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Vegie Bar

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Contact 03-94176935

378-380 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, Victoria, VIC 3065

Busy restaurant serving a wide range of food and usually large portions. Very typical for Melbourne. Menu includes pizza, stir fry, noodles, roast veggies, pasta, vegan desserts, and more. Open kitchen and extra long communal table seating. Go early for dinner to get a table, otherwise expect to wait. Mon-Thu 11:00am-10:00pm, Sun 11:00am-10:00pm, Fri-Sat 11:00am-10:30pm

Category: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Ovo, Pizza, International, Western, Juice bar, Beer/Wine

Reviews (61)

First Review by Aloo

Good food, very noisy place - Edit

I cannot complain about the food at all - all vegan and the Thali I had was absolutely great. Service was quick and friendly as well. The only problem is the place itself - it is a very large room, which gets crowded in the evenings. It is very noisy and hectic in there. I was alone and had to sit at the communal table, which is unfortunately next to the entrance.

Pros: Good vegan food, Good service

Cons: Noisy place

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I have been here a few times and I just adore the food and the atmosphere. I would highly recommend their pizzas with vegan cheese, roti wraps and noodles!! I love their generous food sizes and that everything can be made vegan. YUM!

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Probably wouldn't go back - Edit

This place is the essence of those "hip" city places. Fine if you are into that but I didn't like their attitude on a few things. Found the energy pretty arrogant. No you can't take your leftovers with you. No you can't substitute a topping on your pizza for another without paying a charge. I hate that ungenerous attitude. The staff were fine...not their fault...it's the restaurants policy that stinks. The food was only ok in my opinion too...we had a pizza...not much topping.

Pros: good vibe if you like bustling, menu has some interesting choices

Cons: Annoying policies - no substitutions, food was average

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hot pho! - Edit

So you MUST arrive early, or else bring a book will you wait in the bar for a table.
Meals are reasonably priced. I had the pho- crazy spicy and I usually love hot food so be warned. I'll get something different next time, as I could see many other amazing dishes around me. The desserts are delicious but over priced

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Hit and miss - Edit

Vegie Bar is perpetually busy and was a favourite of mine in the past. I was less impressed with a recent meal at Vegie Bar.

Terrible coffee; lukewarm and bitter (which ended up being free). Upon querying the coffee, we were told that their current coffee brand curdled soy milk at higher temperatures, hence the reason for serving it lukewarm...

We ordered burgers on this occasion; the patties themselves were excellent but the gluten free buns were a dry, unappealing let down.

A few simple changes could be implemented to result in a better dining experience.

Pros: Tasty burgers, Location

Cons: Needs more vegan options, Bad coffee

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Overhyped - Edit

Despite all the Vegie Bar love, the two times I've eaten here (several years apart, but the last was just a few weeks ago) I've failed to be overly impressed. It's good, but in my experience, it's just not as good as it's made out to be, especially considering the crowds.

Cons: They charge extra for soy, Can be hard to get a table for dinner

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The best ever vegan pizza of my life - Edit

I could only visit Vegie Bar once during my recent visit to Melbourne - but I don't think I will forget it. They have an extensive menu with many vegan options. I decided to try one of the two vegan pizzas - and it was delicious. I don't remember how it was called but it had pumpkin, spinach, cherry tomatoes and vegan cheese. The combination was amazing. The dessert, chocolate cake, was also very good, but the pizza was really special.
Looking forward to trying other dishes in my next visit to Melbourne.

Pros: Very nice vibe, Super friendly staff, Excellent food

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Amazing!!! - Edit

The food is amazing, the people are amazing, the service is amazing, the vibe is amazing. It's just amazing!!! Go there. Please. Go there.

Pros: Plenty of options, Great Staff, Great Setup

Cons: very crowded and busy cuz it's yum!!!

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one of my favourites in Fitzroy! - Edit

this place is just all round a fantastic option. they're good at handling groups, lots of options for gluten free, nice atmosphere and the prices are very reasonable! the pizzas are phenomenal (definitely recommending the temperoni) and the other not-raw mains are delicious and good value. the vegan desserts are all fantastic, its great how some are under $5. and everyone was happy! we all really enjoyed it and I know that I will definitely be coming back. thanks Veggie Bar!

