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The Naam

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2724 W 4th Ave (at Kitsilano district), Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada,

Vancouver vegetarian restaurant offering a mostly vegan menu, with dishes ranging from breakfast burrito and pancakes with potatoes to stir fry tofu & veggies; has vegan cheese. Jan 2016 reported menu has been updated to indicate which items are vegan and which few items use honey. Hosts live music most nights. Open Mon-Sun 12:00am-12:00am.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Ovo, American, Western

Reviews (69)

First Review by CherryCritter

Terrible food and not vegan friendly - Edit

My boyfriend and I went here for lunch yesterday. There was a line up out the door when we got there and after hearing such good things about this place we had high expectations. I ordered the naam dragon bowl and he got the tempeh reuben with daiya cheese. However, when they brought us the food we discovered that the tempeh reuben had real cheese and my dish was not the naam dragon bowl but some other bowl that was covered in dairy cheese. As a vegan, this was extremely disgusting and ruined any appetite I had. They did quickly replace my dish with the correct one but even that was unimpressive. It consisted of steamed veggies, rice, unmarinated plain tofu, and very little sauce. It was extremely bland. The salad that came with the reuben was similar to a bagged salad from the grocery store with mostly iceberg lettuce. After getting both of our orders wrong the waiter then complained about not getting a tip. What did he expect? This place is way over rated and I'm sure anyone could make better food at home.

Cons: Bland food, Not vegan friendly, Often long line ups

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My favourite place! - Edit

I can't say enough positive things about the NAAM. I went on my birthday and they give you a discount of the age you are turning, so wonderful! The service is always wonderful but painfully slow. Be sure to carve out a good 2-3 hours of you are planning to go at dinner time. I'm not put off by this at all, just know what you're getting into. I also would highly suggest against modifying a vegetarian meal to be vegan at a busy time. They might mess it up because it does get really busy, I just order the meals marked with a V and a slower times (like 3am.... yes I go there at that time quite frequently) it's totally okay to substitute. The portions are huge and the food is really good. Wonderful vibe and I wish this place would go full vegan.

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Busy at Midnight! - Edit

I went there at midnight for an event with Meatless Meetup and there was a lineup. Need I really say more?

The large menu, large quantities, reasonable prices, 24 hour opening time and comfortable, homey atmosphere make this place Vancouver's most popular veggie hangout.

It seems fashionable to complain about the Naam's service. I have been dozens of times and the service was no worse than most other busy places. The servers were always helpful when there was anything wrong with a dish.

People regularly complain about the food. In fairness, some of the dishes should have been improved years ago, but why bother when there are lineups at midnight? There are numerous delicious options on their very large menu waiting to be discovered. My recommendation would be to always order a variety of dishes and share.

Pros: Large portions, Great atmosphere, Open 24 hours

Cons: Lineups, Crowded

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Love/Like - Edit

I want to love this place more. It is open 24 hrs a day, the portions are ridiculous, they have an odd varied menu, and they are a neat place to hang out. I just find that every time I come here, I always leave feeling ok not amazed. The food is decent just seems to be lacking in a bit of WOW factor. I do enjoy the atmosphere and where else can you get 2AM nachos that are vegan? It was right up the street from favourite tea shop and where we were staying though so that's a plus. I'll continue coming here in the future.

Pros: Open 24hrs, Varied menu, Huge portions

Cons: Tables always seem sticky, Always busy regardless of time, Food just ok

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Delicious, filling nutritious food! - Edit

The Naam is my go to place for vegan goodness as it is open 24 hrs...and the food never fails to impress me. The fries with the miso gravy are always a hit with my friends. The service here is not bad, sometimes it can be a bit of a wait as it can get super busy here. Love the energy here and will definitely return :)

Pros: Open 24 hours, Delicious food!, Lots of options

Cons: Longer wait times during busy hours, Not in a central location

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Great vegan breakfast! - Edit

We're from the prairies, so a good vegan breakfast option can be hard to find. Whenever we're in Vancouver, we make a point of visiting the Naam as often as we can! The staff are very knowledgeable about how to make each item vegan (hold this, add that, etc.) and the prices are very reasonable for how much food you get! While their miso gravy wasn't always vegan, they've changed the recipe and removed the honey (rejoice!). It can get quite busy, but staff are good at managing the crowds and providing quick and efficient service. Definitely worth a visit!

