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Jardim das Cerejas

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Calçada do Sacramento 36, Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal, 1200-394

Vegan restaurant in the city centre. Offers a buffet of vegan foods with hot entrees, salads, and sauces. Has gluten-free. 100% vegan as of Oct 2015. Open Mon-Sun 12:00pm-3:30pm, Mon-Sun 7:00pm-11:00pm.

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Reviews (157)

First Review by YACHT

you get what you pay for! - Edit

Buffets are tricky, if you are not a buffet person. I wouldn't recommend. Although their salad bar is nice and totally worth the 7.50€ , the warm food isn't that appealing. They focus on Indian style dishes so you will see things like lentil stew, chickpea stew, rice, eggplant stew, etc. It all kind of starts to taste the same after you eat them. They had a 2 bread cakes that taste terrible don't get that and the soy or gluten meatball was very very salty. The dessert that I ordered was a passion fruit cake. It was very gelatin like. I did LOVE their fresh juice though. Also the soup was pretty good. So it's up to you if you want to try this place out. It's not a bad idea since there are positives and it's super affordable but if you don't like eating a lot of soy, wheat gluten, oil, and sodium just go for the soup and salad bar!

Pros: price , salad bar, juice

Cons: oily and salty foods, too much soy and gluten , warm dishes taste too similar

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Uma preciosidade no coração do Chiado :) - Edit

Foi um dos primeiros restaurantes que fui e que também me ajudou a descobrir um pouco mais sobre alimentação vegetariana estrita quando ainda estava em transição. O buffet é óptimo e tem muitas opções, pelo que uma pessoa sai de lá muito satisfeita. O ambiente é bastante agradável e os funcionários são muito simpáticos e atenciosos. Recomendado :)

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Healthy en good vegan restaurant (and not expensive :) ) - Edit

Buffet with lots of choice. Warm and cold food. Salads and main dishes which is varied everyday. Tastes good and you can fill your plate as much as you want. Nice owner. Music on the background is like Cher singing Portuguese songs. Been here three times in one week.

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this place is a MUST - Edit

you have to go to this place if you're in lisbon! it's amazing and sooo affordable! the food is delicious and oh my gosh i wish i could've eaten more of it (sadly i felt sick of it so i didn't manage to eat a lot). try the "meat balls" in the white sauce and the black beans & tofu in the gravy. AMAZING

Pros: affordable, delicious food

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Best vegan food in Lisbon! - Edit

I've tried several vegetarian or vegan restaurants in Lisbon, but this has to be my favourite! I was here in August 2016. The food is delicious, the lasagne was outstanding. They have a good variety of everything. Not to forget everything is vegan and inexpensive! My non-vegan bf really liked it as well. Plus they have a variety of desserts to choose from, we had cheesecake. Only downside is that the interior is not so great. Would highly recommend!

Pros: everything is vegan, good variety of food, inexpensive

Cons: interior could be better

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My new addiction! - Edit

The food is extremely tasty! Everything is made by vegans and vegetarians, so taste and quality is guaranteed! This place has a big raw salad bar and at least six different hot vegan dishes. I've lived in Lisbon for a year and this is the greatest find yet.

Bring your non-vegan friends, they will without a doubt love it!

Updated from previous review on 2017-01-31

Pros: All you can eat, Many different options, Low prices

Cons: Not open long enough on weekends

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Nice vegan food buffet - Edit

If you are looking for a vegan food buffet, look no further this could be your place.

Jardim das Cerejas provides a great food value, a wide variety choices, in a simple and clean setting with minimal/self service.

The hungry vegan is certain to leave here full and content.

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all u can eat vegan buffet - Edit

The food is all vegan. The price for a dinner buffet is 9,50 euro which is a fair price. Drinks and desserts are not included. The variety of the food was good, the taste was ok but nothing special. I tried the cheesecake for dessert and didn't like it but that might be personal taste. The place was crowded and not that pleasant inside but the staff was very friendly.

Pros: very good located, good prices , good variety

Cons: not a very pleasant location inside

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Cozy space in Lisbon downtown - Edit

The food was great. Great variety of vegetables for salads plus 4 different warm courses. Buffet based concept which makes it easy to try a little bit of everything.
A dream for every vegan :)

Pros: Location

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good tasting food - Edit

I went there with my nine vegan friend and we both loved the food. Most of it was Indian infused and it also had a lot of vegetables and salad options.
The food wasn't very warm and it also wasn't labeled. But other than that it was a positive experience

Pros: nice flavors , plenty of vegetables and salads

Cons: food isn't hot, lack of labels

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Great meal - Edit

I had a great experience at Jardim das Cerejas. For just 9,50 euros, I got to eat very well (and way too much!). I tried pretty much everything from the buffet that was prepared that night and the highlights were the creamy tofu dish with vegetables, the papadums, the lasagna and the salad you can build yourself.

I also had two desserts to go (chocolate cake and cheese cake). Both of them were quite decadent.

The service was great and courteous. The place was packed when we left.

Pros: Food is hot, All you can eat

Cons: Music would be nice

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Nice place - Edit

It's a very pleasant place with a nice feel to it. We arrived right at lunch time and it filled up quite quickly. The staff was friendly and tried their best to accommodate everyone's requests.

The buffet itself had lots of options (hot and cold), all vegan. The food was good although a little salty for my taste. The deserts were good as well.

Updated from previous review on 2016-12-19

Pros: Lots of dishes, Friendly staff, Great price

Cons: Full (at lunch), Too much salt, A little tight in space

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hay que probar, localización inmejorable - Edit

Cuando llegue estaba lleno, lo que me hizo pensar que ya es un sitio famoso entre los locales. El buffet tiene la variedad cierta para que te llenes. La sopa de espinacas estaba muy buena.

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Pick and Lunch - Edit

I had a takeaway dinner, I was given a foil plate and I could fill it with everything I wanted from the buffet as long it could be closed, the bread and likes were in another bag, total 6.50€ Just RIght.
There were 3 hot servings, some filled zucchini with a mango sauce, not impressive probably because of anise seeds, Lasagna, looking super good and also quite fine eating and some servings of rice and cooked cereals. Breads were good, not exciting, too dried or too watered.
I also took a cake slice from the many cakes available, 2.50€ normal serving, I took one for 3€. Totally worth it, a genuine mouthwatering cake. Mango with Blueberry drops.
There were also cold vegetables and salads

Pros: Cakes, Prices, Funny and friendly staff

Cons: Poor atmoshpere

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Perfect for lunch! - Edit

If you're a big eater, such as me and my partner, this place is perfect! So many different and tasty options.
We've visited this place every time we've been to Lisboa and we've never been disappointed. The money value is, by the way, incredible.
Can highly recommend this restaurant!

