A cat cafe. Serving smoothies, cold pressed juices, and coffee drinks. Fully vegan since Dec 2017. Relocated from 41 Maximilian Popper. Open Tue-Sun 12:00-22:00.

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First Review by Maddz


Points +28

09 Nov 2023

Oasis amidst city traffic

Fresh hidden place, nice to work on your laptop or just enjoy a drink in cat company.
Could be upgraded with some cakes

Pros: Outdoor seating/atmosphere , Staff

Cons: Lack of snacks, Drink size



Points +75

06 Nov 2023

Cozy place to read

They had many drink options and great company 🐱- better if you have a reservation

You can only pay with cash or Revolut


Points +1300

22 Jan 2023

Cute place, only cash or revolut payment were possible

Staff was friendly and spoke English.
Menu seemingly only available in Romanian.
We went Sunday at around 2pm and there weren't any tables available inside so it's best to reserve when wanting to visit during busy hours, I guess. There still were tables outside and under roofs available.
The drinks we had were okay.
We could only pay with cash or via revolut.
The place felt cosy and seemed like it had a lot of personal flair.
The cats were cute too, of course.

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-22


Points +102

30 Dec 2022

Cute cats

Cute cats and nice patio. We had smoothies which were okay.


Points +6528

03 Jul 2022

Super relaxing

Very friendly staff, tasty smoothies and lemonade, lots of seats indoors and outdoors and super relaxing atmosphere.
There’s no food (because of the cats it’s not allowed) but we truly enjoyed our visit.
Clean patio full of sunlight, cozy seats, cold drinks and chilling cats — perfect for a summer day.
Cats inside the cafe are more social and like to be pet, cats outdoors were less matey :)
I liked the owners really care about the cats and the place is fully vegan (like no dairy for coffee or other drinks) and it’s mentioned in the menu.

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-03

Pros: 100% vegan , Super cozy and relaxing

Cons: Cash only


Points +189

21 Nov 2021

Kočičí ráj

V životě jsem byla už v hodně kočičích kavárnách, tahle ale byla speciální po všech směrech. S obsluhou jsme si povídali snad hodinu a ty smoothies? Aaaah!
Kočička vypadaly všechny super šťastné a personál s vámi rád probere všechny jejich příběhy.
Doufám, že se jim všem bude dařit!
- Janča

Pros: Krásná výzdoba a vibe, Milá obsluha, Moc dobrý smoothies


Points +2901

20 Nov 2021

Cats, smoothies, coffee and tea

Very relaxed place. Friendly staff.

Updated from previous review on 2021-11-20

Pros: 100% vegan, Cats

Cons: Nothing to eat, Payment with cash or Revolut


Points +277

31 Oct 2021

Happy Cats, Tasty drinks

This coffee shop has a really calming vibe and esoteric alternative aesthetic. They had cute spooky decorations when we visited this place on Halloween and the people working there were very friendly and told me a lot about all of the cats, you can really feel the love for the animals there, the focus is on taking care of them and finding them new homes which is really great, it's different from other cat coffe shops that I've been to and I would definitelly say it's worth visiting if you love cats and want a tasty smoothie or vegan milkshake while you're in Bucharest.

Pros: Good milkshakes with plant milk of your choice, Nice employees , Really sweet cuddly cats


Points +20

24 Sep 2021

A place to relax

Good vibes, very chill. They really care for their animals. Served products are tasty and fresh. Really fun to observe the cats while having a chat and drinking a smoothie.


Points +181

26 Jul 2020

Cute cats, no more cakes though!

We went for cakes promised on HappyCow, but they only serve drinks and it's not very cheap. But the cats and puppies were lovely, the place is cosy and the people nice. Do go for a support!

Pros: ANIMALS!, Fresh juice, Friendly service

Cons: Only drinks


Points +853

31 Jul 2019

A cute little place to relax and appreciate cats!

Such a sweet little place. I love that this is all vegan. Elsewhere one definitely sees inconsistency, e.g., a shelter that aims to support cats, dogs, etc. and serves pepperoni pizza at events. So to actually see a place that saves cats without actively harming other animals is very refreshing.

It is a little slow, and they didn’t seem to be stocked with everything listed on the menu. So don’t go here if you’re in a rush. But it’s a nice place to sit and relax, there’s free WiFi, it’s not super crowded (so the cats are not overwhelmed), and the cats are so cute! The cats are all hanging out and very content, some sleeping, others very friendly, etc. One that wants to spend all of his/her time in the bathroom for some reason, LOL.

Pros: The cats, duh


Points +165

13 Dec 2018

Support this cafe that is rehoming cats and dogs!

