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Linienstr 94, Berlin, Germany, 10115

Vegan fine dining restaurant established since 2011. Features a menu with 3 dishes per course and a 5 course prix fixe menu. Wine list offers many German wine and some international wine. Open for dinner only, except Sat-Sun when brunch is served between 9:30am to 4:00pm, followed by dinner from 18pm to 22 pm. Open Mon-Fri 6:00pm-10:00pm, Sat-Sun 9:30am-4:00pm, Sat-Sun 6:00pm-10:30pm.

Category: Vegan, Beer/Wine, German

Reviews (122)

First Review by Take It Back

Great vegan brunch - Edit

My husband and I went there for a Sunday brunch- it's best to book in advance if you want to make sure you get a table!
The brunch buffet includes a nice range of cold and hot, sweet and savory food.
I couldn't try everything unfortunately because there was so much, but I really liked everything I tasted, especially the vanilla-cardamom custard and the chocolat-maracuja spread which I had with there very cute mini pancakes.
My only criticism is that although the food was labelled, potential allergens were not identified, which can be quite tricky if you have a gluten, a nut or a soy allergy for instance.
I would definitely love to go back next time I am in Berlin.

Pros: Great brunch, Good service

Cons: Potential allergens not indicated on the buffet

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Pricey but fancy and delicous - Edit

Small room, probably fits around 20 to 30 people. I had a black risotto which was very delicious. The flavour was unexpected. We shared a plate of cheeses for dessert which blew my mind of how delicious and distinct they were.

Pros: Simple menu, but all very delicious, Not crowded, reservation probably not needed

Cons: A bit on the pricey side, not for every day, Waiters were a bit "pushy" at selling

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Very Good - Edit

Nouveau cuisine, but larger portions, and far less pretentious, than you get in the UK. You can pick 3, 4 or 5 courses from the set menu. Three courses is probably enough for the average person, though if you're an athlete with a healthy appetite (like myself) then you'd want to go for all five.

The food was excellent, and they've clearly put a lot of thought into creating taste combinations you've never experienced before.

The waiting staff were much friendlier and more helpful than your average German waiting staff, they really make an effort to explain exactly what the different flavours in each dish are, and are very knowledgeable.

If you're looking for something a bit different to your standard 'one large pile of food to eat and feel stuffed' meal then this is definitely a good alternative.

I'd recommend eating earlier in the evening, as the menu is cheaper if you order before 19:30 (e.g. just 19 Euros for three courses)

Pros: Unique Food, Great Tastes, Very knowledgeable and helpful staff

Cons: None

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Great Food - Edit

Delicious seasonal food. Small menu. The first time I ate there the service was ok. I went back with a few friends and this time the waitress was execrable. She didn't make us feel welcome and as we left disappointed.

Pros: tasty food and beautiful presentation

Cons: waitress

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Great buffet - Edit

I went here after trying another vegan brunch buffet which was much more expensive and much worse so I was really positively surprised by kopps! Great variety for a reasonable price, no drinks included. All food was good! from the bread to the cheese to the hot plates

Pros: Many delicious options, good price, beautiful plac

Cons: It was hard to get small spoons for the yogurt or

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Breakfast buffé - Edit

Coming to eat the fully vegan breakfast buffé we were excited. But our first impression was really bad since the waiter looked at us like we were filth and didn't belong there. The buffé in itself was pretty good but not amazing. Fun to try out the concept but not something I would visit again.

Pros: Nice, tasty food., A lot of options.

Cons: Poor service, Desserts were underwhelming

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great cheese plate, OK service - Edit

The food was very good, especially the cheese plate and the bouche. I was, however, unimpressed by the service. I had reservations for just myself and was dining alone. The table had 2 place settings when I sat down and the extra was never removed. When I did not order an appetiser the setting for that course was left on the table. I was also seated at a mediocre table when the restaurant was not busy and I could see more appropriate tables for a solo patron sitting empty. Most upsetting was that when I was half way through my dessert I asked for the bill and explained it was because I was a little rushed to catch a flight, so I wanted to pay before I finished eating so I could leave right away. My bill was brought over promptly and I placed my card in the dossier but waited until well after I had finished eating before my server came over. I actually had to get up and start collecting my things as I was thinking i would have to take my bill to the front. It was only when she saw me getting up that my server took my credit card. (even though she had walked past me multiple times before that)As I was leaving I asked if the next street over was the best place to hail a taxi quickly. She insisted on calling one for me instead, saying it would just be 2 minutes. It was not. I waited nearly 10 before I finally just walked to the next street over and hailed a cab in less than a minute. The food was lovely, but I was just very disappointed by the level of service for the calibre of restaurant and the prices (I paid €43 for a main course, cheese plate, and glass of wine). They weren't unfriendly or anything, just not paying attention to what I would argue are important details of service. Also note, I would have still left a tip because I don't agree with not tipping, but the card machine didn't give me the option.

Pros: cheese plate, creative

Cons: expensive, not awesome service

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Good quality food - Edit

I really liked going to Kopps as they have two different facets: They have a nice and not too expensive lunch meal. In the evening, they are more expensive, but it is definitely worth it. I would recommend going there.

Pros: delicious meal

Cons: very expensive

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fine vegan dining, expensive - Edit

I enjoy going to gourmet vegan restaurants, and this one was quite nice, though, because due to health reasons I minimize the carbohydrates I eat, I found fewer choices. But I selected the tomato stuffed with black rice (yes, some carbs), which came with spinach, and a tiny baby eggplant (that was tasty and I wish there were more of those), with some basil. It was not hugely filling, but adequate. I had the "cheese" plate for dessert, and it was interesting and tasty, but, of course, did not really taste like cheese. There were several and some were better than others. I've had such "cheeses" before and these were OK, but not the best. But I think, since, I do eat cheese, I will not rush to order such a dish again. My spouse had the Sunwheat main dish, and thought it was tasty, but not amazing. The ambiance is very nice, the service nice, and you do feel like you are at a classy restaurant rather than the rather dumpy places that so many vegan and vegetarian restaurants are. But it is quite pricey. We also felt that there weren't so many menu options that we could go back again on this visit to Berlin.

Pros: Upscale chef-quality food, vegan, nice atmosphere

Cons: expensive for the amount of food, Not extensive menu

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Fun to fine dine as a vegan! - Edit

Stunning meal, although it is quite pricey the atmosphere is great and you are given mini tasters for aperitifs and dessert (for free!)

I would definitely recommend the celeriac steak, and the "cheese" board dessert was a lovely experience.
The menu also had an English translation which was helpful, but beware some of it is Google translated, for example my dish was listed as celery steak rather than celeriac steak.

Pros: fine dining experience , nice atmosphere , friendly staff

Cons: expensive , dessert service was slow

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Fine dining - Edit

Very upscale restaurant. Dishes were beautifully executed. Very inovative as well. We made a reservation for a romantic dinner and, although the restaurant were practically empty, the hostess sat us at a table right beside a table with a screaming 4 year old and a smelly dog...
Other than that, we were glad to find an elegant top notch vegan restaurant.

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unexpected - Edit

I've read so much about this place so I tried their brunch. Will not go back. None of the dishes had a distinctinctive taste. A lot of the spreads were too oily, the desserts were too heavy, the type you don't crave another serving of. Disappointed.

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Lunch im Kopps - Edit

Sometimes when i am in berlin i try to have lunch in this vegan place. There is a choice of three daily courses as well as a fine à-la-carte selection. Very reasonable price.

Updated from previous review on 2012-07-11

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Quite an experience - Edit

It is not often that vegans have the opportunity to experience fine dining, but Kopps provides this so well. We had the 3-course fixed menu with matched wines, then also ordered dessert. Every course was delightful and the use of vegetable flavours so innovative. The setting is lovely and the service impeccable.

