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150-160 7771 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, Canada

Stopped in for Dim Sum

24 Sep 2014

We stopped in for Dim Sum and ordered a handful of different dishes. We didn't wait long until they were placed in front of us. The staff were friendly and congenial. Quite a few items on the menu were not vegan which was a disappointment and a bit perplexing as I have had many of the same or similar items at other Chinese restaurants and they were vegan. I've been to many many vegetarian Chinese restaurants before and usually the menu turns out to be 98% vegan and 2% non-vegan, but this place had a much higher percentage of non-vegan menu items. Anyway, the food was pretty good, we had no complaints. Perhaps we'll stop by for a full meal next time.

8683 10th Ave, Burnaby, Canada

Lots of Choices at Choices

13 Apr 2013

I've been to the other locations many times, but to this particular one only a few, but they are very similar to the others, as Choices is a chain store. It's very similar to Wild Oats (formerly Capers), Planet Organic, etc. but they have been around in Vancouver much longer. I like the fact that it's a Canadian company, but other than that, their prices are just as outrageous as the other aforementioned, but it seems that in recent years their prices have been getting more competitive.

I can't think of anything that distinguishes Choices from other such health food supermarkets -- they do have some items that I have never seen at other stores, but for the most part, it's the same. You can also get points for shopping there that can be used towards purchases, just as the Superstore does, so that's cool.

This location happens to be right next door to Paradise Vegetarian Noodle House.

3586 Fraser St, Vancouver, Canada

*Chomp* *Chomp* *Chomp*... uz guud

13 Apr 2013

First of all, you have to give kudos to the people behind this restaurant for having the bravery to open not only a completely vegan eatery, but one that is also gluten free as well with many organic ingredients. Historically, opening anything ever so slightly 'different' outside of a highly populated city's downtown core would mean certain doom, but they seem to be surviving just fine; I guess that means Coquitlam is becoming more and more of a city (sigh~ all the trees are disappearing).

Chomp is located in a new shopping area (previous forest); clean and modern looking -- a nice change from going to Vancouver where I often feel like I should burn my shoes afterwards.

The food is of Western fare and seems to cater to the suburban crowd that cowers at the thought of trying anything 'different', so it's a very good strategic menu that offers recognizable choices for the timid and their offspring; I think most children raised on suburban Western food will have no problem gobbling down most items on the menu - my kids certainly didn't.

For myself, I like to go out to eat food that I don't usually make at home, or that I've never tried before, or food that is just too tedious and labour intensive to make without the support of an assembly line of family members all pitching in, but barring that, the food at Chomp is very tasty. The portions are small and the prices are high (the rent is outrageous, I'm sure), but the quality is good and I usually walk away from there feeling stuffed (recommend the chili if you are really hungry).

The decor - well, I'm never one to care about such things, I'm there to eat, but it looks clean, conservative, and slightly alternative (but not alternative enough to scare people away, all very smart).

The service has always been prompt and personal and after writing this I feel that it's time for me and my stomach to pay another visit to Chomp.

3068 Main St, Vancouver, Canada

Grand Re-Opening

13 Apr 2010

Well, we had been to Bo Kong many times before. I found the food to be WAY too salty not to mention laced with MSG which if you forget to mention to not add any MSG... you find yourself drinking water for hours.

Anyway, the chef is the same, therefore I was expecting the food to be the same as the menu is by-enlarge the same. Well, I was glad that is was not overwhelmingly salty. It was good. We ordered the Winter Melon Soup, which is new to the menu, and it was surprisingly very good with some sort of 'smoky' taste/smell to it. We also got the Fried Sticky Rice. Doesn't sound like much, but my daughter wanted it, and it turned out to be really good, mixed with veggies, sauce, and veggie meat (so much better than the nondescript menu listing).

We where there on the grand opening day (unbeknownst to us, we just saw it and went in) and lots of people stopped by just to talk to the manager to see where the Bo Kong went and were relieved to find that things hadn't changed all that much and their favourite dishes remained on the menu.

Anyway, from the last time I visited, I was thought the food was better. We also got the deepfried soymilk, which was the best I've had since the early 90's at the now defunct Bodhi (5701 Granville) restaurant. I've had deep-fried soy milk before, but yuck, bland. Finally someone has come close to the Bodhi restaurant's deep fried coconut balls by mixing soymilk and coconut milk.

3932 Fraser St, Vancouver, Canada

Good Chinese Veggie Food

08 Oct 2009

The same family had a restaurant in a really BAD part of town near Main and Hastings called Bodhi. It was great food though, and when I started eating vegan food, it was one of the few places to get good cheap vegan food. For $18 I'd STUFF myself with a dinner for two. It was great. I was sad when it closed, but happy when another reopened by the same family in a better neighbourhood. I always thought their vegetarian duck was really interesting (taro rolled in soymilk skin). I still go here at least a couple times per year (remember, Chinese restaurants are closed on Tuesdays). I always go at non-busy times, so haven't had any probs with service etc. Really good tasty food. Similar to other vegetarian Chinese food, but different.

