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Green New American Vegetarian

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2240 N Scottsdale Rd Ste 8, Tempe, Arizona, USA, 85281

Vegan restaurant serving American style comfort food with international influences. Has vegan soft serve ice cream. Remodeled and re-opened, Oct 2014. Open Mon-Sat 11:00am-9:00pm.

Category: Vegan, American, Pizza, International, Fast food, Take-out, Catering, Fusion

Reviews (76)

First Review by ChileMama

Amazing. - Edit

On a road trip, nothing vegan for hours, stopped off when Happy Cow lit up. This place has a big mac that compete's with Doomie's in LA and a philly cheese steak that competes with anything outside Chicago. Seriously positive staff and awesome Americana food. Thank you GNA.

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Great spot but some not so good menu items. - Edit

This place is really popular. Food was good but not great. Big Wack was good for a burger craving, also had a rice and curry with vegetables that was lacking. I'd go again just to try different items.

Pros: vegan , good atmosphere

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Big portions, mixed tastes. - Edit

Very popular among young people.
Offers big american portions of vegan food of somehow mixed and undefinded taste and flawour.
The orders are not taken at the table, so you have to stand in line, order your food, pay and then you will sit at a table of your choice waiting for your dishes. For the rest, the service is acceptable, even if slow.

Pros: Big portions, Affordable

Cons: Undefined flawour, Havy digestion, Limited table service

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Green is my go to - Edit

There is so few Vegan restaurants in Arizona, so I find myself at Green more often than not even though it is out of the way. The food is delicious, the portions are big and the prices aren't terrible. It's nice to go somewhere where as a Vegan I know I can eat everything. If you're an Arizona Vegan and haven't been to Green then you must be lost.

Pros: 100% Vegan, Delicious Food , Something for everyone

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Good experience! - Edit

Visiting the area and had to go here based on Happy Cow reviews (and the fact that it's the only all-vegan menu in the Scottsdale area). I decided to stay away from the "junk food" and go for the 5-spiced edamame and the Kung Pao bowl with mock beef and noodles. Edamame was delicious but the butter left at the bottom of the dish was a little unsettling. The noodles in my bowl were very overcooked and essentially mush but the vegetables were well cooked and the beef a treat. The place was quite busy at lunch time, with people constantly coming in. Hope they keep working on it as we need these vegan places to help the world eat more vegan!

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One Of The World's Best Vegan Burgers - Edit

I had a fantastic vegan burger at this cosy Phoenix - based vegan restaurant. I have traveled extensively, and I will tell you that the vegan burger here is in my top 5 list of vegan burgers. what I think would have made it even better is if had been a bit thicker.

The cole slaw which came with it was also delicious.

I highly recommend this place to meat eaters or vegans. Both will love it.

Pros: excellent vegan burger, helpful staff

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Great spot with something for all tastes - Edit

Get your fix of a wide range of healthy salads to less healthy McDonalds style homemade vegan burgers, all in a vibrant, comfortable space. We enjoyed it so much for dinner that we went back to the other location for lunch the next day on our 4 day visit to Arizona. Great service. The Phoenix location is right next door to their vegan coffee and bakery shop and both locations have parking. I wish San Francisco had something like this!

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Best Ive Ever Had! - Edit

Visited Scottsdale for work and found this gem! This place is amazing and the staff is wonderful. I had a vegan burger that would make a carnivores mouth water. It was amazing! I will absolutely return.

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Interesting Place - Edit

The food is decent, the restaurant can get loud when busy, I have been about 5 times and haven't had the best service, the last time I was there the server completely forgot our appetizers and then brought us the check without taking them off, she then asked if we wanted them to go and we said no and she seemed bothered by the fact that she had to adjust the check, no smile, and no apology. When busy it can take a really long time to order as you have to stand in a single file line.

Pros: Close to where I live, Decent Vegan Food, Good Value

Cons: Long line to order when busy

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Amazing - Edit

I absolutely love Green! Super yummy vegan food, not the healthiest, but I don't come here worried about eating super clean :) Definitely try one of the Tsoynami ice creams when you go!

Pros: All vegan, Ice cream

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Sadly lacking - Edit

Has become a victim of its own success. (speaking for the Tempe location). Since the "redesign" has lost both its funky soul and most of its seating. True, some things have changed on the menu over the last 8 or so yrs I've been going but it has always been flavourful. But sadly we were terribly disappointed in the offerings this last time. Bland, just bland especially compared to what it used to be-even the Drunken Mongolian lacked flavor, and the wings only taste of vinegar. Hard to try to enjoy your food while half a dozen people stand around waiting for your seat to open up anyway. Can't say I will be making the trek up there again anytime soon. (A generous 3 Cows given since the kids still cleaned their plates.)

Pros: now serves wine & beer

Cons: blanded down for the masses, sterile "environment"

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Was visiting and came here for the first time. They have so many options and their dessert menu is out of this world good.

I had the vegan chili and Kung pao with mock chicken. Both were great. I am def going to be back at this place again and again

Pros: many options

Cons: not as healthy but super yummy in taste

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Solid vegan restaurant with lots of choices - Edit

Wait in a fast-moving line to order at the counter at this casual, all plant-based American cafe with a few outdoor and plenty of indoor tables. Offers both healthy and comfort/fast food style choices for every eating occasion. Friendly, fun and funky vibe. Lots of drink choices also and even cookie dough you can get to go! Shared parking lot of a small shopping center. Everything I tried was good, can't wait to go back!

Same menu as other location in Phoenix.