Pros: great vegan options, well priced, nice atmosphere

Cons: it would be nice if less drinks had honey

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Great food! - Edit

The Vegie Bar has amazing food, it's really great to find places that are totally vegetarian. I got the raw pad Thai, it was delicious and had heaps of flavour too, then another time I had a sharing plate for lunch with a friend and that was amazing too, every time I've been I've had great food. Some nights it does get really busy and you can't book :( so it does get pretty noisy but you have to go there for the food!!

Pros: Caters for all, veg, vegan, GF etc

Cons: Sometimes you have to wait, Usually busy and noisy at night, Can't book

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A little bit uneven since the menu changes - Edit

I've been back to the Vegie bar a few times recently after a long break, because they've changed the menu a bit and I was looking forward to trying a couple of new dishes, namely the Thali and the Phở. The thali turned out to be a bit dominated by lentils and starch (potatoes and rice) with not much else. The first time I came in to have the phở I was distracted by the Sambal Kachang on the specials menu. I ended up ordering that and it was absolutely delicious. Unfortunately when I eventually had the phở, it was terrible and its broth was disgusting to the point that my companion thought there must have been a mistake. I was really disappointed. Generally Vegie Bar has a pretty good standard, even if some of their dishes aren't quite my thing, but these were not welcome additions to the menu and the phở was actually just unacceptable.

Pros: Food is sometimes very good

Cons: Unacceptably bad phở

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Great if you're having a big night out - Edit

If you go at dinner, expect to wait 30-45 minutes for a table. There is a bar area out the back where you can have a few while you wait. 3 beers and a g&t later, we were seated. Curries were average. Vegan nachos were the bomb. Best place if you're going out for diner and plenty of drinks :)

Pros: GF, vegan, fructose and raw friendly, Great service by staff, Lively atmosphere

Cons: The wait, Very noisy

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my favourite place - Edit

It's our go-to place for dinner or lunch! I started visiting about 2 years ago and have been at least 50 times and have almost tried everything on the menu (have had my favourites SO MANY TIMES). Mostly greens with tahini is my favourite! And the rice balls! My boyfriend loves the vegan nachos. Never disappointing, always satisfying and good value for money!

Pros: big meals , cheap , delicious

Cons: busy! but that doesn't bother me!

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Always a hit - Edit

I try and go to Vegie Bar whenever I visit Melbourne and it's always satisfying. Visited most recently last Saturday night. Being a Saturday night we had to wait for a table but that was fine and we ended up just eating outside anyway. Staff were great and even though it was packed our food came out quick. My non vegan husband said his Schezwan noodles (from the specials menu) was one of the best dishes he's ever had. I always choose the vegan nachos and they never disappoint.

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50/50 - Edit

Have dined here twice, would perhaps have been there more often but it is very difficult to get into, especially at night.
Thought it was very good the first time, service was great, very professional, attentive and fast and the food was a stand out.

Second time... cold coffee (ended up being free) & the 2 burgers that are on offer. The burger patties were very good, the buns however were gluten free, taste free, enjoyment free, should have been price free. Given a decent/different bread type I would consider these to be the best burgers that I have had in Melbourne.

Pros: Yes

Cons: Yes

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The Vegan's McDonalds - Edit

Yes, Vegie Bar does vegan and yes, they are generous serves, but with so many awesome options in Brunswick, why bother? I've been going (or usually brought in a group) to VB for over eight years. Their staff are nearly always inattentive and don't know the menu. The food is often slapped on the plate with poor attention to flavour and presentation. I often feel like I'm in a large feeding barn when I'm there. If there's nothing else open then it will be adequate, but with Yongs, Transformer, Smith and Daughters etc. so close, I'd give VB a miss.

Pros: generous sizing, wide selection

Cons: inattentive service, poor food quality and presentation

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10/10 - Edit

Extremely large quantities per serving, and it taste's so great that you always finish it off. Great service, and food prepared quickly.
Very popular, so sometimes there is a couple minutes of waiting but still great over all.

Pros: Great quality food, Diverse range meals to choose from, Large portions

Cons: Noisy, Often have to wait to get a seat

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The best Melbourne has!!! - Edit

Every visit to Melbourne requires a visit to Vegie Bar!!

Amazing food (my omni friends were very impressed)!!
Staff were lovely. Ambience is great.

Only problem about this place is when it's busy, you have to wait a long long time to get seated/meals to arrive. But even the long wait time is worth it!

We had pizzas and they were incredible. The raw food menu is really nice & filling too. Desserts are always amazing! Ahh!

