A plant-based food and drinks bar that features artisan cheese platters, sandwich with carrot lox or croquettes, four burgers, vegan cheese fondue, pastas, shoarma, creme brulée, sticky toffee pudding, and brownies with ice cream. Instagram: @watsonsfood. Confirmed closed January 2023.

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First Review by MartijnBanse


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03 Jun 2023

Not what I expected

I expected a lot of this restaurant since almost all reviews were highly positive, but I left quite disappointed after having a lunch and a dessert with my friend.
First of all, I can't say I was very pleased by the service. The waitress was slow despite the cafe not being crowdy at all, she forgot to bring a spoon when my friend asked for one and a few minutes after ordering our two cakes, she came back to confirm she remembered it correctly, which all together didn't make her appear very dedicated.
Second of all, I want to say I found the food way too overpriced in relation to the size of the portions. I know I probably eat more than the average person, so maybe small eaters find it enough, but a tiny bit of pasta (the dish my friend ordered) is not worth the 17,50 she paid for it, in my opinion. My tuna sandwich tasted good, but was just too small.
The cakes were so-so. I liked the brownie; chocolaty, filling and compact. However, the cheesecake had a crust that made us think it had been laying in some fluid. It tasted soggy, even though that should be the easiest part of a cake to make, if you ask me.
In conclusion, it wasn't all really bad, but all combined it just didn't hit the spot and I am not coming back.

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Pros: Tasty food, All vegan

Cons: Slow and inattentive service, Small portions, Expensive



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09 Mar 2023

So delicious

Nice shared dining place!
Nice to go with my mother and sit outside!

Pros: Nice variety of tiny dishes, Good beers, Delicious vegan cheese

Cons: Bit pricey


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23 Jan 2023

Great food and vegan cheese but expensive!

Mr and Mrs Watson is a gourmet restaurant making its own vegan cheeses, and fondue! We went for dinner and were not disappointed by the quality of the food. The setting is chic and the service pleasant. The cheeses are very good and the proposed dishes really top. They are sometimes a bit expensive for the quantity but overall, you have to try this place at least once.

Pros: great food, vegan cheese and fondue, nice place

Cons: a bit expensive


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17 Jan 2023

Amazing Vegan charcuterie board

My partner and I went here while we were trying to be vegan for a month and we absolutely blow away by how good the food was particularly the cheese board. A must try.

Pros: Fun cocktails , Amazing food , Amazing charcuterie board

Cons: Small, need a reservation , Not a lot of main dish options


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26 Nov 2022

Best cheese!

I can’t rave enough about the cheese plate. It was incredible! I also had the soup and kombucha and thoroughly enjoyed myself. The service was alright but everything else was so delightful! I even bought the cheeses to take home. I highly recommend and would come back again!

Pros: All vegan, Cheese was incredible!

Cons: Expensive, Small portions


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25 Nov 2022

Nice dining space

We made the pilgrimage here for a lunch. The food was good - the bitterballen were fantastic the clear standout. Service was pleasant. Otherwise it was too expensive for serving size.

Pros: They make their own cheese

Cons: Expensive dishes for the size


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23 Nov 2022

Amazing cheese but that's it

Had a cheese platter with 6 different homemade cheese, jam, and vegan honey, it was spectacular. Then we had the fondue and I was expecting something on the same level but wasn't that great, the cheese was more like a hot bechamel sauce and the veggies were mainly cucumbers and 2 asparagus. We also tryed their loaded fried, pretty average. I'd suggest to go to try the cheese or to buy them to take away. Seems it wants to be a fine dinding place but the quality is not there. Definitely overpriced.

Pros: Great cheese

Cons: Overpriced


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20 Nov 2022

Delicious food!

delicious food, love the large amount of vegan cheese options, very cozy atmosphere

Pros: Amazing options , Cozy decor , friendly staff

Cons: Sitting right by the door is a little cold


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18 Nov 2022

Quite good, but inconsistent quality

This is a quite large restaurant with nice food. They have many alcoholic beverages as well.

My favourites are cheese fondue (with very tasty grilled carrot), burgers, and brownie.
However, I’ve also had disappointing experiences: Watson’s bowl/salad barely contained protein, because they were out of quinoa. They didn’t inform me beforehand, served the salad without a replacement and charged the full price for it.😒Also, they once had a pasta that barely contained veggies. It was just a pile of dough with a creamy sauce.