Pros: Who doesn't love an all-you-can-eat-buffet?!, Good money value , Many different options

Cons: Sometimes the hot food is a bit overcooked, Staff is not overly friendly/nice

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Cheap and all Vegan - Edit

went here on our latest trip to Lisbon (November 2016) and was impressed by the all vegan buffet.
There were a lot of salad options, There was also soup available, 2 curries, a stew and something else I'm not sure what it was! (I think it was maybe supposed to be something cheesy but looked more like custard and I didn't like it)! The food was very nice but my only complaint would be it wasn't very hot. I'm not sure if this was because we were early and the food hadn't properly warmed up but think it should be warmer before serving. There was also a lasagne which was extremely nice! I had chocolate cake for dessert which was very nice but had a coffee flavour I wasn't expecting.
Overall, I would go again but maybe book a table (it got busy soon after we arrived) and go a bit later and hope the food is warmed up a bit more first :)

Pros: ALL vegan, cheap, eat as much as you like

Cons: wasn't very warm, maybe label food to know what everything is?

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Amazing food! - Edit

There were a lot of differnt options of entrees and hot foods, the desserts were probably the best vegan deserts I have ever had, and the staff was really helpful and friendly.

Pros: There were lots of different options, The deserts were delicious, The staff was really friendly

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Great food! - Edit

I enjoyed the food a lot. Usually good from buffet is half cold and doesn't have any taste, that's not the case with Jardim das Cerejas. The cake for the dessert was amazing!

Pros: All of it was vegan

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huge disappointment - Edit

The worst vegan food i've ever ate. It's difficult to say so because i always keep my fingers crossed for vegan places. The only good thing is that it's all you can eat place but i couldn't imagine how anyone could eat more than one portion.

Pros: everything is vegan, it's all you can eat place

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Good affordable food - Edit

This buffet restaurant serves several different options of dishes, including salads an a soup. Everything I tried tasted nice. I loved the fresh squeezed apple ginger juice. Great price and awesome location.

Pros: good location, very affordable

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perfect vegan buffet - Edit

We ate in this restaurant a few days ago and we enjoyed it very much. It is a simple restaurant that offers quite a large vegan buffet. Their homemade juices are delicious and so was the mango mousse dessert. The staff is also very friendly and it is quite cheap too.

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A very good vegan buffet - Edit

we went in this restaurant on friday evening ans It was à little bit nosy. nevertheless the food of the buffet was so good. I tried the cheesecake for the desert which was also marvelous.

Pros: large choice for the buffet, price

Cons: little bit nosy

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Vegan Buffet - Edit

Loved this place...go in, go to the buffet with several mains, great salad fixings, a soup and some great little Indian breads and pakora. Nice juices and desserts.
Buffet is 7.50 Euro, juices 2.5 Euro, and dessert separate..didn't get the cost. I was so full that dessert didn't have a chance!

It was crowded when we go there at 1:30 but there was room at the communal tables. The food was good! You might find yourself going here several times!

Pros: buffet - all you can eat VEGAN, freshly cooked food, juices and desserts

Cons: Can be crowded but for good reason!

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Great Vegan Buffet - Edit

Restaurant offers a great all you can eat vegan buffet for lunch and dinner (excluding drinks and dessert). The buffet food apparently varies but includes a wide variety of fresh salads/cold vegetables as well as delicious warm protein dishes. Regarding the salads, the vegetables (cucumbers and tomatoes) were the best tasting fresh vegetables that I ate over the course of 3 weeks traveling in Portugal. The warm protein dishes (stuffed cannelloni, vegetable meatballs, spinach with tofu, and a lentil dish) were all delicious. The buffet also included rice and couscous dishes as well as a soup. The restaurant is conveniently located near the center of Lisbon. I would definitely eat at this restaurant again and highly recommend it to anyone traveling in Lisbon.

Pros: Great food, All vegan, Location

Cons: None

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Never disapoints - Edit

Although its not the most good looking restaurant (its a simple one) the food never disapoints. It's cheap and all you can eat buffet. Has a variety of salads and the hot plates are also very good even though there's usually just 3. Drinks and desert not included. Good place to take your non vegan friends

Pros: Allways good food and cheap

Cons: Could be more cosy, sometimes its full because its

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Good food - Edit

We went here a couple of times on our stay in Lisbon.

It's a pretty basic place without much atmosphere. But it's fairly cheap for all you can eat, so great if you are hungry!

The food is nice and changes daily, but it's vegan comfort food over being super healthy, so depends what you are in the mood for! But we loved it after travelling all day.

Recommend a visit but make sure you visit all the other awesome places too!

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Vegan all you can eat - Edit

Very nice place with lots of vegan options: soup, salads, rice, stews, seitan, lasagna... The price is 7.60 plus drinks and desserts. The people are very nice and it is placed in the city centre.

Pros: Many different options, Everything is vegan, Very cheap

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what I've always dreamt of :) - Edit

A vegan buffet. Class. Always wanted to go to this and so we did twice. Loads of healthy salads, tofu curry, seitan stew, lasagne, popadoms. Heaven. 9.5€ all you can eat, drinks and desserts extra. Also the wine is 1.5€ a glass and 6€ a bottle. Can't fault it.
Be ready to sit by other diners as it gets busy.

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Great place! - Edit

I went 2 days in a row for dinner a food was great, the main dishes a soup were different and the buffet options were great including protein options. In addition the price was reasonable

Pros: Wide options for main dishes

Cons: Juice is a little small

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Good food in quantity - Edit

We came here for a quick meal. The place was packed, we were lucky to find a table. others after us had to wait. It's an all-you-can-eat vegan buffet, you pay one price for the buffet, desserts and drinks are extra. There is a large variety of hot and cold dishes to chose from. All the hot dishes were freshly cooked and tasted good.

Pros: Everything is vegan, Lots of dishes

Cons: Can be busy

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excelent vegan food - Edit

We ate here twice. The starters were the same each time but the main dishes were changing each day. We loved that there is a large variety to choose from and that you can also take away. The cases are delicious.The place is nice and cosy and the staff is very helpful.

Pros: lots of vegan options

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delicious food - Edit

I love the food here and am really pleased it's now 100% vegan. There is a lot to choose from and I always eat too much. The soup and hot Buffett dishes are always so good and I love that some of the hot dishes are creamy. The restaurant isn't very big, it's not a spacious area to dine in and can get very hot but it's a great location and excellent value for money.

Pros: excellent choice , great taste, super value

Cons: hot, crowded when busy

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Open as of 19/08/16 - Edit

Nice small sized vegetarian/vegan buffet. some nice paintings on the wall stopped the place being bland, staff were pleasant and polite even to a scruffy single male traveller such as myself.

food was nice, chocolate cake which I was told was vegan was delicious.

