Asian cuisine restaurant serving primarily Vietnamese and Thai food. Est. 2015 in Mesa then moved here in 2018. Works with,, and NOTE: shares a kitchen with a non-veg restaurant - if you know whether separate equipment and utensils are used, would you please send an update? Thanks! Open Mon-Sat 11:00am-9:00pm. Closed Sun.

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First Review by veggiesince1977


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07 Feb 2024

Tom Kha yum!

I look forward to this place all year. So delicious!

They've been going through some changes and the vegan half of the restaurant is surrounded by semi crowded looking fish tanks
.... Which can feel really sad

Pros: All food



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02 Feb 2024

Wonderful Food & Great People

I love this place!! It is a cute little place with awesome food. Most of the staff doesn't speak much English, but you get by. My only complaint is that they don't have gluten free options labeled. Other than that, awesome!

Updated from previous review on 2015-06-15

Pros: Quiet, Fast Service (delivery and eat-in), Delicious

Cons: No Gluten-free items labeled


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13 Dec 2023


I asked to be moved to the other end of the restaurant after discovering that the “vegan” side had several small tanks filled with large fish who can’t even swim in a circle. There are other trapped animals also, like a turtle. My heart was broken. But I was more so shocked that the owner is so tone deaf as to not know that keeping live animals in small tanks is not vegan. Furthermore, when I protested, he said they’re “fine.”

Go there and look at the tiny, cramped, and filthy tanks. Tell me if you think the animals and fish are fine.


14 Feb 2024

I feel the same way about the tanks and stopped supporting them because of it. Also the place is filthy. I got an eyebrow raise when I asked them to clean the table off that I was sitting it (it was visibly dirty and so were all the other empty tables in the restaurant.) also, their water tastes gross. It’s all around so disappointing because their food is so damn good. It’s hard to trust though.


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04 May 2022


I thought this place was fully vegan and wanted to try it, but its not fully vegan. Its an omni kitchen with a separate vegan dining room, which contains the dirtiest fish tank I’ve ever seen. Food wasn’t god awful but it was well below average and the place didn’t look clean. No wonder the dining room was completely empty.


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28 Apr 2022

Very Food vegan Food

We ordered the pinapple Curry and the vegetable Fried Rice. It was very delicious. We were very happy to have found a restaurant without „mock chicken“ and so on.
Ambiance could be better.


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13 Dec 2021


I was horrified to see inside the kitchen area, it had a child’s big wheel and looked very unclean, as I went to the bathroom which was also dirty. If this is what they present, what are their habits in the kitchen?

Pros: Vegan options

Cons: Cleanliness


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24 Nov 2021


got pad thai, it comes with tofu so i asked for veggies instead of tofu and they gave me a few pieces of broccoli. very sweet but yummy pad thai, no option for spice level. also got the veggie fried rice, it was really good. also asked for veggies instead of tofu in rice and still got tofu. we dont eat tofu but for the hell of it, we tried it, it was disgusting and a soggy squishy mess. hubby got pad thai with soy chx and they gave him soy beef.. it wasn’t that great of a meat replacement, but not terrible. chon’s thai has better tasting and much healthier dishes like pad thai and fried rice and follows instructions much better :~)

Updated from previous review on 2021-09-11

Pros: pretty good pad thai sauce, very sweet

Cons: dirty, doesn’t follow instructions , terrible tofu


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21 Aug 2021

Very Good Food

They have moved into a new site in Gilbert. We have eaten at the new site twice and have enjoyed the food. They have the best vegan larb here. It was fantastic. It has become our go to vegan restaurant in Gilbert.

Updated from previous review on 2018-08-25

Pros: Good food, Good service , Inexpensive


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14 Aug 2021

Not vegan

This place is NOT VEGAN it is very dirty inside and it should be taken off the vegan app.

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-14

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-14

Pros: No vegan options


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12 Mar 2021

Food was Good

Very Slow service


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26 Dec 2020

Best vegan Vietnamese ever!

So it was Christmas and they were one of the very few places open for take out. I didn't want to cook and I needed pho. I drove from east Mesa and it was well worth it. There was a wait because they were busy, but excellent service. We ordered Thai tea, King egg rolls, spring rolls, pad tai, pho tai, vermicelli, green curry, and this mushroom soup that I can't remember the name of. Everything was super good and we had our Yule feast.

Pros: Delicious

Cons: None


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20 Nov 2020


This place should not be labeled as a vegan restaurant!!! They have another Omni restaurant that shares a kitchen and there’s a chance of cross contamination and that they accidentally put meat instead of faux meat into your meal! This happened to me and I was DEVASTATED! I trusted this place because the name of this place has the word “vegan” in it, but I find it very misleading!! If I could give this place zero stars, I would! The app won’t allow me to.


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09 Sep 2020

definitely recommend

SO YUM! I recommend the fried tofu (sweet and sour). It cured a craving I didn’t even know I had!


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23 Mar 2020

Please do not order through UberEats if you are vegan/veg

If you’re vegan DO NOT order this restaurant on UberEats, they apparently have 3 different kitchens/restaurants but do not specify on the phone app. I have ordered from this restaurant on Grubhub multiple times with no issue. But there is a technological flaw, and miscommunication between Uber Eats and this restaurant. I ordered a wonton soup (which I have had a vegan version of at different restaurants before so I didn’t question it). When checking out the title even says Vegan Green Lotus, as attached for the picture. So now I am here, puking, because I haven’t eaten meat in over 4 years. I wanted to leave this review because I do not want any more vegetarians/vegans/anyone who doesn’t want meat or animal products on their plate have to go through thisas well. It’s just heartbreaking that a restaurant with the word “Vegan” in its name could make such a grave mistake especially during the corona virus going on. I wanted to eat here as a break to support a small business and have a distraction from the chaos going on. I called the restaurant as soon as I noticed, and have mentioned all my concerns about their relationship with UberEats.

