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Earth Cafe Marrakech

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2, Derb Zawak, Riad Zitoun Kedim, Medina (at /near Djemma Al Fnaa square), Marrakech, Morocco, 10000

Offers vegetarian cuisine made with seasonal ingredients from farm to table, owner's own farm. No alcohol. This location is all veg while their other location in Marrakech is veg-friendly but not pure veg. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-11:30pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Organic, Juice bar, European, Moroccan, Turkish

Reviews (44)

First Review by Cory

Sorry, but not really worth it - Edit

Charming people, nice place, but very overpriced for what it is
Madame has the burger, which she liked; I had the filo tart with zucchini and it wasn't all that
With 2 cups of poor coffee, this came to 180dh, which is a lot of money for not that much

Pros: Peaceful

Cons: Overpriced, Poor coffee

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overpriced - Edit

Food was alright but nothing special. Dishes cost 70MAD each and weren't any larger than other restaurants offering meals for 30 MAD. Too much pesto used (honestly it was in all 3 dishes!) and although this place is vegetarian/vegan there was no protein in any of the dishes.
Juices were really good, I had a beetroot, ginger and orange which was delicious.

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Dont go there - Edit

The food they served me was literally moldy... I mean really its a shame. I think the vegetarian approach is just made to get the tourists easily. The prices are way tooo high for the location... and for the food they serve. It must be ok when the meal they serve is fresh, unfortunately mine was made four days ago and obviously kept in a not so cool place. Avoid it if you dont wanna get sick !

Pros: Location, Vegan options, Place

Cons: Expensive, Food not good, Not fresh

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Earth Cafe - Edit

Nice place with good service where you can try some tasty vegan options. It's a good place if you want a break from couscous and tajine.

Pros: Vegan knowledge, Friendly and quiet

Cons: Expensive, No variety

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Many dishes, same content - Edit

I tried three different dishes which all had essentially the same ingredients. There is no wifi and the staff does not speak a whole lot of English. Prices were not particularly cheap.

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Vegan tourist trap - Edit

I don't understand how this restaurant previously had such good reviews. I se that they have opened another location so maybe the quality decreased since then.

It is overpriced for Marrakesh standards. My assumption is that it is meant to lure vegan tourists willing to spend more money to enjoy vegan food other than the local salads and tagines.

The portions are huge, which is a pity because the food is simply not good: it all tastes the same and the seasonings do not work together.

Seasonal root vegetables are seasoned with rosemary, which is then assembled either with rice, pasta, filo pastry etc... all sprinkled with soy sauce. So it really does not matter what dish you order because it will all taste the same, and not well.

I understand that one might be tired of eating Moroccan food, but this places feels like it's there to attract tourists with the idea of veggie and vegan food, without really caring for the food, the clients, or the restaurant (which in itself is in a very bad shape).

Better go to Clock Cafe or to any other local place which can ensure only vegetable ingredients were used...

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Expensive and disappointing - Edit

I don't know how on earth this place got four stars. I had the worst and most expensive food there since I'm in Marrakesh. There's not enough lights in this place, you have to climb stairs in the dark. Toilet needs renovation and proper cleaning, toilet seat was lying on the floor. Seating was very uncomfortable, a worn out sofa with a table too low. Waiter was unfriendly. There is no menu, you have to go downstairs, there it's written on a mirror. I had the burger, which consisted of two small very soft and tasteless paddies. Underneath a quarter of a salad leaf and some carrots could be found, no side dish, no sauce. Price is off the roof - 7 Euro. I also had carrot juice, which was tasty, but also expensive. A small glass costs 2 Euro. Cafe Earth won't see me again.

Updated from previous review on 2016-11-06

Cons: Shabby Interior, Food lacks taste, Outrageous prices

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Vegan Options - Edit

After days eating tagine and couscous, we found earth café in Marrakech. we ended eating at the cafe at least a meal a day during our stay. 5 Vegan Options on the menu, good smoothies, chilled atmosphere, good music and smiley friendly staff members. they also packed our leftover food once :) big portions! defently recommend it.

