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An all-vegan wholefoods cafe est. 2014. Offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a grab 'n go section. Menu includes smoothies, salads, pancakes, burgers, sandwiches, bowls and savory Mexican style entrees. Accepts pre-order/pre-pay - then pick-up. Enter the shopping center on Village Glen. Email contact: Open Mon-Sun 7:00am-5:00pm. Hours listed are during COVID-19.

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First Review by TomForde


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06 Dec 2023

Delicious and Nutritious

I thoroughly enjoyed my vegan breakfast and coffee. If my friend was to be asked, he would admit that too, even though he prefers omnivorous foods. Great veggies, the pancakes were dynomite, but the sausages were a little mealy.



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17 Nov 2023

Cute for breakfast

I got the Georgia Peach as a smoothie bowl and it was super good!


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21 Jun 2023

Favorite spot

The best plant based option in conejo valley. Delicious food and lovely energy.

Pros: Minty matcha, Caesar salad, Mac and joi

Cons: No cons but I miss the spaghetti squash


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15 Jun 2023

great spot

Great food and drinks. Staff nice. Both the scramble and tacos were very good. Chai was great. Worth the drive!


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28 Apr 2023

WOW So good now

I used to live in Ventura County and initially had a rough experience years ago here (long story)'s been years now and recently I was visiting Ventura and decided to try Joi again. WOW it's really changed and has so many choices and delicious, organic, and all gluten far one of the best vegan restaurants! Their raw desserts made by EcoLicious have always been a fav so I was so glad to see they have that now too,

Pros: Organic, all vegan, delicious


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02 Apr 2023

Great find! Highly recommend.

Ate here 3 different meals over 4 days.

Pros: Very tasty food & conscientious service, Whole Foods plant based w/ low sodium , Fresh and made in house


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07 Mar 2023

Good eats, 3.75

Review update 3.0: 2023

The food at this vegan cafe is not the typical menu style, they emphasize mostly whole foods plant based ingredients from original recipes. They do have a few options for those looking for a processed faux burger patty as an example but most of the menu is healthy and tasty.
Some menu items the portions are smaller than others which is why I deduct some points for that but overall the menu and food is pure quality.
As a follow up in my most recent return visit it appears Joi has made some corrections and made tipping fully transparent and controllable by the customer which is nice to see. You can read below on the background to that issue if it interests you.

Old review 2.0:

I ordered the breakfast burrito but found the burrito to be bland. I found it to be strange since it had a variety ingredients that would give it flavor. Even adding the salsa didn’t do much to improve the blandness. The burrito was also surprisingly small (see picture) for the price in comparison to other breakfast burritos I've had from other vegan cafes.

To my surprise the cafe has a practice of charging automatic gratuity to an order without approval. This happened to me and the cashier did not mention this when I placed my order. There was no display for me to see the charges before finalizing my payment and I never received a printed receipt. It wasn't until I got home did I see the square emailed receipt. I don’t mind tipping but slipping a charge automatically without a customer’s knowledge is not cool and this is the main issue here. I hope Joi’s management changes this practice and uses this opportunity to train their staff to communicate and get approval from a customer beforehand.

One last note…
Apparently some people on this app (like the comments below) like to leave harassing comments and not respect those whose personal and genuine experiences are shared on this app. For those people I say please don’t misuse the app and turn this platform into a Twitter like environment.

Old review 1.0:

I really enjoyed the food at Joi Cafe and I like the local vibe of the place. I recommend any of the in house made veggie burgers (southsider & beast), the pizzas, fun tuna sandwich, breakfast scramble and the chai and juices are all really delicious. Props to this establishment for creating wholesome and delicious food.

Updated from previous review on 2022-04-14

Pros: Vegan, Friendly staff

Cons: Pricey


24 Jan 2022

I just wanted to inform you that they do have a sign saying there is a 10% gratuity added & that if you’d like it removed to let the cashier know & i know this because i come in almost every day. also, it’s a bit tacky that you’re complaining about a 10% gratuity when going out to eat.


