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Serves meat, vegan options available. Juices, salads and sandwiches. Vegans can choose spicy Thai tofu wrap, Dino kale salad, oatmeal, bagel, two burger options, banana bread and muffins. Located inside Terminal 2. Need to have a flight in or out of American terminal 2 to eat here. Need to show a ticket. Located next to gate D3. Open Mon-Sun 5:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by 路X路


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30 Jan 2024

Decent option at SFO Terminal 2.

The plant burger was decent. They have surprisingly few vegan options for a place called 鈥楾he Plant Cafe鈥 lol. I think my expectations of SFO are just higher for airport vegan food 馃槄 (I鈥檓 used to Mama Go鈥檚 and Amy鈥檚 in Terminal 1, which are amazing).

The Plant Burger here was not the best burger I鈥檝e ever had, but pretty good. I had a green smoothie which was refreshing. Expensive, which is par for the course for the airport. #Veganuary



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Mostly Veg
19 Oct 2023

Nice to have at an airport, but . . .

I was excited to find their take away wraps, but my friend and I both had one for the flight, and found the veggies fresh and crispy, but the sauce bland. And one was a Thai wrap! Can't recall the other. At least they open early, and on the flight were a nice supplement to the Alaska fare.

Pros: Open early, At the airport

Cons: Bland


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12 Oct 2023

Nope- not very good

I tried the spicy Thai tofu wrap. Not much flavor even with the peanut sauce. It was very crunchy with vegetables and cabbage but there was a severe lack of flavor.

Cons: Not many vegan options, No flavor


19 Oct 2023


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18 Aug 2023

pretty good for an airport

Had the plant burger. The beet burger patty was actually really good, as was the caramelised onion. The side salad on the other hand was somewhat underwhelming, really just a handful of leaves.

Service was pretty fast too.


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30 Jun 2023

Healthy and quick smoothie

Glad to have a nourishing option to hydrate before the flight. Blue green smoothie comes with blueberry, banana, spirulina and non dairy milk.


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08 Dec 2022

5 star burger

I鈥檝e eaten here a few times while traveling through SFO, the baked goods and grab and go wraps and salads are convenient and tasty. Today I had time to order the burger. Took only 10 mins to come out and it is up there with Beyond meat! Way better than any other bean burger or house made patty I鈥檝e had, I would order this on the regular if I lived by one 馃構

Pros: Most of the menu is vegan, Lots of fresh and healthy options

Cons: No fries but thats not too bad lol


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06 Dec 2022

Decent place for Vegan options!

I love having obvious healthy options in an airport and it was directly drawn to this. Juice was fantastic and I had their Plant Burger (beet based) and it was delightful. Be careful vegans, it鈥檚 not all plant based so you might have to special order things specific. Good option though!

Pros: Nice plant burger , Great juice options, Decently priced

Cons: Not a lot of vegan options


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03 Nov 2022

Vegan banana bread!

Banana bread was great. Moist, delicious, and filling. Other vegan options are available like an oatmeal cookie, smoothies and an entree, but I didn鈥檛 try them.

Updated from previous review on 2022-11-03


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25 Aug 2022

Surprising lack of options for a place called 鈥淭he Plant鈥

Their lunch/dinner options look better, but for breakfast it鈥檚 basically just oatmeal.

Pros: Vegan menu labels

Cons: Few breakfast options


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25 Jul 2022

Decent Options

This place has the most vegan options of any place you will find in Terminal 2: juices, smoothies, wraps, bowls, a burger, and even some vegan baked goods such as chocolate chip cookies and banana bread. Overpriced? Yes. Best meal you will ever have? No. But it鈥檚 the airport.


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28 Jun 2021

Airport food

Acceptable place with vegan options for an airport. Expect non-Gourmet food and high prices. Ordered the beet burger and it was decent but certainly small for the price. Also came with a side salad


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17 Feb 2020

Convenient Airport Location but Taste Needs Work

After trying both vegan savory foods and vegan sweet baked goods, I'd only recommend the smoothies and bottled drinks (like Harmless Harvest) for vegans. Chocolate cookie? Tasted like cardboard. Blueberry muffin? Somehow also tasted like cardboard.