Pros: vegan options , clean environment

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Veggie/Vegan in Marrakech - Edit

This vegetarian restaurant offers a nice change from the usual vegetarian choices in Marrakech. I had a filo pastry entree that I enjoyed. I liked the vegetable tajines I've had in Morocco, but this place is a welcome option, with many vegan choices. The restaurant is pleasant, but the seating leaves little knee room.

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Veg-Friendly Variety! - Edit

Ate here once while in Marrakech and was very pleased with my dining experience. It's a basic restaurant nothing fancy. The meal was on the pricey side for the area but I ordered a lot of food and it was totally worth it to have some new options filled with lots of veggies! We were thrilled to have around 5 vegan options to choose from rather than the usual cous cous or tangine options available in most of Morocco. Thanks to some wayfinding signs, the restaurant was surprisingly easy to find in a little alley not too far from the main square. I ordered a juice, the spring rolls and the veggie rice noodles and all were quite delicious. I found the portions to be large. They only take cash for payment.

Pros: Vegan Options

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clean vegan food - Edit

The food was very good. Gluten free options as well. They have juices. Toilette was clean although we came after rush hour.
Prices are for tourists but it's a popular place full of customers. The vegan revolution is coming to Marrakesh :)
We will return this week to eat the rest of the menu.

Cons: no view, you are inside a small house

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Why on Earth Not Go Here - Edit

A small cafe which has about 50% veggie /50% vegan menu. Agree with the comments that the decor has seen somewhat better days, but it still felt clean and made for a relaxing environment.
Food was a tasty change from repeated tagines elsewhere. Not the most amazing food you'll have had, but good all the same.
Staff were friendly, the location was really useful being so central and overall really good value.

Pros: Fresh food, Good value

Cons: Decor a little tired

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The best vegan food in Marrakech! - Edit

We were in Marrakech for 4 days, and the 2 Earth Cafe locations were amazing. They were a welcome sanctuary from the bustle of the Old Town, and the staff were very friendly and helpful.
Tasty, whole food and all vegan items very clearly marked. It was the only place we trusted to get 100% vegan food while in the city, so we went back every day!
A simple, peaceful setting and great value for money too.

Pros: Great tasting food, central location, well-priced

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Earth Cafe - Edit

We also went in January 2014.

We ate there twice on consecutive days and had different meals at each.

The food was great, yes the place had seen better days, but a lot of Marrakech has too. The staff were friendly and the café was quite heavily patronised when we got there, almost to the extent that we had to wait for a seat. Once we were seated, we ordered and received our food about 15 minutes later. The food was well cooked and tasty, but was lacking in protein.


Pros: Tasty good quality food, Friendly staff

Cons: Where is the protein?

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Wonderful place - Edit

We visited Morocco in January 2014 and generally we did not like it too much, however places like Earth Cafe were great to dine in :) It is not so hard to find (bear in mind that there are no street names in most places in Morocco) and once we entered -> everything was lovely :)
The seating area, the friendly staff, the menu and the prices too. We visited twice while in Marrakech and we were not disappointed.
This place is definitely worth a visit.

Pros: Easy to find, Menu options, Friendly staff

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Vegan and veg meals - Edit

Went here on our first night in Morocco. The restaurant was pretty small and we were the only customers. We got caught in a thunderstorm on the way there, and had a nice view looking out onto the streets getting rained on. There was probably a roof terrace as well as the small room we ate in.

They had a small menu of approx 8 dishes which are clearly labelled as either vegan or vegetarian. The food is more Asian influenced, not Moroccan, so stir fries and rice, and also some pie/pastry items.
The food was nice, and it was good to have a clear menu, food but nothing special.
Price was reasonable, although there are probably cheaper options (but not veg restaurants)

Pros: Vegan and veg options clearly labelled, Healthy and pleasant food

Cons: Not particularly exciting!

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Disappointing - Edit

Having been in Morocco for over 6 weeks we were really looking forward to a vege-vegan place to eat. It is a challenge for vegetarians and vegans with tagines and couscous only. We chose Rice Noodles with season veges, fresh herbs, soy etc as well as vege burger coconut, ginger, mango sauce. There was no evidence of ginger nor fresh herbs, tasted a little like dried thyme which overpowered the tastes or lack of. Also the veges in our opinion did not have much taste. Overall our feeling was that this restaurant kitchen does not really have an interest in what they are doing. Staff did not ask about the food. Another interesting sideline was that they had "REAL LEATHER WALLETS" for sale, contrary philosophically for people who are concerned about animal suffering. One visit was sufficient.

