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Neustiftgasse 23 (at Wien 7), Vienna, Austria, 1070

The 1st of 3 vegan ice cream parlor in Vienna, established by two sisters; this one opened in 2013. Offers a variety of flavors such as cookies, basil, orange-safran, and raspberry soyghurt. Open Mon-Thu 12:00pm-7:00pm, Fri-Sun 12:00pm-8:00pm.

Reviews (39)

First Review by JasminV

They handle money and then directly touch food - Edit

I went quite a ways to go find this place- stood in quite a long line. I started to observe the 2 girls scooping ice-cream, then ring up the customers, take their money, give change and then handle the next customer's cone or cookies- directly touching it... without washing their hands. I watched this over and over. When I got to the front, I just couldn't order it. I was pretty disgusted. People who handle food, have a responsibility to keep things sanitary so we don't get sick! I hope the owners correct this problem.

Pros: cool looking flavors

Cons: they don't wash their hands between money & order, no english offered

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try them all!! - Edit

I went to Veganista on a rainy day, so i was the only customer in the shop, but unfortunately the staff kept on talking to each other while serving me instead of focusing on me (they sure have a lot of time to talk on a rainy day, so why not just wait until the customer has left..), which seemed a bit rude.
The ice cream was excellent and they offer rare combinations of flavors. Had strawberry and peanut butter and PB was THE best ice cream i have ever eaten, it's as simple as that.
Would have loved if there had been some small tables in addition to the chairs. they seemed a bit 'lonely' standing at the wall


Cons: staff

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Still the best - Edit

Unusal types of ice cream, with a very original & fresh taste. Never had better ice cream in my life. Their employees are all so nice too! I like this location of Veganista because it has outdoor seating.

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Best Vegan Ice Cream - Edit

Wow, best ice cream ever that happens to be vegan. Coming from LA I'm used to very good plant-based ice cream. The ice cream that I tried in Veganista, however, was simply outstanding and it went to the top spot of my list because it is not as sweet as the sugary (regardless of whether it is coconut, beet or brown sugar, or agave) loaded vegan ice cream that is available in the U.S. The flavors were also very original.

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Ice cream dream become true - Edit

This is honestly the most amazing ice cream ever. They have varying flavours and often come up with creative new kinds. It is surely more expensive than most other ice cream parlours, but you'll certainly get your money's worth - the scoops are huge! Seriously, go there, no excuses allowed!

Pros: Creative flavours, Huge scoops, Simply delicious

Cons: A bit expensive

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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! - Edit

OMG!!!! Best icecream ever!!! Do you remember that artisan gelatto taste? You'll get it!
We came here and to the Margaretenstrasse branch, both had different flavors, all of them amazing. It's really really great, and there are flavors to the taste of everyone.
This branch as few outdoors seatings to enjoy your icecream.
Really, I still dream about this icecream. I want franchises of Veganista all around the world!

Pros: Incredible taste, Good prices, Lots of flavors

Cons: Nothing!!!!

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You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream! - Edit

The first thing that you encounter is a small ice cream parlor with a line of people waiting. Vegans, non vegans, everyone wants their share. And for a good reason. This is the best ice cream you will try in Vienna, if not in Europe. The portions are huge, the price is not high, the staff is friendly and patient, and the ice cream kicks ass! Cookies and cream ice is the one you want to try. Very interesting choice of tastes as well such as Tonka beans. Only con is the size of the place and a slight line you will find there. One of the must go places in Vienna, would recommend it to everyone.

Pros: Portion, Variety of tastes, Price

Cons: Sometimes some flavours sold out, Waiting in line is possible

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Supreme ice cream - Edit

Really great place- the girl behind the counter was nice, knew English very well and was generous with the scoops. About 12 tastes to choose from, didn't try them all but I guess they're all good. Paid around 7.5 Euros for 2 people (2 scoops each) which I think is a fair price.

Pros: Tasty, good variety, not very expensive

Cons: There's always a queue (but I guess that's also a

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Perfect! - Edit

Veganista offers very tasty sorts of vegan ice cream like "carrot cake"(with a gentle smell of orange), "cookie" or "black forest"(Vanilla, Chocolate and Cherry). They were perfectly creamy and didn't taste healthy at all - as unfortunately other vegan icecream sometimes does...

Pros: great taste

Cons: one portion is too big to try a 2nd

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Best vegan icecream - Edit

EXCELLENT! Never had vegan ice cream tasty like yours :) So many to choose from and all just great. Creamy texture and real taste.

