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De Bron

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Katelijnestraat 82, Brugge (at city centre), Bruges, Belgium,

Small veggie food restaurant offering one main dish each day in different sizes. Prices range around €2 for soup, small dishes for €9.50, medium dishes for €10 and super €11.50 or so. Open Mon-Fri 12:00pm-2:00pm. Closed mid-July to mid-August.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Western, European

Reviews (21)

First Review by Elizabeth

Nice place - Edit

Please note, this place is CASH ONLY. My boyfriend and I came here for lunch while on an organized tour to Bruges. We had a wonderful lunch. Each got a medium size portion. It's a variety plate. Everything was delicious! Only when we went up to pay our bill did we realize they did not accept cards. Luckily the owner was understanding and allowed us to run down to get some cash out of an ATM. Unfortunately for us, the trip to the ATM took about 30 minutes and we ended up being late back to our meeting with the tour and missed it. Next time we'll be prepared.

Pros: Mostly all vegan, Fresh and delicious, Great location

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Excellent one dish only restaurant - Edit

It only opens two hours a day and not every day, we went there twice before finally finding it open. Once inside, De Bron is a nice place, the cook waves at you before you even enter the eating room, it's lovely. Our table was under a glass roof. There is only one choice, the meal of the day, of which you can choose the size (4 sizes of plates between 7€ and 15€). It comes garnished with different cereals and vegetables. We had a wonderful delicious steak (I'm in love I don't know if you can tell), lentils, boulghour, an apple salad and different fresh vegetables. We were full after the medium size plate (13€).
Be careful they only accept cash.
(We don't know if we prefer De Bron or De Plaats but both are to try.)

Pros: Colorful and varied plate, Good portions, filling, Nice atmosphere

Cons: Opening hours, Cash only

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Une bonne surprise :) - Edit

Situé près du Lac des Amoureurs et à quelques pas du centre, le cadre est plutôt traditionnel, calme, simple et agréable.
Assiette du plat principal très bien composée, variée et équilibrée.
Attente au paiement en liquide uniquement, pas forcement très visible.

Updated from previous review on 2016-12-16

Pros: Qualité et quantité, Ambiance calme et reposante, Bien situé (lac et centre à côté)

Cons: Cash only

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Fresh and Filling - Edit

I went here on the 22nd of March whilst on holiday in Belgium. Unfortunately neither Ostend or Bruges (the cities I visited) are particularly vegan friendly, but luckily I found this place! The food was absolutely wonderful and filling, at an affordable price. The main potion is big so I couldn't fit in a dessert but the other table's looked delicious. The staff spoke English and were very welcoming which is always a bonus in a foreign country. There is only one main dish available and it is vegetarian, just tell your waiter you're vegan for the vegan option.
It's right in the heart of Bruges so if you're there make sure not to give it a miss!

Pros: Central location, Affordable, Delicious fresh food

Cons: Not open for long, Gets very busy so it might be worth booking, Menu isn't in English so make sure to ask

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Very good option for Vegeterians - Edit

I visited in 2014 October. They serve a meal consisting of multiple items. The meal comes in different sizes. When we reached meal time was almost getting over. So be there early. The food was tasty and its very good option for vegetarians. We liked it very much. They do not serve meat at all, falls into the category, in India what we call as pure vegetarian restaurant.

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Only vegetarian restaurant in Bruges ok for vegans - Edit

We went there with a little apprehension after having read the previous reviews on HC about vegan dishes that were not... We ask to the waitress for a vegan dish of the day and she said it was not a problem. And effectively, our meal was completely vegan. The only thing that was not vegan (a sauce for cauliflower) was not put in our dish.

The dish of the day was composed of red and brown rice, lentils (nicely cooked and seasonned), green salad, cauliflower, carrots, green beans, celery, radishes and a cereal and vegetable steak (that was good!). We took the medium size and it was generous. Food is fully organic and fresh and even if it was a little basic, we appreciated the lunch. In terms of price, it is fair for Bruges (12 euros for the medium sized dish of the day).

