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Contact 407-704-8615

710 N Mills Ave, Orlando, Florida, USA, 32803

Vegan except for jars of honey, this bakery makes all-vegan desserts and baked goods and has a cold case with drinks, cakes, cookies, biscuits. Rotating local artwork displays. Free Wi-Fi. 2015 REPORTED SHUT, WEB AND PHONE NOT WORKING. Open Mon-Thu 11:00am-7:00pm, Fri-Sat 11:00am-8:00pm.

Reviews (23)

First Review by vegtilldeath

Wonderful - Edit

I'm always happy to discover a vegan bakery, and this one did not disappoint.

Thanks to several free sample bites being offered on the countertop, i was able to try about half a dozen different items. The pastries and muffins were excellent — fresh, moist, and very well flavored. The brownie was a little bready for my taste, but still OK. I ended up taking home two muffins and a hamantash.

About half the offerings were gluten-free, but you'd never know it from the taste and texture. Well done!

Their icings are super-sugary, so if that's what you're after you'll be very pleased, but if you prefer less sugar i'd recommend something without icing.

Service was very warm and friendly and i'd return not only for the sweet stuff but also for the good vibes.


Pros: great pastries & muffins, big gluten-free selection, warm and friendly service

Cons: also sells honey, so not totally vegan

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Terrible - Edit

I have been here twice because it is the only vegan bakery in Orlando but have been disappointed every time. The cupcakes are DRY, have no flavor and way too expensive. I really wish they would improve their recipes because it would be nice to have a vegan bakery in Orlando.

Pros: Only vegan bakery in Orlando, FL, Gluten free options

Cons: Not open on Sunday, Not very good, Expensive

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Quaint Bakery In Downtown Orlando - Edit

We recently visited Raphsodic Bakery, the staff was friendly and very informative of the items available. They offer vegan and gluten free options. The day we visited they had a large assortment of cupcakes, cookies, brownies, pastries, and other treats all in a nice bakery display case. They also had a display of some wedding cakes and other cakes that looked quite pretty.

The shop itself is very quaint with a few tables available for seating or they offer to-go options, they are located on a busy street in downtown Orlando, but we did not have a problem finding a parking spot street-side.

The cupcakes and treats we tried were good and they tasted fresh.

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More like a cupcakery, but tasty. - Edit

This is not really a bakery, as they pretty much only have cupcakes. There is quite the variety of cupcakes though, and they run $2.50-3.00 each. I tried the tuxedo, choc peanutbutter, coconut and lemon blueberry, and they were all delicious. Super sugary though. The employees were very nice, asking right off the bat if we had any allergies. We got there about 2:00 pm and there were plenty of cupcakes as well as "day old" boxes for $13.00 each. They also had jam, tea, pound cake and cookie dough. The parking was difficult as they are right on the corner of a busy intersection and it is street parking. They also had tons of books for kids.

Pros: Lots of options, Delicious Cupcakes

Cons: Not much but cupcakes, Street Parking

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Terrible place - Edit

0 of 5 stars. Worst bakery I have eaten at. People there lie about how they make things. Don't think you are getting sugar free or gluten free (all the time). Everything is dry. They cancelled wedding cake last minute. Thankfully, there are other gluten free options in Orlando. The only people that like this place are vegans that choose it because it is all vegan.

Cons: deceitful, barf, staff is threatening

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Can't be Trusted - Edit

I went in there a while back and was told that the gluten-free cupcakes were made with agave. Originally, I was just going in to accompany my friend, since I don't eat sugar. But, when she said agave, I couldn't resist walking out with an entire dozen. After that, every time I was in town, I had to make a stop and get more agave cupcakes. Each time, someone would chat with me about using agave in gluten-free b/c it keeps the cake from falling apart.

A couple of months ago, I went in and asked for an agave cupcake only to be told that they have never used agave in their cupcakes. I told her that it had been a while since I had been in and that perhaps they haven't been using agave since she has been there, but she insisted that she has been working there since the bakery opened and they have never used agave. Very deceitful. I will never return to a place that can't be trusted.