English menu was offered
it was unclear which of the buffet foods were vegan as opposed to just vegetarian but I was too socially awkward to ask, it may be that the waiter could/would volunteer thus info easily though. I just made conservative guesses. The food I tried was very good and the prices quite reasonable.

Pros: good range., good prices., friendly staff. good taste.

Cons: not 100% clear what was vegan (although I didn't a

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great vegan all you can eat buffet in the centre - Edit

Delicious vegan food for reasonable price (if you like eating a lot like me). There are a lot of options from various salads, 3 types of grain and delicious sauces. Very crowded but it is a sign, I guess, that it is really good. I would totally go there again!

Pros: delicious food, reasonable price, good location

Cons: a lot of people, not very cozy

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excellent vegan buffet right down the city centre - Edit

this small restaurant is located right in the city center and offers an all you can eat vegan buffet voor 7,5 eur (luch) or 9,5 eur (dinner). the food is varied and delicious, we went there 4 days in a row and were never disappointed ! would recomment it to everyone!

Pros: buffet, great location, excellent value

Cons: none

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Great for when you're hungry - Edit

After a long day of exploring Lisbon, this is just the place to go for a fulfilling meal. The buffet has hot dishes, plenty of salads and also a very nice soup. The food is perhaps not the most refined, but for this price you can't ask for much more. Got quite busy later on in the evening, so best to be there early.

Pros: Cheap, Friendly

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great Buffé! - Edit

this place had delicious dishes like soja meatballs, lasagna and little pizzas. perfect if you want to have a big meal. they also have incredible desserts.

Pros: very nice food, perfect for you if you need a prop

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Great location, good value, cakes! - Edit

I accommodated at Bairre Alto and Jardim Das Cerejas was nearby. I love to get to buffets from time to time when traveling, sometimes you just need to get a lot of food :) I love salads and they had a nice salad buffet (especially the cabbage salad). And I don´t want warm food to be too healthy, so lasagnas, broccoli gratin and indian-style veggieballs were great. They also have a soup included in the buffet.

They had several different cookie crust layer cakes and they were tasty too. And I liked that they sell eg. wine (some health restaurants in Lisbon don´t seem to sell alcohol).

Pros: location, food, cakes and wine

Cons: maybe a little bit old-fashioned vegan food compar

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All Vegan in Lisbon - Edit

I went here a few years ago when it was a veggie restaurant that served eggs and milk-based desserts but now they are a full Vegan restaurant, which makes me extremely happy!
It's a great place to eat, near the center of the city, and with a buffet all-you-can-eat with several salads and cold foods along 4 different hot meals everyday.
The food is very good and very "warm", with Lasagnas, "meat"balls, Pizzas and those sort of comfort foods you want to eat Vegan!

This is strongly competing for my Fav spot to eat in Lisbon!!

Pros: All Vegan, 4 hot main dishes, several cold salads, In the heart of Lisbon

Cons: Can be crowded sometimes, You'll need a large stomach to try all their delic

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Great diner to take your non-vegan friends for a vegan lunch - Edit

A very tasty completely vegan buffet for €7,50. It's quite a good place to take some non-vegans as they will definitely be fooled by the great tasting lasagna and some other great tasting dishes. The staff is friendly but a bit slow. A great place for a tasty lunch on a budget but I wouldn't recommend it for a nice dinner as the atmosphere is very casual and the interior is nothing special.

Pros: Great to take people who are usually not too into, Good price for the quality of food

Cons: Staff is a bit slow

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Another great meal :-) - Edit

Self service style buffet but with a great price quality value. Location in Chiado couldn't be better, so you can go for a stroll after the meal. It's not á la carte, so don't expect a good service in that sense but they are very polite. The food both for lunch and dinner was really tasty and had a good variety. It can be a very busy place, so go a little bit before the peak time or just book a table. They have few private tables and decor is very basic but you'll be much satisfied by the end.

Pros: Variety of the Buffet, Location, Price

Cons: Few private tables

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A lot of good food - Edit

The Jardim Das Cerejas is a central place (close to the Carmo Museum/Church) which offers an amazing buffet (both at lunchtime and at dinnertime) for an extremely competitive price (7 euros at lunchtime, and 9 euros at dinnertime). The food is very good, with a selection of hot and cold dishes. It has an Indian flavour-ish, but it doesn't advertise itself as an Indian place as far as I can tell.

When I visited Lisbon last week I had lunch there twice with my girlfriend and we got out satisfied both times. They also have cakes (outside the buffet price).

All waiters spoke English, which helped (my Portugues is basically zero...). :--)

Pros: A lot of good food, Cheap, Central location

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Central and great value! - Edit

This place seems to be perpetually full! Ate here quite a few times during my week in Lisbon and it is always busy!! Buffet has a selection of hot dishes, salads and soup. A nice range of 100% vegan desserts too!

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Tasty Buffet Food - Edit

Usually I hate buffets but I actually loved this place, we got here just as it opened so we were the first to the buffet and it only started to get crowded by the time we were leaving. I thought the food was tasty, especially the soup, but it wasn't anything overly special. It's nice to go here if you're in the mood for something affordable and not too pretentious.

Pros: Tasty food

Cons: gets busy, buffet food

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Delicious Food and Desserts! - Edit

As a recent vegan, I almost could not believe that all that food and desserts were vegan. Very delicious Indian inspired dishes. The vanilla cake for dessert was super!!!
Updated from previous review on Friday April 29, 2016

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Cheap and Convenient - Edit

If you're staying somewhere near the centre of Lisbon, this is a great place to head to one evening to get a cheap all-you-can-eat vegetarian buffet. the food isn't spectacular, but it's tasty enough for the price and there were three or four main courses available when I went, along with salad, soup, and dessert.

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Glutein free and vegan restaurant - Edit

This restaurant had a buffet for 7,50€ (if I remember right) which included salads and warm dishes. The food was nicely fresh but the restaurant got crowded very fast on a Saturday. I enjoy places with a more peaceful atmosphere. Would recommend this place, for vegans and people who want glutein-free food.

Pros: Variety , Freshness, Location

Cons: Crowded, Bottled water, Dishes without signs

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Wow! - Edit

What an amazing meal! Very nice that you can make your own plate and fill it eoth your most favourite meals! But actually I liked everything and it was a various :) And that for such a cheap price.

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Pleasant Surprise! - Edit

I've been to this place a couple of times and enjoyed it every time.

There are several options, as it is a buffet with cold and hot meals and the food is good.

It is easy to find and cheap.

Pros: Good food, Cheap

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Downtown Vegan restaurant - Edit

It's a buffet restaurante and the food iss very tasty and typical.
They have some non vegan options but the majority is vegan.
The price is also good and it's located in the centre downtown.
It's really a very nice option!