Pros: Healthy and junk food choices, Friendly and fast service

Cons: Limited parking

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Great Fresh Vegan Cuisine - Edit

When my travels bring me to Tempe I always include a visit to Green. While they do have plenty of healthy food options their vegan "junk" food is outstanding. Their chili cheese fries and crab puffs are amazing. Everything I have ordered as been terrific.

Pros: 100% Vegan, Friendly Staff, Excellent Food

Cons: Parking

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One Of The Best In Arizona - Edit

Amazing food, great service, peaceful environment... not much better than this! Able to take my nonvegan friends here and they are super happy, only negative is so much cooked and faux meat items and would love a few more raw choices :-)

Pros: Delicious, Friendly Staff, Appeals To All

Cons: Few Raw, Too Much Faux Meat

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Love Green! - Edit

We JUST got to the Phoenix area after a three day drive from Maryland and Green was the first place we tried. Wow! We've been throughout Texas, some of New England, and Chicago for vegan food. This place is definitely one of our favorites!!! My husband loves wings and he says the buffalo wings were the best he's EVER had, including pre-vegan experiences!

My kids loved the "fast food" type feel from the burgers or "nuggs"! I've tried the Wendy's pickle, which was good and light with just right amount of spice for me. We also tried the "no harm parm" delish but HEAVY. The chili fries are to die for- get a side of cucumber ranch for them with cheese, it's perfection!

On our second trip there we got the orange noodle bowl, it was not very impressive. I like my oriental sauces to thicker but this was soupy, but the mock chicken was awesome. My husband got the big WAC and that could fool any carni, it was SO good!!!

The atmosphere was a big crowded but it thinned out quickly. Our food still arrived quickly.
Updated from previous review on Sunday November 10, 2013

Now that we've been here a couple of months, it is still our go-to vegan restaurant. They have unique and delicious specials eery week , the sliders were fantastic. My new favorite dish is the ranchero salad. Love it. Also love the tsoynamis as well. All around great vegan restaurant!

Pros: Great food!, Friendly staff, Not too expensive

Cons: Long line at meal times, Not much parking

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Decent, but not stellar - Edit

I was very excited to try the food here, and overall my experience was okay. In summary, the service was good, but the food was a bit salty and greasy.
I ordered the "egg-less" rolls and the Singaporean bowl. The egg roll were fried, but they tasted similar to many other vegan veggie spring rolls that are fried, and they were a bit salty. The orange Singaporean bowl looked very appetizing and colorful, but it was just way too salty, especially the sauce.
For dessert, I had a chocolate tsoynami, which was very good, but probably not very healthy for me (which is fine once in a while).
Overall, I was expecting a bit more based on the reviews here, and was a bit underwhelmed. But they get a good score for trying (and being all vegan)!

Pros: Friendly service, Lots of choices

Cons: Food was salty

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Lunch at Green's - Edit

I like Green's. I had eaten lunch there once while visiting AZ last year. The service was friendly and relatively fast even though it was busy at the time. I forget the name of it but I had a vegan burger that had cheese and a spicy kick to it. I liked the burger but would have liked it much more without the cheese. The thyme fries were great. For dessert I had a tsoynami which was absolutely delicious--I had the 'almond oi vey' and loved it. Overall, I had a good experience and would recommend Green's. I wouldn't say it's healthy eating though.

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Yumm-O! - Edit

My mom and I went to the Green today. I had a Big Wac and chili fries, and she had a salad with strawberries, figs, apples and other goodies. They were delish!!! The only downside is, I couldn't have my soft serve (i.e. D.Q. (vegan) Blizzard) afterwards, as I was too full from the large service size of my lunch. I wouldn't hesitate recommending this restaurant to any vegan or non-vegan. Enjoy!

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For You if You're Craving Vegan Junk Food - Edit

I should try "Green - New American Vegetarian" again in the future as I ate there based on the glowing Happy Cow reviews and not based on my dietary preferences. I'm not one for vegan junk food regularly and wasn't particularly on the night I ate here.

The food, for what they are trying to do, is adequately well done. I prefer to eat well to feel well rather and, personally, I didn't feel satisfied when leaving Green.

The staff was cool and the price was fair but I can only give them 3/5 at the moment simply due to the fact that I wasn't too keen on my meal. This should be a restaurant I put on my 'to revisit list' and revise the review down the road.

If vegan junk food is what you're after, I'm sure you'll love the food!

Pros: Fun staff, fair prices

Cons: Not for those looking for a healthy meal

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Best Vegan Restaurant in AZ! - Edit

The all-vegan menu has a decent variety of selections, and considering Green's popularity, I must not be the only one who thinks the food is amazing! They're not the healthiest dining option, although for some of the meals, you do have the option to have brown rice instead of pasta. They have vegan soft-serve that is so good it's almost addicting, and you can choose from one of their creations or put together your own. Their pricing is about average - not cheap but not outrageously expensive. Overall it's a great place to eat!

Pros: Excellent taste, Vegan Soft-serve in the desert

Cons: Not cheap, Not suitable for health nuts

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Love this place!!! - Edit

I have been here 6 or 7 times since becoming vegan, and I must say their food is amazing! The Big Wac and OG Spicy Po boy are my absolute favorites! I know that a lot of people are complaining about their food being junk, but they also have a lot of healthy options as well like the salads and bowls, and let you choose your side. It is a bit pricy, but well worth it. The owner is super nice, and the food is always fresh.

Pros: Tasty, Fast, Friendly

Cons: Expensive

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Vegan Junk Food - Edit

First: The food tastes pretty good, albeit very salty. However, after eating here for some time I had to stop. Unsure if it's the salt content or the amount of processed ingredients, but I feel terrible after eating here.
Which is sad, because the po'boy is tasty!

