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Makro Vega

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Lestina 4, Split, Croatia,

Vegetarian restaurant operating since the 2000s. Offers daily changing menu with both vegetarian and vegan food, such as tofu pancerota, tempeh sandwich, grilled seitan, cakes, coffee, tea, and juices. Situated in a quiet location in old town, take 1st right turn from Krizeva. The owners also operate Upcafe. Open Mon-Fri 9:00am-9:00pm, Sat 9:00am-5:00pm.

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Reviews (61)

First Review by Miru

Nice little place - Edit

I went here for lunch and there were a few vegan options, we (my partner and I) went for a slice of pizza (tasty, stacked with toppings) and a mushroom salad baguette. Unfortunately, the person at the counter gave us a cheese (dairy) one instead, which in our hunger we only noticed half way through the sandwich!! The owner arrived soon after and was apologetic for the mistake her colleague had made (she had also told us a vast cheesecake was vegan - it wasn't!!). Would have enjoyed the meal a lot more without this mixup....

Pros: Decent options, Suny courtyard, Secluded and quiet

Cons: Gave wrong information on ingredients :(, Limited drinks options, no fresh juices

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Great food, good value - Edit

Nice looking restaurant with a good selection of veggie and vegan food. The offer a good value daily menue for only KN 70. Staff was shy but friendly. Food tasted delicious. Good option for when you are in Split an tired of eating veggie pizza's.

Pros: Good selection of veggie/vegan options. Good value

Cons: Use google maps to find the place.

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Disappointing experience - Edit

Having read the reviews on here and trip advisor we were excited to finally have a little more choice than a bowl of pasta or a cheese less pizza midway through our trip through Croatia; however our excitement was unfounded. We both chose the vegan daily special, the restaurant posts daily specials, and for just 70 kuna you can dine on soup, special main, tempura side and a salad (£9 per person)

Our 'daily special' menu consisted of a vegetable & chickpea soup which sadly was tasteless and tepid. spaghetti with tomato sauce - this was the most flavoursome of all the dishes however it was only lukewarm; a side of greasy and floppy tempura veg, overcooked boiled cabbage and carrots and a stone cold piece of tofu lasagne. The side salad was tasty and well dressed.

Really disappointing, needless to say we won't rush back

Pros: lots of veggie and vegan choices, Attractive restaurant, food serve quickly

Cons: food was cold, veg was overcooked, Soup was tepid and tasteless

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my favorite restaurant in my hometown - Edit

Best vegan food in my hometown and beyond :) I ate there so many times during the years or ordered food from there, even ordered a cake for my wedding there and took recipes from their web page for the wedding (which took place outside of Split, otherwise I'd have them do the catering!) Perfect, yummy food, huge portions, inexpensive, great cakes, everything is great!

Updated from previous review on 2016-08-13

Pros: delicious food, portion size, inexpensive

Cons: vegetarian options :/

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Nom nom! Delicious food and friendly staff. - Edit

Absolutely loved Makro Vega. The food is delicious, especially the daily menu (which is vegetarian but can always be made vegan), the seitan burritos, and the vegan desserts! It's a god-send in Split, where the only other vegan/veggie place is near the bus station and is fast food style.

The staff is also super friendly and warm...not typical for Split. Fantastic place.

Pros: Vegan Dessert, Daily Menu, Cheap Options

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Vegan heaven - Edit

This is definitely a must if you visit Split. I ate here dozens of times and it's likely one of my favorite vegan restaurants ever.

They offer a daily plate which includes a salad, a soup and an usual great main dish. Might not be the most tasty for everyone (as you see on the reviews) so you could ask for some salt if you like.

Desserts are great and the wraps they sell are also an good option to take away if you don't have time to eat at the place or need something for the dinner.

If you're on a budget, definitely try the wraps and other stuff in the counter, for the 2nd year in a row I come here, have lunch then take some of those for dinner.

Updated from previous review on 2015-11-21

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Alright - Edit

Food was okay. Definitely has potential. My boyfriend & I shared the daily meal the kebab. I can agree with the reviews that say the food is a a bit bland, but ask for extra sauce and use the salt and pepper. Can turn out decent. Service was really friendly however, good review there. I won't be coming back, but for a very non-vegan friendly city this place will fly. Comment on that,, make sure to request food to be made vegan. Most dishes come with a milk product by default.

