Restaurant, bakery, and natural food store. Menu features baked goods, breakfast burritos, tofu scrambler, and more. Food is vegan suitable unless otherwise noted. Open Mon-Sat 10:00am-10:00pm, Sun 11:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by philjdomm


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14 Sep 2023


They had a lot of things to choose from! Sad that I can't fit more in my belly!
I had some jackfruit bbq, chickpea kofta and fries lentil patty.

They also had a lot of cakes and pastries.

Pros: Lot and lots of choices



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04 Sep 2022

Not Safe for Vegans!!!

Ordered an Indian Thali here and asked if it was vegan. She assured me it was. Then after our meal, which included a yogurt dish, i asked what she made the yogurt from and she said DAIRY!

Don't risk it. They clearly either don't know what vegan means or, more likely, don't care.

Pros: Tasty food

Cons: Lies about what is vegan, Only safe for milk drinkers


04 Sep 2022

Terrifying, somebody could get very sick with such carelessness


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23 Aug 2022

What a selection!

There is no lack of selection at Sweet Cherubim. I’m talking menu for days, hot case, cold case, dessert case, made-to-order. It doesn’t stop. The only regret you’ll have is how long it takes you to decide what to order!


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08 Dec 2020

Healthy and delicious

Very great selection. Smoothies, healthy meals and sweets. Nice sauce options. Great staff.


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28 Aug 2020

Vegetarian Indian

Large selection of vegetarian meals with many vegan options. Huge display case full of bars, energy balls and cakes, many of which are vegan.

Older fast food vibe in small eating area with more seating out back.

Pros: Lots of options, Too many desserts to choose from!

Cons: Older space


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08 May 2020

great lunch spot!

I always get the veggie thali plate - never disappoints! You get to pick 2 curries, it comes with rice, chapati and salad with housemade dressing🌱 I also love the desserts like the pecan raspberry clusters 😍 a lot of raw options as well.


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15 Oct 2019

Go for the desserts instead

Queue the world smallest curry portions EVER. Lukewarm, not spicy and again...why is it so small for the price?
The lasagna cheese was like eating and chewing plastic, had to stab it and some shards flew off - maybe it's been out for way too long...hmmm.

The chocolate fudge cake and chocolate brownie was fine, better than the mains for sure.
the "restaurant" is a part of the Sweet Cherubim store, we had a "pie" from there and it was good, nice and fresh.

Pros: Vegan

Cons: Food looks like they have been out since morning., Small portions of curry.


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01 Aug 2019

I love it here

Vegetarian food store and restaurant, very nice old school veg vibe. My number one spot on the drive!

Pros: Great old school veg vibe, Many great options, Clearly labelled vegan items

Cons: food is ‘just ok’, but really hits the spot


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24 Apr 2019

Lots of options

This place has lots of options for vegan baked goods. I love the raspberry “turtles”. The meals are good as well - didn’t blow me away, but still tasty. I do wonder a bit how long the food sits for and how fresh it is- seems like a large volume is always sitting there.


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18 Apr 2018

Mediocre, Overpriced, Dirty

This place is filthy, the food is lukewarm and not fresh. I would not recommend this place for a meal.


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01 Oct 2017


More of a take-out than restaurant.
The dining room feels like a fast food place.

Pros: None

Cons: Not all vegan


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11 Jul 2017

Great Indian vibe

This place is awesome, great nourishing food, without a hipster price tag.
I had beetroot and quinoa salad which were fresh and refreshing. The Lentil Pakora was a bit too dry though. There are great take away options, beautiful desserts and teas too.


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29 Sep 2015

Great place!

Absolutely loved this place. My first meal in Vancouver was there and I think I fell in love with the area thanks to Sweet Cherubim. They have a great selection of vegan food. I got a terrific burger and some treats.
It is nicely located on Commercial Drive, has a nice atmosphere, and a cool store attached to it.

Pros: Delicious food, Plenty of options, Good service

Cons: Too far from my place (and country)


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24 Aug 2015

Good Vegetarian Food

Good Vegetarian Food. I support Vegetarian Restaurants, I respect you. I want the vegetarian food to be even more spicy though because I like very Spicy Food.

Pros: Vegetarian, No Meat, Good Tasting Food


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Mostly Veg
08 Aug 2015

Samosa, Mimosa! Okay, fine, just the Samosa..

Fried Spinach Feta, Need I say More? Sooo Goood. Oh Tofu Rice is pretty good too.

Pros: Samosas, Vegeterian, Vegan


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24 Jul 2015

Treasure Trove of Vegan Sweets

Man. Three, or was it four cases of bars, raw ball, brownies, cookies, etc and damn near everyone was labeled vegan (+ an ingredient list).I got the following: lemon anise and walnut cookie (huge), coconut rocha (chocolate covered haystack of coconut), shortbread sandwich with chocolate filling, and a ooey-gooey raspberry date bell shaped thing. All are good. The cookie was a little dry. Totalling $9CAD.