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Vegan gastronomie - Edit

We loved this restaurant!
We took the 3 courses menu with wine degustation for about 50 euro per person. It was a delice! Price is worth it as you enter a kinda-gastronomic vegan restaurant!

Pros: Only vegan, Gastronomic kitchen

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Excellent food in a delightful setting - Edit

On a recent visit to Berlin, I was delighted to see how many vegan restaurants there were. We went to Kopps on Saturday night and each had something different. All the food was exquisite and well presented. In addition the service was very friendly and the setting very comfortable. I'll definitely go back on my next trip to Berlin.

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Great brunch, terrible tap water policy - Edit

We went for Sunday brunch and were amazed by the quality of the food and variety of choice. There's a table with cereal, yoghurt and fruit, then an assortment of cold food (eg. cheese, salami, antipasti), some hot savoury dishes (tofu scramble, a delicious mushroom medley, etc) and some sweet treats to finish (mini pancakes and three types of cakes). We were really spoiled for choice and ate well. Service was excellent too. I'd recommend booking, because it was absolutely packed.

Drinks are not included in the buffet, they needed to be ordered from the staff. We ordered hot drinks, and then asked for some tap water to accompany them. We were told that they don't serve tap water, but could give us bottled still water instead. We got two small glasses of water (under 0.5l altogether), we didn't see the bottle they came from so they may have been tap water for all we knew, and were charged 3.80. I just can't understand this policy and it really spoiled my enjoyment. If they are losing money, they could bump up the price of the buffet and I can't imagine anyone could complain. Charging extortionate prices for water is not the way to do it, and left me with a very negative impression of the place.

Pros: Great variety at brunch

Cons: No tap water

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amazing - Edit

this restaurant in sure will be one of my favorite ones forever.
everything tastes so great. I went for the first time on Sunday. delicious brunch!

Pros: all vegan. creative food

Cons: expensive

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one two tree - Edit

First time I ate here I was in heaven. Even cried becouse it was more than a homecoming. It was fenominal!

Second time it was good but not outstanding.

Thirt time was not that plesant. That was in summer heat, no airco and allmost broke a teeth becouse The salad as a starter was like chewing on little rocks. When we phoned for reservations the staff was short and rude. We didnt feel welcome...

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Excellent - Edit

We went there 4 times and each time we tried something new. Good quality, good taste and also the presentation of the dishes is great.
I will go there each time I will be in Berlin !

Pros: Choice of menues and a la carte, good wine list, delicious food

Cons: need to book to be sure to get seated

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Vegan brunch buffet - Edit

We went to the Sunday brunch buffet, selection was amazingly varied: cakes, fresh fruit, yoghurt, granola, pancakes, breads, salads and hot savoury dishes including scrambled tofu and a curry!

Sadly, drinks aren't included in the price of the buffet, so it is quite an expensive trip. But very worth trying! I'd advise showing up hungry to get the most out of the experience!

Pros: Variety, Quality, Friendly staff

Cons: High price, Can be busy

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Too expensive for what u get - Edit

My husband and I ordered a few dishes that were nice but nothing special. The plating looks good, but the flavors are plain. For example, the pumpkin soup resembles a common Austrian dish. Here they add to it fresh mango, but it does not add anything. At the end of the day such food should be cheaper. Another big minus, comes from the fact they refused to serve tap water and we had to pay 3 euros just for a glass (not bottle) of sparkling water.
However, we shared the lava cake for dessert and it was excellent. The cook responsible for the sweets knows his/hers job very well.

Pros: Dessert

Cons: Price

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Wein & Dessert - Edit

Ich habe schon ein paar Mal gutbürgerlich vegane Küche hier gegessen, allerdings hat mich die Kombination aus Wein und Dessert bei unserem letzten Besuch echt umgehauen. Leider leider leider habe ich mir den Namen des Weins nicht notiert.

Pros: Weinauswahl, Dessert, Lage in Berlin Mitte

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And now for something completely different - Edit

Did not know what to expect when we booked a reservation. The food turned out to be quite imaginative and had lots of interesting tastes. We only had the three course meal which seemed adequate. It is a comfortable restaurant with pleasant staff. A fun eating experience because it was a bit different.

Pros: Interesting food, Pleasant restaurant , Positive staff

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Vegan fine dining at its best - Edit

The food here is excellent. The bread with egg salad is a must try. It was really tasty. The waitress was very knowedgeable and professional. Prior to our starters we were given a surprise amuse bouche each. The dessert was a mango chocolate cake with hot chocolate sauce poured over at the table by the waiter which made a hole in the middle of the cake like a volcano - simple but clever.

I wasn't so impressed with having to pay for water, when perfectly good water comes out of the tap. It's the norm in even posh restaurants in England now for tap water to be provided free as standard for the table. It really is just silly when we're paying for bottles of still water or jugs of tap water. It just gets one's back up a bit, when we're already paying a decent amount of money and tip.

My only very minor criticisms apart from that are regarding things that make it seem a bit less than a fine dining restaurant such as the napkins being disposable and made of paper (though they were high quality and printed with their name) - I would expect cloth napkins in this sort of place. Also the toilets could be upgraded a bit to suit the high quality feel of the place, although they were quite clean.

Pros: Food, Service

Cons: Paying for water

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Top vegan dinner - Edit

Just finished the 5 course menu. Enjoyed every bite of it. The home made limonade was also perfect. Some might say expensive, but I found it worth the price. Nice and friendly personnel.

Pros: Nice ambiance, original menu

Cons: none

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Brunch - Edit

The brunch was ok, not spectacular. I would eat there again if I lived in Berlin but I wouldn't bother going back on a trip for it. Although I never tried the a la carte. The brunch was about 15 euros.

We didnt have a booking when we turned up after midday, despite having plenty of free tables inside they said we would have to sit outside.

One person requested tap water which they charge 1.80 for.

Pros: all vegan

Cons: charging for tap water, being made to sit outside

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Simply amazing - Edit

If you visit Berlin then treat yourself to an amazing experience. Bought the 5 course menu and it was worth every penny.

Really friendly, professional and smiling staff.

It is advisable to book a table in advance :)

Pros: Quality, Excellent food, Friendly staff

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Fancy, fancy, fancy - Edit

Upon entering the restaurant, me and my partner (both tattooed and not very classy) felt out of place because of how fancy the restaurant is. Staff, however, were very attentive and treated us with respect and we soon felt at ease. The prices are high, but the food is definitely worth it. We didn't feel the dishes were traditionally German, as is suggested here, but they were very creative, very refined and absolutely delicious. I would definitely recommend this place if you're feeling fancy!

Pros: Refined food, attentive staff

Cons: Expensive

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First experience at a Vegan restaurant - Edit

Im from Denmark, and the noun Vegan is as foreign ice is to Africa.
I visited the restaurant Kopps yesterday after some walking around confused...found the "wrong" door.. buzzing the (kitchen) door... saying sorry to the kitchen lady.. walked 10 meters and saw something that looked like a real entrance - as i walked in, i was enchanted by the beautiful decorating - old doors in the ceiling.. as in decoration.. benches made of compressed wood splinters, white old wooden chairs, as in retro.. As i entered, i was approached by a kind blond german speaking fluently English, much better that i - Table for 12 please. after some time we got the table running through the room, menus was a bit long "on the way", written in German which actually made 6 from our group leave as they didn't understand a word. I was the only vegan in the group, and surely the answers turned to me - like its obvious that a vegan dane know what kniepelsuppe is.. hurray for google translate - onion soup. Well so 6 of us were left remaining.. It felt a bit embarresing since I was "the vegan", and i told the waiter that 6 had to leave and if he prefered saving the large section for a greater "party" we wouldn't mind sitting at another table, but he said that it was our decision - we sayed. Lying about why the left seemed natural, as the other conisidense would be irrelevant synichism. Its not like i had any part of it, Except inviting them to join us.
after some time google half of the content - the other half was translated by our most potent German translater. I was impressed by the nuanced taste in the onion soup, i mean, have onions EVER tasted that tasty, my omnivore friends from the school agreed. Actually.. the whole experience has for them been an eye opener.. in the fact that they, had, this really deep believe about mead and other animals product and their flavor.. which no substitutes could replace... one of them was indeed convinced that something was eggsalat and contained egg - i asked the waiter- ofcause not, its all vegan.. actually it was the second time i asked the waiters of the food.. not for me.. but for the omnivores and their believes.. they wheir astonished .. how something like noodles and preperation could produce such similarities.. In other words.. the usual argument - because i like mead and couldnt live without it was questioned down to its core.. as for my experience.. the meals was amazingly filling.. in an amazing good way. full in belly and full en energy

Pros: Amazing relaxing atmopshere, minimalistisk in all - but mostly grant, you can trick your omnivore friend again

Cons: you might ring a kitchen door, guest might leave due to lack in patienc, you can con your omnivore friends?

