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The 2nd branch of this casual vegan restaurant opened late-Oct 2018. Offers a fast food style menu of vegan burgers, hot dogs, fries, wraps and sandwiches, salads and sweets. Beverages include iced drinks, smoothies, and shakes. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-9:00pm.

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04 Oct 2023

Two and a half stars, really.

Two stars would be inaccurate, but three stars is 1/2 star too many as well. I'll explain...

...but first, always, the good.

The place is clean, bright and inviting. The tables have built in phone-charging ports(!). The menu is clear and detailed.

The 11 burger was solid. It's on par with the best Beyond burgers I've ever had, would eat it again without reservation, even though it's a little pricey.

The chocolate shake was nice. Not as rich and creamy as it could have been, but because of that a bit more refreshing than the usual.

They brought out a complimentary new popper for us to try, always appreciated, and it was molten hot but interesting. Not something I would order per se, but it's fun trying new things.

Now for the rest.

The Caesar's salad was nothing of the kind. Having eaten one at Tarantino's a couple days prior, the night and day difference was stark. They need to reexamine their approach to this dish. It was a salad, and not a bad one, but a Caesar's? Not even close. Epic fail.

The mac and cheeze was another misfire.
The pasta was properly cooked, credit where credit is due, because only mushiness could have made the dish worse. It was COLD! We asked to have it heated up and it came back STILL COLD! Awful. It was bland, flavorless, and covered with cheese that didn't taste remotely cheesy. Only by adding some of the "parmesan" did it have enough sodium to taste like anything at all. By comparison, Amy's frozen is gourmet. The bacon bits add nothing of value in terms of either flavor or texture. Awful stuff, criminally subpar. This is an easy dish to nail.

The fries were on the cold side but were ok. I like fries that are better than ok.

The tea was supposed be unsweetened but it wasn't. We were very clear in our request and were emphatically told it contained no sweetener. Incorrect.

We didn't ask for an exchange because...

...everything is single-use plastic, even for dine-in. The cups, utensils...we didn't want to create more waste by tossing one cup and getting another.

I realize not all vegans are environmentalists. That being said, as a group we do tend to be more aware of things on that continuum, so seeing this much plastic in use was disconcerting, and reason enough for us to be unlikely to return unless it was strictly for the burgers. If we did come back, we'd bring our own utensils.

In order to truly thrive, this place needs to do better. There are other options in Vegas that are a better.



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12 Sep 2023

Great selection

I had a hard time deciding what to order. Everything sounded good, but I ended up ordering the BBQ Bacon Burger.

Very friendly and informative staff. Gave us a to go menu. They have another location on Fort Apache Rd.

When we come back to Henderson we'll come here again.

12 Sep 2023
We got the yucca fries and they were delicious. Plus our favorite BBQ Bacon Burger.

This is the first place we go to when we come to Phoenix.

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-27

Pros: Friendly staff, Freshly made hot food

Cons: None


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30 Aug 2023

Solid Choice

We had good burgers and an ok wrap.

Pros: Good burger


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13 Aug 2023


Boys Andy I got veggie burgers made with their house party. It was wonderful. Sweet potato fries were yum. 5 stars!!


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11 Aug 2023

Quality Burger

The BBQ “Bacon Cheeseburger” was the item I tried, strictly because they make their own burger patties in-house. Frankly, it was tasty and didn’t seem too unhealthy, as many vegan burgers taste. Only problem was my appetite got the best of me and I needed to get a little more food to go for the long drive ahead. I swear every time I squat and do leg presses I can’t get enough calories.


03 Oct 2023


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24 Jul 2023

Nice vegan place

I tried the crepe which was ok but the crepe which was rice based pretty tough. The cookie and cream shake delicious. We tried the yucca fries which were tasty.

Pros: Variety, Easy to find location, Reasonable prices

Cons: Crepe was too tough


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18 Jul 2023

A Vegas stop

A must stop. There is inside and outside seating. The staff is so friendly and the food is great

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-18

Pros: Seating, Food, Staff


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29 Jun 2023


Atmosphere was great, service was friendly. Food was good, though the burgerI had the first time was undercooked for my preference. Second visit, everything was perfect, this will easily be one of my favorite spots.

Updated from previous review on 2023-06-22


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23 May 2023

Excellent Vegan Food!!!

Best Vegan Burgers… Sandwiches…. Everything you will have!!!

Pros: All Vegan most homemade items!


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13 Apr 2023


This place was exactly what I wanted, an amazingly delicious vegan burger place. I'm in town for work and needed a place to eat that I didn't need to worry about subbing anything and this place was perfect. I got the Double Trouble Burger on a pretzel bun, the jalapeno poppers and fries. Everything was great. The poppers especially, not a traditional jalapeno popper but more like a cheese nugget full of deliciousness. I have a few more work trips planned to the area I will definitely be back.

Pros: 100% vegan, Nice super clean interior, Friendly staff


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17 Mar 2023


Not sure how this place got so many stars? The food is nothing to write home about. Got the fried chick’n sandwich, Mac n cheese, jalapeño co-sheen-ya and chili fries. Just meh. Took our shakes to go as they were not ready with our food for some reason. The shakes were the best part of the meal but I’ve had better. I thought the strawberry one tasted fake but the hubs really liked it. Terrible music playing, uncomfortable seating but very clean. Hardly anyone there, which should’ve been a clue we picked a mediocre place. We drove over a half hour to try it. Disappointed.