The rest of the store is a natural food store with all the things you would expect, plus a great dried herb selection.

Staff was nice.

Pros: variety


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07 Nov 2014

Yummy Samosas :p

Out of all the samosas, the chickpea is my favourite ( a little spicy) and I can't find any place that makes better samosas yet. I recommend the Spinach/Feta samosa if you are vegetarian or non veggie.
Also, I personally think the best pakoras they have are the zucchini ones as well. The other ones taste a bit bland and the texture is odd. Just warning others that if you decide to warm the pakoras, expect for a LONG wait time.
I have tried other things on their menu as well, but didn't really like any of them. The veggie burger tasted a bit burnt and I didn't like the buns at all. The salads are not fresh when I'm there (unless told by a friend of mine who used to work there at the time). The dhals and curries are okay, but I've had better and more fresh and hot.
Like another reviewer has stated, the desserts in the case are questionable. I walk by here a lot and they look like the same desserts from the day before. I've tried a lot of them and didn't like any of them personally. cookies were a little stale.
The location is great, seating inside and nice seating outside,hard to miss, and has a nice attached health food store. Worth checking out. :)

Pros: good samosas and pakoras, Location is great, Huge selection

Cons: Slow service, wait time to get food, Desserts and baked goods, Not very fresh food


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26 Apr 2013

Great Food, Great Location

I really like this place, lots. I just find it very frustrating on how long it takes to get your food. Never come here if you in a hurry, but do check it out.

Pros: Great Food, Great Selection

Cons: Horrible Service


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04 Jan 2013

Worth the stop when in Vancouver!

In Vancouver for a few days and am checking out some of the local places with Vegan food. Sweet Cherubim is about 10 minutes drive from downtown. Great variety of baked goods, including cookies, pies, muffins all of which are vegan. Also has a hot bar with Indian-influenced dishes and a coffee bar. The place is attached to a health food store which is also stocked with mostly vegan food.


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22 Jun 2012

What an assortment!

Entering the restaurant is overwhelming!
I am sure they offer more than 80 different meals and cakes. From burger, sandwiches, soups, cake, cookies to smoothies and juices. And everything is vegan! Well, about 95% is vegan, the rest may be vegetarian or you can choose between vegan or vegetarian.
Some meals are expensive, though. For example a small piece of cake. But therefore they offer at least 10 different exotic vegan cakes. Cookies and puddings not included.

Summing up, check it out. You won't regret it ;)
5 of 5

Pros: The assortment!, Taste, Friendly staff

Cons: Sometimes the prices


22 Jun 2012

Oh sorry, I forgot two things. The have daily offers/discounts. E.g. the vegan burger + juice of your choice for free. And after or before eating you can just go into the organic grocery store next to the restaurant. Very nice.


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24 Jul 2010

Good Spot

Lots of tasty (Indian-ish) items. Tons of dessert/baked goodies, too. Natural foods store adjoining, and with the Co-Op and Eternal Abundance shops in next block, this is veggie mecca!


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08 Oct 2009

Best Place For Vegan Desserts

I've been going here since around 1990. It has always been a great place to go shopping. I love the atmosphere; it's a real hub of activity; always busy. The prices have gone way up over the years, but... so have prices everywhere else. I will say that they have the most creative, tasty, and exciting desserts. They even had raw selections long before the recent raw trend. The restaurant has a LOT of vegan choices. I never bothered to count, but it must be 98% vegan. Note: cookies, samosas, etc. in restaurant have more tax than the same sold on the store side. It's just a wonderful place and I imagine they will still be here long after the current health/vegan/raw/etc. trend has dissipated. Go pig out on desserts here!

Pros: Great desserts, Cookies, bread, etc. made by them, Leader in the Veg community

Cons: Druggies, bums, etc. around, Well used toilets, Uuug, the city is so filthy!!


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01 Jun 2009

Loved the Samosas!

The Samosas were worth the drive. Don't miss the chickpea and potato! To die for. The carrot juice is also very tasty.

Pros: Great value, Excellent food

Cons: Parking


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15 May 2008

Wonderful Bakery!

Has a deli- style set up. Food was pretty good. Salads are huge! Even the "side salad"- so be warned!
Wonderful selection of vegan baked goods!
Atrocious prepared to wait and wait.

Pros: bakery, vegan

Cons: service is awful


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12 Feb 2008

luv it and for its price

all desserts are super sugartized but meals are very good! been here within a year.

Pros: inexpensive, vegan friendly

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