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Toinen linja 7, Helsinki, Finland,

Buffet and soup plus a smoothie bar. Mostly vegan except honey and some dairy products, especially in the desserts. Take what you want, and pay for the food by weight. At metro station Hakaniemi, exit Toinen linja.

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First Review by marikasaa

Tasty buffet with many vegan options (all?) - Edit

The review is about the lunch buffet and not the café on the ground level.

It works a bit like in a cafeteria - you take a tray, plate and walk around the buffet to fill your plate. At the cashier they will weigh the plate and you pay according to it (was it 12€/kilo?).
The food was good and nicely spiced with only one of the salads (I think lentil salad) being a bit too salty, but of course that might have been a daily mistake and of course possibly subjective. There were many cold options, plus few warm ones and all of those that I checked were vegan. (Each dish had a tag with the ingredients, also good in case of food allergies) Water and bread were included in the price (and the bread really good and home-made!)

Despite the cafeteria system, the place has a cozy atmosphere and I would recommend it - even though it definitely is not the cheapest place to go for lunch.

Pros: Tasty food, Relaxed atmosphere, Quite spacious

Cons: Not inexpensive

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Really nice - Edit

various and great vegan food (especially the cakes)
it's a little bit expensive while it makes you feel to be in a cheap place (disposition of the tables, etc.)

Pros: almost everything is vegan (including cakes), lot of various choices

Cons: quite expensive, a canteen more than a restaurant

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Cozy and lovely place - Edit

I was too full to try and food but had caffe latte and a raw chocolate bar.
They were just ok but I like the welcoming and cozy atmosphere.

Buffet is almost all vegan and some vegan option desserts.
I'd love to go back there when I'm hungry so I can try their main dishes.

Pros: Nice atmosphere , Staffs speaks English

Cons: Away from the center

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Best place in Helsinki - Edit

The spacey restaurant has plenty of options, which makes it nearly impossible to have your meal under 10e - you pay by weight and you want to try everything. They use seasonal and local vegetables, many organic and are very environmental conscious, which adds to the price. Everything is delicious!

Pro tip: if you go there near closing time you might get cake with discount!

Pros: delicious, local & seasonal

Cons: expensive

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good food but high price - Edit

There is plenty of food to choose from. There is a price per kilo of food which is 22€ and a little more. The food is not labelled vegan though the ingredients are listed above each tray. It might be hard for foreigners to read what meals are vegan since the ingredients are only listed in Finnish. Overall good experience.

Pros: wide variety of food, large seating area

Cons: kinda expensive, not labelled vegan

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Delicious lunch - Edit

Delicious lunch buffet with plentiful selection. Price depends of how much you eat (with my appetite it was quite costly). Strong recommendation anyway.

Pros: Good selection at the lunch buffet, Nice place and friendly staff

Cons: Bit expensive

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very expensive, very good - Edit

I spent 20 euros on a large meal and large slice of cake. It wasn't terribly expensive, but there's an Asian buffet around the corner with all you can eat for 10 euros, so I wouldn't come to Silvoplee twice in one short trip.

That being said, my meal was delicious, only 2 things weren't vegan and the cashier was kind enough to point them out to me in English.

The cake I got was incredible, probably the best I've ever had.

My only advice would just be to remember our eyes are bigger than our stomachs and not to get too much of one thing unless you've had it before, because you don't know if you'll like it!

Free water and access to Helsinki city wifi.

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Super tasty food - Edit

It was the best vegetarian restaurant I tried at Helsinki. There were lots of options and everything I put on my plate was delicious. Don't forget to visit the donation based yoga studio at the restaurant's basement.

Pros: vegan friendly, great atmosphere, kind staff

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Very good! - Edit

This restaurant/eatery is very modern and has a hip and appealing interior. The staff is very friendly. They do offer a great buffet which a large variety of dishes (hot and cold ones) which leaves nothing to be desired. They also have a small shop inside the restaurant where you can buy veggie/organic products. And also a very cool point: There is a special smoothie-bar where you can have made a yummy and healthy green smoothie or juice.

And i'm pretty sure the staff will read this post, 'cause we talked about it this afternoon. ;-) So next time when i am in town, I hope to see the sticker at the entrance door, that people always can recognize you're highly recommended on HappyCow! :-)

Cheers and see ya next time!

