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Gracias Madre

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Contact 415-683.1346

2211 Mission St (at Mission District), San Francisco, California, USA, 94110

Vegan Mexican restaurant by the owners of Cafe Gratitude. Uses produce from the owners' farm. Makes food in-house including the salsa, tamales, corn tortillas. Concise, seasonal menu. Open kitchen and spacious interior with dim lights and Mexican music played in the background. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-11:00pm.

Category: Vegan, Organic, Beer/Wine, Mexican

Reviews (86)

First Review by alexkors

so good - Edit

The menu has so many great options, it's hard to choose. What a problem to have! We ordered bowl uno and enchilada con mole, and both were full of flavors and lots of it. My favorite was the bowl uno - a deconstructed burrito bowl with all of the typical components. Their tempeh chorizo was a really nice addition - a bit spicy which added a little kick. The enchilada was spicy! For you spicy lovers, this is great, but for those who arnt, it's hot! All in all, I need to go back to try other items on the menu!

Pros: food is phenomenal , service is quick and friendly , ambiance is welcoming and warm

Cons: busy busy and so it's communal tables

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great food, family friendly - Edit

I'm the only vegan member of my family, which when traveling includes myself, three adults, a teenager, a toddler, and a soon to be one year old. Needles to say finding a place for all seven of us to eat out can be quite the struggle. Luckily we made reservations for this place and everybody loved it, even the tots! They had high chairs and seats for toddlers and the establishment was very family friendly.

The food was also SO GOOD! We ordered the Coliflór Frito and some nacho dish for appetizers which were all incredible! The cashew cheese is seriously to die for (even the salsa jars on the table were way above average in taste!) I ordered the flautas de camote which our waitress said was the most popular menu on the item. I thought they were good but not too interesting and I'd order something different next time. My dad got the enchiladas mole negro which I thought was a lot better. Their refried black beans are some of the best I've ever had.

Overall was a great experience and I will definitely go back the next time I am in the Bay Area.

Pros: kid friendly, quick service, great food

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vegan mexican food! - Edit

This is a great place to eat. The atmosphere is nice as well as quiet. The staff is friendly and the food is super tasty. I tried the quesadilla which was a perfect portion, not too heavy.

Updated from previous review on 2016-11-09

Pros: all vegan, friendly staff, calm atmosphere

Cons: not a lot of seating

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Thanks, Mother!!! - Edit

Okay, we live in Los Angeles and make a glorious pilgrimage to Gracias Madre in West Hollywood a few times each year. But I've always wanted to try the original San Francisco location too. And it definitely exceeded our expectations!

The service was great and the food was just as delicious as the SoCal version. The grilled tofu special with grilled eggplant and house made chimicurri sauce was delicious! Their flautas and enchiladas were delicious too. Our only regret was the limited bar menu, but they did a great job with sake-based margaritas. Don't miss the incredible peach cobbler with homemade cinnamon vegan ice cream. Yum-my!!! We will definitely be back!

Pros: Great vegan Mexican food!, Wonderful staff and service! , Cool local vibe.

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Fabulous - Edit

What a fantastic restaurant!
Everything is vegan,so there's no worrying about checking ingredients, and you quickly forget there is anything "alternative" about the menu. It's simply delicious food: fantastic fresh ingredients, well put together, with authentic Mexican flavours.
The hostess who assigned our table could have been friendlier, but her slight frostiness was more than counteracted by the lovely barman who fixed us up with some tortilla chips and guacamole while we waited, and our sweet server Pablo.
Definitely SAVE ROOM FOR DESSERT! We had the peach cobbler and the strawberry cheesecake and both were amazing, and generously portioned.
The Mexican hot chocolate is also worth trying, as long as you are ok with chilli :)
All I can say is, gracias, Gracias Madre- and I can't wait to be back.

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mexican vegan food - Edit

This place was great. Delicious vegan mexican food made with fresh ingredients so everything was very flavorful. Traditional mexican dishes that aren't usually vegan so it was cool to be able to try them. Great atmosphere and cool location as well.

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amazing Mexican food - Edit

Every thing I ordered (around 8 dishes) were so delicious. You get really big portions as well. Quesadilla, grilled corn and cauliflower Fritos were amazing starters. Tacos are really good as well.

Pros: Fresh organic food , big portions , cheap

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Overpriced and bland food owned by carnists - Edit

I have eaten at three of this chain's restaurants--this one, the Cafe Gratitude in Venice and the Cafe Gratitude in San Rafael (now closed.)
I am always rooting for vegan restaurants; that's why I gave them repeated chances by visiting the three different locations. But each time was the same--bland and overpriced food with ridiculous names, like "I Am Serene" or something silly like that.
But then I heard that the owners are out-and-proud meat eaters. Ugh.
I'm not saying they should close down the restaurants, but they should sell the restaurants to non-hypocrites.
Until then, I hope vegans and vegetarians will spend their money elsewhere. There are lots of veg restaurant alternatives in Venice and SF.

Pros: None, Zilch, *crickets*

Cons: hypocrite owners, bland food, overpriced

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LorenaH 02 Sep 2016 - First time I heard this accusation abaout the meat-eating, I thought it must be totally fabricated. No one could even expect a fiction like that to be believed. ... but it's true! was recently in the NY Times! Imagine. How strange. Vegan owners, and kind of creepy cult like people too (I mean all that What are you Grateful For? stuff) actually .. well I won't go into the details. but Yukk.
Any by the way, I did not think the food bland at all. I was quite fond of it.

