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Las Vegas area, Las Vegas, USA

Can't wait

07 Oct 2012

Had all the cupcakes previously at Atomic #7. So unbelieveable good and all vegan. Amazing flavor combinations. Here's hoping store up and running quickly.

204 W 4th St, Royal Oak, USA

Tucked away in the corner of the street

18 Aug 2016

Had the unchix sandwich and a beet juice drink. Very tasty "chix" made from sunflower seeds on a wrap. Gingery beet juice was just the drink on a hot and muggy day.

Had a nice picnic area out back, next to the parking garage. Lots of trees, a picnic table. Ate outside and was protected from the humidity for some reason ;0

33043 Grand River Ave, Farmington, USA

A vegan restaurant in Farmington???

09 Aug 2016

Pleasantly surprised to see this. Came in twice, once by myself, once with relatives.

I had the coney (would have preferred a different dog - lightlife soy dogs are so rubbery). Good chili. Also tried the roast seitan. Big scoop of mashed potatoes, little scoop of sliced seitan. Got charged extra for asking for more gravy. Definately not used to that. I would have preferred a chunk of seitan, rather than slices. The seitan was good though.

Came another day with two "turn up the nose at the thought of vegan food" relatives. They were making a bunch of comments. One ordered the pasta (safe bet for them since its not too "weird"), the other one ordered the roast seitan. That person did not like it at all. Typical "it doesn't taste like roast beef". They did like the lemon cake for dessert.

I ordered the chili cheese fries (yum), the Rueben (no sauerkraut??? And Chicago Diner's Reuben is waaaaaaaaaayy better) and the sundae. I finished everything, plus the leftovers from the other 2.

Updated from previous review on 2016-08-09

4165 S Grand Canyon Dr Ste 103, Las Vegas, USA

Cheaper than flying to Berkeley CA!

21 Aug 2016

Discovered that they had opened while I was on vacation. Bummed when I heard they were on the far west side of town, since I live in Henderson. But wait, they are just off the freeway entrance ramp I take after going to the salon every week. DOABLE!

Swung by today. Spent more time looking for the store in the giant shopping center than actually being in the store! Once I found it (hint - 3rd store to the left of Tropical Smoothie Cafe), I went in and ordered:
-caramel frosting w/chocolate drizzle
-butterscotch frosting w/apples.

Extremely nice young male counterperson started telling me all about the vegan-ness. I told him I was extremely familiar with the concept and didn't need to convince me to try it!

The frosting is more like a thin glaze, not a thick frosting for cakes. More gooeyness! I scarfed those puppies down like there's no tomorrow.

While I was there, several groups of people came in. He went thru his "vegan spiel" with each group. Only 2 of the 7 or 8 made a face and left. Several were incredulous that you can actually bake without eggs, milk or butter. One bite was all it took to convince them.

Making the world vegan, one cinnamon roll at a time :)

9550 S Eastern Ave 180, Las Vegas, USA

Has potential

18 Oct 2010

Has a separate vegan menu which is basically the same, just substituting vegan deli meat. The philly cheese steak is great, so are the vegan smoothies. Uses Daiya cheese for sandwiches. Has plans to expand menu to pizza, sushi etc.

4130 Sandhill Rd Ste A4, Las Vegas, USA

Not quite sure about this...

17 Mar 2008

Went in last week to try this place. To me, the mock chicken looked and tasted like cut up Yves Tofu Hot Dogs.

Didn't try the other mock meats so can't tell about that.

7875 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, USA


29 Jul 2008

For the first time in 10 years, I had salmon. Salmon and mushroom grilled sandwich that I could swear was almost the real thing (as good as a 10 year old memory can be!) This restaurant is amazing for vegans. I consider it vegan because ANYTHING on the menu can be made with the faux meats. ("shrimp" were not that good however). Owner and chef are quite knowledgeable about vegan and remember customers from week to week. I have eaten here weekly for about 2 months now. I can't WAIT for the bakery to open next door (vegan desserts!)

9456 Roberds St, Rancho Cucamonga, USA

Vegan heaven

04 Jan 2014

Had an hour to spare on the way to the Rose Bowl. Almost fainted from excitement when I walked in and saw how large it was. Boy, did I do some serious shopping in that hour :) I offered to bring in some Ronald's Donuts, but I guess they already had some coming in.

It was an undescribeable feeling, not having to stop and read labels, not having to worry about hidden ingredients etc. I tried sticking to food I'm not able to get locally. So items like honee, caviar (!), frozen seafood etc. all went into the cart.

I browsed through the clothing and jewelry sections also. Seems like most of the clothing is casualwear (very casual) - was looking for some work clothes but didnt find any.

Sometime this month, they're introducing some sort of membership incentive. $30/yr gets you various levels of discounts and specials.

If I weren't so deathly afraid of driving over that Cajon Pass, I'd be doing monthly road trips. :)

4449 Prospect Ave, Los Angeles, USA


09 Jul 2011

Came into LA for a baseball game and drove to this place. Haven't had BBQ chicken pizza in over 10 years. I ordered it and HAPPY COW! boy, was it good. I should have ordered 2 pizzas, because I ate it all up on the drive back to the hotel :(

Why can't mainstream pizza places have Daiya cheese to make us vegans happy? Why do I have to fly to LA to get vegan pizza? Will be back next time I'm in LA.

