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2nd Floor Life Center, Q-House Building Lumphini, Sathorn Rd, Bangkok, Thailand

2nd floor MBK opp Pizza Company

03 Apr 2010

I have eaten here a few times- it is so yummy and fresh! but i must admit the menu is a little bit confusing. i normally go for the Thai spicy salads or the raw (coconut strips) phad thai. they always ask if you can handle spicy food if you are a westerner and ordering, but really it isn't very spicy at all. the mushroom stem salad was really good. not much english spoken but the menu is in english - so don't ask too many questions - just order and get a 'surprise' with what you get! it is a shame that the juices are served in disposable plastic cups.

17/1 Phahon Yothin Rd, Phaya Thai, Bangkok, Thailand

Cheap and good

06 Apr 2012

This place is also known as 'Baan Aree'(Ari house) or 'Banana Family Park'. To get to it is easy with these directions - Take Exit 1 from Ari Station and walk towards the clearly visible ESSO service station, about 3 minutes. Immediately before the ESSO you will see an alleyway with 'Banana Family Park' on the wall in large bright letters. If you walk up this alleyway and continue through the complex as if you are going to exit out through the back, you will find the vegetarian stalls and health shop right at the back.

Food is presented in a 'hotbox style' ...there is no English besides a big 'vegetarian' sign, so vegans may want to take requirements written in Thai, otherwise just point!

The food here is unbelievably cheap, even by Thai standards. You would be very hard pressed to eat 100 baht's worth. But not only is it cheap, I have been twice and both times been really impressed by the taste and how I felt afterwards as well. I take along a lunch box and order up big and take some away for later.

The health food shop is located right near the main eating area.

The complex is treed and peaceful and there is a clean and beautiful toilet available for use.

79 Main St, Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island, Outlying Islands, China

Lamma Island's hidden treasure!

21 Mar 2011

I has lunch on a Sunday and it was packed out which was great to see! English menu, friendly staff, cosy atmoshpere and very good food. It is down the end of the narrow street, pretty easy to find past Deli Lamma. I took the ferry from central to sok kwu wan ($25) and walked to yung shue wan (about one hour 15 mins) - this way i built up a healthy appetite and you have more choice of ferries to take home ($20), but it doesn't really matter which way you go.

A bit further into Yung Shue Wan keep an eye out for the charity shop supporting abandoned animals on the island. They have a donation box inside and also a good selection of bargain books and cd's.

As you can see, it was a fun trip!

(Just one more comment on Bookworm: I would have like more asian and vegan options but I was really happy (and healthy)with what I had (large fresh juice, delicious soup and huge vegan salad bowl, I felt good value at $140HKD-organic used where possible)

279 Jalan Besar, Central Singapore, Singapore

clean, healthy

26 Sep 2008

I have eaten here a few times and always really enjoyed it. The vietnamese salad rolls are great. In fact everthing I've had there is. It is nice to get fresh raw vego salads instead of just oily fried dishes all the time!

The staff are always nice too.

136-2 Iidacho, Narita, Japan

Vegan food in Narita!!

13 Feb 2013

This place is bright and clean and NON SMOKING!! It has an outdoor sitting area and a fresh atmosphere.

The staff were lovely and the owner of the cafe also works there.

My meal was delicious! I had a vegan Japanese style 'set lunch' for about 1000Yen ($10 US)which includes a drink. I 'upgraded' and paid 100Y($1) more to get a fresh organic carrot juice.

I would recommend this place to anybody! It was an easy and nice 15-20 min walk from central Narita.

Just some travel advice: If you are veg'n in Japan, it can be very difficult... Please be aware that most soupy dishes (miso, agedashi-tofu, the dipping sauce for tempura, soba/udon noodles and ramen) contain either fish (dashi) or pork stock, so avoid them!! For tempura you could ask for plain soy sauce instead. Many salads come topped with shavings of dried fish (katsuobushi). It may help to have someone write out your requirements clearly in Japanese for when you are out and about.