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Vegan Mexican - Edit

This was my first time at the SF location (any chance this is related to the LA location?). The menu is not the same but it's similar. This locations setting is less upscale and more casual. The service was great. The food scored points for being totally vegan and presentation was good but I would only recommend two of the four dishes we ordered. With all the amazing vegan places in SF I wouldn't be in a hurry to come back to this location. I do recommend the tacos with the black beans tho! Delicious!

Pros: 100% vegan, Great service

Cons: Dishes not consistent in taste

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owners no longer vegan - Edit

This may be of concern to the ethical vegans: the restaurant owners have started killing cows on their farm for food. They believe this is best for their farming practices. The story just broke. They also own Cafe Gratitude.
So the restaurants still serve vegan food, but the owners are very definitely not vegan.

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Not an ethical vegan restaurant - Edit

Please be aware that the owners of this restaurant and Cafe Gratitude and Gracias Madre in Southern California own and operate the "Be Love Farm" in Vacaville, California where they raiser and butcher animals and sell the meat to other restaurants and also exploit dairy cows. They are very big on bone stock for cooking. Go and read their blog. Please go eat somewhere else.

Pros: None

Cons: Not ETHICAL vegan. Do not trust the food is actual

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All vegan mexican restaurant - Edit

I was so happy to find an all vegan mexican restaurant. The pomegranate margarita and mocha cheesecake were incredible. The food was good, and I'd definitely go back, but I wasn't completely wowed but maybe it was just my choice in entree. The staff so warm and welcoming.

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EXCELLENT! Upscale and Housemade! - Edit

Best all vegan dining place I've been to across the U.S.
Seasonal menu, original dishes and organic. Great drinks, atmosphere, and ambience. Hip and happening place.

Pros: original cuisine and pairings, authentic atomosphere and popular, organic and 100% vegan

Cons: community seating, mariachi singers beg for money at ur table, long wait, make reservations

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A great new take on Mexican Food - Edit

Real vegan options at most Mexican restaurants are a rarity, but Gracias Madre makes up for all those past experiences of limited choices. This place is a vegan's delight and the food is truly exceptionally good. Note: the food is on the mild side, so if you like some heat be sure to ask for some of their house made habanero sauce, which is rich, complex and hot without being overpowering. Save room for the strawberry cheesecake. Also note that when they get busy the seating becomes communal, so you may end up sharing your table with others, which isn't really a problem because you'll be enjoying the food so much...

Pros: Great food/creative recipes, Very friendly atmosphere, Good value

Cons: table sharing

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Authentic Mexican Cuisine - Edit

This is a great all vegan Mexican place with an open patio area out front and communal tables inside. It was pretty busy when we were there so we were given the option of sitting at the bar or communal tables - we sat at a communal table.

We got some home made sodas, pineapple and grape/berry - they tasted amazing and were perfect to offset the spicy food.

We ordered the GUACAMOLE CON TORTILLAS to start. The tortillas came out hot and fresh and tasted amazing. The guacamole was also divine.

For dinner we ordered a bunch of entrees including potatoes, enchiladas and Chorizio sausages. They were all incredible, fresh, authentic tasting Mexican delights. We couldn't finish the sausages because they were a bit spicy, but they were amazing.

For dessert we ordered the STRAWBERRY RHUBARB COBBLER. This was a really incredible dish and the peaches were fresh from the farm. It was a stand out dessert, the crust was amazing and so were the spices. My partner also ordered a Mexican hot chocolate which he loved.

Excellent service, reasonably priced, nice decor, flavoursome food - highly recommend.

Pros: Beautiful restaurant, All vegan, Incredible Mexican food

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Not as good as it seems - Edit

Gracias Madre is definitely a busy and popular place, we had to wait for about an hour to be sat at the bar. I love Mexican food so was quite excited about it. We had gorditas, tamales and some kind of tacos, each dish cost about £16 and sadly I didn't enjoy any of it. They all lacked flavour, the dishes were very simple with strange sides such as pickled cauliflower - which did not go with the rest. For those prices the food should be amazing - and I got that feeling from many cheaper restaurants, but this one just did not do it for me.

Pros: all vegan, big selection

Cons: expensive, simple dishes, busy

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some of the best vegan food I've ever had - Edit

No questions if you're in the mission, Gracias Madre is the place to go. Vegan, organic, fresh Mexican... Honestly what else could you ask for??

My sister and I ordered guacamole and plantains to start, and the tamale and coconut ceviche for entrees. They were so flavourful, beautifully presented and flat out outstanding. I honestly don't have anything negative to say except it is a little pricey.

Pros: all vegan, fresh, delicious, awesome decor, great

Cons: bit pricey

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Mexican gold in the Mission - Edit

Mission Street runs thru a surprisingly hard-scrabble area SF with parallel upscale Valencia Street just a block away. One thing that it has is Gracias Madre, possibly the best Vegan restaurant I've ever eaten at. Gracias Madre is also organic. The place gives a spacious feeling, despite being typically packed. To maximize space, customers at peak times are seated at unused places at already occupied tables, a strategy that in no way interfered with our enjoyment of the place or the food. I wish I could have tried all of their entres, but their corn tortillas filled with asparagus, broccoli and mushrooms, all perfectly cooked, and the cashew cheese topping were memorably delicious, as was my wife's zuchini, onion and garlic-filled tamales. Both dishes came with rice and wonderfully-seasoned black beans. The food is beautifully presented, competently and surprisingly quickly served without feeling rushed. I can't wait to get back to Gracias Madre, it's a must stop for anyone visiting San Francisco.

Pros: food originality, food quality, Servive

Cons: Unlovely immediate neighborhood

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Great food and ambiance - Edit

Even if the cesar salad taste nothing, the waitress changed it withouth any problem, and the rest was tasteful and beautiful.

