Tea house and vegetarian restaurant serving dim sum. This branch is near MTR, Admiralty exit C1. Open Mon-Sun 10:00am-8:00pm. Closed 2nd Tuesdays of the month.

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First Review by JohnnySensible


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07 Apr 2023

wonderful tea and snacks

This was such a lovely and peaceful place. We tried several teas and the dim sums were really tasty.

Pros: selection of tea, good dim sums

Cons: a bit expensive (but this is Central HK)



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14 Mar 2023

Perfect for tea lovers

Unfortunately when I was there they ran out of dumplings so I could only try their tea which was really good.


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15 Oct 2021

Unique experience for tea & dimsum lovers!

A nice and tranquil tea house, located in the midst of a commercial area. Lovey dim sum and creative tea-infused cocktails & beers!

Pros: Great for both gatherings and datings, Chinese and western fusion

Cons: Not a lot of dim sum options


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24 May 2021

Delicious dim sum

This teahouse is gorgeous and both the food and tea were delicious. Would love to visit again.


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26 Oct 2020

Delicious dim sum

Nice place with great tea and vegetarian dim sum


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18 Jul 2020

Good place to immerse in Chinese culture

Environment: Traditional, classy, relaxed

Food: Dishes are not marked vegetarian and vegan. Tea is the main thing since it's a tea house. Food is secondary but they are of good quality.

Service: So-so

Price: High

Pros: Big variety of tea

Cons: It can get very noisy during lunch hours.


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12 Jan 2020

Vegan dim sun

located in the park. Tea house and vegetarian dim sum. The tea is expensive, ranging from 38-200 HKD. Was really nice to be able to order vegan dim sun though which cost from around 40 HKD for 2 rolls. Really nice traditional tea house design

Pros: Vegan dim sun, nice atmosphere, free wifi

Cons: Tea is expensive


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17 Nov 2019

Amazing noodles and everything

Noodles were amazing, so were the dumplings and potato cake things. Would have gone again but wasn’t in town too long. Go!

Ps vegan options are not specified on menu but the helpful waiter asked the chef and 2/3 things were vegan


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05 Nov 2019

Tranquil, fancy and delicious.

A tea house with the emphasis on tea! Great quality tea, I might add.
The tea menu, in fact, is far more extensive than the food menu.

The food is Buddhist style simple and delicious. The dining experience was very pleasant, the service was amiable and correct.

Pros: Simple authentic flavours

Cons: Expensive


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25 Oct 2019

Great food

Delicious food and some good vegan options. Bit expensive for what it is, but the lovely tea house and setting in HK park makes it worth it.


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03 Oct 2019

Delicious and authentic

Fantastic atmosphere, authentic and local experience.
The servings are just the right size and delicious taste.

Pros: Ambiance , Decor , Taste


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31 Aug 2019

Delicious Dim Sum at a hefty price

LockCha Admiralty serves not only the widest variety of fine teas but an expansive selection of all-vegetarian dim sum dishes (with loads of vegan options). It took us quite a while to order since their teas vary from all regions of China promising a wide array of health benefits. Even their dim-sum menu was impossible to choose from!

After narrowing down our choices, and placing our ticks, LockCha Admiralty didn’t disappoint: Their dishes were simplistic and authentic, their staff was courteous and knowledgeable and we even whole-heartedly enjoyed the Cantonese live music. The interior has a museum-like look and it felt more formal than your standard restaurant or hipster hangout. Their prices are in the higher range, even by Hong Kong standards. In our opinion, not the best fit for budget backpackers, but a nice treat to local cuisine and culture if you have a few bucks to spare.

Pros: Many vegan options, Traditional cuisine

Cons: Expensive


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24 Mar 2019

Immense amount of vegan food

Really enjoyed this place and the wide variety of vegan options. Would definitely recommend telling them you're vegan and they'll mark down which options are vegan for you to choose from.

