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Vegan pizzeria in Los Angeles Thai Town district since summer 2019 (was previously on Prospect Ave). Offers pizza, calzone, pasta, sandwich, and appetizer selection. Has vegan cheese and meats, whole wheat crust, and gluten-free crust. Mostly takeout with some seating. Converted to vegan since 2009. Opening hours are reported to be unreliable, check ahead. Open Mon-Sat 11:00am-10:30pm, Sun 11:00am-9:30pm.

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First Review by VeggiePinkoKat


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16 Jan 2024

Pizza by the slice!

Finally Cruzer’s is officially offering their delicious pizza by the slice. Take an extra slice home for later as their crust crisps up nicely when reheated. #Veganuary

Pros: 100% Vegan



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09 Jan 2024

Philly Cheesesteak Pizza

My fave pizza is their Philly cheesesteak. It reminds me of when Domino’s used to sell it. The desserts and knots are great too.

Pros: Delivery/takeout, All vegan


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15 Nov 2023

Best vegan pizza in LA

Richtig viele Varianten an Pizza, die es auch als Slices gibt sodass man mehr probieren kann. Zudem gibt es verschiedene Nudelgerichte, Salate uns Baguettes. Außerdem verschiedene Desserts.

Pros: Größen, Auswahl, Geschmack


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13 Nov 2023

Not great

I should have known this pizza wouldn’t be good when I saw they use Daiya cheese. IMO it’s the worst vegan cheese and sticks to your teeth. It seemed like they used store bought vegan meat substitutes, as well. Overall very subpar and overpriced for essentially grocery store quality pizza.

Cons: Expensive, Sticky daiya cheese, Flavorless


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06 Sep 2023

Good eating in the neighborhood

The vegan cheesy breadsticks alone is good enough. I had the Jamaican vegan pizza it was good.


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06 Sep 2023

Pretty good

Normally I prefer pizza with real cheese because I don‘t like the taste of vegan cheese. Since I was in companion with vegans I also had a vegan cheese pizza, surprisingly tasty.


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26 Jul 2023

Great vegan pizza

Finally! A vegan pizza with a thick crust! Toppings are delicious and fresh, and the tiramisu is FIRE.


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30 May 2023

Big pizzas and big taste

Loved the pizza. So many options for toppings and pretty affordable for LA.


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23 Feb 2023

Lots of options

Had the bbq chicken pizza and it was pretty tasty. Would definitely like to try some of their other options.

Pros: All vegan


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23 Jan 2023

Good pizza, but not the best

If you're looking for a nice vegan pizza with lots of options to choose from then check out Cruze. I had the Hawaiian pizza and liked the texture and taste of it #Veganuary


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19 Jan 2023

The cheese breadsticks are life-changing

I just have to say the pizza is pretty good, but the breadsticks are the absolute best cheesy vegan breadsticks I’ve ever had. Add them to your order, they’re amazing!!!

Pros: Lots of options


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15 Jan 2023

It does the trick but feels too heavy

Good for when you want a heavy meal


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07 Oct 2022

Pizza to die for!

If you visit L.A. you definitely have to stop by Cruzers Pizza and try this amazing pizza! I have been to other restaurants in L.A. that offer vegan pizza, but nothing compares to this, not even any vegan pizza I ever tried in Europe. My personal favorite is the buffalo chicken pizza but the Jamaica pizza is also highly recommendable. The staff is very friendly and helpful, but the location is so small and has no restroom, so eating it there isn't that comfy. Luckily they have a delivery service as well!

Came back 5 years later and I am delighted to see that they expended their location, and the pizza is still as good as I remembered it!

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-07

Pros: Great pizza!, Fast service


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30 Aug 2022

Okay I guess

100% vegan pizza with vegan cheese and meat alternatives. Besides pizza they also serve sandwiches, pasta, appetizers, salads, desserts and sides. Personally, I didn't like the vegan pizza cheese. The pizza was also too greasy for me.

Pros: All vegan, Many different dishes

Cons: Expensive


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08 Aug 2022

All vegan pizzeria.

All vegan pizzeria located in East Hollywood. Many options to choose from. The cheesy bread sticks are incredible. Seriously, get them.

No slices. You must purchase an whole pie.

Pros: All vegan.

Cons: No slices, full pie only.


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06 Aug 2022

Bad customer service

Their pizza may be good, but that gets overridden if you're greeted by an employee or owner that treats you like an unwelcome inconvenience.

