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75 SE 3rd St, Boca Raton, USA

Great quick bite or take out!

19 Dec 2013

Once I found this market, I ate here twice in one weekend. It's almost entirely organic too. I absolutely loved the Tempeh Reuben. Also brilliant was the tofu "egg" salad. The cafe in the back has a large case of cold vegan foods for take out or that they can make into hot panini sandwiches at the cafe. The cafe is not cozy. It's clean, but not somewhere you will drink coffee and linger. The hot case also has many vegan foods but some meats also. The dessert case was vegan and raw friendly. They also have vegan soups, juices, and smoothies. Beware: the grocery sells meat, fish, and dairy. I was surprised the grocery potion did not contain more vegan options (example: only a few cheese alternatives), but the cafe is definitely worth visiting.

2505 N Dixie Hwy, West Palm Beach, USA

Few but tasty vegan options

25 Feb 2014

I have been to Agora a couple of times now, and the food and the atmosphere is very good. It's a bit upscale for the area (Northwood), but that lends itself to a nice dinner. The staff know what it means to be vegan and will help you navigate the mostly meat and dairy based menu.

I had some wonderful hummus, pita, and olives to start my dinner. Next I had the sautéed fresh artichoke and lima beans, which was tasty but unusual since the artichoke is served cold. The roasted whipped eggplant is nice too, if you like a roasted, smoky eggplant. If you will eat fried food, the fried zucchini croquettes were nice for a warm food option. By far the best part of the meal was the falafel, which was not too heavy and full of flavor. The falafel was served with hummus and baby green side salad.

Unfortunately, there was no vegan dessert but I had a nice glass of champagne.

149 NE 4th Ave, Delray Beach, USA

Nice Delray hideaway

07 Dec 2013

Cute, small space just off of busy Linton Blvd. The restaurant down a quieter, more residential side street. Some nights they have live music outside. It's a family owned and run business. I've been several times and there have always been vegan options available, but they may run out of one option or another- so you could be a little limited in choices. Loved the authentic jerk seasoning, which is available on vegetables or tofu. Great rice and chickpea options too.

407 San Francisco Street, Old San Juan, San Juan, Puerto Rico


12 May 2013

Cafe Berlin was an amazing find in Old San Juan, especially for veg eaters. It's at a beautiful location, and we sat outside and ate several meals there. They have many vegetarian food options, and many vegan options on the menu. They even offered to veganize their "mofongo" (make it without butter and no animal products). Food items included several tofu dishes, grilled veggie options, marinated portobello mushrooms, amazing stuffed vegetarian wonton appetizer, vegetarian loaf entrée made of lentils and brown rice that's served with fresh sautéed veggies, etc.. It was wonderful to find a restaurant that combined traditional puertorican cuisine with vegan friendly options. They also offered a vegan dessert. They do not serve red meat, but they do serve chicken and seafood. The non-vegans with us thoroughly enjoyed their meals there too. Loved. Loved. Loved Cafe Berlin.
Updated from previous review on Thursday April 25, 2013

1540 N Franklin St, Tampa, USA

Few but good vegan options

16 Mar 2014

Food is pretty good but I wish they had more than a handful of vegan options. The kale salad is fresh and delicious. I've had a few vegan soups there and they were ok but mild in flavor. They did taste freshly made. The VLT is good but not especially healthy. It's made with vegan bacon and served on fresh Cuban bread. The Abba is delicious, but I eat it for dessert because it is so sweet with almond butter, banana, and apricot jam, also served on Cuban bread. Neither sandwich is particularly filling and should be ordered with a soup or salad side. For vegetarians, there are a few more options with cheese or egg. They have soy and almond milks for coffee or tee and occasionally vegan cookies. Coffee is very good. Lots of events with local music and artists. Few outside tables with hooks to clip your dogs to when you eat outside.