My personal suggestion is too cook for yourself and bring your own food while in Spilt. Veg food is hard to come by and isn't cheap.

Pros: Good service, free h2o

Cons: CASH ONLY , not flavorful

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Pretty Average - Edit

There's definitely nothing bad about this place, I didn't taste anything I didn't like, a lot of it was just pretty bland. My girlfriend (not a veggie) had the pizza and she really enjoyed it! I started off with the daily tempura, which was courgette, which was okay, nothing special, but pretty much what you expect from tempura. I went for the kebabs for my main which had tofu, seitan, red pepper, courgette and mushroom. I assumed that the kebabs would be grilled sort of like on a BBQ but it turned out that these were also battered and deep fried. I had no issue with it, but it was difficult to eat so much deep fried stuff by the end and would have preferred something else for my main after the deep fried starter. Kebabs were meant to be served with brown rice but they had ran out, so I was served millet and pumpkin with sesame seeds which was genuinely one of the tastiest things I've eaten since going vegan. My girlfriend didn't love the texture of it but I thought it was absolutely delicious! Brilliant vegan coconut cake to finish meant I left on a very happy note too! I had a guarana cola to drink which was really tasty. We were served by one of the chefs who was helpful and very friendly too!

Pros: Veggie/vegan restaurants are hard to come by in Cr, Cheap, Lots of choice

Cons: Chefs need to season the food more, Rely very heavily on tofu and seitan

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Very very tasty - Edit

We ate tonight in this restaurant. Every thinf was very tasty and cheep. It was served very quick. The menu was only 70 kn !
I have been a vegan for 10 years now and I can tell this place is really good value. It's also very clean and modern.
I would bring all my non vegan friends here no proplem. I wish i had more time to come back...

Pros: Tasty vegan food, Cheep, Good portions

Cons: Only 2 outdoor tables

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Awesome food at great prices - Edit

Inexpensive for ala carte items (snack fast food type) like veg pie, 3-4 type burrito, pizza slice, calzone, desserts. Large servings. Very flavorful. Most of these are about US$2-4.
3 items shared between 2 people is adequate.

Full meal (soup, salad, entree, etc) is moderately priced but not as great value.

Pros: Value, Variety, Taste

Cons: Timings

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great for lunch! - Edit

A nice little cafe/restaurant in the centre of Split. Lots of vegan options (including 2 desserts) and there is an option of vegan plate, a mixture of all their vegan options. The food was tasty - home made style and not expensive.
The staff were knowledgeable about gluten free, but there was not many options on the menu for gluten free.

Pros: good value for money, great vegan take away options (burgers, sandwiches

Cons: not many gluten free options

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Worst food ever served to me in a restaurant - Edit

Was very excited to see a well reviewed vegan restaurant in split and dragged two friends with me to partake..

I now question whether the owners of this restaurant enjoy flavour and food at all, because the experience of eating here was the culinary equivalent of a hair shirt. Polenta served with soya yoghurt on top not even the worst of the terrible crimes commited by the sadistic chef. Sauce is something viewed with suspicion as something which might sully the pure experience of vegetables that have had anything as sinful as flavour purged from them. Clearly used canned sweetcorn in their awful salad. Relies far too heavily on tofu and seitan in their menu - vegan cooking with 'meat replacers' never a good sign. Pay attention to this sign. Go the other way. Avoid this dreadful place.

Chef seems unaware of how to cook/serve vegetables in a way that makes them taste of anything. If they want to be puritanical about not using any seasoning then maybe try rich and interesting mixes of raw veg? maybe use some of the lemons that grow everywhere in Croatia? Or garlic. Or anything. Please. Why are you doing this to your customers.

Truly dreadful. Felt terrible that not only did I pay for this travesty but so did the two friends I excitedly dragged with me.

Pros: There were some cats in the courtyard

Cons: Would be embarrassed to serve myself , Joyless and uninspired , just so awful

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Nooo - Edit

I could have an award winning vegan restaurant in Croatia, which is vegan hell, because I understand that vegetables need flavour and stuff. Makro Vega is a joyless twig dispensary where flavour never even arrived to die in the first place. Barley coffee. Water more flavourful than the meal. You are in a country full of ajvar yet you choose to not use it. You are vegans and you have not heard of humous. Eating at your restaurant made my tastebuds die of boredom. Give them back. I spend 270 kuna on your misery vegetables. I hate you.