Pros: Delicious food , Knowledgeable servers , Cute interior

Cons: Busy , Tight seating arrangements

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Healthy Comfort Food - Edit

So...when we arrived there was a short line which moved quickly and the hostess did a great job turning over tables, we were seated as soon as a table opened up. The waiter smiled but his attitude was tepid, possibly because he was so busy. We ordered chili as an appetizer and it took a half an hour to arrive, it tasted okay but was luke warm and then the entrees came 2 minutes later. One of us ordered the "vegan plate" which was a big mistake. It was just a lack lustre plate of steamed veggies on brown rice, very bland, unless you're a fan of hospital food I recommend literally anything else. My Crying Tiger bowl was very good and it arrived hot, the Thai Coconut flavour was on-point. For dessert we had the Shakti Chocolate carrot cake.....meh, we were disappointed it had raisins although it does mention on the menu they can't list every ingredient, whatever. Sadly they were all out of the apple crisp so I settled for the apple-cranberry pie, it was quite tasty, the crisp was probably better. My mother who is not vegan had "whipped cream" on her pie...pretty sure it was whipped milk blech, why not just call it what is? I know it's less fat and healthier than full fat cream but if she'd known she would have just left it off. Overall the food was good, just like homemade. I would def give it another go...maybe late at night, being open 24/7 gets big points with me. I also feel like need to try that apple crisp! Bottom line: if you're in the neighbourhood at 3am and you want healthy vegan comfort food, this place would be like heaven on earth.

Pros: Open 24/7, Variety, Large Portions

Cons: Service is So-So, Food was Luke Warm

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New review for a new vegan friendly naam! - Edit

A lot of the negative reviews are from a few years ago, but I invite vegans to come back, because mostly everything on the menu can be made vegan! I've went twice this year, both times I got amazing food. The quantities are HUGE, enough to be quite stuffed and bring home leftovers. I've had the reuben tempeh burger, with fries and miso gravy and it also came with their salad which was fresh and yummy. I also had the vegan breakfast burrito, was HUGE and smothered in melted daiya and had some sausage in it. Their shakti raw cake is what dreams are made of. My only complaint is their home fries (breakfast potatoes) are a bit bland.

Pros: huge portions, great food, amazing deserts

Cons: very very busy

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better than expected - Edit

We were warned about the service here before coming, and were pleasantly surprised today. Food was tasty, atmosphere was very pleasant and hostess & server were friendly and responsive. The wedge fries with miso gravy and cheese were delicious! Better as their own dish than in the golden bowl.

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Good food, long wait, not so good service - Edit

The food is very tasty, but it takes forever to arrive. Try to avoid going from 12-2 and 6-9. Also, the servers tend to be very busy and often impatient.

Pros: Good food. , Decent portions.

Cons: Slow service. , Cramped seating.

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Absolutely Delicious! Worth the Wait! - Edit

My vegetarian friend and I went here on my last night in Vancouver, which is probably a good thing, because I would want to eat every meal here! There was quite a line, but it moved reasonably fast - the staff is very efficient! We started with a sort of potato wedge poutine (daiya cheese and miso gravy), and it was beyond good! We also both ordered their burger with a few extra fixings and we were extremely satisfied! What flavour! Needless to say, some anticipated leftovers were carried away that night. I will definitely come back next time I'm in Vancouver!

Pros: Vegan options clearly marked , Delicious and satisfying , Reasonably Priced

Cons: Slightly lengthy wait time

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Hands down favourite restaurant - Edit

The Naam has been my favourite restaurant even since I was a carnivore. I've probably had almost every vegan option on the menu, and I can honestly say they all rank a good 10/10. So much flavour, large portions all for a very reasonably price.

Pros: everything

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Good food - Edit

My husband and I went here this morning. The portions were large, the area was nice and the people were friendly. I wished the tofu scramble had slightly more salt and the potatoes more flavor. The vegan pancakes were great as was the almond milk latte! My husband loved his egg hash breakfast.

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Poor service. Long waits. - Edit

We had to join a long line to get a table, but worse than this was the wait we had to get the food after ordering. It was almost an hour before we got our food! The server never apologized or offered any explanation as to why we had to wait so long.
The food itself was reasonable, although not very warm. Although we have been to The Naam before and put up with the mediocre service, this time was the worst and we will not be going there again.

Pros: Good choice of menu

Cons: Bad service, Long waits, Lukewarm food

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Blahyuck - Edit

Food not good. Steamed veggies were overdone with no seasoning, overwhelmingly tangy miso gravy ruined everything they smothered it over. I take that back. The stuff they smothered it over was bland by itself. The vegan steak was smashed down hash brown style nuts, seeds, and veggies with poor flavor. The thai bowl had a bland sauce. The noh banana nut date cream pie had an OK crust but I could not eat the filling. The oatmeal raisin cookie was very hard, as if it was over a week old. Bottom line, neither of us had one good item. The site is not letting me go below 2 cows. I rate it one, only because the service was ok.

Pros: Open 24 Hours, Live Evening Entertainment

Cons: Every Food Item Was Poor

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24 Hour Vegetarian Restaurant, Average Food - Edit

It was a raining Vancouver night, and after my friend and I got off to a bit of a late start searching for a veg place to eat. Most veg restaurants close by 9PM in Vancouver, so we were delighted to find a veg restaurant that is open 24 hours a day.

The line was quite long when we arrived at 9:15PM on a Wednesday, but the wait was only about 5 minutes.