Sum up: if you don't mind indulging in junk food that's still vegan, this is a good place. It's convenient, it's fast, and it's pretty relaxed.
But if you're looking for something nutritious and clean, there are other places.

Pros: Affordable, Indulgent

Cons: Too Salty or Processed, Not very nutritious

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Go to Green - Edit

Vegans, vegetarians and carnies will all find something they love here. It's great for when you need some comfort food, or are going out with friends who don't believe vegan food can be good.
Decent prices, nice atmosphere, good food.

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Very cool vibe, VERY good food, hearty portions - Edit

This place is great. It's the sort of place you can take your meat-eating friends. and they'd be completely satisfied. Hearty portions, great burger and fries, delicious shakes, big salads loaded with goodness (not just some lettuce in a bowl). Also, the owners of this place have a print shop a couple doors down where they sell interesting things like vegan belts and guitar straps. I'll go out of my way to visit this place whenever I'm in the area.

Pros: Excellent food, Great vibe, Good place to take meat-eaters

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one of my favorites - Edit

This place is pretty awesome. The food is delicious. I usually get bowls with mock chicken and extra veggies. The coconut curry and peanut curry is pretty good. I usually can't decide which selection I want when I'm there so I usually look through the veggie selections in each bowl and it's always good lol. The soynamies are to die for. Sometimes I go there just for that. Can't help it! The only annoying thing is sometimes the waiter will forget that you ordered a soynami (how can someone possibly forget that!) and sometimes there lines are a pain. But its worth it.

Pros: good food!!, soynami!!

Cons: long lines, waiter will sometimes forget your order

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Excellent Place to Dine! - Edit

Visited Scottsdale but made the trip over to this wonderful place. Had the bbq 'chicken' sandwich - it was fantastic! Fun place with great service and interesting complete menu. Looking forward to returning there again!

Pros: Excellent food, Diverse menu, Nice staff

Cons: Tight parking lot

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Big Wac special - Edit

Had only 20 minutes to place order before catching a bus back to Sun Devil Stadium for football game. Walked in and noticed right away that they expanded dining space since the last time I was there (2008). Next I noticed that tne special was the Big Wac. Promptly ordered 2 of them to go. Order came out incredibly fast. Big Wac is like a vegan Big Mac. Since I've never eaten a real Big Mac, I can't really compare. What I did eat was incredibly delicious. Scarfed that puppy down in about 10 seconds! Side order of curry pasta salad was a bit too oily for my liking so didn't finish it. What I did eat was very flavorful, just too oily. It was the perfect meal, filling and tasty. I loved the eclectic decor (especially the car doors decorating the wall). The faucet in the (clean) restroom took a bit of experimenting for me to get the water flowing! All in all, a great meal.

Pros: filling, tasty, friendly staff

Cons: no plans to expand to Las Vegas :(

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Best I've found so far - Edit

This is the best vegan restaurant I've found in the Phoenix area so far, but there is some room for improvement. The sandwiches are consistently good, but I don't like the bowls. Sometimes they have specials, which are more expensive, but they can be hit or miss. Most of the staff is friendly. Sometimes they get extremely busy and the line is 10 minutes long. Once they forgot my order. Overall, however, I know what I can expect from this place and have a good experience 95% of the time.

Pros: Good sandwiches, Good value

Cons: Very busy at peak hours

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Excellent - Edit

This is my favorite place to take meativores for dinner, as they invariably end the meal with "ok that was really really good". The hardest part is not just stuffing my face with nothing but "chili" fries whenever I go there. In response/counterpoint to some other reviewers experiences, it's been a few years since I first learned about Green and I've never once had a negative experience at this or their downtown Phx location.

Pros: Friendly staff, Selection, Service

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Great food, Friendly Staff, Chill Decor - Edit

So I was just driving through on a roadtrip and I actually went here on accident after putting the wrong address into my GPS. I decided to stay, and I'm SO GLAD I did. I had the Singapore tofu, which I destroyed, by the way. I barely had to wait 5 minutes before it was brought to my table. The tofu was perfectly crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, and the sauce and veggies were great. The guy behind the counter was super-pleasant and willing to converse, even giving me driving directions and traffic advise. I didn't have to wait to place an order, the seating was clean and plentiful, and I was STUFFED when I left, which I consider to be a successful meal :) Loved it. Wish I could spend more time in Phoenix to get to know the vegan scene here.

Pros: Delicious, reasonably priced, VERY fast

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Green - Edit

Really good comfort food, reasonably priced. My favorite are the Green burger and the No Harm Chicken Parm. The bowls are also very good. I would stay away from the pizza though..it's not impressive. Definitely try a tsoynami!!

Pros: Everything is vegan, Variety, Fast Service

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Excellent vegan food - Edit

I've been going here since 2004, when Green was known as Veggie Fun. They still have excellent mock meats, but with a totally different atmosphere. While Veggie Fun was a kitschy hole-in-the-wall place, Green is a modern, slightly hipster hang out. Still, their extended menu is fantastic; I always chide myself for never getting anything new, as I am addicted to their Mongolian Beef w/brown rice and eggless rolls. The tsoynamis and soy ice cream are also wonderful.

