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710 W 1st St, Los Angeles, USA

The Most Exceptional Food on the Planet!

I LOVE AU LAC! Top Notch Vegan food! Been here multiple times and it is always delicious! Chef Ito is so special and a good friend. As you may know, Vow of Silence for many YEARS now. He spends his energy perfecting food I suppose. Try the Ito Burrito. There is tons of raw choices ad well as cooked vegan. But this isnt your typical "raw" food. It is unbelivable and unique and so incredibly flavorful. Ambiance is so cool and some nights there is a show or music in entertainment room. Au Lac is an extraordinary place with exceptional food!

16563 Brookhurst St, Fountain Valley, USA

Heaven on Earth!

This place is completely amazing and a whole other level in Vegan and Raw food! I had heard of this place for yrs, and even though I have recently moved down from Pacific Northwest to Ventura- Ojai area (an hour plus north of LA), I made the drive (few times now) Very worth it. Really not overly expensive.

I don't think my words can do justice but let me say:
Chef Ito, Reverse Osmosis water, Professional vibe from all the workers, All Vegan. All Organic, EXCEPTIONAL FOOD!!

2217 NE Alberta St, Portland, USA

Yummmy and mostly gluten free

I love this little place and I can't say enough about how yummy it is. Also lot's of choices that vary daily. I especially love that majority of the cakes and pastries are now gluten-free. They change the soft serve out weekly. And there's now a small variety of savory menu as well.

1713 NE 15th Ave, Portland, USA

Great Vegan place :)..but crowded!

Very yummy food and I eat here often. However, TOO LONG A WAIT TO BE SEATED. Easily 30 mins on a weekend, in the week and at lunch there is still often a wait. I hope they expand their staff and to a larger location..or consider opening a 2nd Blossoming Lotus. Food is terrific. ALWAYS VEGAN =) and many raw choices and specials. Most desserts are raw also. Thumbs up to the food!!

When I first started eating at Blossoming Lotus the service was great, but over the last few years I am not sure what happened. I called one of the co-owners personally about how incredibly rude a waitress was to me once. That was last summer. The problem was corrected and one of the co-owners did handle it very well. Since then there seems to be an improvement overall. Like I said the food is yummmy- although wish there were more raw options.

2816 SE Stark St, Portland, USA

All Organic, All Vegan- Juice, Smoothies, Food.

All Vegan and All Organic. That is a huge plus!! The owner of SIP cart(s) created this place some time in last few years, so the menu for juices and smoothies are similar (if you are familiar with Sip.) They have bowls and salads and some yummy desserts. I will say everything IS pretty tasty. What is frustrating though is some attitudes of the workers, who seem overly stressed and aloof. (Oddly enough in earlier years ran into this with SIP cart as well, but that eventually changed once a nice girl named Lindsay became manager). Ok, I know people have to work hard, but a smile or two would be be kind.
Definitely a "punk" vibe on other hand, so gives it an authentic Portland vegan feel. But yeah, be.kinder.people. Most of the other "hipster " or "punk" friends I know are, why not you?!?! Oh also music is often VERY loud.

(I no longer live in Portland- and with good reason- attitudes. Buuuut, there definitely are some amazing food and organic restaurants. This place fits the bill taste wise!!! Worth a try!)

Updated from previous review on Thursday December 04, 2014

100 S Fir St, Ventura, USA

Yummy- all organic, all vegan!

This place is really good! I got the Mary's Secret burger and salad. The brownie/cake I got was good also as dessert- but a little pricey. I thought the burger entree was a great price (about 12 and came with side) YUMMY! Also Mary the owner was there- educated vegan and so thankful she is bringing this to a town with not enough vegan options! KUDOS to Mary!!

1004 Willamette St, Eugene, USA

great juice, ok food, bad service.

I called ahead and told them I was an "out-of-towner" and would be stopping in and that I had found them on Happy Cow. When I got there, I felt a tad rushed by the first person helping me. They didnt have alot of green juices on menu as I was expecting by the name of the place, but they did make one which was fine- local, organic, and vegan of course. Then I decided I would also have a sandwich. There weren't many "all vegan" options. There was one I chose they called "Garden Sandwich" which included cheese and mayo. They said "oh you can just leave the cheese off".. and yet no choice of vegan cheese. Then the man (who I think was the co-owner) said that they did have veganise however..Sooo I went for the sandwich and SPECFICALLY said to please add the veganaise. When sandwich arrived I bite into it- kinda dry and yet NO veganise!! BUT to make matters worse, I approached the counter, and the woman - who I believe is the other co-owner SHARPLY said to me
"We dont have veganise right now!" WOW. Right after I bought the sandwich contingent on that fact!! The man overheard this and said to the woman "oh are we out?" BUT NO APOLOGY to me!! NOT one, or can I get you anything else? I went on to say to them- "Yeah, well I did specify that." He wrapped up the sandwich for me to go like he felt a little bad about not knowing they were out.
But still no apology. And the woman who snapped at me, never made eye contact or apologized either!

I am really disappointed in the attitude of this place, but I am glad to know there is access to organic fresh juices in Eugene. If you can handle some moody service, you may like this place. The atmosphere was nice. Lots of creative art and music was pleasant. Just not the people working there!!!
Updated from previous review on Saturday October 16, 2010

8951 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, USA

Extraordinary! Masters of Raw Food!!

Raw Food Done Right!!
This place is definitely one of the classy, well-known, original raw restaurants. a VERY tasty place. Between this and Au Lac in Orange Co., they have 'mastered' raw cuisine. Definitely a tad pricey for SOME entrees, but others are totally priced-right. I wish I lived closer to visit this place and try literally every single vegan thing. (*note - they are not all vegan, but vegetarian and mostly all vegan)

This place is creative ambiance, heart of West Hollywood, top-notch service and food.