The decor in the restaurant is very comforting, and has a small-town rustic cafe feel. The servers were very helpful in explaining which items were the most popular, and which dishes could be made vegan.

The only issue I had this this restaurant was the food quality. I ordered the tempeh reuben, and it was average at best. When I am in any city and see a tempeh or vegan reuben available on a menu, I order it.

Unfortunately, this reuben will go down as one of the worst I have had. It was dry, and lacked flavor. I ordered a double fudge chocolate cake for dessert, and this was decent, but I have certainly had much better desserts elsewhere.

The fact that this restaurant is open 24 hours a day is very convenient. I do plan to try their vegan pancakes, as I hear these are great.

I might recommend this place if you are out very late and there are no other veg alternatives.

Pros: Open 24 hours a day, ambiance, service

Cons: food is bland

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Good food, good atmosphere, long waits - Edit

The food at The Naam was excellent (at least as a veggie rather than a vegan) - I had the golden bowl, which consisted of huge chunks of potato, generous helpings of cheese, miso gravy, tofu, and vegetables. The serving was huge, and the general 'fats and carbs' style of the food was perfect after a long day of cycling.

The place itself also seemed fun, with live music, a patio, and a lot of chatter from the many patrons. One small complaint is the amount of time it took to get service at the end of the meal - I think we spent about half an hour trying to get the bill paid, which isn't fun when you're tired and need to catch a bus. But if you have more time (or a bit of patience), this would be an excellent place to go.

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Great food, Awful service - Edit

I've been to the Naam so many times and the experience I have is always the same: I LOVE the food, and I HATE the service. It's hard to believe a place can a) be so polar opposite on those two aspects, and b) be so consistently horrible with service, especially since I've never had the same server twice.

I've had several items on the menu, I usually ask what the server's favourite dish is and I'm never dissapointed. The dragon bowl and buddah's feast are my favourite, and anything with their house made Miso Gravy is worth trying! Their vegan poutine was one of the first things to try and it was so delicious and filling I barely could eat my entree!

If you go in knowing you won't be getting first class service, you won't be dissapointed by the food. I might consider take-out instead the next time I have a craving.

Pros: Great food, Reasonable prices, Live music

Cons: Long waits, Unattentive staff

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Generally good but less so for vegans - Edit

I'd actually give it 3.5/5 if I could. Opening hours literally can't get any better - it's really nice you can have an apres-midnight veg. meal or snack. Service is usually good, though it can vary from charming to near-disgruntled. Portions are generous and decent, though somehow lacking for vegans and less exciting on your plate than they seem on the menu... Yes, the blueberry shake is great, and so is the choc-raspberry pie.

Pros: opens all the time, Good selection, esp. for non-vegans

Cons: Can get very crowded and noisy, food a bit unremarkable

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Excellent Place! - Edit

Was SO bummed that I saved this place for the end of my trip to Vancouver. Awesome vibe, great food, and easy to get to location. Others had said it was tricky to figure out which foods have eggs and dairy and which don't, which was why I was reluctant to go. Not true at all! Everything that doesn't have dairy and eggs or just doesn't have eggs is CLEARLY labeled. Also they're open 24 hours which is great. Went there for dessert on my last night, excellent Apple-Bluberry VEGAN pie, and my partner had really good VEGAN Carrot cake. The service was a bit slow, but it was 11:30 at night, so the vibe slows down. Next day stopped there on our way out of Vancouver had the super special with vegan pancakes, tofu scramble, and vegan sausage. Delicious! Coffee was great, the refilled me 3 times and as New Yorker I like my coffee refilled, and the service was super quick. Would totally recommend to fellow vegans.

Pros: Great Food, Good Price, Friendly Service

Cons: Slow service at night, Not in Downtown area

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Very good in general - Edit

I liked this place. I went there twice and I didn`t regret it. The portions are huge and the food tastes really good. It heavy though. They are open 24/7 so thats a huge plus :)

Pros: Huge portions, Good value, Open late

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Should do better. - Edit

Average food, poor service, Naam seems to cater more to students and omnivores. The portions are huge but they don't need to be. They should focus more on quality and taste rather than quantity. They don't seem to care much about vegans either since many of their dairy free/egg free dishes contain honey. Their homemade miso contains honey and they smother it everywhere they can. Have been there more times than I would wish because sadly many people seem to enjoy mediocre food but sorry Naam you can do better and with more and more competition in Vancouver, you are going to have to.

Pros: Location?

Cons: Service, Bland food

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delicious food - Edit

Several vegan items on the menu. Popular place: all tables were full on the covered patio.
I had the Naam steak platter (wish it wasn't called "steak"), which costs $13.25: veggie-nut patty, miso gravy, sesame fries, steamed vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots). Satisfying meal.
I took away a piece of vegan chocolate carrot cake. Delicious: seedy, moist, sprinkled with coconut. It is a very big slice, so it's sharable or good as a takeaway. If I lived in Vancouver, I'd eat here often.