Pros: fabulous food!, well-priced

Cons: less than personal atmosphere

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Must Save Room for Dessert - Edit

You will have wasted your trip to this eatery if you fill up on savory foods and leave yourself without room for dessert. The Tsoynamis are a MUST! They are insanely delicious and my omnivore husband said they taste no different from a Dairy Queen Blizzard or comparable ice-cold dairy treat. We devoured an incredibly delightful "Newman O's and Mint" Tsoynami (mint oreo + chocolate sauce + vanilla soft serve) and a special creation of ours, which was vanilla soft serve, peanut butter, chocolate sauce, and pretzels. It was amazing. Again, you MUST go here and you MUST save room for dessert...!

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Love, love, love Green!!! - Edit

Can you tell, I really love this place?? It's awesome. The staff is friendly, the food is always hot and fresh, and the atmosphere is light, artsy and fun. It's super clean, the music is hip, and the customers are quite varied (from Tempe/SoSco 20-somethings, to 30-something parents w/kids, to older people, as well). We had the artichoke dip, diablo salad, and a made-to-order pizza and all were delicious. The prices are fair and we always have a nice time there.

Pros: Delicous food, Fun atmosphere, All vegan!

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Satisfy any and all cravings at Green. - Edit

Anyone who asks, "are you a vegan to lose weight?" should come to Green and eat their words. And everything else.

In fact, I usually end up at Green with non-vegetarian friends because they claim that it's "Food you can eat that I actually like." Every dish is addictive, flavorful, saucy, and filling. Classic hits include the chicken thai peanut bowl, the singapore tofu bowl (although the mock meats are a shame to miss out on), the vegan BBQ chicken sammich (I just watched a carnivorous friend down this with the delight and voracity of a young velociraptor), and then there are the eternally awesome specials.

Even though you'll probably be stuffed post-meal... make room for dessert. It's mind over matter anyway. Order a Tsoynami - they're like McFlurries with vegan ice cream and epic swirl ins. Standouts include Tsoynamis filled with anything from frozen chocolate fudge, bananas, kitkats, hazlenut brittle, mint oreos and more.

On a another note, this is also the only strictly vegan restaurant in the Tempe/Scottsdale area with a lively, hip atmosphere. At least stop by for a chocolate chip cookie and check out the scene, but just because eating vegan is good for your mental health, don't expect it to do your physical health any good at Green.

Pros: Cool Vibes, 100% Vegan, Yummy & Satisfying

Cons: Almost Always Unhealthy

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cute place, great food - Edit

I had the Mexicali Burger and a soynami and both of them were great. the design is really awsome and they have a big variety. highly recommend:)

Pros: inexpensive , variety, atmosphere

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100% Vegan, 100% Excellent! - Edit

Stopped by for dessert. Next time, I plan on making it a full meal.

Clean, green atmosphere (local produce, real wood spoons instead of plastic), friendly, inexpensive casual, 100 percent vegan. Daiya brand cheese used. Lots of "comfort food" (pizza, faux meat, etc.) Served. A great place for starter vegans.

Leave room to finish your meal with a Tsoynami, a vegan equivalent of a Dairy Queen Blizzard.

Pros: Clean, Delicious, Great for comfort/junk food, dessert.

Cons: None.

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Tasty vegan junk food! - Edit

I ate at Green last Thursday and given my experience with other places in the area, I think it's among the best in the vegan junk food category. With that said, I'm sure that you can deduce that Green is no fancy pants vegan restaurant, but overall it's got a great atmosphere with a hipster feel. I ordered the "Thee Argentine Po Boy" which consists of seitan steak sautéed with caramelized peppers and onions, vegan mayo and a spicy chimichuri sauce - yum yum yum! I never though anyplace in Phoenix would top my vegan burger at a nearby Phoenix Loving Hut, but this one surpassed it big time. The seitan was cooked perfectly and the vegan mayo/sauce was quite tasty. I did make the mistake of opting for a healthy side dish and ordered the curry pasta salad, don't do it...the pasta just wasn't up to par. Overall, I'm giving Green 5 cows because the junk food was among the best I've had during my trips to the Phoenix area.

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A great restaurant! - Edit

This was a easy and convenient for me to eat at the other day and was so good I decided to go back the next day which was way out of my way.

I eat there three times in a row going out of my way for it twice.

In town for business and family I spend most of my time in the north Phoenix area. I found myself in the Temps area and searched happy cow for a place to eat. Green piped up and I am very happy I gave it a try. I went back the next two days making an over thirty mile drive for it.

Very tasty selection of food and really enjoyed the helpful staff and great environment.

Pros: food, helpful staff, food, reasonable prices to todays standards

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Green is Good, Green is Great - Edit

Even if this wasn't the only entirely vegan restaurant in the area, it still would be the best. I honestly can't believe some of the negative reviews on here, but Green really isn't meant to please high-maintenance, food snobs or even just plain snobs. I really appreciate a place where I can see that the employees enjoy their work and are treated well by the employer. The customer is definitely not always right. If you are entitled and enjoy being waited on hand and foot, this is not the place for you. There are enough places on this earth that serve the meat-eating, consumer-driven society, so let Green be!

That said, the staff at Green actually treats their customers very nicely and will help you with any questions you have about their menu and vegan eats in general. They'll bring your food to you very quickly, even during the lunch rush. I've always found the place to be very clean, bright and open with great, funky decor. There are couches, tons of four-person tables, one mess-hall length table for large groups, and recently installed booths! They also have a small, but GOOD, selection of groceries (soy curls, nacho cheese, mac n cheese makings, vegan jerky, vegan cheese, vegan marshmallows). Also, great selection of indie and organic sodas (Jones, agave cola).