1453 Roswell Rd, Marietta, USA

Reliable, quick vegan meal

28 Dec 2013

I believe everything on the menu is now vegan, but check because I have seen the cooks change periodically. Nice cafe for a quick, reliable vegan eat. The store next door (Life Grocery) sells several of the cafe's foods in convenient grab and go format. The blonde burger is delicious. The raw nachos were good but could use more toppings. Soups are reliably tasty. Daily rotating specials. Small menu but also juices and smoothies. Menu is divided into raw and cooked options. Restaurant is clean but not overly comfy or cozy. Good for a quick bite. Moderate priced.

2814 S Dixie Hwy Ste D, West Palm Beach, USA

Cute little market

18 Aug 2016

Charming little market that I have been apparently driving by for a year now, and I had no idea. It's hard to see from the street, with no obvious visible sign from the road. Once inside, it's fresh and clean. Produce looked scrumptious. I had a wheat grass shot and a very good kale-bunga juice. I also picked up an "athlete's mix" trail mix for a snack. I will be visiting again for vegan ice cream and cold vegan snacks in the cold case!

No where to sit inside and hang out, but there is parking in front of the building.

2380 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd, West Palm Beach, USA

Fast & Inexpensive

25 Nov 2013

Chipotle in West Palm Beach offers vegan burritos, tacos, bowls, and salads. You customize your entree with the toppings of your choice. The black beans, pinto beans, brown rice, white rice, fajita veggies, hot/medium/mild salsa, lettuce, corn, and guacamole are all vegan. Their guacamole is made in house and is actually some of the best I've had at a quasi-fast-food restaurant. No tofu/tempeh or vegan meat alternatives at this location (or any south Florida location that I am aware of). Both indoor and outdoor seating. Starting next year, Chipotle will also label all their GMO products (so you know what to avoid).

Also, if you haven't watched their Scarecrow video (which is about the industrialized food industry and subtly encourages a vegan diet), you should. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUtnas5ScSE

4783 PGA Blvd, Palm Beach Gardens, USA

Favorite Veg restaurant in Palm Beach County

22 Jun 2016

Christopher's Kitchen is really good. NYC good. It's also nearly as expensive as NYC food; so be warned and go for a special occasion.

Current favorites are the vegan nachos, which are a nice size portion and come with awesome vegan "cheese" that is house made and cashew based. The White Truffle & Mushroom Pizza is my favorite dinner entree with cremini, shiitake, portabella, and white mushrooms, truffle oil, scallions, macadamia ricotta, oregano. It's really amazing. The avocado ginger roll is also really good.

I love that the food is organic and healthy! I also enjoy that they serve both raw food and cooked food, as I generally enjoyed the cooked entrees best. Wine is nice. They also have a dessert case with lots of little cookies and truffles... they're not cheap but they are sooooooo good! It's a great place for a romantic dinner. Or you can sit outside with your dog for a more casual night. They have recently started serving brunch, but I have not yet tried their brunch menu.

Lots of juice and smoothie options too, and you can even pick up a container of delicious Miyoko vegan cheese from their to-go area (instead of ordering online from the West coast).

401 San Francisco, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Delicious breakfast and brunch

12 May 2013

I was just in Old San Juan for a wedding, and I ate at Cafe Cultura almost every day for breakfast or brunch. Enough good things cannot be said about their coffee. They have soy milk, and their cafe late with soy was heavenly. If you are vegetarian, they have many breakfast options including French toast, pancakes with bananas cooked in rum, pancakes with coconut and jam, wraps filled with egg and vegetables, fruit, guava pastries, etc. I am vegan and several days ordered the vegetable wrap either with tofu substituted for egg or without the egg and just vegetables. The wraps are served with roasted potatoes. The pancakes with bananas and rum were outstanding, I cheated for those. At lunch, they serve a black bean burger that a woman at my hotel recommended but I never tried. It's a little pricey, but the food was wonderful. Allow extra time to eat as they get very busy and service can be slow at times. It's one of the very few places in old San Juan where you can get soy milk and vegetarian/vegan breakfast. Delicious!

525 Northwood Rd, West Palm Beach, USA

Easter vegan dinner was such a treat!

