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1522 1st Ave (at Upper East Side, Manhattan), New York City, New York, USA, 10021

Opened Oct 2010, an intimate organic wine bar and vegan bistro. Serving vegan tapas, organic wine and beer, full menus, and brunch on weekends. Seats up to 40 guests. Live classical Spanish guitar every first Friday evening of the month from 7:30pm. Founded by the owner of Blossom and Cafe Blossom in NYC. SHUT Oct 2015.

Categories: Vegan, American, Organic, Beer/Wine, Delivery, Fusion

38 Reviews

First Review by JohnnySensible


Contributions +158

03 Aug 2015

Beautiful Vegan Symphony - Edit

My husband and I visited V Note to celebrate our wedding anniversary. It had the perfect ambiance for such a special occasion. The food was truly outstanding; my husband kept raving about his meal to our server. For apps we highly recommend the black eyed pea cake and the cod cakes. For an entree try anything with seitan, and the tiramisu is an excellent dessert choice. Though the prices are high (this is the Upper East Side after all), the portions are large and the vegan fare is truly outstanding. The service is excellent. Definitely highly recommend-V Note hits all the right notes and receives a standing ovation!

Pros: Delicious Vegan Offerings, Beautiful Ambiance, Friendly Service

Cons: Price

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11 Jul 2015

Outstanding - Edit

This one is high class vegan dining. They have very delicious outstanding meals on their menu and they taste very great.

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16 Jun 2015


This place was FAN-TASTIC!

Really really good food here.

THE MOST AMAZING SALSA! It was so good that I ended up buying a bottle to take home!

Pros: Salsa, Empanada, Price

Cons: Waitress was a little out of it, Cash Only but no biggie

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Contributions +90

06 Jun 2015

stuffed with delights! - Edit

Vegan breakfast served all day long?! You had me at French toast! We tried a few fresh juices (great!), appetizers (particularly loved the black eyed pea cake), pancakes and f.t. (Both topped with fresh fruit), "bacon cheeseburger" to satisfy a craving, and a tofu salmon with broccolini dish. Everything was delicious and the quality was extremely high. The desserts knocked it out of the park! Thanks V Note! We would love to come back!

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Contributions +229

04 Mar 2015

Under-mentioned in NYC vegan community - Edit

Probably due to its uptown location- away from the vegan hipsters of the LES and the boroughs- V Note is not often mentioned in the top vegan restaurants in NYC, but this restaurant is seriously awesome.

Great for larger parties or couples, the food here is diverse enough that you can get a salad with tons of veggies and other vegan options not usually available or hearty dishes with meat alternatives. Definitely get appetizers. Also a pretty jazzy wine selection. Make a reservation on weekends- and try asking if the couch table is available, it can be fun to sit there.

Pros: diverse options, fun atmosphere, wine

Cons: more expensive

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Contributions +122

10 Feb 2015

Vegan Gourmet - Edit

V Note is one of my favorite restaurants. I've eaten here many times, most recently in January 2015. I like the balance - it's not just tofu (as are some vegan restaurants), but many protein options - tempeh, seitan, beans, etc. The South of the Border salad is excellent and quite large. Of the entrees, my favorites are Seitan Cordon Bleu and the Seitan Peppercorn Medallions. The lasagna is OK, but not as special as some of the other dishes. For people with nut allergies, they indicate dishes with nuts (why can't all restaurants do this?). They also have an excellent selection of vegan and organic beers/wines. Service has always been superb, and the decor is very pleasant. This is a great place for a special occasion.

Pros: Excellent food, Good selection of beer/wine, Decent prices (for upper east side)

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Contributions +124

29 Jan 2015

Best. Restaurant. Ever. - Edit

Okay, I'm a bit pre-occupied here. It was our pre-proposal dinner and I already knew something was up, so it was very special to me.

We had three courses, I had a lentil soup, a "Wiener Schnitzel" and potato salad, some quinoa and for dessert the best peanut butter chocolate ganache cake in the world. It was d-i-v-i-n-e. I'm so sad I won't make it there anymore again in my life, but the memory of this perfect little calorie bomb will stay forever.

The wine is also amazing.

So, if you visit New York City: GO HERE! It's not too big, but still very modern and lovely!