Green features tons of Americanized ethnic cuisine (Indian, Chinese, Italian) and good old diner favorites (Buffalo chicken, BBQ, chili fries). Whether you are looking for junk food like burgers and shakes or healthier meals like salads and fresh fruit, you can find it at Green! Their faux-meats are INCREDIBLE. I even got my meat-loving dad to eat a bbq chicken pizza with jalapenos and soy cheese. I've also seen a lot of families with small children come in and the kids seem to love the chicken. Even saw some little ones eating edamame! If they don't want that, there's no way they'll turn down a tsoynami, the vegan version of a Dairy Queen blizzard. Tons of flavors to choose from! You can even customize your own! Also have iced coffees and almond shakes in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. I honestly think there is something wrong with you if you don't like Green. I adore it and it has certainly helped me in my veganism. I think the best part about Green is that it makes veganism accessible and fun even to die-hard meat-eaters. You will NOT regret going! Happy eating, everyone!

Pros: ALL vegan, Gluten-free menu, Frigging delicious

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green - hip, hippie tempe hangout - Edit

I've been here a handful of times and I'm sure I'll go back again. The staff is young and friendly, very eager to please. The decor is laid back and fun. I love the long quote/story painted on the wall and I like to sit in the couch area when I can. The seating is limited and most of it is cafeteria style. This is a counter order place but they run the food out to you. I'm always unsure of whether or not to tip; I never noticed a tip jar.

Anyhow, onto the food! It's all vegan, so no need to ask or worry what you can eat which I like. I find the food to be more what I would describe as vegan junk food (comfort food) rather than healthy vegan. With that said, it does satisfy some cravings of mine from time to time. I LOVE the chili fries. The tsoynamis and Kathy's peanut butter choc bars are divine. The ranchero salad is a personal fave as well.

I didn't care for the artichoke gratine which I so desperately wanted to love. And I can't remember which po boy we tried but I did not like it at all; seemed greasy or something.

Anyhow, there's lots on the menu I haven't even tried yet and I look forward to diving into it some more. I'll definitley be back.

Pros: great staff, good value, relaxed atmosphere

Cons: seating limited

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[edited] salty food - Edit

food was so salty I had to drink so much water to not feel bad. [edited by staff- see tos]. Ugh coming from LA, this wannabe "scene" here in az is super annoying, and all the food was way too caloric and unhealthy, even though it calms to be healthy peace sign green vegetarian food, ugh.

Cons: everything

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Making other vegan restaurants Green with Envy! - Edit

I am irrevocably in love with this place! Green was THE most anticipated vegan stop on our summer road trip and it did NOT disappoint! During my stay in Phoenix I tried the spicy buffalo "wings", samosas, eggless rolls, no harm chicken parm (I just got it w/vegan mayo instead of the cheese & tomato sauce), thee argentine po-boy, original "g" spicy po-boy, & last but certainly not least, the tsunami (made several different ways). Everything I had was good, but the po-boys & the tsunami were AMAZING! Even the fries were delicious! The buffalo wings are the 2nd best I've ever had in the continental U.S. I cannot wait to return to PHX!

Pros: AMAZING vegan food, Nice, friendly atmosphere , TSUNAMIS better than a Blizzard

Cons: There is only one

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Good food - Edit

Finally got around to trying Green, was not sure with some of the negative reviews awhile back. I have been there twice now and have enjoyed everything I have tried so far. Many of the items are in the junk food category like vegan chicken wings and vegan chili fries but they do have some interesting sounding healthier options and junk food is okay every now and then. The bbq sauce on the Portabella Po Boy is addicting. Everything is vegan which is nice. Will definitely be continuing to try different items on their menu. We went on a Friday night and it was busy. Staff was very nice and they were cleaning tables as soon as people left.

Pros: Vegan, Daily specials

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GREEN should rename itself GARLIC - Edit

I am so fed up with Green. At first, I loved eating there because they offer an all vegan, American food menu. Now, I can't stand to eat there because it is over-priced, everything, and I mean everything, contains way too much garlic. I only really ever liked 3 things on their whole menu. I try to go when they have a special, but the specials are always $10 or more, and they frequently sell out. The soft serve is good but they mix the ice cream in the same bowl and don't wash it in-between so you might get coconut in your icecream from the previous person (this happened to me twice). Also, I don't get the grunge atmosphere. Vegan restaurants no longer need to only cater to the grunge crowd. Come on! Please hold the garlic.

Pros: all-vegan menu, friendly staff

Cons: noisy, expensive, too much garlic

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yummeh - Edit

I love this place, I find excusses to drive to pheonix so I can go here! It's really good food. All the omnis I've brought here so far loved it. I wish I could figure out how to make their burgers!

The soynamis are to die for, I crave them all the time.

Open one in Tucson!

Pros: yummy food, pretty staff, soynamis!!!

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Great Food - Edit

I had dinner at Green the other night and it was very good. The salads are fresh and creative; just ask for the dressing on the side. They are a little heavy handed. The best part of the meal was the Tsoynami. This is a vegan blizzard. Green offers about 15 different options. I have the mint chocolate cookie and it was fantastic. Not low calorie; but worth it.

Pros: Varied Menu, Good Service

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Excellent But Crowded - Edit

My wife and I ate here several times on a recent trip to the area. The menu's all vegan, yet the food was not all sprouts, tofu, and wheat grass. We had burgers, pizza, salads, and fantastic desserts. There was a nice balance of healthy and hearty offerings. The service was friendly. It was very busy every time we went there, with a long line and a bit of a wait for the food, but it was worth it. One of the best vegetarian restaurants we've been to anywhere in the country. The "tSoynami" frozen dessert is a must.

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love this place! - Edit

I was in Tempe for a night and was lucky enough to go to Green! It's a great place.