Pros: Great concept, Decor

Cons: Cannot be trusted, Very basic deserts, Nothing special, but pricey

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Sweet vegan desserts - Edit

Stopped in here Sat night. It was empty, but there were plenty of cupcakes made fresh that morning. My beau and I picked out four cupcakes. Mine were gluten free choc "wake up" and "choc/strawberry". My beau got a buttercream and a banana one. They were delicious. My only disappointment was the strawberry was a jelly and not real chunks of strawberry.

Pros: Made fresh daily , Vegan, Gluten-free avail

Cons: Limited street parking

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Disappointment - Edit

I really wanted to like this place.
These people didn't have anything special, normal tasting cupcakes you can get from a box mix. That's fine, but what really ticked me off where the scones.
I never had a scone before, so I was so excited, until I took a bite into it. It was extremely salty. I wasn't sure if scones were supposed to be salty, or maybe I am just imaging the salt excess, so I let my boyfriend try and the grimace said it all. Too salty. Sticky Fingers still holds out for best bakery.

Pros: cupcakes, friendly staff

Cons: not much variety, salty scones, expensive

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From "Must Go" to "Don't Bother" - Edit

Raphsodic used to be my favorite bakery in town but they have quickly become a place that I make sure everyone avoids.

I first visited Raphsodic a few months ago with my husband and had a fantastic experience. The young man behind the counter, while quiet, was extremely helpful and knowledgable about all the products in the store. Even while the bakery was busy he made time to make sure to ask if we were ok or if we needed more water. The next time we visited he remembered both our names and was very personable. We had a long conversation with him while he was cleaning and doing other things. It felt less like being in a bakery and more like being in someone's home. It was an experience that made us excited to return.

In April my husband and I found the bakery's booth at EarthDayCF and we were both disappointed that the booth was run by a large man claiming to be the CFO. I'm not sure why a place that claims to be a small locally owned bakery needs a Chief Financial Officer but this man knew absolute nothing about anything he was selling and gave us bad information about their gluten free products (my husband has celiac disease)

Since then neither my husband or I have seen the young man that consistently gave us such fantastic service.

Now when we go to the bakery we open the door to loud techno music and the saccharin sweet greetings of a young lady that reminds me of nearly every clothing store in malls today. Each time we're greeted and asked if this is our first time in the bakery, we try to order a cupcake and immediately we are offered a box of old cupcakes, we decline, we repeat our order, then we are asked if we would like a drink, we decline, and then we are asked about our plans for the day as if we are interested in telling her.

We also experienced her flat out lying to us claiming to have a gluten allergy one week and telling us she has the items with gluten all the time.

From stale cupcakes, dirty tables, little flies buzzing around, and pushy salespeople that become inattentive and play with their phones as soon as you give them your money. I've never seen a place go downhill so quickly.

My husband and I won't be going back to Raphsodic Bakery any time soon and we suggest anyone reading do themselves a favor by staying far away from this place.

Cons: Obnoxious employees, Old/Dry cupcakes, Loud music and commotion from the bakery

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vegandeb 07 Nov 2012 - I had a similar experience. These people can not be trusted. I only ate the cupcakes because they were gluten free, but I can make way better at home... without having a celiac's attack.

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Great cupcakes! - Edit

Great cupcakes! We were from out of town and the owner was super friendly! She's very passionate about veganism and we had a fun chat about it. I had a blueberry cupcake that was outstanding! And the tea was awesome. A great find in Orlando!

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Couldn't possibly be any better---SO WONDERFUL - Edit

We went there 3 days in a row, overkill--I think not. We loved every bite of every item. We had cupcakes, cookies, cheesecake. We stopped before our flight out of Orlando to take treats with us on the plane. We loved this place, it was so delicious. the cashier (also from colorado) was sweet and helped us pick such wonderful treats. If we lived in downtown orlando this would be a daily stop for us.