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All vegan buffet - Edit

We went for a buffet in the early evening. They close between 3pm and 7pm. There was soup, canelloni, soya stew, a cream sauce with some kind of tasty dumpling, curry, brown rice, white vegetable rice and cous cous. There was then a variety (maybe 12-15) big bowls of salads to choose from, plus pakora, vegan pizza slices, popadoms, savoury cornbread(?) and perhaps a couple of other things. The buffet was something like €7.50 or something like that, and drinks and dessert were extra.

Pros: All food is vegan., Lots of variety., Good value, and you get your money's worth.

Cons: Not the tastiest food I've had but it was still ve

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Boa opção para veganos. - Edit

Boa opção para veganos. Preço acessível. Abre aos domingos. Atualmente toda a comida é vegana, inclusive o molho que anteriormente era com iogurte. Algumas saladas não são frescas, e sim enlatadas. O bolo de chocolate e o de bolacha são excelentes. O restaurante é bem localizado, mas devido ao espaço ser limitado, convém telefonar e resarvar os lugares. Quando está muito cheio os empregados podem ter alguma dificuldade em atender todos os cliente, mas são esforçados.

Pros: Preço acessível., Boa comida, Sobremesas saborosas.

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Excellent downtown vegan lunch buffet - Edit

Complaints? None! Excellent! Thank you Jardim das Cerejas for a lovely lunch. Will definitely be back. €7.50 for a lunch buffet.

Pros: Excellent selection, excellent value, downtown

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Really nice, delicious buffet. - Edit

It doesn't look very cosy from the outside and when I was there, they didn't play any music and there were only 5 people. But don't let that get to you: the buffet (10€) has hot (6 dishes) and cold dishes and is absolutely delicous! It's all vegan except for the sauce, however it didn't say the ingredients. It's an all you can eat, so it's really worth your money!

Pros: Great food, Nice price, Kind staff

Cons: No food description, not so much atmosphere

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Good vegetarian choices - Edit

I found food tasty but I am not sure it was 100% vegan and there was no description of the dishes on the buffet. I always like to know what are the names of the dishes and ingredients and it would add to the presentation. Staff was very nice and kind. The restaurant was busy and had good vibe. It has potential!!

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Cheap, tasty and fresh! - Edit

Lots of fresh raw salad options, as well as many tasty cooked options. The restaurant was easy to find and the service was great. The friendly waiter said the cooked food menu changes daily so we will definitely back for more! Love!

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Truly Excellent Vegan Buffet - Edit

Since our very first visit in February 2010 we've been back here every year without fail. A really lovely place in the very heart of the city with seating for at least 30 people, all be it at a squeeze if busy. The hugely extensive buffet is always of a very high standard indeed and almost entirely vegan consisting of a great selection of hot dishes such as vegan cannelloni, creamy tofu casserole, succulent seitan, numerous cold side dishes, dips, soup and salads. House wine is only about €7 a bottle and the buffet rakes in at €7.50 for lunch or €9.90 in the evenings. If you go late on, the food isn't as hot as would be preferred and expect to be amongst a throng of diners. I do now prefer The Cherry Garden as a lunchtime venue especially after its refurbishment in 2015 introducing a lovely new decor and much more pleasant table and seating arrangements. See my pictures. This has fully reinforced it as a key dining destination in this excruciatingly scintillating city.

Pros: location, food, atmosphere

Cons: food could be kept hot better

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Good experience - Edit

I was happy with my experience there. I was a little suspicious about whether all dishes were vegan, but I didn't have to worry. The food was truly delicious. I loved the concept of a buffet. Plus the prizes were really low. However, the place was not really cozy or inviting. Despite this, I still recommend this place for people to try their food!

Pros: Delicious food, Low prizes, Good location

Cons: Atmosphere

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almost fully vegan & amazing food - Edit

hm, I came in there and asked first, if there are vegan options on the buffet. The waiter said "Yes, it´s all vegan". I learned to be cautious about these fast answers, but later he said that for some while all the food is vegan. There is still coffee with milk on the menu though.
The buffet is great. Lots of salads, even rucola and mushrooms, great mayonaise. The four main dishes were all tasty. Normally I take little portions to go again for the best, I couldn´t decide this time.
The vanilla mango cake was delicious as well.
Great food for a good price!
The room is fine but not a place where would stay to read a book. It´s quite loud with a lot of guests.
And the waiter was a little overwhelmed by all the people. He was doing a great job but it was just too much for him.
Updated from previous review on Sunday March 29, 2015

my demands changed a little bit and after going there again I have to say that my body did not react well to the food. I guess it is pretty cheap quality (not fresh, you see at as well), also the place is not cozy at all.
It is still tasty and cheap but I would not go there again.

Pros: all food vegan, very tasty, cheap

Cons: too much work for one waiter, inconvenient, bad quality

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well done! - Edit

the food is very nice and it is cheep, clean and confortable place. The restourant is well located and easy to find. In lisbon is it not easy to eat something different than olives, omelet and salad. recommended!

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Bad experience - Edit

Ugh. The food as whole was pretty okay, and there were lots of different options. But when I visited the place, there were some kind of dead bugs in the soy sauce, that got in my food when I poured it. Really disgusting.

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Good food at a great price - Edit

My wife and I have eaten at this restaurant twice so far -- with the restaurant serving a different set of buffet items each time. We found the food to be very tasty. The soup was quite fine, though it could have been hotter. The salad ingredients were fresh. The hot items were delcious. As another reviewer indicated, they are Indian-inspired, though not Indian-spiced.

The price of the all-you-can-eat dinner buffet is only 9.50 euros (less for lunch), so the price is definitely reasonable.

The restaurant is just 2 blocks from the Baixa-Chaido Metro stop on the blue line -- very convenient.

Pros: very good food, reasonable price, great location

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Interessante - Edit

Gosto sempre de experimentar espaços onde é possível comer comida vegetariana e desta vez não fiquei desiludida. Por 7,5€ (preço bastante acessível) temos direito ao buffet. Em termos de variedade, é certo que existe melhor mas pelo dobro do preço e isso também tem que ser tido em conta.

Assim, no Jardim das Cerejas temos à nossa escolha (atenção que podemos repetir sempre que quisermos) vários tipos de vegetais (salada de alface, tomate, pepino, beterraba, cenoura, grão, cogumelos...), temos, ainda, os pratos quentes onde podemos escolher arroz integral, cuscuz, um gratinado de beringela sem esquecer o que para mim é sem dúvida o melhor prato : o grazinado de cogumelos com tofu e castanha.

