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2014 N 7th St, Phoenix, Arizona, USA, 85006

Vegan bakery offering sweets and soft serve. Breakfast food Mon-Sat til 11am, brunch Sunday 9am-2pm. Gluten free options. Affiliated with Green vegetarian restaurant. Open Mon-Sun 7:00am-9:30pm.

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Reviews (40)

First Review by Elizabeth

WOW that was delicious! - Edit

Stopped in for Sunday brunch. Although it didn't look like it, I was reassured that everything on the menu is vegan. I'm so glad I asked and stayed! The yoghurt parfait was very nice and the burrito bowl was fantastic. So tasty, just the right amount of spice. Cool atmosphere, friendly staff. Looking forward to returning.

Pros: All vegan. Good amount of gluten-free options. Gre


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Yummy and Amazing - Edit

Vegan breakfast!!! Biscuits and Gravy! Quiche! Doughnuts!
Need I say more?! 5 vegans came in hungry and we all left satisfied and with goodies to eat later! Thank you NAMI! Well done! Our only regret is we have to fly to Phoenix to eat here again. Worth the trip!

Pros: Excellent BREAKFAST FOOD!!! , Great variety on the menu, Nice portion sizes

Cons: As far as I know, it's only in Phoenix

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amazing - Edit

I come to America to visit family once a year and I dream all year about coming here for my treats. Such good doughnuts and cake and cookies and ice creams please come to England!!! I guess you are saving my waist line as I'd be at your shop every day 😀

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favorite breakfast, brunch & dessert! - Edit

I come here at least once a week... It's just so tasty! Hominy grits is seriously my favorite thing on the brunch menu! Everything I have ever tried here is delicious. It's nice to have all the breakfast/brunch comfort foods you can't usually order at a regular restaurant once you go vegan.

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A vegan Blizzard -OMG - Edit

Since becoming vegan perhaps the one food item from our youth that we hadn’t been able to share with the kids was a blizzard style frozen dessert. If you have fond memories of these you must go to Nami to sample a Soynami! There were so many flavours it was hard to choose. Our favourite was Soy Capitain with Captain Crunch cereal. There were also some great baked goods that we took for the road including vegan donuts which are rare in our experience. We didn’t have a chance to try the sandwiches but they sounded good. Nami was our 2014 road trip champion in “Bakery Wars”. Remember that it closes early (1:00 I think). Go early you don’t want to miss out!

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delicious hot breakfast and cold soft serve - Edit

Had their bagel sandwich and a small cup of the "twist" soft serve. Both were super tasty. The chocolate soft serve has less of the coconut flavor. I walked here from the downtown Hyatt, and this was my reward. Not healthy vegan food but definitely satisfying for those of us who are vegan but not afraid of a little battery bagel.

Pros: friendly service, delicious treats

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Amazing - Edit

Their Sunday brunch is out of this world. I had the french toast and a cinnamon bun. I've never had vegan french toast or cinnamon buns this good. Even the rest of my family, who are hard-core meat eaters, said this food was even better than some of the non-vegan versions they have had. We were only in town for a week so we made sure to have brunch there on both Sundays. We also went back multiple times during the week for dessert. Green New American is right next store so it's great to grab dinner there and then have some tsoynami ice cream for dessert. They also have donuts on certain days of the week that are amazing as well.

Pros: excellent food, large portions, friendly staff

Cons: crowded, limited seating

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Amazing! - Edit

I had the "betterfinger" tsoynami and it was one of the best things I've ever eaten in my life! SO good! Also tried the maple donut and the cakeball truffles and those were great as well. This place is awesome and I'm so grateful it's around.

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Best vegan brunch / soft serve in Phoenix - Edit

So very thankful that brunch is an option here now. Obviously, I could write a novel about their amazing pastries and soft serve. Everything is absolutely delicious and there are plenty of options for those with food allergies. Located directly next to quite possibly one of my favorite vegan restaurants (Green). Love is Nami and Nami is love. I absolutely love the Fluffernutter!