25 Jan 2022

A sign is not considered direct communication with the customer. I don’t eat there everyday like you hence why you eventually noticed the sign at some point. What’s really tacky is your assumptions and making the issue about tipping. My point is that the Joi Cafe needs to get verbal approval by the customer about an extra charge especially when they don’t display the charge at the register and when they don’t give out a receipt.


26 Jan 2022

you made this whole post saying “secretly charge tip” which is just false. whether they say it verbally or on a sign (literally in front of the register) it’s letting the customer know & it’s not a “secret” & they also do give out receipts…so i’m confused because everything you’ve been saying is just not true. i really hope in the future you put more energy in 1. telling the truth ( also not be so cheap you should want to tip more than 10%😉) & 2. spreading more positive reviews for small vegan businesses because we need more of them & false statements like yours hurt small businesses.


13 Apr 2022

I ate there today, did not get charged extra. The food was excellent. If anyone from Happy Cow reads this, I hope they will consider taking down a negative review for such a positive venue.


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31 Jan 2023

Vegan + Gluten free = my kind of heaven

Popped in for some caffeine and snack after a hike nearby- and I can’t wait to return someday for a proper meal. I choose just a “side” and I’m glad I did. Their pita and hummus was incredible- warm and chewy bread (that I could actually eat!) with three mini scoops of hearty and lemony hummus. Delicious strong and velvety oatmylk latte was surprisingly better than I expected too- so rich and creamy compared to the usual vegan lattes that are around. #Veganuary

Pros: Everything is vegan, Everything is gluten free, A few outside tables

Cons: They deserve a beautiful patio and larger space!


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29 Jan 2023

I had the lasagna and it was delicious! I will be back soon.

Nice atmosphere with lots of great looking food! #Veganuary

Pros: Lots of vegan options

Cons: The place is packed


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21 Dec 2022


I order the pancakes every weekend and makes me the happiest girl no joke. They’re healthy, vegan and yum can’t beat that as a vegan! I have also had the Alfredo which is also just as delicious as the pancakes.


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24 Nov 2022

Come here often?

I do. Whenever I’m within 30 mins I find a way to swing by Joi cafe. This time, we came for Sunday brunch and there was something for everyone.

Pros: Variety, Gluten free options, Bustling

Cons: Far from my house


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01 Nov 2022


I went here twice when I was staying in Westlake Village. I was very impressed! Both times I had take out, and it did not disappoint.
The bagel was a bit fatty for me, but it came with fruits and ended up being well balanced. My favourite was the Poké Bowl. Absolutely delicious! The dressing was perfectly balanced in flavour. A must try if you go here.


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24 Sep 2022

Loved this place

Amazing little cafe. Wish these were everywhere . Perfect selection of tasty, fresh vegan food. Awesome selection of healthy wholefood based and some comfort food options if that’s what you need . Lovely vibe and atmosphere, clean, shaded outdoor seating. If I lived near here I’d be in every day. It’s also very reasonably priced for the quality .

Pros: 100% plant based , Both healthy wholefood and comfort options , Lovely friendly atmosphere

Cons: None


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19 Aug 2022

Great Vegan Brunch spot

This place had a great atmosphere and good selection! I stuck with potatoes and veggies but my daughter went straight for the scones! We will definitely be back!

Pros: All vegan plant based food, Lots of unique options, Good indoor and outdoor seating


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19 Aug 2022

Tasty and fresh!

I have been coming to Joi cafe for a few years now and I really enjoy their food. Everything is always prepared with fresh ingredients and has great flavors. My favorites are the Caesar salad and the pancakes. My only complaint is that their food is a little overpriced for the portion sizes.