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Amazing Value For Brunch - Edit

Kopps has a nice ambiance and excellent vegan food. It can get expensive for dinner. My personal favorite is the brunch.
The best of both worlds. Extensive buffet and all the vegan treats you could ever want.

Brunch Hours/Days
Brunch 9:30am-4:00pm

Pros: All Vegan, Tasty, Good Quality

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elegant vegan food - Edit

What a treat to find Kopps, elegant vegan dining with great ambiance and service. Potato dumplings and creamy mushrooms the main course today, varies each lunch. Would like to make the 4 course dinner with matching wines but leave Berlin tomorrow, wish there were more choices like Kopps.

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Fancy and expensive - Edit

Kopps is a super fancy, super expensive place. Yes it's all vegan, but the experience is rather overwhelming. While there are very interesting tastes in all parts of the menu, the food is not necessarily worth the price. I have eaten much more satisfying vegan meals at a fraction of the price. We actually spent more time feeling awkward than actually enjoying our time at Kopps. Go for the experience, if you feel like it, but ante up.

Pros: Creative, Fancy

Cons: Expensive, Awkward

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Really great place! - Edit

I have eaten here twice with friends and both times were great! The food was delicious, the service was very good and the interiors were lovely. I had lunch the first time and brunch the second time. One of my friends is a meat eater from Australia and she even found the food impressive -especially the baked beans ;) We were all well fed here with reasonable portion sizes and the open buffet situation at the brunch. I think the prices are fair for the quality of food served such as fresh specialty ingredients, intricate preparation and tasty flavour combinations. Slightly more expensive than the usual vegan fastfood restaurants - a veggie burger at a vegan fast food restaurant in Berlin is around 6 Euros and a veggie burger at Kopps is around 8 Euros. I'd say, judging by the quality and taste, it's well worth it.

Pros: Delicious food, Quality from every aspect, Not overpriced

Cons: Only one location

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Good vegan German Food - Edit

Good food, rather expensive. interesting menu I would say. I just don't understand why they have so few GF options! I had a smoked tofu but at the end, they told me it was made with wheat!! How could you possibly have non-GF tofu!
The cheese plate was disgusting at the end, to many flavors, too heavy but interesting.
The service is more than correct, but I dunno if it's really worth the price.
I was happy with what I ate, but also frustrated not to have eaten everything of the plate because they removed the non-GF items, and did not replace them

Pros: traditional german dish, vegan cheese, nice options+daly

Cons: expensive, no GF, too much tofu

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Tasty bu expensive - Edit

We went on our last night in Berlin a few months ago-a group of 5 (one vegan, 4 meat eaters!!)

The restaurant is very nice and sophisticated looking- mood lighting and fancy furniture.
We all ordered a main course each and had a few beers between us. The food was very good in terms of taste and there were some interesting and new food options. It was a while ago since we went, so I can't remember exactly what we had- there was a gnocchi dish, and I think some veg tart. I also had a slice of chocolate cake for dessert.

Service was good until dessert, when I had to wait for ages for the food to come out. And then I noticed one of the waiters taking a slice of untouched chocolate cake from another table (they were still waiting for their main) and walk into the kitchen with it, and then 10 seconds later bring out a slice from the kitchen- we were pretty convinced that they had just served me the cake from the other table!!! Having said that, I did eat it, and it was lovely and rich, even if it was someone elses reject!

It was a nice restaurant to go to for a special occasion as the food was really good and served beautifully, as the restaurant is very chic, but in terms of cost, it was expensive for the amount you got.

Pros: Delicious and refined food, Very elegant looking food and restaurant

Cons: Expensive, Questionable waiting staff at times!

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My favorite restaurant in Berlin. - Edit

Everything they make tastes amazing. I had to go there twice during a 5 day stay in Berlin. Super friendly and helpfull staff. Bartender made a delicious Irish Coffee!

Pros: Amazing food, Drinks

Cons: Can be crowded in evening

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Excessively expensive Restaurant - Edit

I have to admit this restaurant offers some variety, with respect to the boring vegan food you find in Berlin, and this can be pleasant. We had a Klassische "Tatar" as appetizer, and then mushroom risotto and truffle tagliatelle. Let me tell you, nice food, but honestly way too expensive: a mushroom risotto cannot cost € 18,00, and the tomatoes do not go with it, trust an Italian palate on this.

Pros: Varied menu, Nice atmosphere, Good location

Cons: Too expensive for the quality, Strange combinations of foods

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Poshest and best vegan place I've ever visited - Edit

The food here is absolutely outstanding. It's quite posh (well for me anyway) and fairly pricey, but the food and service is so good that it's well worth the money.
We had one of the best meals ever here and couldn't recommend it more highly. If you are travelling, it is going to cost you a bit, so be aware of that and budget for it (we had wine, 2 courses and shared a desert for about 85 euro (so nearly 100 with tip)), but if it's for a special occasion it's absolutely perfect. We loved it and will definitely be going back next time we visit Berlin. Apparently they change the menu every 2 weeks too, but there was loads to choose from, and we both had food envy when other peoples meals were being served. We wanted to try everything. It was also pretty filling too, even though the portions looked fairly small at first. You got a few freebies too, like a small soup and a biscuit at the end.

Pros: Brilliant food, Great service, Lovely surroundings

Cons: Not especially cheap (but worth the mone

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Good vegan brunch - Edit

Kopps is a smart vegan restaurant, but don't be put off turning up in your scruffs, as they're fairly laid back. Reservations are advisable though, even for brunch.

The brunch menu is all that's available if you turn up on Friday-Saturday-Sunday lunch times, and the menu gives you no clue about what's on offer, so let's put that right:

Brunch Buffet
(all you can eat, from all of the following)

Bread rolls, vegan cheese/ham/sausage, jam, vegan butters
Salad selection, including filling options like pasta, potato, rice, cous cous, plus coleslaw, veg salads, pickles etc, plus an eggless salad
Soups (at least one option), bread rolls, sliced rye bread etc
Hot dishes, including curry and rice, hot pasta, other veggie with sauce dishes
Pancakes with scrambled tofu-egg or fruit salad
Selection of fruit salads
At least one choice of cake

Yes - you can eat any or all of these things, for a flat rate of 12 euros 50. Kids pay their age (6 year olds pay 6 euros etc)

The fixed price sounds quite high for lunch, but if like us, you help yourself to six or seven courses, it's a bargain! Quality is pretty good too.

Pros: Eat as much as you like for Brunch, Smart and classy, Friendly staff

Cons: Fixed price only for lunch at Weekends, May need reservations

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vegan traditional german food - Edit

if you like traditional german food , here you get the vegan version of it

it is ok , not the best taste , but all relative anyhow

location is alright

Pros: nice location

Cons: not best food

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Fine dining at its best - Edit

My first time at a fine-dining restaurant and i was really thrilled.