Pros: delicious, great selection, good prices

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Worth the Search - Edit

You have to know about this place to find it. There's no sign out front. I didn't even notice the name "Raphsodic" on the window's low-key lettering. It says "bakery" but no mention of it being vegan. Stealth vegan baked goods, I suppose.

The Hostess-looking vegan chocolate cupcake made it worth the trip. Out-of-this-world delicious! They had coffee (iced and hot) but it was nothing to write home about. I was impressed that they had soy and a few other choices of non-dairy milks to use for creamer. That said, I found it terribly disappointing they didn't serve espresso drinks. An iced soy latte would go great with their desserts.

Other than the baked goods, what makes this place so wonderful is the people. It has a wonderful, warm atmosphere. It's the kind of place you would love to go to day after day because just walking in there puts you in a good mood.

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Yummy! - Edit

I have egg, dairy, and gluten allergies. Vegan desserts are easier to find now, but finding gluten-free and vegan is difficult. Vegan, gluten-free and delicious is a rare find indeed. But Rhapsodic has a full selection of gluten-free cupcakes that were every bit as moist and rich as traditional cupcakes (from what I remember of them). The desserts are made with blue agave nectar, which, while still being sugar, is certainly more healthful than refined sugars. I tried the Chai, Chocolate, and Red Velvet cupcakes. All three were yummy and delicious, but Chai was the best. It had a gingerbread taste to it. I brought along friends who eat egg and dairy and they found the cupcakes and cheesecakes to be every bit as good as the non-vegan versions, if not better. I took a bite of my boyfriend's chocolate cheesecake even though I knew it had some gluten in it. That's how seductive the sweets are. The taste was unlike anything I've tasted before, which is a testament to the chef's creativity. I don't think vegan foods should necessarily strive to imitate non-vegan foods, but be their own unique creation. I highly recommend this place.

Pros: gluten-free options, delicious sweets, friendly staff

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Has Potential - Edit

Ok first. This isn't really a bakery. It's mostly just sweets. I didn't see any bread and if there was any then it was well hidden. There cookies are good. Cupcakes and most other pastries are pretty dry but have a pretty good taste. Icing are great. They can work on their menu, display, drink selection (soy milk is all you got for all those sweets [in terms of dairy alternatives]??).

Pros: Great Icings , Great Fillings, Has plenty of potential

Cons: Can be dry, Doesn't feel like a bakery, Pricey

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The BEST vegan/GF baked goods!! - Edit

This is for anyone who thinks that just because it's vegan and gluten free it must be dry and rubbery. Here is the place for you to see just how great vegan/GF baked goods can be. YUM!!!

Pros: Taste, Texture, Smell

Cons: Location, Needs more locations

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A m a z i n g ! - Edit

This place is my refuge. It's always full of warm people & smiling faces. The cupcakes are TO DIE FOR! I was introduced to this lovely little place by my best friend - who bought me a birthday cake from Raphsodic. I have been hooked every since. I go several times a week to get my fix. They have sooo many tasty treats - vegan pies, cakes, cheesecakes, tarts, muffins, scones, soda bread (and obviously cupcakes). They also have some raw desserts which are amazing!! This place is also especially neat because of the unusal flavors offered. There is a suggestion box for any free thinkers out there to come up with cool new flavors. There are always exciting new flavors with a unique variety (including rarities like cardamom & rosewater). This place is everything anyone could ask for & more. I'm so grateful to my best friend for making me aware of such a place. Every time I take a trip over to RCC, I'm never disappointed - and I always leave smiling. Love, love, love this place!

Pros: Delicious, Delicious, Delicious

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Euphoric! Wonderful staff! - Edit

I put on pounds thinking about the cupcakes. Pina Colada, Toasted Coconut and Carrot Cake Jam Filled are my favorites this week. The herbed soda bread is so flavorful. Cookies, assorted brownies, cakes, zucchini bread, cupcakes (not tiny ones). Changes daily. Can't get enough. The best icing. Doesn't melt quickly. Future plans are to expand, bake more breads and serve fresh soups and sandwiches!

Pros: friendly staff, delicious, fair pricing/wifi

Cons: parking can be tricky

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