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First Review by vegaholic

Best in Honolulu.. - Edit

The exterior of the eatery seems a little bland, but when you walk in it's as if you enter of vegan oasis. Everything has a very cute, cafe, peaceful vibe. The staff was very friendly and nice. I did not feel rushed or ignored.
OKAY NOW, the food was amazing. I had the yogini entree and my dad had the tex mex entree. My plate was probably the best vegan meal I've had out to eat (4 years of doing this btw). The purple rice was amazing, the daikon radish was WOW, the tahini sauce was great. Same with the kale and beans. Everything! My dad enjoyed his meal as well. Will be back for round two soon!!

And of course thank you to Peace Cafe. Finding good vegan food can be very hard while traveling, and you've filled my heart with so much joy :)

Pros: amazing, friendly , tastes so good

Cons: nada unless you can't throw down for a $10+ meal

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Peaceful and delicious - Edit

It is a 26 min walk to Peace Cafe from the beach hotels at Waikiki, but well worth it. I ordered the Popeye sandwich and a cold soy latte. I loved them both and was so full after eating the sandwich that I not only couldn't eat any dessert but I didn't crave any food later in the night. There are only about 6 individual tables and one large community type table to eat-in. They also seem to take many to go orders over the phone. Their menu listed homemade vegan ice cream, vegan cheesecake, and mochi cakes. I hope to try some of them while I am here. The guy behind the counter said the Yogini is their most popular dish, but I had been hoping for a sandwich the whole walk over there. Recommend highly! Nice atmosphere and good food. I took a taxi back to hotel which only cost me $15 (with tip).

Pros: Clean, Vegan, Many choices

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Delicious, Nutritious & Friendly - Edit

I have eaten here several times the past 2-3 years. The food is always very nutritious and yummy! It is always nicely presented and the staff are friendly. I always eat here once or twice when on O'ahu. The price compares to food anywhere. Eat here and be healthy!!

Pros: Delicious and Nutritious & Planet Friendly, Reasonably Priced and Accessible , Friendly and Helpful Staff

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Healthy Options Walking Distance from Waikiki - Edit

Cozy, friendly cafe not far from Waikiki offering a variety of salads, sandwiches, light entrees and smoothies. Fresh, plant-based ingredients. Menu includes brief descriptions of all items and there are photos on the wall as well. We ate one meal here every day while vacationing in Waikiki, trying something new every time, and was always happy. Now open for breakfast too, offering a tasty tofu scramble, green salad, avocado toast and soup... yummy!

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quaint healthy food - Edit

Pleasant surprise! All yummy, we had the Hanoi and the black eyed peas meal! We shared the cheesecake and the Caesar salad- I must say the salad is a must order. We drove right past the place!

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worth walking in the rain - Edit

walked from Waikiki on a rainy, very windy day, but certainly glad I made it! very good selection of food and drinks. looking forward to try their vegan cheesecake for dessert, but informed they're out... looking forward to my next visit and hope they have it!

Pros: nice friendly staff, healthy good food

Cons: dessert shortage...

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Peace Cafe - Edit

After reviewing the positive reviews, my family and I were excited to visit Peace Cafe. The parking can be tricky so pay attention to the street signs as there are specific times that you can not park in front of the building and if you do, the parking is metered. The rear and side-street parking can be limited as well (standard for Honolulu). We sat in the dining area and proceeded to look at the great dishes that were offered. Unfortunately, we didn't get too far into our menus as we noticed that the music that was being played kept dropping the F-bomb and after a few times and no effort by the staff to skip to the next song or change the music, we decided to take our kids out of the environment and didn't place an order. I do however look forward to going back and ordering something to go next time I'm in the area.

Pros: Vegan Menu

Cons: Music selection was not family-friendly, Parking

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Cozy and tasty - Edit

Lovely place run by peaceful folks. The "Heart and Seoul" was pretty health-foody. The taco rice, while not junk food by any means, was awesome and I expect anyone would enjoy it. Followed that with a sundae of homemade vegan ice cream, sweet but not too sweet, and left feeling happy and, yes, peaceful.