Two course menu (26e) with main dish and dessert was the finest i've tasted so far during my time as a vegan. The wine fit well to the wholeness. A big plus for gluten-free possibility even if it was not originally in the menu.

Food was ready quite fast and there was always a waiter nearby if needed. Staff were friendly even if they didn't smile that much.

Compliments/ little presents from the kitchen made us to believe we were important.

Friday brunch (12e) was extraordinary as well. Large selection of different high-quality foods to devour as much as you wish. Well balanced between fresh and cooked dishes and about 70% gluten-free.

Pros: Ultra-professionally prepared dishes, Tidy outlook, Really good service

Cons: Cold drinks not included (even water)

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Heavenly brunch - Edit

We went to Kopps for Sunday brunch. Wow, are we ever glad we did! For 12 EUR, you can fill up your plate as much as you want. There were sweet and savoury dishes on hand and everything was delicious.

Pros: Great food, Service, Atmosphere

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so many options! - Edit

I visited on a Friday around 11:30am and was pleased to find the brunch buffet was being served allowing me to try so many different dishes. My favorites include the various salads/antipasti, the gulasch, the three hummus options and the tofu curry. The service was fabulous!

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Over the top food experience! - Edit

My husband and I ate dinner at Kopps on July 5, 2014. It is very easy to find in the Mitte district. As it was a warm evening, we chose to sit outside. The waitress was friendly and attentive. I selected the "egg salad" and bread appetizer and the "baked chickpea with lentils entrée, while my husband had the 4-course fixed meal. Both exceeded our expectations. The food was beautifully presented, and served at a good pace. The "egg salad" was amazing: easily could fool diehard egg salad lovers. The bread was varied and very fresh. The "baked chickpea" entrée was actually a large chickpea "fritter" topped with smoky de puy lentils and the fritter was garnished with flash-fried snap peas and a "crème fraiche" sauce, and a "walnut puree" of some kind. It was out of this world. Fancy, high-end cooking, for sure. My husband started with a vegetable terraine, followed by a roasted cauliflower soup, stuffed tomatoes and a to die for dessert of various crèmes imaginatively presented in a little pot with passionfruit accents. The entire meal, with one beer and sparkling water was $69 Euros. Loved the ambience, and the service. We highly recommend.
Updated from previous review on Sunday July 06, 2014

Pros: Exceptionally creative dishes, Imaginative and compelling combinations , Great service

Cons: None

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My non-vegan friend was impressed...and so was I - Edit

I ate here last night and literally dragged (he did kick and scream a bit) my non-vegan friend along. He was impressed (convinced he could taste beef in the Wellington) and so was I. Really fine restaurant - quite expensive but worth it I feel. Food was of good quality - fresh and well put together. I would have liked to have seen more nutritional balance across the meals though and perhaps the tastes could have been more interesting. Staff were very friendly and accommodating and the food came out at just the right speed giving a very calm and relaxed atmosphere and one where it felt good to spend an evening. Note I have updated this review owing to an experience at another similar restaurant in Berlin which has set a new standard for a 5 happy cows for me. So this although still great now gets a 4.
Updated from previous review on Monday June 30, 2014

Pros: Fresh quality produce, Good timinings, Friendly staff

Cons: Expensive, Not the best nutritional balance

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Vegan Gastro - Edit

Nice place with a relaxed mood. The food is really nice and shows some great work on the taste. It's the only vegan "gastronomic" restaurant I ve been to and I ve never been disapointed. The only down point is the little bit expensive price but it's worth trying!

Pros: Gastronomic Food, Excellent Tastes

Cons: A Bit Expensive

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Very stylish! - Edit

As we arrived I was positively surprised :) The restaurant is not so large as I expected, but very nice decorated, better said: very stylish! :)

The dishes we ordered tasted very good, but unfortunately the choice was very small. We wanted to eat for lunch and I've read that there is an extra menu card for dinner, but I've expected more different dishes for lunch anyway.

The staff was very friendly but the waiting time was a bit long.

But I would recommend it anyway to all who likes to eat in a stylish, calm and pleasant atmosphere :)

Pros: Good taste, good atmosphere

Cons: small choice

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gorgeous gourmet - Edit

Wow! This vegan restaurant is amazing! We went early on a Friday 5:30pm and had no trouble getting a table with out a reservation. We had the innovative bread basket with faux egg salad. We had starters, mains and dessert and all was amazing. Good portion sizes. Pricier restaurant but trainable for the quality. I had the asparagus with hollandaise sauce and it just melted in my mouth. The desserts were creative and delicious.

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delicious food - Edit

I've ordered one of their menu choice with starter-soup-mean meal-dessert. It was fantastic. The food was very delicious, original and esthetic. It was expensive, but i think it's worth it.

Pros: excellent food, original, friendly staff

Cons: expensive

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Garbanzo tartar - Edit

Very fancy vegan bistro with a great atmosphere. Reservations are recommended.

The place was crowded but they were able to squeeze me in at the bar, since I came alone. I ordered the Garbanzo tartar appetizer and the almond gnocchi. Both were incredible. The tartar was spicy and tasted like tuna, the gnocchi just melted in your mouth. Some of the best vegan food I've ever had.

Service was very slow. Don't know if it was because I was seated at the bar. The couple next to me had slow service as well. The bartender was very pleasant but, my waiter was a bit pushy. He "reminded" me that the tip was not included in the bill.

A bit pricey but, you are paying for the creative menu and the atmosphere. An appetizer, one entree, mineral water and a cup of the hot cider was 30 Euro.

I'd would definitely go back but, this time make reservations and try not to get the same waiter.

Pros: Creative menu, Delicious food, Nice vibe

Cons: Slow service, Pricey, Pushy waiter

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worth a visit or maybe not? - Edit

Updated review: lunch visit

Since I liked the restaurant I came back for their lunch. I have no idea what was going on today. Did I have bad luck or is it always like this???

I came pretty late for lunch, already it was 3.30 pm and there were not many customers there. Around another 10 people at maybe 4-5 tables. And at least 3 waiters running around to us, around 5 tables with 10 customers.

The daily lunch should usual come very quick but it could be good sign that it it took a long time to get it on the table because it means that they actually prepare after I ordered it. But I am not really sure....

The start was nice but it was only cold vegetables and bruscetta nicely put on a plate. Very nice, but it should not take 30 minutes before you are served the starter from the daily lunch menu?

Than I had to wait really long for the burger I ordered. The waiter even apologized and explained that they were really busy. Yes, I understand, but the restaurant was almost empty, it is already 4 pm and if you are already preparing for the diner customers, please get in more staff or close the restaurant earlier.

The burger looked ok, but no cheese and so little mayonnaise in it so I could not eat it because it was so dry. Add to this that I asked for something to drink. And some more mayonnaise after showing the waiter how little mayonnaise there as in the burger. I waited another 15 minutes for the extra mayonnaise but when it finally arrived the burger was cold and still nothing to drink.

They apologized again, said that I didn't have to pay for the burger and the drink, which was a nice gesture and I forgive them for this slow confusing service.

However, they forgot me again, not even asking if I would like to have something more or the bill. I reminded them that I from the begining ordered dessert but I was told it was too late to get any dessert! I left - really mad!!!

review fr 7 February
It is nice to find vegan restaurants aiming at giving you a nice meal in a more trendy and fashionable setting. I am truly tired of the Berliner trashy Burger bars or sloppy Vegan cafes so this is a good option for me and it is even better that they try to reach out to people who are not vegans or vegetarians but also to a wider cliental.

It is a bit slow but on the other hand, you want to spend some hours in a nice restaurant and it takes time to prepare quality meals. You come here to spend 2 -3 hours with friends, also having some drinks or glasses of wine.

Pros: creative food - yes, good service????, tasty food???

Cons: expensive or priceworthy? , wait for table - slow service, tend to forget you....

