One of several branches, this one est. 2016 inside the mall. One of several branches, this one est. 2018 inside the mall. Offers vegan bento sets and variety of sweets and baked goods. Subway access at Nakasu Kawabata station. Open Mon-Tue 10:00am-7:00pm, Wed-Sun 10:00am-5:00pm.

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First Review by Chelmi


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02 Jan 2024

Beautiful, traditional meal

I ended up going here a couple of times for lunch. The food tasted great and was presented well. The staff were friendly and helpful. Definitely worth a visit.

Pros: Tasty food, Friendly staff, Inexpensive set meal



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12 Dec 2023

Delicious and wonderful service

The food was beautifully presented and tasted great. There’s a very small menu but it’s worth it. Good price as well. I had lunch two days in a row and had the set meal each time (2 different ones). Each part of the meal was simple, but tasted divine. The home made tofu was unbelievable. The staff are lovely.

Pros: All vegan, Good price, Delicious and simple food

Cons: Hours seem to vary a little.


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17 Oct 2023

Healthy Japanese Vegan Food

In the Riverain mall, this small shop seats a handful of diners. It was full when we arrived but they sell takeaway bento boxes which we happily purchased.

The food was great and we enjoyed it sitting in a nearby park.

There are not a ton of fully vegan options in Fukuoka but Evah is a great option if you are seeing sites and want to take something with you.

Pros: Healthy, Good value, Tasty

Cons: Limited seating


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30 Sep 2023

Great pricing for take-away meals

Full menu and desserts available.
Multiple options for take-away bentos, also available to eat in store heated up.

I had two bento boxes for dine-in, they were top notch and affordable. ¥500-¥700 each

Spacious seating as well.

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-30

Pros: Healthy bento boxes, Helpful staff, Affordable


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28 Aug 2023

The bento 🔥

Had the vegan bento … good eating


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24 Jul 2023

Awesome vegan Bento!

Fully vegan place where you can get amazing bento for an even greater price! It is just behind the mister donut store in a alley on the station

Pros: Amazing food, Cheap, Easy to take with you

Cons: Plastic, paper bag would be nice


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01 Jul 2023

Great vegan bento!

This place offers a variety of vegan bento boxes, the price was fair and the food was very yummy!!

Pros: Good portions, Good price, Good food


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26 Jun 2023

Great Japanese breakfast

Don’t overthink it and get the big mixed plate., it’s all you need! Everything on it is great and their miso is wonderful.


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12 Jun 2023

healthy obento

they had a nice vegan obento and even some chocolate cake as a desert


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02 May 2023

It was okay

Their menu changes a lot from what I can see, but the menu they had when I went wasn't that great to be honestly. It was okay but nothing to write home about


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28 Apr 2023

Nice vegan set lunch

I had the rice bowl set which came with big bowl of miso soup. English menu available.


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13 Apr 2023

Wholesome, homemade, filling

It was a very clean restaurant, the staff was lovely and the food is super tasty! Since it is macrobiotic it digests well too! On the first floor so very easy to find.

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-13

Pros: Macrobiotic and healthy, English menu, Good variety of vegan food


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Mostly Veg
24 Mar 2023

The brown rice balls were delicious!

Good place to eat alone. The brown rice balls were delicious!


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03 Mar 2023

Vegan lunch

Lovely meal.
I'd definitely recommend the rosemary soda.

I might go back later in the week to try the bento boxes.

Pros: Vegan


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19 Jan 2023

Great restaurant

It was easy to find in the mall, on the first floor. Clean and simple designed restaurant. The food came out pretty quickly and was delicious. The menu is fully vegan and the portions were enough to fill our bellies.

