth the journey! Junko is the chef who specializes in macrobiotic cuisine and offers cooking classes on the third Sunday of every month.The daily menu had the most wonderful quinoa croquettes consisting of quinoa, rice and veggies - the chef's daughter said she eats four a day - just for breakfast! They are really something to crow about and are available for take out and fly away from the Bio Market downstairs.

Also for anyone in need of seasonings - the sesame salt available in small pots
is really something to peck at! Enjoy!

Pros: Staff and great food, Beautiful lighting and ambiance, Bio beer!

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Centrally located with new menu - Edit

We went here in early June, when they had just re-opened and started offering their expanded menu.

The second-floor space is open and airy with pretty murals on the wall. The ordering and service were a bit chaotic, but they apologized and said that it was their first few days with the new menu. As the previous poster mentioned, they now serve more than one daily dish. The menu listed the rice and vegetables for 7 Euros, add croquette or seitan stew for 11 Euros, or add croquette and seitan stew for 13 Euros.

I got the rice and vegetables which was nicely seasoned, but nothing earth-shattering. That day the vegetables were fennel, celery and carrots plus a little green salad. My partner had the rice and vegetable and croquette and enjoyed it. Portions are a bit small so we felt that it was pricey for what you got.

Also on the menu are sautéed rice and vegetables for 9 Euros and pasta and vegetables for 10 Euros. They offered soup and two dessert options, plus wine and beer.

Den Teepot is the only vegan restaurant that is centrally located, so it is a great option for lunch.

Pros: friendly service, pleasant dining space, all vegan

Cons: only open for lunch, portions slightly small, a bit pricey

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new menu - Edit

this is my lunch venue almost every day as I am lucky enough to live across the road from it-I have had withdrawal symptoms in the last few months as this restuarant was closed for about 3 months-Well great news it reopened last month and is better then ever-previously they had only one dish of the day which was always good-but now you really have to study the menu as they have at least 5 alternatives which is great-I am not an expert on food but I appreciate that this is macrobiotic food as opposed to a vegetarian food which would be more varied

Pros: good portions, excellent food, friendly staff

Cons: tired decor, not open evenings

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Great fresh food - Edit

Just one course a day here, but almost invariably a delight. Good quality, fresh and tasty. Menus seem to get somewhat repetative, but that's fine as one also often eats the same at home:)
Speed of service can be a problem when in a hurry. Also, don't be discouraged if you don't immediately find it, go to the bioshop and dare your way up the stairs!

Pros: Tasty, Fresh

Cons: Speed, Hard-to-find

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Perfection in Perpetual Progress - Edit

This is my home town, and my lunch favorite. Organic, season following menu. Small very balanced plates, whole rice anytime, always beans/tempeh or tofu. Theres a team of switching cooks, so everyday is a new creative experience.
the best place in town, lunch only place. best miso soup and grain coffee of belgium.

Pros: 100%organic, perfectly balanced menu, simple, creative, foods own taste, staff is divinely friendly and joyfull

Cons: only one plate of the day > very fresh, only open from 12 till 2pm., small plates, slowly eaten its perfect

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A veggie heaven in Brussels - Edit

Brussels might not be the vegan-friendliest city in Europe, but Den Teepot is a really nice place to have lunch and to shop. Food is macrobiotic and vegan, portions are quite OK. I loved the cakes, especially the crunchy nut cakes, which are the ones I would recommend. The main con is their opening times, only for lunch.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday December 28, 2010

Pros: nice place , healthy, good food, health food shop downstairs

Cons: opening times - lunch only , pets are not allowed, not wheelchair accessible

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One to be missed. - Edit

At last got to try this and wish we hadn't. Food seems to be pre-prepared...despite that took awhile longer than it should to serve. Anyway despite that there are bigger issues here... food is bland and uninspiring (I am not a great cook and I could do better) and your choice is soup or plate of the day. If your doctor has advised a diet with no flavour then this is the place for you. Shop downstairs was the best part of this place.

Pros: Shop downstairs, Friendly staf

Cons: Bland, Uninspiring, Unimaginative

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Great vegetarian restaurant downtown Brussels - Edit

Centrally located, lovely atmosphere, very friendly service. The "plate du jour" ("daily menu") offered a nutritionally well-balanced variety. I very much enjoyed the taste, even though the vegetables could have been cooked less and the cook could have added some spices.