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Best food ever! - Edit

My partner and I visited Kopps for our evening meal whilst in Berlin this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it! The staff are lovely and attentive and go the extra mile to help you.

I had the sweet Lupine which was divine! My boyfriend who is not vegan had the Leek and lentil main which he also enjoyed. The food was presented beautifully and the flavours all complimented each other very well. The place is very professional.

For dessert I was recommended to have the 8 layer lava cake which was nice but the cream was not to my taste and I do wish I'd ordered the I love chocolate cake that my boyfriend had. But everything in both desserts complimented each other well.

It is slightly pricey but well worth it in terms of quality and quantity! When in Rome!

Pros: Attentive staff, Delicious, excellent quality food, Near to the City Center and attractions

Cons: Slightly expensive but worth it, Needed to ask for help reading menu

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excellent - Edit

Great place for traditional German food. We where in a rush and therefor asked for takeaway. Staff was very friendly and helpful and offered us little snakes whilst waiting.
Food is great and certainly good for vegans, veggie or omni. So good place for any group.

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Reviewer Avatar

excellent - Edit

Are here twice last week, service was friendly and the food great. Had tarts both times, they were fantastic. The soup starter was spicy, I really miss chilli. It's an attractive space in a great area.

Pros: food, service, price

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Outstanding - Edit

Service, location and food really remarkable. Besides the regular menu, they offer a daily fresh menu which includes a starter, a main course and a dessert (+ a glass of water) for 10,50. Everything 100% vegan!
By both the quality and the atmosphere of the restaurant you would tell you are in a fancy expensive restaurant. Really advisable!

Pros: Food, Service, Price

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Quisine instead of cookin, dining instead of eatin - Edit

Lots of guests during the evening.
The prices are on the high side, but..... the food is exquisite. As a vegan you can actually choose, because everything is vegan. For me that was a first!

The portions aren't that big, but very tasty.
The atmosphere is friendly and the waiters and waitresses are nice.
It's easy to find, and in the middle of the city. Even though we didn't make a reservation we could eat, and weren't rushed although our table was clearly reserved after us.
I took the rollade, my friend the gnocchi and we tasted each others meals: delicious. For desert I chose the three cheeses, my friend tried the 8 layers chocolate: same here, both tasty, mouthwateringly good. I expected 'hard' cheeses like 'Gouda' or 'Roquefort' (you know what I mean), but they were more like cheese spreads. The 8th layer of chocolate was served at the table by the waitress which made it an even more delightfull experience.

Pros: delicious food, easy to get to (by public transport), friendly staff

Cons: small portions, not very cheap

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Perfect if you look for fine dining - Edit

Differentiates itself by caring about the smallest detail. Example: Waiter prepared the table besides us for new guests and took over 5 minutes to place the cutlery in a perfect position.
Gives you a rather upscale feeling and the prices certainly are. Don't expect to exit with less than 20-30Euros on your bill if you have a starter, soup and main.

Still, everyone is welcome! From people in suits to people in tattoos ;)

The food was very delicious! The egg salad with bread is simply amazing. I also recommend to try the pumpkin soup! Never expected the nice coconut twist!

Presentation of the food is perfect as well. I will definitely return once in a while. Not getting a regular because of the price though

Pros: Attention to detail, Taste is great

Cons: Pricey

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Nice place, nice food - Edit

Overall rating: good! It was a very nice place and the food was delicious. Was told that this was kind of the best vegan place in the world, i didnt think so... It was great, but not the best. It also took very long just to order and the get the check, and the place was NOT very crowded at lunchtime when we were there.

Pros: great food, friendly staff, nice decor

Cons: took a long time to order and pay

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Amazing food, limited menu - Edit

This is a very fancy, all vegan place. For drinks we had mango nectar which was lovely. I had the cheese plate which is amazing vegan cheese they make themselves. My partner and I shared the bread and egg salad as a starter which was AMAZING. My partner had the roasted potato dish which was very, very good. There is a bit of a limited menu and the mains aren't very substantial but it is very highly quality and well presented. For dessert we had a greek creamy thing with some berry sauce - it was a light, less sugary kind of dessert - could have used a little extra berry sauce for flavour. Overall a wonderful restaurant, fantastic decor and lovely waiter who spoke English. They have an English menu too.

Pros: Great food, English menu and English speaking waiter, All vegan

Cons: Limited menu, Food not very substantial

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delicious and high quality - Edit

had lunch there which was not expensive in comparison to regular prizes - lunch menu around 9 Euros. and really delicious. just one thing: if you do not eat meat because you simply don't like the taste you should definitely not take any of the soy substitutes - my meat eating friend confirmed that the soy schnitzel tasted 100% like pork which was impressive but not what i enjoy... the other dishes (baked celery with mashed potatoes and tomato capers butter and oven potato with tzatziki) were amazing!!!

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Kopps, Berlin - Edit

I had brunch here today. It was tremendous. 12.50 euro isn't the cheapest but it was great breadth of choice and quality. Drinks are extra. The service was great also, the girl who served us was terrific.

A great advert for vegan food, I'd be delighted to eat here again any time.

Pros: 100% vegan, Great food, Good service

Cons: Not for the most budget conscious

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Snobby Staff, Unpleasant Experience - Edit

The staff made a big deal about us not having a reservation even though the restaurant was almost empty. They also made us feel bad for not ordering wine, and were generally snooty and unpleasant. We left because we felt uncomfortable. Not recommended if you want a relaxed dining experience.

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beautiful food and atmosphere - Edit

We'd made a reservation because we'd heard it was a busy place, but it wasnt necessary at all as it was almost a little too empty.

We were welcomed by very friendly staff and were seated by a great table by the window. The decor of the restaurant in general was very cool and fancy and it felt great to go out to a more luxurious vegan restaurant for a change.

The food was excelent with new and interesting flavors and was so beautifully plated that we almost didn't want to ruin it by eating it. I was recomended the seaweed sallad and it was lovely and fresh, as was the risotto. We were a bit disappoited by the cordon bleu which did not have the same standard as the other dishes and felt a bit boring and like something we could have made at home ourselves. The desserts of candied watermelon and the cheese plate were fantastic.

All in all a great night at a lovely restaurant.

Pros: atmosphere, fancy, beautiful dishes

Cons: uneven quality, too warm inside

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Fabulous Weekend Brunch Spot - Edit

Went to Kopps straight from the airport on a weekend trip to Berlin. The vegan brunch is fantastic. Quite a wide variety of choices in food and drink. Everything I had was delicious.

The atmosphere is cosmopolitan, upscale, and neat. On a nice day, which it was when I was there, you can sit outside or inside with the breeze blowing in from the open windows.

The staff at Kopps were friendly and very helpful too.

Pros: Friendly staff, Nice atmosphere, Great brunch

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Disappointed by the menu offerings - Edit

I have soy, dairy, and gluten allergies, and the menu had nothing that contained none of the above (except a salad), which I found surprising for a veg restaurant. It was a lovely restaurant with an amazing staff, but the menu was limited as far as allergens.

Pros: great staff, lovely interior

Cons: allergen free not feasible

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Great experience - Edit

Awesome place. Nice atmosphere and friendly staff. The place was crowded, but they managed to find us a table.

I had and pumpkin soup as a sample (for free) that was a surprise. It tasted really good and I guess that's how they spoil the clients.

The "egg salad" was very good also and the bread that came with it was just perfect. The main dish was still to come and I was already satisfied.

But then it came. A HUGE "Cordon Bleau" (see the picture) that was really good and was able to remind me of my meat-eating days. Me and my girlfriend got so full that we couldn't think of any desert to try. It was really nice and I would definitely come back to this place and try some other dishes.