Little video on it here:

436 Richards Street, Vancouver, Canada


10 Apr 2010

If I were a layperson, I would consider the portions to be small and the cost to be great.

I thought that the quality justified the price, at least in this day of quality organic food costing a great deal over their chemical counterparts.

3980 Fraser St, Vancouver, Canada

Difficult to Graze

22 Dec 2013

Myself and my two kids went for a full dinner at Graze. We selected some things from the menu that were as different from the types of food we normally eat as we could in order to try something new. The assortment of appetizers we got were good - fun finger foods -- a few things tasted really great, but the fried chic-peas were too greasy - inedible. We did some meal switching as one person didn't like what they ordered at all. I can't remember what it was, it tasted weird, but I ate it. The There were some things that we didn't like at all, such as the faux-sour-cream -- yuck. If that's what real sour cream tastes like - no thanks - better to use veganaise or something like that. The desserts were really good too - if I recall, we had ice-cream or pudding. At the end, we were stuffed. Including tip, we spent $120. We had a good time and the kids thought it was a lot of fun; a really different style of restaurant than we've been to before (a real sit-down type of restaurant with modern decor etc.). It's like Yaletown meets vegan hipster; wine, stark-white plates, rustic meets modern-clean, that kind of thing.

610 Columbia Street, New Westminster, Canada

I'm a Karmavorian!

24 Aug 2009

A neat little store in the Sapperton area of New Westminster, just few doors or so West of the intersection of Braid and Columbia. Inside you will find an wide array of vegan products from shoes, handbags, t-shirts, to pet-food, human food, to cosmetics and condoms. Karmavore also has an online store as well. Most prices are a bit lower than in other stores, and there are some really good deals such as the Chi Cake (vegan 'cheese' cake). I have found some very interesting (and tasty) items that I have not seen in any other store thus far.

110 8620 Glenlyon Parkway, Burnaby, Canada

Raw Delights

13 Apr 2010

I've been a few times now with my family, and we just went again the other day. We each had a drink and two slices of pie each. It was very tasty and my kids loved it as always and were stuffed. It cost over $60 for that meal for myself and two kids (that ate just as much as I did). So you're looking at $20 each, at least. I consider the price to well reflect the quality, attention to detail, cleanliness, and the overall experience of the meal.
Whenever one eats such a level of quality you really do get what you pay for. The owners were on hand and between work were greeting customers and seeing that they were enjoying their meal (I was asked three times by three different people, so that's great). The kids really enjoyed sitting at the bar to look through the window to watch staff preparing food while eating. I also love their hours, we had already stopped at three other restaurants to find that they were closed -- Organic Lives are currently open 7-days per week, 9am-9pm, you just cannot beat that!! Just awesome hours!!

2755 Lougheed Highway, Port Coquitlam, Canada

Large Heathfood Store

24 Aug 2009

The store is quite large and has a wide variety and very good selection of products, fresh produce, bulk items. When I'm looking for something specific, such as raw cacao nibs, or Scheese, or vegan corn-dogs, etc. it's the nearest place for me. What I DO NOT LIKE is the fact that I go to replace my depleted bottle of sunscreen that I paid maybe $6 for a couple years ago to find that it now costs $22. The prices are generally OUTRAGEOUS. Certainly the prices everywhere are generally outrageous when it comes to food these days, but I'm really sick of companies taking advantage of *special* health food by raising the prices into the stratosphere. So, I basically only go here when looking for a 'special' expensive treat that I cannot find anywhere else.

20419 Douglas Crescent, Langley, Canada


31 Oct 2014

Located just around the side of the Health Food store, it's a great place to pop into to have a meal or grab-n-go.

Tyrone, the owner and the guy behind the counter, was very congenial and on top of that, makes a great wrap. I actually forgot that the shell of the wrap was raw, the texture was just like a regular tortilla. The Viva Lime Pie was really good - I don't eat many lime flavoured things (shortage of lime or something??) - I could easily eat a 1kg Viva Lime Pie (please don't put that size on the menu, I won't be able to resist).

1339 Robson St, Vancouver, Canada

Yes, this is a Chinese Cafeteria Style Restaurant

24 Aug 2009

This is Chinese Fast Food. For Chinese people, it is not classified as a 'restaurant'. You go in, order food, and it's on the table in ten minutes- or less! The food is salty, greasy, and tastes great (as long as you are expecting salty and greasy). Don't forget to request "no MSG". Some sauces already have MSG added. The menu changes every number of months. There are lots of interesting things to choose from, and three people can really pig out and it will come to a total of perhaps $20-$30. Choosing the "Dinner for 4" or "Dinner for 2" etc. will save you even more money.