A variedade não é de facto muita, mas é suficiente para uma boa refeição. Em termos de qualidade, a comida é bastante saborosa e notei que os ingredientes (nomeadamente nos vegetais) são frescos.

O espaço não é muito grande e por isso é um sítio que quando cheio se torna bastante barulhento e só por isso não dou uma nota superior. Outra coisa que no espaço não funciona bem é mesmo a zona onde tiramos a comida, como a zona é pequena e quando está muita gente é algo confuso. Tirando estes pequenos detalhes acho que o Jardim das Cerejas é uma excelente escolha (para vegetarianos e não só) onde podemos fazer uma refeição a preços bastante acessíveis. Duas pessoas, com bebidas incluídas e café, ficou por €17,80.

Pros: Qualidade, Preço, Buffet

Cons: Espaço

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Cheap all-you-can-eat buffet but it ends there - Edit

Came here for dinner at 7 and we were the first table. During the hour or so we were there, it never got full, crowded, or noisy. Location is very central and simple to find. For a less than €10 all-you-can-eat buffet, the spread wasn't half bad. There were 4 or 5 hot dishes, a soup, some snack items, and about a dozen salad fixings. All vegan. The cooking was Indian-inspired, which is a cuisine I happen to love, but even so, the food was just average at best. Everything tasted a bit too bland and toned-down for my liking. Then there was the texture. The hot dishes were heavy, starchy and had the same pasty, mushy mouthfeel. Nothing was labeled, so you either have to guess or ask. The pakoras seemed premade and were soggy. So were the pizza squares. I wished the food was better, but for the price and the convenient location, it was acceptable. So, if you are in the area looking for something quick, filling, and affordable, this place would make an easy choice. Just don't expect too much.

Pros: good value, central location

Cons: so-so food

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It is good but not great - Edit

It is buffet. It is almost 100% vegan so it has my vote already. Some of the dishes were pretty good. Others were kind of bland. They had mushroom tapas with canned mushrooms which to me personally is a little but of a turnoff.
Overall, good experience. If you want an excellent one (and vegan ofc) go to The Food Temple or Be Happy Bar

Pros: Almost all vegan, Nice staff, Some nice dishes

Cons: Some poor dishes

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Just what I wished for - Edit

This place made my day: it is not spectacular, but the perfect place to eat whatever you feel like (the other vegan places in Lisbon had very short menues). The food is nice, the cakes were great and even the wine is quite good! Also, the service is very friendly. All in all, just what I needed as a sweaty, hungry tourist - because, last but not least, this place is rather easy to find, as opposed to many other places in this city!! On both times that I visited Lisbon we returned here on the last day either to get take away or have a last yummy uncomplicated dinner.

Pros: Lots of choice in food, Great Dessert, Central and easy to find

Cons: Not very cozy , Gets really full

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if you like buffet - Edit

The man inside told me everything is vegan. That yoghurt incident from last time wont happen again he said. (Refering to another review here).

The ambiance is not very cosy. But the price-quality is good. It looks like a lot of locals eat here. They dont have signs on the dishes so dont feel like Taking a risk here. Im not sure if some dishes are egg free. I was not in the mood to ask for an ingrediënt explanation. €7,50 for lunch, €9,50 dinner. (Buffet)

Pros: clean, nice service, prices are low

Cons: misses ambiance, not sure if everything is vegan like they say, small buffet (little viarity)

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Comida perfecta - Edit

Fuimos en Semana Santa a Lisboa y nos animamos a ir a este vegetariano por las opiniones tan buenas que tiene. Desde luego es muy buena opción para comer, charlar tranquilamente y disfrutar de comida riquisima y a muy buen precio. Es tipo buffet, como la mayoría de los vegetarianos a los que fuimos en Lisboa. El menú para comidas tiene un precio de 7,50€, los postres entre 2€ y 3€, que son a parte, como la bebida. Los postres merecen muchísimo la pena. Pedimos la tarta de algarroba y la de naranja y eran porciones muy grandes y deliciosas, y además vegan!! :) El buffet igual, todo delicioso, nos gustaron mucho las albóndigas, arroces y buñuelos, muy ricos. Además esta en una zona muy céntrica. Perfecto y muy buen servicio, majisimos y muy rápidos :).

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Nice & basic buffet - Edit

- Amazing location, right in the center of the city
- All you can eat buffet
- Very reasonable price (9,5€, even for dinner)
- A nice variety of cold & hot dishes

- A bit noisy, not the kind of place you really want to spend time in, it's better for a fast lunch/dinner.
- The food is good but a bit bland. It lacks some special flavours, spices, and some creativity.
- A loaf of bread could have been included (especially since there's a soup included in the menu).
Updated from previous review on Saturday March 07, 2015

Pros: location, price

Cons: atmosphere

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Great price, good selection - Edit

This is probably the least expensive vegetarian buffet to eat at in Lisbon - and the food was all very tasty, I left feeling completely full.

We arrived about 30 minutes after opening on a week night and it was completely empty (a bonus for me!), though it was beginning to fill up a lot more as we were leaving.

There was a lot of food to choose from - 3 hot dishes with 3 different choices of grains to go with them, and an array of cold salads and vegetables. The only thing stopping me from giving 5 stars is the fact that pretty much every dish seemed to have curry spices in it, and after a while that got a little too much!

Pros: Inexpensive, Friendly staff, Calm atmosphere

Cons: Almost every dish had curry spices

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Delicious buffet - Edit

My brother and I ate here last night and had the buffet. The staff were incredibly friendly and patient with our questions about vegan and gluten free items. Everything was vegan except for one yoghurt sauce. We had rice, seitan curry, tofu curry, chickpea salad, lentil bread... several helpings of it! Couldn't find a fault. Planning to return every night of our holiday!

Pros: Delicious food, Very friendly / helpful staff, Reasonably priced

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Very good - Edit

The a la carte menu is better than the buffet. The seitan steaks are particularly good, the mushroom sauce being the best. The herb sauce is not recommended - even the staff advised against it - it's greasy. The apple pie is also pretty great. Lovely garden, nice atmosphere.
Updated from previous review on Thursday December 25, 2014

Pros: Good food, Friendly staff/ Fair prices, Atmospheric

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Brilliant Buffet! - Edit

A fantastic vegetarian buffet restaurant centrally located. On a bit of a side street so it takes some map reading to find it but it's well worth it.
We arrived in the evening and it was busy but not overcrowded. We got a friendly welome and a nice table for 2 beside the window. For only €9 we got a complete buffet, with soup, salads, snacks and 4 main course options. There are sweets and cakes available for dessert that looked delicious, but we were so full that we couldn't manage it. Everything was vegan except for 1 vegetarian dish.
Nice decor, warm atmosphere and delicious food.
Would definitely recommend it to all!

