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Vegan Pizza House

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Contact 604-248-5336

2119 Kingsway, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V5N 2T4

Vegan fast food style restaurant offering pizza, pasta, and salads since 2011. Sauces and dressings are prepared in-house. Mon-Sun 11:00am-10:30pm

Category: Vegan, Pizza, Italian, Western, Fast food, Delivery, Take-out

Reviews (41)

First Review by kimward8

Hot Fresh Vegan Pizza delivered to your doorstep! - Edit

After travelling all afternoon we didn't feel like cooking or going out so we looked up a place that would deliver vegan food. Vegan Pizza House was close by so we gave it a chance and we were pleasantly surprised. We ordered a small Hawaiian and a small Cook Special, it came to $40 with tip, not cheap! Totally worth it though to have hot fresh vegan pizza delivered to your door! It was enough food for 2 of us and we even had a couple pieces leftover that we ate cold the next day, it was still delicious! I will definitely order from here again, there were quite a few choices and I'd like to try them all!

Pros: Delicious , Delivered hot and fresh, Variety

Cons: not exactly cheap

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I mean do I need to say more besides VEGAN PIZZA HOUSE? They didn't need to and I was already there. I go every time I crave the za' they are the light in the world, thank you Vegan Pizza House keep on keeping on!

Pros: VEGAN. PIZZA. YUM, Awesome 'regular' pizza joint vibe, Did I say vegan pizza?

Cons: Lasagna wasn't expected taste, A lil off, Still great though :)

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Would definitely return! - Edit

Having recently become vegan, I was so glad to find this place to satisfy my pizza cravings. My friend and I split a large pizza (spicy vegan & harvest special) for around 20$. There was a deal on for $1.75 per slice, which is not bad. The staff were friendly and patient and brought us water as soon as we were seated. It took around 30mins for the pizza to come out. Both toppings were incredibly delicious but I preferred the latter a bit more. I found the crust to be a bit soggy/gummy near the centre, but the mouth watering toppings (they didnt skimp out!) and great flavour made up for it. I was very stuffed by the end and almost finished half the pizza. I bought a gift card worth 60$ but only paid 50$ for it (nice little deal) because I know I'll be back for more!

Pros: Super delicious vegan pizza, Friendly attentive staff, Pricing is decent

Cons: Gummy crust near centre, 30min wait for food, Small

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Delicious Pizza... - Edit

Most gluten-free crusts are lifeless, cracker-like experiments, but this crust was pliable and savory. It held its form, even when loaded down with lots of fresh veggies. Delicious and just what we needed....

Pros: All vegan options!, Tasty gluten-free crust, Kind owner

Cons: Small delivery radius (at least, too small for us)

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Delicious but no atmosphere. Vegan though! - Edit

Also do not get the pizza with corn on it. Corn on pizza? Nope. Not a good combo. Also depending on who is making your pizza it can make or break your experience. I will go back to this place simply because I understand the struggle for vegan food establishments but those who do not understand may be disappointed in this place. It is lacking atmosphere, no music, it is sort of depressing but once you get your pizza you are happy. I would not recommend delivery as I can see why this place is so slow at delivery. They do not make enough money to pay a multitude of drivers nor is their kitchen big enough.

I wish they had more than just daiyan cheese.

Pros: Vegan, Tasty

Cons: non-organic, confusing prices, slow delivery and lack of atmosphere

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late night vegan donair!! - Edit

Ordered delivery from VPH late Sunday evening after a long day of traveling - was so happy to get their vegan donair! It was everything I'd hoped for. Also their pizza is amazing - the crust is the good kind that won't get left behind.

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First time, yummy pizza - Edit

I ordered last night for the first time, and got them to deliver to my place! Kingsway is about a 11min drive away from this place, and the delivery fee was 3$ and min order was 15$, which wasnt bad at all. The guy on the phone who I talked to and ordered from was SUPER friendly and said it would take about an hour for them to get to my place. The delivery guy arrived with my yummy 100% vegan pizza. It was very tasty, and you can tell the crust and sauce was hand made. They used two daiya cheeses, and three different kinds of fake meat on mine. I gave my omnivore boyfriend a bite and he really liked it too! This is a good choice if you're kinda tired of ordering from panego (they cost about the exact same).