Pros: bugger all else vegan in this city

Cons: tastes of precisely nothing, why can i only vote minimum 2 cows

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Yummy - Edit

This is a truly fabulous eatery! It is now a weekly must do for us new kids on the blocks of veganism.... I just love everything about this place. I love the calmness as soon as you walk in the door. The food arrives with perfect timing and equally perfect timing between each course. The food is YUMMY. Veganism isn't just about food. It's about meeting like minded people, most of whom love the universe, animals that live in it and the Macro Vega restaurant gives that beautiful aura. Please visit whenever you come to Split. I guarantee that you will NOT be disappointed............

Pros: Essence of tranquility, Perfect portions, Price is fair

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Lovely little sanctuary on the edge of old town - Edit

Makro Vega offers healthy, home-style meals in a pleasant environment. I had the vegan menu of the day, which was well balanced and very reasonably priced. Also couldn't resist the vegan apple strudel.

Indoor seating plus two tables in the courtyard. Service was warm and English is spoken.


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I wish this restaurant was in my hometown - Edit

I visited this restaurant three times in August, 2015. On the first occasion I only bought a tempeh sandwich. It was probably one of the best sandwiches I ate. It contained generous portions of marinated (and possibly also fried) tempeh, and the bread seemed to be corn based. The price was not higher than the sandwiches that were on display in non vegetarian sandwich shops.
On the second and the third occasion I had the daily menu. The food was elegantly displayed on the plates. Items were fresh. There were many colours on my plate, which made it nice to look at. The portions were generous. I enjoyed the taste. My child choose one of the sandwiches and she also enjoyed it very much.
If I would live in Split, I would eat here very often.
It's a pity that the courtyard outside is not very attractive (there was a car wreck), but I suppose that the restaurant owners don't have any say on that.

Updated from previous review on Saturday August 29, 2015

Updated from previous review on Saturday August 29, 2015

Pros: Professional and friendly staff, Short waiting time, Good food, good value for money

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Perfect restaurant - Edit

Macro Vega is a perfect restaurant ! They propose a huge menu for 60 kunas (less than 10€). It is really good food, well presented. The staff is really nice, the place quiet, and central. We had a wonderful moment there and we highly recommend this place !

Pros: good value, excellent food, friendly staff

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Perfect for breakfast and lunch/dinner. - Edit

I liked Makrovega very much. I had breakfast there every morning before I headed of to the beach, also dinner a few times. Food is well made and tastes very good. Tofu/seitan sandwiches are also great to bring to the beach. Free wifi is also a plus.

Pros: Well made food, Friendly staff, Good opening hours

Cons: Not open sundays

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Very nice food in a pleasant atmosphere - Edit

Located right in old town, Makrovega is a little tricky to find among the twisting streets but well worth it. It is a nice space, the staff is friendly and the food is very good. I had the daily menu which included gnocchi with seitan, tempura, fresh veggies, rice and soup. Everything was excellent and it was very good value. I also had a fresh juice which was delicious, I think it was carrot apple. Highly recommended in a town where vegetarian often means pizza or cheese burek (both of which I like but which don't leave you feeling very good).

Pros: Fresh tasty food, Nice atmosphere, Friendly staff

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great vegetarian restaurant - Edit

After 8 days in Croatia and a lot of pizza and pasta, it was so great to find this nice restaurant in this little backyard! We had lentil soup as a starter. Then vegetable in salsa, great tempeh, good seitan and fried peppers! And the desserts, yummy! And a nice space as well! Yes it is not that easy to find but it's worth it!

Pros: nice spiced, a menu for 60 Kn!, vegan option

Cons: no alcoholics, hard to find

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Classy friendly place to eat - Edit

This restaurant has a really nice relaxing atmosphere which is nice to get away from the overwhelming number of tourists in Croatia in summer. Food is nice. Free wifi available. Out of the way but not hard to get to. Has a small courtyard at the front. Friendly helpful staff. Most similar to food I would get at home rather than 'vegetarian option' of pasta with vegetables which seems to be the only thing on offer everywhere else. Offers seitan, tofu and mushroom bases for meals.
Needs more greens on offer for green juices as they have a slow juicer.