Vegetable gyoza, eda mame, vegetarian nabe/shabu shabu (hot pot), chilled zaru soba (served with plain soy sauce, not dashi), vegetarian cha han (fried rice)and ume ochazuke (green tea rice with plums) (ensure it's without dashi) are a couple of things that may help veg visitors to Japan to eat safely and happily... so long as you are specific about what you can and can't have!

Obviously not necessary though for Easy Life Cafe-they already know what you want! I love this place!

533-1 Hanazaki-cho, Chiba, Narita, Japan

proper vego food in japan -love this place!

03 Apr 2010

This place is great! Really easy to find in central narita and the owner/staff were lovely and spoke English - also has an English menu. i find it is EXTREMELY difficult to eat vego in japan - and i speak the language- so having a place like this in the town closest to the New Tokyo (ie the main) International Airport is good news indeed! I got the Japanese lunch set and really enjoyed it. The atmosphere is really nice too. Don't judge them for not being 100% vego-it is mostly vego and certainly has the right spirit, but I think it is a tough market to crack and they are doing the best they can. most japanese food is LOADED with msg and extracts of one animal or another. this meal was satisfying but healthy and no msg sleeplessness after. i loved it - great value for money and even better, they sell beer!!

if you are just transitting for a few hours, you can take either the JR or Keisei train from the airport to narita. from either station, it is a 5 minute walk and easy to find. It is on the road that leads to the Narita-san temple (a very beautiful one with gorgeous gardens - well worth a visit-don't be scared and hang out a the airport -if you have time, it is pretty simple!) I will upload a pic to help you.

(please note - the maximum rating allowed for a non veg restaurant is 4 cows - i would give it 5 under the circumstances, but cannot!)

89 Rangoon Rd 01-04 Urban Lofts, Central Singapore, Singapore

brown rice and healthy, tasty food

27 Sep 2008

This is just opposite the Concourse building on Beach Road. The brown rice set and mango sushi rolls are personal faves. You come away from here feeling satisfied but in a light, healthy way, not a yucky heavy way like most places. Most things are under $10 each (less than $8.50 Aussie)

The menu offers both Western and Asian meals, raw and cooked food. This is not 'mock meat' vegetarian, but healthy stuff, made, I think, with love! They also stock and sell a few health food items.

The staff are always lovely.

Bishan Park 2, 1382 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, North Singapore, Singapore

go for the location...

26 Sep 2008

I have only been here once. I found the food a bit over-priced by Singapore standards and not as exciting to me as some of the other places I have visited (also you get hit with 15% service charge at the end).

The location in a park however, is really, really lovely, which I guess is what you're paying for!

It also had an outdoor bar off to the side for those who feel like a cold one or two; a welcome change from everyone expecting vegos to be tee-totallers as well!

I took the MRT, then the bus to the huge Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery there. (it is a loop bus in two directions...make sure you take the right one, so you don't go around in a huge circle like an idiot...like me! It's only about 4 stops and easy to spot when you are there). That was well worth it and they have some truly lovely free buddhist books you can pick up in a couple of glass cabinets around the place. From the monastery it was a little bit of a walk to the restaurant (20 mins?). From there I took a different bus from out the front to a different MRT station.

I wanted to give 3.5 cows but I can't, so they get the benefit of the doubt for the pro's inspite of the cons!

9455 Bolsa Ave, Westminster, USA

pho for me!

12 Jul 2009

I admit that not being familiar with Vietnamese food I found the menu a little bit confusing, but I was very happy to play it safe and finally try Pho! I enjoyed it, (but maybe it was a little salty? also,i felt fine later but it could pay to ask about msg too). It was nice having the condiments on the table to mix and match with it. I got a take-away pack of three of the more colourful of the rice paper rolls (on the recommendation of the waiter who said they were the best choice), and I was very very happy with their flavour and freshness even when I ate them hours later. I found the staff pretty friendly and had no troubles with communication. It was fairly quiet and my food came quickly. The decor is pretty basic which I liked - a bit like real Vietnam! The kitchen looked nice and clean. A group of Vietnamese buddhist nuns were there at the same time as me which seemed like a good omen!