Pros: Taste, Value, Service

Cons: Waiting Times

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Awesome vegan-friendly place, great atmosphere - Edit

If you are vegan, you will love this place!
Chances are, that if you are non-vegan, you will love it nevertheless. It is an awesome place.

They have a huge selection of delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes, their vegan options are marked, and their food is absolutely delicious.

I was there only once, and I was hard pressed, as there were at least 3 dishes on the menu that I would absolutely have loved to try out. I settled for the Gado Gado, which I had not had for more than 5 years, as it is not often available outside Indonesia (which is a pity). It was fresh and absolutely delicous, and I was happy with my selection.

Starters and desserts were delicious, as well, and my omni colleague was more than happy with his pizza (best he had eaten outside of Europe so far).

We also tried a number of their vegan beer and cider selections, and were equally impressed. (I still checked on www.barnivore.com, as I had not yet encountered a vegan cider before, but of course I was pleasantly surprised and it was legitimately vegan)

If I was living in Melbourne, I would go there every week.

Be prepared to reserve in advance or wait for some time. When we arrived, we had to wait for about 5 minutes to sit down at one of the communal tables (which was fun, as you can easily get to talk to other people), and during the time of our stay, the queue never vanished (but from the looks of it, most people were served quickly).

One of my fevourite places, world-wide!!!

Pros: Awesome food, prices are moderate, Huge vegan selection, Great atmosphere

Cons: Reserve or be prepared for a short wait

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What a range! - Edit

The range of food available at Vegie Bar, most of it being vegan, is exceptional! It felt like nearly every food culture was on the menu! The prices were very cheap and the portions were huge! I loved the decor and the staff were very friendly. It was very busy but it's definitely worth waiting if you go! I went for breakfast and lunch and both meals were very satisfying! It being across from the Cruelty Free Shop made the experience even better because it's not often that you come across a fully vegan shop! I'd definitely go back to Vegie Bar, without a doubt!

Pros: Delicious food, Large portions, Inexpensive

Cons: Busy

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Delicious and Atmospheric - Edit

I had a wonderful dinner at Vegie Bar last night. Even though it was a weekend and the place was packed our wait for a table was very short and well organized - we were given a table marker then sent off to wait in the courtyard, where we admired the murals.

I ordered a house salad with a samosa and, from the specials menu, a small fresh and tangy pizza. Both were absolutely delicious, and the dim lighting added to the mystery of my salad - I couldn't see what was on my plate very well ( and I have 20 20 eyesight) so I just dipped my fork in and enjoyed the element of surprise. It was a complex salad with different regions having different dressings and some vegetables cooked and others raw. So yummy! My pizza was a delight too - the fought was just the right balance between light, chewy and crispy and the toppings worked beautifully with each other, none drowning out the other, so each bite was a nice blend of feta, tomato, onion, mint and lemon.

I'm definitely coming back here to eat during my stay in Melbourne! One thing to pay attention to here is that the portions are large and by Melbourne law you are not allowed to take leftovers home with you, so it is important not to order more than you can eat at one sitting.

Pros: Amazing food, Wonderfully diverse menu, Great atmosphere

Cons: Lights so dim I couldn't see my food, But honestly, I didn't really mind

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Always good - Edit

I have tried many of the vegan options here, food has always been great. Waiters are friendly. Great place to go with non-vegetarians since there is something for everyone to eat.

Pros: Funky, Selection, Nice vibe

Cons: Vegan desert options limited

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Nice food, good ambience :) - Edit

I've eaten at the veggie bar a few times on various trips to Melbourne. It is one if the longest running veggie restaurants around and is busy every time I've been! On one hand this is great and shows how well veggie restaurants can do, however sometimes it can be a little overcrowded.

There are a range of meals including vegan, vego and raw options. I have eaten various meals and always enjoyed my means. The raw cacao shake is one of my favourites :) meals are always enjoyable, consistent; however never amazing.

Good ambience and nice interior decor, waitstaff have always been friendly and decently priced meals.