Pros: Centrally located, Friendly service, Comfortable atmosphere

Cons: Lacks spices, Vegetables slightly overcooked

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Macrobiotic restaurant - Edit

The food is not so bad, considering this is Bruxelles and here veganism is an alien concept. Ok macrobiotic food. Unfortunately not all desserts are vegan. Lacks a bit of sexiness in the way the dish is presented but it's all in all worth a try. Nice organic food shop downstairs and maybe a bit too "bio hippie" on the clientele. It can be a pleasant place to spend your lunch time in a quite and relaxed atmosphere. Bring your chopsticks, you'll look like one of the crowd :)

Pros: Light macrobiotic

Cons: small choice

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Oasis in veggie desert - Edit

Den Teepot was our first meal stop on a brief sojourn in Brussels, and hit the spot. Nothing to write home about particularly, but was pleasant enough. It made me realise how lucky we are in London having so many funky veggie/vegan joints to choose from.

Pros: All vegan, Filling, tasty, nutritious, Sweet staff

Cons: Limited choice, Slightly out of the way, Slightly shabby

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Pleasant atmosphere - Edit

This is a nice, relaxed place to eat. There is basically one main lunch dish, which usually consists of a variety of salads, hot items. It's not out of this world, but is pleasant and filling. Not expensive, for Brussels. The staff are friendly. Downstairs is a health food shop with a good selection (sadly though I think I saw fish products the last time I was there).

Pros: Price, Vegan, Relaxed

Cons: Old fashioned food

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Spring lunch at Den Teepot - Edit

I went to Den Teepot today for lunch with my parents, sister and young nieces - i was the only vegan, the others are all carnivores!
The cafe was on the 2nd floor of a wonderfully yellow building with a great organic health shop underneath also selling a selection of vegi cheeses, fresh bread and vegan and vegi cakes. We went up a stairway at the front of the shop, assuming it was the way to the cafe, as it wasn't signposted, and found the wonderfully airy and simply designed dining room.
The menu was tiny as they only did a dish of the day or soup...plus extras of rice, bread or salad. The kids ate the same as us but just smaller portions. What came was actually very tasty, lovely flavours all on a plate together: rice, pasta with delicious toasted seeds, endives, a small salad, a tofu-ey mushroom thing and a little pile of hot veg - sounds like alot but there was only a tiny portion of each. It was all yummy but i could have eaten a bit more! My family ordered some bread as they were still quite hungry, and the waitress popped downstairs to the shop and cut some organic brown bread for us, it was lovely but with no soy butter, balsamic vinegar or oil for dipping, in hindsight we should've ordered it to come with the meal.
Although i didn't have a dessert, they did look nice: vanilla and chocolate soy pudding and a cake selection.
So all in all, i enjoyed it very much and was very excited to have gone there. I would definitely go again, but order bread with the meal.
So my conclusions are: delicious and simple, although a little plain and not much choice.

Pros: Delicious, Great shop, friendly staff

Cons: Small portions, No choice, Expensive considering portion size

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BEST in the West - Edit

As someone who travels a lot in Europe.. and has been to a number of vegetarian vegan restaurants and cafes in the various countries I can honestly say that Den Teepot is the BEST Vegan place I have been to! :) Not only are the meals filling, delicious and healthy.. it is COMPLETELY Vegan.

The Dagshotel or dish of the day is terrific so I'm never put off by the lack of choice. Your plate is always filled with about 5 different things so its like having 5 different meals in one! yum! Maybe its because they use the fresh organic produce from the amazing and vast shop downstairs.. but there really is something in the flavours.

Service is efficient - really quick! - and friendly. A popular place.. dont get there too late or you avoid dissapointment!
One thing to note tho is that their cakes, allbeit there are vegan options arent the best Ive tasted... for the best vegan deserts.. ever! head across town to La Tsampa in Ixelles. A little pricey but worth it.

Pros: 100% Vegan, Healthy, Delicious Food

Cons: not the nicest desserts, only open for a few hours at lunchtime

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