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Serves meat, vegan options available. Healthier fast food concept with bowls, burgers, wraps, salads, and shakes. Items that are or can be vegan are marked VN (shown on webpage). Several FL outlets. Open Mon-Fri 11:00am-10:00pm, Sat 11:00am-9:00pm.

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22 May 2019

Good food, few vegan options

Honestly, I would expect a lot more vegan options based on how environmentally friendly/healthy they want to be. They have a vegan burger which is pretty good, but not the best. Their French fries are also pretty good. They also have a large assortment of ketchups which I enjoy

Pros: Good food, Friendly/quick service

Cons: Lack of options



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19 May 2019

Good food

I love their vegan burger! I wish you could get more fries!


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10 Apr 2019

Tried Samples

Tried some of their vegan options at a fundraiser I went to. I liked their healthy style food, but I wasn’t super impressed with the vegan samples I tried, so I have not visited the restaurant yet. I figured I would try again at some point, but there are so many other vegan options in that area.


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26 Jul 2018

It’s just okay

Honestly this place isn’t that bad but, you can get a much better burger somewhere else. The burger almost tastes rubbery (I think it’s a boca burger). Their fires are awesome and so are their different kinds of ketchups. It’s also pretty expensive. I paid $11 for a burger and small fry. This place isn’t the best, it’s just OKAY.

Pros: Has a vegan burger, Has vegan soups

Cons: Expensive, Lame burger


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28 Apr 2018

Vegan Fast Food

Longtime "EVOmaniac" (EVOmaniacs receive emails with specials and free birthday meal) and we like to support as they've allowed me to gather signatures for animal causes in the past. They have blood mobile events in which donors receive a free meal. Kids eat free on Sundays (with paying adult).

We order the Evos Championburger - Ask for vegan meatless burger. It is cholesterol-free and comes with leaf lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, ketchup, mustard. You can also request your burger with no ketchup and add one of the Evos Karma Ketchups (American, Mesquite Magic, Garlic Gravity, or Cayenne Firewalker) Add some Airfries and one of their Fruitshakes (Strawberry Banana, Mango Passion, or Wild Berry) and you are set! They also offer Soups of the Season (we love the vegan chili). The teas are good too.

Pros: Kids eat free on Sundays, Tasty Food , Karma Ketchups

Cons: Parking can be challenging on busier days


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24 Feb 2018


Great fast food at good prices. Would like more vegan options, but the ones they have taste really good. Fun place to bring the kids. Air-baked fries -- sweet and regular, Zevia sodas, vegan burgers, vegan chili -- all yummy.

Pros: vegan options, good prices

Cons: non-vegan options


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20 Oct 2015

skip this one

if you are looking for a quick vegan meal on the go, i don't recommend evos. there is only one option and it doesn't stay hot and fresh tasting for long. like any fast food joint, the food isn't healthy, but in terms of taste it isn't bad.

Cons: one option, gets cold quick


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16 Mar 2014

1 outdated vegan option on menu

Evos only has one vegan option, a "lean" vegan burger that tastes like it came from my freezer- processed and unimaginative. I wish they had a black bean burger or tempeh option. Instead, it's an 80's veg burger throwback. Fries are ok. I like the different flavor ketchups. Organic green iced tea was a nice drink option. Also ordered a mango "smoothie" that I think was made with premade guava juice and fresh mango. I looked up online later that it has a scary 45 grams of sugar. Overall, not a very healthy or creative menu and has very few vegan options.


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13 Feb 2014

1 Hot Veg Item Only

Sure they have salads on the menu, but I was looking for veggie wraps or sandwiches. They only offer a vegetarian burger to choose from. Not a great selection, IMO

Cons: not veggie friendly


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13 Aug 2013


My husband and I used to frequent evos, but a month or so ago they started having issues with their vegan burger suppliers, and they're not nearly what they used to be. The new patties are rubbery and don't have half the flavor they used to. The last several times we've been, our fries were also undercooked and at times cold. I used to look so forward to visiting evos and knew I could count on it when I was craving a burger, but anymore, I've just been terribly disappointed.

Cons: Rubbery, Undercooked, Disappointing


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10 Feb 2013

Fast & Healthy!

I like their baked fries and the vegan burger is big and tasty. I also like their various ketchup flavors! However, I think this place is suited more for vegetarians as they don't have a lot of vegan options. I am thrilled that they are close by and that we even have a healthy fast food place like this!

Pros: Fast, good value

Cons: Not a lot of vegan options


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07 Nov 2012

One of my favorites

I would eat here several times a month while I lived in Tampa. This is one of my favorite places in general. I'm sad that they do not have them where I live now. They are very veg friendly and the prices are good. I wish I could go there now!

