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Coffeehouse, bakery, and restaurant 1/2 block south of railroad tracks. Roasts its own coffee, soymilk option available. Offers options for vegans, and many dishes contain dairy or/or eggs. Vegans to specify. Kitchen closes at 7pm. 2nd Friday of the month closed at 5pm, and kitchen closed at 4pm. Open Mon-Fri 6:30am-2:00pm, Sat-Sun 6:30am-4:00pm.

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First Review by BrienneAmber


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29 Oct 2023

Delish coffee and great vegan scone

We only had a light fare here so can’t speak to the main meal options. The coffee was fantastic and so was the chai tea latte - a little on the sweet side. We also loved the vegan blueberry scone. Great consistency and full of berries.



Points +42

25 Sep 2023

Lack of options

That’s all I could find here this morning. Why is it on Happy Cow? Good news: it only costed me $7.67. Although, I’m not sure that it was a fair price.


Points +3837

05 May 2023

Vanilla cherry cookies

They had a couple of bake goods. The cherry cookie was just right not too sweet and hit the spot.


Points +355

04 Nov 2022

Great coffee and vegan gf donuts 🍩

they have the most exquisite coffee, excellent vegan breakfast sandwiches, and at least sometimes donuts that are both vegan and gluten-free!!


Points +813

07 May 2022

Love the people but

This is my second time visiting this lovely place but they always seem to not have vegan items in stock that is on the menu. Nevertheless I enjoy waking up and being able to get food at 0630.


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28 Dec 2021

So Happy to Find This Place!

We came back 2 years later and it's still great!

Macy's served us breakfast twice on our road trip between California and Colorado. We knew very little about Flagstaff and were so pleased to find an all Vegetarian bakery/restaurant with Vegan options. I basked in Macy's oatmilk cappuccino and Vegan lemony blueberry scone. The second time around my daughter and I adored their vegan waffle with fresh fruit -- it was whole grain, light, fluffy, and cinnamony-good with real maple syrup. My husband first had the vegetarian pizza croissant, and then the vegetarian eggs and vegetables on a fresh made croissant (so nice not to smell bacon cooking!) and delicious green tea from Japan. The food is served with love and the place is old-world-cute. I can't recommend Macy's enough!

Updated from previous review on 2021-12-26

Pros: Delicious, No Meat Smells, Great People


Points +464

08 Oct 2021


Good waffles made with vegan batter and with vegan butter, coffee was tasty with good crema. Nice staff and ambiance

Pros: Waffles were delicious, Good coffee, Nice staff


Points +29

03 Oct 2021

Best scone ever

Delightedby many vegan options on the menu, and got the best scone - vegan or not - I’ve ever had. Moist and flaky inside, crunchy on the outside, full of flavor. They should teach other cafes how it’s done! Yum.


Points +1422

11 Sep 2021

Healthy food and pastries

No added sugars, no syrups. They use natural sweeteners. The pastries were clearly marked began and we got them all LOL. They don’t have soy milk but they do have other alternative milks.

Friendly service. Excellent local place!

Pros: Healthy foods, Vegan options, Vegan pastries

Cons: No soy milk


Points +34

03 Jul 2021

Yuuuuuum!!! This place has been my Flagstaff favorite for 24 years.

Back when I lived in LA and drove to Albuquerque for college this was always a stop along the way just to get something delicious. There are so many different options and a cool hippie vibe


Points +1481

08 Mar 2021

Vegan options

Hip coffee shop in trendy area of Flagstaff. It has clearly marked vegan options and offers plant based milks for coffee.


Points +2268

27 Feb 2021

Good coffee

It's rare to get a decaf vegan fancy coffee drink but this place pulled it off with style. Also the cookies are delicious.

Pros: Fancy coffee drinks, Bakery case


Points +1121

03 Sep 2020

A must-go spot in Flagstaff

Amazing little coffee shop. The coffee is excellent and the food is delicious. Service is good, but can be a little slow, however this is mostly due to the relaxed, community culture of Flagstaff.