Pros: Allergy Free Options, Large-varietal menu, Diverse options

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Fantastic Breakfast and Dessert! - Edit

This place was awesome! The breakfast burritos were absolutely delicious, and the cookie I had was superb. I wish I could have tried out they're blizzards, but I was too early. The place was clean and cute, the staff was super nice, and the food was seriously awesome. Definitely worth going to in Phoenix!

Pros: Great food, Awesome portions, Good price

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Disappointing - Edit

I went into this place with really high hopes, but left disappointed. I was expecting Nami to be an awesome vegan bakery that also offered soft serve. However, upon entering the place I quickly realized they are trying to do too much. They have a separate (large) coffee menu, a large tsoynami (vegan blizzard) menu, a medium-sized bakery section, and several vegan candies made by outside companies (e.g. Theo peanut butter cups!). I was a bit disappointed by the bakery selection. There were several choices for baked goods, but most were standard cookies, cakes, and cupcakes.

I used to love Butterfingers and still love chick-o-sticks, so I placed an order for the daily special Butterfinger tsoynami and several baked goods. I paid and was told to wait until my name was called. I was a bit surprised that the cashier didn't make any attempt to give me the bakery items (which were sitting right there in the case next to the register), but I thought okay, maybe they want everything to come out at once.

After a long wait of about 15 minutes, I hear my name called. I come to the register and only see the baked goods sitting there (again, these had no special preparation other than taking them out from behind the counter and placing them in containers). I asked the cashier where the tsoynami was, she said it wasn't ready yet and it would be ready in a few minutes. I reluctantly went back to waiting.

10 minutes after that, the tsoynami is finally ready. I can't figure out why it took so long as it's basically just a swirl of soft serve with some toppings sprinkled throughout. I bite into it and - blech! The vanilla soy ice cream is among the worst vegan ice cream I've ever tasted. It's extremely watery, and chock full of ice shards, with none of the rich and creamy taste I expected. Putting that aside, the dessert is just horrible. Since it was supposed to taste like a butterfinger I expected it to be loaded with chick-o-sticks, but there's probably only about 1 tbsp of chick-o-stick powder in the whole 16 oz cup. To that these guys added loads of awful, artificial-tasting Torani toffee syrup, and a huge amount of chocolate chips that turned rock-hard and tasteless in the cold ice cream.

The baked goods were at least edible, but they were chock full of sugar and fat (the icing on my cupcake was super-dense and larger than the cupcake itself!) without really having the taste to make it worthwhile.

In summary, poor service and food quality. Avoid.

Pros: All vegan, Sells Theo PB cups

Cons: Inedible soft-serve, poor toppings, Huge wait times, Meh baked goods

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Busy But Delicious Weekend Brunch Spot - Edit

My boyfriend and I stopped here on our trip to Phoenix to grab some vegan breakfast before meeting up with our non-veggie family. I had picked out this spot primarily because I was really craving an acai bowl. We arrived and there was a line out the door to order (it was Sunday morning, so I wasn't too surprised). However upon being handed a menu, I discovered they didn't serve acai or pitaya bowls on Sunday (

Pros: lots of yummy options , friendly staff, nice atmosphere

Cons: small storefront , busy weekend brunch

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Superb Cupcakes! - Edit

After I had dinner at Green New American restaurant, and right next door is this wonderful vegan bakery. I heard the same guy owns both Green New American and Nami.

I ordered a couple of chocolate cupcakes, and they were perfect. I took a couple to go to share with my aunt and uncle as well.

I'll have to try the other desserts next time.They looked amazing.

Pros: Excellent cupcakes

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vegan soft serve!!!!! - Edit

So good! I can't wait until the next time I'm in Phoenix!

The soft serve was soooooooo good. I haven't had anything like it in a long long time.