Overall not bad :)

Pros: Raw cacao shake

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Leading Vegetarian Star - Edit

The Vegie Bar has been around for years and demonstrates just how popular and successful a vegetarian restaurant can be. It's so big and buzzy and I love the ambient light and excited chatter. It's all on offer here and they do it well - Indian, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Italian, soups and desserts including raw. I just want to order everything, but I am very fond of their vegan nachos - wow. On the weekend they do a vegetarian breakfast, scrambled tofu, etc. which i must get to oneday. If they can't seat you immediately, you will be ushered to the very cute little bar/courtyard out the back to wait. Great value for money.
Updated from previous review on Sunday November 10, 2013

Updated from previous review on Sunday November 10, 2013

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This Melbourne instituion doesn't disappoint - Edit

Whenever I visit Melbourne I have a meal at Vegie Bar and it's always great. The large menu includes plenty of vegan, raw and/or gluten-free options, all clearly marked. Dishes come from a range of cuisines, so there's something to suit every taste. The food is good, and portion sizes are generous. Desserts are also great. It does get busy at meal times, so be prepared to wait - they have a bar where you can have a drink in the mean time. Part of the experience is the hustle and bustle and communal feel, so enjoy it!

Pros: Great food, reasonable prices, Plenty of vegan and gluten-free options

Cons: Can get very busy

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Love it - Edit

I come to the veggie bar all the time and always get well fed! The prices are very very good! An easy place to go out with friends and order all different and share it amongst yourselves! Booking is usually a must as it gets very busy. It can also be quite loud, it for me it's not a problem.
I recommend the vegan burrito -it's so filling you won't need to eat for days :)
The tofu tight wrap is my usual and it's delicious-only $8.50, all the juices are great and pretty much anything and everything!
Highly recommend :)

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Great options - Edit

Good food with a huge menu. Be prepared, it gets packed and is very much full of meat eaters and foot traffic.

Still very good food and good staff most of the time.

Pros: Big menu, Good food

Cons: Noisy, Busy

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never go back - Edit

Sat at a community table with a person I know and 2 of her friends. Went up to pay at the end of the meal and they decided no splitting bills for the evening because it's busy. I explained I have no cash, she asked if I wanted to talk to the manager. The manager kept interrupting me and said too busy to split bills. I explained all the time wasted she could have split the bill already. Also, if they are going to change the rules for the evening, they need to tell upon ordering to give us options. She just gave me a look. Luckily the rest of my party had cash and gave me their money and I paid on card. I have eaten here many times and never had them pull this crap.
Food made me sick all night and the next day.
Found out they are owned by meat eaters. Do not want to support meat eaters exploiting vegans and vegetarians either.
Can't take your leftovers, mostly rude staff, snobs like they are the only place to eat in the whole country!

I will never eat here again. Madame K, Yongs and Lord of the Fries are within 2 mins walking distance anyway.

Pros: decent size serves

Cons: owned by meat eaters, music too loud, didn't split bill

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A new fave! - Edit

Visited April 2013 on a busy busy BUSY Saturday night. There was a queue of people waiting to be seated which extended out the front door but it moved along quickly & we were at a communal table within 5 minutes. It was a loud & crowded place but it was kind of fun, depends what vibe you are seeking. The music was fab, the Flaming Lips etc, very cool decor also. We ordered the vegan burrito & the field mushroom stack & a few cocktails & I can say it all packed a massive flavour punch & we left very satisfied. Drinks & meal for two was $49. I had no problems with the service & found them friendly & genuine. I plan to go back!

Pros: Delicious vegan comfort food, Cool vibe, decor, music

Cons: Can be busy & loud!

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generally excellent, raw options are so-so - Edit

Been eating here for many years and has almost always been wonderful. I have never had any issue with getting a vegan meal. Big servings, healthy and varied options, all very tasty. Pizzas, burgers, stir fry and curry meals are all great. On the downside - the recent effort to include raw foods is great but I haven't been very impressed by the raw dishes - not enough dressing, small, not filling.

Pros: almost everything on menu is delicious, everyone loves it, even non veg friends , pleasant at quieter times of day

Cons: gets incredibly busy and noisy, sometimes have to wait a long time, raw options weren't great

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Graet food - Edit

Have been going to veggie bar for about 15 yaers now and it still amazes me how good the food is and the amount you get. I have tried most things on menu and have always liked all of it.



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If nothing else is available... - Edit

I've been going to the Vegie Bar for many years, and almost every time I tell myself it will be the last. I struggle to believe it's a business with a sincere focus to creating genuinely healthy and tasty meals in a positive environment for v*gans and those trying it for the first time. The rude and pretentious staff, the incredibly long wait between having someone acknowledge you're there and your food arriving (if it's even the meal you ordered), and staff telling you something is vegan when it's clearly not, I wonder why I continue to return. There are many other options on Brunswick street run by people who are happy to have you as a customer.