A great unique cafe, beautifully painted with a DIY feel to it.

this is a place to go for drinks, not food. Everything is vegan, including their lovely range of smoothies (try the chocolate & banana!)

there's lots and lots of cats and a couple of dogs, all looking for a new home. The people in this cafe take in homeless cats (and some dogs), spend money on vaccinations, treatment, operations (if necessary), and try to rehouse the animals. If you're in Bucharest, go to this cafe to support these people in their amazing work.

Pros: Rehoming cats and dogs, Vegan, Quirky/DIY feel


Points +621

12 Sep 2018

All vegan café

It has a lot of options to choose from and everything is very good. The cats are adorable of course and cared for. The place has a very calm and relaxed atmosphere.


Points +416

22 Jul 2018

Cozy friendly place

This place has a very friendly atmosphere. There are so many cats and they are so cute. The smoothies were great! A big plus is that they use metallic straws! They also have board games you can borrow and play while you are there.

Pros: Friendly atmosphere, Great smoothies, Board games

Cons: Cash only


Points +19

11 Apr 2018

Furry happy cats

Great place with lots of cats. The menu is full of vegan smoothies, a great variety of coffee, fresh drinks, teas and cocktails. The music is nice and relaxing for both visitors and cats. Just visited the place and there were around 12 cats with different personalities, some friendly, some sleepy and some just curios to see who’s there. The cats have multiple spots to sleep or just lounge and some toys if you want to play with them. The place is nice, there are 3 big rooms and a small garden. At this time there was no option to pay by card, only cash, and you can even donate some money for the little furballs if you wish to. I will definitely return here.
LE: they also serve their drinks with stainless steel straws!

Updated from previous review on 2018-04-06

Pros: lots of cats, vegan drinks + stainless steel straws!, nice place

Cons: -


Points +50

Mostly Veg
20 Dec 2016


Nice place to have a few vegan smoothies and the cats are adorable! Great ambiance ??


Points +20

13 Nov 2016

Tasty smoothies and friendly cats

It's a great place to chill with friends and cuddle some friendly cats, but it's not a good option if you are looking for a place to have a proper meal.
The menu includes a wide variety of smoothies and vegan coffee- or chocolate-based drinks made with veggie milk. They are healthy, tasty, reasonably sized and priced.
There are always around 20 cats on the premises and the reason is admirable: they take in rescue cats and help to rehome them. By going to Miau you will have a small contribution to their efforts of helping stray kittens find loving homes.
However if you happen to be allergic to cat hair avoid going to this place or choose a seat outside (in summer).

Pros: healthy drinks, very relaxing atmosphere, supporting cat rescue

Cons: cat hair


Points +2167

04 Nov 2016

For Cat Lovers

If you love cats, this place is really nice. From the cat-oriented decoration to all the cats that are freely roaming the cafe, everything is really nice.
As far as food goes, they really only offer smoothies and juices from what I saw on the menu, so don't expect too much. The smoothies are good, but the service is extremely slow.
I don't think this is necessarily a must-visit unless you really love cats.

Pros: Cozy, Friendly staff, CATS

Cons: Smelly, Slow service


Points +34

07 Oct 2016

Super Sweet!

I have actually been to this cat cafe a few times and have a lot of love for it but never remembered that I could leave a review. And so,I have to say...
This place is very invigorating! Relaxing and atmospheric and it's like stepping into a calm corner you wouldn't expect to find in this part of the city. It's well decorated, homely and furnished in a few different styles,and I love their menu. They have a lot of warm drinks and a lot of special teas.Cakes and smoothies and juice as well.You can sit comfortably and read a book, interact with the cats or do work as you enjoy your order. I remember the pricing being especially good for the quantity of product as well.
Despite the facts that cats roam freely around and don't have much qualms about climbing on everything (including people,which is a bonus if you love them!) the place is pretty clean. The bathroom is also quite clean.
And it's Vegan! And you can tell the owners of the cafe have a lot of love for the animals they are sheltering as well. Sometimes they take dogs in ,too, and most of the cats in here are up for adoption which can be discussed .
I have visited this cafe both in the autumn and in the winter and it's a great,warm escape.
The only con I'd have to mention is that cats are....well ,cats. They will not care if they climb onto you or try to smell your tea.So if they visit,you'll need to have an eye out for that,if you mind that sort of thing.
Overall, I really recommend Miau for those who are cat lovers and want to visit a place like this,or for those who just wish to retreat for a few minutes into a quiet space, all the while being plantbased.
It's cheap,welcoming,delicious and cozy. A favorite!

Updated from previous review on 2016-10-07

Pros: Very cosy atmosphere , Vegan options with a lot of teas, You can discuss and adopt a cat!

Cons: Cats...can get to your products if you let them, Location takes a while to get to

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