Vegan crepe restaurant est. 2018 in Brixton. Menu offers a range of both savoury and sweet gluten-free crepes. The savoury crepes flavors have Latin inspiration, and the sweet ones features topping like nutella and banana. Serves other brunch options as well as mezze plates. Try the cassava chips with garlic may or pesto. Next door is its zero waste shop.
Note May 2020: shop is open and kitchen is open for takeaway. Open Tue-Sun 10:00-20:00. Closed Mon.

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First Review by Gingerjoe


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09 Nov 2023

Really cute, fully vegan cafe

Super cute cafe with zero waste store right next door, had the avocado and tofu toast, both were really good. Will come again!



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28 Oct 2023

Nice place

The restaurant is all vegan and is attached to a vegan zero waste store. It’s informal and pay by counter but the food is very nice. I had the lasagne, which wasn’t really what I’d call a lasagne as it didn’t contain any pasta but was a really nice tomato stew with veg. Would definitely visit again

Pros: All vegan, Friendly staff


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06 Sep 2023

Nice crepes

Very nice sweet crepes, all fresh made to order. The staff was chatty and friendly. Will try savoury options next time. The store next door was very well stocked and convenient to shop while you wait for the food😃


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06 Aug 2023

Our favourite cafe in London!

I love this place so much, the food is amazing and the overall atmosphere of the place is so lovely. It is great for gluten free options especially as the galettes are naturally gf but our favourites are the bowls. The zero waste shop attached is a great bonus. We recommend it to everyone we know😄

Pros: Great gluten free options, Delicious food, Beautiful decor


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08 Jul 2023

Delicious galettes and sandwiches

We tried the Dujhan galettes and El pesto for brunch and they were both very good. The El Pesto was the most savory with delicious tomatoes and olives. We also got 2 sandwiches to go and ate them later. The smoked salmon had the best vegan smoked salmon I’ve ever had. 😍 It reminded me of real lox. The hummus with veggie and smoked tempeh was also amazing. I highly recommend this place for a great vegan brunch or lunch. They also have vegan pastries, coffee and a connected grocery store. They’re a real gem.


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05 Jul 2023

Best savoury pancake

Love the fusion of food and great atmosphere


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23 May 2023


Ordered the Brixton brunch, which didn’t quite look the same as previous reviews of the same dish on here but it was tasty and filling. Also got the avo toast which was also tasty but only 1 slice


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20 May 2023

food made with love

A rustic cafe with many gluten free vegan offerings. The feijoada was wonderful. The crepes/gallettes are very nice, both the sweet and savory types. More casual than expected and a bit of a journey (from isle of dogs), however it’s all about the food here. Food made with love.


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15 Jan 2023

Nice crepes

The crepes were so good and not too expensive either! Breakfast for 2 came to £10! Love that there are lots of options to choose from. The bagel was a bit dry and needed more seasoning/hot sauce in my opinion (but i’m being picky). Cute bill store next door too.


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21 Dec 2022

Horrible owner, cold atmosphere, terrible brunch

I came here with a group of six on Sunday. It was very cold when we arrived - heating had clearly been turned off to save costs which really didn’t give it a welcoming vibe at all.

It steadily got from bad to worse. Tables were horribly close to each other and almost felt like our group were invading the table next to us. The cook looked miserable and what was worse was the lady who owned the place.

Towards the end of our meal, two people had come in and she proceeded to yell at them and chase them down the street. It was really shocking for our entire table as we had obviously come for a good time only for the end of it to be ruined by her senseless screaming.

As I like supporting local businesses, I was totally shocked to discover that she shouted at potential customers in such a way that would make me reconsider coming again. I really regretted giving her my business and as a local, am disappointed I’m going to have to look for a new place! A memorable brunch….for all the wrong reasons!

Updated from previous review on 2022-12-21

Pros: Good concept

Cons: Service - rude staff, rude owner, Food cold, Atmosphere cold


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06 Nov 2022

A Vegan Aladdin's Cave

This is a great place which I found thanks to Too Good to Go. shop, café, offering refill service of just about everything from washing up liquid to balsamic vinegar via dried fruit. There's a shop area and a café area which is also licensed. The prices are reasonable, the food is good, staff are friendly, the place is spotlessly clean. It has a really lovely atmosphere.

Pros: Good food, Friendly staff, Lots of products for refilling you own containers


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27 Sep 2022

The Galettes are amazing!!

I had the chocolate hazelnut spread galette and it was so so good! And only £4.50. It was fairly quiet and I didn’t feel particularly welcome as they seemed fairly busy with other jobs but otherwise it was a good atmosphere with a few people sitting and doing work. Rest of the menu looks amazing too.