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non organic - Edit

claim to use organic stuff which is not true(maybe some stuff only)
they use gmo or gmo contaminated soy in most foods and call it natural.
and the old staff woman thought that everything is anyway gmo today.
and first time they said they use eco soy whip cream to the cake(and they said its without sugar). next time it wasnt eco and it was from the big american company called alpro soy (very high risc for contamination)and they use maltodextrin from gmo corn plus sugar so that the cake was without sugar was a big lie.
and for this i should pay the highest kiloprice in europe that i have seen in veggie places?

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Nice - Edit

Nice vegetarian buffet-style restaurant right at the exit of the metro station. I combined a few dishes, they were all tasty and healthy, but not fancy or surprising (I did not try the cakes, though). With one or 2 exceptions everything was vegan, but I had to ask the friendly staff because it was not labelled.

Pros: good healthy food, friendly staff

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Great variety and taste - Edit

Had lunch here today with my sister. We enjoyed the variety of options and everything we had tasted great. The whole buffet was vegan except for two dishes: a salad which contained cheese and a beetroot dish which had honey in it. There's a small note next to each dish which lists the ingredients, which is nice, but they could make it more straightforward by adding clearly whether or not it is vegan. This would make it easier to spot the foods you wanna take and what not. Also, these labels are in Finnish, so if you'r a foreigner you need to ask the staff.

I enjoy a low fat high carb vegan diet ("80/10/10"). Some of the dishes were quit heavy on the fat, but most were suitable for me.

The food is a bit expensive, since you pay based on the weight of your plate. I filled half of my plate with salads (light) and half with baked foods (heavy), and my meal cost 23€. A bit expensive compared to some Asian restaurants that I usually go to, but then again, this was way better. Still, probably the best place for a vegan that I'we been to in Finland so far.

Pros: Variety, Taste, Looks

Cons: Price, Atmosphere

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Really nice place - Edit

Great variety of healthy and tasty foods. Modern atmosphere. I would definitely go there more often if it was cheaper.

Pros: Great location next to metro station, Tasty raw food options

Cons: Can be expensive if you eat a lot

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Nice place for a late lunch - Edit

Silvoplee is a good place for someone who likes fresh food. I have always liked the raw options but warm dishes are also tasty. The restaurant is open only till 6 pm so it's mostly for lunch - but at popular lunch hours it's crowded. Paying by the weight of the plate makes it little inconvenient.

Pros: Fresh food, Easy access by metro or tram, Friendly atmosphere

Cons: Somewhat pricey, Sometimes very crowded

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Hippie restaurant for healthy eaters - Edit

For friends of hippie food this is a good place: fresh vegetables, sprouts and other raw stuff. Be aware that these people use e.g. honey and dairy so remember to read the labels! Food is paid by its weight so this is also good if you want to eat only a little. They offer also homemade bread but not anything on the top of it (except butter for lacto-veges), I guess because they think margarine is not healthy. Luckily the food tastes good.

Pros: Good and healthy, Price is ok

Cons: Non-vegan place, Their ideology is "health based"

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Good old place popular amongst omnivores as well - Edit

Almost every omnivore friend in Helsinki suggested we would meet in that place for lunch when they heard that I am vegan. They knew it well, and I also had visited it in 2000. The food is of big variety and high quality. There is lots of raw available. You can eat as much as you want/or can pay for. The place is very popular so during the busiest lunch hour you may need to wait for a seat for a few minutes, but friendly other customers will eagerly make room for you as fast as they can.
Foods are well labelled in Finnish.

Pros: Good location, variety of food, friendly staff

Cons: sometimes crowded

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sad place... - Edit

and poor quality... but in helsinki will be difficult to eat good vegan food. we tried it few weeks ago and the best thing was the vegan cake. If you have the time you can jump in the eco shop next door... where you can buy all kind of european vegan goods and some pastry. otherwise you don't have to try.

Pros: location in helsinki, cake, cheap

Cons: no atmosphere, no service, no romance

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Lovely cakes! - Edit

Me and my child had two wonderful cakes, they had 4-5 to choose between, all vegan (chocolate and strawbeerie cakes eg). I really loved my carrot cake and had a nice avocado/banana smoothie too. You pay for the cakes by weight, nice for those of you, like me, who like two have two small instead of one big piece. I had a glimpse on the food buffet (also payed by weight), it looked interesting with both classical and more finnish plates. I really recommend. Child friendly and cosy atmosphere. I small bio-store in the restaurant and another big one up the street, 50-100 meters north of Silvoplee. Then you are ready for Borgbacken, the charming amusent park just a few blocks away!