Cons: Rude/Innattentive staff, Long waiting times

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Excellent foodchoices - Edit

Really great restaurant located in Melbourne. I've been there 3 times in my stay in Melbourne because there was just so much great stuff to chose from on the map. Really busy at night, so reservations are recommended. People stand in line to get a table. Friendly staff, food is excellent.

Pros: Excellent food, Super friendly staff, Great location

Cons: Gets really busy, Medium priced

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Awesome place! - Edit

As a vegeterian / vegan you'll love this place: there's plenty of choice in the menu, including raw food. Very fresh, very tasty. Friendly staff and the place has a good warehouse vibe. Come early, though, even if the place is really big (a beer garden, a mezzanine and a smaller room are added to the warehouse).

Pros: excellent food, healthy cuisine, funky place

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Artsy & Vibrant Veggie Heaven - Edit

After hearing some rave reviews from some Melbourne friends, my partner and I visited Vegie Bar on a Friday night this month. I heard it got busy early so we arrived at 5.30, to find it already quite full. Initially we were seated at a long "community" table which when full, would of had us next to people we didn't know (doesn't really worry me though) but before we ordered a small private table became available which we were offered.
The menu is quite extensive and easy to read, with little symbols next to the foods which are or can be made Vegan (as well as gluten free and raw options). The entire menu is Vegetarian. I liked that the menu comprised mainly of old favourites like nachos, stir fries, pizzas etc. I chose the tempeh, brown rice and greens stir fry with satay sauce (I had a choice of 3 sauces). My partner got a margarita pizza (he's not overall adventurous & a carnivore). I couldn't believe the size of my stir fry when it came out, it HUGE and so so so flavoursome! I was in heaven eating it, and even got full before I'd finished which is rare for me. It only cost $14-15 for the stir fry which is amazing considering the size and quality. The next night I ran in there quickly at about 5pm to grab a take away tofu stir fry (again I chose satay sauce) for the drive back home. It too, was incredible.
My partner and I also got a chocolate mud (Vegan o'course!) to takeaway which was possibly the best cake of my life and my boyfriend couldn't tell any difference between that and a "real" version.
Overall I give Vegie Bar 9/10. My only, very small, disappointment with it was about busy it got and quite noisy. The table we were on was very close to the tables around us making it slightly hard to hear but the food was so incredible I know why it's such a popular place.

Pros: Easy to read menu, Great , Great atmosphere

Cons: Get's BUSY

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give it a couple of tries - Edit

we first went here about 8 months ago and weren't impressed we have since been back maybe 6 times and now really love it. it depends on when you go as busy times can be quite uncomfitable and loud but go during the day or before the rush and its a great spot. good wholesome food at good prices. portions are big so dont over order. great for people watching in a great area. vegan mains are good but they lack a good vegan dessert. i have tried the salads, pizza, currys, soups, stir fries all good.
Updated from previous review on Friday March 18, 2011

Pros: good choice, good prices, cool place

Cons: noisy when busy, Bad service

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Great ambience, service and food - Edit

I really love this place. I think it's my favourite vegetarian restaurant in Australia. The food is great, the ambience is funky and cool and the prices are very reasonable. The berry cheesecake with whipped cream on the side was delicious!

Pros: Excellent food, Ambience, Reasonable prices

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Unsustainable? - Edit

Been here a couple of times. Once at lunch and once for breakfast.

Lunch: the menu was expansive and varied and catered well for vegans. All pretty tasty. Good experience overall and was very excited to come back on the next trip to Melbourne.

Breakfast: a lot more limited - only had 3 vegan options. They seem to have a fascination with eggs. I ordered a couple of soy coffees and realised on the first sip that they gave me dairy instead. They did quickly fix this but... c'mon.

Same as what everyone here is saying: funky place, service not the best.

What really angered me last time was that we had practically a full meal remaining and asked for a take home bag only to be told they dont do that because "it's unsustainable." Right - let's throw away a complete meal because that's sustainable. If they want sustainable then how about starting by ditching the dairy and eggs.

That left a sour note so probably won't be back! (Nonetheless in the spirit of fairness I'm leaving a 4cow rating even though I feel like leaving a 1cow rating)

Pros: Plenty of options (but not at breakfast), Energetic vibe

Cons: Unsustainable!