Pros: Delicious food, Wide range of choices, Reasonable prices

Cons: A bit hard to find

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Very nice & tasty restaurant! - Edit

The restaurant is located in the heart of Lisbon and they have a daily buffet for 7.50€!!!!!
I had already been there last time I was in Lisbon and needed to go back!
The food is almost 100% vegan and so tasty!!! They also offer some typical Portuguese dishes on the buffet like "feijoada".
Prices are really cheap and the food is excellent.
Haven't tasted the desserts though as I had already eaten too much with the buffet haha.
They have some leaflets available about against animal testing or bullfighting

Pros: Excellent food, Price, Location

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Good food, price okay - Edit

I went there for the dinner buffet. You could chose between salad, soup and warm stuff. The soup wasn't that good but the salad bar and the warm dishes were really tasty. It's almost vegan (except for one salad dressing). The staff is really nice. It's around 10€ per person and you can eat as much as you want to. I would definitely recommand it. It's not haute cuisine but it's good.

Pros: Good food, Friendly staff, Good prices

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The best!! - Edit

I tried it at lunch: there was a big buffet, almost all was vegan. There was free tea and everything was very good and healthy. All this for only about 8 euro. Really good even if it was a bit far from the city center and difficult to find.

1 Response

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Dany 23 Oct 2014 - just to inform that actually this place is at the center of Lisbon and not far from it as you claim. It is the bizz and shopping area and 2 minutes walking from Bairro Alto and Chiado and Rossio ....

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Nice People Good Food - Edit

The guys in the restaurant where very friendly and helpfull. The food was buffet style and had a lot of indian curries.it was good but not great.a bit underspiced in any way.but as we found out,it seems to be that the portuguese people arent so much into spices.the cakes for desert where delicious! The place could be more nice

Pros: Service, Deserts

Cons: Place Not Very Nice

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Excellent food, good selection, great prices - Edit

After spending a few days down on the Southern Algarve coast of Portugal, where vegetarian food was hard to find, I was delighted to arrive in Lisbon and find this gem of a restaurant.

I found the food tasty and there was a nice variety to choose from. I'd definitely go back the next time I visit.

Pros: Vegan, Delicious, Price

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Nice food in a great place - Edit

Great location, nice selection of foods to choose from a buffet, drinks to order from the menu. Nice atmosphere, pretty busy at around 8pm on Saturday night with a mixed crowd.

Pros: Good selection, Good location, Nice, friendly atmosphere

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Beautiful Vegan Food In A Friendly Atmosphere - Edit

Great place: fresh, cheap, almost all of it is vegan and they serve great fresh juices. I tried a carrot, orange and ginger combination. Nice surprising recipes and friendly staff.

Pros: Friendly Staff, Wide Variety, Great Juices

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Great food, not expensive! - Edit

We had dinner here tonight. You pay a fixed price (+/- 10 euro) for a buffet with a great variety of vegan food! We all loved it!

Staff is super friendly and location is central!

Pros: food quality and variety, price, friendly staff

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One of the best restaurants in Lisbon. - Edit

The food is viciously delicious, the atmosphere is cozy and the price is captivating.

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A Gem - Edit

A buffet style restaurant with many choices of satisfying and tasty dishes with reasonable prices. Plenty of choice but fell down with the cold fare. Salads were not interesting and cold pastries do nothing for me. Definitely worth going for the hot dishes.
Of the 5 or 6 veg restaurants we went to in Lisbon, this was by far the best!

Pros: Great food, Modern attractive interior, Friendly proprietor

Cons: Only one dish was not tasty

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A big yes for lunch, a no no for dinner! - Edit

Everything was vegan excluding one yoghurt dressing. Food was awesome and there was a lot of options. I have etaen there 5 times and the starters were always the same, warm food varied very little. The dinner was a big disappointment as most of the food was finished already and they weren't making more even it was 2 hours to the closing time. I would only go for lunch.
Updated from previous review on Saturday April 30, 2011

Pros: vegan, fresh, simple food and place, service at lunch

Cons: running out of food at dinner, not much change on the menu, service at dinner

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Good lunch - Edit

We went here for lunch, around 14:00 on a Saturday afternoon in late May. The place is very small, with not the best seating arrangement so I struggled getting in/out of my seat as the strange people next to me had to get up and get out every time I needed to get out. Except for this - we were very happy. For lunch I believe the options are a bit different than dinner. There were several shredded vegetables such as carrots, beetroot and lettuce with some oil-based dressings. For hot choices they had 2 different types of rice, a seitan dish, aubergine indian curry and a type of potato pie. As I am gluten intolerant I had to stay away from quite a few things here, which limited me quite a lot actually. Still, I loved the curry with rice and I had some chickpea salad - I got more than full. My husband is non-veg and he also loved the food. We also ordered freshly juiced vegetable juice where we chose the ingredients ourselves. I would definately recommend this place.

Pros: All-vegetarian, Different options to choose from, Has both lunch and dinner

Cons: Small place making the seating difficult, Not so good for celiacs/gluten int.

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Restaurante muito bom - Edit

Sou cliente assídua pois a variedade do buffet, de saladas, e o preço acessível faz-me voltar lá vezes sem conta.
Adoro as almondegas, a sopa que tem sempre um sabor indiano a cominhos que combina perfeitamente, o papadum e.... etc etc

Pros: Comida excelente e de boa qualidade, Bom ambiente, preço acessível

Cons: Lugar para estacionar

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Cherry on the Lisbon Cake - Edit

Ate here once for lunch and once in the evening over the new year period. Good tasty hot options and salads and the central location is really convenient.
Nice fresh juices too.
Seemed very popular with people arriving on a regular basis.

Definitely one to call at over a few days in Lisbon.

Pros: Location, Good value, Tasty Food

Cons: Hot food options didnt completely vary

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Delicious - Edit

I went here for lunch last week with my family. There is a really nice selection of hot and cold foods in the buffet. Soup, salads and various hot dishes (which were definitely the best). The food was delicious, varitey of flavours, all fresh and kept nice and hot. It's a good price at 7.50 all you can eat or 6 euros to takeaway. The aubergine curry noodles were great and so were the 'meatballs' in a creamy sauce. I didn't check but there seemed to be plenty of vegan options too. I'll definitely be back.