Pros: delicious, huge portion

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Gepflegt speisen - Edit

Bei diesem Restaurant stimmt einfach alles.
Es beginnt bei der Einrichtung, geht weiter mit dem Service und endet beim Wichtigsten, dem Essen.
Dieses war nicht nur sehr schmackhaft, sondern auch optisch sehr ansehnlich zubereitet, so dass sich neben dem Gaumen auch das Auge erfreute.
Man sollte allerdings wissen, dass es dort nicht primär darum geht, den Gast pappsatt zu entlassen, sondern ihm eine große kulinarische Freude zu bereiten.

Pros: delicious food, friendly staff, great interior

Cons: not cheap

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Dissapointment - Edit

I've heard alot of people saying that the food at Kopps is excellant - but when me and my friends visited I found myself really dissapointed.

I orderd a ris-otto that did not taste of anything, composed of rice and some tomato. I paid 20 Euros for this main dish and a glass of vine. It rally was not worth the money.

My other friends had dishes that was slightly nicer - but no dish was delicious.

too bad!!

Pros: luxury feeling

Cons: no taste, expensive, not so good service.

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Best brunch EVER - Edit

I went here on a Sunday for the vegan brunch. It was easily the best brunch I've ever had. The people I went with all agreed. We ate far more than we should have, just because we wanted to try everything on the buffet line.

Best meal in Europe, hands down.

Pros: All vegan, Best meal in Europe

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toller brunch - Edit

also ich gehe super gerne zum brunch dorthin, da er sehr abwechslungsreich ist. es gibt warmes und kaltes, viele leckere salate. der brunch ist auch für omnis gut geeigent, da er eher rustikal ist und einem "normalen" brunch ähnelt.

bisher war ich nur einmal abends da, aber da hatte uns das essen nicht so gefallen.

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meh... - Edit

Nice atmosphere, but the food was very greasy. All I wanted was a salad, but it still left me feeling greasy somehow.
The soup was a few microscopic veggies with oily, garlic-y broth poured over it.
Also, it would be nice to have more gluten free options.
Updated from previous review on Friday January 18, 2013

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Phenomenal brunch - Edit

We went to Kopps for brunch two times now and it's a real recommendation!
For 12,50 EUR you get an all you can eat hot and cold buffet with huge selection of vegan only food. It's just great to have such an amazing range of vegan salads, sweet and hearty stuff, pickles, waffles, cake, bread, main dishes, ..... could go on.....
Friendly staff and cool atmosphere!

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Wow! - Edit

Great, creative vegan gourmet kitchen. During my -so far - only visit I had a 4 course dinner. Really every single course was great, a phantastic combination of ingredients. I would not hesitate to take omnivores here as well in another subtle attempt to convince them to change they eating habits ;-) .

Very friendly service as well. When I called them up since I did not find the restaurant right away the guy on the phone figured I was close and came out to pick me up.

This place is already on my list for my next visit to Berlin... whenever that will be!

Pros: great food, creative kitchen, friendly service

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räuchertofu anyone? - Edit

We went here for brunch but were disappointed that almost all of the food featured the same smoked tofu and the rest were based on seitan. If you do not love these ingredients go somewhere else (for brunch). The cakes and pancakes were OK, but not more than that. The place is nice with a clean design, although a bit plain and not very cosy. I will not go back.

Pros: location

Cons: uninspired food

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Excellent Vegan Gourmet! - Edit

On a rainy drizzly evening after sight-seeing, we managed to find this place. With a sumptuous atmosphere we felt a bit underdressed, but we were made to feel welcome nonetheless. I've read about the lackluster service of Berlin waitstaff in general, so I was pleasantly surprised to have some attentive and friendly service. The menu was small, but the choices we made were excellent; better to have a small menu with more attention given to each dish. This was definitely much more gourmet than the average vegan imbiss, so the prices reflect that, but it was not unreasonable at all considering how good the food was. Next time we're back to Berlin we'll definitely come again.

Pros: Well-prepared fresh food, friendly waitstaff, great presentation and atmosphere

Cons: Here lists 9am open time but it is 11am

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Great traditional German (but vegan!) food! - Edit

Kopps is such a great value- creative, yummy food; awesome atmosphere; friendly service; and very moderate prices. It's an awesome way to get a taste of traditional German food without involving animals! I went with my vegetarian (skeptical of veganism) boyfriend and he absolutely loved it. Would definitely be suitable for omnivores as well.

The currywurst tasted like real hot dogs, and the rice pudding was to die for. I had to get the vegan cheese plate, which was a little pricey but very, very good.

Kopps is a must if you're visiting Berlin!

Pros: traditional German food, great food, great value

Cons: server's English not great

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Tasty! - Edit

We didn't plan to go here, but after a photography exhibit we were quite hungry, so I used the happy cow app to see what was around. We arrived almost at the end of lunch, but the roulade was quite delicious, and for the price of about 8euros, the portion was just right. It included a small soup as well. I would definitely go back the next time in Berlin, as I can imagine it must be quite nice in the evening.

Pros: great sauces, perfectly cooked potatoes, price

Cons: I only had a chance to go once!

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Nice restaurant - Edit

I've been here a few times and have had mixed experiences.

My first couple of visits were on a Saturday night and we had a fantastic meal in a great atmosphere and although the prices were a little higher than the average prices for Berlin, it was worth it. Although 100% vegan, this isn't explicitly advertised. On both occasions was a vegan interpretation of traditional German dishes and would have pleased any die-hard meat-eaters who happened to drop in for a meal, unaware of the vegan menu.

We also went for brunch once, which we found a little dissapointing. It was mainly bread and spreads (nothing special) with a few salad items, some baked beans and scrambled 'eggs' and some pancakes.

The last time we went, we didn't enjoy the meal at all. I took my parents and the food was unimaginative and bland. We were rather embarrassed so we didn't say anything and perhaps didn't give the waiting staff, who were very friendly and attentive, a fair chance to deal with the situation. We felt that although the food was reasonable, it certainly wasn't worth the high prices that they were charging. We also noticed that, despite it being a Saturday night, the restaurant was noticeably quieter compared to when we had last been - perhaps a sign.

Pros: Great location, Vegan traditional German meals

Cons: Quite pricey

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Great food & family-friendly - Edit

I went there for brunch on a Sunday. We arrived at 10.30am without reservation and it was no problem getting a table. However, an hour later the place was completely packed.
The choice of vegan food was fantastic, the taste excellent. I absolutely loved the baked beans but liked everything else too. (I passed on the items which looked like meat though, which were few.)
The price for the brunch (€ 10,90 excluding beverages) seemed fair to me.

Update: I just went there again, this time for dinner. We were 8 people including 3 children who weren't very keen on trying something new. The waiter was incredibly nice and helpful to find something the children would like. The food was excellent.

Updated from previous review on Wednesday February 29, 2012

Pros: all vegan, excellent food, family-friendly

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Solid Berlin style food! - Edit

There is a german term called "Hausmannskost" and when I turned vegan that was the the thing that irked me the most. I simply loved to eat hearty food laden with bacon and brown sauces. Excuse me! Then I discoverd Kopps and I knew this is the place to go when I deed to emulate my moms German cooking! I had a typical Berlin dish: Bouletten and Schmorgurken - a type of hamburger patty with cooked cucumber in cream sauce with mashed potatoes and my world was okay. I have no wont for meat, it is all possible. The egg salad is especially delicious and last time I was there they had a cordon bleu (the German would say "zum niederknien") worth worshipping. The portions are huge, if you order a starter you might want to opt on sharing a main course. There is an ample alkohol selection as well a cocktails - what more could one want. A great place to take even meat eaters, they'll love it!

I'd like to sum it up by mentioning the well trained staff - something you don't always get in Berlin.