I also gave one of their cupcakes a try while I was there, it looked small but oh my god it was so rich! I had trouble finishing it I was so full by the time I was half done - definitely worth the money.

Pros: vegan soft serve, delicious filling treats, good value

Cons: small location

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The place had had a functuay about it that makes you feel like you're home when you walk in. The staff made the experience so much more personalized with their knowledge of the menu. the food was absolutely delicious and they even had a whole place next door dedicated to sweets!! it doesn't get much better than this place

Pros: delicious food, lots of options, friendly staff, a


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Super fun treats! - Edit

All vegan with GF options, this bakery/cafe is next to Green and shares a small parking lot. There are 6-8 small tables inside; it looks like most people take items to go. They offer coffee, cakes, baked goods, and their signature treat, soft-serve ice cream with mix-ins called "tsoynami" (the more awesome plant-based version of a blizzard). They have loads of delicious varieties; I tried the doughbie with cookie dough, chocolate chips and chocolate sauce; chai tiramisu with chai and animal crackers; and fluffernutter with peanut butter, banana and marshmallow creme. They were all scrumptious, of course! It's so rare as a vegan to get indulgent treats and the tsoynami is exactly that. After having one, I only lasted a day before craving another :)

There's probably nothing healthy enough here to go every day but it's an awesome place for a treat!

Pros: Delicious, Good variety of bakery/ice cream choices

Cons: Small parking lot

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ICE CREAM!!!!!! - Edit

I love "blizzards" but have a hard time finding anything close to that vegan where I am from. This place was insane. I ordered the "Better Finger" which is weird for me because I hate peanut butter. It was one of the best things I have ever put in my mouth. I was haunted by how amazing it was. My husband and son had the same reaction and we wound up going back again the next day. I would go back to Phoenix for this place alone.

Pros: Vegan soft serve!, Weird, amazing flavours, Adorable art of the walls

Cons: Not in Edmonton

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a real treat - Edit

I haven't had soft serve ice cream since going vegan almost 3 years ago. This was such a treat. I felt a bit of shame about it but it was worth it. We took doughnuts to go as well and they were awesome the next day.

Pros: decedent treats, tasty food, friendly staff

Cons: you may get to be a chubby vegan ;)

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I loved it: lots of delicious options - Edit

I was in town for a Phoenix and had plans to hit up Green and Nami both. The staff at Nami were great in helping recommend a good tsoynami option . . . I got fluffernutter. I couldn't have been happier. I thought the soft serve was good and I couldn't believe how low-cost it was for the size.

I also took a cake donut to go, which I loved.

Go as a single destination or hit up after Green New American Vegetarian next door, but be sure not to miss it.

Pros: selection, staff, quality

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Reviewer Avatar

yummy! - Edit

Their vegan baked goods are absolutely amazing and the tsoynamis are great too. Breakfast rocks too, we love this place!

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Best Baked Goods EVER!!! - Edit

All of their baked goods looked absolutely amazing, but we were flying out that afternoon, so ordered the brunch and had them pack up some Sticky Buns to go. The brunch was very tasty. I ordered the Chili Relleno and my hsuband ordered the Sage Sausage scramble. We shared our meal and both items were scrumptuous!!! The sage sausage was a very good faux sausage and the scramble was the typical tofu w/spices. My Chili Rellano was a whole Pasillo Chili that was crusted, but somehow they had a cream cheese filling underneath the crusted portion. But the real selling point of this place is the baked goods. O M G.........the sticky buns were heaven on earth!!!!!!!!!! We have been savoring every soft, yummy mouthful. This morning both of us had the same thought--I wonder if they ship!!!

Pros: Can you say STICKY BUNS???, All their baked goods, Nice vibe

Cons: Not a lot of seating.

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Yummmm - Edit

So being a GF vegan stinks sometimes, luckily Nami's has you covered. We tried numerous treats so far, and have been delighted by everything we have had. While they use a lot of vegan processed foods to build their treats with, they do it in such a fun good way, you don't mind eating unhealthy when it tastes this good. Great staff, and fantastic drinks.