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My canteen in Split - Edit

I spent one week in Spit on March 2014 and Makro Vega was my canteen. It closes at the end of the afternoon so no dinner option. I lunched here almost every day and sometimes took away dishes for the dinner. Dishes are vegetarian with vegan option for each of them. Food was very good though sometimes not well balanced, like the seitan with spaghetti which I didn't finish. Daily menus are served with a very fresh and good soup and raw salad. I recommend as the best vegan restaurant in Split.

Pros: Vegan option for each dish, Excellent soups and salads

Cons: sometimes menu not well balanced

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Reviewer Avatar

Yum - Edit

Loved this place. They seem to have made improvements, as they now have an English menu, and lots of indoor seating. Really nice vibe to this cosy restaurant. I got the set menu plate, and a desert, both of which were delicious, filling, healthy food. I felt great after eating here, and am thinking of going back again tonight! Really highly recommend this place. Only thing to note is that it was hard to find, and there seemed to be only one person working, and I saw some people waiting at the counter for a while. The food still came quickly though, so I guess being short staffed might not be an issue in this quieter season.

Pros: Delicious food, Good price, Nice vibe

Cons: Hard to find

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Great food - Edit

I ate here twice for lunch and both times got the vegan lunch set - once without soup for 55 kuna and the other time with soup for 60 kuna. The lunch set is very filling, and I had leftovers to take to eat later. However, I believe it's cheaper to order from the a la carte menu. The lunch set changes each day.

Pros: great food

Cons: no wifi

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Delicious vegan food - Edit

They have daily set lunch menus (60kn; or 55kn without soup) with both vegetarian and vegan options. You can also get snacks (pizza slice, wraps etc. if you would prefer). Sweets available, including two different vegan sweets (on the day I was there). Food was delicious. Staff very helpful. Enjoyed finding the cozy location off side streets (you may need a map!).

Pros: Delicious food, Good variety, Helpful and friendly staff

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Main resto for veggies in Split - Edit

We often come and eat here simply because the food is excellent. They offer daily menus for both vegetarians and vegans, as well as vegan burgers, burritos, cakes and treats (though few sweets are vegan so make sure you ask beforehand). It is located in the centre of the town (maybe little hard to find but worth the effort) or you can also pre-order by phone. Both menus are less than 10 euros (60 kn for the vegan).

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Affordable little gem - Edit

Went here twice while I was in Split, and was sad that I only discovered it the day before I left.
"Snacks" are all 15-17kn and include things like tofu/mushroom/seitan burritos, burgers, swisschard and mushroom savoury pancakes, moussaka, what looked like lasagne and much more.
I had the savoury pancakes the first time and burrito the second. Both were fantastic. The pancakes were especially tasty.
They also have an incredibly cheap daily menu, both vege and vegan options. You pay about 60kn for a soup and a huge plate of a variety of items for main.
The staff were wonderfully kind and helpful.
Wish I was still in split for this!!
Thank you!!!

Pros: SO tasty, Cheap as chips, Great service

Cons: A little hard to find

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Split it good! - Edit

Very clean spacious restaurant in the heart of Split.Choose wisely and you will get a great meal otherwise an ok meal.Have eaten here twice now,first time great second time ok choosing meal of the day both times.
The sweets are pretty amazing.
Considering Croatia is such a meat zone I will push up the rating to four cows.You really don,t have any other options and I do give them A for effort.They are well worth supporting!

Pros: Clean, Nice staff, Quick service

Cons: Smallish menu, Inconsistent quality, Old school vego

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Loved it! - Edit

I thought this place was great. I had the dinner special the first night. It came with soup, salad, polenta, veggies and tempeh. The next day I had the seitan burger and the apple strudel. It's so nice to have healthy vegan choices. The 3rd day I had a vegan tofu breakfast square. I also bought a piece of cake for later. It was really good and it had chocolate, coconut and banana in it. I'm not sure what else. I wish they had an English menu so I could have read the ingredients. One of the staff was very helpful and pointed out all the vegan options and made recommendations. The 2 other staff members I dealt with were not so helpful. When I asked one lady what was better of two choices she said she didn't know. I said, "Oh you don't eat this food you just work here" but she said she did eat the food but couldn't give me her opinion. I found this odd but it didn't change the fact that the food was delicious.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday September 12, 2012

Pros: Great vegan food, Lots of choices, Healthy

Cons: No English menu, Not very helpful staff, Difficult to find

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Thumbs up! - Edit

After walking in and around Split, I was really happy to come across this place. Split has had an italian influence on their cuisine, with lots of pastas and pizzas, so not great for the travelling vegan.

