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5965 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, USA

Great place!

10 Jan 2012

We actually found this place because of Google offers. This is a cute place, it's a small place with about 5 tables. We had the Zaatar extra, which has olives, tomatoes, and fresh mint. This was pretty tasty. It was just a tad sweet, I'm not sure if it was the spices.We then had the vegetarian which had onions, spices, olives, and oil. This was our favorite. So flavorful. We split both of those, so you each have 4 pieces. We each had the wrap with hummus. This wrap has hummus, falafel, lettuce, fava and garbanzo beans, tomato, tahini, parsley, and pickles wrapped in a pita wrap. This was so flavorful and so good! After each bite we both would mention how tasty this wrap was.

Prinsengracht 60-62, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Great Place

15 Nov 2007

We went here twice during our stay. The food was really tasty. They have a couple of nightly specials and at least one was vegan. The normal menu had a few good options for vegans. We didn't have a phone to make reservations but we got there as soon as they opened and got a spot. If you don't get there early I would suggest making reservations-it was full of patrons both times. Expect to spend about 2 hours - everything is made to order and if you want anything else you have to track the waitress down-they don't bother you. It is quite expensive- for three of us food and drinks came to about 70 euros.

800 S Broadway, Baltimore, USA

Vegan Pizza!

18 Oct 2013

I had actually been here before on previous trips to Baltimore. I went this time around and was excited that they still had vegan pizza! I order two slices-when I got them the slices were HUGE! I was so stuffed. This place is reasonably priced and the pizza is yummy. Go check it out!

4669 Park Blvd, San Diego, USA

Boo Hoo

12 Nov 2011

All Vegan is closing February 2012. Go and visit before it's gone.

933 E University Dr, Ste 112, Tempe, USA

I was impressed

07 Dec 2009

We went here for Thanksgiving. I had had Ethiopian food years ago and I wasn't impressed with it, NOT at this place!!! So, naturally I was leary of having it again. We each picked a dishes and shared. The food was amazing!! All of it was very flavorful, tasty, and amazing! It was reasonably priced and the waiter was very helpful to us. I read previous reviews and was a little hesitant to come here but I saw NO cockroaches, the place was very clean! So, don't let the other reviews scare you. Come to the Blue Nile! You won't be disappointed.

100 S Fir St, Ventura, USA


22 Oct 2007

We went down to Ventura for the weekend and were excited that there was a vegan restaurant. We just made it in, traffic coming up from San Diego was HORRIBLE! We got in and the waitress was really nice and when she asked if we were veg or vegan and we said vegan she told us we HAD to try the chocolate cake. We ordered burgers with raw slaw. My husband got the mushroom burger and I got the regular burger w/ cheese. Yummy! We also had the soup-spicy tomato...yum! We didn't have room for the cake but we felt bad if we didn't have it. So, she brought it to us and OH MY! It was awesome! I'm not a big cake person but this was absolutely fantastic! They have organic beer, soda, and tea. The restaurant is cozy and definitely a date place. The prices are a little pricey. The mushroom burger was 12.00. For two people we had two beers, ice tea, two soups, two burgers, and a slice of cake for over 70.00. It is overpriced but if we go back to Ventura we will go back.

1812 S Seneca St, Wichita, USA


28 Jan 2011

I'm in town for family and I went here for lunch. I had the turkey club and it was fantastic! It was a double-decker sandwich with a side of oven potatoes. At first I was a bit miffed about only getting 3 huge potato wedges but with that huge sandwich I was full! They have strange hours M-F 11:00 - 3:00 and the same on Sunday. They are closed for Sabbath on Saturday. If you are in the area and they are open, go try them! All of their food is vegan!! They have crepes, sandwiches, all you can eat salad and soup bar, wraps, and a kids menu.

2905 S 4th Ave, Yuma, USA


07 Dec 2009

On our way to and from Phoenix we stoppped by Nature's Express. There is one in San Diego but this one had many more options! You can get smoothies, burgers, sandwiches, burritos, and so much more. The first stop I got an eggless sandwich, my husband got the burrito and a side of chicken strips. The second stop I got the nachos and my husband got the burger. The staff was friendly the food was fresh and yummy! The prices were actually cheaper than the one in San Diego. I'm glad that we can visit family and get great vegan food!

3827 5th Ave, San Diego, USA


17 Nov 2008

We went to Pizza Fusion to see if it was really true that they offered vegan pizza. They do! They even have a vegan brownie (which was given to us free) and it was moist and yummy! You can order the veggie pizza or you can make your own. Although it is a better deal if you get their veggie pizza. We did ask for mushrooms in place of the broccoli. The soy cheese was really well melted. It was very good. The waiters were really friendly and helpful. We will be back! Also, they deliver. Hmmm, I think I will get some tonight!