20-13 Oike-cho, Utano, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan

庵 (いおり) High Quality Food and Service

27 Apr 2014

庵 (いおり) Iori - Natural Food Restaurant.
Reservations Only
Near 宇多野駅 Utano Station

The restaurant is located in a suburban neighbourhood in the living-room of a house. It was a nice train ride on a smaller quieter side-line which reminded me of small-town European tram-cars with single platform stations. We got a day-pass so after going to the restaurant, we could journey along the line to the {Arashiyama station} river and walk around the touristy places and across the other side on a nature walk. Do a search for Arashiyama and you'll see that it's worth it.

The restaurant was, as I said, in livingroom, with two tables on tatami. Very quiet, relaxed, and peaceful. If I recall, there is a set menu (or at least, that's what I always got/ordered). It was probably $60 or something like that, and one small dish was brought out at a time. It was nice, because you would eat slowly while chatting and thus chew properly and take your time without any interruption as the staff were absent. Once everyone was done, another dish was brought as they mysteriously appeared when needed, and left us alone again. The food is Shojinryori [精進料理] and macrobiotic style, 100% vegan, and little cared-for works of art. I typically eat a LOT of food, but by the end of our meal, I was absolutely stuffed -- I think that if it was all served at once, I would have been hungry for more -- there's something to be said about eating in a quiet, calm manner without a sense of time or rush; I think we could all live on a lot less food this way and probably more healthily as well as we'd extract more nutrients from less food.

I was so impressed by this place that I went back a couple more times while in Japan.

Blog article about Iori

Tabelog listing

180-3665 Kingsway St, Vancouver, Canada

Let Us Go To Lotus

26 Jun 2016

We arrived prior to the lunch hour rush, and our meals were graciously served in no time at all. Everything was very tasty with some very interesting flavours or flavour combinations which I have not tasted before. The portions were just enough for me, but stuffed the belly of my guest.

It's right across the street from the Telus building and Central park, so very central and easy access.

Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada

Hey, what a great idea!

24 Sep 2014

I was a member of NOWBC until my area where I live was taken out of the service area. Too bad! In the time that I used the service, it was really good. Basically, it's like a farmer's market where you place an order online and your stuff gets delivered to a local drop point (neighbour's home). That's it. Veggies are usually picked the day before or at most two days before -- so it's super fresh. The best part is that the farmers don't have to drive all the way to the farmer's markets on the weekends, and neither do you -- win win.

8681 10th Ave, Burnaby, Canada

Home Made Food Still Exists In Restaurants

24 Aug 2009

The food is pretty good, and different than what I usually eat. My kids really enjoy the food too. Choices Market (health food) built a store right next door for the obvious reason that this little Vegetarian Noodle House proved everyone wrong -- showing that there are indeed vegetarians and vegans outside of Vancouver. I believe this restaurant is the furthest vegetarian restaurant east of Vancouver in the GVRD area. Hurrah! As far as I can recall, I believe every item on the menu is vegan. They are not professional cooks and thus, service is slow therefore I recommend visiting outside busy hours. But, if you are used to the very very slow service of the typical Canadian restaurant (i.e. at least 45min until you see any food), then you won't even notice.

2755 Lougheed Highway, Port Coquitlam, Canada

Je suis tombé dans les pommes!

31 Jul 2014

La sélection était si grande que je suis tombé dans les pommes!

In the same location as the previous store, Planet Organic (which decided to move out of this location, and apparently, some of the former employees decided to open their own store in it's place), yet expanded to twice the size! The selection is fantastic, but I foresee a bright future for this young store, qui est élevés, seulement trois pommes en ce moment. I like their rewards points too!
Updated from previous review on Wednesday July 30, 2014

955 W Broadway, Vancouver, Canada

Music To My Tastebuds

27 Apr 2014

We've been twice for the buffet and it was great. We'll be going again many more times.

I recommend the buffet if you are taking your kids, as there is pretty much something for everyone and lots of interesting and possibly, depending on your experiences with food, new things to try.

The foods are labelled whether or not they are vegan or vegetarian so it's very easy to navigate (there were only two things that contained non-vegan ingredients when we were there - one dish and one dressing).

It's a family owned restaurant and you can really feel that in how personable and friendly they are with their customers - they appreciate each customer.

Some of the items may look very usual, but we found that they most plain looking buffet item, the lentils, were actually the most flavourful and yummy of all the items (very interesting combination of herbs and spices).

I haven't yet been for dinner, but I'm sure it's just as good or better.

We also had dosas which were very good. There was a special menu item we tried, deep fried sweet and sour cauliflower -- wow, so good! (I don't see it on their regular menu although there is a cauliflower fritter, but that's not it).

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