Pros: So many different types of pizza, 100% vegan and vegan owned, Can deliver+walk in pizza by the slice

Cons: Delivery time was 1 hour

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Great find - Edit

Awesome pizza, really impressed with the prices of everything as vegan take out tends to be more expensive when using alternative meats and cheeses.
Definitely recommend to anyone wanting some delicious pizza. Staff were friendly and both delivery and in store times are reasonable

Pros: Good value , Delicious food , Lots of choice

Cons: Not the easiest location to get to

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Great Vegan Pizza - Edit

My physiotherapist (broken ankle) is vegan and told me about this gem. I tried it out yesterday. Delicious pizza. Great sauce and great crust and the vegetables on it were yummy. It's a bargain at $1.75 per slice. I had three slices!!

Pros: Delicious, Vegan, Sells by the slice $1.75 cheap.

Cons: Not great location

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Inconsistent - Edit

We've stopped going there because the service was inconsistent, unapologetic and not very friendly. Delivery sometimes took 1 hour more than agreed on the phone, the kitchen was very messy and unorganized. Pizza was very doughy and used heavily processed ingredients.

Tried this place a couple of times because they are quite far from downtown and the pizza is lukewarm by the time we get home. Great selection of pizza although I am not a fan of fake fish, it sounds even more wrong than fake meat. So I will not try the one with shrimps and fishy stuff. The crust is great and the toppings are generous. We tried several types and all were delicious. Didn't like the lasagna as it was a bit too salty and didn't taste home made. They also deliver downtown but we were told it can take a while to get your order so we'd better be prepared to wait. We will be...
Updated from previous review on Sunday November 25, 2012

Pros: Many different choices, All vegan

Cons: Slow service, Unorganized

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Going downhill :( - Edit

I used to love this place and used to order every week but towards the end, the delivery times took longer and longer. The last 2 times, took OVER 2 HOURS! When I called to check, they didn't even apologize and just said they were busy, even though I ordered at 4pm and they would have known how many pizzas were ahead of me and should have told me I'd be waiting so long. They've also forgotten toppings a number of times.

If you do decide to order from here, don't bother asking for extra cheese as the amount of cheese you actually end up with will be completely up to the preparer. I've ordered regular and extra a number of times and there is no difference... sometimes regular has more cheese than the extra and most of the time, extra means regular.

Don't get me wrong, I love that we have a vegan pizza house in Van but I've given up on them and gone for Panagos instead, even though I hate choosing a meat company over a veggie one.

Pros: Vegan Pizza!

Cons: Long Wait on Deliveries, Unfriendly staff on phone, 'Extra' has no meaning

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Good, vegan pizza by the slice! :) - Edit

I went into this restaurant today at 1:30pm while wondering along kingsway and remembered my friend telling me they had good pizza here.
I tried the Hawaiian and the Vegetarian slices of pizza. I was pretty impressed, since I don't know any other places that serve vegan pizza by the place and so many choices as well. Plenty of cheese which i liked although the crust was a little stale, which I actually didn't mind. I was pretty hungry...
The owner was VERY nice :) The location is okay I guess, but of course I would prefer it if it were closer to where I live, heheh.
I think it's worth a try and I will be coming back here to try other things on their menu! :D

Pros: Vegan, Friendly staff, Good price

Cons: small eating area, location is a little hard to find

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Love It! - Edit

This place is so cute and so are the people that run it. A great family run operation and the pizza is super yummy. They even have a halfway decent GF crust which is almost impossible to find. Keep cranking' 'em out VPH!!

Pros: All vegan!, GF crust, lovely people

Cons: not close enough to my house

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Tasty pizza - Edit

This is a true no frills dining experience - the restaurant is very small & simple. The menu is also quite simple, with a small range of pizzas with fairly simple toppings (generally not many vegetables). The pizzas we ordered tasted delicious and are great if you are super hungry. The restaurant owner is very sweet and I left this place with a very pleasant feeling. Probably not the healthiest vegan restaurant you will find, but the pizzas were delicious and pretty cheap.

Pros: Tasty pizzas, Great value, All vegan

Cons: Not the healthiest

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This is a review - Edit

Nowhere near the best vegan pizza I've tasted but it was good enough and I'd return in a pinch.

And the name of the business is nowhere near the best name I've heard but it too is good enough and it can be remembered in a cinch.

(See what I did there?)

Pros: All vegan

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closed - Edit

We went out of our way to go here while driving through Vancouver and the sign on the door at 1:30 said they'd be back at 3:00 even though the opening hours sign said 11-9. Wasted a bunch of time getting off the highway and driving through Vancouver. Won't attempt to come here again.