Pros: Regional products, 100% vegan, friendly staff

Cons: pricey

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Amazing place - Edit

Stayed in Berlin for three days on a Europe trip earlier this year, and were lucky enough to be a 15-20min walk from Kopps (was a highlight of our trip). My partner and I went there every morning for breakfast! The second time we convinced the rest of our friends to join us, and even thought half of them weren't veg they loved it also.
We found it to be very good value, and ate more than we really should have haha. Favorite things were the English breakfast (fantastic scrambled tofu) and the pancakes :) we also had a piece of, I believe 100% chocolate cake, that was probable the best cake I've had, ever.
The place is lovely, clean, and the waiter we had was helpful and friendly (also spoke perfect English).
I miss Berlin and this place, cant wait to go there again one day.

Pros: amazing vegan food - Good value, English menues available, Great service and interior

Cons: I live in australia :(

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very good! - Edit

Nice atmosphere, posh place and cheerful waiters..and excellent food! I was really curious to try veganized german food and I liked it very much, despite the dishes are a bit too heavy for my tastes.. I struggled to finish everything!
We started with the breadbasket with vegan egg salad, really tasty. Then we had two soups (delicious), the truffle potato-leek strudel and the cordon bleu, both excellent.. we could finish there but we wanted to try a dessert, the Stribli..very good but nothing compared with the other things we ate.. I surely recommend it!

Pros: tasty, nice staff, big portions

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ok but a bit overrated - Edit

after all those reviews and actually owning the owners cookbook - i was actually a bit disappointed by kopps.
we went there for lunchtime and the staff seemed a bit reluctant to serve us - the choice of food was ok but when we got the dishes, it seemed like we could have cooked it ourselves at home - which is generally not a problem, but when it is actually quite pricey for the amount of food, it's not so great.

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Great place to vegan versions of German food - Edit

We had dinner at Kopps on a Monday night. We booked ahead, as we heard the place is often busy, but found that it wasn't that full when we arrived.

We were very keen to try as many german dishes as possible and had a bit of difficulty choosing between the different starters, and so opted to go for three mains between two us - sharing one of them as a starter. We went for the dumplings with mushrooms in a creamy sauce, stewed cucumber (with meatballs - called burgers and mashed potato), and the cordon bleu (chicken-style fake meat coated with bread crumbs and stuffed with peppers) with mash potatoes.

The dumpling dish was really delicious - and felt like an authentic german dish. The nature of the dish means it is quite hard for it to look beautiful on a plate, but there was a really pleasant mixture of flavours and textures. I think most vegans would enjoy this dish - including those who like fake-meat and those who don't.

The stewed cucumber dish looked very nice on the plate, and had a good mix of textures, and felt authentically german, but the flavours weren't to my liking (though think some may enjoy it). The sauce in which the cucumbers were cooked was quite sour. The meatballs (called burgers) contained a mix of what seemed to be smoked tofu and seitan pieces. The texture was very meaty - but I didn't enjoy them as much as many of the more common soya meats.

The Cordon Bleu dish was really tasty. The fake meat bit was really nice (tasted kind of like what I imagine a chicken schnitzel would taste like), the mash potatoes were really creamy, the gravy was delicious, and the other accompanying vegetables (carrot, shallots, spring onions) were cooked to perfection.

Staff were friendly and helpful, and guided us through the difficult decision of what to eat, though it sometimes took a little bit longer than we hoped to get served.

Overall, we were very happy with this experience, and think any veggie in Berlin wanting to get an authentic taste of German food should definitely give this place a try.

Pros: Nice Decor, Authentic German Style dishes, Good Value

Cons: Service can be a little slow

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great! - Edit

Vegans, you'll love this place! Conveniently located around the corner from the apartment where we are staying and near Rosenthalen Platz, this restaurant has a chic atmosphere and good food. We were served a pepper soup complimentary and then had the dumplings with chantelles and fava beans and the cordon bleu. Both were tasty, good portions and animal free. Service was good. Wouldn't have minded some A/c after the warm day outside but can't complain considering. The herb tea and the brewed soda were refreshing too.

Pros: food, service, atmosphere

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Great restaurant, tasy food, make sure you book! - Edit

Lovely restaurant in central Berlin with a good choice of food and alcohol and a nice ambience. My partner and I had spotted this on Happy Cow before our trip and made sure we visited, but we (stupidly) just showed up expecting to get a table on the evening - how wrong we were! The place was packed, and is obviously really popular with locals and tourists alike. However, the staff were very accommodating, and we were allowed to eat at one of the 'waiting area' tables, as we had looked so disappointed that they were fully booked! The food was delicious, and all the alcohol was also vegan. I would definitely recommend Kopp's to anyone visiting Berlin.

Pros: Tasty food, Large choice, Friendly staff

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Good solid restaurant - Edit

Had dinner here on a Monday evening with my partner. I wasn't expecting a whole lot because it mainly serves German cuisine with a vegan twist and I've never been a big fan of German food to say the least. That our meal turned out quite good was a pleasant surprise.

Upon ordering, our waitress brought us some bread with an interesting dip that had the look and texture of egg salad. I was intrigued so I asked the staff. Turned out it was orzo pasta made with hummus. I thought it was creative although tasted bit bland. Then we had the steamed half artichoke heart topped with tomato-avocado salsa for starter. It was great but the salsa portion was a little scanty. We ordered two mains to share: the servietteknödel topped with chanterelle sauce and the cordon bleu. Both were tasty and came in a generous portion. To round off the evening we also had the mille feuille for dessert, which proved to be a disappointment. Wasn't quite what I had had in mind, it was basically two big globs of lemony whipped cream sandwiched between some kind of crackers. On the side there were some berries sitting on more globs of cream. That was it.

Both of us liked the setting and the decor, simple but detailed. Service was professional and cordial. We didn't have drinks and paid 42 Euro for our meal. Very reasonable.

P.S. We actually headed over to the ice cream shop next door after. They had a couple vegan flavors. I got the johannisbeere and really liked it. Check it out!

Pros: good value, nice decor, friendly service

Cons: weak dessert

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Posh place with medium-food - Edit

My parents met the chef of this restaurant at some vegetarian expo and loved him, his food and his cookbook. Therefore they asked me to check out the restaurant when I visited Berlin this summer. Me, my partner, and a friend went there on a Tuesday night. We had made a reservation in advance (they have a neat online system for this) but the place wasn't too busy anyway. The location and atmosphere are definitely pretty posh, especially for a vegan restaurant. My partner order Serviettenknödel with chanterelle sauce, I order Maultaschen (a kind of giant German ravioli) with chanterelles, and our friend got some kind of vegetables on sculpted mashed potatoes (it had some fancy Italian name). My partner really liked her dish, and me and our friend agreed after trying it. My dish was medium: the Maultaschen didn't taste that great but they came with a very interesting side dish of greens. Our friend ended up with the worst meal: while the mashed potatoes were very tasty, the whole dish was just rather boring. In addition, all the portion sizes were on the small side. For dessert, we ordered coconut creme brulée with blueberries and tapioca to share which was excellent.

Overall I was a bit disappointed. Personally, I probably wouldn't go back there, as the money to value ratio just doesn't work for me. However, if you're looking for a vegan restaurant that is decidedly non-crunchy this is a good option.

Pros: nice atmosphere, good location

Cons: portion sizes small, pricier than the food justifies

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Fancy - Edit

This was the most posh vegan place in my European vacation (the opposite of Yoyo Foodworld) and the food was quite good. I ended up going there twice in late May, once for lunch and once for late dinner. Both meals were good and the atmosphere was very nice. Waitstaff were friendly. My only complaint is that the selections are few, and, like many veg places in Germany at that time of year, prominently features at least one spargel-themed dish (I am not a fan of spargel, which is a kind of bland white asparagus).

Pros: good food, friendly, English-speaking staff, great atmosphere

Cons: few entrees

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This is the (still new) restaurant of the Berlin celebrity vegan chef Björn Moschinski.