We enjoyed seeing a kids menu and my little one loves the fried gluten from my set meal.
They have a separate English menu (thank you!) but the kids menu is on the Japanese menu with three smaller meal options. #Veganuary

Pros: Well designed meals, Vegan kids menu, Tasty food


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30 Dec 2022

Fast and good

Was in the shopping Centre near my hotel and easy to find. Ordered the Evah with veg hamburger and 2 types of rice. The homemade tofu was wonderful. Very enjoyable

Updated from previous review on 2022-12-28

Pros: Lots of options, Good service, Flavourful


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22 Dec 2020

Nice place

Fully vegan macrobiotic cafe, serving simple, healthy Japanese food. I had the omiotsuke plate, that included a choice of soup (both miso based, with different vegetables), soft tofu and rice (either plain or onigiri). They also have taco rice (with gluten-based meat), coconut curry or quiche as lunch options. The menu is in Japanese, but has pictures in it and the staff is very nice and they speak English.

Pros: Simple, healthy, tasty food

Cons: Could have more vegetable (includes lot of rice)


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16 Feb 2020

Nice vegan cafe

It is hard to find vegan food in Fukuoka, so Evah Dining is really a gem. Restaurant staff is polite and the food is really quite yummy. They also have a selection of vegan cakes/ scones. Besides the restaurant, you can find take out bento kiosk at Hakata station.


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24 Jan 2020

Great selection of vegan bento

We got a few delicious vegan bento here for our trip to Osaka. Plenty of variety without the hassle of questioning ekibento staff about what's in each box. They were busy so get in early if you want to have a decent choice of bento.

Pros: Loads of bento options.

Cons: None.


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05 Dec 2019

Nice and easy~

Been here twice, tried the vegan bagel set. ‘Twas a yummy bagel! Also the katsu sando. Very good, will be back for more!

Pros: hassle free all vegan menu (with pics!), staff are polite, yum!

Cons: none really


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28 Nov 2019

Excellent vegan deli!

Good selection of bento boxes of various sizes. Really delicious and very reasonable prices. All vegan so no stress!

Pros: Lots of options, take out and eat in, vegan sweets, vegan meals, reasonably priced

Cons: Sometimes sell out of bento boxes by early evening, closes early


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15 Nov 2019

Yummy and kind

Staff don’t really speak English but super nice and we had no issue ordering food plus it was super yummy and heaps of bento boxes and sweets


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12 Nov 2019

Rare vegan restaurant in Fukuoka

I ordered their "dinner plate" and every dish was downright delicious. The staff didn't seem to know much English, but we figured it out together--they were all so lovely! You get a lot of food for the price.


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13 Oct 2019


The meals here are good - just like their bento boxes. Definitely worth a visit if you're nearby.

Updated from previous review on 2019-10-13

Pros: good menu options, close to the Tenjin area


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18 Aug 2019

Good relation between price and amount

We got a japanese plate with brown rice, soup and several other vegetables for 1000Y. The food is quit good but tends to be more average. Anyway, I didn't regret trying this one.


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11 Aug 2019

Flagship Restaurant of Vegan Chain in Fukuoka

Read more in this vegan Fukuoka guide:

This place in Hakata Riverain shopping center (博多リバレインモール) is Each Dining’s main restaurant. You can get here by going to the Nakasukawabata Station.

For lunch set, it comes with a main dish (I chose the ‘oyster’ which is made with tofu, mushroom, etc), side dishes, salad, miso soup and rice. All the dishes are well made. Healthy and delicious.

This katsu cutlet sandwich uses a Japanese wheat gluten roll called fu. It has a soft chewy texture, but it’s deep fried like a cutlet. With the teriyaki sauce and cabbage, it is a filling and tasty option apart from the lunch set.

They also serve desserts like muffins or some seasonal items. The muffin is pretty healthy but it’s not dry. And the dessert cup has soy cream, sweet red bean, rice mochi, banana slices, jelly, and topped with matcha syrup. However, the dessert cup is a seasonal item.

If you come in closer to their closing time, they may have discounts on their takeaway bento boxes. During one of the visits, the bento boxes were discounted by 50%.

Pros: Good vegan food, Relaxing Environment, Friendly Staff


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Mostly Veg
26 May 2019

Great bagel

I’m here now enjoying the Bagel filled with potatoes and “mayonnaise”. Delicious.
Photo uploaded.
BTW: the place is opened on Sunday, unlike what’s written here.

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