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1322 Chicago Ave, Evanston, USA

Great food! Great service!

24 Dec 2014

My husband and I ate here with our daughter and had a great experience. I called ahead of time and both the man that I spoke to on the phone and our waitress were very accommodating to vegan diets. They had a lengthy vegetarian section of the menu and explained that all but one or two of the items were vegan. They put together a great spread for us and we left stuffed. Our 1-year-old loved it too!
The service was great and the food was delicious. We will definitely be back!

741 Howard St, Evanston, USA

Fun, tiny space!

25 Jun 2015

I am happy to have this place in the neighborhood! We ate here a few weeks ago and had a good experience, though it wasn't exactly like I expected.
It is a super tiny place! This wasn't a problem since there were only a few other people that stopped in. The menu has only a few things on it. Several slight modifications of the kale burger, and a few sides. There was also a FABULOUS chocolate cake available.
The only person working there was the owner, who chatted with us while we ate which was really nice. They also had highchairs and crayons/coloring books in addition to other books and games, which gave it a friendly touch. The music was very loud, which I didn't mind but others might.

My complaints with the food were: only one bun option- white and unmemorable. Though there were different versions of the burger, the "fixins" were somewhat sparse and could be jazzed up. The sides were good (I think there were brussel sprouts and some sort of roasted potato). They did not have plain ketchup, they just served a small amount of a beet-based ketchup. Also, no sweet potato, regular, or tater tot fries. I know they aren't healthy, but sometimes you want fries with a "burger"! As I said, the cake was worth a trip on it's own.
I look forward to seeing how this restaurant develops, I think it has a lot of potential, and I plan on supporting it! The owner was talking about eventually doing brunch, which would be great.

6207 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, USA

Left full!

25 Jun 2015

My husband and toddler and I recently tried this restaurant. The food portions were HUGE and we ordered way too much. It is a BYOB, which is nice, and the owner was very friendly. It is very quiet, which is sometimes not great with a child. There were some carry-out orders when we were there, but, most of the tables were empty. The savory pancakes and Dr. K's soup were great. My husband ordered a spicy noodle dish (cannot recall which one) and loved it as well.

2508 W Devon Ave, Chicago, USA

Love the selection!

25 Jun 2015

We have dined in once and gotten carry-out a few times. I really enjoy their food, and as a vegan I love being able to chose from endless options!
Their samosas are great, especially the baked ones. The matar paneer and malai kofta are also very good. We did notice that when we dined in and had the buffet, many of the dishes were barely warm, so it seems that they could use a better warming setup. We also happened to go when there was a veg meetup, so it is possible that they were just over-extended.
Overall, really great place!

525 Dempster St, Evanston, USA

Not good

26 Nov 2012

I really wanted to like this restaurant. I had been meaning to try it for years, though had been warned that the quality has fluctuated over the years. I can say that this is the first vegetarian restaurant I have eaten at that I wouldn't return to (and I have eaten at many). I ordered a seitan mushroom dish. While that part was okay, the sides were uninspired and unseasoned (white rice, sweet potato/squash mash, and very undercooked green beans). My husband got the peanut noodle and tofu dish. The tofu was cold in the center, and the dish tasted very bland (like unsalted peanut butter on noodles). Even when they provided a side of hot sauce, it was not very tasty.
With so many other great veg places in Chicago, I would skip this one.

Manuela Malasana 3, Madrid, Spain

Colorful and friendly

09 Nov 2012

My husband and I ate here when visiting Madrid. I loved the interior of this place. Very colorful and lots to look at. Had a much homier feel than any other restaurants we went to during our trip. The waiter was laid back and friendly. We shared a jungle burger, potatoes, and a salad. Both were good, but not the most amazing thing ever. My favorite was actually the roasted onion and chickpea dish with bread that came as an appetizer. I definitely want to make it!
I would go back if I was in Madrid.

130 S Green St, Chicago, USA

Great for a special occasion

19 Oct 2012

I really enjoy this restaurant. I have been here a handful of times, and each time was unique and great. The food presentation is excellent, and they are good about incorporating seasonal dishes. The sliders are a particular favorite of mine, but everything here is very nice. There is a good drink selection, and a sophisticated ambiance.

835 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, USA

Delicious, fast, and fresh

19 Oct 2012

I go here often over the lunch hour. There is a lot of flexibility in creating a lot of options for vegetarians or vegans. I would recommend consulting the freshii site online first, to confirm what is vegan. The vegan wrap is delicious, but I have also made brown rice dishes with veggies, peanut sauce, etc. It does get expensive, but for me the portions last a few meals.

