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Fast food

Vegetarian place serves simple basic food with vegan options. Reported closed, May 2020.

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First Review by Marenka


Points +40

16 Mar 2020

Awful food

Bad food and bad service. Don't want to give any stars, but two seems to be mandatory.



Points +259

01 Jan 2020

Decent food

Decent vegan food and big plates. Seitan was good.


Points +64

13 Dec 2019

Not great, not bad

Staff was very friendly, tables were clean. My food didn't really blow me away. I found it to be rather tasteless, but the sweet potato fries were spot on. I only ate one dish so the rest could be absolutely great. I have no idea. Not my favourite in Helsinki, but certainly ok.

Pros: Friendly staff, Nice sweet potato fries, Quick service

Cons: Rather tasteless overall


Points +46

15 Nov 2019

Exactly how it is, delicious!

Tasty and greasy food

Pros: Yummy yummy

Cons: Nuthin!


Points +257

29 Sep 2019

Nice vibe, decent food.

If you want somewhere a little more edgy, this is a good choice in Kallio. I don't know why there are negative reviews. It's not fine dining, but if that's what you want, go to a place that is. This place is good - large serves, decently priced, and good music. Staff are friendly - my friend went mad photographing one staff's tattoos!

Pros: Tasty, Decently priced., Friendly, talkative staff.


Points +107

05 Aug 2019

Not so great service, but so great food

Tables were dirty. All of them.
Bunch of young people that think they are cool smoking in a veg restaurant blowing smoke close to others.
The food. Why oh why must people add chili nonsense to everything vegan to "give some taste". Asked for seitan without chili or any spicy on it. Came with chili anyways. Soy burger was alright. Fried cauliflower was good, but not enough to save my visit.

Pros: Vegan food available

Cons: Bad service, dirty tables


Points +1737

11 Jun 2019

Great fast food

Everything is super tasty

Pros: Their menu is 95% vegan, Best vegan fast food I have tried

Cons: Menu is not in english, The place looks a bit thrashy


Points +309

01 Jun 2019

Good, great rye bread. Very messy.

Was good but not amazing, good price though!

Pros: Vibe


Points +66

Mostly Veg
14 May 2019

Very big portions

Nice food, bud music is always very loud


Points +131

30 Apr 2019

The best vegan fast food in town

Not the healthiest but the tastiest vegan place in Helsinki. The portions are big and specially the seitan is really tasty. The prices are in right level. The lunch special is about 10E and the burgers a bit cheaper.

Pros: tasty food, big portions, fast service

Cons: small and crowded sometimes


Points +137

01 Mar 2019

Affordable burgers

A great place to go if you want an affordable burger or seitan plate. The tastes vary depending on whose cooking, but I’ve always gotten a nice burger out of it (though sometimes too spicy).


Points +457

17 Dec 2018


This food here was great and really yummy, the burger (special) was amazing! So happy about the taste and stuff.

Although the service was so busy and lacking some point some things when we ordered.😄

Pros: Fast food, Yummy burgers, Great fries

Cons: a bit slow service


Points +2249

11 Dec 2018

Nice 😊

I pive that place, fast food can be vegan and can taste good.

Pros: Taste , Placement , Prices

Cons: Size


Points +207

15 Nov 2018

Food was awesome

Had the seitan kebab and the sweet potatoe fries. I can really recommend it. The kebab was so full you could really bury your face in it.
It's an alternativ place, which is homely if that's your thing (it is mine ^^) it was pretty cold inside though. The music was awesome.

Pros: Tasty, Great music

Cons: Cold, Staff could have been friendlier


Points +16

01 Nov 2018

The best vegan junk food in Helsinki

Soi soi never let's me down. Always mindblowingly good food, and you don't ever have to wait that long. The place is nice, has the atmosphere I like, but it might not be for everyone.
If you want healthy food, this is not for you. For me, this is just what I want.
And the prices are good. Totally worth it.
Though it might be pretty cramped, I think it's okay.