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Very Disappointing - Edit

While on vacation in Vancouver my husband and I decided to stay in one night and order pizza. We landed on Pizza House since it was all vegan. We were not impressed. It's hard to describe exactly what was wrong with the pizza, but I think it was mostly not enough/not good sauce and we didn't like the mock meats they used. I had the All-Dress which was supposed to be pineapple, vegan ham, mushrooms, and extra Daiya cheese. The ham was not good at all, I counted 2 or 3 mushrooms on the pizza and there was definitely not extra cheese. They also left the cheese off of the cheesy garlic bread we ordered. I would not go back to this place, as all vegan or not, the food was nearly inedible.

Pros: All vegan

Cons: Bad pizza

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The Best Vegan Pizza! - Edit

I was thrilled, really over-joyed to discover this amazing little jem in Vancouver. My husband and I love pizza, unfortunately vegan pizza can be somewhat hard to come by. It's wonderful to have an entire restaurant devoted to vegan pizza, and this place has all the quality and charm of all the other little pizza parlors you may happen across.

We have tried many of the creations from the Greek Pizza, to the Hawaiian Pizza, to the Meat Lovers Pizza and the Seafood Pizza. We've had the vegetable pizza too, and even enjoyed some of their smoothies as well as their Beef and Chicken Donair - vegan donair! how can you pass that up!

Everything we've had was better then the last. Every item was full of flavor and bursting with mouth-watering goodness. the Pizza crust is perfect - exactly the kind of crust I like - the toppings are always tender-crisp and flavorful, and the cheese is perfectly melted.

The staff is also very friendly, and accommodating. The last time we were there we spent a nice chunk of time talking with the owner. Lovely people, great food, if you haven't been you must visit!

Pros: Amazing Food, Friendly, helpful Staff, Good Prices

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The Best! - Edit

One of the best vegan pizza places on the west coast. Love the lasagna as well and everything is made hot and fresh. Its greasy satisfying pizza that is just what you need sometimes. The store front isn't great but THEY DELIVER!!!!

Pros: delicious, delivery, perfect pizza

Cons: not great to dine in

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Best Vegan Pizza! - Edit

This place is a tiny little gem hidden on Kingsway. Don't let the appearance of this hole-in-the-wall type pizza house fool you, their pizza is to die for! I stop in for a slice whenever I'm around, and I order take out probably once a month. First off, where in the world can you get a slice of vegan pizza for under $2? I'm guessing not many places! Their crust is perfect, great amount of sauce, toppings galore, and you can't go wrong with any flavour I'm sure. The only ones I haven't tried are the "seafood" variations just because I have never liked the taste of anything "seafood-y".

I will always order from them in the hopes they will never go away! And they DELIVER!

Pros: Great food, Friendly Staff, Delivery

Cons: Unnappealing storefront/location

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Pretty Good - Edit

The vegan pizza was good. Though the guy kept acting like his credit card machine didn't work. Then when we said we'd leave it magically worked. As for the food it was good. The place is not the nicest atmosphere. But the food hit the spot. I wouldn't go out of my way to eat there again, but I wouldn't discourage someone from trying it.

Pros: Good food, Decent price

Cons: Not nice dining area, Credit card machine doesn't work

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Loved it! - Edit

My family all loved their pizzas today. So nice to find a 100% vegan pizza place. And their basic tomato sauce is onion- and garlic-free. Yay! Opens at 4pm weekdays.

Pros: Knowledgeable and friendly people, Tasty pizzas

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At last, Vegan Pizza! - Edit

You must try the Vegan Meat Lovers - it was absolutely amazing! Best vegan pizza I have had, hands down.

So good in fact, upon returning home to Ontario from my vacation in Vancouver I set out recreating this fantastic pizza at home.

The only bad thing I can say is that there is not a location in Ontario!

Pros: Food, Service

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Yummy - Edit

We were never actually at the location but ordered delivery after a long day on an airplane from the Yukon. We were staying at a local hotel and decided to try calling. It was fast and delicious. I really loved my vegan Cesar salad. Great choice for vegans.

Pros: Fast, Great selection, Good food

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LOVE this place! - Edit

Don't let the appearance of this small pizza shop put you off. After all, it's the food that counts! Delicious all-vegan pizzas, with an option of a gluten-free crust (also delicious). Our group tried the "meat lovers pizza," a "seafood pizza," and a garlic pizza. They were all equally amazing. The cheese is made with non-gmo vegan ingredients. The staff was cheerful and helpful. What more could a vegan want? Oh and they also deliver locally.

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Vegan Pizza - Edit

We've been to this place a handful of times now, and enjoyed it on each occasion.