Most food can be modified to vegan. Baristas willing to go over menu options.

I come back every time I’m in Northern Arizona. 100% recommend.

Pros: Great food, Good service


Points +267

24 Jul 2020

Great little spot!

Love the coffee at this spot and the staff are lovely. Great selection of food. Opens really early too. Only drawback is it does get busy, so I’d go at an off-peak time.


Points +88

09 Mar 2020

Good food

This place is stupid cute but always super busy. Free WiFi. Tempeh bacon was really good.

Pros: Tasty food, Cute atmosphere , Flagstaff tourism staple

Cons: Busy


Points +1988

13 Aug 2019


I’m surprised by the lack of vegan options at a restaurant that’s vegetarian. They have a couple of decent vegan sandwich options and waffles. The waffle is a small portion for the price, but it tasted good. The sandwich bread is extremely thick and a bit dry. The sandwiches would be a lot better if they added more of the condiments they use (guac, hummus & vegan mayo). The coffee was great and they have a variety of milks to choose from. Overall it’s a decent option, just wish they had more vegan breakfast options to choose from.

Pros: Great coffee

Cons: Not many vegan options, Customer service is lacking


Points +1438

30 Jun 2019

Vegan treats!

I stopped by for a quick snack. They had a couple of different vegan baked goods. They had a scone and banana bread when I was there. I opted for the banana bread. It was good. Cute, hipster atmosphere. I’d go again.

Pros: Vegan treats, Lots of non-dairy milk options , Convenient location


Points +869

23 May 2019


Yummy vegan baked items and cookies


Points +5269

09 Mar 2019

Killer Scone!

Loved stopping at Macy’s while passing through Flagstaff. Outstanding coffee and baked goods!!

Pros: Friendly staff, Many vegan options , An out of this world scone!


Points +44

21 Aug 2018

Friendly staff, great coffee and delicious vegan sandwiches

A friend from Phoenix told us about Macy’s before we arrived in Flag. It’s a great option for breakfast/lunch or just a cool cafe to hang out in. Loved the HUGE vegan avocado BLT and appreciated the friendly staff.

Pros: Vegan avocado BLT rocks!, Delicious smoothies, Cool atmosphere


Points +402

09 Apr 2018

beautiful coffee and pastries

Starting the day off with gf and vegan doughnuts, vegan scones and strong coffee makes for a fabulous morning. They have an extensive menu for coffees, breakfasts and lunches. Plus they open early. Check out the photographs


Points +381

23 Jan 2018

Consistently Excellent

We stayed in the Flagstaff area for seven nights, and visited Macy's three times. After the first visit, it became our go-to place. The food is delicious, the prices are reasonable, and the service is fantastic. Who could ask for more?


Points +19

03 Nov 2017

Amazing a must if you are a vegetarian or vegan.

Great little spot in Flagstaff. Would visit again.


Points +387

07 Aug 2017

Great spot for breakfast and coffee

I usually don't like to get sweet things for breakfast, but the vegan waffles here were AMAZING. Probably the best I've ever had. The coffee was also delicious, roasted in house, with lots of alternative milk options. Cool vibe, pretty crowded but no waiting.

Pros: Delicious vegan waffled, Delicious coffee, Cool location

Cons: Somewhat crowded, Not a ton of vegan options on the breakfast menu


Points +45

27 Nov 2016

great for families

Perfect restaurant for families with children. Wholesome and delicious. Great service.

Pros: vegan waffles, vegan baked goods, great coffee

Cons: disorganized, limited seating


Points +1209

20 Oct 2016

Nice place

Cute place!
We ordered a lunch to go. It was crowded so we had to wait for 10 minutes, enough time for a Coconutmilk Chai (a little bit to sweet to me).
I had a glutenfree veggie sandwich with vegan creamcheese and a side salad for lunch. Yummie!!!


Points +274

04 Mar 2016

pushy service

Food ok. Service aggressive and not particularly friendly. Hippy type place.

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