Pros: Prices, Taste, Locations

Cons: none


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21 Jul 2012

Great fast food option

Have eaten here many times and have never been disappointed! Gives people, whether they are vegan or not, a healthier option than the traditional fast food joints. I love how easy their menu is to choose from, because it clearly shows what items are vegan or available in vegan. They have the best veggie burger of any place that I have eaten! Love the atmosphere and the service is great, always have a great experience! Highly reccomend to everyone: herbivore, omnivore, or carnivore!

Pros: Healthier options for fast food, Vegan options are great, Great atmosphere

Cons: There aren't enough of them around


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Mostly Veg
11 Oct 2011

fast food that is sord of healthy

Good food, owners are caring about the environment and health. Good tastes, convenient, at the end of the day, its much better than other fast food options.

Pros: fast, taste, better than MCD's

Cons: not super healthy


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18 Apr 2011

yummy milkshakes

My favorite thing at Evos is the chocolate shake. They are so good and you can get extras like protein powder. Even with the protein powder it tastes so yummy. I also get the air fires and love that they have a few different ketchup flavors to choose from. Although I don't eat meat anymore it makes me happy to be supporting a business that is responsible about their meat.

Pros: healthy, fast, responsible

Cons: need more locations


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29 Oct 2010

Excellent Fast Food

This is where I go when I crave a burger and fries. Food is good, but as a vegan, I'm finding that options are limited. It's better for vegetarians, if you're not overly concerned with eggs and milk. All in all, I like their concept.

Pros: Food items labeled - veg, vegan, etc., Food not fried, Herbal Iced Tea as an optional drink

Cons: Not enough vegan options


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18 Apr 2010

Friendly place, good food

My best friend and I often stop by Evos between classes. The staff there is very friendly, they know who we are and exactly how I want my veggie-burger done! While I will agree that it's not entirely worth the price (in my opinion, the air fries are often under-done and dry, and the chili is really hit or miss. Cost of shakes is rather pricey for what they are), it's still nice to have "American" food between our ethnic adventures. Also might now be the best if you're in a rush. There have been times where I order something like a fruit cup, and they have to go chop up the fruit. While I like that it's fresh, it also took 15 minutes on top of the wait time for our other items. Still, I think it's a good alternative when eating out with non-veg companions, I feel they have something for everyone.

Pros: good food, friendly staff

Cons: pricey, sometimes slow


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07 May 2009

Got their start with vegetarians

Evos started as a little shop on Bay-To-Bay that was completely vegetarian, and had some really imaginative and delicious veggie burgers. As they've moved and expanded, they've systematically removed the better veggie burgers in favor of more (and more, and more) meat products. At this point, I've watched the kitchen staff take a spatula from a meat sandwich directly to a veggie sandwich, which really is a disappointment. They had a good start, but they say market forces have pushed them away from their original supporters.

They do have veggie corn dogs and chili, nice (not too greasy) fries, and nice ketchups. But the kitchens are, frankly, questionable.

Pros: Good values, Okay choices, Had a nice start

Cons: More and more meat, Not veggie friendly sanitation, Tends to be expensive

Fresh Food Lover

06 Jul 2013

Just read your review and wanted to correct your statement. EVOS on Bay to Bay was NEVER a 100% vegetarian restaurant. It served turkey and tuna from the beginning.

Mary Rak

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29 Nov 2008

Not Bad

Relatively inexpensive. I don't eat out much. At least I didn't have to go to Burger King. Would like to see more organic.
The quality was good (not great).


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02 Sep 2008

Good, cheap and fast option for vegans

The champion burger is their original burger and it's vegan. It is a soy patty that comes with lettuce, tomato, onion, lettuce and tomato. I really love their air fries. They are baked and much lower fat than regular fries and very delicious. They also have a fun ketchup bar with different flavors such as spicy, mesquite, and garlic ketchup. You can order a combo meal with the Champion burger of air fries and a smoothie. They have several vegan smoothies on their menu. They indicate clearly which options are vegan or can be made vegan. This is a great place to take omnivores and a cheap meal on the run.

The only downside is they say their are healthy but they still have a lot of meat and it seems like they have more since the last time I visited.

Pros: Cheap, Air Fries, Vegan options

Cons: Lots of meat


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05 Dec 2007

neat place

healthy fast food will catch on some day. This is a fast fun spot to get a quick vegan friendly bite. Its worth the trip. There are some crazy reviews below, which I don't doubt happen, but go here for the concept. Its really fun to walk up to a counter and order a vegan burger and have it instantly!

Cons: fast food


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30 Oct 2006

Bet soy burger anywhere!

I can't say enough about their tasty vegetarian burger. It's by far the best I have ever had. They are a little pricey, but it's worth it. Their "Air Fries" with a selection of gourmet catsups tops it all off.

Pros: Bet soy burger anywhere, Gourmet catsups, Air Fries

Cons: A little pricey

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