Pros: large menu, friendly service, tasty food

Cons: could have even more vegan items

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Delicious! - Edit

My friend recommended this place since I first met her in December. My husband and I live in Whitehorse and recently made a trip down to Vancouver. We were with my friend and we decided to try it out.

First off, the menu is HUGE and what a selection of vegan options! Everything is marked if it is vegan indicating no dairy, no eggs, which is a definite plus in my books.

All the food we got was delicious, the service was great and prompt. It was a wonderful experience and probably the best vegetarian restaurant I have ever been to. Awesome!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Great service, Delicious food

Cons: Busy

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A+ experience - Edit

I visited Vancouver on vacation and decided to try the naam after having been given several recommendations. All I have to say is that the Shakti cake was the best vegan desert I have ever tasted. I got up from the table almost feeling dizzy from satisfaction. I thought the service was fast despite it being totally packed. My dinner was also fantastic and I wish I lived in Vancouver to be able to taste everything on the menu.
Don't miss out and don't walk away if you see a line outside the door; it usually goes by quickly and the wait is so worth it.

I know where I'm going next time I'm intown!

Pros: Amazing Food, Amazing Desert, Funky Interior

Cons: Line outside the door, Can be loud

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Don't go here if u are vegan - Edit

=having a long history in this city and being well known among part time vegetarians doesn't justify all of the accolades that this place gets year in & year out
=the food there was passable

+open 24 hours
+nice environment

-in my experience, poor service
-do not go here if you are vegan

---the longer that I've been vegan, the more paranoid I've become, so the last time I was there, the server ended up getting ahold of the kitchen ingredients binder for all of their menu items, and to me, it seemed that several of what I expected to be vegan items, in fact, had dairy byproducts. Not trace amounts, but actually as an ingredient. So ever since then, I have yet to go back, and will likely never go back there again.
I have now started down that slippery slope of not completely trusting "vegetarians" when it comes to genuine vegan food....
Updated from previous review on Friday January 06, 2012

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It has all been said before - Edit

I've dined at the Naam 3 or 4 times in the past couple years. Everything said before is still true, so here are the things important to me:

Yes, the wait can be interminable and outside. Turns out the Fire Marshall paid them a visit recently and banned the practice of congregating in the doorway while waiting for a table. So now you are fully outside, waiting, amidst confusion over who was here first, etc.

The food is tasty, but can be very loaded with cheese. If that's your thing, terrific. Light, vegan fare it is not.

The staff has never really been 'rude' in my experience. But they are very busy and have a carefree attitude towards customer service. And who can blame them with people lined up at their door 24 hours a day. Something is working, so why mess with success? However, I believe if they ever got any real competition, they'd need to straighten up real quick.

A word about the "live music"... Sometimes it is pleasant, sometimes it is not. In every event, it is amplified too loudly. One night last summer there was some dude with a guitar who was warbling at around 6,000hz into the microphone while picking his guitar frenetically under high amplification. I literally wanted to strangle the guy. Or at least cut his amp cord. It really interfered with enjoying a meal. So keep that in mind if you are looking for a quiet night out.

Pros: Yummy comfort food, Old school, hippy style, large portions

Cons: Long wait, Can be LOUD, Ambivalent staff

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Loved It! - Edit

I find myself totally confused by all the negative reviews because my sister and I absolutely loved this place! We ordered the Tempeh Reuben with Sesame Fries and Miso Gravy and the Italian Melt. All of the food was wonderful! Full and fresh flavor, attractive presentation, hot items were hot and cold items cold. The service was relaxed but pleasant and the live entertainment was great too. I am totally looking forward to going back.

Pros: Excellent food, Good value, Live Entertainment

Cons: Gluten free items not well identified

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Long wait in a long line - Edit

The wait was long, and they had us stand in the door way, from the middle of the first room out to the sidewalk. The wait-staff seemed nice, if not a little inattentive. The Asian Noodle bowl was very good, and HUGE. The Dragon plate was macrobiotic, and basically nutritionally deficient; it was steamed cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, and brown rice, with very good sauce. The Buddha's Feast is large enough for three people; good, but not exciting. The carrot cake was very good. The vegan chocolate carrot cake tasted more like pumpkin spice cake, not carrot cake.

Pros: huge portions, pleasant, quiet live music

Cons: limited wine selection, long wait

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Crunchy crunchy averageness... - Edit

Yeah, the last place I lived had a similar restaurant... I'm guessing: been around the area, like, forever; has a loyal following; and somehow got enough recognition to garner visits from anyone from out of town (or, with the hours, anyone both vegetarian and drunk after 3am)...
The main point here is that I have had really good vegetarian food in my life. Creative/inventive, prepared with an eye to modern culinary techniques and ideas, and challenging yet expertly prepared. The Naam has very little to none of this...
What the Naam does have is a lot of potatoes with skins on, thick slices of multigrain bread, and mildly (read "hardly") spiced casserole-y items.
At least two possibilities: 1) the menu was created 25 years ago and has never been updated; or 2) the menu was created for/by vegans (this particular bunch not being that picky), and then was later adapted for full-blooded vegetarians.
In either case, this local favorite seems and tastes complacent.