3818 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, USA

Pretty darn good.

Been here three times now and always good. The desserts are tastier than the meals, though. Their lunch and dinner food is still tasty though. I dont have any real complaints. Wait staff is friendly. Parking can be a little tricky- because it is main drag (Sunset Ave) in Echo Park. Recommend this place. Very good.

21825 Sherman Way, Canoga Park, USA

Wish it was all vegan; Store is good though

I love the store here...but sadly the restaurant is not all that people make it out to be. I will say it has character. I had food here twice and both times I thought it was good! But not overwhelmingly delish. I was hoping to see many more vegan options since they make vegan cheese. But they do make many dressing with dairy milk products. Also they arent very organic...soo what can I say? It IS decent. And Vegan options. Store is cool.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday March 17, 2015

37 S Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, USA

Pretty darn good!

I ordered the Green Curry to go. It was pretty darn good. O:) I would like to eat there again and try more food! I will say I wish they had even more Gluten-Free options (though compared to average place- still have a good amount). Some things were Organic- hard to tell what was or wasnt.

Parking is an issue in Pasadena on a weekend!

11943 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, USA

Good place -not completely what I imagined though.

First off, Happy Cow has the times incorrect. I went there at 4 pm and had to wait til the chef came back at 4:40. They let me "hang out" but weren't incredibly welcoming (the manager). The wait staff that arrived later, however were really friendly. Many things were gluten free options and they said 90 percent organic - but I wouldn't estimate it to be that high (based on my questions). I noticed they serve 7-up, Coke, Pepsi in refrigerator right next to the Kombucha and I spotted Non-organic soy milk...
Sooo, not saying the place isn't good, just appreciate clarity. The dish I got with some variation to it- was very yummy. Overall a good experience but thought I'd share about those few things....
Updated from previous review on Tuesday March 17, 2015

Updated from previous review on Tuesday March 17, 2015

928 E Ojai Ave, Ojai, USA

Organic, fresh, all vegan

It is nice to find this spot in downtown Ojai. Delicious food with a food raw options as well. Restaurant sells many wraps, soups, some veggie burgers, all organic. Fast service, cute setting with outdoor seating too. The only very small complaint is the two girls who take order to when you get there need to smile a tad more- and be friendly to all (not just people they know).
Chefs/ kitchen staff seems nice. It is a good place and thankful Ojai has this.

2855 Agoura Rd, Westlake Village, USA

Really good!!

This place is really good. I had a Pad Thai a few weeks ago that was absolutely perfect! I worry though, they advertise they are organic and all gluten free but use Gardein Vegan Strips in many entrees? Gardein is not organic!
Had a Karma cupcake- yum. And I had the "Bob Marley" which was also good, but mistakenly slightly too salty that day. Wait staff is nice and attentive. Place is very clean.

Updated from previous review on Thursday December 04, 2014

22423 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills, USA

Seriously Amazing!!

I swear this is one of the most underrated restaurants (at least on Yelp anyway- most complaints on price). I found Juicy Ladies to be one of the, if not the very best, vegan places in greater LA area. Both food and juice is delicious! I figure the owners must have hired someone to come in taste everything multiple times instead of throwing flavors together like I have experienced at other juice places. They also have EXTENSIVE MENU! A large majority of it is vegan, or can be made vegan. Many GlutenFree choices too.
All the food and juice is ORGANIC, which of course explains the rise in price. But it is not like super pricey.
Restaurant is clean, there is free wifi, most workers there are friendly, and there is a "to-go" case too if you are in hurry that day.
Who could ask for more?! Good job, Juicy Ladies!!!

4765 Voltaire St, San Diego, USA

All vegan cafe, service at co-op not as great.

Pretty good and I would normally rate an all vegan cafe 5 or 4 stars if its delicious...I will say I did like the few things I ate and what I sampled from cold case. I also put together a nice organic salad to go as well. I have to say the place is pretty crowded and noisy. Each time I went here during my trip to San Deigo, I have felt that its simply a stressful place. This co-op is big (which is good) and the cafe is upstairs. I was not all that impressed with the customer service at both the co-op downstairs or the people checking me out in the deli. Everyone seemed to rushed and pushy and the cashier misinformed me of few questions about memberships from out of state. Made me miss the co-op I belong to in Portland. :(

4230 Voltaire St, San Diego, USA

Great little place, nice staff :)

Yumm! This place has a delicious menu and alot more than pies! I had a mock tuna collard wrap that was delicious!! They have stuff "to-go" in case there as well. Also, high quality kombuchas and chocolates! Talked to the gal there for a while- who alos mentioned their larger location in Encinitas. Warm ambiance in place and welcoming vibe. I hope they get enough people in there to keep the place going!

610 SW 12th Ave, Portland, USA

OMG- sooo yummmmmy

Remember that slogan from non-vegan frozen yogurt chain in the 80's "This can't be yogurt" ? Well this is pretty much the equivalent of that to the gluten-free world. (And of course, it's all vegan as well :) I am just so impressed Petunia's can make such delicious vegan desserts AND all gluten- free!

I would say by far the best gluten-free bakery I have ever been to, but furthermore I would say this very well could be the best vegan bakery I have had.


Her baked goods are sold at People's Co-op, Food Fight, and many other places throughout Portland. So very glad she opened this walk-in bakery. I went a few days after the grand opening and got a chance to try some cakes and cupcakes that I had never tried before at the other places. Great atmosphere! Great service! The only complaint is a tad pricey. (not way off the charts expensive though- and like I said " T.C.B.G.F." O:) !!!!

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