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Everything is creative, delicious, super fresh! - Edit

I'm not sure that you can order incorrectly here. From raw coconut ceviche to sweet potato enchiladas with vegan cheese, food here is as good as you can get. A hip environment that gets crowded at night but is usually easy to get a seat at lunch. No matter age, dietary habits, nationality, etc., all of my friends love it here!

Pros: creative food, yummy

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small portions but tasty - Edit

I tried the tamale here and it was delicious. Overall this place was very clean, with live music, and an intimate atmosphere with dim lighting. however I probably will not go back as the tamale was so small and not worth the expensive price. I would only go here for special occasion.

Pros: tasty, atmosphete

Cons: parking , expensive, portion size

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Great place, yummy food! - Edit

We (me vegan and 2 omni friends) came here for an early dinner and we were able to catch the happy hour menu (valid until 6pm).

The organic wine is really nice, and I had one of each of the happy hour dishes - all of them really really yummy! My friends were happy with the food too - overall a great great place!!

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Overpriced and crowded - Edit

This place seemed pretty cool which is probably why it was packed. After a 40 minute wait we were lead to a table with other people already eating there. It was kind of a weird setup sitting next to random strangers on dates. Well we checked out the menu and most things were around $14! We got a salad for $12 and it was sprinkled with a few nuts and nothing else but a piece of bread on the side. It was way over priced!!!

Cons: overpriced , crowded, bad seating

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Wanna go back! - Edit

They have their own (?) organic farm, how could they be anything else than great?
Had their quesadillas with butternut squash and oh would I eat that thing over and over again without a break if only I didn't feel stuffed halfway through the meal...anyway, love it. Go there! Their home made nut cheeses are fab!

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GREATness - Edit

Just a great experience. The atmosphere is great, staff great. This restaurant does amazing authentic mexican food with Really interesting flavor combinatinos, excellent drinks, Great wine, and we also enjoyed some live spanish guitar one night. Loved the experience. Had amazing food both nights. Love this restaurant.

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Authentic Mexican Cusine - Edit

If you crave delicious flavors, locally grown produce, and authentic, healthy Mexican cuisine in a casual ambiance, this is the place for you. This is, in fact, the best Mexican food in San Francisco, if my Mexican food you mean authentic Mexican fair del pueblo. If you want cheese and meat or Mexican food American style, this is not the place for you. I can't wait to go back.

Pros: excellent food, not too loud, whole food plant based locally grown produce

Cons: sketchy (but gentirifying) neighborhood, they don't take American Express, they don't have free wifi

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Wonderful Mexican Vegan Restaurant - Edit

The food was delicious, although different from the typical Mexican fare I'm used to. The corn tortilla smell and taste fabulous. My husband had the tamales, which were totally different than we were used to but delicious. We also had a salad, and I had the mushroom tacos. It was all fantastic including the sides. The restaurant is attractive - it was a nice day so we sat outside. The condiments were good, as was dessert. Can't complain about a thing.

Pros: Nice atmosphere, Wonderful food

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Nice place - Edit

We loved the atmosphere of this place. It occured to us that this often lacks in the Usa, but definitely not here! We had no reservations and after 20 minutes and a beer at the bar we were placed at a communal table. However, everything we ordered looked great, as if there was put a lot of love in it, but it was so hot we could barely taste anything. Neither the appetizers nor the entrees :( maybe i should have informed beforehand but usually we van handel it pretty good. It would be a good idea to put it on the menu or inform guests, cause all I had was a burning mouth.

Pros: Great atmosphere, High quality food

Cons: Too hot!!, Very busy

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Food is delicious, staff friendly, nice atmosphere - Edit

We ate here last May after a day spent at the museum. My husband got the tamales, I got the mushroom taco plate, adapted for my non-spicy palate, son got enchiladas, daughter got a quesadilla. The plantain empanada was delicious, as were the gorditas.The sweet potato quesadilla was incredible. We all loved what we ordered and tasted what everyone else had ordered.Salsas were all quite hot, tasted none, but took everyone else's word for it. Desserts were hit and miss. Pear cobbler with cinnamon ice cream was everyone's favorite hands down.Flan was ok, but needed a deeper caramel flavor and we didn't like the chocolate cinnamon sauce on the chocolate cake.Flavors were complex, fresh, and unusual in a really delicious way. One of my favorite restaurants ever.

Pros: Incredible food, Pretty interior, Friendly, knowledgable staff

Cons: terrible neighborhood, can be noisy when crowded, portions a bit small

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Great concept that fails in the execution - Edit

We love the idea of organic vegan Mexican... what a fabulous addition to the veg'n scene! And coming from the creators of Cafe Gratitude, we expected big things.

We've been there several times, the first time being on my birthday one year which was a total bomb-out (and yes that's a bad thing). For some unfathomable reason we keep giving these guys another chance, in the hope that maybe we were just ordering the wrong things. Not so, unfortunately. The food here is enough to put one off Mexican food permanently - and in actual fact we find ourselves avoiding it these days. There's something about the flavour profiles at Gracias Madre that is really off-putting, which is a shame because we used to make vegan Mexican ourselves frequently and it was superb.

Service is usually pretty friendly but a bit hipster-ish for our liking. We love the overall restaurant design and always feel comfortable inside... if only the food was better, it could be something truly special!

