Vancouver vegetarian restaurant offering a mostly vegan menu, with dishes ranging from breakfast burrito and pancakes with potatoes to stir fry tofu & veggies; has vegan cheese. Jan 2016 reported menu has been updated to indicate which items are vegan and which few items use honey. Hosts live music most nights. NOTE: June 22 reported to serve eggs/cheese in vegan dishes in error, check carefully. Open Mon-Fri 11:00am-10:00pm, Sat-Sun 9:00am-10:00pm.

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30 Aug 2023

They could do so much better

I had high expectations considering the important history of this place. Servings are very generous and ingredients are fresh. However, food tastes bland, despite the sauces. The naam burger patty is dry and tasteless, everything is pretty much something you might cook at home. The cranberry apple pie is a total disaster (see picture): a bunch of apple slices, the pie and the crumble are all soggy and broken. It doesn’t even look like a pie. Last but not least, service was awful: dirty table, server could not understand what we were saying, we ended up with the wrong dish. When we tried to say something, server was rude. Honestly, there are so many restaurants in Vancouver that offer great vegan food and outstanding customer service, I would not recommend the Naam.

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-30

Pros: Fresh ingredients , Generous servings

Cons: Tasteless , Very poor service , Terrible desserts



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07 Jul 2023

Service was lacking but good food!

Went for brunch, full vegan menu to choose from. Got the Vegan Croissant Wich. Tons of vegan cheese (which I like!), and came with home fries and miso gravy. The gravy was a little lemony/acidic for my taste but was overall good. Waitress was preoccupied with changing a chalkboard menu so didn't check on us much and took a while to get our bill. But otherwise was a pleasant experience, would still recommend!


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23 May 2023

Simple and great

Very simple food, but lots to choose from. The miso gravy and fries and a can’t miss. The shakti cake is a hidden gem. Burgers, bowls and brunch are also amazing.


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15 May 2023

Bland food

I wish I could give a better review but unfortunately the food didn't taste like anything. We had the pad thai which tasted only like bell pepper and the naam burger was okay but not much Flavor

Pros: Good Service

Cons: Bland food


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21 Jan 2023

Amazing food!

The amount of veggies that they have in their food is amazing. Finally a place that is both healthy and comfy. The restaurant is very cute, the staff is beyond friendly and attentive and the food is great! It is also pretty inexpensive for Vancouver!

Pros: Healthy food, Friendly staff, Lots of variety


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15 Jan 2023

The best brunch

I went to the Naam Restaurant for brunch with my omni partner and we both raved about it afterwards!

The smoothie my partner ordered was so good, creamy, and you could tell it was made with fresh fruit. Did I mention that this smoothie was vegan!?

I ordered the croissant witch, which was so delicious. I did make the mistake of ordering the vegetarian version rather than the vegan version (it was fine as I am vegetarian). I would highly recommend ordering the croissant witch and be sure to specify the vegan version if you are vegan!

The miso gravy that accompanied the fries was amazing. I would say that this is probably one of, if not the best vegan gravy that I have ever had!

We will definitely be returning on our next visit to Vancouver.

Pros: Best brunch , Fresh ingredients , Price is reasonable


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08 Dec 2022

A Vancouver Legend

Have been here dozens of times over the years. If I ever feel like I haven't eaten enough vegetables lately, The Naam definitely makes up for it! So many choices - the menu doesn't really change from year to year but I kind of like that.
Some favourites have been the Naam Dragon Bowl, the Tempeh Reuben Burger Platter (with Daiya cheese or no cheese), the Cashew/Avocado Enchilada and the Buddha's Feast.
Offers Daiya in place of dairy cheese, for the same price.
Meals are usually huge, especially if ordering a platter, which includes a large salad and Naam Fries. You can buy some Naam Miso Gravy, as well.
Traditionally a 24-hour restaurant.

One thing is, when The Naam first started in 1968, being a vegetarian restaurant was a big deal; it made The Naam stand out and famous within Vancouver. Almost a political statement. Nowadays, in order to regain that original distinction, it would be great to see them become completely plant-based. It would be a pretty simple change to get rid of dairy cheese and eggs from their menu. I know their breakfast menu is especially heavy on dairy/eggs, etc but people would adjust. It just feels like they've been left behind by all of the completely plant-based restaurants and being a vegetarian restaurant doesn't mean what it used to.

Pros: Satisfying meals, Huge amount of veggies, Great atmosphere

Cons: Continues to offer animal products


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14 Sep 2022

Good for healthier options, not for comfort foods

So first of all, do keep in mind this is a vegetarian not vegan establishment, so you need to be very explicit about avoiding eggs/dairy in your dish.

I had never been here before so I ordered the tempeh reuben expecting it to be like other vegan Reubens I've had elsewhere. Honestly, it was pretty bland, and the Daiya cheese was a gooey mess that did not enhance the flavor at all. It was also a mess to eat and fell apart pretty quickly so I had to eat a lot of it with a fork. I got the impression they were trying to make it "healthier" but it definitely sacrificed taste, and with the Daiya I'm not really sure how healthy it was to begin with....

The fries weren't really fries, but rather baked potato wedges. Not bad but not amazing either.

The salad it came with however was quite good, as was the fruit smoothie I ordered. My husband enjoyed his Caesar salad. So I guess this could be a good choice if you're looking for entree sized salads or some lighter hippie-style food, but if you want a more hearty burger or sandwich I would probably go elsewhere.

The outdoor patio was quite nice, service was slow but friendly.