When I've seen such queue in front your shop, it was just clear, it will be something great. And it definitely was :)

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Not to be missed if you are vegan and love ice cre - Edit

Absolutely scrumptious. We visited the vegan ice cream parlor and were thrilled with the delicious vegan ice cream. I had a three scoop cone of peanut butter, coconut, and hazelnut ice cream. It was creamy and amazing and best of all, vegan. My spouse had brownie, raspberry, and coconut. We could tell it was made with high quality ingredients. This place is not to be missed if you are a vegan and love ice cream. In addition, they have a great shopping bag you can buy that says "I am a veganista."

Pros: Delicious ice cream, Clean and bright parlor , Great selection

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Not to be missed - Edit

I've tried quite a few types of vegan ice cream, and the two flavours I had here (pistachio and maple and pecan) were by far some of the best! Not too sweet, with strong flavour, and whole nuts and chunks in the maple and pecan scoop. There is a very impressive choice – I took so long to choose that I had to apologise to the waiter! - and I particularly like that not only one type of milk is used – soy, rice and oat milk-based flavours are available. The price is about average for Vienna (it cost me 3.80 Euros for a cone with two scoops), and they also have a loyalty stamp card. It's quite near to the city centre and stays open until 20, even on Sundays, which is quite unusual for the city. With friendly staff and absolutely no non-vegan items, this is definitely worth a look.

Pros: fully vegan, quality, choice

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It really is the best! - Edit

Veganista's ice cream was delicious! A great variety of flavors to choose from, classics as well as innovative, and a helpful staff that was happy to advise.

Pros: great variety, excellent ice cream

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Best vegan ice cream ever - Edit

This is the best vegan ice cream shop I've ever been to. (It's also the only one). This is genuinely very good however, and well worth a visit. Very close to the galleries too. There was lots of choice.

Pros: Good location, Great food

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Wow ice-cream! - Edit

This is a bit of a melodramatic review because I want to express the real joy I had eating Veganista's ice-cream.
It was really delicious - it was ice-cream bliss.
I took 3 non-vegan friends there too and they were equally complimentary - this place just sells fantastic tasting creamy ice-cream in both interesting and traditional flavours.
And the friendly staff will let you try out little samples to find your favourite flavours.
The highlight of my trip to Vienna was eating 4 generous scoops of maple-pecan, cookie, coconut and brownie flavours. All vegan. All scrumptious.
I can't recommend this place enough - no trip to Vienna should be without a visit. I only long for there to be an ice-cream parlour like this in the UK!

Updated from previous review on Monday August 18, 2014

Pros: So many fantastic flavours, Creamy and delicious ice-cream, Friendly staff who let you sample

Cons: Wish Veganista was in the UK

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Just like the real thing!!!!! - Edit

I'm so happy I took the chance on Veganista Ice Cream, even though I'm not the biggest ice cream fan. The selection was enormous, and best of all: it tasted EXACTLY like the "real" thing, only no animal cruelty involved (and possibly healthier). I ordered a double scoop of ice cream (cappuccino flavour and cookies and cream) in a cone and I was so shocked at how amazing it tasted. It even left me with that "full and heavy" feeling that dairy ice cream used to, but without the awful feeling that follows a few hours later. The only downside was the location was small and in a bit of a secluded part of town, and so there wasn't much seating inside. That being said, I took my cone to go, and all was good :)

Pros: many options to choose from , more than just soy ice cream, DELICIOUS

Cons: limited seating indoors

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From neighborhood parlor to gourmet palate-pleaser - Edit

I have the fortune of living practically across the street from Veganista and have had the pleasure of watching this small neighborhood business grow from an unknown vegan ice cream parlor to a mega-sensation featured in gourmet magazines such as Falstaff.

Veganista has added so much flavor (literally and figuratively) and color to our neighborhood. More importantly, it's opened people's hearts, minds, and tastebuds to veganism. As I pass by the shop daily, I see the line of people eagerly waiting for vegan ice cream grow longer and longer. It winds down the sidewalk, and in our neighborhood you can find Veganista fans strolling the streets, ice cream in hand, or sitting on benches, on window sills, or leaning against the walls of other shops in the area enjoying delicious vegan ice cream.

The shop has gotten truly creative with their flavors, extending their menu beyond the basic chocolate and strawberry varieties to appeal to more challenging gourmet palates with magnolia, cherry and ylang-ylang, lavender blueberry, Earl Grey, or rosemary-pine nut ice cream.

In short, Veganista makes - quite possibly - the best ice cream in Vienna. Non-vegans rave about it and long-time vegans are thrilled to finally have our sweet tooths met in a highly satisfying way.

Pros: Friendly staff, Natural ingredients, Great location

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Vegan ice cream. Perfect ice cream - Edit

You can't ask for more: It has a big variety of flavours, including some surprising flavors; The ice cream feels creamy and not like boring sorbet; The taste is of course excellent; And the staff is charming.