Their best cocktails are Watson stormy and G&T.


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08 Nov 2022

Excellent plant-based cheese

We tried the big cheese platter. The cheese was amazing! We also loved the vegan honey with the cheese. I would have expected a bit bigger portions of cheese for the price though.

Pros: Everything is vegan!, The cheeses are delicious, Friendly staff

Cons: Expensive


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08 Oct 2022

Great food but very expensive

The cheese platter was amazing, all other dishes were very good. Unfortunately the dishes were very small and overpriced. We liked the option to order many different things and share between us but the price at the end was extremely high

Pros: Best vegan Camembert , Great food, Nice atmosphere

Cons: Extremely overpriced


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03 Oct 2022


Had to visit this place while on my visit Amsterdam. Loved it! Everything was amazing. The cheese plate, the sweet potatoes, the grilled little gem salad. We ordered more, and everything was so good.

Pros: All vegan :)


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02 Oct 2022

Amazing Vegan Cheeses!

I ordered the vegan cheese platter (big) and they served 5 different types of vegan cheeses with bread. They were all based on chases, one of them with Italian herbs, the other one with peppers, and two others resembling Camembert of which one with walnuts. The platter was an absolute delight and very delicious! I also ordered a fava beans starter which was so so. I would say definitely try the cheeses if you are dropping by.

We came a second time and the overall experience was underwhelming. The menu is confusing: cheese platters, 2 burgers and a bunch of tapas. There is so much hype around the cheeses, but there is really not much to offer besides from that.

Updated from previous review on 2021-10-10

Pros: All Vegan, Fantastic Vegan Cheeses


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09 Sep 2022

Good but expensive stuff

The apple honey and the cheese was super nice, but it was relatively expensive. The staff wasn't super responsive either.

Updated from previous review on 2022-09-09

Pros: Tasty, Cosy

Cons: Expensive , Staff who doesn't care about you too much


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03 Sep 2022

5* - I love this restaurant, specially the vegan fondue!

Let me start by saying that I've only been here twice, so my experience with this restaurant is quite limited (once in 2018 and again in 2022).
On both visits I had a cheese platter and a fondue, and last time also tried the grilled endives.. and let me tell you, they were DELICIOUS.. really, really good. Also the fondue is really good and probably the best vegan cheese fondue I've ever had.
On the other hand, while I really liked the cheese plate in 2018, in 2022 I still think it's good, but not as impressive. I think the vegan cheese scene has evolved so much in the last few years, that I can find more impressive cheeses somewhere else.. (looking at Miyoko for example.. or even some small producers), but theirs are still quite nice, don't get me wrong.. but I think they can still work on them to keep them top-level for 2022 vegan cheese standards.

Also regarding desserts.. and as the biggest Tiramisu fan in the world, I LOVED the tiramisu I had there in 2018, it's probably in my top #2 along with the one from Planta in South Beach, FL.. but they don't have it anymore so this time I had another dessert which tbh was also quite good, you can see it on the pictures but I can't remember the name right now.

The venue and service are also really good, it's nice to be in the non-touristy part of Amsterdam.

I totally recommend this place to all vegans who happen to be at some point in Amsterdam, it's probably my favorite place there.

Pros: Delicious food


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22 Aug 2022

A pricey disappointment

I had great expectations from all the reviews I’d read but none of them were met. First off, the restaurant is far from the centre and requires a detour. Service is slow (as in every place I’ve been in Ams, but still it’s a negative point). I already knew it was pricey but I thought it would be worth it. We ordered a fonduta and the big platter of cheeses. The fonduta was not bad but very far from the original and the quantity of bread and veggies given with it was too small (am I supposed to eat just spoonfuls of it?). The platter included a selection of 6 cheeses (very small portions), pickled vegetables and bread. Cheeses were good (though I’ve eaten better cheeses in Italy) but ridiculously overpriced. We spent almost 60€ for these two things and one beer. I’m really sorry as I wanted to love it, but it’s a big no and I think places like these make people think vegans are elitists and that vegan food is not accessible. Would not recommend.

Pros: Good food quality

Cons: Extremely pricey, Small portions


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15 Aug 2022

Best vegan cheeses!