Pros: The Cakes, The Atmosphere, Biological

Cons: Finnish signs (just ask), A bit expensive for a glutton

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The most obvious veggie place to visit in Helsinki - Edit

I live in Helsinki and have eaten here 10+ times. Raw foods are usually very good, the buffet changes from day to day. They have some warm dishes on the buffet table also, these are often ok, but nothing special. Anyway the buffet has a lot of options, so if you know what you want, you won't be disappointed.

The buffet is not "all you can eat", because greedy Finns would bankrupt the place. You pay according to the weight of the platter and it easily gets expensive if you like the buffet options :). The desserts are even pricier and actually not that good. It's often really crowded and it sometimes kills the atmosphere. Still this is the most obvious veggie place to visit if you're in Helsinki.

Pros: Raw food options, Taste

Cons: Price, Desserts, Crowded

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The best raw option in Helsinki - Edit

Silvoplee is a good option for a raw foodist, also warm vegan dishes available in the buffet. Quite basic food, a bit home made like. Don't expect too much from the raw options, it's more or less simple salads and pates. Non-vegan dishes are NOT necessarily marked clearly, so take care! Raw and vegan cakes available. A bit pricy, but in Finland everything is...

Pros: raw options, warm dishes are simple and good, vegan/raw cakes

Cons: sometimes non vegan main salad, crowded at lunch time, menu doesnt vary much

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Reviewer Avatar

Superb Raw Food Restaurant - Edit

This is a really great place! You feel really nourished and healthy after each time you eat here.

You choose what you want from a stylish mid-restaurant buffet area and then you pay per weight. All the food is Raw Food, and they also have a good selection of warm dishes.

The food selection changes every day, so it is quite exciting each time you go there to see what they have.

They also have a selection of raw food cakes and deserts.

Please also try their Raw Food Champagne: Chi (basically non-alcoholic. max 1% alcohol). It is really refreshing and quite tangy. The drink it quite interesting it is fermented to the sounds of meditative flute music, and if you take microscopic pictures of it's crytals you will see some really beautiful shapes, which according to those who study water information, means it is really GOOD FOR YOU!)

The dining area is also very atmospheric, in natural browns and beige, with heavy dark brown wooden furniture. They usual have different art exhibits decorating the walls. The art is usually very soothing, meditative and beautiful.

The only critique I have is that if you are very hungry and grab a lot of food, it will become quite expensive, and it would be nice if the food would become cheaper per weight unit after you go over a certain limit. On the other hand it is top quality raw food, so it is natural that it is a little pricier.

Anyway you can get a decent meal for 8 - 10 Euro. I always go for a lot of sprouts, because they are very light, and very healthy. However, I sometimes smear them over with eg. cashew, avocado dressing which is quite heavy :)

All in all a great place! When I worked close by, I practically went there everyday for lunch.

Pros: Raw Food, Great tasting, Healthy

Cons: somewhat pricey if you have a large meal

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good vegetarian food in Helsinki - Edit

There is a variaty of food to choose from in this restaurant. You fill up your plate and then you pay for the weight of your food. It can be quite expensive and I think there should be a scale by the food so you could weigh before going to the cashier. The food was very good and you should definitely try the Chi-beverage as well.

Pros: good food, a lot of variety, healthy

Cons: can get expensive, closes at 6 pm

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The best vegetarian/vegan restaurant in town! - Edit

This has over the years remained the best restaurant in Helsinki specifically catering for vegetarians and vegans. There is no á la carte, but the large buffee should meet everybody's needs. Every dish is labelled with its ingredients, making it easy to leave out the occasional dish with honey or dairy if you are vegan.

This restaurant was voted as the best living food a few years back and has delicious raw cakes. Make sure to taste the soup of the day and remember you pay by weight at the cashiers (I always take way too much on my plate). The food is great and the ambience quite unlike any other place in Helsinki. If you come at 12 o'clock be prepared to wait for a table. I would eat here everyday if I lived closer!

Pros: Excellent variety, Great taste, Wonderfully healthy

Cons: At times crowded, Opening hours, A bit pricy

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Mixed - Edit

The restaurant had a really good variety of dishes, but the most of the food was not good. The falafels were sort of mellow, the tofu was not well dome, the soup was salty... and the prices are quite high.

Pros: Good selection

Cons: Expensive, Not tasty food

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Really healthy and great tasting - Edit

This restaurant was founded by a nutritional therapist so you can be sure there's always fresh fruit, tofu, beans and other B12 sources and delicacys like seaweed and wheat grass juice available. It's not the cheapest (full plate + health juice 10-15€) but the high quality can't be denied.

Btw. If you spend sometime in Helsinki and prepare your own food remember to check out the ethnic groceries (they sell tofu etc.) which are just around the corner of Silvoplee.

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