For a once-in-awhile treat, this place is one of the better places in town.
Updated from previous review on Saturday January 25, 2014

Updated from previous review on Tuesday August 26, 2014

Pros: Fun and fantastic treats, Fun staff

Cons: Too many processed ingredients, Prices, sometimes

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Indulgent...!! - Edit

I was SO full from eating next door, but we HAD to try these Tsoynami's we'd heard so much about!

I had a special, which was soft serve blended with carrot cake and white chocolate....
Oh dear me, it was yummy as anything BUT did get a bit sickly and too much towards the end (which is saying something for me as i love both cake and ice cream!).

Again, being an eco-warrior I was a bit frustrated when it came out in take-away cups as I'd assumed they would have sundae glasses of some-sort and there was plenty of seating....But hey, that's unfortunately the States for you.
Hopefully that'll change one day soon :)

Cons: take-away cups :(

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Vegan Dessert Heaven - Edit

Tsoft Tserve Tsoynami; that's what this place is know for, their soft serve ice creams. That's not all the have to offer though, they are also a bakery. Donuts? You got it. Muffins? Yup. Brownies? Of course! If you're in the mood for a vegan dessert in the desert, this is where you go! With the large selection of baked goods and the variety of ice creams and topping combinations, the only way you won't get something here is if you ate too much next door at Greens. That's not entirely true, you'll probably end up getting something, but you'll take it home and eat it later.

Pros: Delicious, Variety, Selection

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Nami - Edit

Nami is a great little bakery/cafe. The first day I went I got the soft serve and some "winkies" (twinkles). The ice cream was really good, but not something I'd get often. The winkies were also good. Sadly, during my second visit I got a creme filled donut and was disappointed. The donut was dry and didn't have much creme in it. Overall, I'd recommend this place, you just need to be choosey about what you get.

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The Sunday brunch is a MUST! Biscuits & sausage gravy, tofu scramble, potatoes, & Canadian bacon?? All vegan AND delicious?? And check their board for weekly specials (last week they had caramel apple waffles!).

You also have to try their desserts. Vegan donuts, cupcakes, cakes, soft serve, etc. Don't leave PHX without visiting Nami.

Pros: Sunday brunch, 100% vegan, Friendly staff

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A must-try! - Edit

Their soft-serve is absolutely delicious! It's like a Dairy Queen Blizzard, but vegan. Their blueberry-cream cheese turnovers and chocolate chip cookies were divine also. Great place overall!

Pros: all vegan, taste, selection

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We need this place in LA! - Edit

When I realized this is an all-vegan dessert place I was stoked. Some items are slightly pricy, but they're offering something unique and extraordinarily yummy. My first time here I shared a tsoynami - rocky road with a friend. Half a portion was just right for me, though if it had been a full one I would have ate it all. Next time I tried a berry turnover pastry which I devoured. Hope they'll expand this concept to LA someday soon!

Pros: Vegan Ice Cream

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Great expansion of Green - Edit

Nami is a great little spot to stop for a quick lunch or treat. I particularly like that Nami has a case full of vegan baked goods with many gluten-free options... mmmm cinnamon rolls! They're not as busy as Green in Tempe and have ample parking which is a plus. The atmosphere is fun but cleaner than Green, much brighter and quieter, so it's a great place to hop on the wifi.

Pros: Great food/drink/baked good selection, Bright open atmosphere, Plenty of parking

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Wow! - Edit

This place serves coffee, sweets, and soynami blizzards. My husband had a hammerhead (the workers called it a red eye) and he thought it was pretty good. We each had an oatmeal creme pie, very good. It reminded me of a Lil Debbie. Then we shared a vegan Captain Crunch blizzard, this was so tasty! I wish this place was in San Diego--so jealous!

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