Pros: Nice set-up, feels good inside, Service is friendly (but not so sincere), organic, vegan and a great idea

Cons: The food just doesn't taste good

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Great Food - Edit

We really enjoyed eating at Gracias Madre. Although the surrounding street was a little dubious-really the whole Mission area can be this way, great-but a little offbeat. My husband and I were a little more nervous with our toddler than we were on previous trips when we ventured there before we had kids. The restaurant was really lovely on the inside. The servers were friendly and easy going, and the food was great. Their horchata drink was great, and for our appetizer we had Quesadillas De Camote, a dish of "Sweet potato and caramelized onions folded into tortillas with cashew nacho cheese and pumpkin seed salsa". It was everyone's favorite. We also tried the enchiladas, tacos, and chocolate cake with ice cream. Everything was delicious, definitely worth a special trip to try their food. There wasn't anything we didn't enjoy. We brought a non-veg friend who is open-minded when it comes to food and she loved everything as well.

Pros: Excellent Food, Friendly Staff, beautiful restaurant

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Delicious food - Edit

I used to live in the Mission, and I went to Cafe Gratitude a few years ago on my vegan honeymoon. Gracias Madre was on the top of my list of places missed on the that trip. My husband and I went with a friend from Texas, who can also appreciate vegan Mexican. I had the tacos, and they were delicious. One of my dining companions had the posole. All of the food is made with great ingredients and great care. When you live on the east coast, you often find it impossible to get a really good tortilla (unless you make them yourself).

I had peach cobbler with cinnamon ice cream for dessert.

The price is obviously higher than in a corner taqeria, but it is a heck of a lot cheaper than Millennium. This is San Francisco, so expect to pay a high price for quality.

Pros: quality ingredients, nice ambience

Cons: not cheap

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Not bad, but not as good as I expected - Edit

After reading the reviews, I was pretty excited to check this place out, but I was a little disappointed. Maybe it was just the dishes we got. Anyway, the plantain empanada was simply exquisite and I highly recommend it. However, the tacos were were kind of hit and miss. The mushroom taco was quite tasty, but the zucchini and pea pod tacos were rather bland, although there was salsa to spice them up a little. Additionally, the service was very slow (taking our orders and getting/picking up the check) even though the restaurant was not very busy (the two of us even had our own table of six chairs). The food was also a little pricey. So it was worth a try, but I don't know that I would go back.

Pros: variety

Cons: slow service

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Not your average Mexican food - Edit

Gracias Madre is not a vegan version of the Mexican food you're probably used to eating. You won't find any processed foods, like faux cheeses here; you will find lots of nut creams, veggies cooked in surprising ways, and handmade, quality food. They say that the food was grown organically nearby.

For me, growing up on west coast of US, it feels like a re-interpretation of what Mexican food was meant to be before tacos took over. But maybe it's just truly traditional Mexican cooking with all-vegan ingredients.

On to the restaurant. It's in a not-so-safe part of the Mission and is a bit like a deep cavern. They have a few tables outside in a gated area off the sidewalk, and more tables inside, although there's limited seating. You should make a reservation or plan to wait a while unless you're cool with sitting at a communal table. Personally, I'm totally fine with a communal table if I'm in a group of 1, 2, or even 3, even when going to a nice meal like Gracias Madre, but I think it's a little weird when my group of 4+ is told we're sharing a communal table. It feels homey, is rather dimly lit and the kitchen is partially open to the dining room so you can sneak a peek of the cooking.

The dishes are rather expensive and look like very little food when they come out, but they are super rich and filling. That said, you're paying for premium food so it's no bargain. It is both delicious and inspiring.

I love to bring guests here who don't believe in Mexican food, or vegan food, or both. It's very different and gives a great new perspective.

You can also get takeout.

Pros: All-vegan, Delicious

Cons: Expensive, Waiting for seating

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Lived up to the hype - Edit

This was one of the vegan hot spots that I couldn't make it to when I was in SF a few years back, so I was super excited to get to check it out at last. My partner and I arrived at around 6:30 on a Thursday. It was already fairly busy, but luckily we got seated right away. (Had it been another half hour later, we would've had to wait.)

We hadn’t eaten all day, so we kind of let loose and ordered a tamale with zucchini, the butternut quesadilla, the enchiladas con mole, and the three taco plate with broccoli, zucchini, and mushrooms. All that for two people to share was more than enough food. Still we demolished everything; it was delicious. The freshly housemade corn tortillas made a whole world of difference and brought things up a notch. Just a few thoughts:

- The enchiladas were not exactly what I had in mind. Served open-faced, smothered in mole sauce, and topped with mushrooms, these were more like wet tostadas. (Later I wiki'ed and learnt that this version of enchiladas does exist in certain parts of Latin America.) The refried beans were excellent; even my bean-averse partner loved them. The mole, though, was less than stellar and could use more depth.

- The tacos ended up being similar to the enchiladas. Between the two, I would suggest the tacos simply because you can choose three different toppings as opposed to mushrooms only. There won't be mole (you're not missing much), but you'll get the beans as well.

- The entire dinner felt like a corn-centric feast with the same few vegetables as main ingredients. It was a gratifying one, but honestly everything started to taste the same half way through. Some variety would've been nice - a little tofu/tempeh/seitan maybe? These notable plant-based proteins were nowhere to be found on the menu. True, they are anything but traditional to the cuisine, but so is a meal completely void of meat and dairy.

As full as we were, we couldn't pass up the chocolate cake before calling it a night. It was rather average on its own, but the cocoa-cinnamon sauce added a special touch that turned it into an absolutely scrumptious and comforting dessert. The vanilla ice cream couldn’t be a better complement, and a generous blob of it to boot.

Our bill came to about $70 with tip, which I thought was very reasonable. I can imagine the service getting slow, but it was alright in our case. Food was great; we left happy. This is a 4.5 in my book.

Pros: great food, reasonable prices

Cons: lack of variety

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One of the best Mexican-inspired veg*n eateries - Edit

There's a lot to love about Gracias Madre.

It took a long while for a server to find us, but from then on everything was first class.