Mr. & Mrs. Watson is really a must go! It’s a 100% vegan restaurant where they also make vegan cheeses.
I had the petit fromage platter and the Kombucha bbq burger. It was sooo good. Actually way better than a thought.
You really have to try the vegan cheese with their selfmade honey and jam, it’s delicious! Also the burger was so good and the staff was really friendly. Highly recommend!

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07 Aug 2022

Top it off with apple pie

My meal was excellent (a pasta dish) and the atmosphere is lovely. Since I went by myself early I was able to go without a reservation, but better to reserve, especially if you want to sit outside. I highly recommend the apple pie for dessert!! I'll add pics


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17 Jul 2022

Wow, delicious!

Friendly staff, good food and great setting. The fries with my burger were next level. Really, really good.

Definitely recommend this restaurant. A reservation is recommended to avoid disappointment.


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16 Jun 2022

Great Food Amazing Service

What a treat to have dinner at Mr. & Mrs. Watson tonight. The service was amazing, welcoming, great vibe in the restaurant. The food did not disappoint. What a treat to have a vegan cheese board! The salad was among the best I've ever had. Can't wait to return.


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12 Jun 2022


Lovely staff and excellent food. The bitterballen were great even though you can't help but giggle if you're a Swede.


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09 Jun 2022

A taste of Amsterdam

When I travelled to Amsterdam, I wanted to try the food of its culture (veganized, of course.) Mr. & Mrs. Watson delivered with their bitterballen. The crunchy fried ball was filled with flavors I was sure could only be found in Amsterdam.

I also ordered a cashew-cheese fondue in a bread bowl. The cheese was great and very filling.

Pros: Culturally inspired food


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04 Jun 2022

all good

really good food from all vegan place. we didn't visit but got takeaway food. tried two different burgers and their fries and they were delicious! also ordered a vegan camembert cheese and we later made a broccoli quiche with camembert and cashews which turned out great. really recommend this place!


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02 Jun 2022

A gem of a restaurant

Vegan dining done right. This restaurant is the place to be if you want to get blown away by delicious vegan cheese.

Try the cheese platter or the fondue. Or both, I'm not your parent. Whatever you end up choosing, you might just shed a happy tear.

Pros: Delicious, Fast service


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16 May 2022

A different taste

Most vegan restaurants roughly serve the same kind of food. “Mr & Mrs Wattson” is different! They specialize in cheese! Based on nuts, mushrooms and more the Wattsons make their own vegan cheese in a wide variety of tastes.

Despite this highly original offer, we ordered sweets and drinks. And the Wattsons also seem to master these skills. A simple chai latte comes with special toppings and a high quality of soy milk that makes it more tasty than your average home made drink. The chocolate brownies taste like very high quality chocolate, coupled with the delicate taste of plant based sweetners (dates) making it more refined and enjoyable than the average brownie. Even a simple madeline cake comes with dressing that makes it a true delight.

Pros: original menu, nice atmosphere

Cons: hard to reach / park by car


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16 May 2022

Everything delicious and healthy

All is great here from the fries to the burgers and the kombucha. Love it. Very nice atmosphere and friendly service

Updated from previous review on 2022-05-16

Pros: Lots of vegan options yet without being too over


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15 May 2022

Special night out

The cheese platter, the fondue and the cup-o-noodles ramen were obviously made with care and beautifully presented. The cheese platter could have used one or two more slices of bread or some crackers in order to savor every bite of what was on the plate - including the homemade honey and raspberry compote. Of course, if you rather taste the cheeses completely on their own (which is also wonderful), then this is no problem at all. The vegetables on the fondue plate had a nice flavor with and without the cheese (especially the carrots), however something was wrong with the celery. It was so fibrous that we couldn't bite through it or even cut through it with a knife. Similarly, the corn in the ramen was incredibly tasty on its own, but we couldn't bite through the large piece of bok choy (and being in a soup bowl, we couldn't try using a knife). Service from Ruby was super attentive and professional. Ruby was the highlight of our evening, from explaining the menu to sharing personal stories. Because so much time goes into the cheesemaking - and because the cost reflects that - dining at Mr. & Mrs. Watson is ideal for special occasions and celebrations.

Pros: artisanal vegan cheese

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