The pizza: the crust is good. Typical white crust with a 7/10 rating. The fake-meats etc. are Asian-style and not the quality Yves or other, as I find they lack flavour of those. Overall the pizza was good.

We have also tried the spanikopita, which was really good.

We tried the bubble teas - yuck. None of us like it and we all ordered different flavours. Bad mix. Bad mix of tea with fruit juice etc. -- just not good. Would be better to have vegan milkshakes or something like that, then throw some tapioca balls in there to add something 'Asian'. Or just plain sweet tea with tapioca balls.

I noticed some Supreme Master propaganda; I find such nonsense (con-artists) offensive, and couldn't help but compare this pizza to that pizza from the other Supreme Master supporter, Loving Hut; that pizza was not good at all, and the crust was gooey and reminded me of that 2-for-one low quality stuff); Vegan Pizza House's crust is a 6-or-7/10 (compared to ALL of the pizza I've ever tried in my life, vegan or not, home-made or not).

The staff were very friendly and attentive. It seems to basically be operated by some quite young and enthusiastic people, so hats off to them.

There's seating for perhaps... ten people or so, so a nice cozy intimate hole-in-the-wall type of eatery. Everything was pretty clean and tidy, including the washroom.

We stuffed ourselves, with leftovers to take home. For the three of us that cost $47.

Pros: tasty, mid prices, nice employees

Cons: need better veggie meats, need better drinks, whole grain organic option would be nice

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mmm, pizza - Edit

+ pizza like how it should be
+ decent selection of toppings
+ pretty cool to be able to get vegan pizza-by-the-slice
+ non-pizza items are good
+ run (almost?) exclusively by vegans

- delivery service is spotty (I'm told that as sales go up, delivery service will improve)
- prices are merely ok; conventional pizza joints give you relatively more pizza for your buying dollar
- "eat-in" price NEEDS to be the same as "pick-up" price,
as the only reason a pizza joint ever charges more for a pizza
is to pay for the delivery guy,
so yeah, please point this out to them

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So Good! - Edit

I discovered this place a few weeks ago and super happy a place like this exists in Vancouver. Staff are super friendly, the pizza is reasonably priced, and this is by far the best Vegan Pizza I've ever had. I wouldn't recommend dining in as it's pretty small, but take out is a whole other story.

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Repeat Customers! - Edit

My husband and I have had their pizza and donairs delivered often. Our favorite pizza is the Greek Special and my husband always gets a couple of their Combo Vegan Beef and Chicken Donairs. There are many specials posted on a board in the restaurant that aren't mentioned on their menu. So many delicious choices!

Pros: excellent food, very good value, friendly staff

Cons: not much seating

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Best Pizza in Vancouver! - Edit

My husband and I have moved to the Vancouver area over a year ago and could not seem to find a decent pizza place. That is until now! WOW we were so impressed! Although it is a bit out of our way, it is very much worth the drive!

Pros: Very friendly staff, Food tasted fresh

Cons: Eating area was quite small

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Great Vegan Pizza - Edit

I went here on vacation and the pizza was amazing. The crust was great and so was the pizza overall. This has been the best pizza I have found since turning vegan. If I am ever here again I will for sure go back!

Pros: Great crust!

Cons: very small

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Not too bad - Edit

Ate here on vacation in BC since it was only about three miles from our hotel. We are not fans of "fake cheeses" so we had ours made without cheese. The sauce is good, the crust was just crust but there were plenty of great veges. I would go back again and would recommend this place. Very small, very not fancy but hey it's just pizza.

Pros: all vegan, good value

Cons: small, cluttered, hard to find

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hmmm :) - Edit

I went there just once but I'll come back for sure...The guy who's making pizzas was really nice...I had some kind of "chicken" pizza...pizza was sooo cheeezy (I just think that sometimes less is more) however I liked it.., Pizza crust reminds me my mum's homemade pizza (funny and kinda amateur but different and good ;)) So folks just GO there and TRY! ;)

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Absolutely delicious - Edit

Best vegan pizza I've ever had. I've missed pizza since I became vegan... until tonight when I went to Vegan Pizza House.

Vegan Meat Lover pizza was amazing!!!

Pros: Lots of selection, Great food, Excellent price

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Great! - Edit

Pizza from the Loving Hut returns to Vancouver! Tiny restaurant with only 16 seats, but amazing food and very friendly staff. Pick-up discount makes it extra affordable! Great experience and will definitely go back. Free parking out front, near bus routes.

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