The food is exquisite — really some of the best Mexican-inspired food we've had anywhere. The flautas and enchiladas have rich and well-balanced flavor and excellent textures. The pear cobbler was divine.

We love that the veggies are seasonal, local, and organic — and it shows in the flavor and freshness of the food.

Be aware that the seating here is communal, so you may have others seated at your table.

We'll have to return many times to try all the appealing items on the menu.

¡Qué rica!

Pros: great flavor and texture, organic, local, seasonal veggies, great dessert

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Wonderful - Edit

I've been here a few times and every time has been very good. The seating outside is great, I love the mural and I love the small menu, which is helpful for me as huge menus for an indecisive Libra spells lots of waiting time for my friends......

I love the Almond Milk Horchata....expensive but worth it...Get the Larger Size because it will be gone if anyone else at the table wants to taste it!
I like everything they serve, probably because it's all fresh, high quality produce and that's what I'm looking for. The menu items are quite similiar, the same ingredients in different combinations. The guac is superb, as are the home made tortillas.
I am really happy eating greens, mushrooms, beans, zucchini, salsa, guacamole, tortillas, and almond milk horchata! Especially when it's all fresh and organic. If you are into that kinda thing you won't be disappointed.

Pros: all vegan, delicious, ALmond Milk Horchata!

Cons: not a lot of variety, busy busy

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Excellent - Edit

Good to see a vegan place packed to the gills. This place was more authentically Mexican than I expected. I thought the service was exceptionally friendly and polite - at one point the waitress even checked on me to make sure my food was delicious!

Any place that is completely vegan scores one extra point from me. The other 4 points I give are for the yumminess and presentation of the food, portion size, service and atmosphere. It was great!

Pros: all vegan, delicious, good amount, authentic , very nice service

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Best vegan mexican food ever! - Edit

As a lover of Café Gratitude there was no way I was coming to San Fran and not going to Gracias Madre! My waiter was passionate about the food and made great recommendations. I ordered the tamale with the special sauce and it was delicious. I was surprised at the limited list of entrees but now see that they put so much effort and quality into each dish so I wouldn't have it any other way. I wish they would open a location in LA!

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Original, communal Mexican - Edit

Loved the feel of Gracias - the communal dining tables and the live music. Ordered a yummy empanada, followed by the prickly pear tacos and shared the vegan flan for dessert. All would be hard to find elsewhere. I only wish it was as easy to find such delicious vegan Mexican food in Mexico!

Pros: Interesting combinations, Communal feel

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Oily soft tacos - Edit

If you have had real Mexican this is not,in the same league. They serve an average guacamole with oily soft tacos. The eggplant dish was okay. The tacos were the same oily soft tacos with sparse contents. Save your money and cook at home or find another place.

Pros: Atmosphere, Community seating

Cons: Food was less than average, Expensive

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Simply Amazing! - Edit

Hands down the best Mexican food I have ever had. I had the taco plate...mixed and matched with mushroom, greens, and squash tacos...side of rice and beans and nacho cheese...everything was beautifully seasoned and the presenation was tempting. Sadly,I was only visiting the area but this will be a must stop place if I make it back to San Fran.

Pros: Awesome Food! All vegan!, Friendly Serve, Great Atmosphere

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Gracias Madre - Edit

I was in a hurry and chose Gracias Madre as my lunch option for the day. I didn't have time to peruse the menu so I asked the waiter what his favorite dishes were. I ended up with the enchiladas covered in mole.

If my food had cost less than it did (I think I paid $18 total) I may rate it slightly higher given the taste and quality (maybe 3.5 compared to 2.5). But because of this, I cannot. I wasn't super impressed with the dish. The mole was good, but everything else was just meh. I did not care for the steamed kale that came with the dish and the mashed black beans were OK. I really felt something was missing on the enchiladas and feel they have a lot of potential, but they just didn't do it for me this time.

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GRACIAS A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! - Edit

I had to wait 1 1/2 hour for a table. So nice to see a vegan restaurant so packed that there was such a long wait. They took my name and cell phone number and I went to a bar down the street and waited for them to call me. So nice!

The atmosphere is so nice and cozy, great murals on the walls, professional and courteous staff and the food is to die for. Amazing inventive Mexican cuisine. Don't miss the chance to eat there the next time you are in SF!

Pros: friendly staff, healthy cuisine, excellent food

Cons: parking

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Not bad - Edit

I had the enchiladas, which were tasty, but nothing special. The waiter spilled a good amount of our sangria pitcher as he was pouring and I was disappointed that there was no offer to replace the spilt drink..l I wasn't blown away, but I would give it another shot. The neighborhood is not one I would walk around in myself, so be safe if you check it out...

Pros: atmosphere

Cons: location, not top service

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best vegan restaurant ever - Edit

can I please live here? Organic Vegan Mexican. so good, it was packed with omnivores. going back for gorditas and black beans. I'm a realllly good vegan cook, so going out to eat is usually a disappointment. they kick my butt. amazing yumminess! noisy and family style seating. who cares? eat!

Pros: vegan, incredibly delicious, home grown heirloom corn

Cons: noisy, so what? , family seating :-)

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Just Bliss! - Edit

I went by myself on a busy Sunday night, but they found me a spot on a communal table right away. My food was absolutely perfect, so very delicious & just exactly what I needed to eat. I had the vegetable plate, so I got two choices of vegetable (I chose broccoli & snap peas, both perfectly sauteed with chili & garlic) beans, rice and a basket of delicious steamed corn tortillas. There were two salsas free on the table but I also ordered a side of Pico De Gallo as well as a much needed Mojito (it had been a rough day). Everything was top notch and put a huge smile on my face, and set my tummy back on a happy path after a day where I hadn't treated it very well.