Pros: Vegetarian-Vegan

Cons: Tasteless Food, Leather Goods for Sale

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Tasty break from typical tajines - Edit

After having been in Morocco for a couple of weeks it was great to have something other than vegetable tajines! The cafe ambiance is very colourful and bright, which we really liked. We ordered the burger and the spring rolls. They were both very tasty, although quite similar to one another since they essentially contained the same ingredients.

Pros: Bright, Tasty

Cons: Similar flavour across menu

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a nice change from tajines and couscous! - Edit

We found this place by accident after hearing about it and we're glad to escape the hustle-bustle of the medina.

The food was nice (around half of the menu was vegan) and a nice change from tajine ad couscous, but as everyone has mentioned, basically all the dishes are a variation of the same thing: the same roasted herby veggies with something on top. It tasted reasonably good and filled us up, but we were disappointed to learn that there were no vegan desserts.

After two visits and four dishes that were basically the same, we didn't feel the need to go back for a third time. It's definitely a visit, just be realistic with your expectations

Pros: clearly marked vegan options

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Nice but lame. - Edit

After way too many tajines, it is refreshing that this restaurant has something else in their menu! The portions look lovely and have some idea. But it doesn't matter what you choose because it seems they all taste exactly the same, a little lame. Someone described it earthy, I definitely had the same experience. For a double price compared to the nearby places I would expect the portion not to be half the size though... Generally I like the place and would recommend it, but I have had better food.

Pros: Fresh and organic, Not only tajine, Nice setting

Cons: Expensive/small portions, Same, lame taste in everything

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must visit while in marrakech - Edit

We went here twice on a recent trip to Morocco. After several weeks of eating nothing but tagine and couscous, this was like our personal mecca. Unlike what some other reviewers have stated, I didn't see chicken or any other meat-based products on the menu so it is definitely 100% vegetarian/vegan. The menu also clearly states what is vegan so you can order w/o any hesitations.

I would highly recommend their filo pastry pastilla which was delicious. Their spring rolls were quite good as well. Not quite the same as what we get back in the West but still tasty. I didn't care as much for their veggie "burger" which was not a burger on a bun but veggie patties layered with sauce and vegetables. We also had their cafe au lait which was delicious and a great way to end our meal.

The space is well-lit and fairly spacious covering two floors with lots of inviting nooks and crannies if you desire some privacy. Just be aware that you may have to get up to flag down a server as they may not always come by to check on you.

Honestly I've had better vegan meals in the West but just being able to eat something different than the usual tagine/couscous was a godsend.

Pros: inviting space, most staff speak english, tasty meals

Cons: a little hard to find

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great food, slightly dim surroundings - Edit

I visited Earth Cafe with my meat eating boyfriend yesterday. There were around 5 vegetarian options and 5 vegan, plus cold and hot drinks a juices. I had the vegan burger and he had the vegan spring rolls, both were good sized portions, very filling and accompanied by extremely fresh, beautiful tasting vegetables on the side. My boyfriend said he thought it would beat any meat dish he would have tried that night.

The service wasn't exactly attentive, but friendly all the same and our waiter spoke good English.

My only gripe would be the decor, which was a bit dark and dingy. We also went to see the other Earth Cafe, which is only a few streets away and they had exactly the same menu (no chicken, as is sometimes advertised).

Pros: fresh ingredients, varied choices, cheap prices

Cons: a bit dingy, not much atmosphere

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not so great - Edit

I had a disappointing experience at Earth Cafe II, but as the choice of vegetarian restaurants in Marrakesh is limited, I decided to try the orginal Earth cAfe as well. Unfortunately it was not great. I ordered filo pastry filled with spinach, goats cheese and pumpkin. The pastry however was not filo pastry at all, which is supposed to be thin and crispy, it was very soggy. The flavours were very bland and earthy, not nice. I can cook a lot better myself. Maybe my expectations were too high after having read all the positive reviews. Therefore I would like to warn: don't expect anything special.

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Nice food and good service - Edit

Tried this place for a couple of lunches and the found it tasty tough a little too much for me. Good value and sufficient choice. Try the beetroot juice with ginger.

