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222 North End Road, West Kensington, West London, England


This little restaurant is a bit out of the way and not in a particularly nice area, but it was worth the walk in the snow from Fulham! My newly converted friend and I both had tofu burgers and pancakes! They were hearty meals: just what we needed on a cold Wednesday evening! It's a no frills kind of place, and was quite quiet, but I'd put that down to the weather! Will be going back to sample some other dishes as I was quite torn over what to order!

92 Berwick Street, Soho, London, London, England


The food here is really tasty! It's a little expensive for the surroundings! Not so much of a restaurant as a take out place with a few seats! Great if you're after take out...

2 North Parade Passage, Bath, England

Yum, yum, yum......

I would totally recommend this teeny little restaurant. Despite the size, Demuths doesn't feel overcrowded; you don't feel like you are sitting to close to your neighbours!

The caramalised onion and rosemary bread was divine (my date stole half!). The stuffed courgette flowers and Upta main courses were both seriously yummy. I felt completely full, but being the glutten for chocolate cake that I am, decided to order away! Our lovely waitress advised me to go halves as it was huge and I was full! She was so right. It was totally gorgeous, but I wouldn't have been able to eat it all on my own (I would have given it a valiant try, I assure you!).

I would recommend going here if you are in the area. I actually travelled from Brighton (the vegan Mecca of the UK). It's not the cheapest place in the world, but we felt it was well worth it.

250 Camden High St, Camden, North West London, England

A mixed bag!

I visited InSpiral last Sat' night. It was very crowded and the system, well lack thereof, made it ridiculously arduous in getting a drink or ordering some food. It seemed to be a case of the louder you shouted the quicker you got served. They really need to sort out a system. Maybe one till for food and another if you just want a drink. The staff were really friendly, just useless at their jobs!

Good selection of vegan wine, although I really object to being served in a tacky old plastic wine "glass".

The loos are a disgrace and really need a bloody good clean!

The pud's are a delight, if you ever get served to have one.

Nice area outside on the canal.

3 Plender Street, Camden, North West London, England

Nom nom nom!

Finally I have a replacement for my vegan food junk food after RedVeg closed down! The food is fantastic. There is a choice of buffet, burgers, fishless and chips and some Asian-influenced dishes. It's really reasonably priced and the staff are very friendly. There are no descriptions of the food on the menu, so it pays to ask, as I had no clue initially!

It's not a proper restaurant, it is a fast food place. But it's clean and just what you need!

They have a great array of vegan pud's which I highly recommend.

They have a very fair loyalty card system where you can get free drinks up to whole meals if you're a regular.

38 Old St, London, England

Little but nice!

Friendly, quirky cafe. Great Victoria sponge and coffee. Definitely worth a pit-stop. My only little criticism is that some of the sweet treats are a little small for the prices they charge.

21 Gardner St, North Laine, East Sussex, UK, Brighton, England

My guitly pleasure!

The staff here are away with the fairies and super-friendly!! They always have a smile on their faces and some random music playing!

I love this place (my waistline does not! Extra time in the gym needed). As a vegan, I sometimes just fancy some junk food and this place totally sates my cravings!

There is nothing fancy about this place and it's not always the cleanest, but I don't care! I'm only popping in to grab a burger!

Yum! Oh, and remember to tell them you want vegan (if you do!) as their food often comes with mayonnaise and non-vegan ketchup. They have vegan options for you, just ask!

The Barkers Building, 63/97 High Street, Kensington, West London, England

Tasty, but pricey!

We were shopping in Whole Foods and I was starving, so we decided to try out the recently opened Saf. Being vegan, it really appealed to me that I could eat everything on the menu. We both opted for wraps: mine, homous and bulgar wheat - very tasty, good herbs; his, Pad Thai (although nothing I would have recognised from the original Thai classic) it was really tasty and had a cook chilli kick! The fresh juice I ordered was warm, and so wasn't so much of a fan and very over-priced. My lunch companion had a vegan beer which he really rated.

Service was friendly, but a little slow considering how quiet the place was at 4pm on a Sunday!!!

They had run out of both the puddings we fancied, so can't comment on them other than to say, you should get there early!!

22 Jalan Kubu, Melaka, Malacca, Malaysia

Loved it!

This is such a little gem of a restaurant! My two non-vegan travelling companions agreed! The lady who runs it is really helpful and friendly and she'll do you packed luches if you ask her (very useful for the long bus rides you encounter travelling through Malaysia). I would highly recommend giving it a go!

rua de Ceuta 80, Porto, Portugal

Good food and friendly service.

Pleasant and clean restaurant. Staff very friendly and able to explain what was vegan and what was vegetarian.
Buffet was good, but the hot dishes were not replaced regularly enough.

