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44 Cloth Fair, London, England

Lovely atmosphere but small, pricey portions

02 Dec 2011

This restaurant has a really nice atmosphere. It's a lovely space with simple wooden furniture and floors and extra interesting touches with the ornaments and pictures. The waitress we had was also sweet and attentive.

However, I had a discount Groupon voucher for this restaurant like many others and I think the restaurant hadn't really counted for such capacity. So, because the restaurant was quite full, it took quite a while to get served and for our dishes to arrive.

When they did arrive, they weren't as tasty as my friend and I had hoped (I'd promised her fireworks and I don't think we even really got sparklers!). For starters, I had cauliflour fritters which were the nicest thing about the meal. They were good-sized and crispy and came with a tasty, salty salad. My friend had a foccacia and olives starter which was fine and prettily presented but nothing out of the ordinary.

For mains we shared gnocchi and pumpkin with sage, and a seitan dish with roasted vegetables and chestnut. The seitan was a bit tasteless and there were only two small pieces of it, there were a few nicely roasted vegetables but just two tiny bits of chestnut.

Any other taste in the gnocchi and pumpkin dish was thoroughly drowned out by a very strong taste of sage and the portion was small.

Perhaps the portions are so small because with a real Italian meal you order more courses than just starter and main and dessert and, to be fair, the menu is set up for this. Yet, at Amico Bio, because the courses are set average to above average prices that would make doing the whole dinner traditionally with extra courses very pricey indeed.

My friend enjoyed her dessert very much though, a kiwi sort of pie. Sadly this wasn't part of the voucher discount! And so cost her £6! Having enjoyed the fritters for starters so much I ordered them again for dessert but that was a mistake as they were apple this time and the flavour of them wasn't strong enough to be particularly noticeable. The fritters this time came with a very small pot of chocolate sauce too and that was delicious but there wasn't quite enough of it.

I would love to go back there again but I think they need to make their portions bigger and be more judicious about the flavour of the dishes.

135 Whitecross Street, London, UK, London, England

Especially delicious food and great atmosphere

10 Nov 2010

I've been eating out a lot in London lately (it's great not having to wash the dishes)and have certainly had a varied experience. Some of the old established veggie places I always thought were good just don't hit the mark any more. But thankfully Carnevale is still as good as it always was. I hadn't been there in a couple of years but I'll certainly be returning much quicker and don't know why I haven't been back sooner! The atmosphere is lovely and intimate; it's a small, cosy place. And the food really shone when my friend and I went there a few weeks ago. The vegan choice was good, we had a yummy starter and my friend and I shared two really delicious mains, one, a mushroom pastry parcel, was extra special. It was the best dinner out I've had in ages. They've changed their menu since and the new dishes look very tasty too. I can't wait to go back. Keep up the great food, Carnevale!

Benito Perez Galdós, 52, Alicante, Spain

Take your phrasebook

20 Apr 2009

I thought it was only right that I was in Spain and the menu was in Spanish and the waiter spoke Spanish. This restaurant, tucked away down the back streets and with mainly Spanish customers, I felt was an authentic, refined Spanish eating experience (thankfully excluding the meat!). But I definitely recommend a phrasebook if you don't speak Spanish.
There is only the set menu. If you are vegan, make sure you say because when my partner and I went the set menu was vegetarian and several of the choices were not vegan. But that said, the chef accommodated us and we had a nice meal which for 18Euros wasn't bad at all. Even though the desserts which we couldn't have looked delicious, the chef made us a fresh strawberries and fruit dish - If only I had taken my phrasebook I could have asked what on earth was in the slightly spicy/sweet sauce.

250 Camden High St, Camden, North West London, England

Fantastic ice-cream!

29 Jun 2009

Visited Inspiral on a warm evening about two weeks ago and was delighted to see their new ice-cream counter. Like the ones they have everywhere but this time each container was filled with vegan, raw ice-cream of all kinds of lovely flavours: the usual like mint-choc-chip, chocolate and vanilla and then the unusual like mulberry and lavender. My friend and I shared a couple of different flavours and they were all creamy and delicious, you wouldn't have imagined they were vegan or raw! I can't wait to go back and try the other flavours. Apparently each flavour has also got some special 'superfood' in it, like wheatgrass in the mint-choc chip I think. Although, you wouldn't have realised. It just tasted like how I remember mint-choc chip before I became vegan! Mmmmm...
We did actually start with a plate of some very nice savoury food: some creamy cauliflour, spicy potato wedges, salad and pasta. And we were greedy enough to share a piece of raw lime cheesecake which was sweet and zesty.
Inspiral is in a very nice location on the canal in Camden so it still manages to have a feel of bustling Camden but you can relax in a veggie/vegan haven.