Pros: Food

Cons: Atmosphere/decoration is a bit basic

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Really good - Edit

To be concise:

- good variety of foods in the buffet
- food was replaced regularly (which means it didn't actually get cold)
- since it's a buffet, you eat exactly the amount you want
- food was good, some were particularly delicious
-bathrooms were clean
-staff was nice
-really good dessert and juices

Pros: good food

Cons: there were a lot of costumers so it was

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Great option for hungry herbivores! - Edit

This restaurant was stand out! I found this gem on HappyCow and couldn't have been more pleased! I just completed a marathon the day before and after travel all day to arrive to Lisbon was ravenous! This restaurant offered delicious vegan options on their fully vegetarian buffet! A variety of cold dishes from things to make a salad, cold cut veggies, different breads and crackers. There was also soup, several different types of rice, pastas, vegetable stews, dal and cooked veggies! It was amazing and the unlimited buffet access was under 10€. An unbeatable price! The also had a beverage chiller with many sodas, beers and wines and very good prices. I got a bottle of their house white for 6€! Yes, the entire bottle for 6€.
The staff was very kind as well and they had a comfortable, funky atmosphere. Overall, a great experience!

Pros: Great food!, Wide variety, Inexpensive wine

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So much choice for vegetarians! - Edit

This place was amazing. They use no eggs but some dairy in a few things which is perfect for us.

There is a huge choice of cold salads and vegetables, also cold dishes like pizza, vegetable bread, popadoms and pakoras
But the real star is the hot foods. There was 2 different types of rices, pasta, steamed cauliflower and butternut squash, an amazing soya chunk dish in a Chinese sauce with courgette and mushrooms, Indian daal with tofu, and courgette roll ups with tofu. We couldn't believe the variety of choice and quality!

The woman who worked there was also able to explain what everything was which was great.

There was only 1 dessert option which was vegan fruit cheesecake and this was great.

This restaurant is centrally located, inexpensive and is a buffet so you can go up as many times as you want (and trust me, we did!!). I would absolutely recommend it to anyone!

Pros: Filling soya dishes, Quality as well as quantity, No eggs used at all!

Cons: Only one dessert option

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Amazing vegan lasagna - Edit

Buffet style restaurant with great food. One of the best vegan lasagnas I have ever eaten (I took it 3 times). With a lot of vegan bechamelsauce. Also indian dishes.

Cons: Not well presented, atmosphere isn't nice- what is a pitty, because the room is big and you could something out of it, and great food should be enjoyed in great atmosphere.

Pros: food

Cons: interior

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Many vegan options - Edit

Recently discovered this place in Chiado. For a correct price (7€+ lunch/ 9€+ dinner) you have a nice buffet with a variety of colds (salads, chicken peas, beetroots...) and hot dishes (usually 3 different). It is mainly vegetarian but with a couple of vegan options. Friendly, helpful staff. Good choice for a rapid meal.

Pros: quality of food, rapid

Cons: vegan "friendly" only, less choice same price for vegans

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A lot of vegan options - Edit

Still not vegan... why??? why????
Went there several times and got really nice staff and unfriendly staff. The food is ok, several options and works as a buffet. Good option if you are on a budget.

Pros: Price, Staff knows whats vegan or glutten free

Cons: Lack of vegan desserts

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In the heart of Lisbon - Edit

I've only been there at lunch time but they always have a nice buffet with lots of options! Although there are no labels, if you ask staff for the non-vegan dishes they will nicely inform you. It's in the centre of Lisbon so it almost always comes in hand whenever I'm visiting. The place is nice and quite. I highly recommend it if you are around!

Pros: Many vegan options, Location, Not expensive

Cons: Dishes not labelled, No wifi

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Nice food at a good price - Edit

I liked the Indian taste, and the hot dishes.
Very good location and price.
Most of the food was vegan, just one sauce was vegetarian.
I would come back.

Updated from previous review on Sunday August 18, 2013

Pros: Great vegan variety, Prize, Tasty

Cons: Quality of the chikpeas and mushrooms

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Good food - Edit

We went for the evening buffet at 9.50 euros and it was lovely. A great salad selection Koftas, braised tofu curry, pakoras, and things similar to toad in the hole, moussaka, and thick daal.
Not as indulgent or exciting as Terra, but then it is 6 euros cheaper. The amount of options was just enough to try everything without exploding!
We were feeling daring at ordered the 6 euro wine...a bit tart but we managed to finish it just fine. Would be good if they could label vegan food, restaurant only says vegetarian and there were some yoghurt/cream sauces. Most things were pretty obvious though.

Pros: Set price, Good range, Tasty food

Cons: Unmarked vegan/veg food

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excellent cafe - Edit

A smallish cafe in the middle of Lisbon, all vegan, with a buffet menu only. It is 7 euros plus by day, 9 euros plus by night, which seems rather steep to be fair.
Super salads, including beetroot, carrot, onion, etc, a slightly Indian vibe about some of it all told.
Pleasant staff, lots of special buffet food, including black bean stew, pakoras, etc. They do push drinks, the suco is overpriced and small, so resist the pressure.
Great little cafe.

Pros: vegan, tastyy, fairly cheap

Cons: pushing drinks

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Great vegan buffet for nice price - Edit

We had a wonderful dinner here. It's all you can eat buffet for just 9 euros. It's all vegan, except for the yogurt sauce. Indian cuisine, 4 hot dishes, salad bar, mini pizza, mini green quiche. Even a wonderful vegan dessert, not all desserts are vegan.
Situated in the centre, a little climb though.

Pros: Delicious, Cheap all you can eat, Lots of (vegan) options

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Good vegan buffet - Edit

We ate here one evening in June 2013 and found it to be an excellent choice. It is all vegan, and there is quite a choice of hot and cold food, including vegan desserts. Helpful and friendly staff.

Pros: All vegan, Good choice, Welcoming atmosphere

Cons: Some food rather bland

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Great all vegan buffet - Edit

I'm not a fan of all you can eat buffets but I was pleasantly surprised by this restaurant. Firstly, everything was vegan which was great and there was a good selection of food - soup, three hot dishes and a salad bar. It was cheap too at 10 Euros a head. We will definitely be returning as our apartment is just round the corner from here.

Pros: All vegan, Inexpensive

Cons: Food not labelled

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vegetarian buffet restaurant - Edit

This restaurant has a good location close to all the shopping streets. We enjoyed lunch here after a lot of walking around.
The staff was very friendly. We ordered a freshly squeezed appel/carrot juice and it was nice and fresh, but not cold!! (A small - there..). The buffet was ok. I have to admitt I thought it was gonna be better. After eating at Terra a few days before this was a little bit disapointing. The sald buffet was just a bowl of grated carrots, a bowl of diced cucumber, a bowl of lettuce etc. Noting special and the yoghurt dressing was just yoghurt no spice, herbes or nothing...
The hot food was much better with about 6 different dishes to chose from and they were all tasty. It's wort a go but I don't think I'll be back. Terra was much better.

Pros: nice staff, location, cheap

Cons: boring salad bar, a bit tastless, fresh juice not cold

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Excellent - Edit

Went there during a 4 days trip to Lisbon. Large selection of salads and hot meals. Very good lentils with tofu, seitan, rice.
The price is very reasonable and the staff very friendly.