Pros: Delicious, Healthy, Friendly

Cons: Not cheap!, But worth it.

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Gracias Money $$$ - Edit

The food is average at best. Boring to say the least. The owners are all about the money and clearly don't respect their staff. Why give people like this any money? There are plenty of places in the mission that will make veg food much better at better prices and are locally owned.


These people have no ethics.

Cons: anti-labor, overpriced, bland food

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so so - Edit

Tried this place 3 times because several people, who weren't vegan, said that they loved it. We were very bummed. Maybe if they poured way more sauce over the food it would disguise the bland over priced dishes. I wanted to support a new vegan place, but 3 times was way too many. Cooking this type of food at home is always way better.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday March 27, 2012

Pros: vegan

Cons: blah

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Ho-hum mexican food - Edit

This is one of the places I was most excited about eating at while in San Francisco on vacation, but sadly it was one of the places I was most dissapointed by.

The wait wasn't too terrible. We did have to share a table, but it wasn't really a big deal. Unfortunately neither was the food. I will say that the best thing I had was the gordita off of the appetizer menu. I wish I had just ordered three of those. Instead I ordered tacos, which consisted of one type of blandly sauteed vegetable inside of a corn tortilla. Really dissapointing. Apparently the menu changes so perhaps it's just a matter of finding the right dish. Don't think I'll be going back to try again though.

Pros: all vegan, gorditas

Cons: expensive, bland

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Gracias Madre - Edit

I want to this restaurant a few weeks ago on a Sat. night. We had to wait 1&1/2 hrs. for a table. Then we shared a table with people we didn't know. The food was so so. The restaurant was so loud you couldn't carry on a conversation. I probably would not go back.

Pros: Vegan, Good size portions

Cons: Long wait, Very noisy, small restaurant

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Gracias = Delicious:) - Edit

I've never eaten at a Vegan Mexican Restaurant before, so I was excited to find this place listed on here for my trip to SF. I brought along 2 skeptical meat eaters and they were both pleasantly impressed, as was I. We loved the empanadas! The handmade tortillas with guacamole were also delicious, as was the celery soup and sauteed greens (kale). The tamales, unfortunately, were very bland,and were mainly just plain cornmeal with very little filling, needed lots of sauce to give them any flavor. Mexican wedding cookies were OK, vegan dulce de leche "ice cream" (caramel flavor) was delish. The area is a little run down so I didn't know what to expect re: decor, and was pleasantly surprised to see the beautiful interior. Definitely check this place out. Overall great dining experience.

Pros: Delicious, Healthy, Decor

Cons: Parking, Tamales

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Totally Satisfying Meal - Edit

I had read about this place on happycow and decided to eat here on a recent trip to San Francisco. Here's my Gracias Madre review.

I've just added Gracias Madre to my Top 10 Favorites on happycow. My meal was so satisfying and awesome. It's a really beautiful restaurant with great, handmade Mexican food.

My husband and I shared the quesadilla appetizer: handmade corn tortilla filled with butternut squash, topped with spicy cashew cheese and avocado cream, pumpkin seeds. Very hearty and filling.

We also shared the tacos main entree (choice of filling) served with side of creamed black beans. The best beans I've ever had! And the tacos were very yummy, too. Corn tortilla tacos filled with roasted turnip, and with roasted beets, and one with kale. So yummy.

On each table is complimentary salsa: a chipotle one, and a spicy green one. I just kept eating the salsa straight up.

Highly recommended when in San Francisco - a must!

Pros: great food, made in-house, reasonable prices

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Not bad - Edit

Gracias Madre was loud, crowded and underserviced when we had dinner here. The food was very disappointing, only the Caesar salad was really good, the rest was pretty bland and not my idea of Mexican food... Still, it seems pretty popular and maybe we were just unlucky with the items we ordered.
Updated from previous review on Saturday November 12, 2011

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Super expensive and not very flavorful - Edit

I'm Mexican and from Southern Cali so I have very high expectations and this place missed the mark entirely. On top of that, it was more than I'm used to paying. I tried the mole enchiladas and the mole just seemed sweet without any of the complex hints of spices that are supposed to be in the background.

If you take the Bart and get off at 16th and Mission and you're from out of town you're going to be shocked at how bad the area looks so just make sure you have your directions ready before hand as someone had already said this is a rough area.

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The Flan Alone - Edit

I haven't lived in San Francisco for a few years now *sniff* but still rate its restaurants among my favorite in the world. I am a fan of Pokez in San Diego (where I've lived more recently), but somehow the flan alone at Gracias Madre put it a notch above Pokez. I read a previous comment about odd texture of the flan. To clarify, the GM flan is *not* gelatinous like jello nor rubbery like some milk-based flans I've tried. Rather, the GM flan is creamy and smooth and still manages a caramel-y goodness. The restaurant space is beautiful. The portions are only small if you're expecting a middle-American glutton's plate of food. The t-shirts make a great gift.

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Loved it! - Edit

San Francisco has some amazing vegan restaurants but Gracias Madre would probably be my favorite. The food was delicious. The restaurant is very loud; both times we had to share a table. Even though the restaurant space is large all seats were taken (we didn't have reservations which I don't know whether are required or not). The food is the best Mexican I've ever eaten (it had an authenticity to it). The greens were quite spicy and the black beans were great. The key lime pie we had for dessert was really good too. If you are looking for amazing food and a good time this is the place to check out. Not ideal if you are looking for a quiet evening since we were there both times on weekdays after 9pm and the place was packed. The restaurant was very clean and had an nice atmosphere. Prices were reasonable and service was good.