06 Jun 2014

I had the most amazing Easter vegan buffet at Creme de la Creme. While the holiday buffet is technically vegan, vegetarian, and pescetarian, all buffet items were vegan except for one fish entree and 2 desserts that had dairy (but they also had a vegan dessert). I couldn't believe that 95% of the buffet was high quality, delicious vegan food. The restaurant frequently hosts these buffets for holidays like Valentines Day too. Check their facebook page for events. Vegan food wasn't an afterthought, it was the main attraction!

I tried pretty much everything on the buffet, but my favorites were the king mushroom oysters that were deceivingly like scallops in presentation and taste. The mushrooms did not have the seafood taste of a scallop, but the texture was so similar and the flavor so savory that I asked twice to confirm they were vegan. Amazing. Delicious. I wish I could eat them again right now.

My second favorite was the giant stuffed pasta shells with tomato sauce, stuffed with a cashew cheese. The cashew cheese was so creamy! Honestly, one of the freshest, creamiest, cheese substitutes that I have ever had and I love that it was house made and nut based and not a processed store-bought cheese.

Everything else was fantastic too. They had marinated portabella mushrooms with mashed potatoes, large stuffed tomatoes,calypso rice that was very flavorful, a Chinese eggplant, salads, and a vegan almond cake for dessert.

I had heard of Creme de la Creme but never ate there because there aren't really vegan options on their menu. Well, this is changing! They have a plethora of vegan options that can be made any night, and they are working on a permanent all vegan menu. I confirmed they use earth balance and no dairy for their vegan dishes (will use almond or coconut milk). Very friendly staff. We sat outside. There is limited seating both inside and out. It's a small, quaint restaurant with very upscale vegan food. It's the best vegan dinner I have had in Palm Beach County.

Update*** I went for my birthday dinner and specifically requested the oyster mushroom scallops in advance when we made our reservations- those mushroom scallops are mouthwatering delicious. We also ordered the veggie lasagna which was made fresh and assembled when we ordered it and then baked (which means it took at least 45 minutes to get to us but was amazing). The veggie lasagna is made with cashew cheese, rice noodles, cauliflower and nut "meat" and veggies. Long meal but great!

Palm Beach County, West Palm Beach, USA

Too much sugar

02 Jun 2014

I love vegan cupcakes (especially the icing), but the cupcakes I had were too sweet to thoroughly enjoy. Admittedly, I have cut down on my sugar intake but I still very much enjoy desserts at the local vegan eateries. My husband I both thought the chocolate peanut butter was the best of those we tried. The PB&J was good but sweet. Unfortunately, the strawberry cupcake tasted so much of sweetener that I could not even taste the natural strawberry flavor and strawberry cake is usually a favorite of mine. If they have some cupcakes with low or no sugar, I would very much like to try those cupcakes. Both the consistency of the cupcake and the consistency of the icing was very nice. The owner was also very sweet.

416 Clematis St, West Palm Beach, USA

Vegan option on commercialized Okeechobee

11 Sep 2013

Okay, the location isn't great, but it's welcoming inside. It could be cozier for a juice/coffee bar, and they definitely need too dump the plastics and styrofoam. However, my green organic, cold-pressed juice was amazing. It was $8 for each juice, which is expensive but reasonable. They have a soup bar with 4-5 vegan soups, and the soup is fairly priced. I ordered a raw pizza that was very good. I'm looking forward to going back and trying other entrees. I was told the vegan burger and the vegan meatball sub are very good. I hope they stay in business! Support the local vegan cafe! I'll add more to my review when I've tried more of the food options.

* I've gone back to the vegan cafe and tried the "Veggie Meatball Sandwich—$9.99 Fresh baked hoagie roll, full of whole grains and seeds. Stuffed with our in house made veggie meatballs and marinara sauce. Can also be served on a bed of greens and sprouts, instead of bread." It really is delicious. It's the right amount of food and has a good flavor.

