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Recavarren 298, Miraflores, Lima, Peru

calming but a little pricey

14 Oct 2012

very cute / boutiquey restaurant tea house. Everything on the menu was vegan when I visited, though they said the menu changes daily and sometimes they do use eggs, milk or cheese. I'd call before going. Though it says 11pm closing, my hotel called and was told 10:30pm and I see another reviewer say they tried to go at 8pm and it was already closed. I had a lovely and delicious vegan quiche that seemed to be made with tofu, beets, mushrooms and a delicate crust. I also tried the olive linguine which was very good, but I was too full to finish it. An appetizer, entree, dessert and a glass of wine cost $32.50 USD or 84.05 soles

Bucharest area, Bucharest, Romania

raw and ready

08 Dec 2010

Though in a slightly shady part of town, the interior is bright and inviting. There is a small store of pantry items - cocoa powder, salt, lentils, quinoa, nuts, seeds, oils, etc - also for sale are books and locally made handcrafted messenger bags, earings, necklaces, pins and shirts. There isn't a menu - simply look in their frig for items made fresh daily (pesto, stuffed cabbage, salads, cauliflower salad, soup, and cake). Most if not all items are not only vegan, and raw but also soy-free. The staff is friendly.

1035 S Arlington Heights Rd, Arlington Heights, USA

Delicious and friendly but lacks atmosphere

04 May 2008

I went here while on a business trip to Schaumburg (Motorola training). I didn't know Arl. Heights was so close and originally planned to go to an Indian restaurant - which ended up being closed. My Garmin found Chowpatti. I entered the large / empty dining room and got a comfortable booth. The menu is huge -- 25 pages huge. They offer international cuisine from Italy, Lebannon, India, America, Mexico, etc.. http://www.tpsiclients.com/chowpatti/
I'd say 80% of which were vegan (or could easily be made vegan). I had Baba Ghannoug, a spicy dosa, their homemade peach iced tea and a delicious vegan brownie. The interior reminds me of a diner with vinyl seats. It is slightly bright and you can hear the commotion in the kitchen. It is not a place I would go on a first date, but I could see families enjoying a meal there.

740 N Foxcroft Ave, Martinsburg, USA

The perfect compliment to your grocery store trip

14 May 2007

This location is very convenient to Martin's supermarket (where I shop anyway). The staff is always helpful. Though this is not 100% vegetarian, they carry many vegan items and are usually willing to add to inventory or special order for you. They've even offered to accept open / used returns if I bought a new product and didn't care for it. This way I haven't wasted any money.

Strada Paleologu nr. 20, Zona Montuleasa, Bucharest, Romania

Vegetarian delights

07 Dec 2010

Nice place, decorated in red with friendly staff. They hold yoga, meditation and acting classes in the side room (depending which night you go). Though it is behind closed doors. The menu is in Romanian without English translation. The staff helped me decipher what was vegan. All is vegetarian. If you see a P with a circle around it - that item is vegan. It is really indicating that the meal meets the Orthodox religious criteria for fasting prior to the holidays (when they give up meat, milk and eggs). I had the red soup (which was tomato with rice, carrots, small diced potatoes, and parsley) and the falafel. Both were very good. It was nice to have soup, since as a vegan I can rarely trust it at a restaurant (most non-veg restaurants use beef or chicken broth). There was dance music playing in the restaurant, but no dancing - since I was the only one dining on this Tuesday night.

7244 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, USA

Expensive & Not Filling

15 Feb 2014

$50 for two people to have breakfast. They had no tofu - a vegan staple. The bread for mushroom seitan burger was rock hard. Sauce on Canolas de verdura was watery and overall the entrée was not filling.

3 Yantra Str, Sofia, Bulgaria

Vegan snacks for the road

01 Aug 2010

I am visiting Sofia for the first time and am only here for 12 days. I stopped in here to stock my backpack and hotel room with supplies. They have health and beuty items, fresh made vegan sandwhiches, rice, almond and soy milk, 100% fruit vegan snacks from Germany, flours, and other dry goods (if you have a kitchen), bottled health drinks, rice chips, tahini, etc.. The woman who was running the shop when I went there did not speak a word of English, but when I had a question about a product she was able to call the store owner and he helped me over the phone in English. Located near the Eagle Bridge, north of it. Pleasant. I would return if necessary. Though I have since found soy milk at local quick shops near my hotel.

710 N Mills Ave, Orlando, USA

Sweet vegan desserts

23 Jul 2012

Stopped in here Sat night. It was empty, but there were plenty of cupcakes made fresh that morning. My beau and I picked out four cupcakes. Mine were gluten free choc "wake up" and "choc/strawberry". My beau got a buttercream and a banana one. They were delicious. My only disappointment was the strawberry was a jelly and not real chunks of strawberry.

Ramon Santana 23, Zona Universitaria, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Cute inexpensive vegetarian / vegan lunch place

08 Jun 2014

Cafeteria style ordering. All food is prepped behind glass and the staff will dish out whatever selections you choose. You get your own salad - though the salad selection is very basic: lettuce, and a few veggies all displayed in separate bowls. I found this place as a happy accident. I'm staying a few days at the Courtyard Marriott on Maximo Gomez Av. and I was walking to the grocery store - lo and behold this vegetarian restaurant is on the side street of the supermercado. I had a rice with pinto beans mixed in and added seitan with red peppers. It was yummy.