Pros: 💯 vegan

Cons: No wow flavors


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15 Mar 2023


Everything I have ordered has been delicious.


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02 Jan 2023

Yummy food, whole fam likes it

We like the burgers, chili, and popper things.

Pros: Love the jalapeño popper things! , Good rewards program. , 2 tables outside.


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06 Nov 2022

All vegan and so delicious!

Try their chick’n Co-sheen-yas, dos churros, and mea culpa burger!

Pros: Wonderful staff, Everything I’ve eaten there has been delicious


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04 Nov 2022

Try the Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich

So tasty! I was surprised by the meaty texture of the beef strips.

Pros: 100% vegan, homemade, affordable


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29 Oct 2022

Beyond Burger Reliant

I appreciate it's so much easier to eat vegetarian and vegan since I began 50 years ago. However the new trend seems to be toward Beyond Burger. It's really disappointing to go in different vegan restaurants and find that the burgers are all exactly the same. I used to like a good bean burger that was made from scratch. That said veggie Street has a lot nice options and good food but I would love them to reconsider their burgers.


29 Apr 2023

On their bbq bacon cheeseburger, they use their house-made patty--and it's delicious! They would likely sub their house-made patty on their other burgers for you on request although I am not speaking for the restaurant.


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11 Oct 2022


They don’t skip on the flavor or the size. You got to get your mouth around one of these babies. All the burgers are incredible and the fries are delectable you’re gonna freak out over their chili dogs takes it all to a new level. Enjoy my fellow vegans.

Pros: All Vegan, Tons of parking to a sprouts market, Incredible tasting food with lots of choices

Cons: None


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17 Sep 2022

Great food, stingy ambience….

Food is always great. However, you might want to tell the owner not to be stingy when it comes to plastic ware, napkins, condiments it really takes away from the experience when you get so little, and you have to keep asking for more….

Pros: Great prices, Great tasting food, Bathrooms immaculate

Cons: Lettering on walls not finished, paint, Better food presentation (what food is served in)


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24 Aug 2022

So good

Check their Instagram for daily specials! Veggy street has such unique food and flavors, Brazilian fusion take on some American classics.


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26 Jul 2022


It was good. I never see much activity in there but I finally decided to go in and I was very happy. Food cooked fresh to order and they were very welcoming.


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28 Jun 2022

Comfort food

Veggy Street is a great place for comfort food off The Strip in a 100% vegan restaurant. It’s clean and modern looking in a strip mall area with parking. The cheeseburger was delicious with its melty cheese on a puffy pretzel bun. The Chick’n Teriyaki Fried Rice Bowl (I ordered it with steamed brown rice) was flavorful and filling. For dessert, we had the Banana Crepe with chocolate and peanut butter. It was a thicker crepe than the thin, crispy pancake-like crepe I’m used to. But it still took care of my sweet tooth. I appreciated the friendly and efficient service and reasonably priced food.

Pros: 100% vegan menu , Friendly service , Clean and quiet dining area

Cons: No cookies, muffins or scones


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13 Jun 2022

Top Notch!

We Loved it all!

Pros: The food was Tasty , The price was very reasonable , Our party of 4 had lunch. We loved it so much we w


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08 Jun 2022

Nice place

The food was ok.

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-06

Pros: Lots of burger options, Nice space, Good service

Cons: Expensive for what you get


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15 May 2022

Pretty great

Great fast comfort food. The strawberry shake was delicious, no issues with any of the food we ordered, just not quite amazing, as to be expected for fast food. Would still definitely recommend it. When you dine in, food comes in paper based trays/bowls but you still get plastic utensils and drink ware. I would just like to see reusable glasses and utensils for dine-in.

Pros: All vegan - lots of options, Fast, Nice environment

Cons: Pricey, Plastic utensils


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04 May 2022

The Philly cheesesteak 😍😭😍

Stayed outside of las Vegas for 3 days and had dinner here every day because it was so delicious and there were so many things I wanted to try! Staff are friendly, fast service and all food was delicious. We tried the chicken ranch wrap, BBQ bacon cheeseburger, chicken pressed sandwich, fried chicken sandwich and the Philly cheesesteak. They were all amazing but the Philly cheesesteak was out of this world 🤤

Pros: All vegan and all delicious , Reasonably priced


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27 Apr 2022

My go-to vegan fast food!

Fast and delicious, this place has my favorite vegan hot dogs and sides. The house made drinks are all delicious. I’ve only had the chicken burger before, which I also enjoyed! My favorite sides are the Co-Sheen-Ya Jalapeño Poppers and Co-Sheen-Ya Chick’n.

Pros: All vegan menu, Friendly staff, Quick service

Cons: Expensive


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27 Apr 2022

The Place For Burgers

This has been our Go-to place for burgers ! Their fried ‘chicken’ sandwiches are amazing!!! I can’t stress this enough! The owner knows my daughter by her unique requests …. 😂

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