Pros: Prices meet the quality of the food., Food comes fast, I like the vibes

Cons: Little bit cramped


Points +237

12 Oct 2018

Recommended for home orders

Good vegan food with a nice balance of protein, carbs and fat. Not the healthiest of options but there are moments when nothing can beat a Soi Soi meal.


Points +752

23 Sep 2018

”Jammin” is gods gift to burgers

Sataman seitan is also good but man JAMMIN is the [censored]. I have taken meat people to Soi Soi and they have been loving Jammin. Its so freaking good. Try it!!!


Points +430

17 Aug 2018


Awesome food in a cool location. Friendly staff and saucy burgers.

Pros: Heaps of vegan options , Lots to choose from

Cons: Not a lot of seating


Points +72

14 Aug 2018

Lovely place

Small restaurant with big meals. Amazing seitan and affordable prices.

Pros: Great seitan

Cons: Not much space for customers


Points +26

12 Aug 2018

Best fast food joint in Kallio!

The place itself is nothing special, but their food is EXCELLENT! Most meals are vegan, some dishes have cheese. Seitan kebab is the best I've eaten anywhere on Finland.


Points +64

18 May 2018

Vegan-friendly fast-food restaurant

Quite easy to find. The place is quite small, only four tables, might get crowded easily.

In our experience the staff is and the atmosphere is friendly. The food is prepared visibly behind the counter.

Prices vary from cheap to moderate per dish, but portions are large and will fill your stomach. My personal favorite is Sataman seitan. The slices of seitan are thin and well prepared but there could be more, because there is so much herb-potatoes. The mayonnaise and coleslaw are really tasty and the whole portion is well balanced between freshness and fast-foodness.

Gluten-free is possible with varying the dishes. The staff is helpful to prepare the dishes according to food-restrictions and wishes.

Updated from previous review on 2014-07-27

Pros: Tasty, Large portions, Seitan

Cons: Moderate prices, Warm indoors


Points +42

03 Apr 2018

Good burgers

Really good burger and junk food vegan options. Good value for money and tasty. Lots of options for vegans but is vegetarian as offers cheese and halloumi too. Comfortable to sit in and quick ordering and food prep.


Points +275

09 Dec 2017

Nice fast food, nice staff

I always enjoy going to the Soy Soy in Helsinki. The food is cheap in Helsinki prices and I find the burgers really tasty. Also the workers have been very nice to me.
The place is also comfortable.

Updated from previous review on 2017-12-09

Pros: Food is nice, Nice stuff , Nice place


Points +838

22 Aug 2017

Good fast food

The Sataman Seitan is delicious! This is the place for you if you want to still your lust for fast food. Wouldn't recommend sitting inside since they have an open kitchen. Staff a bit inconsistently friendly, but didn't really matter.


Points +173

08 Aug 2017

Great seitan

I had the sataman seitan -dish and LOVED it. The portion was big, the sweet potato fries were crispy, the seitan was amazing and the sauces and salad on the plate topped that off. The only things that could be improved is that the food is very salty and the restaurant does not look very clean from the inside. Overall, a great experience, would go there again (with non-vegan friends or my brother to show them good vegan junk food).

Pros: Great taste, Mostly vegan, Good location

Cons: Food is a bit too salty, Restaurant could be cleaner


Points +28

24 Jul 2017

Amazon hamburgers!

Try Jammin' and the Soya burger. Sweet potato fries are well made and tasty, but I wish they had normal fries as well.


Points +132

20 Jun 2017

Not my place

Soi Soi seems to be a very popular place but I’ve never really understood why. I’ve been here a few times and have found the food disappointing. Since it is a fastfood place I wasn’t expecting an explosion of tastes, just some down-to-earth, salty, greasy and tasty food. Unfortunately the food is rather bland, even simple things like the coleslaw are not well seasoned and basically just grated carrot and cabbage drowned in (strangely saltless) mayonnaise. Staff can be slow and indifferent, the space is okay but nothing special. The biggest plus for me are the really affordable prices, but I still don’t see myself coming back in the future.

Pros: inexpensive

Cons: food is not very tasty, occasionally slow/unfriendly service

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