Pros: Value for money, Tasty selection of food and juices, Nice orange decor

Cons: Rather warm in summer, Menue is only on the wall, Downstairs decor not as nice as upstairs

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Good (not amazing) vegan eating in Marrakesh - Edit

This is a review for the vegetarian/vegan Earth Cafe near the Djemma El Fnaa square. As other users have pointed out, the easiest way to find Earth Cafe is to locate the Waha Cafe on the southern side of the square. Take the little street to the left of it and walk a few minutes. You'll see signs pointing to the Earth cafe.

My friend (omnivore) and I (vegan) came here twice because it was easy. My friend was very pleased with her meals (her first forays into vegan/vegetarian dining). I thought it was good but honestly I've had better. Having said that, the meals were more than satisfactory and the service was good. Staff speaks English and French.

I had the veggie burger (no bread, patties were tasty but not that filling), the filo vegetable pocket with tomatoes (delicious and filling) and a carrot-ginger juice (good). Most dishes were about 70 MAD (=7 EUR).

Overall, a good veg café, makes eating very easy in Marrakech. I'm glad they're there. The owner is a Moroccan who lives in Casablanca. There's also an Earth Cafe in London.

For those who say that eating vegan in Morocco is difficult - I suppose it depends on your circumstances (i.e. large city vs small village) but I respectfully disagree. I had no problem eating vegetable couscous dishes in sit-down traditional restaurants (I was assured the broth was vegetable-based and it appeared so). Just explain that you don't eat any animal products. The only person to react in a somewhat shocked manner was a French riad owner in Marrakesh. You could also try vegetable tajine and ask for veggie starters (olives, carrots with cumin, potatoes, aubergines etc).

Pros: vegan options, cheap, nice service

Cons: building is a bit run-down

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Thank goodness! - Edit

So happy to find a vegetarian restaurant in the midst of so much cruelty in the Medina. (Djemma El-Fna). Food was really good and they have a nice selection. Very calming ambience. Slightly hard to find but well worth it. I just really need to say again that I was so happy to find a place to eat here where I didn't have to worry about what was in my food. I think they may have had one non-vegan meal but the rest was vegan.

Pros: It exists!, Good food.

Cons: A little hard to find.

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little Oasis - Edit

Considering the lack of vegetarian restaurants in Morocco, this was our little Oasis. The food is very good, good serving sizes to. The staff are friendly and speak good English. Lots of vegan options.

You can tell when someone has ordered because the kitchen starts to billow smoke, although our food was not burnt.

There is another Eath Cafe with vegetarian options in the medina also, but has no vegan options.

Pros: good portions, great food

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best veg option in marrakech - Edit

if you go down rue riad zitoun el kdim/riad zitoun lakdim there is a big orange sign pointing you towards earth cafe.
so, the menu (in english and french) consists of 10 dishes (half are vegan), juices, teas, and coffee.
i went to earth cafe three times on my stay, and liked the veggie burger the best out of everything i tried. it's two veggie patties primarily made of potatoes, other veggies, and dates. it comes on top of a bed of sauteed vegetables with a ginger sauce. i also liked the warm vegetable salad i tried. it's on the vegetarian menu, but they can prepare it vegan. the balsamic mango sauce that comes with it was excellent.
the staff was always nice, and communicated well. if you need something, just ask. also, two of the times i was there they gave me homemade moroccan bread with moroccan olive oil. not sure if they do that on the regular? again, just ask.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday November 14, 2012

Pros: portion size, staff, fresh tasting

Cons: not all vegan

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Veggie branch of Earth Cafe - Edit

Just to be absolutely clear, this review refers to the original vegetarian branch of Earth Cafe.

I went to Earth Cafe with an open mind, thanks to the luke warm reviews on Happy Cow. Morocco is a difficult country to be vegetarian in, never mind vegan, and we'd mostly been living off tomato, avocado and olive sandwiches assembled in our hotel room. Dspite the range of poor reviews, most people admitted to eating in Earth Cafe more than once per trip so I reasoned it couldn't possibly be that bad.

It was easy enough to find. As another reviewer says, it's on the left rather than on the right, so most maps are misleading in that regard. There were plenty of helpful signs dotted along the street pointing us in the right direction.