Pros: 24 hours

Cons: Food, Creativity, Variety

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I love the Buddha's Feast (huge portions), fresh carrot juice, scrambled tofu, sesame fries (although they are often burned, which they are unable to control) and the fresh home made soups. Delicious herbal teas! Live entertainment nightly! The prices are great! The ambience is wonderful: rustic and down-to-earth! They even have a warm fireplace for cold days and a natural gas heated patio! Lots of free parking!

Pros: Delicious food, Mostly vegan with organic ingredients, Great prices

Cons: Slow service when busy, Fries are often burned

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Who is being served? - Edit

Repeated reviews saying service "sucks" (and other disappointments). No patrons no restaurant, somehow the patrons have convinced the restaurant the opposite-that we are here for them. A good number of more public postings of a "sucky" attitude and "sucky" service and a concerted and well-orchestrated "strike" effort not to eat there for weeks at a time would start changing the attitude that we are there to serve them.

Cons: M

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so so - Edit

Okay - so I'm in the minority of those who don't love this place. I've only been there once and I suppose my expectations were high based on the awards and reviews that when I went there and ate - I was a bit disappointed. For brunch there were not that many options without eggs and the tofu scramble that came was pretty much what I make at home. The atmosphere/ decor is a bit granola and boy was the place doing a swift business - so I suppose a lot of folks like it here.

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I know were all different and our acceptance of things vary between person to person, but I can't imagine how anyone would return here for a second time. Even if you received good customer service (highly unlikely) how is it possible to look past the filth? Nasty, dirty, unsanitary, disgusting place. GROSE GROSE GROSE, likely the dirtiest restaurant experience I've ever had.

Pros: Having the option to walk out!


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It's an institution - Edit

First off, yes, the service sucks, but guess what, it's SUPPOSED TO SUCK!! That's part of the 'atmosphere'. The service has ALWAYS been like this; for what, 30 years, and it's not going to change.

If you are looking for fast food, and you are starrrrrving, go somewhere else - a mistake I've made myself. It can be a loooooong wait, especially if there is a line-up out the door, so this is where you want to go *before* you get hungry, and sit around chatting and having a drink or two... or three... before your meal arrives (guaranteed, if it's busy).

I've had lots of good meals here. This place was one of the first of its kind. It was one a few places I could get a vegan meal for many many years. The best thing about it, is that all of my non-veg friends can come along also and find something to eat, and they've got alcohol too (although I don't drink, many people do), so it makes it a good hang-out for all those UBC students. It has been around for a long time, the menu hasn't changed much, if at all, in the last decade. Guess what, I don't eat here anymore simply because there are so many better places to eat now (with more vegan choices) -- they've got to update their menu if you ask me. And I know people that have worked at the NAAM and is has been said, "I don't think the kitchen staff even know what the meaning of Food Safe is," and, "the reason the food takes so long is because there's one Indian lady in the kitchen running the whole show."

Don't come here for breakfast, it's ALL EGGS & CHEESE!!

And there's often live music, but I've been there so many times, and only seen live music once.

Anyway, it's a cool 1970s hippie joint where ya go to hang out with friends, chit chat, have a drink, and eat too. Don't think of it as a *restaurant* where you will be waited on at your beck and call; the staff are generally too young and hip for that sort of thing, so chill out, okay.

Pros: open 24hrs, something for everyone, hip place to hang-out

Cons: not enough vegan stuff, often slow service, some do not 'get' the aloof service

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j.lee 22 Feb 2013 - Aside from the wait time, service wan't really an issue when I went here (or at least it was the smallest issue). However, if you're in the "service" industry, I can honestly say that service is the one thing that's not supposed to suck. Having terrible service isn't quirky or ironic, it's just bad business.

indifferent service - Edit

I was keen to try this place after reading about it on various forums. When I arrived it was about 4pm so not a peak time, and there were a few tables taken. However after being shown to a table and given a menu to look at I became invisible as nobody wanted to take my order. Sensing that this was going to take up too much time waiting for food to arrive, and because I had limited time I opted for a juice, and bought a cookie to take away when I went to the counter to pay. It was a shame that they couldn't care less about serving me as I was keen to try their food. From some of the other reviews I have read it appears to be a common problem. A 24/7 veg restaurant is a great idea only as long as they have the service working!!

Pros: good menu, 24/7 operation

Cons: poor service

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24 hours!? - Edit

Although I can't say that there was a super wide-variety of vegan options, what they had was pretty amazing and the portions were huge! I had the Naam burger, a Noh Pie, and a dragon bowl to go...all of which were totally satisfying. I couldn't believe this place was open 24 hours, we need more places like this around the world. Very friendly and helpful staff.