38 Old St, London, England

Lovely home-made goodies

04 May 2011

This new cafe/tea-shop deserves to do well. It has lots of quirky, interesting vintage-type touches but still feels homely and relaxed. Unfortunately my friend and I didn't get to try out the whole afternoon tea affair that is served there with scones, sandwiches and cakes but we did sample some very good cake and savoury slices. A slice of black forest gateau was delicious, a moist chocolatey sponge and just the right amount of creaminess and jamminess. My friend's favourite was the scones and cream and jam which were moreish enough that she ate two and took two home with her!
We will be back there for more home-made goodies very soon

76 Clarence Road, Hackney, East London, England

Great cake, grumpy staff member

29 Jun 2009

Pogo is one of the best places in London for cake. Their mango cake for example is usually moist and delicious. They also do a great vegan milkshakes and a super knickerbocker glory - ice-cream heaven. Apart from the food, the cafe also promotes organic veg initiatives and the work of local artists amongst other things.
The atmosphere is usually laid-back and unpretentious, and the staff are usually friendly and helpful except for one evening when my friend and I went a couple of weeks ago when one of the staff members was a bit grumpy and unhelpful. Hopefully that was just an off-day for him as it would be a shame to put people off going to a place that has good intentions and great vegan cake.

159 Second Ave, New York City, USA

Amazing ice cream

16 May 2010

Ice cream heaven. There are so many different flavours. We had 3 scoops each, I wish I could have eaten more. Definitely recommended. One of the highlights of our trip to New York was eating totally decadent and delicious dairy-free ice cream from this place.

11-13 Soho Street, London, England

They need to get organised and serve better food

19 Dec 2010

My friend and I went to this restaurant yesterday evening to enjoy their special christmas set menu (normally they have a buffet service but this was supposed to be something unique). We had a terrible time for several different reasons. The food was not very well thought out and mainly wasn't particularly tasty despite them charging £35 each for 4 courses and a cocktail. This would have been acceptable if the food had been good. Instead, it seemed like they only used about about 4 different main ingredients for the four courses and we had so many variations on crushed nuts we were starting to go nuts. The soups were so-so, I make better at home and the raw soup was steaming hot so obviously not raw! The starters a bit better (dim sum was actually quite good), but the mains were awful. The Emperor's live noodles dish was a smallish patty thing made of long shavings of what we think was butternut squash, on top of which was some chopped lettuce and chopped tomato. It was nicely spiced but hardly a main meal. My unroasted nut roast was a small mound of seasoned mushed nuts with a thin layer of cashew (or something) cream served in an uncooked scooped out butternut squash with some spots of cranberry sauce on the plate. If only they had cooked the butternut squash and let me eat that!
It took half an hour for them to give us our cocktail even though there were 5 staff at the front. Then we had only been served one course after 1 and a half hours despite the restaurant only being half full! The buffet was still out and looked tasty but when we said we couldn't wait any longer for the other courses and suggested we just eat that they said the main would be out any minute (came 15 minutes later). After two and a half hours we left taking our desserts with us.
I really hope this restaurant does okay as I always wish the best for any veggie venture, but they need to be a lot more organised in the kitchen They also need to stick with the buffet and be honest with the customers if they are having problems with the kitchen or can't cope. I've never waited so long for food in a restaurant and have never been quite so fed up when it eventually arrived.

40-41 Dean Street, London, England

Lovely atmosphere and good food

22 Apr 2010

Had a great vegan meal here with friends. There is lots of choice and the food is yummy and not too pricey, especially considering that it was pretty good quality. The staff really looked after us and the decor is lovely. Will definitely go back.

6 Sir Isaacs Walk, Colchester, England

Tasty but healthy too!

08 May 2016

Lovely, cosy, homely atmosphere and staff who are attentive and friendly. There is also a little vintage shop to pop in while you are here. My friend and I vowed to eat lunch here the next time we are in Colchester. On our first visit to the cafe, we enjoyed delicious cake and tea. My carrot cake slice was moist and moreish but still healthy so I didn't get a crazy sugar rush but still felt like I had had a treat. We are looking forward to our next visit.

Lestina 4, Split, Croatia

Tasty and varied food

30 Jan 2009

My partner and I visited here in Summer 08. We had a bit of an adventure finding the restaurant ending up quite lost down the side streets after the tourist office pointed us in a very different direction! When we arrived they had just closed, but we were so sad and dejected (and hungry) that the very friendly women chefs took pity on us and we were able to buy some of the food that was left over and take it away with us. Although we would have loved to have eaten in the restaurant we were well consoled tucking into food that was varied and delicious whilst sitting on Split's marina area in the sunshine.