Pros: variety of food, tea, cool atmosphere

Cons: some of the options were veggie and not vegan


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07 Feb 2019

LockCha Tee Haus.

Sehr angenehmes Ambiente. Nettes, freundliches Personal. Speisen waren köstlich.

Pros: Riesige Teeauswahl

Cons: Teuer. Leider lief die Klimaanlage auf Hochtouren., Dadurch ziemlich frisch im Inneren.


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20 Jan 2019

Good treat!

Went here as a birthday treat with a couple of friends. I'm a bit of a tea fiend and hadn't yet had dim sum so thins was an obvious choice. It's effeminately not cheap ended up paying the equivalent of £25 p/p to feel just full enough, but the choice of vegan dim sum was really great and the food (and tea) really was delicious. Good for a one off treat - unless your're loaded!

Pros: Tasty food, Lots of choice , Great tea

Cons: Expencive


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27 Jun 2018

Quite possibly best meal of my life

I had some delicious tea and dim sum, after making it my mission to find this place during a stopover in Hong Kong. It was absolutely worth it, situated in beautiful gardens and very nice inside. I kept ordering more, it was insanely delicious and delicate food.

Pros: Mostly vegan, Incredible flavors , Good service


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26 Jun 2018

Lovely treat

Went for dim sum here as a treat as it’s a little pricier than other places. If you’re looking for something a be special to do in Hong Kong this is a lovely place to try - the food was really good, with a huge range of teas and dim sum to choose from. Set in a gorgeous tea house in beautiful surroundings in Hong Kong Park.

Soul2Soul Educare

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07 Jun 2018

Don't waste your money - overpriced and mediocre

There are many other vegetarian dim sum places in Hong Kong which are much more moderately priced than this one and with better service! We were thoroughly disappointed at the lack of attention and service at what should be one of the best tea houses in Hong Kong since it is connected to the Tea Museum. The service was horrendous. The server did not even explain how to steep the teas - which at $100+ for each tea leaves much to be desired! The dim sum was very ordinary and nothing to write home about. It was just an overpriced, tourist trap! I have warned you!

Cons: poor service, overpriced


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18 Apr 2018

There’s definitely better veggie dim sum in Hong Kong

Nice location and decor - looks authentic. Waitresses were very sour-faced and unobservant, which was a shame.
Food wasn’t presented particularly nicely and flavour was severely lacking in a number of dishes. Most disappointingly, I found a dead caterpillar on a piece of broccoli in one of my dishes. I discreetly pointed it out to one of the waitresses. She just looked at it and stared blankly back at me. I then prompted her to replace it with a fresh dish to which she replied with ‘maybe’. She took away the dish and another came out relatively quickly, but there was no apology given.
The price was pretty darn high considering our experience.
Seems like a bit of a gimmicky place that rides off of the back that it’s next to the Museum of Tea Ware.
There is much nicer and cheaper veggie dim sum in Hong Kong, don’t waste your time here.

Pros: Nice location, Nice decor, Seated quickly

Cons: Small and flavourless portions, Unfriendly service, Pricey


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04 Apr 2018

Subtly delicious dim sum

Had a lovely tea and selection of dim sums. They are very delicate and at first might appear bland due to minimum seasoning but the freshness and quality of vegetables and dough was really delicious and I really enjoyed it. Great selection of tea


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11 Feb 2018

Buyer beware

Went here with my partner. I would have to agree with Pascal_UK and wish I'd seen the reviews before going, as it's hyped up in blogs/lists. It's situated in lovely Hong Kong Park and has a nice interior, sharing the building with a gallery. So, the overpriced dining should have been expected. In my experience, each person had to order tea (HKD$60 ea) otherwise pay a HKD$38 fee ea. The dishes were all average. Ordering from the Chef's recommended section ensures fresh in-house made food and it tasted fresh, but nothing stood out. Had the Shao Mai, baby bamboo dumplings, veg spring rolls, coconut cashew glutinous rice dumpling and coconut pumpkin glutinous rice cake. The spring rolls were good, and the glutinous rice desserts were interesting. For tea we had the double happiness and rising sun blossom teas, two of four or five caffeine-free teas. Not to my palate, but flower tea aficionados might like them. The service was attentive and friendly, maybe a little pushy but expected they were just doing what they were told. I think there are a myriad of other good places to dine out for vegan dim sum in HK.