Pros: Large choice, Tasty, Cheap

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Very good 100% vegan buffet - Edit

I'm giving this place 4 stars and not 5, because there's a little room for improvement left in some of the flavor balances. For example, their squash soup is not as good as the squash soup at Lisbon's Terra Restaurante Natural. However, this is a very good 100% vegan buffet, with cold foods, hot foods, and in the dessert case, vegan desserts (lemon "cheese" cake and chocolate mousse).

Cold foods included a spring mix salad (bitter), carrot salad (okay), coleslaw (good), corn bread (excellent), some type of fritter (a bit too salty, but especially good in the soup), pappadam (very good and not greasy). Where this place really shined was in the hot foods section, where the offerings included: pasta rollups stuffed with spinach and topped with a soy-based cream sauce (excellent), two rice dishes (I had the curried rice with peas- very good), which I topped with the curried tofu and veggies (excellent). There was also a seitan and mushroom dish (okay).

I had a piece of lemon "cheesecake" for dessert to go. It was good, but could have used some more lemon flavor. I would have had the chocolate mousse which looked excellent, but was not available as a to go item.

As a vegan visiting Lisbon, this place is a toss-up with the Terra Restaurante Natural buffet. I think the food is slightly (but not significantly) better at Terra, but the variety of vegan items is better at Jardim das Cerejas. My non-vegan friend and I would be happy to eat here again.

Pros: 100% vegan, Close to Baixa Metro station, Very good food

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Hits The Spot - Edit

This place is so great. The have a delicious salad buffet with chickpea salad, kidney bean salad, fresh slices tomatoes, cabbage salad, beets salad...the list goes on. They also have a soup of the day. The hot food is hearty and light at the same time-like most vegan comfort food. They had a wonderful mushroom lasagna, eggplant parmasean, and a cauliflower and setan dish in a nice sauce. I go to Lisbon atleast once a year and this place will definitely be a reoccurring stop not only for the remainder of this trip, but also in the future. Enjoy!

Pros: Good Selection, Nice Staff, Great Value

Cons: No Outdoor Seating in Lovely Lisboa

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Vegan Chocolate Salami Diplomacy - Edit

This was a welcoming and wonderful treat after a long walk from the CAM and Gulbenkian gardens on a rainy Sunday night in Lisbon when few reataurants are open. The salads and veggies were a varied and colorful array and several delicious hot entrees and the menu is a collaboration by 3 chefs - Indian, Swiss and Azerbaijan so the fare is quit diplomatic. The true peacekeeper was a casserole of green beans and eggplant with a cornbread crust sprinkled with black sesame seeds. Not to overlooked the vegan chocolate salami sat quietly in the cabinet of the sweet congress and was triumphant in proving that good will prevail and global well being and enlightenment start with small actions and pleasures.
Updated from previous review on Thursday November 17, 2011
Update - Please be aware that there are thieves in the area and my purse was stolen from this restaurant while dining on Nov 5 2012!
The food is very good but the place is understaffed and no one was available to assist in catching the thief who absconded quickly.
The woman at the counter just sort of shrugged and commenced to ring up our bill and ask for payment. It was really horrible. Please be warned.

Pros: vegan chocolate salami, very friendly staff, fiscally friendly for the not bailed out

1 Response

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hack_man 11 Nov 2012 - It's very sad that you had valuables stolen from this restaurant. I can imagine they see an invitation through the window then take it whilst you are at the buffet. It's always wise to take your purse and mobile phone etc with you when you go to the buffet or make sure one person stays at the table then the next one takes their turn. From a similar experience (albeit a very drunken one in Barcelona one New Year) we never ever leave anything at the table anywhere especially a buffet place like this one. It's such a lovely restaurant with lovely staff who are in no position for a confrontation with thieves but I suppose you have to think about who is walking past unfortunately.

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Large and varied buffet - Edit

My husband and I recently ate here for dinner when visiting Lisbon.
The buffet was quite large, and had really great tasting Indian food, along with a good sized salad bar, a soup, and a few other main dishes. Dishes were not labeled. It is listed here as vegan, though I heard from a restaurant across town that it is only vegetarian. Not sure. It was very filling.
The atmosphere was so-so. The hostess wasn't very warm (though this may be a language issue since she didn't seem to speak much English), and the ambiance was not that great (stark lightening, quiet, uninteresting decor). It is mostly about the food for me though, which I found to be very good.

Pros: good variety, filling

Cons: so-so ambiance, unsure if vegan

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simple, fast and buffet ! - Edit

une petite cantine portuguaise avec un buffet vegan. Une soupe, une quinzaine de plats de salade simple, boulettes, crackers, 6 choix de plats chauds (2 riz, un gratin de potiron, des haricots-tofu, spaghettis champignon, et boulettes de seitan). Choix tres correct, tres économique. Petit vin tres bien a 4 euros la 1/2 bouteille. Les desserts sont super bons : un chees cake aux fruits rouges parfait, pas trop sucré. Un endroit tres honnete ou manger rapidement pour ne pas perdre de temps pendant les visites. Peu de vegan a Lisbonne, bien que a augmente en nombre : ouf !

Pros: buffet with choice, cheap, fast and do it yoursel

Cons: more sauce for the salads please, a little bread please

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Best value veg buffet in Lisbon - Edit

Ate here on our first day in Lisbon, best place we ate at along with Bake the Difference (which is now apparently closed :( big shame). Great food for the selection they had there.

Pros: Value, Tasty

Cons: Small selection

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Thinking of dinning there today.. - Edit

It's a veggie buffet place, and very vegan-friendly.. sometimes the veggie buffet places have staff that don't really know how to answer "vegan questions", not the case here.. the very friendly staff is very helpfull and nice. The food as a "home made" feeling, that's also very rare in buffet places, and is very tasty, not wonderfull, but it feels "right".. I like this place very much.

Pros: Staff, Location, Buffet

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Nice centrally located buffet - Edit

2 of us ate here in July 2012. We arrived late for dinner, so a few of the dishes were running low but there was still plenty on offer. The salads were basic but the hot dishes were more interesting, including pasta, rice and potato-based dishes. Everything was very tasty and the staff very helpful. The only downside is that you have to walk up a steep hill to get to the restaurant, and it is located on a small side-street so it's easy to miss.

Pros: Good cheap food, Friendly staff

Cons: Hard to find, Only basic salads (lettuce)

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Excellent Lunch - Edit

We ate here for lunch in February and really enjoyed it. There was a buffet with lots of hot and cold items to chose from. The owner/staff are very friendly and helpful. We will definitely be back and recommend.

Pros: Selection, Chickpea salad, price

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