Pros: perfect dessert, lots of choices, nice wine

Cons: a bit small

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Contributions +38

13 Oct 2014

Very Nice - Edit

Great luncheon spot

Pros: Great Starters, Nice Selection, Pleasant Service

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Contributions +3259

27 Aug 2014

Mediocre food, totally not worth the price - Edit

I've had better food from a cart. That's my honest feeling about this fancy-pants restaurant.

If I'm going to go out for a nice dinner and spend a lot of money, the food should be amazing. Here, that just wasn't the case.

I had the barbecue tempeh, and the tempeh wasn't good at all. The sides were better than the main course. The milkshake was better than the sides.

My girlfriend felt the same. Mediocre food, saved by the milkshake.

The saving quality was the friendly service.

Pros: All vegan

Cons: Overpriced for half-decent food

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Contributions +278

Mostly Vegetarian
05 Aug 2014

Amazing food, a bad mishap - Edit

I came with high expectations, I was looking forward to some gourmet vegan dining after being in other cities with the more typical grain-and-veggie-stew fare, and I was not disappointed. I ordered the Pistachio & Pepper Dusted Tofu and it was scrumptious, the lemon truffle emulsion adding such a nice flavor. My spouse - how could he with so many exciting, different, menu items? - ordered the lasagna. It was good but he didn't seem as excited as I was. Well, that's what you get for ordering something that lots of places make. We had two amazing desserts: the cheesecake and the Tiramisu. Sooo good! I often skip dessert, because it has to be really special to go for it. Even vegan has calories (they do use sugar, and the tiramisu was made with coconut cream). These were worth every calorie. But the mishap - oh boy! The tables for two are close together. A woman at the table next to me knocked over her wine glass - it would be red wine - and it splashed all over me, staining my cream color cardigan, a salmon colored top, my pants, my spouse's shirt. What a mess! The waitress tried to find a laundry stick, but couldn't, so she brought me a bottle of sparkling water, which I did enjoy drinking the rest of after trying to use the non-absorbent cloth napkin and then some paper towels to clean my clothes, but there were too many stains and I didn't feel like being so wet, and it didn't work, anyway. So I gave up until I got home and worked very hard at getting most of the stains out, but I still have a stubborn spot on my cardigan. The waitress offered us a dessert on the house (which is why we had two instead of a shared dessert), but they should have offered some greater compensation for having my clothes almost ruined, and no guarantee that I wouldn't have a rather expensive loss. True, the restaurant isn't the one who knocked over the wine, but I still think that they should take some responsibility for their customers' clumsiness. I won't let it ruin my review of the food. The ambiance was also pleasant, with some live music part of the time.

Pros: amazing food, fantastic desserts

Cons: don't sit near someone with red wine

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Contributions +140

07 Jun 2014

Upscale dining, great setting , delicious food - Edit

A lovely experience - the decor and live music added to the experience. The food is great quality (as are Candle 79 and Candle Cafe West). I think I slightly preferred the food at Candle Cafe, however it was still delicious. It is a more upscale experience in a lovely setting. I would recommend this place.

Pros: Setting, Live music, Quality food

Cons: Food not quite as good as candle cafe

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Contributions +113

20 Apr 2014

A little hit or miss - Edit

I have to say I had great expectations coming here. I liked the space and the service quite a bit. The entrée, however, was very disappointing. I ordered the Seitan Schnitzel and I can honestly say I can throw that together myself in no time. Overall, and for me that is a deal breaker, it lacked taste (blueberry reduction had none worth mentioning) and spicing. For the main course I ordered the Pistachio & Pepper Dusted Tofu which was a different story altogether. Spectacular would be my choice of word for that dish. The lemon truffle emulsion was amazing and the perfect combination with the crepe. Here, too, there is a "but". The portion was tiny which I was quite peeved at considering the prices. The next day I tried Café Blossom and given the choice, I am sorry to say, I would definitely go there instead.

