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Prinsengracht 60-62, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Nice but pricy

23 Jun 2012

I had a soup and a salad lunch. For a lunch in an informal place like this I found it pretty expensive. Portions were good enough as well as taste, but nothing special. Service, music and cat were all good.

Kulmavuorenkatu 2, Helsinki, Finland

Salty, but not so tasty disappointment

30 Apr 2011

Artesana serves a school dinner like lunch buffet, with a lot of salt and zero spices. I would definitely not take a sceptic carnivore here! The salads where ok, but as I went there two days in a row, I found a yesterday's salad being served as a warm food the next day... yammy! All of us 3 got stomach issues from the food. The athmosphere and service was not what I expected in a cheap vegan place in Sörkka...

Annankatu 29, Helsinki, Finland

An experience

04 Oct 2010

This is the cheapest option to get full with a good curry tofu. The only place in Helsinki you can get hot food for real! (Unless they forget the chili out, which does happen, especially if you dine with someone who takes the mild option) The place is famous for it's extraordinary service, can be good, can be bad, but always efficient! The place is small and crowded, not stylish, but the atmosphere is nice. Absolutely recommendable!

Schauenburger Street 49, Hamburg-Altstadt, Hamburg, Germany

Suits, cheese and fresh salads.

24 Jun 2012

A bit too much business like for me, but good if vegetarian food is becoming mainstream. The buffet had a lot of options, unfortunately most of it was not vegan, a lot of cheese and cream, even eggs used. For vegans the warm food options were very poor. Also most food seemed to incl. sugar... 12 euros for the all you can eat buffet at lunch is a bit pricy, but its very central and the food was fresh and tasty. English was not spoken unlike happy.cow states.
If they had more vegan options I'd definitely give more cows than 3.

Centro Comercial Avenida, Avenida Sa da Bandeira 2 piso, Coimbra, Portugal

Shanti Cafe

29 Jul 2014

Nearby an old shopping centre called Galerias. Then you walk to the 2. floor (or 3. if you count the ground floor) and there you have the restaurant.

This is a hilarious place. The location and deco combined with fancy music and the service, this place has to be experienced. It was totally empty when we arrived for dinner, only one small group arrived later on. English was not spoken until the chef arrived, but they tried their best to communicate. The place is pretty Portuguese anyways with traditional starter soup and very basic salad. Portions were quite small. We had 3 different dishes, one of them I really found very much like school food, two were good. Dessert was great. Everything was vegan.
[edit by staff]

Vaasankatu 6, Helsinki, Finland


30 Apr 2011

A hippie like athmosphere, where not everybody can fit inside to wait at rush hours. The fillings are good and mainly vegan, but what I never stop wondering is the usage of "Vaasan ruispalat" which is like the cheapest bread in the country. Am waiting they will one day upgrade to some real, maybe more local bread as the price would already indicate... In the meanwhile it is what it should be.

Francisco I. Madero 56, Centro Historico, Del. Cuauhtemoc, Mexico City, Mexico


04 May 2011

This place was a night mare... Nobody spoke English and after a phrase book based explaining I gave the guy my vegan passport to read, which made his face lighten a bit - with the result that he suggested some dairy for me to eat... Finally I did manage to order something that was the worst I have ever eaten in a vegetarian place. Also my non-vegetarian companion was disappointed with his portion. The juice was good, the location nice and prices low. Might be good for a drink, but not for food.

Rue des Chartreux 66, Brussels, Belgium

Too small portions!

23 Jun 2012

For a lunch I found the place expensive. The plates were very small, more like starter size. Ingredients were obviously of good quality but the result a bit tasteless. Service was nice and chilled, but after all I left disappointed and still hungry.

2, Derb Zawak, Riad Zitoun Kedim, Medina, Marrakech, Morocco

Nice but lame.

25 Jan 2014

After way too many tajines, it is refreshing that this restaurant has something else in their menu! The portions look lovely and have some idea. But it doesn't matter what you choose because it seems they all taste exactly the same, a little lame. Someone described it earthy, I definitely had the same experience. For a double price compared to the nearby places I would expect the portion not to be half the size though... Generally I like the place and would recommend it, but I have had better food.

Grazbachgasse 33, Steiermark, Graz, Austria

also raw

04 Oct 2010

Ginko is maybe not the most romantic dine option, but the food is excellent, mainly vegan including raw options in the form of a good salad selection. Prices are very reasonable, service (in english) and atmosphere also great. No complaints at all!

Calçada do Sacramento 36, Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

A big yes for lunch, a no no for dinner!

29 Jul 2014

Everything was vegan excluding one yoghurt dressing. Food was awesome and there was a lot of options. I have etaen there 5 times and the starters were always the same, warm food varied very little. The dinner was a big disappointment as most of the food was finished already and they weren't making more even it was 2 hours to the closing time. I would only go for lunch.
Updated from previous review on Saturday April 30, 2011

Vaasankatu 15, Helsinki, Finland

Friendly but failed falafel

03 Sep 2014

First time I had a falafel burger, which was a mistake. My companion with a pita bread thing was much happier with his choice. I went again and had the meze plate, which was good! Service was super super nice, lots of vegan options from a separate vegan menu and venue is alright even for eating there, outdoor seating at summer. Opening hours are not reliable though, last time I went they had closed 2 hours in advance!

5 El-Sayed el-Bakri St, Cairo, Egypt

Not a good option for vegans!

04 Oct 2010

L'Aubergine is not a good option for a vegan at least. I ate an over priced lentil soup as there wasn't much options. Also all of us were disappointed with the quality and size of the dishes, also the non-vegs. In Cairo any traditional restaurant is a better option for a vegan/vegetarian, which makes me wonder why this is even listed here...

Eulenstrasse 38, Hamburg, Germany

Finally some fine food!

23 Jun 2012

The food was well thought, tasty, interesting and beautifully set. The prices are a bit high, but for a good reason. Wine was also good. Actually the first time I get to have a bit of a fine dine feeling with vegan food in Europe. The portions are according to that. I recommend taking a menu if you don't wanna leave hungry. All in all - very good job!

Ferenciek tere 2, Budapest, Hungary


04 Oct 2010

Absolutely one of the best vegan restaurants I'v been to! The menu is good, salad buffet available and the service (in English) was very good! Prices good even from a hitchhiker's point of view. All dishes were big and beautifully done. The setting is a little boring, but cosy and more with an evening fine dine feeling.

Annankatu 29 B, Helsinki, Finland

A nice, fresh lunch

07 May 2016

An alright lunch buffet from the pricier end. Food is good, some of it with indian vibes. Food seems to be made from fresh quality ingredients unlike in so many places around. I wish they just went vegan, since it's not far from it, but now you need to check with the staff. The place is very popular, so go early enough in order to fit in!

Siltasaarenkatu 3-5, Helsinki, Finland

The best place for vegans in Helsinki

05 Jun 2014

Good sized portions, reasonable pricing, friendly service, beautifully served food from fresh ingredients. Great chilli sauce to add! Maybe a little slow, but I'm willing to wait if it's prepared from scratch. Broad menu. The place is a little hidden, didn't find it at all when it was closed, the a-stand during opening hours will help. Venue is not so amazing, but sympathetic.

20, Rue Laalouj - Place El Khayma, Essaouira, Morocco

I struggled not to cry...

25 Jan 2014

The place is a sympathetic one man business, but despite the fresh ingredients and an hour long waiting, the food was absolutely tasteless. Moroccan cuisine in general is nothing for spice lovers, but usually the food is edible with some milder tastes. This one was just horrible. Unless you really really love the taste of over cooked carrots and plain couscous, I strongly recommend anything else but this.

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