I had the pasta bowl (which was delicious) and the buffalo wings as an appetizer (which was equally delicious).

This place is great. I definitely recommend

Pros: delicious food, fast service, good price

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Fantastic! - Edit

While on vacation we went to Green. I heard that this place has been open for about a year, I hope they are doing well! This is a great place. So many options, it was really hard to decide what to get! We all ordered food. We shared samosas-so yummy and vegan chili fries-yummy as well! I got the 'no-harm chicken parm sandwich'-so much flavor! My husband got the the 'mum's meatball sandwich'-which he raved about-it did look good! His sister got the 'green burger'. We didn't talk much-we were eating such great food!

Pros: great tasty food, Great staff, lots of options

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Tsoynami!! - Edit

Nice cafe, much larger than it appeared from the outside. Closed Sundays, so I had to come back through- glad I did! A friend and I shared a 'meatball po boy' and a 'no harm chkn parm' both were delicious. But the best part was the tsoynami's best vegan ice cream ever!

Pros: Tsoynami's!, good food, spacious fun dining room

Cons: closed sundays

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A greasy spoon for vegans. - Edit

I read on a blog somewhere that Green is like the vegan McDonald's and I couldn't agree more. It is definitely exciting to have all of those mock meat dishes to choose from at great prices. Unfortunately, I think everything is deep fried or drenched in oil which my usually healthy stomach can't really handle. Also, like my memories of McDonald's, there is a taste that often lingers in my mouth for hours after eating here (I think it's garlic). Don't get me wrong, if you visit the Phoenix area you should eat here to get your junk food fix. The soynamis are good but have a weird chemically thing going on. All in all whenever I visit Tempe I eat here, but I can certainly see why some people love it and some people don't.

Pros: price, mock meat dishes, fast service

Cons: greasy, garlic-y , unhealthy

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My favorite restaurant ever! - Edit

This restaurant is totally incredible! Try everything! But my favorites are the Chicken Parm, the samosas, buffalo wings, soynamis.

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Disappointing - Edit

I've been Vegan for over 10 years. I've eaten in many restaurants, Vegan and otherwise.
Never before have I been so disgusted.
Giving Green the title of "Restaurant" is giving it too much class. IMO, Diner would even be a struggle.
1. Waited in line 20 minutes to place order.
2. No wait staff.
3. Bus your own table.
4. Wade through tables of dining patrons to place order. Good thing for them I wasn't in the mood to cough or sneeze.
5. Decor leaves much to be desired. Is this a "restaurant" or the remains of a flooded frat-house basement? Unable to find a chair that wasn't ripped in the seat. Not sitting on a stained yard sale couch on a splintery plywood riser.
6. Ordered food and noticed kitchen staff did not wear gloves. Talked on cordless phone while preparing food, then did not wash hands.
How clean is that phone?
7. Place is DIRTY!
8. Appearance of food was disappointing. The Vegan pizza I make at home from scratch looks better. Why would I pay for a pita smeared with sauce, with 3 leathery, waxy slices of sweating cheese, when the Vegan Gourmet cheese I use at home actually melts?
9. Buffalo Wings or Wads? Unidentifiable "wads" of fibrous matter. Sauce reeked of vinegar and nothing else.
10. Took 2 requests and got a huff in response when staff was asked to wipe the remnants of the last diner's meal off of our rocking table.
After reading the RAVE reviews online, I was sorry I made the 84 minute drive to reach Green. I'm even more sorry I brought people with me. Now they have the connotation that being Vegan means this is acceptable for an eating establishment.
Green's website touts itself like it is comparable with "real" restaurants like Millennium. Not even close. Millennium makes Green look like the immobile roach coach it is.
I stared at my baskets and plate of food for about 20 minutes while my guests ate. The A/C kicked on and fine particles of something rained down on our table. Mold? Dust? Skin flakes from everyone waiting to order? Who knows.
As for the flavors of the food, consistency, texture, etc., I don't know.
My food went untouched, into the trash.
No gloves, crap raining down.............
No thanks! I'm not eating that.
I can spend less and come away with more than a bottle of Pellegrino at home.
Green needs to focus on being a great restaurant that just happens to be Vegan, not be so caught up in being Vegan that the restaurant is what it is........a dump.

If you like your restaurants "crunchy", this is the place for you.

5 Responses

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klingsor 17 Feb 2013 - That wasn't my impression of the place either. Gloves, really? Do you think every restaurant you eat at has their employees wear gloves? The place is great. And I've been to vegan places all over the planet. I can only imagine what you'd think of Hashem in Amman, or even Kate's Joint in NYC. And having local art on the walls is bad decor? This place is cool and hipsterish, but it's definitely not for people like you.

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Rox 22 Feb 2013 - Well said on the appearance, cleaniliness and decor. But it is in a partially vacant strip mall.... I just moved to Phoenix 2 years ago-- and all the vegan or veg places I go to in Arizona seem to be dirty--- so I thought this was the standard for locals. I am glad to read your post and know I am not the only one who feels "WTF are people raving about!!!??" And I can say I still go there for my Vegan junk-food fix---and get it To Go-- and do my best to remain ignorant of staff not wearing gloves behind the scenes. I can say on a brighter note--- I have never gotten sick off the food : )

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Brittne 22 Feb 2013 - also not my experience at all. it's always been at least reasonably clean and sanitary, and, true, green is far from high-class dining, but that's not their intention (nor should it be... it doesn't cater to all the scottsdale pretentious eco/health snobs). i don't mind busing my own tables one bit, nor do i mind the decor. green always features local artists, and i've always appreciated their very eclectic, funky ambiance. and besides, what i come for is the food. phoenix is severely lacking in good vegan food, and green has long been my favorite spot in the area. they offer a huge selection, delicious appetizers, reasonable prices, and their tsoynamis CAN NOT be beat. even the most carnivorous among my friends adores the tsoynamis, which happen to be soy- and coconut-milk based, and i'd put them at the very top of my list of vegan desserts.

it appalls me that you have the nerve to write such a terrible review when you couldn't even bring yourself to taste the food. i am one of green's *many* loyal customers, and maybe the customers you had to "wade through" or the 20 minute line should let you realize how much their patrons adore them.

i, for one, will be back again and again for the singapore tofu, thee argentine, the mexicali burger, the artichoke dip, and every tsoynami on that menu.