I ordered the vegan burger, which was absolutely divine. Bunless, it was two patties made of root vegetables, greens and nuts, stacked on a heap of baked root veg dressed with a kind of balsamic glaze (there's a photo in the gallery). My friend ordered a vegetable rice dish with freshly squeezed beetroot and orange juice.

The interior was lovely and cool - not dingy at all, just lacking the gloss of a McDonald's. Service was relatively quick considering there was a handful of other diners and I'd been prepared for a long wait.

Overall, it was a really positive experience. The meals were both delicious (although mine was better!), and although there was a limited selection (10 or so dishes to choose between) each one seemed pretty distinctive to me.

I'd highly recommend Earth Cafe to hungry veggies/vegans travelling through Marrakech.

Pros: delicious food, reasonable price, huge portions

Cons: not much else in the immediate area, no alcohol

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TWO LOCATIONS - one veg/vegan, one veg/chicken - Edit

The review posted on April 15 will be confusing to anyone who doesn't know: Earth Cafe just opened a second Marrakech location two weeks ago.

The original location is: downstairs near Djemma Al Fnaa square, a bit dingy, vegetarian and vegan dishes. My wife and I had an OK meal there.

The brand new location is: upstairs near Dar Si Said, bright and colorful, vegetarian and chicken dishes and has 2 or 3 soups always available. My wife and I really enjoyed our meal there.

Both restaurants offer something that is very hard to find in Marrakesh: a good protein-filled vegetarian meal. They use a fair amount of sweetening (sauces, fruits in the dishes) which we don't like that much, so my wife asked for a special order dish not on the menu and they made it for us with ease and vigor. Certainly a recommended respite for any vegetarian traveling in Marrakesh.

1 Response

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TofuCelt 22 Feb 2013 - But my review was for the one you described as 'really enjoyable', upstairs and near the Dar Si Siad, which I found anything but enjoyable....and as described in my review below...so I stick by my review...and it is no more (as you say) 'confusing' than yours....as we are both reviewing the same one, the new one.....but it appears that the majority of people here are reviewing the old one, not the new one that we are both reviewing. Still only give it 2 cows...just.

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Nice, but just - Edit

I was excited about trying a Morrocan version of a vegetarian restuarant when I first discovered it here.

From reading previous reports, I thought it would be a nightmare to find like anywhere in the Medina, like even big tourist attractions, but I actually found this extremely easy to find. From the biggest tourist attraction and centre of the Medina, the Jemaa el Fna Square, the best option is to head to Rue Riad Zitoun el Kdim. Keep walking straight down this road for about 10 minutes and eventually you will see a basic white sign with black writing, 'EARTH CAFE', put up on a peach-orange wall. The restuarant entrance is immediately down a minor alley, to the left (not the right as shown on all maps!) off the Rue Riad Zitoun el Kdim.

I went to the restuarant a few times when in Marrakech. However, I have to say, despite this, I was disappointed with the quality of the food and despite it being advertised as such, it is NOT a vegetarian restuarant. In fact about half the dishes had chicken in them. My partner, who is not a vegetarian, did try them once, but he stuck to vegetarian all other times. The proportions were also tiny and there was only one dessert dish, apple tart, which was the smallest I have ever had and the least interesting. Prices were very expensive too considering the country, the proportions and the quality. I love my herbs, but even for me, the food was too over-powering with herbs, but this seems to be the thing in Morroco anyway. It was also quite bland with not much of extras, such as a small salad or chips, etc. The best products here were the juices, particularly the Beetroot, Orange and Ginger juice, which we devoured, despite being over €3.00 for small glasses. And prices are much the same as in European countries.

However, you may wonder, why I went back so often. Well, it was for a few reasons. One, finding anywhere in the medina can be a nightmare and a headache, and I am very good at map-reading. Two, the staff were extremely nice and hassle-free. Three, it was a change from the very basic tasting Tajine de legumes, the non-descript vegetarian couscous or the typical boring pizzas. And four, not least, is that it was fairly good hygiene compared to some of the places I ate.

I found much better food in non-vegetarian restaurants in the backstreets of the Medina.

Also if going to the Ouzoud Falls, I would suggest trying the vegetarian tajine halfway down the falls path at the restaurant overlooking the falls.