I had a sit down set meal (which was different each day). The set meal was a soup, main meal and a salad for around 70kn (approx £8).

They did also have some pies, cakes and sandwiches to take away.

Great place and to be honest the only place, as a vegan, you are going to find to eat in, in the town of Split (that and their sister company Upcafe).

There were lots of locals in there too (I think it is one of the only places to get something that is healthy in the town)

If this place was in the UK (with more to places around to eat), would I go?...I think I would!

Recommend it to anyone (meat eater...sorry meat consumers/veggies or vegans).

Pros: A place to eat, Good Value, Friendly Staff

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Makro Vega - Edit

We enjoyed eating at Makro Vega but I found it overall a bit plain. We had the Vegan set menu (you basically choose either the Vegetarian or Vegan version) for I think 70 kuna (~£7). It was a lot of food but I think a lot of my enjoyment of it was simply eating real vege food and not the steamed vege, plain rice and pizza you tend to end up eating in most Croatian towns. That said the vege pakora were delicious!

They have some rolls and cafe style food in the cabinet, made for Makro and their sister shop UpCafe. These are cheap and very tasty. There seem to be some variety but you can almost guarantee a tofu or seitan option.

One thing to note about this place, is the opening hours are not great - it closes at 8pm so you have to plan around an early dinner unless you self cater or suffer through a meal elsewhere since this is the only real dinner option in Split.

Pros: Price, Good selection, Location

Cons: Opening hours, No alcohol

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the definition of a hidden gem - Edit

it'll definitely take you a while to find this place but when you do, you'll realise it was worth the backstreet quest!

we had the set menu, which at 70 Kuna is comparable to the other restaurants in the region. and this is essentially for a LARGE 2-course meal with sides. soup to start followed by a wide range of different grains, tofu and veg for main. enthusiastic staff to match. you won't be disappointed. the desserts are top-notch too!

Pros: superb food, good value for the quantity, bubbly staff

Cons: decor a little out of place

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Healthy and tasty - Edit

After days of eating past and grilled vegetables, the vegan menu at Makro Vega was a very welcome change. Healthy, wholesome food with a great taste, it is definitely a spot to recommend. It is a bit hidden though so if you can't find it ask the locals!

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Wholesome, tasty food. - Edit

This restaurant was very hidden away in a small back street so it took us ages to find (even with a map from Google maps!) but it was worth it for the food. The service was a little brusque initially (we were going to order from the a la carte menu but the woman seemed unhappy with that so we opted for the set menu instead). The food was delicious, and we even returned the next day for a lunch time snack of tofu burritos which were superb.

Pros: Good value, Tasty and wholesome, Nice atmosphere

Cons: No alcohol!, A little hard to find

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yummmy and healthy - Edit

We had the set menu which was soup, salad then a polenta and tofu cheese bakes whith pasta, tempura and steamed veg. It was great, bit too much food for me my meat eating partner enjoyed and he normally moans at the more healthy vegan food. I bought a spring rool to take for my lunch the next day which was crumbled tofu, vegan cheese and spices, this was delicious although the pudding I bought was some sort of chocolate and fruit mousses was very bland. I would definately reccoment this place though.

Pros: tasty, healthy

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awesome! - Edit

today we took the meal of the day: the predish included a french salad with smoked tofu cheese. the main course was a natural marinated seitan steak in basil garlic and parsley. pesto with tofunaise and ketchup, brown rice and amaranth with soya sauce and gomashio, as well as tempura vegetables.
it was pure vegan pleasure. the best seitan we have had.

Pros: excellent food, good taste combination, good price

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trust the local - Edit

Once, this was the best vege/macro restaurant in Split, but the quality and quantity of food has been decreasing while the prices have increased. I am not sure if the frying oil and some other ingredients are whole and organic. They are chaotic and slow on Saturdays when they have many people to attend. That well-being feeling that should be present in a healthy food rest. has gone. Although, sandwiches, desserts and other fast bites are still the best item. The menu is very blend and uniform after you become a frequent visitor as I am.