Pros: 24/7 Hours

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Underwhelmed - Edit

We visited this restaurant on a trip to Vancouver a while back...I don't know if the menu has changed much, but there were a few things that stuck out to me - besides the ridiculous wait times:

Chocolate Raspberry Vegan cake: I swear to god, the first couple of bites tasted like chocolate cherry Robitussin. fix the recipe. Might I recommend the Sinfully Vegan cookbook?

Giant potato wedges are not "fries." Maybe "steak fries" but not fries. Also, a giant crushed up falafel patty with slightly different spices doesn't constitute a "vegetarian steak" to me.

This is just a small thing. No margarine? We asked the waitress about this and were told that they didn't use it because there was "too much oil" in it. Don't look at me with a straight face and say that while you serve eggs, butter and milk to half the other customers in the place. Spectrum is a perfectly healthy, non-gmo, non-hydrogenated spread. If the management isn't willing to shell out for it, just say it.

That's pretty much all I have to say on that subject. There are many good places to eat in Vancouver. However, if you're not ovo-lacto, I would probably avoid this one.

Cons: food quality, long wait time

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24 hour Vegan Food!!! :-) - Edit

The best thing about The Naam, it's open 24 hours! Can I say that again? 24 hours, 7 days a week! How can you get better than that? I wish there was one in my neighborhood or even in my city! I've been to The Naam a few times and I even went there once twice in one day--many hours apart of course. I remember the vegan dessert, a blueberry/apply cobbler with vegan ice cream I believe it was, was awesome! I will definitely be back for more, hopefully, soon. It's quite a drive up there from the Seattle area but it's definitely worth stopping by, even on a day trip. Like said before, try to go during off times and you won't have to wait in line as long, or at all and you'll be waited on quicker.

Pros: 24 hour vegan foood!!!, Yummy desserts, Large portions, not too expensive

Cons: Long lines during busy times, Service can be a bit slow when busy, More vegan options would be great

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Second Chance - Edit

After going to the naam when I first moved here 5 years ago, and being put off by the lack of vegan options, dirty cutlery and rude staff, I decided to give it a second chance.

This time, the server was nice, and the vegan options have improved, as they are now offering daiya vegan cheese (a great new vegan cheese made in North Van) to be substituted for anything on their menu. So I will probably be giving them a third chance...

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Very Good! - Edit

I had a quite long walk to arrive, my hostel was distant but the expectation was respected. I ate very well (a big tempeh burger plate) with quite big portions for a reasonable price. there was acoustic live music and art exposition too: good environment! finally it is not the best restaurant in the world, but it is okay to have good time and eat healthy food!

Pros: good value for money, environment, live music

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Great place - Edit

We had dinner at the Naam 3 years ago while visiting Vancouver and we couldn't wait to go there again when we were in Vancouver this June.

Both nights the restaurant was busy but we didn't wait too long to get a table. And we enjoyed listening to the live music while waiting. The staff was very friendly.

3 years ago we had dragon bowls and realy liked them. This time we had the Teriyaki Stir Fry and the Naam Burger and were equally happy.

This time we also had dessert. We ordered the Shakti cake and the Raspberry Chocolate cake and they were both soooooooo delicious. The pieces were very generous, we actually shared one piece and took the second one home.

We also couldn't resist trying the Pear cider and loved it.

If we ever go back to Vancouver I really want to go back the Naam. I'd love to try their breakfast.

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Oh my dog, Miso Gravy! - Edit

Miso gravy is my new favourite thing, and it's all thanks to The Naam. We ate here twice on a recent visit to Vancouver (breakfast & dinner), and it was fantastic. Massive portions, varied menu, lots of new & exciting things to try. We had seitan steak, veggie burger, homefries the wonderful miso gravy for dinner, and big pancake breakfasts with delicious veggie sausage and Sam Strips. Decor is very bo-ho and funky, and although we were warned about slow service, I can't say we noticed this. I cannot rate this place highly enough, the food was amazing and inexpensive, and the choice was great.

Pros: Tasty food, Large choice, Big portions

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Worth the wait! - Edit

Please don't go here for lunch if you are in a hurry. Do go here for lunch if you have a big appetite and a little extra time. The staff was a bit slow in acknowledging us at the door, slow seating us, slow taking our order, and slow to get us our food, but it was all worth the wait. I had the Cashew & Avocado Enchiladas. Who would have thought to put all of these flavors together into one dish? It was amazing. My spouse had the special which was curried lentils, chickpeas, and potatoes. It was the best curry dish she's had in a very long time. The place was packed and it was understandable why. This place knows good food and they know how to prepare it (even if it's a little slow).