At $8.50 for the big bowl of pho and the rolls (I had a glass of water - not sure if I was charged for it?!), it was really good value.

2 Serangoon Rd 01-24/25/26, Central Singapore, Singapore

Healthy, non-greasy food. Friendly and clean.

09 Aug 2010

I had the coloured rice porridge ($5) and the pumpkin salad ($8.50) and I would like to say how much I am enjoying them! Yet another place on my Singapore 'must-eat' list!

A big plus for me is that there is outdoor seating unlike all the other vego places I have eaten at over here.

When you sit down you are greeted with a glass of nice chilled water which is really welcome. The staff were really friendly.

The menu selection is excellent, covering both western and asian bases well. This is not 'mock meat vegetarian' - there are very welcome healthy and fresh options here.

This place is fairly new and still trying to establish itself so I'm sure it would welcome a visit from fellow Happy Cowers!

It is very easy to find, and close to Sim Lim Centre and Little India. It is on Rochor Canal Road, opposite Short Street.

21 Tai Wong Street East , Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island, China

set lunch is only meal option. great for a drink!

26 Sep 2008

Very nice staff and beautiful inside. Unfortunately the meal choices were limited to one of three set meals. I was after something light, so that didn't suit me, and I wasn't attracted by their descriptions either. However, I saw some people eating and it did look quite nice.

There were quite a lot of people there and the seating was comfortable and the staff and decor nice. They have a good variety of hot and cold drinks. They also sell some buddhist books etc

I am happy cow-rating it as a cafe, not as a restaurant.

The street is at 58N on the free HKG map. It is the one written in Chinese to the left of Swatow Street

Orrego Luco 54 Providencia, Santiago, Chile

Easy to find, English menu with varied choices

12 Mar 2013

I have been here twice and both times have had the Mexican Style Cerviche, which I absolutely adored,(and it appears to be vegan) and will keep going back for, but I haven't been so fond of my other meals that I had alongside it.

Once I think I had the Valley of the Moon(?)Quinoa salad which was ok, but not 'awesome'. It could be my fault, but this time I thought I was ordering a Chilean Summer Salad with some vegies cooked in a claypot, but it turned out the salad was just basic and the claypot was more of a 'bake' which unfortunately had egg (and maybe milk)in it which I try to avoid. I saw on the website that they use 'range' eggs (hopefully proper free range, not the atrocities that can be legally called 'free range' in Aus and elsewhere), but I will certainly be more vigilant in future.

There is a specific vegan Californian set, but on my English menu this bit was in Spanish for some reason, but I might try that next time. Anyway my waitress spoke excellent English and would have been able to help out with any enquiries if I had only thought to ask...

My 2 dishes cost about $20US plus tip. They were a substantial size and I brought along a lunch box to take some away for later.

The staff were very friendly both times, it is a classy place in a nice area so it is not cheap, but it is nice.

The outdoor seating is beautiful in the warm weather...a romantic candlelit dinner for one!

Shop 135, 3/F, Pioneer Centre, 750 Nathan Road, Kowloon, China

stylish, user friendly menu

26 Sep 2008

I was still hungry after my trip to Treasure (see review!), so luckily I had a back-up, with Gaia just a short walk away. It was easy to find as the Pioneer Centre building features on the free HKG map hotels give out (Grid square 7M).

It was lovely! Although it has 100+ seats, there is a smaller section at the front, so it feels nice to sit in. It was very clean, comfortable for a lone diner and the menu was great. The menu was well priced and had English and many really handy pictures. It was hard to decide as so many things looked great! They don't seem to add a service charge and the tea they serve was inexpensive and really good. (If you know 'genmai cha' - roasted brown rice and green tea, that's what it was.)

