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Gluten-free bakery offering vegan options for cookies, cakes, pies, muffins, breads, brownies, macaroons. Open Tue-Fri 8:00am-6:00pm, Sat 8:00am-5:00pm, Sun 8:00am-4:00pm.

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First Review by kmilitello


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13 Aug 2022

Lovely bakery, very inclusive

I tried an everything bagel with their vegan cream cheese, a carrot muffin, chocolate muffin and the blueberry scones(all vegan). Each item was better than I could have hoped for!!! Will definitely be going back as often as possible and hopefully we can get some more vegan options added to the selection!!

Pros: Wide selection of vegan options , Very kind and informative customer service , Everything clearly labeled



Points +40

22 Jun 2021

Strange experience

Stopped in one afternoon and the 2 people working barely looked up. Things weren't labeled. No decaf coffee. I didn't get one item I asked for bc they just forgot/didn't hear and I didn't want to go back in after I realized. It was odd.


Points +20

12 Dec 2020

So good!

Cute place, many options. I got the vegan citrus cupcake and blueberry scone. I was told to warm up the scone to get the full enjoyment so I will try that for breakfast tomorrow. The cupcake didn’t even make it 2 minutes, it was so good and a nice hint of lime and the top tasted like cheese cake! Loved it! Plus they gave little free samples to taste, I tried the chocolate muffin and carrot cake, everything I tried was so good!

Pros: Many Vegan options , Gluten free options , Paleo options


Points +45

04 Aug 2019

Bagels, yes please!

Gluten free / vegan bagels are delicious!! I buy a bunch, freeze them, and 30 seconds in the microwave, a little water on the inside, and toast it up- YUM. I thought my bagel loving days were over until I found this place.

Pros: Friendly staff, Great hours for a bakery, Yummy bread

Cons: Uses plastic containers and bags, A little pricey


Points +111

12 Jun 2018

Great desserts

the only thing is they are fairly pricey...


Points +62

05 Oct 2017

condescending and uncaring

Decided to try out this bakery for a donut - no donuts, however I did get coffee and a muffin. Typically the non dairy milk was actually non-dairy milk and not a creamer, making the coffee watery.

Why does it always have to be this way, I wondered. When will this vicious cycle of water coffee end?
Do these people just not KNOW? Surely they would care about their vegan/non-dairy customers since they base half their tag line off us.

Yeah turns out it's just that they don't care. The manager barely listened and didn't bother to process what I was trying to tell her, instead she just pulled out a parroted script on how "they can't stock everything".

Yeah, that would make sense if I were suggesting a new product for variation, but actually I'm just trying to get you to understand your customers perspective and apparently having to beg you for a quality product.
So I know she wasn't listening, only hearing what she thought she was going to hear and responding with an off use of a canned response.

I then hear her repeating the canned response to her new employees, to actively discourage them from caring about customer concerns. Holy. Crap.

I gave this place a star for the light and fluffy muffin that held a good crumb.

Pros: good muffin, open early

Cons: sees customers as some sort of cookie cutter autom, not open to improvement, watery coffee


Points +32

30 Aug 2017

best bakery ever!

The carrot cake, chocolate cupcakes and lemon tart are TO DIE FOR! Pizza is good too!


Points +31

28 Apr 2016

Very good

I've tried everything from vegan pizza to vegan cupcakes/sweets and really like their products! Can get expensive because everything looks and smells amazing. Staff is welcoming for the most part.

Pros: Good amount of vegan and gf items, Can custom make cakes etc, Day old bread specials

Cons: Can be expensive


Points +27

20 Oct 2015

Great food, tasty, and healthy.

This place is a gem. They have a wide variety of vegan options, cookies, pies, muffins, breads, etc. Everything I saw was gluten free and their vegan fare is beyond delicious. Not that it matters, but my non-vegetarian BF loves their baked goods. I got banana bread for him and a friend who observes a gluten-free diet and they were both in heaven.
The place has a table or two to sit outside.

Pros: variety of fresh treats, gluten-free facility, No preservatives

Cons: a little pricey, not a real place to sit down.


Points +32

06 Jun 2015

Wow..delicious fresh bakery items

I was out walking and saw this bakery popped in and was treated very nicely by a very kind gentleman (sorry I don't recall his name). HE explained their layout and varieties (and wow there are many). As their listing states and I was told all items on the top shelf are vegan. Everything was soooo delicious I bought one of each. My top favorite has to go to the carot cake. So soft and fresh with nice gratings of carot throughout. You must try it. Of course nothing was bad. Oh also their apple pie omg I just wish I had more to enjoy heated with some vegan ice cream. Anyways Joeys is a great bakery so stop in there.

Pros: everything fresh made daily, super friendly staff

Cons: I live too far away from them


Points +31

16 Sep 2014

awesome bakery

These folks know how to satisfy my sweet tooth! I have only eaten their vegan goods and they are awesome. Drop in and enjoy!


Points +725

02 Mar 2014

Lovely veg bakery for takeout

For years my fiancé has been surprising me with vegan delights from the Joey's booth at the Palm Beach Gardens Market. Now they have a storefront. This bakery is 100% gluten free and overall pretty healthy. The top shelves of the cases are vegan, the second shelves are dairy free (contain egg), and the bottom shelves are vegetarian but contain egg and dairy. They also have several "Paleo" options, including "Paleo vegan" for those who follow a Paleo diet.

I have had the vegan coconut maroons and they are delicious but start to fall apart after the first day. I tried a cookie filled with strawberry jam that was delightful. I also had a vegan chocolate muffin that was very good and not too sweet. I could have eaten several of those muffins. I would love to try their cakes and pies. They had strawberry cupcakes that looked amazing, but sadly were not vegan. We also bought some vegan focaccia bread to make pizza.

Joey is very friendly and helpful. She will let you sample some of the products. They are professional, but it definitely has the feel of a local mom and pop store. There is limited seating, but it's not so comfortable that you will linger long. It's not a coffeehouse. It's mostly for take out and special orders.

I would like to see more products naturally sweetened without sugar (dates/stevia), but they may already be making those items and they just weren't as clearly marked. I'm sure Joey or the staff would be happy to advise what items are sugar free. More vegan options would also be nice (I would love a vegan strawberry cupcake!), but there are plenty to keep a vegan happy.

Pros: Great vegan options, Healthy ingredients , Gluten free

Cons: Little pricey, More vegetarian than vegan options


04 May 2014

AGREE----best crusty sundried tomato/olive bread ever.
carrot cake/orange muffins and banana walnut muffins perfect---non better
price reasonable for this quality
we'll be regulars

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