The Kopps offers gourmet quality good plain German cuisine (gutbürgliches [deutsches] Essen), 100% vegan, 100% delicious, at quite acceptable prices. Totally nice, totally uBerlin. Without any doubt, it can be stated that the Kopps is one of the veg(etari)an metropolis Berlin highlights.

Pros: good plain German cuisine, quite acceptable prices, Nobel atmosphere

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I will go every time I'm in Berlin - Edit

Love this place. I have been there twice as I have only been to Berlin twice! Sunday brunch was amazing. Make sure you have reservations- we were given a table for a later time when we arrived without one.

The buffet was great! Worth the wait to try veganized traditional German food. Very heavy fake meat/dairy though, which may turn some people off. I ate so much, it was fantastic.
Staff were rude, we never were asked about drinks or given water despite everyone else having it. Thankfully, the head chef sat us and he was a very happy man!

I went back again for a weekday lunch and had mushroom-walnut ravioli, my omni-partner had the daily special: a simple soup, salad, and pasta, and said it was the best meal he had in a long time. Service was much better this time.

Not cheap, but very affordable for the quality!

Pros: Delicious, Atmosphere, Traditional style German food

Cons: Staff can be rude

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A fantastic night - great food and atmosphere - Edit

I went here last week with a large group, and the restaurant has a very modern feel about it. The tables were set very beautifully and it felt very classy.

There were two menus to choose from: the "daily" menu or the "weekly" menu. Everything looked delicious and it was difficult to choose. The drinks menu was also extensive. I decided on a main and a dessert, and both were very good.

I had a vegan cordon-bleu, and this was the first time I've eaten a mock-meat kind of dish since becoming vegan. It was completely delicious but a little bit strange to me because it reminded me so much of eating chicken. The mashed potatoes and sides were delicious. I had the apple "pancakes" for dessert, which looked nothing like I expected but tasted devine. You can see pictures of both of my meals in the pictures for this restaurant.

My sister had a chocolate mousse and she loved it - it looks pretty good, don't you think? My sister is also a vegan and she loved this restaurant, claiming it to be her "favourite restaurant in the world". The food and atmosphere were great. I wish we had the chance to return for breakfast too! Next time I'm in Germany, perhaps! :)

Pros: excellent food, seasonal menu, helpful staff

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Great place - Edit

Wow, Kopps is wonderful. As we were visiting Germany we didn't know about calling ahead for reservations. Luckily, they sat us. The decor of Kopps is very nice. It is very stylish and yet comfortable. The service was really good. Our server was very pleasant and helped us with translation of the menu. Kopps is on the higher end of restaurants but it is well worth it. We ended up coming back the next day for breakfast....it was that good! If you live in Berlin or visiting, I recommend Kopps.

Pros: Excellent food, Helpful staff, good portions

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German classics veganized - Edit

We had brunch at Kopps and were delighted with the great veganized versions of German classics such as Kartoffelsalat, Leberkase, Bohneneintopf, Rührei... Elegant atmosphere and adequate service. Very central location.

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Super Place! - Edit

We ate dinner there last night and it was wonderful. When I called to make the reservation in the afternoon, I found the man on the other end quite rude- and then it turns out they lost our reservation but very luckily we were able to be seated.
But the evening staff were super. It was so refreshing to be in a place where people are friendly towards you, this rarely happens in Berlin Restaurants. The service was fantastic- never did we need anything or want anything that they hadn't already thought of.

The food was marvelous and the prices were very fair. The wine was great, the atmosphere was great- the techno/loungey music wasn't in our taste- but we had a wonderful evening and we can't recommend it enough.

Pros: Good Price, Big portions, Friendly Service

Cons: Lost our Reservation, Bad DJ

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Exellent brunch - Edit

We had a Vegan brunch at Kopp's and were very pleasantly surprised since we found the place just by scrolling the neighborhood.
The food was excellent and there was a great variety to choose from. As they say on their web-pages there are many vegan versions of the German cousine as well as delicious fresh bread, soja yoghurt, muesli, fruit salad, pancakes etc. and various salads to choose from. The brunch cost around 10e per person.
We were very pleased so highly recommended. As the place is popular a reservation is a must; which can also be done online.

As someone noted this is not the place for raw food enthousiasts.

Pros: taste, variety, price

Cons: busy

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Amazing plain fare with an elegant ambiance - Edit

I loved this place! I visited the new vegan restaurant in Berlin some weeks after they opened and I was thrilled. Like my non vegan friends who had this stupid prejudice that vegan food can't taste delicious. Visiting "Kopps" made them change their minds! I had a polish goulash which tasted very much like my childhood and grandma's food! The service is also good - just a bit too many people asking the same question. "Kopps" is not a cheap restaurant but quiet reasonable. The ambiance is elegant, something which you can't take for granted in vegan restaurants in Berlin!

Pros: Great food, Elegant ambience, Fair prices

Cons: No soup in the washing room, Forgot my reservation

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Good breakfast - Edit

I tried the apple pancake breakfast with raw cane sugar and maple sirup (4,8€) and a milk coffee for 2,9€ and was very pleased even though the three pancakes where rather small. Interesting interior, very friendly staff, all vegan - excellent!

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The only kop I like - Edit

in 8 words:
the best vegan place I have ever eaten!

some more:
Although I have never eaten fish or meat, but at least I now know how it should taste. I had a amazing tuna salad followed by filled grilled tofu rolls with classic potatoes and red cabbage (with great sauce!), really strange desert: cold Forrest fruits (sorbet/sauce like) with marzipan eggs on top. And I even forgot to mention the "egg"salad witch better than the real thing.

kopps has a great interior design and a nice atmosphere, I could sit there all night long. Don't forget asking for the wine list.

Pros: good food, big portions, affordable

Cons: i don't live in Berlin

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one of Berlin's best vegan places!! - Edit

- amazing food (I had the "Gulasch")
- good selection of drinks
- very friendly staff
- affordable
- great interior design (stunning!)
- everything is well presented (food/drinks)
- clean
- I absolutely love everything about it!

Pros: great interior design, affordable, excellent food

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Different - Edit

My last review was removed for no know reason but I will post as similar a review as I can remember:

The restaurant and staff were very nice, central easy to get to location, pretty good prices and large portion sizes.

However for a lifelong vegan the meal made me feel ill, It looked exactly like non vegan food, including scrambled egg and different types of meat. Supposedly the food tasted just like meat also. So if you are a new veggie/vegan and miss meat then this is most certainly the restaurant for you! However if the thought of non vegan foods is not pleasant to you then go somewhere else.

For me this was the worst meal of my life in a restaurant.

Pros: portions, restaurant, price

Cons: food like meat

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Best vegan eats in Berlin - Edit

I have just enjoyed my second delightful evening at Kopps and was once again blown away by the flavorsome and unique menu, even though the full menu is yet to be available.
Each of the four courses in the pre-opening menu is delicious and this evening we had a shared starter of "egg" salad and bread that had our whole table fighting over the last scrapings and pondering the ingredients that could have made such an authentic egg flavour and texture.
I don't normally enjoy faux meat/egg products as I am too often dissapointed, however the staff at Kopps have worked some powerful magic and created dishes that will keep even the meatiest of eaters coming back for more.

Pros: Amazing food, Great service, Affordable

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vegan food par excellence - Edit

perfect vegan meals, especially the "Roulade". Ive never eaten something like that before. Its a really good variety to the vegan fast food/ asian stuff. you should visit this place with ur omnivorous friends/ family.
if you love chocolate the "mousse au chocolate" is a MUST EAT. * highly recommended *

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A place you can take your business partners to! - Edit

Yes! Berlin finally has a vegan restaurant you can take our parents and business partners to (besides La Mano Verde, of course): Kopps!

Clean, nice and compfy looking rooms with some interesting design details, a friendly and caring service, and - most important - Bjoern's unique and superior vegan specialities.

What more can you ask for?

Pros: great quality, great service, great design

Cons: none, seriously none, none at all

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