1460 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, USA

Great for an upscale evening

19 Oct 2012

This is a great restaurant, with really delicious food. I have been here a few times for semi-special occasions, and have never been disappointed. They put together some interesting dishes and present them well. There is a good wine selection as well.

Calçada do Sacramento 36, Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

Large and varied buffet

05 Nov 2012

My husband and I recently ate here for dinner when visiting Lisbon.
The buffet was quite large, and had really great tasting Indian food, along with a good sized salad bar, a soup, and a few other main dishes. Dishes were not labeled. It is listed here as vegan, though I heard from a restaurant across town that it is only vegetarian. Not sure. It was very filling.
The atmosphere was so-so. The hostess wasn't very warm (though this may be a language issue since she didn't seem to speak much English), and the ambiance was not that great (stark lightening, quiet, uninteresting decor). It is mostly about the food for me though, which I found to be very good.

1901 N Halsted St, Chicago, USA

LOVE this place!

19 Oct 2012

This is one of my favorite places in the city (if not my absolute favorite)! They have so many great options to choose from. I have taken several non-veg people here and they also loved it. My favorites are probably the enchiladas or taquitos, but I have never had anything bad here. Highly recommend!

613 W Briar Pl, Chicago, USA

Casual and tasty

24 Dec 2014

Several of us tried this place on a recent evening and we all really enjoyed the food. It was comforting, laid back, and filling. It is BYOB, and the owner was friendly. All good things. A not-as-good thing was that the restaurant did not have a high chair or booster chair and there was a sign saying that because the restaurant was small, they did not want strollers in there after 5pm. There was also a sign saying something to the effect that children were welcome but should not be noisy. Kind of odd since there was very loud music playing and the atmosphere was fun and casual. I had brought my (well-behaved and un-noisy) toddler there after reading on yelp that it was child-friendly. This designation should probably be changed. Another notable feature of this restaurant was that it was tiny. Only 16 seats. This was fine, since we were able to easily get a table, but would be annoying if the place got busier. Overall, I liked this place. I may go back, though there are other good vegan options that are more kid-friendly, so I may go to those if the little one is in tow.

1603 Orrington Ave, Evanston, USA

Lovely atmosphere and great food

24 Dec 2014

We have eaten here several times. the ambiance is great either for adults or adults with young kids (plenty of high chairs). There is an outdoor eating area too.
I love that there is a separate vegan/vegetarian menu. Makes ordering so easy. Everything I have eaten there has been great, and there are some good kid options too.

1742 W Division St, Chicago, USA

Fun little place

19 Oct 2012

I really like Mana. I have been here several times and have really enjoyed the experience of ordering with friends and sharing small plates. The food is great. Non-vegetarians enjoy this place too. My only complaint is that it gets busy and has very little seating. I would recommend not going at peak times.

1484 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, USA


19 Oct 2012

I love Native Foods. Excellent comfort food. It is great to get a quick but relaxed bite with a glass of wine after work. I have loved everything that I have tried, from the Soul Bowl (my husband's go-to dish), the twister wrap, the Oklahoma burger (start hungry!), and a few of the salads. Non-vegetarians love this place too!

218 S Clark St, Chicago, USA

Wonderful comfort food!

19 Oct 2012

I LOVE this place. I actually crave it sometimes. Excellent comfort food. It is great to get a quick but relaxed bite with a glass of wine after work. I have loved everything that I have tried, from the Soul Bowl (my husband's go-to dish), the twister wrap, the Oklahoma burger (start hungry!), and a few of the salads. This is a great addition to the loop!

Rua Marques de Sa da Bandeira 76, Lisbon, Portugal

Tasty, unique, and fast

05 Nov 2012

My husband and I ate lunch here on our recent trip. There are a handful of rotating items to choose from, and we chose to share 3 items, which were all excellent and fresh. We especially enjoyed the mango tofu. I had fresh juice with it, which was also tasty. We ate in the front sun room area, which had a nice atmosphere, though the tables were a little crowded together. The waitress spoke English and was pleasant and helpful.

J.E. Irausquin Blvd 85, Eagle Beach, Oranjestad, Aruba

Good view, so-so food

28 Feb 2015

There wasn't much to choose from on the menu, it was pretty forgettable food. The view was great, though!

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