Pros: Large portions, Excellent food, Creative

Cons: Service was slow, Place was a little dirty

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Wish we had one in Orlando - Edit

This was by far the best place we ate while visiting the Northwest. We didn't find anyone rude. Our order was taken in a reasonable time, we were seating upon walking into the building and our food came shortly after we arrived. My picky son ate a soy burger and had no negative comments (this is a good thing). I ate the Naam bowl which was huge and the peanut sauce was very tasty. Daughter had a pizza and ate it all. Husband had a similar meal, but in a sandwich. Dessert was also really good and selection was enormous.

Pros: Selection, Portions, Dessert

Cons: busy

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Celestialvegan 28 May 2009 - Wish we had one in Ontario...nothing comes close!

Really cool mix of choices - Edit

We had a great dinner at the Naam while visiting Vancouver. I enjoyed a delicious Thai peanut noodle dish with veggies (sort of like Pad Thai, but completely vegan) and my husband ordered a vegan "steak" with miso gravy that was also fantastic. We also shared a vegan chai milkshake, which you could never go wrong with! This place is really cute, open 24hrs, good pricing (affordable). It stays busy, so beware a slow kitchen from the crowds. Overall, a great experience, and great leftovers!

Pros: good value, cute environment, delicious food

Cons: a little sluggish when busy

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Good Food, Rude Service - Edit

As a visitor in Vancouver I tried the Naam twice in 3 days. The food was good each time however the service was awful and slow. The first visit I explained the bad service away to being a busy mothers day brunch, however the Second visit was during a part empty dinner service. The staff did not smile, make pleasantries or even acknowledge us for upwards of over 10 minutes each time, and then took approximately 20 minutes each time to take our drink orders, let alone food. The portions were large, the food was good, and the prices were reasonable however i would not return to such a snobby environment.

Pros: good price, good food, large portions

Cons: rude staff, long wait

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slow and slow - Edit

after seeing so much about naam, we decided to go there for our sunday lunch,we were waiting for 20 mins before seat,then another 15 mins before someone realising us,then she came to take order also placing forks and nephkins,i am not sure they are polished or not,then after 25 mins for my asain bowl and my husband's pissza, food was ok ok,not really special,i think the reason it is famous is because it has large menu and vegan food.
it is not good for busy office people who looking for fast lunch.

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Naam - Edit

My favorite restaurant. I have never had anything bad to eat here. This place is always busy. Service is slow but so worth the wait. The portions are huge. Very vegan friendly.

Pros: excellent food, huge portions, good value

Cons: small,busy, slow service

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disappointing - Edit

i've only been there once, and i was really disappointed. the food was pretty poor, and the service sucked. but the menu was huge, so maybe we just didn't choose good dishes. i will give it another try!

Pros: selection

Cons: service

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Noh Pie is amazing! - Edit

The Naam is a good place to go if your hungry and want a huge hearty meal, However i would go their more for the atmosphere than the food, It's kind of like the Denny's for vegetarians sinch it's open 24/7. I would recomend going just for the desert. There are tons of vegan options. Try th Noh pie, it is to die fore, it's sugar free, gluten free and vegan but it just taists amazing, just like a bannana cream pie!!

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Classic weekend brunch - Edit

I had a delicious brunch platter with all the classics: scrambled eggs, toast, home fries. Very reasonably priced. Worth the out-the-door wait to get a table and slowish service (obviously the kitchen was swamped). I'd read glowing reviews of the miso sauce, so I ordered it as a side for my home fries - salty and kind of gross, though.

Pros: Yummy brunch, Convivial atmosphere

Cons: Wait for tables and food

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Mostly Vegetarian

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Excellent & HEALTHY food - Edit

Perfect to veg-heads and vegans alike. Yummy stuff and the coolest, chilled out atmosphere ever. Love the patio, so lusciously green and plain cool. Servers are cool, casual. LOVE THIS PLACE.

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is it ok to fall in love with your teacher? - Edit

hello,just a funny fact after visiting the naan for the first time I became kind of addicted specially the desserts but not only,it took me a few more years to completely switch to vegetarian not that easy when you cook for your own and there is no naam to make it all sweet and good.But somehow the concoction of flavors,rythms and vibes that are very carachteristic of the place made me realise the valuable adventure of surviving without hurting and killing the innocent when nature is all we really need to keep us alive when it comes to fueling up our bodies.

Pros: hip neighborhood, 24 hours of flavor, healthy in great manner

Cons: crunchy floors

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Totally not worth the hype - Edit

Everyone said to go here when we visited and I honestly can't figure out why. The dragon bowl was totally blah and the other food we got was not memorable either. We were totally disappointed. :(

Pros: none

Cons: dragon bowl, blah atmosphere

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Reviewer Avatar

I eat here a lot - Edit

I live in Vancouver and go there quite a bit. They have really awesome home made type food. Some good vegan eats there are: The NAAM burger, The Naam Steak platter, asian noodle soup (for cold days), Buddha's Feast, Naam dragon bowl, deep fried tofu, Hummous and pita, Scrambled tofu (for breakfast), Apple cranberry pie, shakti cake, apple crisp and the smoothies are really good too. Eat here for good food, nice atmoshpere and feeling good when you leave!