Pros: desserts, sandwiches, soups

Cons: no reservations at Saturday accepted, blend food, to oily tempuras

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Great food - Edit

We had lunch and dinner here on our overnight stay in Split. Only the set menu was available but food was lovely, very tasty and wholesome.

It is a little bit hidden away which I suspect is why it is not always getting the clientele it deserves.

Pros: Wholesome food, Portion sizes, Juices

Cons: Location

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World's best sandwich - Edit

Imagine my delight when I found myself staying less than a minutes walk frmo here, quite by accident! The food here is lovely, the daily changing set menu is perfect, a lot of food and a good combination of flavours. The sandwiches are the best in the world! Huge (as big as my head) for 17kn upwards they are perfect to take away for a picnic lunch. Well worth a visit.

Pros: Value for money, Best sandwiches ever, Friendly staff

Cons: Opening hours

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Simply EXCELLENT! - Edit

We visited this restaurant twice (2 days in a row!) during a several day trip to Split last summer. Cheap, healthy, delicious food in a spotlessly clean setting. Very enjoyable and memorable meals!

Pros: cheap, delicious, healthy

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Fantastic - Edit

We ate there two times, first day we tried the daily vegan menu wich icluded pumpkin soup, green salad with seaweed, a mash of something tasty, tofulasagna, and more. It was great. The other day we had a tofu fishstick sandwich with soymayo, crepes filled with tofu and something green. They have desserts as well, we tried both the amaranth pudding and the chocolate ice cream with succes.

Pros: good value, excellent food, big portions

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Great Produce - Edit

Makro-Vega was a little tricky to find but we asked around and found it eventually. It was worth the find as well, the food was so fresh and it was such a refreshing change from eating plain salads. We order the daily special which included tofu stuffed zucchini and the highlight sesame encrusted eggplant. The staff where very friendly and the menus were in English. They had a great selection of vegan desserts, I was so full by the time I finished my lunch I wasn't able to try them. Would highly recommend this restaurant.

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Work In Progress - Edit

I've eaten here many times and find it disappointing, especially for the price. Since it's one of only two vegetarian restaurants in town, I feel it's important to support it. However, like the other reviewer, I find the food really bland and sometimes just plain weird. For example, their seitan sandwich consists of cold bread, a dry slice of seitan, lettuce and a pickle. Not exactly exciting. Another dish was a crepe stuffed with ricotta, beans and spinach--but the whole thing was sweet, like dessert sweet. The salad was made up of arugula, tomatoes and chopped cabbage but the dressing was plain white vinegar. It was like acidic on top of acidic. Overall, I think the restaurant has the right idea. They just need to experiment with seasoning, balance of flavors and focus more on cooking solid good food. I will continue to patronize it every once in a while to see if it changes, but if the food doesn't improve, I'll have to stop.

Pros: nice decor

Cons: hit and miss, bland

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Maximilian 19 Jul 2009 - What kind of support is this, writting bunch of lies abouth people who are trying to protect animals and give people nice and healthy organic food ?!?!?
The place is not dissapointing and the food is not weird. You are! And their food, it is delicious!

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Great take-out - Edit

Cheap and tasty take-out options (tofu and seitan sandwiches, pizza etc.). The sit-in menu was also worth the price. Serves no alcohol which was a bit of a letdown (we'd wanted a glass of wine).

Pros: English menu, Cheap, Take-out

Cons: No alcohol

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Wonderful Find in Split - Edit

It takes some time to find Makro Vega but it is well worth the effort. Our Hotel staff highly recommended Makro Vega and said it is popular with locals. You can order takeout or sit for full service. Every dish we had was delicious and fresh juices were wonderful. Makro Vega was perfectly clean and the the seating area was very comfortable.

Pros: Very clean, Great food, Friendly Staff

Cons: Limited hours, Plan on time to find

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Tasty and varied food - Edit

My partner and I visited here in Summer 08. We had a bit of an adventure finding the restaurant ending up quite lost down the side streets after the tourist office pointed us in a very different direction! When we arrived they had just closed, but we were so sad and dejected (and hungry) that the very friendly women chefs took pity on us and we were able to buy some of the food that was left over and take it away with us. Although we would have loved to have eaten in the restaurant we were well consoled tucking into food that was varied and delicious whilst sitting on Split's marina area in the sunshine.