I enjoyed my meal and would definitely go back here again.

65/66 Sukhumvit Soi 22, Bangkok, Thailand

Not difficult to find, well worth finding!

17 Apr 2010

If you come from Sukhumvit down Soi 22, after about 30 metres you will see a large blue 'optical' sign and Larry's grill. Between these two is the laneway which the restaurant is down. I had just the Cesare salad (pictured) and was very happy with it and its accompaniments. Outdoor seating and friendly staff are a bonus. People from all different cultures were eating there which was nice. Also you can get beer/wine. I think the prices were totally reasonable and look forward to going back soon!

7 Gladstone Road, Highgate Hill, Brisbane

Great for presents for others (and yourself!)

10 Jul 2009

A lot of the products are made on the premises by the owner. She is very ethical and makes products she truly believes in, rather than many questionable businesses that are trying to surf the 'greenwash' wave. This is my favourite shop in Bris and I love to take visitors there who are looking for pressies for people back home. It is a beautiful shop to visit and the staff are well informed and friendly.

The other nice thing is that the products are really good value...less expensive than the chemical concoctions sold by The Body Shop (now owned by L'Oreal who have been rumoured to be one of the larger animal testers in the industry). I won't even start on the other potions and lotions in your average department store...

I get bulk stuff there to make my own things, as well as coconut oil for cooking, soap (by the kg then slice off as needed), lip balm, hair wax, moisturiser and rose hip oil, small jars etc

To me, this store deserves 6 cows!

(Note: There is beeswax in some products but most are vegan) You can also order over the internet and the postage looks reasonable.

G/F, Shop A-B, Yardley Commercial Building, New Market St, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Island, China

great idea!

26 Sep 2008

How it works: (very well actually!) ...grab a plate and help yourself to some food from the buffet. It is $15/100g (approx $2.50 Australian/100g), with a minimum charge of $28 (about $5AUD). I had a lightly covered (ie not stacked up, but covered) plate and it came to $54 ....but wait! Theres more.... The real bargain to the whole thing is that lovely 5 grain rice, clear soup, tea and congee are all FREE on top of that!

And its nice to sit in and friendly too.

Location: On the right hand side towards the end of New Market Street to the left of the very easy to spot "Western Market" building. It has street frontage and you should have no problems seeing its large sign. (Free Hotel Map grid square 46B). It is easy to walk to from the Hong Kong Airport Express Station. (Des Voeux Road leads straight to it)

8/F, Hung Tak Building, 106-108 Des Voeux Rd, Central, Hong Kong Island, China

Mostly western style products

11 Jul 2014

I found that this store carried fairly similar shelved stuff to places I have been in UK / USA / Australia. I didn't notice any fresh produce. It had the shelves nicely marked though indicating things that were suitable for diabetics (and other requirements like gluten free, too).

It is a blessing particularly for people with dietary needs and expats in Hong Kong to have access to a place like this.

13 Jordan Road, Kowloon, China

Easy to find, friendly, English menu

10 Jul 2009

This place has a huge neon sign and is very easy to spot. We went upstairs for a la carte dinner. All of the staff were very friendly and the service was very good. The meals are large, tasty and well presented at about $60HK each, they are amazing value!($8 US/$10 AUD). Us 2 girls shared the mushroom congee, the honey bbq 'pork' and the beancurd on noodles. I brought a container and took away enough for breakfast! My only complaint is the lack fresh/raw/non-oily options, and this is why they only get four cows. (the congee was one of the healthier looking choices, mind you, it was GORGEOUS!). Three meals and two jasmine teas cost $190 HK ($24/$30)...the place looks a lot more expensive than it actually is.

I am not sure whether the buffet offers more healthy options...a great excuse to go back and find out!

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