4204 Rolando Blvd, San Diego, USA


19 Jul 2013

I went there this past week. They have a complete separate vegan menu. I had the vegan jerk fries---fantastic! This place is very small and it is mostly a take out place. They do have a table outside if you are lucky to get it. The owner said that he prefers people to call in their order about 10 minutes before they arrive since everything is made to order.

I did try for about a week to try the food but it was closed each time, even though the hours were when they were supposed to be open.

2606 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, USA

Fantastic place!

23 Dec 2008

We were in DC for Thanksgiving week. As we found out all the vegan places were closed for Thanksgiving, except for this place. It's not really a place to have a sit down dinner, there are however, some chairs and tables. We took ours back to the hotel. I think most of their business is take-out. They have two different main dishes with sides. Every night is a different choice. This night the main was either a vegan meatloaf or spinach quiche. You get two choices for sides. We got the mac & cheese (out of this world!!), green beans, and sweet potatoes. Unbelievable!! We also got two slices of vegan cake ( I NEVER eat sweets). Soooo yummy. The staff were very friendly and helpful. If we get to go back to DC, we will be going back!

8007 East Kellogg, Wichita, USA

Souper Salad

23 Jan 2011

My family took me here for dinner (I'm visiting). It's a salad bar with a pretty good selection of toppings. None of the dressings were vegan but they did have oil and vinegar. They had a lentil soup that was vegan (the rest of the soups were vegetarian) and it was pretty tasty. They had cornbread that was labeled vegan but no butter.

3332 Adams, San Diego, USA


12 May 2010

We went there a couple of weeks ago. The prices are a just a little pricey-9.00-10.00 a plate. The food was delish and very filling. This place is very friendly and good for a romantic dinner. You do have to ask what is vegan on the menu-the wait staff are very helpful. They make their own tofu and it is to die for! I had the orange chicken-very very good. I really hope this place does well, Normal Heights needs a nice veg place to eat. You can even write on the walls-really neat idea.

6254 E 37th ST N180, Wichita, USA


28 Jan 2011

I went here excited from the last review (2009) here. Disappointing! The staff are very friendly and I asked her what on the menu was vegan, she said only one dish was and that I could add tofu to it. I got it, got back to my dad's house, opened the bag up and ......blah. I had 3 pieces of tofu (it was the veggie bowl), white rice, cabbage, and carrots. BORING! There was no flavor. I wouldn't recommend this place to any vegan/veg. Not worth the 8.60 I spent.

Katelijnestraat 82, Brugge, Bruges, Belgium

De Bron

15 Nov 2007

In Brugge it is very limited for vegans. I suggest you go here from 12- 2 except for Mondays and eat!!! Dinner for vegans is HARD to find.De Bron is close to the Brewery. De Bron is very nice inside- it looks like the glass roof is retractable-we were there in November. Nice and airy. The manager was the only one that spoke english. He showed us the meal and we asked if it was vegan and that day everything was. He says that sometimes there is an item that is not vegan. He said that when someone tells him that they are vegan he will take it out and give you more of an item or add a new one. You have a choice of a small, medium, and large plate of food. We got the medium and it was a lot of food! I can't imagine what the large was! We had a wonderful pumpkin soup. The plate had broccoli, brown rice with a spicy asian dish, fried cauliflower, green beans w/ garlic, and a creamy mushroom dish. It was AMAZING!

2965 5th Ave, San Diego, USA

Evolution has gone through a change

07 Jun 2010

Evolution no longer has the sit down dining area. They only have the drive-thru and little ordering area. They do have outside seating but it's limited.

Nostitzstr. 33, Berlin-Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

Great place

27 Mar 2012

We went here today and we had their lentil soup. It was so yummy! It came with slices of fresh bread. We also had a slice of the chocolate pie and crumb pie. It was to die for! This place just opened this month. Go try it, you will like it!

2240 N Scottsdale Rd Ste 8, Tempe, USA


07 Dec 2009

While on vacation we went to Green. I heard that this place has been open for about a year, I hope they are doing well! This is a great place. So many options, it was really hard to decide what to get! We all ordered food. We shared samosas-so yummy and vegan chili fries-yummy as well! I got the 'no-harm chicken parm sandwich'-so much flavor! My husband got the the 'mum's meatball sandwich'-which he raved about-it did look good! His sister got the 'green burger'. We didn't talk much-we were eating such great food!

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