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keevegan 22 Feb 2013 - wow, not my impression at all! The place seemed clean and staff were friendly and I had no wait to order. As for the cooks wearing gloves? I have worked in many food establishments and yes, gloves should be worn while handling the prepared ready to serve meal but I must warn that usually you are not allowed to see the people preparing your food and this is probably in your best interests if you find a phone call disgusting, seriously beyond poor personal hygiene is the best way that I can describe the way every cook I have ever worked with comes to work and when you can't see them they certainly touch unsanitized surfaces on themselves and other objects- just to let you know. I also never perceived Green to be a high class dining establishment and take no issue with busing my own tables and paying for strictly a meal prepared for me not an evening feeling like I top the caste system! If Millennium is more your style more power to you.

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tarathemis 22 Feb 2013 - Wow, I am so glad to know I am not alone in my assessment of Green. While I did enjoy some of the food I had (but certainly not all), this review is SPOT ON in terms of the poor service, crappy decor and lack of cleanliness. As I have mentioned in my own review of Green from 2007, some of the staff have seriously bad attitudes, and several friends who have tried Green agree with me on this. I will say that in a pinch, it's nice to have a vegan-junk-food option, but the ONLY thing I would recommend this place for is the tsoynamis.

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Good "Fast Food" without the Drive-Thru Window - Edit

Update: I just wanted to add/ make a note to my July 2008 review---
To my surprise and delight-- the service & staff has become more friendly, alive...and conscious of their customers. Due to this new attitude, I will give Green five cows--hooray! Keep it up! (Now--if only Green could move out of that ugly location...)

Original Post: Sunday, July 20, 2008
Review: Green is a very much hyped up Veg place however it fails to deliver the whole package.
What is good: Green satisfies my "fast-food/ junk food" craving (the vegan way). I enjoy the mock BBQ beef sandwich with thyme fries or have an appetizer of crab puffs or spinach-artichoke dip. However, high calorie/ carbohydrate items like these are not things I ate during my days as a carnivore...so I suppose I can say "Green is like my vision of a vegan McDonalds" (unfortunately there aren't more scattered around Phoenix with a drive-thru window :). With that said, I recommend calling in your order for pick-up.
What is bad: Green staff is typically aloof and far from personable. After several times of being told the lunch special was sold out, I came at 1130am one time and was told the SPECIAL was not made yet and although I said I could wait-- I was told the cooks are too busy to make the posted special of the day!

Also, please don't waste your time on any of the Asian Bowls... go to somewhere else for that.

Pros: Junk Food Fix, Improving CustomerService

Cons: Missing Oatmeal Pies, Dumpy Strip Mall Location, Limited Hours

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Great Restaurant - Edit

We went after hiking and it was so good,we went back the next night! Buffalo "wings" are excellent, as was the "pepper steak" sandwich. My wife really enjoyed here noodle bowl. Excellent soft serve soy ice cream for dessert, and they will mix it with fruit, etc. The restaurant has a good vibe and seems to be a gathering place for the socially aware. Friendly service. Highly recommended!

Pros: Great Food, Nice atmosphere, Good service

Cons: none

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Always a success - Edit

I started going to Green about a year and a half ago, when my brother became a vegan and started looking for restaurants. I am a vegetarian and we both love going to this place. The best part of this place is that even my meat eating friends love it. I am a rather picky eater, but I have never had something that I didn't love. The staff has always been very friendly, but you should go early in the day, because the special does tend to sell out quickly. This has easily become my favorite vegetarian restaurant in the valley.

Pros: Delicious, Quick, Good Service

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Great Menu - Edit

While the outside of Green isn't that inviting, once you step inside it's clear Green is a good choice. With a terrific drink selection and a varied menu, Green is a good choice for the veg with a picky palette, or even the non-veg interested in trying vegan dining. If you go for the pizza, you have plenty of toppings. As with all of the other reviewers, I have to reccomend the crab puffs. They are fantastic! They staff was friendly, and Green offers some grocery items (like primal strips) that I have not been able to find at other grocery/health stores. Cool decor and interesting artwork are also a feature. Great peanut butter bars and clean restrooms.

Pros: Varied menu, Peanut Butter Bars, Friendly staff

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great food... a "must-eat" if in Phoenix area - Edit

Erik and I stopped here for some grub at the end of our week-long bike odyssey through Arizona. We were so happy to find an all-vegan restaurant, as the camp-cooking was getting kind of old at that point. I really dug the Diablo Red bowl with noodles. We were also excited to partake of some vegan soft serve for dessert. Next time we're in the Phoenix area, I'm sure we'll be stopping in for some more scrumptious vittles.

I should also mention that the service was friendly and very fast. Some previous reviewers commented to the contrary. Maybe Green has improved in that department in recent times. At any rate, I have no complaints.