Pros: Lovely service, When it's good, it's GOOD

Cons: A pain to get to with public transp., Small portions for the price, Some dishes not as good as others

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Contributions +94

30 Mar 2014

Great Birthday Dinner - Edit

I treated myself to V-note for my birthday when I was visiting New York City last year. I had purchased a Groupon so I got to enjoy more delicious food at a great price. The waitress suggested the pumpkin and sweet potato gnocchi which I enjoyed, but was my least favorite part of the meal. I also had a wonderful salad. But the highlight of the meal was the seitan medallions in peppercorn sauce. Heavenly! I look forward to returning to try something else or maybe just order those seitan medallions again. It is a small intimate restaurant, but the noise level is rather high. It was fine until two women were seated next to me and engaged in an unusually loud conversation. It did detract from the meal. Luckily the food was good enough to overcome even those annoying women. I was so full that I did not try the desserts so I cannot comment on those.

Pros: Delicious food, Peppercorn medallions

Cons: Noisy, Close tables

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Contributions +89

28 Feb 2014

Great food - Edit

Went here last week. Absolutely delightful staff who were bright and attentive. It's a really extensive menu and I can highly recommend the mushroom phylo cigars. The chocolate ganache pudding was a real treat.

Pros: All vegan, Great staff, Reasonable prices

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Contributions +20

04 Feb 2014

One of the Best Brunches Ever - Edit

I went here for brunch with my mom who was visiting from out of town. We immediately loved the atmosphere and the staff was very friendly. It was cute and cozy, but not too crowded or loud. I got the tofu scramble +vegan french toast and vegan sausage. I loved all of it. The french toast was one of the best I've had and the three together were the perfect combination. My mom got their pancakes and home fries, I believe….and I had a bite of each and they were delicious.

Now it wasn't cheap by any means, but I felt it was worth it for the quality and taste of the food plus the great wait staff.

Will be back again soon with my next guest! Definitely worth the trip up to the UES.

Pros: Delicious, Wonderful atmosphere, Great wait staff

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Contributions +225

28 Jan 2014

pleasant vegan dining - Edit

Satisfying menu, nice atmosphere, almost romantic.

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Contributions +50

23 Dec 2013

Love it! - Edit

Been here 4-5 times. The seitan dishes are wonderful. You are getting gourmet for non-gourmet prices. I like V-Note better than Candle 79! The only better vegan restaurant I have been to is in Charlotte, NC and it is called Fern. Fern blows everything else away still!

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Contributions +1344

21 Oct 2013

Upscale vegan - Edit

We had dinner here the other night. The layout was unique, with two quarter round tables that made for an odd seating arrangement. With the relatively high noise level, the two person musical accompaniment made conversation even harder. The live music did not add to our dinner, although it by itself was fine and others may enjoy it more.

We had the Seitan cordon bleu, which was excellent. The creamy 3 mushroom risotto's flavor was slightly off. The drunken fruit parfait was a little watery and bland. The peaches did not have much flavor. The tiramisu came in a parfait cup, and was less in quantity than I would expect, but it was delicious. Aside from these quibbles, dinner was very enjoyable.

The gluten free menu had plentiful entree choices, but only one dessert and one appetizer possible.

We enjoyed this interesting addition to New York's vegan restaurants. Having traveled elsewhere in the US, I know we are really spoiled with the eating possibilities here.

Pros: organic & vegan, gluten free menus available

Cons: noise level

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Contributions +27

20 Oct 2012

Delicious, & well worth it! - Edit

I am in NYC for an event. Today I went to two museums, & at around 6pm I was very hungry from all the walking. I had already planned to try V Note, as it is close to my apartment rental.
Overall, V Note is great. It is a small restaurant with good taste. To drink, I had an Earl Grey tea. You really can't go wrong with that. I ate the Cape Cod cakes for an appetizer. They were absolutely delicious, & really do taste like crab cakes (minus the fishiness & cruelty). It was actually very filling. As an entree I had the Mushroom Ravioli, which come in a creamy sauce & are also stuffed with lentils. The pasta looked freshly made, & it was very flavorful. The only complaint I had about all the food, was that it was really salty. I suggest you ask for less salt. Other than that, it exceeded my expectations. For dessert, I took a tiramisu to go. I'm eating it right now, & it's good compared to other vegan tiramisus I've eaten. It's a little rich in texture, but a good way to satisfy a sweet tooth.
The prices are moderately expensive in my opinion, not too shocking, and are well worth it.
The decor was fashionable, with dimmed lighting and abstract paintings; and they played oldies music which I personally enjoy. The waiter was very kind, with a good personality as well.
For any of you who live/drive in the city, there is no parking space in front.
Overall, I enjoyed V Note very much. I will most probably return if I visit NYC again.
Have a great day everyone!