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Great lunch - Edit

Based on the reviews and walking distance, this was our first stop after arriving to Honolulu and we were not disappointed. I had the Avo-Veggie sandwich and my husband had the Soy-Soba salad and both were delicious. I could only eat half of the sandwich so the paper wrapping was perfect to take with me. They have a dinner menu so we may try that next. Small and casual so seating is limited but service and food was great.

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excellent food / incredible prices - Edit

We had the hanoi sandwich and popey salad and it was absolutely delicious!!
And definately get their homedmade ice cream with chocolate sauce for a desert!


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excellent - Edit

Anyone visiting Oahu should stop here! The menu is so unique. I had the "heart and Seoul" dish, and it was excellent! Good prices, friendly people/staff, unique and delicious food!

Pros: great food, unique dishes , relaxed atmosphere

Cons: none

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Delicious! - Edit

We almost skipped this place but I'm SO glad that we ended up going in. We had the Teriyaki Tempeh and the Hanoi. The food came out quickly and it was *amazing*. The atmosphere is quaint and the staff was extremely friendly. It was clear they have a personal relationship with many of their customers. My only regret is that we did not have time to return for a second trip before flying home.

Pros: Great food, Good price, Great employees

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Delicious sandwiches - Edit

This was a treat being in an exclusively vegan cafe! I was spoiled for choice. I got the Italian sandwich which was marinated veggies on a delicious sourdough bread. I also got a vanilla ice cream with berries and granola. I would have liked to eat here again but didn't get back to the area.

Pros: Great choice of food, Great value

Cons: location little far from hotel

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Healthy and Delicious! - Edit

I had sandwich, miso soup and Korean bibimbap, sharing with my husband. It was all so delicious! Sandwich was filled wit fresh veggies and vegan cheese. It's thick and filling. I loved the Bibimbap. It's topped with a lot of fresh veggies and vegan minced meat. It's was tasty and spicy. Miso soup was also with a lot of veggies. It was very nice to have it with cold meal(what I was having).
They normally have vegan ice cream. But they didn't have it the day I visited :(
I wish if they have normal coffee as well. But it's their philosophy not to have caffeinated drink. I understand though.
It's so nice that this kind of place is in Honolulu!
Updated from previous review on Sunday July 07, 2013

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Nice and Homey - Edit

My husband and I are both vegan and we ate here on our vacation. We got a very nice sandwich there. I don't think it came with any sides but it was big enough and very filling. I also like how it was easy to take the leftovers as the sandwich was wrapped in paper so there was very little packaging to end up in a landfill.

Pros: good value, good food, friendly staff

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so happy to have found this place! - Edit

I loved my whole experience at Peace Cafe. The food was prepared so nicely and I could really tell that they care. The restaurant itself is super cute and enjoyable to eat in. My sandwich was really awesome and I had their matcha mochi cake: I loved it but my non-vegan father was unimpressed because it isn't sweet like most cakes are.
Overall really great lunch. I'm going back for sure.

Pros: employees care, great food, all vegan!

Cons: it could be a place you shouldn't drag non-vegans

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Overall very good - Edit

I was only able to go the once but the staff were very helpful and I think this was the most eco-conscious place we visited which I loved.

My mom and I shared the caesar and italiano sandwhich which were very good. I am however used to making my own vegan caesar at home which I still prefer, but it was very close and could have used a bit more dressing. The bread that came with the salad was also a bit dry. Our sandwhich, however was pretty delicious. My dad got the BBQ tempeh which he said had more coleslaw than tempeh and didn't have as much of a BBQ flavor as he would have liked but then I remembered I had actually heard that about that particular sandwhich.

Aaaaanyways, overall it was good and I wish I had been able to try more dishes to give it a more fair assesment but I'd say definitely try it. They also have their own vegan mochi cakes which are quite good.