Pros: Location, interior design and spring rolls

Cons: Forced tea purchase, the blossom teas and the medi


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08 Oct 2017

Gorgeous tea house in HK Park with good dim sum

I've eaten here many times with work colleagues and guests visiting HK. It's always a good experience overall. Of course, one of the highlights is the ambience of the teahouse itself, and its setting in the middle of Hong Kong Park.

They have a large tea selection, although the cheapest tea is around HKD 40. The tea is served in traditional Chinese way with hot water pot, mini tea pot per person, and a small cup to drink from. This prevents the tea from getting too strong/bitter.

The food is good. They don't have a massive selection and do sell out of certain items, but there is usually enough to choose from. My favourite items include the rice in lotus leaf, mushroom dumplings, veggie dumplings, and bean curd sheet roll. Found the noodles in soy sauce a bit oily/bland, and same with a few other items.

It does add up - I usually pay HKD 170 per person, and that is a light meal, and the service could be better/more friendly.

Book ahead as it is popular.

Updated from previous review on 2017-10-07

Pros: Nice ambience and setting in park, large tea selection, Good dim sum

Cons: Some items average, Expensive, Service could be nicer


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29 Jun 2017


Sure, the place is nice (though surprisingly noisy), but I was very disappointed by the food which is below average. Choice is limited (mainly dim sum), and nothing except maybe the spring rolls was really tasty. Service is also mediocre. So basically you pay for the location only.


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13 Jun 2017

Lock Cha Tea House, Hong Kong

Update from management is they are no longer claiming this place is all vegan. They now say they use milk, butter and lacto cheese. This is a shame but of course that's up to them.

It's a dim sum place and not for those on a tight budget.

Updated from previous review on 2017-06-13

Pros: Nice setting

Cons: All vegan is always better, Pricey


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Mostly Veg
25 Apr 2017

You must eat here!

LockCha Tea House is set inside a historic building in one of Hong Kong's beautiful gardens. You can easily forget that you are in the middle of a very busy city. Their choice of teas is amazing. It just a pity that you can only manage one or two to try at a time. Thankfully there are take home packs.
Food is amazing. The dumplings are hand made on site and they taste it. The difficulty is working out which ones to try. The food is on the expensive side but worth it when you taste it. It makes it very hard to go back to defrosted dumplings again. Go, spend the money and enjoy. You won't regret it.

Pros: Delightful serene surroundings, Amazing choice of teas, Outstanding dumplings - handmade on site

Cons: Too much to choose from, Meal price can quickly add up, Dim sum only open for lunch


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10 Apr 2017

limited options without mushrooms

All dim sums have mushrooms or mushroom powder, almost all dishes have mushrooms so if you don't take mushrooms then think before u go.

I got rice noodles with sesame sauce which was v nice, cold cucumber which was not great, seasonal greens with wasabi which was nice. Dessert was hot jasmine syrup with sesame dumplings which was excellent. I loved it.

Didn't order any tea but will go back for afternoon tea next time.

Location is brilliant, in HongKong Park. Didn't know such a place existed, secluded in the busy central island.


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15 Feb 2017

EXCELLENT Dim Sum, Food, Serice & Venue

What a wonderful Tea House! I loved the Tea, the food, atmosphere and the service!! I have nothing bad to say at all, only very positive. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience on the edge of HK Park.

Pros: Excellent Food and Service, Fabulous Traditional Tea House Atmosphere, Wonderful Selection of Teas and Food Items

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