Pros: Worth it when you get there, Lots of different tastes, Friendly and kind staff

Cons: Bit tricky to find

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Nice option for a vegan but lacking - Edit

After spending 7 days on the island of Brac (limited vegan options: salad, pizza, pasta) I was really pleased to get to Split to go to Makro Veg. The location is quite cool, a little out of the centre but easy enough to find when you have a map. The decor is lovely, minimal and modern - very nice and very clean. The service was friendly, we went for the daily menu at their suggestion. It's a lot of food at a very reasonable price, very nicely presented too. Nice, wholesome food with lots of great elements and lots of variation on the plate. I was so pleased to have some tofu, tempeh, beans after a week of no protein! However, the food wasn't very hot (maybe there's a macrobiotic element to the restaurant?) and I found it was lacking in flavour. I like a lot of chili, spice, garlic etc.. and was hoping to get this at Makro Vega so I was a little disappointed. Saying that, no other meals in Croatia had much garlic, spice either. My boyfriend isn't vegetarian and he noticed the same thing for all is meat, fish dishes so maybe that's the norm for Croatia. I would go back to Makro Vega again but would try something else on the menu in hopes of getting a little more flavour. Nice find in Split.

Pros: Healthy Cuisine, Friendly Staff, Reasonable Prices

Cons: A little bland

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Makro Veg Review - Edit

Makro Vega is a bright star among the boring pizza and ice cream restaraunts of Croatia.
Generous portions, good service and fair prices.
I found them willing to do substitutions on the 'daily menu.'
I was glad to find them and ate there every day I was in Split.

Pros: Generous Portions, Variety

Cons: Hours

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An oasis - Edit

After 8 days of pasta and pizza it was a relief that Makro Vega was open. The staff is great, the food is great and the location is great. The opening hours are not that great unfortunately and it's a shame that they don't serve beer or wine... But we will definitely return to Makro Vega if we are in Split again!

Pros: Tasty, healthy, friendly

Cons: No alcohol

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Excellent food - Edit

Fabulous restaurant. Very clean. English speaking. Not far from the port. Well worth a visit if you want vegan or vegetarian food. The set menus are superb, as are the deserts. We went two days in succession.

Pros: excellent food, Cleanliness, Helpful staff

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Superb Split veggie grub. - Edit

Really great food and atmosphere,has veggie written all over it, proper cooking.If in Split,veggie or not, visit and enjoy.

Pros: food, service, great value

Cons: no go for wheel chairs, difficult to find,, too small

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Delicious! - Edit

My husband and I are in Split for 5 months and this restaurant was such a relief. Finding vegan food in Croatia is hard, but finding vegan food that is not pizza or pasta is almost impossible. This restaurant offers 2 daily selections (either vegetarian or vegan) as well as sandwiches, pastries, and cakes to take away. It is always exciting to go for lunch at Makro Vega because the menu changes daily. As other reviews have said, you get a huge plate of food and soup for a very reasonable price. The only con is the hours. I wish they were open later for dinner, but they can prepare the food to-go so you can take it home to eat later, which I often do.

Delicious food, very friendly staff, and excellent value make this a must for anyone visiting Split. I even got my non-veg friends hooked!

Pros: fantastic food, friendly staff, generous portions

Cons: hours of operation

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happy staff! - Edit

a group of six of us plied in there and the staff couldn't have been nicer. they weren't officially open, but sat us down, made us tea and offered a selection of pre-prepared vegan snacks and treats whilst they hurried around seting up for the day. great tofu sandwiches and the best carob cake i've ever had. happy to explain what was vegan, too.

Pros: cheap, takeaway or sit-down, really friendly

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Yum! - Edit

Great place! Meal came with soup & bread for a starter and then an enormous plate of food for a main course. Baked tofu, salad, spinach rizotto, cooked veggies, really nicely spiced adzuki dish, etc. Quite filling, quite good. Lots of stuff for take away as well.

Pros: Good value, huge portions, Great food, Very nice staff

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