1 Response

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claireabella Hiya, just wanted to write a quick response about the inability to let you take your paid for left overs. The health department have gone way too far and taken it to a new extreme. According to the health regulations no cafe or restaurant is permitted to allow customers to take home their left overs. Somehow, they make the distinction between a meal that you have paid for and had delivered to your table v's something that is take away and quickly thrown into a container.
Of course it's all linked into the letigious nature of modern life and people getting sued if they get sick. Apparently we can not make the correct decisions about correct storage in the fridge, ways to re-heat or how quickly we should eat this food. Therefore no doggy bags for anyone.
Strange that they cited sustainability as the reason. Such a waste. When we are already throwing out billions of dollars of food annually, it's just crazy to throw out perfectly good food. Try explaining that to the starving millions around the globe.
I'm ranting! But it's not a veggie bar thing ( no I don't work there). I love it when places actually go against the rules and give you a doggie bag anyway. I've been traveling in Asia for 11 months and don't think twice now about getting the remainder of my meal to go. Thinking about the situation back home makes me remember how crazy it is! Take care, Claire :)

1-2 stars for service, 4-5 stars for food - Edit

Service here can be apathetic, disinterested, and inefficient. Some staff will have overdrawn sidebar conversations with both each other and whiney customers who need to hurry up with their business. Staff tend to have little regard for the line of people waiting to be seated or pay for their food, and will leave you standing for 5-10 minutes without so much as eye-contact acknowledgment that they're interested in helping you. Restaurant can get CRAZY busy at peak hours, but that's no excessive for the pathetic service we've seen here.

Other than hit-or-miss serving etiquette, the food here is excellent. You may wait quite a while for your food. Good vegan options abound. The lentil burger is their best burger; alcoholic mixed drinks are excellent and on-par with top drinks from anywhere else. Neighbourhood is eclectic and interesting. Definitely take a stroll through it after dinner. Down the street from Vegie Bar is also a raw vegan -friendly restaurant called Yong Green Food.

Atmosphere is funky and casual. Beautiful people abound. Definitely a must-visit for Vegetarians and Vegans who are dining-out in Melbourne.

Pros: Great 100% vegetarian food, Good vegan selection, Funky atmosphere

Cons: Slow service, Apathetic staff, Often extremely busy

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This is my personal heaven - Edit

I adore the Vegie Bar - this is my local hangout between uni classes. Their coffee is fantastic; fairtrade and with a generous dusting of chocolate powder. The atmosphere is so enjoyable and it is very hard to go back to the real world. I have brought non-veg friends and family here and they are always surprised with the quality. The restaurant caters very well for Coeliacs, and as such, mama is very impressed. Love the Vegie Bar so much!

Pros: menu choice, back bar is superb, fantastic wait staff

Cons: noisy, extremely busy Friday and Saturday night

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My favourite place to eat in Melbourne - Edit

I love it here. It's always busy and has great atmosphere. The meals are well priced and you get a huge portion. The chick pea dahl is to die for. Great pizza's, fresh juices, wicked coffee and yummy salads. I LOVE THIS PLACE

Pros: cheap, big portions, good coffee

Cons: staff are average

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hrm...and? - Edit

Been here a few times as it's always highly recommended and received rave reviews but I am yet to be impressed.
I find the staff aren't as friendly as other places, the food isn't that great and it's always crowded. It feels a bit chain store like to me.
Enjoy that there are raw options at times, the vegan dessert is good too. Only had one staff member there that seemed friendly and she was clearly stressed.
One time my partner and I simply weren't served, another time our meals simply didn't arrive.
Guess it depends on the day?

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Oooh la la, The Vegie Bar - Edit

Situated in the heart of Brunswick Street, Fitroy, this trendy little night spot is popular amongst carnivores, omnivores and herbivores alike.
At night, this place has a real party atmosphere and can get pretty crowded - as can all the restaurants along this strip. In the day it has a rustic quality about it and is still pretty busy, but not filled to capacity as it is in the evenings.
Part of the reason for the popularity would have to be the extensive menu. There is a huge range of vegetarian and vegan meals that are both large in size and delicious. Mexican and asian-influenced meals are accompanied with tasty sides and really frothy smoothies and drinks.
Aside from the great meals, you might get to spot a celebrity or two...I saw James Hetfield and the rest of the crew from Metallica eating here. Wow!
You don't wait long for your meal and they are quick to get your meals to you.
A few times I've been here I've been a bit let down by the service by a few of the staff. They've seemed to be having a particularly bad day and you feel like you're an inconvenience for asking for a table. However, that's not all the staff, just a few.
Overall, this is a great place to have a fun, tasty and hearty meal for a reasonable price.