Pros: good prices, great homemade type food, nice outdoor patio for summer

Cons: very busy, patio not always open

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Disappointing - Edit

After reading a number of good reviews of The Naam, I went here for brunch with my husband. The food was okay, but as vegans the odour of eggs was quite bothersome. They might benefit from some better ventilation or maybe having a vegan/non-vegan section.

Pros: okay food

Cons: Unfriendly service, Bad ventilation

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Good spot - Edit

It seems they're renown for their terrible service, so don't go if you're starved or in a rush. But if you're feeling tolerant, the food is excellent. Selection could use to be improved... atmosphere is quirky.

Pros: yummy

Cons: slow service, limited selection

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Decent comfort food - Edit

The hugely popular Naam has been around for a long time. It's almost always packed, especially after 5 p.m. on weekdays when there are often lineups more than a dozen people deep and going out both front doors. Be prepared to stand in line for a while if you want to eat here.

The inside of the restaurant can be a bit grungy, owing to the fact they are often busy and are open 24-hours (except for Christmas day). It also has quite intimate seating (read: most of the time you are sitting very close to other patrons). There are sometimes musicians that play music in the evenings. In the summer, there is a very pleasant, shaded pattio off to the side of the restaurant.

The menu is large and ecclectic and is very vegan-friendly (the Naam is a vegetarian resto). They offer very homey comfort food and is the place to go if you're looking for a laid-back atmosphere and not too much fuss. Somtimes the service can be a bit slow, but that's usually due to a packed restaurant and not enough servers. The prices and generous servings are suitable to most people's budgets and appetites.

Pros: Nice atmosphere, Good location, Very vegan-friendly

Cons: A little grungy, Can get very busy, Intimate seating

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24hrs vegan comfort food! - Edit

I fondly don't remember my first trip to Naam. I was in town on business and got smashed with my colleagues and remember flashes of ordering a vegan hot dog at 4 in the morning??? Luckily I've been able to make it back there sober many times :) The sesame fries are must gets. The line gets super long at peak times, just tough it up and enjoy the company or come back at odd hours. 24x7 vegan food is not something you want to miss. Naam is a stand out worldwide for vegans!

Pros: 24x7, fries

Cons: long lines

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Pleasant - Edit

The only thing I didn't like about the Naam, was the 20 minutes we spent standing in line to get in. My friend used to work there and said that it is usual to wait, and the Naam doesn't take reservations. I very much enjoyed my Naam burger with salad and Miso dressing, it was so filling that I had no room for dessert. My companion had an enchillada and salad and was also pleased. Once we were seated, service was quick and very friendly, we didn't wait long for our meals. The main dining room was very noisy, but we were lucky to be seated in a narrow room attached to the main, where we could speak and hear each other without distraction. Would definately go again and try some of their stir frys when I'm next in Vancouver.

Pros: good food, fair prices, good service

Cons: Long wait, noisy

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Crazy Cool - Edit

Our visit to the Naam was very enjoyable. Not so many vegan choices, but the food was outstanding when it arrived. It was busy and fast paced, but there was some great live music and friendly, happy people.

Pros: good value, large portions, good variety

Cons: noisy, long waiting line

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This is the best Vancouver has to offer? - Edit

I was completely let down by the Naam. The highlight of the meal was cracking up about how awful the food was. We ordered three dishes and every single one was disappointing, one of them was not even what we had ordered in the first place. Beets and carrots come as a garnish whether it is asian, mexican, or italian food that you order. The only thing this restaurant did for me was make me feel 10x luckier to live in Seattle.

Pros: Good blueberry pie

Cons: Tasteless, bland, Poor service, Ridiculous prices

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it's my hang out=24 hrs a day - Edit

hey...do u know any 24 hrs diner that serve healthy? so go to NAAM!! i dont like the owner's "fast-pace" serving. it's like he's high on speed or something trying to get your order in and get you out. otherwise, i luv everybody else. they r my bud's man! awesome, awesome place and to hang out!

Pros: late nite healthy food, good people, worth it

Cons: dont like the speedyowner

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Simply LOVE IT. - Edit

I love this place. It has exactly the kind of comfort food I crave. I had a spinach and feta pie with salad and THOSE FREAKING YUMMY SESAME FRIES! I'm not a huge miso fan to begin with so I don't love the miso gravy but it is tasty and I do dip into it a little. There are alot of choices so even if I bring an Omni friend there, they have tons to choose from and can even find a dish to eat if they're particularly picky. The Veg food isn't scary for Omni's and it's excellent for Veg's and Vegans (be sure to ask what is Vegan and they can sub soy "dairy" choices etc for certain, not all, dishes). It's easy to see why it's been around so long!

Pros: awesome selection, good for Omnivore friends, funky

Cons: can be slow

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