Since I'm deaf, I gesture or write in order to communicate. I gestured, and he just stared blankly at me. I then wrote down a question and he refused to write down his reply four times - speaking even after letting him know I'm deaf - then finally hung his head, rubbed his eyes and wrote "vegan", which didn't answer my question. My only question was "what brand is your chicken and sausage?", which should really already be on the menu instead of "vegan chicken" or "plant based sausage". I try asking again, and he frustratingly shrugs his shoulders.

No sign of good customer service in sight. He doesn't ask me anything, not even what kind of crust I want, but by this time I'm too aghast to ask any more questions. I almost walk out. He then proceeds to smile and chat with the next customer.

Next time, he should be more welcoming towards differently-abled people.

Pros: Good pizza

Cons: Ableistic, discriminatory behavior


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21 Jul 2022

Fantastic pizza!

This place is amazing and consistently makes great pizzas. They offer a gluten-free crust which is really good and actually holds up well the next day. They're generous with the cheese which is the best and pretty rare. Staff is always friendly. Definitely recommend!!

Pros: All vegan, Lots of gluten free options , Cheesy goodness

Cons: Parking can be rough


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04 Jul 2022


Pizza is sufficient, but not great. Anyone can make this pizza at home with dough, plain sauce, and Daiya cheese. It’s nothing special and not worth the trip. Go to Hot Tongue if you want great vegan pizza.

Pros: Fully vegan establishment , Decent prices

Cons: Not a lot of flavor, Customer service isn’t great


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29 Jun 2022

Best pizza!

This was the best pizza! Crust was so good! Had the buffalo pizza and quarrygirl(that one needed something spicy on it). Also the tiramisu and chocolate cake were delicious.

Pros: Parking, Amazing pizzas!!, Cute restaurant

Cons: It is pricey but worth it


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20 Mar 2022

Never would have known this was vegan, so delicious!!

Loved the BBQ chicken pizza and breadsticks!


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23 Feb 2022

Cruise on over 🍕

I love their creativity and imagination. You can expect unique pizzas, great pasta, salads, and it is all customisable.

Pros: Unique tasty pizzas , Delicious desserts , Pasta

Cons: Slightly expensive


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21 Feb 2022

Best pizza ever

Seriously the best pizza I've ever had. Best marinara sauce I've ever had. Wish I could buy it by the jarful. I'd dip everything in it (everything!)

Updated from previous review on 2022-02-21

Pros: Best, Pizza, EVER

Cons: I'm not eating their pizza right now


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20 Feb 2022

The Best Pizza in the Country

I tried almost all of them already and all are great. Even gluten free option is tasty (what does not happen a lot).

Pros: A lot of options , Gluten free, Nice personal


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10 Dec 2021

Best classic vegan pizza.

Do you miss pizza? Look no further than Cruzer.


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08 Dec 2021

Sooo good!!

I’ve missed Philly cheesesteaks for 10 years now. They blew me away! Better than the meat ones I remember. Huge portions! Everything just tasted very high-quality. The ranch was freaking awesome too!

Pros: Tons of vegan options

Cons: Pricey


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15 Nov 2021

Vegan Pizzeria

The only 100% Vegan Pizzeria in Los Angeles.I was craving pizza and decided to give this place a try,Very friendly staff and super clean business.Me and my Father were pretty hungry so we decided to get 2 pizzas “Vegan Buffalo Chickin pizza” which includes vegan chicken,Buffalo Sauce,Onion,Cilantro,Daiya Cheese and a side of vegan ranch and the “Margarita Pizza” which includes Tomato,Basil and Daiya cheese.I personally liked the Margarita more than the Buffalo chicken whereas my dad liked both.For our sides we got Potato Wedges sprinkled with garlic and Daiya Cheese and a side of vegan ranch and the 6 Vegan Drumsticks with the choice of Buffalo or BBQ sauce (we went with Buffalo) There menu is huge and includes Pizzas,Pasta,sandwiches,Salads,Appetizers and Desserts ALL VEGAN 🎉!!! Went home satisfied and with Yummy Leftovers😋

Pros: Friendly Staff , Outdoor and indoor seating


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10 Nov 2021

So glad I found this place

Was looking for another pizza place that happened to be closed on Tuesdays and was fortunate enough to find that Cruzer Pizza was only a couple miles away. The breadsticks are great—doughy yet crisply. The pizza was also delicious. The tiramisu was downright phenomenal. I’m eager to try other menu items, too. Definitely a vegan pizza place worth checking out.

Pros: It’s all vegan! , Delicious food that’s reasonably priced for LA , Friendly staff

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