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Small chain of vegan restaurants originating from Southern California. Offers a menu of sandwiches, veggie burgers, bowls, salads, and others. Order at the counter and food is brought to your table. This one est. 2012. Open Mon-Sat 10:30am-8:00pm, Sun 11:00am-7:00pm.

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24 Sep 2023

Great comfort food place

A twist on your typical comfort food place. I don’t think I’ve had a meal I didn’t like, and I loved that their soda fountain features organic sodas.

Pros: Organic Soda



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24 Sep 2023


They need to open one of these in Dallas. The food is amazing!


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18 Sep 2023

So good

Loved the twister wrap. The alternative chicken they use in that is really good and so is the chipotle sauce. Got it with the lemon dill potato salad and that was super good too.

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18 Sep 2023


Had the bbq brisket burger, fries and lemonade. The burger was meaty and delicious. The fries were good but on the smaller portion side which was weird considering americas reputation for big portion sizes! Lemonade was a great drink too. Server was friendly. If only I had more days in Chicago to try the rest of the menu!

Pros: Brisket burger, Lemonade drink

Cons: The side of fries was a tad small for me, No restrooms (that I could see that worked)


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16 Sep 2023


Friendly staff, delicious food. The Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and Brisket sandwich were very good.


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28 Aug 2023

Most of the food is amazing!

Learned about this place in San Diego and was excited to find it on our trip to Chicago. All the burgers are great as is the cauliflower bowl. However, I had the Buddha bowl to go one time and it was a sad bust. Sauce only on the sweet potatoes and they were still very firm and crunchy. But everything else was great! and the owner is so nice. Would definitely come back, and just not get the Buddha bowl!

Pros: Variety, Flavor

Cons: Buddha bowl


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21 Aug 2023

So good

We got the buffalo chicken sandwich with pretzel bun, the nachos with taco meat, mac n cheese, and fries, and beignets. Everything was super good!!


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19 Aug 2023

Build more please

I want one of these in my hometown. Great selection and the food was fabulous.


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17 Aug 2023

delicious burgers and so many options!

we had the jalapeño and bbq burger and both were delicious. the fries were a little bland but still tasty and I would return and try the sweet potato fries!


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10 Jul 2023

Thank Goodness for Native Foods!

Ironically, just as I'd posted earlier from "Feed Your Head" I'd already mapped out and planned to hit Native Foods for takeout to bring with me on the last 21-hour leg of my train trip back to NYC - because, once again, Amtrak SUCKS when it comes to Vegan food options - as in, there ARE none (unless you like eating pretzels and hummus sold in those little plastic cups, for breakfast lunch and dinner! 😳)
Anyway, I ordered a Buddha Bowl, and a Chicken, "Bacon" & Avo Club with a side of Potato Salad. Between that, and the gyro from Feed Your Head, I should be alright until I return to NY, NY!
Update #1: I opted to have the Chicken, Bac'n & Avo with Potato Salad for breakfast (I was so hungry, I snapped the photo added here, AFTER I bit into it - 😋 - LOL - BTW, that's just outside of Buffalo, NY whizzing by in the background - feels kinda nice being back in my home state again ♥️) This really hit the spot, and tasted really good even after 12 hours on the train, so I can imagine how good it is freshly made! The Potato Salad, with fresh dill, (I LOVE dill) was tasty and tangy. This, with a freshly made coffee in the Cafe car was one of the best breakfasts I've had in a long time. Bravo, Native Foods! 👏👏🌱
Update #2 - so more than 12 hours later, we're still on the train, due to heavy rain and severe flooding in the entire Hudson Valley Region....never made it past Rhinecliff, and we're currently being pulled back up to Albany, New York where we'll either be put up for the night in a hotel (not betting on that,) or else Amtrak is working with New York State to have buses brought in that will bring us to our NYC destination (Moynihan/Penn Station) And, once again, I was rescued by a Vegan establishment, this time with Native Foods sweet and savory Buddha Bowl, which held up perfectly over the last 29 or so hours. 😀

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Pros: Excellent customer service, Food is fresh and tasty


09 Jul 2023


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07 Jul 2023

Fresh, tasty and healthy soulfood

We had a cauliflower po'boy and the cauliflower-chickpea shawarma - both were just amazing.

Pros: Tasty food, freshly cooked, Decent portions at reasonable prices


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07 Jul 2023

Tasty BBQ Brisket Burger

I stopped by this restaurant while visiting Chicago and it did not disappoint. I got the BBQ Brisket burger and also tried some deserts. This place is legit and has a huge variety of hearty wholesome food.

Pros: Taste, Quality, Variety


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30 May 2023

Great vegan place!

We stopped by for dinner at Native Foods, which we found through HappyCow. I picked the Jalapeño Burger with Mac‘n‘cheese as a side dish. As a starter we had Nachos (see picture). The food was awesome and we the portions are huge. Definitely a must-visit for vegans and plant-based enthusiasts!

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Pros: Very central, Quick and friendly service, Great taste

Cons: Tables could have been cleaner


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14 May 2023

Filling and Yummy

Had the almost famous bowl and seasonal beignets - both were super yummy!

Tried some of the food that my friends have and that was also good. We we’re all really happy with our meals!