What could have been better:
- vegan desserts should be clearly indicated on the menu,
- a vegan sauce for cauliflower (not just remove the non vegan one).

The place in itself is really pleasant. There is space, a nice canopy in a part of the restaurant and everything is clean and new.

Pros: very nice place, fresh and organic food, veganisable dish of the day, not too expensive

Cons: basic food, only one dish a day, vegan desserts not labelled

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Real vegans be aware, vegan is not always 100% - Edit

We've been there a few times and now we don't trust it anymore. The food is good for veggies and not for vegans. Not expensive to, good environment but ... asking a vegandishes is a problem. More than once we found dairy in it! Asking vegan and still more than onces serving chickeneggs, cowcheese, cowyoughurt, ...??? The last time we've been there the waitress looks astonished to us, she asked more than once, isn't it tasty? That's not the problem we found dairy in it! But isnt it tasty??? No that's not the problem we get dairy, jeezes! Some starting vegans don't see it or some don't care for it, but we do and we care! Or you start only a veggieresto and don't served vegan, or start a veganresto, not mixing both! Thinking that veganclients doesn't taste that is a wrong thought! We are aware and knows you did that!

Pros: not expensive, nice environment

Cons: don't trust the vegandishes, don't care if you vegan

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no gastronomic experience, fair value for money - Edit

Vegetarian plat du jour which is veganized upon request. The food is fresh, healthy and organic for sure, but it’s no gastronomic experience (rather old-school macrobiotic/vegetarian dish). Rather blend to our tastebuds, and requires a lot of spicing up (taking full advantage of the veganaise, soy-sause and herbal salt standardly available on the table!).

Overall: limited choices (only plat du jour, restricted opening hours, 1 vegan dessert), no gastronomic experience, but not all that expensive (especially considering other prices in touristic Bruges) and fair value for money.
See more on our blog:

Pros: different sizes of plat du jour, not expensive (considering it's Bruges)

Cons: restricted opening hours, no choice: only plat du jour, rather blend food

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A little underwhelming... - Edit

Visited on 11/03/2014. Having struggled as a vegan in Brugge in the past I was looking forward to visiting De Bron. Unfortunately I left feeling a little disappointed. Nothing here is bad, it's just that I found the food a bit on the bland side and a bit unimaginative. There is one main dish daily that can always be made vegan. It was busy (maybe due to it being rare in Brugge with its veggie/vegan offerings) and the place itself is pleasant, I just hope they can become a bit more inventive.

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big mistake! warning for vegans! - Edit

we thought we'd enjoy our stay in Bruges, until we went there. service is not very nice, the waitress seemed to know about veganism, but then she served us the "soya" pudding which actually had yogurt. result is we rushed to a pharmacy to get lactase, to avoid stomach ache (it's vegan, from yeast). the lactase costs 18 euro and the restaurant manager just reduced price by a few euros. he was indeed sorry, but we don't advise the visit, or really ask several persons, to make sure the food is vegan.
for ovolacties, there is not much choice, but it's quite unexpensive and rather good, if you like macrobiotic style

Pros: unexpensive, pretty place

Cons: single dish, not very suitable for vegans, only for lunch

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Smart and clean venue - Edit

A smart restaurant. We struggled at first to get in, because you have to buzz (right hand side of door) to be let in. We were aware that there's only one dish served per day before we arrived so that was OK. Ours was a very tasty type of 'quiche'. However, the rest of the plate was full of small piles of salad and vegetables - carrots, green salad, beetroot, sweetcorn, french beans, mushrooms, bulgarwheat, alfalfa. I personally dont find eating a mixture of every vegetable that you can think of, very interesting. You end up getting a mish-mash of flavours - some hot some cold, some sweet some sour. Didnt suit me really. Carrot juice was nice!