Pros: food and drinks were superb, reasonable prices, fun atmosphere

Cons: loud, had to share table

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Vegan hipster Mexican - Edit

That is not meant as an insult. I love the vegan hipster Mexican food at Gracies Madre! Nice to be able to eat everything on the menu at a Mexican restaurant. Only complaint is that it is super loud, so don't go there for a quiet evening out or if you want to catch up with friends.

Pros: Excellent foo

Cons: Noisy

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oh the tamales! - Edit

There are a lot of vegetarian and vegan places to eat in the city... but not that many vegan Mexican sit-down restaurants. That's ok because gracias madre is all you need. Everything is delicious.. well all that I can eat. I'm allergic to tree nuts and they put cashews in almost everything ... so be warned.

Pros: serves decent wine and beer, full vegan menu

Cons: if you have nut allergies be warned, no wait area, noisy

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Great food, happening place - Edit

This restaurant is 100% vegan Mexican food, and serves delicious food. This place gets crowded for dinner. Prices are reasonable. Unfortunately it gets extremely LOUD when it is crowded--and when the street musicians come in to play, it gets even LOUDER...

Pros: great food, desserts, serves alcohol

Cons: very LOUD

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Awesome - Edit

We went to San Fran for a week and ended up giving this place a second visit because we were so impressed. Amazing food!! And the atmosphere is lovely and so were the staff. Particular food things we had and were very impressed with included; tacos, gorditas, sweet potato quesadilla, empanada, Papas al Horno, mexican wedding biscuits with ice cream.

Pros: All vegan!, Great atmosphere, Friendly staff

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Mediocre at best. - Edit

My boyfriend and I went to GM with a friend of ours. We're from Southern California, where vegan Mexican food is abundant, so we had pretty high expectations. GM fell short though. Aside from the mediocre service, the food was beyond disappointing. To start with, the portions were small for the prices. I would have looked past that if the taste was extraordinary, though. But it wasn't. GM seems to use a "one size fits all" seasoning blend, so all of the food tasted the same (and we got enchiladas con mole and tacos, which are vastly different... or should be). The only thing that varied was how spicy it was. Some things were really spicy, others not so much. I love spicy food when it's balanced by good flavors. This wasn't. Our desserts didn't redeem the meal, either. The dolce de leche ice cream had an icy texture and a burnt sugar flavor, nothing like the rich creaminess of dolce de leche. The flan had a disgusting texture, also. Overall, Gracias Madre is great in theory, but really falls short in practice.

Pros: Organic, Decor is pretty

Cons: Over-priced, poorly seasoned, small portions

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Disappointed. - Edit

The idea of a quality organic vegan Mexican restaurant -particularly in the Mission- is brilliant. Though, I wasn't too impressed with execution here. Vegan Mexican food to me is PokeZ (San Diego): filling, delicious, and authentic. Biggest downside... no organic emphasis. Which is why I was so enthusiastic about Graces Made. I would categorize GM as a raw foodists' attempt at Mexican food... which appearance to be accurate from what I've read about Cafe Gratitude's involvement. It was expensive, with less than generous portions. Decor was incredible, but I'd rather be paying for a great meal. Things were spicy instead of flavorful. And considering its location -in the Mission- I was expecting it to be accessible to the neighboring community, at least a couple dishes... not at those prices. I prefer going to Cafe Gratitude for pricey yet high quality delicious food, and elsewhere for vegan Mexican food. And not Papolotes, hahah.

Pros: All organic, vegan, wholesome food.

Cons: Expensive, spice instead of flavor,, not economically accessible to local communit

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Excelente! - Edit

I LOVE this place! The food is fantastic,the outdoor seating is great, our server (Rebecca) was nice and very helpful, AND it is easily accessible by bus. I saw that somebody thought that it's in the "worst" part of town. I don't believe it. There are some pretty upscale shops not that far away.

If you want really tasty Mexican food, you should try Gracias Madre!!

Pros: VEGAN!!, Great tasting food, Good service

Cons: A bit noisy.

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Go here! - Edit

This was our favorite vegan/vegetarian restaurant in San Fran. This is also my favorite Mexican restaurant I have ever eaten at - even before I was vegetarian. I got the tamale and was in heaven. My fiancée got the enchilada and it was also wonderful. We also got a cauliflower soup that was out of this world. The juices are good as well. I highly recommend this place!

Pros: Vegan, nice atmosphere, proper portions

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gracias madre - Edit

What a gem in the mission district. My wife and I were in from New Jersey and are always seeking quality vegan spots. This is one of our absolute favorites top to bottom.

Pros: excellent quality food, locally sourced, good value

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My favorite! - Edit

This is my favorite vegan restaurant in SF. The local veggies they use are always super flavorful. Their nut cheese is also very delicious, they have a creamy delicate one and a spicy nacho one which is awesome. Their serving sizes are pretty big and the prices are extremely affordable. I like that their menu is seasonal. The flavors aren't extremely tradition mexican in my opinion, it's probably because its healthy, but if you go into it without the preconceived notions of a taqueria you'll be pleasantly surprised! TRY the caesar salad, the quesadillas, the cheesy potatoes, the tacos, and all their deserts have been awesome! Although I still say I'm not a fan of their cocktails. They have an awesome wine and beer selection though!

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Great Place, Great Food - Edit

The place has been decorated pretty well, and the food was very good. I went there with two omnivores, who both loved it. The only thing I would complain about was that the plantain that came in one of my tacos was not a plantain but a regular, sweet banana.
Somebody below mentioned that the portions are too small... none of us were able to finish our meals. If anything, the portions are too big (like everywhere else in the USA). Maybe that reviewer ordered an appetizer or something.
About the area, I'm not a local and so I dont really know, but it would surprise me greatly if it were the "worst part of town". We walked to and from the restaurant with no hassle and no hint of hassle.