Pros: Different, Nice Juices, Easy to find

Cons: Expensive, Bland, Variety

2 Responses

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JohnC 19 Apr 2011 - Earth cafe now has 2 locations in Marrakech. This review is of the new location, which has different food offerings and ambiance than the other (original) location.

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TofuCelt 22 Feb 2013 - Ah! I was wondering why it was marked in the 'wrong place' on the map. I just happened to stumble across this one as I was searching for the other one. I would suggest going to the other one then, cause even though the staff are lovely in this particular one, the food is not great and the veggie burgers are just colcannon shapped into burger shapes...and it is not vegetarian as they serve chicken too. The best thing about it, is it's location and it's refreshments....but at european prices.

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Expectations were too high - Edit

We saw so many positive and excited reviews here and in our guidebook that our expectations were too high. The staff were friendly. They could put more effort into their atmosphere and decor. It was a little on the dingy side.

The food was fine and somewhat creative, but didn't taste as good as it sounded or looked. Cooked vegetables included lettuce in some dishes which we found strange.

We were glad that there was a vegetarian option in Marrakesh but we were hoping it'd be a place we wanted to come back to for more than one meal, and it wasn't that.

Pros: vegetarian in morocco, centrally located

Cons: overhyped, decor needs attention

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The best food in morocco! - Edit

Having travelled round Morocco for a few weeks it was nice to finally find somewhere with good quality vegan food. The staff and owner were extremely friendly and we were seved very quickly. We lke ut so much that we went twice in the first day and again the next day. The vegan spring rolls were the best I have tasted. The portions were very good too. I like to eat alot and I came away from here satisfied. I would definatley recommend this place to eveyone who like home grown, home cooked, organic food.

Pros: tasty, local food, friendly staff

Cons: none

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Earth Cafe - Edit

Stumbling into Earth Cafe will be, for many, like discovering an oasis in the heat and craze of Marrakesh. This hospitables and funky little veg cafe is the ideal place to retreat and refresh yourself. They offer about a 7 item menu that will help break up the monotany of the repitive Couscoucs a la 7 legumes that most vegetarian will too quickly become over famiilar with. In addition to offering traditional Moroccan Mint tea you can choose from Chai, fruit smotthies (highly recommended), and water. They even have a latptop that is free to use and open wi-fi.

There is also one in Essaouira (on the coast) that is even better if not smaller.

Pros: Take a break from Marrakesh insanity, Smoothies, Food

Cons: cramped perhaps, but welcome to Morocco

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As if you had choices? - Edit

All my pre-trip research indicated that Earth Cafe would be a must-stop for my veg family. Homegrown organic greens? Filling all-veg cuisine? Sounds like the kind of place we'd patronize at home.

Thanks to extensive signage -- the cafe is in many tourist guidebooks, and the travelers need to find the place -- we had no problem figuring out which dark alley to enter. In Marrakech, it's not uncommon to wander into a dark alley only to open a door into a beautiful cafe or residence. Earth Cafe, alas, is not beautiful: it's in a stuffy, dirty basement. Maybe in December it would seem like a pleasant haven, but not in August.

The menu options were scrawled on the wall behind us. Although the four of us each ordered something different, the dishes all tasted remarkably similar. Not awful, but not particularly tasty, and not that different from the rest of our meals in Morocco, ie lots of overcooked potatoes, carrots, and squash with rice or couscous.

The bread was the best part of the meal.

No problems with the service, and the prices seemed right: a lot more than you'd pay for street food, but a lot less than a high end place.

If you're in Marrakech and you're veg, you'll have to try this place. It wouldn't last ten minutes in California or anywhere else with real veg restaurants, and in fact it's kind of surprising that so few establishments cater to the non-meat traveler. A little competition might help improve the product.

Pros: vegetables, bread

Cons: cramped, flavorless

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Best meal in Marrakech - Edit

Morocco can be a difficult country for a veggie concerned with cleanliness to eat. We ate at the Earth Cafe twice where we found the large portions delicious. Every meal is cooked to order so not a place to grab a quick bite. Relax and enjoy the quirky decor and savory meal. The menu has 7 choices, all of which are great, but really a variation of 2 options.