Pros: ambiance, staff, eco-conscious

Cons: inconsistant

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Hidden treasure - Edit

The menu was so creative, and the serving size was perfect for sharing a bite or two. Their was limited seating, but it kept the ambience, and local business feel. They offered to-go, and had late hours.

Pros: Affordable, Vegan, Delicious

Cons: Difficult to find, Street Parking

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Ho-Hum - Edit

My group and I felt that this is a little on the pricey side, despite the inexpensive review this has. Serving is small. Little on the bland side (for me to give 4 or 5 rating, I have to like the food at least as much as my cooking). We saw some other customers though who had sandwiches that looked great. We plan on going back for that 1 day. I would never bring a guest here though who's not use to vegetarian foods. I think this would give a bad first impression for most carnivores who are being introduced to a vegetarian meal for the first time.

Pros: cozy, water pitcher available for refills, healthy

Cons: pricey for the small serving, bland taste

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I love this place! - Edit

I had just landed and didn't want anything heavy, so I ordered the Ceasar Salad. It was fantastic. The atmosphere is cozy, the staff is friendly, and the service is quick. I also had the soup and found it very filling. The menu has a unique assortment of options and I can't wait to return and try more things.

Pros: Tasty food, Friendly Staff

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best vegan food in oahu! - Edit

Peace Cafe is just hands down delishous. Each plate coming out to customers before me looked amazing. What gets Peace my ever lasting love is that they have one menu item with no oil at all times and many no oil customers! I was floored! The moroccan plate was the oil free dish and it was overflowing with flavor, even a small selection of pickled veggies on top. I also went with a decafe iced soy latte which was good. We''ll be eating here daily while in town

Pros: oil free items, parking in back

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The bomb - Edit

Not pretentious and they have a changing menu. The Moroccan Stew was very good. The avacado ice cream was creamy and almost like butter. Neat place with a community table and other smaller tables. The crew was friendly and helpful. My total dinner cost was about $12.00.

Pros: food, good value, sweet people

Cons: small and not much seating

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I wish I could like this place... - Edit

Lovely little place, very cosy and super friendly staff. Unfortunately we just didn't like the food. It wasn't that the food was bad, it just wasn't to our taste. I didn't like the sauce/marinade that was super concentrated or the block of tofu that I think may have been raw or maybe steamed - it was very fresh but I prefer well cooked tofu. I filled up on the rice to keep my hunger pangs at bay and ate a little of the tvp. The other customers at Peace Cafe were polishing off their plates so there's plenty of people that like their food. I'm just not one of them.

Pros: Service, Atmosphere

Cons: Food

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Peace Cafe - Edit

This place was great!!!!! and you get to sit with folks from all over the world. Everyone is friendly and the chefs actually write little notes on take out containers.

Pros: delicious, vegan, choices

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Great sandwiches for great prices - Edit

We were only in Oahu for 3 days, but we went to the Peace Cafe 4 times just for their sandwiches. Their Vietnamese tofu sandwich was off the chain, and I'd eat it at least once a week if I lived there. And don't forget to try their caesar salad - the crushed nut topping is so delicious! It's definitely my favorite vegan caesar!

Pros: All vegan! , Huge sandwiches, Price

Cons: Small place

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My Favorite - Edit

I go here at least twice a month (which is a lot for me) and it is amazing every time! Everytime I go, it is with the intention to try something new. Alas, the cilantro hummus sandwich gets me every time and the avacado sandwich gets my mom (though I try different desserts). Just amazing. Lots of sprouts. This is a hearty sandwich that will leave you full for a good long while. Great to-go for the beach.

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Excellent experience - Edit

As visitors to Honolulu, and vegans, we searched for reasonable vegan eating accomodations by Googling "vegan restaurants". Peace Cafe was one option and close to our
housing location. What a surprise and pleasant experince.
We couldn't eat enough and the first night was spent lazily relaxing after consuming a meal from there. We couldn't return enough times while we were there, even buying sandwichs to consume on the return airplane trip to avoid the lousy airline food. Try the avocado-veggie sandwich: great meal in itself. You'll be glad you found this place on King Street, as we were. It made our trip and visit so much more enjoyable.