Pros: great food, nice decor, organic produce

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So-So - Edit

Nice place, casual, big with outdoor seating option. Limited menu. Food was good, nothing spectacular. Too loud to have a conversation and the waiter had an attitude. Don't need to go back.

Pros: big, vegan, serves alcohol

Cons: small menu, nasty waiter, too loud

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I had high expectations and was a little let down. - Edit

First of all, I had to try Cafe Gratitude's rendition of Mexican cuisine. Well, the flavors were a little too bland, the prices a little too high, the quantities a little too small and the location a little too dangerous.

I am giving it a #3 because the decor was very nice, the kitchen was impeccably clean and open for public view and the service was decent. They definitely have a winner on their hands, they just have to tweak the prices, portions and flavors a little and this place deserves #5 stars. I don't know what they can do about the location. I know they must have put a ton of money into the improvements. I was there in the day and was a little nervous so I can imagine at night, it must be a nightmare, especially for the safety of your car.

I am a religious vegan and I had to eat here, it's kind of like going to church for me. I am a little embarrassed to admit how much I paid for lunch but it was on par with the Millennium for dinner and is definitely not even on the same planet as the Millennium . I will not go back again because it is just so way overpriced and such a hassle
to get to, not to mention (or did i mention it) in the worst part of town.

Pros: clean, creative

Cons: pricey, small dishes, bland

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Wow-This place is outstanding! - Edit

Creative menu, friendly service, comfortable atmosphere and something for even the non-vegans who met us there and were equally in awe of the quality of the food. This place will raise the bar for Vegan restaurants.

Pros: creative menu, friendly staff, comfortable atmosphere

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gracias for the food I have just eaten - Edit

In a rough neighborhood this was an unexpectedly delightful find. The menu selections were fresh tasting and complex in flavor. Organic and totally vegan for the entire menu (including tasty desserts) we enjoyed a delightful lunch. This establishment is not for the shy at heart when it come to the wallet, but I felt comfortable spending hard earned cash on delicious food.

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Gracias Madre - Edit

San Francisco needed a Vegan Mexican restaurant to add to all the amazing veg*n choices the city has to offer, so I was very excited when I first heard about this place. Unfortunately, I thought it was just okay. I grew up in Texas and am perhaps a little biased towards the vegan options in Austin. Gracias Madre could really use a hot salsa. I asked for a hotter salsa than was on the table, and the waiter gave a me attitude like I wouldn't be able to handle their special hot sauce. Sure, it was spicy, but still not very hot. I will go back again and try another meal. I really want to like this place.

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Some pros, some cons... definetly check it out tho - Edit

I was awaiting the opening of this restaurant for months on end as were some of my friends. It was an exciting day when it finally opened! I liked that upon entering it felt nothing like being in Cafe Gratitude. However, you will still see the Cafe Gratitude roots when you look at the menu and note the abcense of seitan or tofu in the dishes. My boyfriends theory is that they only have beans for protein to be traditionally Mexican, but I think these items would be a great addition to the menu. Our food was amazing and tasty albeit pricey but we were hungry again not all that much later. I lovvved the Mexican wedding cookies that we got for desert and thought it was interesting that they were smushed flat as I have only had Mexican wedding cookies that were small and round before. The location is really convenient. Just a few blocks from the 16th and Mission BART station, but it's a bit too pricey to be a regular to go to restaurant.

Pros: Location, Great desserts!

Cons: Pricey, Lack of setian/tofu

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Muy Bueno! - Edit

My mother, husband and I were traveling to SF this past weekend and, having checked out the reviews and this restaurant's website, decided to drop in for dinner. We loved the communal seating, and the food was delicious. the staff was gracious, and the atmosphere was warm and homey. The only suggestions I would make are that they kick up the spice factor on some of the dishes (the quesdilla had a nice kick, but the chile relleno wasn't spicy enough), and possibly use meat substitutes like seitan in some of the dishes. One of the staff members invited us to the official grand opening yesterday, but we couldn't attend - I hope this restaurant is around for a long time!!!

Pros: delicious food, warm staff and atmosphere

Cons: not quite enough spice

2 Responses

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Lanky 14 Oct 2010 - For people who do like spicy food, the flavour is generally much better when the spice is cooked into the food, not added later out of a tobasco bottle. I love spice, but I hate that tobasco sh*te that they give you everywhere in the US.
Non-spice eaters can eat like 95% of the food out there, we get like 5%. Would it really bother you if we got a couple more dishes?
In any case, for the food to be authentic, it should be spicy.

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groovyvegan 22 Feb 2013 - Many people like myself have no tolerance for hot spicy food. If they "kick up" their spiciness level, we will not be able to eat those dishes. It's best that restaurants keep the heat mild and provide hot sauce for patrons who want to increase the heat. Or, like Indian restaurants, they could ask you what level of heat you'd like in your dish.

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Organic Vegan Goodness - Edit

I love Gracias Madre's tamales. Some of the best tamales I have ever had. The Papas al Horno were amazing! I also loved the horchatas and sangria. My only suggestion is that pick up the spice a little bit. The ambiance is perfect. I love the communal tables, the patio in front and the art. A very welcome addition to the Mission District. It is wonderful to have an ORGANIC VEGAN mexican restaurant.

Pros: Organic, Vegan, Delicious

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Excellent vegan and organic mexican food - Edit

We went today for lunch. I got the tamales and my friend got the enchiladas and horchata. Everything tasted excellent. Very excited to have an inexpensive organic option in the Mission.

Pros: organic, vegan, decor

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