Pros: Hearty and tasty food, Party atmosphere, Extensive menu

Cons: Grumpy or aloof staff, Overcrowded at times, Can be pricey

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Very busy but great food - Edit

I've gone to this restaurant a few times and have been really impressed by the menu. Although it is always packed full of people (even at 9pm on a Sunday or Monday night) the food has been varied, satisfying and fairly priced.

Definitely one of the better veggie places in the city but dont go expecting a chilled out or relaxing dinning experience, dinner sometimes feels like your at a crowded city bar on a Friday night (although obviously that appeals to many people!).

Pros: Lots of different options on menu, Quality food, decent price

Cons: very crowded, noisy

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Good food, bad service, and no doggy bag? - Edit

My husband and I went here on a recommendation. We checked out the menu on another website and decided to try it. It was a Tuesday night, the music was very loud and it was fairly busy. It continued to become packed and even noisier as they cranked up the music and there was a huge line out the door.

We ordered 2 soups, rice balls, the cajun stew special and the risotto. It was very good, very hot and came pretty timely.

The service was not so great, you didn't know who your waiter was and they all ran around and never asked if you needed anything else.

We did not finish all of our meal and when we asked to get it to go, the waitress flat out said no and it was part of their food safety policy. WTF is that? I have never in my life heard of that, and especially ordering vegan food with no animal products to go bad, this does not make sense, it was some rice and vegetables for God's sakes. I can't believe they think it's better to just take your money and throw out the food than let you enjoy it later that evening or the next day. Totally unacceptable. I looked it up too and it's not illegal to allow to go or doggy bags, next time I will bring my own tupperware and tell them off if they try to take my food away.

We said no to dessert and then were left alone for another 15 minutes after our food was done. No offer to bring the bill, no coming back to ask if there was anything else. I don't get why they ignore you when you're done and the table is empty and they have a lineup out the door. Do they not want more customers to be seated?

We had a really good time until the rude waitress threw out our food, left us at the table with no bill and the music was cranked even higher.

It really put a sour taste in our mouths and we were looking forward to coming back, but now we're just pissed off with the place.

Pros: good flavour, good presentation, vegan friendly

Cons: loud as hell, aloof staff, no to go/doggy bag allowed

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Fantastic! - Edit

The food was absolutely fantastic! Lost of GF and Vegan choices. The GF+Vegan Choclate cake was to die for. The Singapore noddles was huge and delicious, feeding two of us easily. The Rice Balls where yummy and the Tomato and Vegie pasta was a big hit as well. Tons of food, fast service, nice 'busy' atmosphere, we loved it! Wish we weren't leaving tomorrow so we could go back.

Pros: Fast Service, Big Serves, Friendly Staff

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Amazing - Edit

The Vegie Bar is a stalwart, I've eaten nearly every vegan dish on the menu and never had a less than amazing meal.

It's loud and busy and you nearly always have to wait for a table but I've always had excellent service, (the staff are all awesome) despite the size of the place and only once have I waited a bit long for my meal to come out.

The dishes are very generous and it's good value for money.

Pros: great food, great service, good value

Cons: noisy

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variable - Edit

Been to the Veggie Bar quite a few times. It's great to have large licensed vegetarian venue so close to the city, generally good bistro-style food with ample menu and generous portions for reasonable price.
Mostly I've had good service but some staff (maybe they are inexperienced and need more supervision) seem more interested in being "Brunswick-cutting-edge-cool" than in ensuring customers get good service. Waited 45 mins for burgers, it wasnt v.busy, others got served well ahead and staff person's attitude was really dismissive when we politely inquired. Not o.k.-- it's a mistake for any restaurant to rest on its laurels no matter how good business seems.
The "mostly greens" with tempeh is yumm, so are the pizzas.
Most of the staff are great too, I'll go back if I'm in the area but I wouldn't take guests and I wouldn't make a point of travelling there.

Pros: all veg food, generous portions, style

Cons: variable service, 'attitude'

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A breath of fresh food - Edit

This place is wonderful. Perhaps not the very swiftest staff in the world. Yes, you might well have to wait for and/or share a table. But there is a terrific variety of great food.

I would not strongly recommend the burgers. I've tried the tempeh and lentil burgers, but as another reviewer said: meh. Be more adventuresome. Oh, and check the specials board.