Pros: some vegan & gluten-free baked good options, bottled vegan drinks like coconut water, vegan smoothies

Cons: Vegan baked goods lack flavor


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20 Aug 2019

Not bad

I鈥檝e had on numerous occasions the Thai tofu wrap, the wasabi burger, and the udon noodles. All were okay tasting, but the burger completely falls apart while being eaten and your hands will be covered in food and sauce within a few bites. So eat it in the terminal, not the plane. The tofu wrap is easy to eat on the plane without making a mess, and it wasn鈥檛 bad. Ask for extra peanut sauce. The udon was ok, but again, would be hard to eat on the plane.
Slow service


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03 Sep 2018


Finally was in SanFran during the week and was able to get a really delicious burger!

Pros: Options galore, 2 locations

Cons: Pricey , Closed on weekends


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11 Jun 2018

Lots of options

Lots of vegan options from soup to salad to sandwiches and desserts


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12 May 2018

Good vegan options

I had a good quinoa bowl but the tofu add on was 3.99 bringing the total to a wopping $19.00. Oh well, it is all Organic.

Pros: Good vegan options

Cons: pricey


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05 Jul 2017

Not so vegan friendly

I got a bagel, which is labelled vegan but there were no vegan choices for a spread - best they could offer was avocado.

The Thai Tofu wrap (only vegan option available for lunch) seemed unappealing, so I also got a side of potatoes - TOTALLY uncooked & inedible.

Skip this option and head to Napa Farms Market. The only redeeming factor is that prices are very reasonable and perhaps the smoothies may be decent, I didn't try any.

Updated from previous review on 2017-07-05

Pros: Price

Cons: Inadequate vegan options, Food was bad, Uncooked


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08 May 2017

great veggie burger

What a find! I had a delicious beet-based veggie burger here. I had it California style (minus the cheese so it was vegan). It was so great- I actually don't think cheese would add anything in this case. It came with a side of greens. Great way to start a trip to San Francisco!

Pros: delicious, pretty fast

Cons: expensive like everything in airports


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03 Jun 2016

good vegan options

As we had a layover at Terminal 2 at SFO, it was so convenient to pop over to Plant Caf茅. While it's not all vegan unfortunately, there are many vegan options. We went with the wasabi burger and Thai wrap along with an espresso cupcake and a peanut butter cupcake. It was all delicious. We were very glad to have some real options at an airport.

Pros: good vegan options

Cons: not all vegan


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28 Mar 2015

Great vegan options in Terminal 2

Say goodbye to finding a chipotle or some other hopeful option if you are hungry if you are flying out of Terminal 2 at SFO! Eat at the Plant Cafe Organic. I recommend the Plant Burger and a chocolate chip cookie


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13 Nov 2011

The Plant Cafe Organic SFO Airport

I don't know why I didn't try Plant Cafe Organic during my last SF visit, but I will say I was certainly missing out! I'm so in love with Plant Organic that I ended up eating there three times (once at the pier, downtown, and airport location). If you're like me, tired of fake meats, this is the place for you. They have the most amazing burger called the Plant Burger, the patty is made in-house from lentils, mushrooms, beets, cashews & bulgur wheat served with tomato, grilled onions, lettuce, house-made pickles, vegan aioli & side salad (get it on the wheat bread). I loved this burger so much that I ate it for lunch 3 days in a row, what can I say? It was just awesome! I had planned on stopping at the pier location before my flight out of SF (as the downtown location is closed during the weekend) but I ran out of time and had to go directly to the airport (saddened). But to my surprise I found a Plant Organic in my terminal (terminal 2 for Virgin America & American Airlines) - hooray! I ordered the trusty plant burger again, but to my dismay they didn't have the wheat bread, so I was stuck with the bun again. I thought the quality wouldn't be as good, being airport food, but to my surprise it was just as fantastic as the other locations. Overall, Plant Cafe Organic is one of my favorites in SF, however, the pier location definitely my favorite for the views and atmosphere. (5 cows - the site won't let me rate it above 4)

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