Pros: Portions, Flavor

Cons: Variety

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Well hidden but worth seeking out - Edit

Here's how to find it:

At the southern side of the Djemaa el Fna you'll see a restaurant called the Waha Cafe. Next to this restaurant is a narrow archway lined with little shops and kioks. Walk through the arch and down the narrow lane for a few minutes and look for the little orange Earth Cafe signs hanging above the lane. Ignore the touts and keep going. Youll soon see a bigger earth cafe sign pointing right down a narrow side street and you are there. Very home place, small menu, nobody is in a hurry so relax. Excellent hippie food for good prices. Bring your appetite!

Pros: vegan friendly, fresh, huge portions

Cons: hidden

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lovely, veggie oasis! - Edit

Firstly, contrary to some reviews on here, Earth Cafe is NOT easy to find unless you have been there already. Having searched the maze of surrounding streets for hours we paid a local to take us there, money well spent! My best advice would be go to Bahia Palace and ask! It's only a 3 minute walk from there, but it really is a maze! If you've been there once you will easily find it again.

It's a totally vegetarian venue now and we had very nice vegan food there last week. It's quite 'hearty' and Moroccans do seem to enjoy their root vegetables, but it's very fresh and makes a welcome change. Marrakech isn't exactly bursting with veggie venues! The service is lovely too

Pros: Vegan oasis, lovely surroundings, great food

Cons: difficult to find

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Fantastic food, service,Ambiance. - Edit

Ok having just come from Marrakesh from a weeklong stay, I found out about this place via the internet, it's hard to find and probably easier to pay a local 10 dirams from the square to take you there, that's what we did, Down 2 side streets and your there. The door was closed and had to knock the door, My the colors the smells the whole ambiance of this place I loved, and being a vegetarian was a welcoming place.Bakarat the owner was on vacation at the time we went so his nephew was running the show, Excellent little host, Brought warm Moroccan flat bread to the table with divine organic olive oil (I bought 2 bottles to take home).We were welcoming this hidden retreat as the heat and the hustle and bustle of Marrakesh was very intense. We instantly melted in to the big comfy sofas and drank ice cold water, whilst we waited for our food, By no means this is a quick affair we where there over 2 hours , and so it shouldn't be , relax enjoy the atmosphere , the food was excellent and very well presented and always cooked fresh to order. Menu is available on the website http://www.earthcafemarrakech.com/, yes the place may not be as clean and as sparkling as the other so called eateries of Marrakesh but this adds to the ambiance and welcoming feel of the place. We enjoyed it so much we went back the next day for lunch. Don't forget to have the mint tea its divine

Pros: excellent food, service amazing, all home grown food

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Farm to table, big portions, good food - Edit

Gave this place 5 stars as I was so impressed that they grow all their own food organically. The juices are delicious, and my favourite vegan main was the filo pastry. Servings are big, and with loads of veggies. This is the only veg restaurant in Morocco, so enjoy it before heading off elsewhere in Morocco where good vegetarian food will be harder to find.

Pros: farm to table, organic, big servings

Cons: none

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Satisfaction garanteed! - Edit

If you are in Marrakesh in feel like eating something other than the usual vegetable tajina or falafel, this is the place to go.
The food is highly nutritious and served in really big portions (in some cases one portion is enough for two persons). There are several vegan options available.

The average price is 6eur, which may be considered high by Moroccan standards at first but taken the quality and amount of food is really very cheap.

The place is very cozy and the staff is very nice.

To find it, just ask for the Derb Zawak and then follow the signs placed along the street.

Pros: large portions, cleanliness, friendly staff

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Only 100% Vegetarian Restaurant in Morocco - Edit

After traveling extensively in Morocco and becoming tiresome of vegetable tagines, Earth Cafe was exactly what I needed! The food is organic and straight from the owner's farm located outside the city limits of Marrakech. The portions are large and worth every Dirham. I visited the cafe 3 times in a week and looked forward to it everytime. Try the vegetarian pastilla...absolutely delicious!

Like everything in the medina it takes a little time to find, but it is very close to the main square and is highly worth the search. Friendly staff and relaxing atmosphere.

The cafe also sells their own organic olive and Argan oils as well as olives and other preserves.


Pros: Delicous, large portions, organic

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