Pros: Smart, clean, friendly

Cons: Too many vegetables on plate, Difficult to enter, lunchtime only

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great centrally located place for lunch - Edit

We stayed in Brugge for 4 days and were lucky to go to the restaurant the day they returned from summer vacation (Aug. 21). The restaurant is only open for lunch from about 12:00-3:00 p.m., and you can also order takeaway if you come by 11:45. It is about an 8 minute walk from the Market Sqaure (walk along Mariastr.)and it was full on both days that we ate lunch there (with what seemd like mostly regular customers). The prices are quite reasonable and everyday there is a different main dish (usually composed of various small portions of vegetables, legumes and pasta). You order a different size (small medium and super) of the main dish according to how hungry you are. The first course (a cheese shnizl) is also quite good as is the soup. Prices are very reasonable - as a family of 5 we ate there for 75 euro. The waitress was quite pelasant and explained the menu to us. The place is large so you can usually get a table.

Pros: excellent food, reasonable prices

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Delicious homemade food - Edit

One plate is offered each day - mini, medium or super size (9.50, 10.00, 11.50) - and it changes daily. One soup also available. Vegetarian plate includes a couple of slices of hard-boiled egg and maybe a few bites of cheese; the vegan version had an extra helping of lentils plus rice, mushroom stroganoff, lightly breaded cauliflower, pasta salad, mixed-greens salad with radish, endive, etc. Fresh juices available (I had carrot-apple). Next day I had the (vegan) squash soup (only 2 Euros) and a medium plate, which had (warm) brown rice, red cabbage with apple, homemade "sausage," broccoli and (cold) steamed greens, pasta, green salad, finely grated carrot, cucumber, tomato.
Teas, beers, wines - all organic, I think. All food is made fresh. Some desserts, including chocolate mousse. On the table are homemade salad sauce (if you think it's needed), soy sauce, crushed sesame seeds and a Herbamare shaker.
Open for Mon.-Fri. lunch, 11:45 am-2:00 pm. It was very busy, all tables filled, both days I was there. Other guests may need to join your table. I was lucky: my tablemate told me about several other vegetarian eateries and two healthfood stores in town. She eats every day possible at De Bron and loves it.
Note that water at restaurants here is always bottled (still or sparkling), so is not free. A glass of sparkling water here was 1.80.

Pros: delicious food

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One word for it: Fantastic! - Edit

This place is fantastic. We had lunches there on successive days during a four-day break, having been blown away by what we found behind the initially perplexing locked front door (you have to press the bell to let yourself in). Inside it's brightly decorated and fitted out with the rear half of the long restaurant room an atrium which bathes diners in light and allows a grand view of one of the city's old towers which looms above. Our welcoming English-speaking waitress explained that there is always one main choice, a vegetable platter, which changes every day, available in four sizes from baby (6.50E) up to super at 11.50E. We went for medium, at 10E, which proved plenty big enough and were thrilled by what we were given: around nine different components including leek gratin, sweet corn, diced cabbage, quinoa, a potato croquet, diced beetroot & apple, cauliflower, bean sprouts and a rice ball. Every mouthful was a treat and surprise. And the sweet of the day, which we shared, was a fabulous Advocaat tart! We were assured that if we came back the next day the platter would be entirely different - and it was. Fabulously so, including a carrot puree and courgette slices topped with hazelnut pesto, both which prompted gasps of delight. If all that wasn't enough there were two aspects which made it special in a city overwhelmed by tourists and eye-wateringly expensive. The atmosphere was a hub-bub of lively, friendly chatter from mainly locals who were clearly regulars; and some of the best-cooked, most imaginative cuisine you'll find anywhere was markedly cheaper than anything else we found anywhere in the city. The only word of caution, which is not added as a criticism, is that they don't hurry and everything is cooked fresh, so some might find the service slow, We were happy as it gave plenty of chance to enjoy the experience and people watch. Paradoxically, it also has quite limited opening hours (11.45am to 2pm): but it's well worth working your day round them, as we did! We would happily have eaten there every day had we found it sooner!

Pros: Imaginative cuisine, Friendly, relaxed atmosphere, Great value

Cons: Lack of options, Limited opening hours

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Wonderful - Edit

This place is a gem, a haven from the tourist hell outside. Full of locals, food was great and so healthy It almost made up for all the chips we'd been eating!