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20 Aug 2022

Environmentally friendly vegan shop!

I really loved this shop and cafe. They have a low waste idea where you fill your own container thus reducing plastic waste. They had all sorts of things on tap and in jars. Eg herbs, i think teas, fruits, nuts, dates, chocolate chips, washing up liquid, basalmic vinegar and so on. They also had lots of vegan soaps too! They also have things like miso, jams, and lots of stuff for all types of cooking including spaghetti, black bean sauce etc

I also bought a freshly baked chocolate cookie which was amazing! Not too sweet and the cookie was nice and sift and the chocolate divine.

Highly recommend a visit if you are in the area. Best part is that they are 100% vegan!!!

Pros: Vegan and accepts card payments, Low waste concept, Delicious cookie

Cons: Tote bag was a bit pricey at £6.50.


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16 Jul 2022

Really nice

Delicious galletes, fast service, connected zero waste shop, Brazilian dishes, lots of sweet and savoury options

Pros: All vegan, Lots of sweet and savoury options, Connected zero waste shop

Cons: A little expensive


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14 May 2022

Outstanding vegan crepes

We loved it. As a Frenchie I missed savoury crepes and this place delivered. I had the one with plantain and jackfruit in it and my partner had the one with vegan gorgonzola. The drinks were delicious too. The place also sells art from local artists and plants, and they have a zero waste shop next door. What more can you ask for??

Pros: Delicious savoury crepes, Lots of plants, Fully vegan


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12 Nov 2021

Too good to go heaven!

Super cute inside with walls of zero waste stuff and a open plan kitchen with loads of yummy options. Staff were really kind and helpful. I went to pick up some too good to go foods so I didnt know what I actually ate - but it was yummy!!


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06 Jun 2021


The place is nice and the food as well , the atmosphere doesn't represent the right concept of the shop, gallettes are absolutely the best thing to try.
Overall only service to be improved.

Pros: Lovely Gallettes , 100% vegan food, zero waste , Shop, nicely priced.

Cons: Service, only seats outside, no reservations,, Uncomfortable seating.


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07 Oct 2020


Soo cosy ,amazing stuff,and the food 🤤. Out of this world, they have a shop area where u can find all zero waste products, plants nuts oil natural soap ecc.. honestly one of the most complete shops in whole London

Pros: 100% vegan


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10 Jul 2020

Delicious food and zero waste shop

I love that they have a zero waste shop and after doing the shopping you can grab a bite. Their food is really good


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08 Feb 2020

Generous and tasty galettes!

Lovely staff and very very generous galettes. Would suggest to add some vegan cheese or extra sauce to your galette for a perfect taste. Thanks for a lovely dinner!


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28 Jan 2020


Wasn't overly impressed with the crepes, tasted a bit strange for my taste, perhaps it's the spices they use. Nevertheless, I was generally happy with the meal.

Pros: Fully vegan


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09 Nov 2019

Amazing gallettes

Fabulous menu. Really tasty gallette pancakes. Super friendly staff. The homemade chilli sauce is funny. Flexible menu to add and take off ingredients as you wish. Cute, quirky cafe.

Pros: All vegan , Reasonably priced , Vegan Nutella

Cons: Slightly small tables!


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26 Oct 2019

Tasty, comforting and fresh

When the weather turns grey and windy, this place has the type of warm atmosphere that brings a smile to vegan faces! After getting your groceries from the zerowaste shop, you can sit down next door and enjoy the great selection of copiously filled galettes but also colourful and tasty freshly made bowls and plates of filling dishes such as Spanish toast with heaps of rocket and delicious sausages, or very yummy Brunch plate. The drinks are delicious too. I think we will be going back again tomorrow...

Pros: Tasty , Fresh, Generous portions

Cons: Small restaurant , A little cold


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17 Sep 2019

Good food

A dream come true, amazing food.

Cons: The chai te was to intense


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01 Aug 2019

Brilliant pancakes!

Lovely place, lovely staff and great atmosphere! We had one savoury and one sweet galette and both were brilliant! I’d definitely go back and also check out their zero waste store! Pure goodness


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15 Jul 2019

Absolutely delicious!

I have been to Pipoca at least five times by now and I absolutely love it. The food is amazing, a very delicious vegan menu with a huge amount of gluten-free options plus a variety of tasty drinks.
The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is cozy, plus they have a nice bulk section to buy food and hygiene articles zero waste style.
Totally recommend!


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01 Jul 2019

Perfect for every meal

I went here for lunch and I have both savoury and sweet crepes. They were delicious, light and flavourful. The one with the "nutella" was so comforting. Plus this is a zero waste shop and it is always nice to support this kind of activities. This place makes you feel in peace with the world.

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