Pros: Good salads and smoothies, Nice outdoor patio

Cons: Sandwich was not good, Uses daiya, aka the worst vegan cheese


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27 Jun 2022

You ask for vegan food and they give you eggs

I went to the Naam for brunch and ordered an item from the vegan menu. When I started to eat I tastes something weird. I spit it out. It was scrambled egg. I called the waitress. She said that that happens sometimes that now that I took it out I could enjoy the rest of my meal. I was in shock! Not only did they make a mistake and put eggs on my vegan meal, but she treats me so rudely.
I talked to the manager and he confirmed that sometimes they do put regular cheese instead of the vegan cheese on some plates!!! Apparently the people in the kitchen don’t care?
So if you are vegan, save yourself the food poison and the headache and go to a fully vegan restaurant or one that cares about their clients.

Cons: Service , Eggs on a vegan dish


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22 Jun 2022

Old skool hippie

Love Naam with the 70s macro old skool vibe. Huge outdoor patio. I do judge a restaurant based on its Caesar salad and Naam soars!


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25 Apr 2022

Not bad, but not good either

Visited Oct 2021.

Pad Thai was okay, but definitely can’t compete with a Thai restaurant.

Dhal was very thick and lacks the authentic dhal flavour: cumin, garlic, ginger, tomato, onion etc. The vegan steak wasn’t good either, it tasted… strange in an unpleasant way. I completely forgot how the sauce taste 🙂 but you got the point.

Updated from previous review on 2022-04-25


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31 Mar 2022

Golden Dragon Bowl

always hits the spot


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21 Oct 2021

Lots of options and friendly staff

Ordered the chilaquiles enchilada, salad with poppy seed dressing and sesame fries with miso gravy. Got a huge portion in no time at all and the waiter was very attentive and his recommendation for the salad dressing choice was spot on. Wish I had room for dessert

Pros: Interesting menu with lots of variety., Friendly staff , Good vibes (decor and music)

Cons: Big portions but bit pricey


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28 Jul 2021

Convivial, mais manque de tofu dans les déjeuners

Le plats était goûteux et généreux, mais il y avait 90% de patates et 10% de tofu.


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07 Apr 2021

Moldy cake

My friend kindly bought me a piece of chocolate cake from here. When I got home later that day and ate it after dinner it tasted off. When I looked closer, I saw the icing was covered in a thin layer of mold forming all over. My friend spoke with the manager the next day, who not only didn't apologize, but said they don't label their food for expiry dates. Needless to say I will never eat here again.

Cons: Questionable food-safe practices, Moldy cake


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06 Mar 2021

They love cheese

The service is inconsistent, they love to dump a lot of dairy cheese on their items. The vegan items are also lack luster. You have to learn the menu. Beware of massive portions. The place is 24 hour so I worry about cleanliness.

You can eat better elsewhere

Pros: Vegan options , Large portions

Cons: Cleanliness, Quantity or quality


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22 Dec 2020

Good Food Massive Portions

Love this place. Cozy, comfortable setting with a big menu.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, good drinks and dessert


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08 Dec 2020

You should go

A huge yes! Tasty, great portion sizes and vegan desserts!


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01 Nov 2020

Overrated but ok!

I feel like the Naam gets a bit over-hyped because it’s one of the oldest veg restaurants in Vancouver. Lines are often long and the inside of the restaurant is a bit dated. Food can be a bit hit and miss! But I appreciate the big menu and clearly marked vegan options.


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21 Sep 2020

What's there in Naam

Had lunch today. I liked my Buddha's Feast. But it was nowhere close to the hype (which might have been created because of reasons other than the dining experience). I will still rate it fairly high because of the range of options it offers.

Pros: Vegetarian Restaurant - so lot of options

Cons: Average ambience; feels a little unclean


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01 Aug 2020

Always worth a stop

No matter what time it is, there’s always something yummy waiting


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11 Jul 2020

Delicious and full of healthy veggies!

We absolutely loved the food at The Naam. The flavors in the bowl with peanut sauce were really yummy and it was full of perfectly cooked vegetables. The special of the day was stroganoff with a side salad which was also very tasty. The salad was full of flavor. I realized I have seen their sauces in my health food store in Ontario! I will be stocking up when I get home. A


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01 Jun 2020

Must try in Kits

Situated in Kits, this restaurant has become a landmark. It’s fully vegetarian with many vegan options. Nicely decorated and good vibes in there. Food was great too.

Pros: Many vegan options , Good vibes


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04 Mar 2020


Go to The Naam hungry! Menu is filled with oh so many delicious options to suit every vegan/vegetarian's craving!
Staff are incredibly helpful and happy to answer any questions with helpful insights and a friendly smile.
Portions are incredibly generous and pricing is very reasonable.
Would definitely recommend!

Pros: Loads of vegan options, Completely vegetarian...no murder served, Delicious and reasonably priced


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10 Feb 2020

Best place to eat in Vancouver

Every time I’m in Vancouver I go to the Naam. The goal is to try the whole menu because everything is delicious and the portions are massive. Make sure you treat yourself to some gravy fries and pie with soy ice cream after.


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28 Dec 2019

An old favourite

We’ve been eating at the Naam for years! I love the combination of comfort foods and healthier dishes so you can always find what you’re in the mood for. Down to earth atmosphere with a wide customer base - open 24 hours so always convenient. Large portions will leave you full or with leftovers!


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16 Oct 2019

Late night eats

I live close by so I eat here if I have a late night craving. My favourite dish thus far is the vegan pancakes with maple syrup. Delish.

Pros: Lots of Vegan options, Cheap, Quick

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