Pros: Flavorful & fresh food, Kind/ friendly staff, Nice ambience

Cons: Salty food (not the same as flavorful)

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Contributions +245

14 Oct 2012

Trendy, delicious and humane - Edit

Completely vegan in uptown NY. Offers a fabulous Sunday Brunch, which we mistakenly thought started at 11 am -- it starts at noon. They graciously allowed us to wait inside - out of the rain - at 11:45 when we arrived. My beau had a vegan breakfast of tofu scramble, vegan sausages and french toast. I had tomato soup and grilled soy cheese. It all tasted heavenly and fueled us for our day of tourism in Manhattan.

Pros: Vegan, Wine bar, Delicious

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Contributions +2352

12 Sep 2012

Neat trendy vegans spot with great wine - Edit

We walked here from our hotel upon arriving in NYC. The atmosphere and decor are wonderful. It really feels like walking into a small speakeasy type restaurant on the streets of europe. Unfortunately, most of the dishes are cooked in earth balance. We were only able to eat steamed zucchini & kale & drink wine, but were happy to enjoy the place.

Pros: atmosphere, wine

Cons: oil in rice/quinoa

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Contributions +63

29 Aug 2012

One of the best vegan restaurants in NYC! - Edit

The food is great, the atmosphere is great and the staff is very friendly and knowledgable. Since we had such a good experience we went there for lunch soon after and it was really good as well, especially their smoothies.
Try the Lentil Rings, Waldorf Salad, Medallions au Poivre, Seitan Piccata. The Pistachio & Pepper Dusted Tofu is always a good choice in any of the Blossom restaurants/cafe's. Portions are generous.

Pros: Great vegan food, friendly staff, good atmosphere

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Contributions +53

24 Jul 2012

Scrumptious! - Edit

My friends and I have dined at V-note multiple times and each time, the food and service have been fantastic. The atmosphere is cozy, great wine and food selections and they have an extensive gluten-free menu, too. My omnivore friends have eaten here and love it, and it's wonderful to share that compassionate food choices don't taste bland, but they taste incredible. Plus, it's great that the entire restaurant has a conscience, has eco-practices, and supports/promotes the farm sanctuary.

Pros: wonderful food, great wine selection, friendly staff

Cons: none

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Contributions +81

06 Mar 2012

yummy seitan medallions! - Edit

They have a nice wine list, lots of seitan on the menu (my favorite meat alternative) and a delicious "chicken" ceasar salad. Some of the items on the menu are a little bit inventive for my taste--the msuchroom and tempeh "cigars" come with pomagranate seeds on top (not a flavor that is appealing to me.) The ambiance is a little dark, but the food and service are excellent.

Pros: Great menu , Great wine list, Friendly staff

Cons: Dark walls, Some tables a little close together, The dessert menu could be improved upon

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Contributions +82

04 Feb 2012

Delicious sammiches! - Edit

I went to V-Note for lunch and had the southern seitan sammich and it was amazing. I still dream about it. My (non-vegan) boyfriend had the curried unchicken salad which he thoroughly enjoyed. I actually wound up liking V-Note way more than Blossom.

Pros: excellent food, friendly staff, nice atmosphere

Cons: little pricey

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Contributions +58

20 Nov 2011

I would eat there every week. - Edit

I am totally addicted to the Caesar Salad there, it is the best I've ever had! I like the place/decoration very much, but I am not the only one: in the past few months the restaurant has been getting very busy, and reservation is strongly suggested. Their dishes are well elaborated and very very tasty! It is not cheap, but it is worth every penny.
If you have space in your tummy, do order dessert - they are awesome!

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Contributions +721

12 Nov 2011

Delicious brunch - Edit

V Note has great service and serves the best scrambled tofu. Delicious vegan brunch that left us satisfied and full of energy. Definitely recommended.

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