45 Lexington St, London, England

Mushroom and ale pie brings me back here

04 May 2011

Although Mildreds is cramped and the staff are sometimes variable in temperament, I still always end up back here because they do a really good mushroom and ale pie with flaky pastry and mushy peas. They used to serve it with vegan garlic mayonnaise - you have to ask for it now but it's worth it as it goes deliciously with the thick, crispy potato wedges that come with the pie. The veggie burger here is also usually pretty good. It's often very busy at this place but the pie keeps me coming back.

263 E 10th St, New York City, USA

Sublime eating experience

16 May 2010

My boyfriend is trying to eat more raw and is trying to get me into it too. I have to say that if I could eat raw food like this every night I would be a very happy woman. The restaurant is a small, intimate affair. We were lucky getting the best spot by the window. We ordered a small taco to share for starters and it was delicious. But it was nothing compared to the Mexican chilli main. A warm chilli broth with pieces of tender marinated portabello mushroom, with a serving of guacamole, salad and a sort of cornbread. We also shared a sausage pizza but the chilli dish really was the best thing there. To finish we then shared the dessert platter - also yummy but I could have eaten more chilli!

Pedro Lorca, 13, Torrevieja, Torrevieja, Spain

A great start to the year

30 Jan 2009

My partner and I had a really good meal here on the 2nd January 2009. We were so excited to find a veggie restaurant and this one certainly didn't let us down. To start, a delicious chickpea and spinach soup warmed us up on that chilly evening. Then we shared two main meals both of which were excellent, we couldn't decide which was best! The pizzas can be made with a thick tofu mixture topping instead of cheese. Under this yummy tofu was a layer of very fresh broccoli, avocado and other vegetable goodies. Our other main meal was the tagine which was delicately fruity and a bit spicy. I couldn't stop saying 'mmm...!'. The only thing was that there weren't any vegan desserts on offer. I do hope that enough vegans go to this restaurant in future that they decide to make some of their tempting desserts vegan-friendly.

178 Above Bar Street, Southampton, England


16 Jul 2016

Nice decor and clearly a good community hub but wouldn't come here for food again.
The food worked out to be expensive for what it was, either that or we were wrongly billed. A bowl of bland pureed soup (of unidentified vegetable matter) with bread had to be left half eaten as it wasn't interesting enough.
My 'cheesy' leek tart tasted savoury but not of leek or vegan cheesiness, it was also unappetising in appearance and had little texture. Some salad with it was also pretty dull.
I hate to give a review like this but for over £20 (including 2 drinks of bottled juice) didn't feel very satisfied.

185a College Road, Crosby, Liverpool, England

All-day vegan breakfast and delicious vegan cakes

21 Aug 2016

This is a lovely little cafe with a couple of good vegan options on the menu. The staff member was helpful and friendly and the tea all came in proper pots with cups and saucers all vintage-style. To eat, I tried the vegan all-day breakfast but I would go back and try the other options too, especially the vegan afternoon tea!

The highlight of my visit was the cake though; the chocolate, carrot and walnut, and victoria sponge cakes were all yummy, moist and full of flavour. I shared a piece of each with 2 non-veggie family members and we ate them up with great gusto!

Updated from previous review on 2016-08-21

23 Crouch St, Colchester, England

Super vegan lunching.

17 Feb 2016

My friend and I had a happy long lunch here on a day trip to the city.
The decor is fresh and modern, the cafe clean and welcoming, the staff are friendly and efficient and the food tasty.
We shared the sausage/omelette bagel and a quarter pounder burger. The burger was tasty and filling and came with fresh salad. We weren't sure what to expect with the bagel filled with sausage and 'omelette' but that too was tasty. Of course, it can't quite be compared to the egg omelettes we remembered from long ago but it was yummy in its own vegan right!
The lemon drizzle cup cake and chocolate/coffee icing cakes were light, moist and full of flavour. Happily too, they weren't over-iced with too much sweet 'butter'cream as vegan cupcakes are often these days.
A great place for a vegan lunch. And you can stock up on Vego and other choccie bars there for later.

16-18 Newington, 2F, Liverpool, England

Good breakfasts

20 Dec 2010

I was here in summer and tried the vegan cooked breakfast while my mum had a veggie one. They were both generous and delicious dishes and I was happy with the vegan version. The place is very relaxed with an unpretentious 'bohemian' feel about it and the food is simple. It's not a fancy place but it's definitely quirky. Worth a visit.

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