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Pros: Lots of options, Great taste, Homemade

Cons: Some items are a little pricey


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30 Apr 2023

I practically live there when I'm in Chicago

If I could have one restaurant in Cincinnati, it would be Native Foods Cafe. I love, love, love this restaurant. They have a wide variety of choices- so much so that my vegan spouse and I ate there all four days when were last in Chicago. It wasn't just because of its convenient location to where we stay, but because the food is reliably good and the service is quick. So whether you're starving for endless choices of vegan fare or just need a small meal, it's a good choice.

Pros: So many choices!


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28 Apr 2023

Deliciously comforting

Great vegan standard. Delicious comfort food. The oatmeal cream pie was amazing!

Pros: Delicious, Warm aesthetic

Cons: A little expensive got some menu items


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16 Apr 2023

Quick & filling

Great find in the Loop. Went there late on a Thursday evening and was served promptly. As per the recommendation, I went with the Philly Cheesesteak which was tasty and filling. Fries were also really good!


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09 Apr 2023

Lots of options

The food was delicious. Fries were very good. I got the vegrib (??) it was good and filling. I split it with my partner and we both were full by the end. Its just pricy though. After tip with a single drink it was 30$

Pros: Yummy, Options

Cons: Expensive


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29 Mar 2023

Yummy Place

Fully vegan! Wonderful find near the Loop! Great venue variety, nice customer service, fast, had lovely sit down area, fresh tea options, and fast too! Highly recommend!

Pros: Great menus variety , Good drink options , Desert option


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23 Mar 2023

Good food but way too much disposable plastic

The food is still good, but it's disappointing that Native Foods has shifted away from reusable serviceware. At this location, only plastic silverware was available and purchased drinks were served in disposable plastic cups with plastic lids and plastic straws, all of which are trash after one use. No ketchup was available except in plastic packets, so I had to eat my fries dry.

Many people eat vegan because it's better for the planet, but the deluge of disposable plastic they're serving up makes this restaurant unappealing to environmentalists.

Also, this location had much more of a run-down McDonald's fast food vibe than locations in southern California.


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15 Dec 2022

More flavor

Good option in an area with few but needs more flavor.


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Mostly Veg
08 Dec 2022


Although the price didn’t reflect it, Native Foods really have more of a fast food vibe, like McVegan vibes. The fast food-esque isn’t even bad, it’s just that I don’t think the price was worth the quality of food.

- Nashville Hot (Seasonal Item): I liked the “chicken,” but I didn’t think there was enough sauce/heat. Unfortunately, there was nothing I could tell that made it special or different than a regular “chicken” sandwich. The sandwich in the photos hanging outside of the restaurant was a catfish 😔

- Mac & Cheese ( Side): I selected this as my side due to the recommendation of the cashier, and I believe it looked and acted really “cheesy,” but I sat there wishing I had ordered the French fries as my side instead, especially since I’m more of a French fries person than a macaroni one!

The reviews seem to range at this place: I somewhat feel like I got the wrong thing, so I would be open to try it again, especially since it’s convenient. I also read the reviews of the sweets were really good, but I didn’t have the appetite to try today.

Pros: Variety of Options, Clean

Cons: Lack of Pictures on the Menu, Price


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03 Dec 2022

Hum drum

I was on a train journey from Portland, OR and the train was delayed. Amtrak gave everyone that missed their connections vouchers for the food court in Union Station ($40). They also put us up at a pretty fancy hotel. Very nice of them.

Fast food places tend not to have any food for me or only serve their offerings on disposable garbage. I did walk through the food court and gave my vouchers away to some street people.

I then went for a walk. Happy Cow is a great service for vegan travelers and I found some good places to walk to. The first place I went to the "Art of Dosa" served on disposables but they were going to put it on a paper-lined metal tray for me but then they would not accept cash. I went to my next choice.

The staff person recommended the Cauliflower Chickpea Shawarma Bowl so that is what I ordered. It was okay - lacked any real significant flavour and there was not as much as I think it should have been for the price point.

None of the burgers offered a gluten-free option.

Pros: Helpful staff, Vegan fast-food - making it accessible to people

Cons: A tad on the expensive side for me, Lacking any real flavour


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28 Nov 2022

Simple and delicious

The fried green tomato blt was very good. I would visit this place once a week if I lived here!


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19 Nov 2022

Plenty of choice if a little pricey

We visited here during a visit to Chicago and would go back. We had the all day breakfast bun and the twister sub. The sub was packed with “chicken” and salad and came with fries. My husband isn’t vegan but was happy enough with the breakfast bun. Service was friendly and pretty swift for a Friday night.
For a vegan place it’s a shame they use so much plastic (everything comes in takeaway containers) and it’s a little pricey. Two meals and and two drinks came to just under $40.

Pros: Plenty of choice, Range of options

Cons: Pricey , Use of plastics and takeaway containers


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02 Nov 2022

Varied Menu

Lots of different types of food on offer here. I got the taco salad and my friend got the macaroni cheese (with a lot of the toppings removed) and they were both delicious and quite big portions.


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25 Oct 2022

Went for the first time and will be back!

Great place for vegan food - the oatmeal creme pie was definitely our highlight. It wasn't only huge but also super delicious!
Also tried some of their new seasonal specials - the Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese as well as the Pumpkin Cheesecake Parfait and loved both.
Watch out though, the Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese is a bit spicy!
My husband had the Gastropub Burger which was good, too. The bun was excellent!
Lastly: loved the kids menu - our daughter is becoming a huge fan of vegan mac & cheese 😅

Pros: Great vegan options, The Creme Pie is amazing

Cons: Got the food in takeaway containers

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