Here's some feedback from Erik:
I tried a mock chicken wrap, which was the day's special. It was yummy, but not quite as good as the Diablo Red bowl. I also really liked the curry pasta salad that came as a side dish with my entree.

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Reviewer Avatar

Wow - Edit

I probably would have loved it no mattr what the food was like just because I could order anything I wanted to, but... wow. The food was amazing and I loved the place! I wish there were more places just like it!

Pros: GREAT food, good prices, good atmosphere/ building

Cons: NONE

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Everything is amazing!!! - Edit

This place is great for cheap awesome vegan food. A few of my favorites - hummus, eggrolls, artichoke dip, spicy peanit chicken salad, thee argentine (fabulous, sometimes a bit spicy though) and any of the bowls you will be pleased with. They also have pizza - yummy. I can't say anything bad about this place, it's all fantastic. They are frequently out of it, but if they have the cheesecake, you must try it!!! Also the soynamis..mmmmm

Pros: funky, fantastic food, great cheesecake

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I love it! - Edit

I go to Green every single weekend. They have definitely improved their food since they first opened. I can understand why people say they got poor service, when I first started going about a year ago, I got bad service every time I went, and vowed not to go back. After a while, we went back, and the employees now are extremely nice. With the exception of one, whom I try to avoid when we go. They have great noodle and rice bowls, amazing sandwiches, and very good appetizers. They now even sell a bunch of vegan products that you can't get in a lot of places such as ricemallow cream, primal sticks, and vegan gummy bears. Give them a chance! My boyfriend and I get an appetizer, a meal each, a small drink, and dessert for about 25-30 dollars depending on what we order. VERY affordable! And whoever said the portions were too small is way too used to mainstream restaurants where meals are 1000+ calories each. These portions are JUST right.

Pros: Great food, fair portions, good value

Cons: one rude staff member

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Tasty food - Edit

On our recent trip to scottsdale we found this place. What a great find. We had the crab puffs...samosas..various bowls...unchicken parm...po boy sandwich..the soy blizzard..yes we ate here quit a bit..just go

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Best Veg Food in the Phoenix Area - Edit

Green is my favorite place to eat in the Phoenix area. Everything is vegan so no worries there. It is a mellow restaurant where you walk up to order. There are many yummy selections. I have tried nearly everything on the menu and it is all fantastic. Don't miss the crab puffs, no harm chicken parm sandwich w/thyme fries, or the mongolian bowl w/ mock beef and noodles.

Pros: Excellent Food, Comfort Food, Vegan

Cons: Only open until 9pm

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best vegan food in the phoenix area - Edit

they've got an all vegan menu with good variety. the pizza is rather lacking but i've never had a sandwhich/burger that i didnt like. the prices arent bad, you can get an appetizer, an entree and desert for about $15. the staff has always been pretty nice.

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Good food, lousy service - Edit

While I have enjoyed several of the offerings at Green, I have not been back in months due to the consistently crappy service and bad attitude I have gotten from the staff. I have been there with different people, and have been treated each time as if we were bothering them. Apparently, some staff consider customers who interrupt their conversations about their boyfriends rude and demanding. I took my business up the street to Udupi cafe.

Cons: Poor Service, bad attitude from staff

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Great Salads-Poor Service - Edit

I was very excited to try this restaurant because it was my first all vegan restaurant and I'm a life-long vegan. Finally a menu I can order anything from! The prices were cheap but the portions were very small and I wasn't impressed with anything except the salads. Most of the food was soy-based and I was not impressed by most of what I tried (I returned twice in hope of a better experience). The fake buffalo wings tasted like vinegar and took 45 minutes to show up at our table (it was an appetizer but we got it after our meal) and the service was poor. Three different servers I dealt with all seemed annoyed that I was bothering them with an order. On my first trip I asked for suggestions and clarification on what the "fake-meat" was made of and they seemed exasperated and waited on someone else in line first. I don't think I'll bother wasting any more time and money here.

Pros: cheap

Cons: poor service, poor quality, small portions

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Good comfort food in Arizona - Edit

One of the few completely vegan eateries in Arizona, and it succeeds with a delicious menu featuring comfort food that anyone can enjoy. The mock meat is done well, and everything is flavored to perfection. You don't get that much for your money, so be prepared to order a couple of menu items to get full.

Pros: Great tasting food, Menu variety

Cons: Small meal portions

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Delicious, Informal, Fun, Wide Selection - Edit

Thank you to previous posters, who helped us find this restaurant on our recent vacation in Tempe. DH is veggie and DD (age 7) does better health-wise eating vegan and I just found the menu delicious overall (DS, age 10, was less impressed, but that's par for our family's restaurant experiences.) DD had a thin-crust pizza, which we shared, delish; DH had the veggie reuben and I had a spicy noodle bowl, all wonderful. We were excited too that they had "tsoynamis" :o) that were nondairy (coconut milk) whipped ice cream treats. The skinny thyme fries were wonderful too (crispy and more-ish, DS definitely liked these ;o) ), as were the "crab" puff appetizers.


Pros: wide selection, vegan, staff nice to kids

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My Favorite! - Edit

I've tried about half the menu, and I have absolutely loved all of it. Anytime I am driving past(sometimes 7 days a week) I can't help but to stop and get something. I like everything, but the Green burger is great(and a great 'safe' dish for non-vegetarians). The tofu jerk salad is amazing, especially the tofu and the dressing. The somosas, wow, and the sauce, even better. The spicy buffalo wings are the best imitation of meat i've ever had. go there!

Pros: Totally vegan!, friendly, modern setting, best food ever

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