839 Kearny St, San Francisco, USA

Great lunch special

04 Dec 2009

For $7.50 plus tax I got a little cup of great tasting miso seaweed soup, a somewhat bland spring roll and a WONDERFUL spicy mongolian "beef" with chunks of zuchini, carrots, red and green peppers. Also a vegan Thai iced tea with mango boba. I sucked that drink down within 2 blocks of leaving the restaurant.

Fabulous, inexpensive, filling vegan lunch.

111 W Front St, Traverse City, USA

Good, not great

09 Aug 2016

Extremely small shop. Good coffee. Alternative milks are an extra charge (I brought my own creamer).

Today there was only a vegan lemon poppyseed muffin (1/2 the size of reg. muffins.. but also half the price) and chocolate chip cookie. At least 10 non-vegan pastries, so very disappointed in vegan offerings. Muffin had a nice tart lemony taste w/the poppy seed crunch. Also a white glaze.

Cold side dishes to go were a quinoa salad and one other (it had tomatoes in it so I didn't buy it). The quinoa salad had carrots, walnuts, green onions, (non-existant) apricots in a scant vinagrette dressing. Basically a scoop of quinoa with nothing holding it together. $4 for that?

3 little outdoor tables, 5 or 6 indoor stools at the bar. Extremely small space. Since I'm staying w/relatives in Alanson (over an hour away), I don't think this is the place for morning coffee for the next week.

Updated from previous review on 2016-08-09

6584 Western Ave, Glen Arbor, USA

Very limited vegan options

12 Aug 2016

Very disappointed. Made a 2 hr trip here only to find out it's typical thinking inside the vegan box food. Only possibilities were the veggie wraps or sandwiches. The black bean burger is NOT vegan as it contains egg white. The only dressing that's vegan is the lemon basil. I wound ordering the bowl of veggie chili (hold the sour cream and cheese). Which included corn and blue tortilla chips. A somewhat strange combination in my mind. The chili was OK, not great but at least it had a mild kick to it.

Service was horrendous. 3 tables sat down after I placed my carryout order and they got their food before me. There were 3 waitresses, all of which seemed to hand me off to someone else. First it was the busser who said she didn't know anything about the menu. Then the first waitress was too busy to answer my questions so she passed me to another server. Who promptly passed me to another. Who took my order and money very promptly and then ignored me for a good 15 minutes. Why it took that long to place 2 scoops of chili in 2 take out containers and throw in some tortilla chips, I'll never know.

Updated from previous review on 2016-08-12

220 E Mitchell St, Petoskey, USA

Life saver

18 Aug 2016

I always stop in when I'm visiting "up north" since I know I can find food to eat. Grocery store's portion vegan packaged food and organic produce are a lifesaver in a world full of non-vegan food.

The hot bar is not that accomodating. I was in last week. Nothing vegan in the hot selections, salad bar can be found anywhere else. Packaged cold sandwiches are always out of vegan. I asked the guy behind the counter if they had more vegan cold sandwiches in back. I was told NO and that they always seem to run out of vegan selections pretty quickly. Yet he had no idea why they don't make more or have more varieties.

2240 N Scottsdale Rd Ste 8, Tempe, USA

Big Wac special

01 Jan 2013

Had only 20 minutes to place order before catching a bus back to Sun Devil Stadium for football game. Walked in and noticed right away that they expanded dining space since the last time I was there (2008). Next I noticed that tne special was the Big Wac. Promptly ordered 2 of them to go. Order came out incredibly fast. Big Wac is like a vegan Big Mac. Since I've never eaten a real Big Mac, I can't really compare. What I did eat was incredibly delicious. Scarfed that puppy down in about 10 seconds! Side order of curry pasta salad was a bit too oily for my liking so didn't finish it. What I did eat was very flavorful, just too oily. It was the perfect meal, filling and tasty. I loved the eclectic decor (especially the car doors decorating the wall). The faucet in the (clean) restroom took a bit of experimenting for me to get the water flowing! All in all, a great meal.

8975 S Eastern Ave, Henderson, USA

Not impressed

19 Oct 2012

Had the teriyaki chicken wrap but made it vegan with tofu and lettuce wrap. What a waste of $10.99!

Lettuce (romaine I think) was very tough and hard, simply wrapped around a bunch of tofu (looked like the tofu fries before being breaded and cooked). Not wrapped at all so all the filling fell out as soon as I picked it up. The tofu was supposed to be marianated, but it certainly wasn't. When I marinate tofu in teriyaki sauce, it absorbs the marinade and turns brown. G&P's tofu was still white and flavorless. Supposed to include cukes and something else. Nothing but a lettuce leaf, flavorless tofu and sauce (which dripped all over the plate).

500 E 4th St, Royal Oak, USA

Oh to have such restaurants throughout the country

16 Sep 2008

You know you are in a great restaurant when you don't have to explain your food preferences to servers. The Budapest Mushroom soup is FANTASTIC, ALL of the desserts are to die for, the specials are well.. special!. I only wish this was a franchise. :) I don't care how long the wait is for the food.. it is worth it just to be able to eat EVERYTHING on the menu.

1901 N Halsted St, Chicago, USA

Very good food

22 Aug 2008

Went with an omnivore (who wimped out with the falafel). I had the Thai Skewers for an appetizer, the slab of ribs for an entree and (since I couldn't decide) the coconut cream and lemon creme pie for desserts! Wonderful. Even my friend tried it all and said it was "interesting".

Service was wonderful and very knowledgeable, food was great.

553 Haight St, San Francisco, USA

cheap but good

04 Dec 2009

I had the vegan BBQ sandwich. It was good, but I only got 1 slice of "meat" and the mustard flavor overpowered the taste. Very friendly staff.

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