Pros: Vegan option, Healthy and tasty, Friendly

Cons: No options, Not open in evening

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not expensive but only for lunch - Edit

they have only dish of the day and soup of the day. 3 sizes of dishes. i think this is because there is because of economie reasons. because i talked to the manager(or boss) he said its only open for lunch is because there is not enough customer 's at night . brugge is a turist city, but in their restaurant, most are local people. it seems turists are not so vegetarian.... the food is wel prepared brown rice, differente cooked and raw vege, nice sauce, but there is some thing deep fried with a lot of cheese in it. i left it aside. . juice not so great. soup is good. the price is really not expensive.we (2 persons) had a soup , a juice, a big dish of the day, and a medium size one.for only 22 euros. well i'd rather they raise a little the price and open at night !

Pros: good taste + price, mainly healthy, nice place

Cons: not open for dinner, cooked cheese, location a little far off center.

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Quality and Value - Edit

I came upon this retaurant and was unsure if it was open, I was so glad I investigated! Not understanding the menu clearly a waitress explained the system "We only do one dish, you can have it in small, medium or large." Looking around at the happy faces and HUGE plates of food I asked for the medium, with water and a local blonde beer. The beer arrived first and was organic and very nice. After a short wait in a room which buzzed with conversation from a very wide variety of people (groups, couples, singles etc. of all ages and types), when most restaurants in Bruges were almost empty, my main course arrived. A plate containing about 10 or 12 dishes of wonderful variety, cooked in different ways or raw, pulses, grains, vegetables of root, fruit and leaf, pasta, spices, sauces, seeds and salad. One of the most delicious meals I have tasted. Despite feeling quite satisfied I decided to try the desert of the day too, a cheesecake which, I assume was soya, also a delight.
What I was most surprised by was not the price, which was very reasonable, but how marvelous I felt for the whole of the rest of the day. (This may have been partly a sense of self rightiousness on my part but I'm sure it had more to do with a wonderfully healthy and balanced meal!)
All in all I'm delighted I found this place and would recommend it to anyone, vegetarian or not. (and if you can't tell if it's open look in the window or try the door!)

Pros: Atmosphere, Quality, Price

Cons: Hard to tell is it was open.

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De Bron - Edit

In Brugge it is very limited for vegans. I suggest you go here from 12- 2 except for Mondays and eat!!! Dinner for vegans is HARD to find.De Bron is close to the Brewery. De Bron is very nice inside- it looks like the glass roof is retractable-we were there in November. Nice and airy. The manager was the only one that spoke english. He showed us the meal and we asked if it was vegan and that day everything was. He says that sometimes there is an item that is not vegan. He said that when someone tells him that they are vegan he will take it out and give you more of an item or add a new one. You have a choice of a small, medium, and large plate of food. We got the medium and it was a lot of food! I can't imagine what the large was! We had a wonderful pumpkin soup. The plate had broccoli, brown rice with a spicy asian dish, fried cauliflower, green beans w/ garlic, and a creamy mushroom dish. It was AMAZING!

Pros: AMAZING food, Friendly, One place to eat!!!

Cons: Times open, a little pricey

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Reviewer Avatar

Great Place! - Edit

Fantastic little place in a pretty street in the centre of Bruges.
They do small, medium and large plates of food, we had large and couldn't finish them! After explaining we were both vegan, the waitress told us the chef would make sure our food was suitable. they even brought out vegan mayo for us. The meal was so tasty and really inventive, Wild Rice, steamed carrots and peas, celeriac coleslaw, picked cabbage, salad leaves, tomatoes, hot dates and 2 really crisp breaded croquette.
All food is vegetarian and it seemed easy for them to make our meals vegan.
They also do a good range of fruit juices and Belgian Beer and have soya milk for coffees.
They only open for lunch and are closed in the evenings.
Good fresh food and reasonable pricing and very friendly staff.

Pros: accomodating staff, healthy, fresh food, vegan friendly

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