85/2 Tanao Road, Banglumpu, Bangkok, Thailand

Great for vegans

Down the little alley that seems to have become a haven for vegan/vegetarians away from the seedy Thanon Khao San. This is a little gem. Really friendly staff and the food is yummy. They understand what a vegan is, so there is no need to worry about hidden extras! The place is a little ramshackle and some of the seats are a little uncomfortable, but that just adds to its charm!

I recommend the chocolate cake if you are missing a piece of home, as this is not the traditional quisine by any stretch of the imagination!

Give it a go! Oh and also try the fresh juices, you can trust them not to add the local water!!!

17 Prince Albert St, The Lanes, Brighton, England

Yum, Yum, Yum, oh did I mention yum!!!

I love FFF. I've been coming here for years, even though I live in London. It's well worth the visit. All my non-vegan family love it here too (including my 90 year old grandfather who still thinks I can eat chicken - despite my 20 years of veganism!!! Bless - he even said if he could eat his dinner there everyday he could give up meat! Now that is praise indeed!)

The staff are lovely and although they can get super busy, they still serve you with a smile. Sometimes they are a little slow; would suggest to the management that they get a few more people on at peak times.

The menu is a little small, and it would be nice to see it grow. The quality is great and would definately recommend it to others. Enjoy!!!

147 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, Canada

Four days in Toronto, four meals in Fresh!

My boyfriend and I were travelling around Canada and were in Toronto for four days. We discovered Fresh on the first lunchtime and subsequently ate there for one of our meals a day. The food is fantastic, particularly the Beach Bowl and the sweet potato fries. I had a take away blueberry muffin and it was fantastic for breakfast the next morning! Heh, I was on holiday!

Their alcohol list is rather limited, but my boyfriend really rated the beer and I found the wine passable.

Service was really friendly and helpful as I'm terrible at making choices when I have so many vegan options on the menu!!

I also bought the recipe book, "ReFresh", which I highly recommend.

My only criticism is the loos/bathrooms were really grotty and needed refurbishment or a seriously good clean!

59 Tanao Road, Banglamphu, Bangkok, Thailand

Worth it if in the area

This is a useful place if you're in the Thanon Khao San area anyway. The food is pretty tasty and you can get the more healthy options like brown rice which makes a nice change!

The staff are friendly and the menu is extensive. The Green Thai curry is tasty especially if you ask to have cashew nuts added to it like I did.

If you ask Mai, you can get some take away curry paste and such things so you can continue to enjoy the food at home or on your onwards journey!

45 Lexington St, London, England

Mixed Food/ Mixed Staff!

I've eaten in Mildred's many times. I took my non-vegan family who were not impressed from the surly staff, to the caterpilla in my brother's salad!

Apart from on my last visit, the staff are dreadful. They are more concerned with entertaining themselves. Maybe they have a competiton on how rude they can be to the customers. To be candid, the only reason I come back here is the lack of other vegan friendly restaurants in the area. Bring on some competition!

I do generally like the food. The portion sizes are generous, but it's a bit pedestrian!

One thing: the last time I ate there, we sat in the front and it's a lot quieter! Own waiter was a real sweety too - I think he must have been on loan from somewhere else where they value their customers and enjoy their jobs!!!

110 211 Bear St, Banff, Canada

Excellent food - hilarious service!

My boyfriend and I were travelling around Canada on holiday and passed through Banff. We hit Nourish on a Tuesday night and it was full, but they found us a table after a short wait. The staff were very friendly and enthusiastic, if a little eccentric! The food wasn't fast coming out, but it's a fairly small place and it's all cooked to order and well worth the wait.

The food was fantastic, particularly the noodle curry and the strawberry and peach pie with vegan ice cream. Their wine selection is great and I'd highly recommend the vioniger. Yes, it's not the cheapest place ever, but Banff is a very expensive town, so I found that understandable.

Slightly odd was the conversation my boyfriend got in with our server when I was in the loo: best places to go hunting in the Alberta prairie (where he lives!)!! It so wasn't what I expected in a veg*n restaurant. But to be honest, the guy was so apologetic when I returned I couldn't really hold it against them!

Rua Miguel Bombarda, 34, Porto, Portugal

5* if allowed!!

Whilst this place serves a little non-veg' food, the majority is vegan. It was very clean and the pictures don't do it justice. The owner and other waitress were super friendly and came over for a chat.
Food was amazing, fresh and tasty. I recommend the tabbouleh and falafel. Houmous was very good as well.
The restaurant is in a fun part of Oporto. Highly recommend you go

157 King Street, Hammersmith, West London, England

Even my carnivorous brother liked it!

This is a great little Indian restaurant for vegans who adore the cuisine. My brother and I shared lots of dishes which is a really great idea. It's good value for money. You need to ask specifically for the vegan menu. The staff were really jolly too which always makes for a pleasant meal. But of a dodgy area at night though, but I'd make the trip again.

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