As an American on vacation (er, holiday), I was lucky to even hear about Vegie Bar. I searched Happy Cow for restaurants in Melbourne, and Vegie Bar is in Fitzroy. But Fitzroy is a very, very near suburb -- Veggie Bar is 10 minutes from Melbourne's central business district on the easy-to-find, easy-to-use tram system (route 112).

Do yourself a favor and go there.

Pros: variety, vegan-friendly

Cons: crowded

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meh - Edit

A nice vibe and friendly staff, but the food did not live up to the hype. The tofu burger bun was burned, and the satay needed more kick - either some spice or more acidity - that or the tofu needed more seasoning, because on the whole it was pretty bland. The penne in my husband's pasta had clearly been cooked earlier and just reheated. The pumpkin & tempeh pizza was a creative idea, and the crust and toppings were good, but it came with loads of very bland cheese on it, and it would have been better without any at all. Maybe we just caught them on an extra-busy day - if they slowed down and took a little more care I think this place could be really good.

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Not To Be Missed - Edit

First of all I'm shocked to see a few not so good reviews. I've been eating at the Vegie Bar for 22 years and yes I think in the past there was a bit of attitude from the old manager and some staff, but in last ten years, the service couldn't be better and the staff are very friendly and helpful. For the amount of people that go through this oasis, I'm astounded that they can get the food out so quickly.

I've eaten at veg places all over the world and this is my favourite. It's not a restaurant, it's a cafe, and a fun one at that. The atmosphere is always up and the staff are quick as a flash, the problem is that it's so popular that sometimes it can be impossible to get everyone served straight away, sometimes you might have to wait a couple of minutes, but just sit back and enjoy the atmosphere. Life is not a race.

I never get bored with the Vegie Bar. It's the first place I head for when I get back to Melbourne. Try the Mostly Greens with tempeh and extra satay sauce. Also the menu pizzas, especially the Zen pizza. You could live off one of their burgers a day and only $7.50 Aust, that's about 4.00 Euro for a sit down meal that is huge. Slightly extra for a small bowl of extra satay.

The only meal I've ever not raved about was a curry, many years ago, but I haven't tried it since, so maybe even their curry is OK now.

Love the Vegie Bar, long live the Vegie Bar. I wish I could give a 6 cow rating.

After dinner, go to Bar Open up the road for some great indie music, but beware, the drinks can be expensive.

Pros: Tasty, Nutritious, Reasonably priced

Cons: No WiFi

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Vegie Bar is a bit of a Melbourne institution and I love visiting this place. It has always been really busy every time I've been but the service is also always really fast and friendly. Prices are very reasonable and the food is great, with HEAPS of variety on the menu as well. Definitely worth a visit!

Pros: Variety, Great Food, Reasonbly priced

Cons: Can be hard to get a seat!

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a great lunch! - Edit

i really enjoyed my lunch at the Veggie bar. I had a stirfried dish off the specials board and a tempeh stirfry from the menu. both were great. i was very happy.

Pros: veg food!, location

Cons: i hear it can be hard to get a table, a tad pricey, not too bad.

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SO average - Edit

I have been to Vegie Bar many times being vegan and often hanging around Bruswick St. After the very 1st time I went there, I left disappointed. The staff I encountered have always been icy, the food has always been average. There is a pompous atmosphere in that place and I have not once encountered friendly service. I once waited for about 45 minutes for a lunchtime dish - no one even bothered to let me know it was on its way. I kept giving it "second chances" but I will definitely not be returning.

Pros: On Brunswick St, Good interior

Cons: Average food, Unfriendly staff

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Really disappointing - Edit

We were really excited about Vegie Bar after arriving late in Melbourne one Friday evening. The menu was amazing. Full of great looking dishes of every type. Unfortunately, not one of them turned out to be particularly good. Everything was average - at best. My seitan burger was nothing like it was advertised, and was about 1/4 the size of the bread and drowned in salad. Frozen french fries and a below average smoothie made it an average overall experience. There are MANY better veggie restos in Melbourne... Pizzas were better choice

Pros: selection, atmosphere

Cons: food quality, rushed feeling

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Burgers are better - Edit

These burgers are huge and tasty, and one of the items that has made this place what it is. Good variety on the menu, fresh juices and lots of vegan options. Always busy, and therefore a bit too much noise and movement to be really relaxing. I also feel a little rushed, like they need your table ASAP, which is not pleasant.

Pros: burgers, juice cocktails

Cons: too busy

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