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-19

Pros: Delicious coffee and matcha , Always use fresh fruits and vegetables

Cons: Overpriced for portion sizes


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14 Aug 2022

Open and Inviting Community Environment

Farmers market in the parking lot Sunday morning but still plenty of parking. Long line out the door but it moved fast. Large menu of no-guilt superfood dishes for my endurance training. The heart tofu scramble was packed with recovery nutrients and flavor. Perfect after a grueling race yesterday. Large menu of coffee drinks too.


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17 Jun 2022

All vegan - yay!

So thankful for an all vegan restaurant. Why only 3 stars? It’s rather pricey and the portions are rather small. After paying $40 for my wife and I for breakfast I was still really hungry. I usually like to eat my wife’s leftovers but she didn’t have any.

She ordered the pancakes which were really good but small (I talked her into a small bite).

I ordered the breakfast burrito and had the exact same experience as this review “I ordered the breakfast burrito but found the burrito to be bland. I found it to be strange since it had a variety of ingredients that would give it flavor. Even adding the salsa didn’t do much to improve the blandness. The burrito was also surprisingly small for the price in comparison to other breakfast burritos I've had from other vegan cafes. “

I was super excited that they have vegan donuts but at $5 we had to pass.

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-17

Pros: All vegan , Variety

Cons: Expensive , Small portions


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15 Jun 2022

Leckeres Essen & sehr nette Menschen!

We had Mac ‚n cheese and a burger with very delicious & fresh salad. It was very tasty & the staff very kind

Pros: 100% vegan, Große Variationen , Sehr schmackhaft

Cons: Nix


Points +393

12 Jun 2022

A place to go!

Everything is vegan with many many gluten free options. A paradise for me! I have eaten there different times on my vacations in California. Great great food! Very friendly staff. A place to try!!

Pros: Variety of menu, Everything is vegan , Many gluten free options


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03 Jun 2022

Fresh and Friendly

Great Salads. Refreshing atmosphere. Lots of out door seating as well as indoor.
Joi is wonderful, has lots of specials and great menu.

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-03

Pros: Salads and smoothies are terrific

Cons: Many items have lots of oil. , All salad dressing w/oil, Oat-chip 🍪 gross made offsite


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28 Apr 2022

Food that tastes and feels good!

The food here is beyond words, I love popping in here for a smoothie or latte with a pastry on the side after a good bike ride. The food is so clean, tastes amazing and is one of the few places I feel better after I eat there. I highly recommend their lavender latte, bagel sandwich or super food pancakes! Definitely worth the money 🤗✅

Pros: 100% VEGAN, The staff is AMAZING, The food is organic & gluten free

Cons: Pricey


Points +61

25 Oct 2021

Tasty but specific

We had a great breakfast/brunch here but they cater to a specific palate. The food was healthy and fresh, but lacked spice and depth in flavor. I hate to admit that the lemonade was terrible, the stevia needs to save it but actually ruins it. The drink selection was limited in general so I took a risk and it didn’t pan out. That’s on me. Overall 4/5 and we’d come back if we were conveniently in the area.


Points +35

21 Oct 2021


Great service, lots of choices.

Pros: I think it’s all vegan, Really good vegan tuna, Great smoothies

Cons: Too far for me to go as often as I would like.


Points +115

08 Oct 2021

Delicious and oil-free

Always vegan. Oil-free options, too! I enjoyed the Macro Bowl.

Updated from previous review on 2021-10-08


Points +26

04 Oct 2021

Vegan tuna

Love the vegan tuna sandwich!

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-29


Points +225

06 Sep 2021

Nice breakfast

Tried this place for the first time a couple weeks ago and got a latte and the sausage and hash with a side pancake. Loved the pancake and latte. I’ll try something else next time. The rest of the meal was good but I do think it could have a bit more flavor.

Pros: Great coffee , Nice service , Pleasant atmosphere


Points +348

04 Sep 2021


I ordered the tuna sandwich and soup. Holy shifirijrnrnfn. So good. AND THEIR DESSERTS OMG. the raspberry cake with lemon (i think) was my fav.

Pros: Menu is fully vegan

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