I also tried the "Portabella Mushroom Caps— $7.99 A gently baked large portabella cap, cooled and topped with a flavorful blend of sprouted quinoa, sprouts and chopped veg- gies, avocado, and more." The mushroom cap (not caps, you only get 1) was good, but it was served over a small salad. It's really an appetizer, too small for a meal.

As to the soups, the chili tasted like black bean soup, not much like chili (no heat or chili flavor!) but a decent bean soup. The split pea soup was very good the last time I had it. The tomato soup was also good, but I would like it served with bread or something for texture.

Updated from previous review on Tuesday July 16, 2013

436 SE 2nd St, Gainesville, USA

Hidden Gem

23 Oct 2014

Highly recommend. Lots of vegan options. The vegan Ruben was one of the best I have had. Kale chips were perfectly crisp and seasoned. The raw tart was great. Juices delicious. Very casual place for take out or a relaxed eat-in. Prices were reasonable. Give it a try!

110 S Beach St, Daytona Beach, USA

Needs improvement

16 May 2015

No non-dairy milk for coffee! Another reviewer posted that already, but I missed it. It's still true. So I didn't have coffee with my breakfast, which was disappointing.

The tofu scramble was also disappointing. It was ok. Asian flavored with soy sauce. It was a soft tofu. Not great.

Vegan waffle was good but not that filling. No other vegan options on the breakfast menu.

8020 S Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach, USA

Mediocore vegan food

22 Jun 2016

I have revised my Darbster review many, many times. Unfortunately the quality of the food varies with who the current chef is at the restaurant. If you're just looking for somewhere vegan, you will like it. If you're used to higher quality vegan food like in other cities, you will likely be disappointed.

Things to love about Darbster- it's 100% vegan and proceeds go to an animal non-profit. You just want to love a place like this. However, the quality of the food has really taken a dive. I can't bring myself to eat there often because I (and my vegan friends have also remarked) can make better vegan food at home. It's convenient to drop in or to bring out of town guests, but I"m often disappointed in the food.

For example, the brunch quiche used to be my favorite breakfast item. Well, it was taken off the regular menu. One time I visited, the quiche was a special so I ordered it, but it was full of overcooked, stringy onions instead of tofu eggs. Also, no tempeh in the quiche (as advertised). The last breakfast burrito I had from there also had very little tempeh.

Coffee is good. Wine and beer options are good. I enjoy their $3 brunch mimosas. Wait staff is usually very friendly. I love their love for animals. Wish the food quality would improve. For now, I visit Christopher's Kitchen for a nice, vegan dinner out.

829 Fleming St, Key West, USA

Favorite place in Key West

09 Jun 2013

I loved this place so much that I went there twice in one day! I had the vegan French toast for breakfast and it was probably the best French toast of my life. The bagel with cashew cheese and tomato and avocado was also very good. We returned later for a frozen coffee smoothie and fruit smoothie (both made with organic ingredients). This place is just superb. Everything is environmentally friendly and recyclable. They even make their own coconut milk. We are outside around their plant gardens- beautiful and cozy! This place is casual, quaint, and the real deal. Will be back!

1248 Coral Wy, Miami, USA

French vegan food!

12 May 2015

My husband and I were vacationing on south beach, so we had to go a little out of the way to get here... It was worth it.

The food was delicious. I especially enjoyed the mushroom and spinach crepe. The quiche was good, but I would have liked it with some tofu eggs to make it more substantial and filling. The portion sizes were small for us, but that's typical of most vegan restaurants.

I really enjoyed the vegan creme brûlée. It had the most amazing flan like texture. The sugar coating was thick, crisp, and added a wonderful burnt caramel flavor. We also tried a chocolate ganache Popsicle that was nice and creamy. The Popsicle tasted of rich chocolate without bring too sweet. I really enjoyed the dessert!

The French family that owns and runs the restaurant are sweet and welcoming. I plan on going back the next time I'm in Miami and I hope others will support this restaurant. There is parking on both sides of the building and it is near the Vizcaya train stop.

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