Pros: excellent food, healthy food, good service

Cons: blank, blank , more blank

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Promising - Edit

Pleasant place, nice staff, and nice menu. My friend and I ordered
the same dish but they came out differently, which was odd (and I had
some trouble explaining this to the service person).

I ordered the miso soup and the bibimbap. Both were very tasty.
However, I was disappointed that the bibimbap had far more rice than
necessary: it felt a bit like filler.

Still, I enjoyed the place, and with more visits could see liking it
and rating it higher.

Pros: tasty, good ingredients, nice menu

Cons: bulked up a bit?

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Yummy LARGE meals - Edit

March 5th is it's birthday an we got 3 free desserts. They were super nice. The food was wonderful. It looked a little different so I wasn't happy when I saw my food. One bite and I was in love. Everything was fresh and tasty.

Clean setting with a nice ambiance.

I will make this a regular. I orders 2 meal for 3 girls. We finished half. I then fed my sister the leftovers.

The prices are good also.

Pros: Friendly staff, great value, healty cuisine

Cons: only one sweetener, no street parking 3-6

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Tiny but cozy:) - Edit

I ate at Peace Cafe for the first time today and I am extremely happy to know that there's a decent Vegan cafe here in Honolulu that serves organic and/or local produce, also eco-friendly.
When I first heard about this place, I was not too sure of the exact location.
I always drove down King St to stop by at Down To Earth but wasn't aware of the opening of this cozy little cafe at all. I guess I must have just drove pass by without even knowing it as this cafe is sandwiched between a Mexican restaurant & a smoke shop, and has no big sign you could see from a distance. Unless you either walk passed the store front or watched really carefully while driving(this is NOT recommendable, however), you may completely miss it.
I got there during a late lunch hour. There's a hand-written menu on the huge chalkboard, also daily specials on a small whiteboard right below.
Seems all salads are sold-out when I got there. I ordered a Peace Box out from the Lunchbox menu and cold Matcha(Greentea) Latte.
Because of the size of store, seating was very limited: 1 big picnic table in the middle, 1 small table right next to a counter, and a bar seating along the window at the store front.
The drink came shortly after I sat at a bar. Unlike the kind you'd get from franchised stores, this latte was not too sweet or too bitter. Very refreshing and perfect, indeed. AND Vegan. Just what I wanted. When I had a couple of sip, the lunchbox came.
It was soy-seasoned TVP mince served over a bed of brown rice, mix greens with fresh herbs(cilantro, parsley, and possibly either mint or basil), cucumber, and pickles. I first thought the TVP a bit salty but it accentuated the flavorful veges very nicely. The portion appeared to be small but it was actually quite filling.

As previous reviewers mentioned, they use disposable containers a lot but these containers are biodegradable, even the plastic cups for drinks(refer to the photo).
I also noticed & liked that they limit the usage of disposable utensils such as chopsticks or forks. I saw help-yourself water pitcher & shot glasses at utensil counter - I like this concept, too.

Overall, I really liked this cafe. I'd definitely go back there again.
Hope they'll extend hours in the future, though, so I can go more often!

Pros: Decent portion, Eco-friendly

Cons: Limited Seating, Opening hour(11am to 3:30pm)

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nice vegan place - Edit

I liked the vibe of this place: friendly staff, small but nice atmosphere. I had the barbque tempeh sandwich which was delicious, I went back a second time later that week and had it again. The food was very fresh, healthy, organic, tasty & whole grain. Miso soup was good too, they offer different veggies in it on different days using some local ingredients.
The coffee was also good - t it was organic/fair trade which I hadn't found much of in Honolulu.

They were using mostly to-go containers- not sure if that was because they were new but they were fine about us bringing our own containers.

Pros: tasty, healthy, organic

Cons: disposable containers(tho biodegradable)

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