There is nothing better than ice cream to make me feel good, and there is no ice cream better than "Veganista Ice Cream".

Pros: Variety, taste, staff

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Best ice cream I've ever eaten! - Edit

As the review title says ... I've never eaten a better ice cream before! At Veganista your ice cream dreams come really true!

Besides fixed flavours like cookies (omg! *_*), chocolate, hazelnut and of course fruity ones like raspberry or strawberry they also offer special creations like orange-olive oil-safran, basil or matcha tea! And they also always surprise with special flavours, which change from time to time :) I was able to try lavendar-blueberry, noble bitter chocolate with bergamot or rosemary with pine nuts! Sounds weird but tastes divine! :) They do not use flavour enhancer or anything else than what should be inside and I think you really taste the difference! :)

The staff is always very friendly and never get tired of explaining the basis of the ice cream which is soy, oat and rice milk and that they also use different kinds of sugar like agave and maple syrup or birch tree sugar in some flavours.

It is absolutely worth it to go there :)

Pros: alternative sugar, many creative flavours, very friendly staff

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best. - Edit

hands down, the best vegan ice cream in the world.
I love the variety and creativity! Plus, their staff is the absolute friendliest you'll find in good old grumpy Vienna. I love this place.

Pros: best ice cream, friendliest staff

Cons: more seating options would be great

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Vegan ice cream heaven - Edit

Really what's not to love? Friendly, helpful staff, amazing range of vegan ice cream. We had two of their specials - maple pecan and cookies. Amazingly good. Big portions, their one scoop is pretty generous. I saw a cone ahead collapse under the weight of 3 kugels!

Pros: Best vegan ice cream in ages , Good range , Friendly staff

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A dream come true! - Edit

Excellent vegan ice cream! They actually managed to make the ice cream have a creamy consistency which is rare to find with vegan ice creams. Great selection of flavours with a lot of original styles. The hazelnut cream I had was amazing along with strawberry.
Unfortunately I only got to visit the place once. If I had to criticize the place for something they should really consider adding tables because just sitting on some chairs by the wall on the side is just akward and not very inviting.

Pros: Quality Ice Cream, Selection, Location

Cons: Seating options

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A breath of fresh air - Edit

Having read some great reviews on the place, I managed to go there on a Sunday afternoon to get some unusual ice cream flavours and I was not disappointed. Between my boyfriend and myself, we tried 6 different flavours and they were all great - cappuccino, orange-olive oil-safran, basil, matcha, poppy seed and the heavenly "cookie" ... they may seem expensive but the quality is excellent and the ingredients natural and mostly organic - definitely worth coming back soon!

Pros: unusual flavours, excellent quality

Cons: no place to sit down and enjoy

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Fantastic vegan ice cream - Edit

I really often miss good vegan ice cream. This ice cream parlor is fantastic! I highly recommend pecan-maple and raspberry! Simply divine. Definitely the best vegan ice-cream I ever had.
Some flavors are very "creative" and not my thing but if you like basil, cucumber or other creative flavors, this is the place to go.
The only thing I am really still missing are vegan sundaes.

Pros: fantastic taste, very friendly staff, vegan

Cons: expensive, no sundaes

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vegan ice cream parlor - Edit

that's like paradise!
creative variations ... no matter if flavors or ingredients
simply awesome
and they were so kind to provide gluten free cones!

Pros: vegan, glutenfree ice, glutenfree cones

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Vegan ice cream shop- dream came true!! - Edit

When I saw that there is gonna be a pure vegan ice cream shop in Vienna, I was so excited! Being a vegan the thing I missed most is probably ice cream, and there is only very few choices of vegan ice cream sold in shops, which i dont like so much. Therefore Veganista is definitely a HEAVEN! Chic decoration and located in a chic district, lots of different flavours, clear description of the base milk (Oats, Soya, Rice) friendly staff, natural sweetness.. although the price is a bit steep (but actually its ok) I took raspberry, matcha, and oreo. Raspberry is like sorbet, and you can taste the real raspberry seeds inside, the tart and sweet flavours are quite balanced. Oreo is a bit too coconut for me, though it said to be soya based. Matcha is of course a winner! I am a big fan of matcha, and this one is so great! Matcha and soyamilk combination is never wrong. I didnt try the waffle yet, which is gluten-free and seems quite good. All in all i would recommend this shop to anyone (whether vegan or not) in Vienna!

Pros: different flavours everyday, natural sweetener, friendly staff

Cons: a tiny bit expensive

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All vegan ice cream shop! - Edit

Finally we have an all-vegan ice cream shop in Vienna and I LOOOOVE their ice cream!
You should definitely try it out when you are in Vienna!

Pros: sweetened with agave, maple syrup,.., very delicious

Cons: not so cheap

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