1187 Florida Mall Ave Ste 128, Orlando, USA

Indian diner

24 Jul 2012

The staff were friendly, but the interior and menu were not impressive. They lost their liquor license and do not have any wine or beer. The menu was 50 ways to cook lentils... there was no variety. Food was served on metal trays, like circa 1950 tv dinner. My beau and I were the only white patrons. We asked for mild and it was no where near mild. I suffered intestinal distress later that evening.

1522 1st Ave, New York City, USA

Trendy, delicious and humane

14 Oct 2012

Completely vegan in uptown NY. Offers a fabulous Sunday Brunch, which we mistakenly thought started at 11 am -- it starts at noon. They graciously allowed us to wait inside - out of the rain - at 11:45 when we arrived. My beau had a vegan breakfast of tofu scramble, vegan sausages and french toast. I had tomato soup and grilled soy cheese. It all tasted heavenly and fueled us for our day of tourism in Manhattan.

Prolongación San Martin, 015 -A, Barranco, Lima, Peru

Not vegan friendly

17 Oct 2012

Calling yourself vegan friendly and then only having a basic salad available for vegans... is not cool. I went in the evening trying to get dinner. There was no buffet. It was ala carte and nothing was vegan except a plain basic salad. I wasn't interested in spending restaurant money on that for my dinner. Thankfully there was a Turkish restaurant around the corner with hummus and falafel.

2545 Avenida Le Petit Thouars, Lima, Peru

bakery & store

17 Oct 2012

I visited this establishment at 7pm on a Tuesday night. They close at 8pm. The neighborhood is not great, but its not too far from a nice hotel (Westin Grand) though. It is not a restaurant. They have store items, premade vegan sausage, and bakery items - like vegan apple pie, vegan almond butter bread, etc.. Very cheap. 3 soles for one slice of the almond butter bread. Needless to say though, I did not feel comfortable in the neighborhood and took mine to go. There are a few tables and chairs, but no dinner items to order. The woman behind the counter did not speak english, all items were Vegan though.

1075 SE 17th, Fort Lauderdale, USA

The Best Vegan restaurant in South Florida

07 Apr 2013

I love this place. The owners, the chef, the staff are all fabulous, friendly and loving people. The food is amazing and the entire space feels welcoming and has a community atmosphere. Almost all the food is vegan, but there are one or two items that have honey in them. Ask. They have organic beers and wines, a small store of take home items, a bakery, and indoor and outdoor seating. This is a nice restaurant, so it is a little pricey, but well worth it. I've spent $25 per person here (including all food and drinks).

18A Salvador Sturla Street, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Chinese food with lots of mosquito bites

08 Jun 2014

The vegan items are not clearly marked and the owner and waitstaff do not speak English. The fake fish is made with mushrooms (I'm not a fan). My dinner was rather bland. I ordered a picante tofu rice dish, but what I got was white rice with soft tofu in a vegetable broth. The frozen mango drink was nice and really hit the spot in the hot weather. The owner was nice and tried to be accommodating. I'm here for work not pleasure so no I don't speak fluent Spanish. I know the Sin Queso, Sin Leche, Sin Huevo, etc. But he still didn't understand. The mosquitoes are so bad at his place that he has taken to handing out a menthol balm to patrons. In hopes that will keep the bugs away. I left with about 6 mosquito bites. I also had to find my own fork, napkin, etc. Personally I wouldn't return or recommend it.

1901 N Halsted, Chicago, USA

Raw Sunday Brunch for energy

04 May 2008

I visited Karyn's in April 08 on my first trip to Chicago. I thought it was a very nice interior and the staff was very friendly. I was not aware how much the brunch was going to cost until my bill came - I'm guessing they assumed everyone was a regular or my table was supposed to have a menu on it and it didn't. The food was very good and different for me, since I'd never had uncooked meals before. Most people assume raw vegan means you are just munching on raw vegetables and fruit. This place gives it a whole new meaning. I loved my meal and felt extremely energetic afterwards. I couldn't afford a $25 brunch every Sunday - but I don't live in Chicago anyway.

ul Tsar Simeon 72, Sofia, Bulgaria

Followers of Sri Chimnoy

01 Aug 2010

I ate here on a Sat night. I arrived at 21:00 and there was only one other table seated (3 ladies). The waiter was nice enough and could speak English (which is a blessing in a foreign country). There were many vegan salads to choose as well as main courses, but there were no main courses that were wheat-free and vegan. The staff was very nice and adjusted one of the meals for me to accomodate. I had Tempeh fillets with lettuce and potatoes. It was supposed to come with a ginger sauce (which contained dairy). They substituted delicious hummus in place of the ginger sauce. Very nice. Drink menu is only juice (some fresh squeezed), water, vegan milks (oat, almond and soy), non-alcoholic beer, tea and coffee. They have pictures of Sri Chimnoy all over their walls and play meditative music.

Ave Hidalgo Lote 1, Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Ok place with a few vegan options

07 Jul 2016

Chips are made with vegetable oil not lard, but beans are not vegetarian at all they contain lard. Burritos and enchiladas would just be vegetables no beans for vegan version. We had the chickpea burgers. They were served with greasy french fries, tomatoes, lettuce, ketchup and non-vegan mayo (be careful!)

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