I have never reviewed a restaurant poorly like this, but feeding a person meat without consent is inhumane in itself.

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05 Dec 2019


Today i walked in for first time and order food. Place is not inviting at all. Place have lots of potation if they choose one or 2 light wall colors and more modern furniture.
About food. I order Papaya salad and test was excellent.
I order King egg rolls too. Test was okay on that and like the dough because it was creepy and see the layered dough


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05 Aug 2019

Great for Delivery

Edit: I have now eaten in the restaurant multiple times. It is actually better to get it delivered. The service is only so-so, and the food isn’t any better than delivery. There are better options in the area for a night out.

I haven’t eaten in the restaurant, but my fiancé and I did get food delivery after a day of unpacking and work around the house. We actually just came back from a tour of SE Asia after living in China. Being able to so quickly and easily get vegan Asian options was kind of nostalgic! We got two soups and two dishes and the soups were large enough to be a meal for both of us. We didn’t even need the meals, so we saved them for the next day. It’s a good thing, too, because my fiancé balked at the high price of the total bill. Being able to stretch it over multiple meals brought him back down to earth.... We also got summer rolls. My fiancé loved their peanut sauce. I thought it had a little too much of a soy sauce flavor, but it was still good! All the food was absolutely scrumptious and we will definitely order from here again!

Pros: Vegan, Tasty, Large portions

Cons: Expensive


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26 Jul 2019

Good variety

I really enjoy Green Lotus. They have a big menu selection and I typically order one of their stir fries. The cashew nut is my favorite here. They are great for take out or delivery. The restaurant itself isn’t very inviting, a little dingy with odd decor. But the staff are always friendly and service is typically fast.


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29 Jun 2019

Not very good

We had pad Thai. It tasted like they added ketchup, it was not good. We also had the pumpkin curry, it was okay. The place seemed a little dirty and odd. The staff was friendly but I wouldn’t say it’s quality cooking. I would recommend another option if your looking for a vegan spot.


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04 Nov 2018

Really tasty

I had the spicy green beans. I ordered extra veggies. It was a ton of food, but so good. Exactly what I needed after a long day of travel.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, No animal products in any of their dishes


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14 Oct 2018

Great food! Yum!

I walked in on a weekday and nobody was there so it made it a lil awkward. But the server was so cute and welcoming. The food was awesome! It tasted so good I felt like I wasn’t vegan, but the whole joint is!!! Definitely under rated. But I’m happy to hear that they’re still developing, only opened a few months ago, and have a lot of online orders going. Worth a try for anyone!!!
One flaw is they need to work on the construction of their booth seats.

Pros: Lots of vegan options! It’s all vegan, Comfortable atmosphere, Great food!

Cons: Seating booths need work, Tv was very dirty, Nobody was there! Food was still great!


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06 Sep 2018


I (and my non-vegan husband) LOVED this place! The service was great, the food was delicious, we ordered 2 appetizers, soup, and 2 entrees and the layers of flavors even in delicate broths was superb. We will be back very soon!

Pros: Fast service, Delicious , Good prices


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28 Aug 2018

Mediocre food, poor service, decent value

Service was very poor. They forgot to put tofu and veggies in my order and when I asked about it, they said the kitchen was running low. It was as if they were saving it for some other person. They did give me a small discount for the issue, but service was also very slow. I received my meal more than 10 minutes before my wife, even though we ordered at the same time. I do appreciate that they are full vegan, so that is a plus!

Pros: lots of vegan options, decently priced

Cons: poor service, food was mediocre


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05 Dec 2017

Yummy Pho

We love their vegan pho!

Pros: best tofu meat substitutes

Cons: it is a little confusing where to enter


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29 May 2017

Conflicted... Vegan or Nah?

There are 2 vegan menus: 1 American menu; 1 Vietnamese menu. (I took photos of all pages on both menus; see photos.) I asked our waiter for both menus and he was happy to oblige. Why do they have 2 different menus? The Vietnamese menu still has English descriptions for every entry. Upon further inspection, I did discover that some of the dishes in the Vietnamese menu were cheaper than its American counterpart. e.g. Combination fried rice, Thai fried rice, and Pineapple fried rice are all $8.95 in the Vietnamese menu. In the American menu, Thai fried rice is $9.95, Pineapple fried rice is $10.95, and Combination fried rice is $11.95. In all fairness, there could be a reason. Maybe the American menu offers a larger portion, because…ya know, Americans?

KING EGG ROLLS $5.95 - American menu. 3 large & crispy “egg” rolls, filled with veggies and tofu. It came with thin light brown/yellow sauce that did not taste like sweet and sour sauce. The egg rolls themselves were cool, but would’ve been better with the right sauce.

GA RAM $5.95 - Vietnamese menu. Fried soy chicken appetizer. It had a wiggly consistency. The flavor was ok, but I couldn’t get pass the texture.

CA MUOI XA CHIEN $8.95 - Vietnamese menu. Marinated soy fish deep fried with spicy lemongrass. The dish had great flavor but the soy fish did not appear to be deep fried at all, and there was no hint of the lemongrass flavor. This dish came with jalapeños, minimal broccoli (maybe 2 pieces), green bell peppers, and onions, served with jasmine rice.

RAU THAP CAM XAO GUNG $9.95 - Vietnamese menu. Fried ginger “chicken” with mixed vegetables. Served with jasmine rice. This dish was also very good and flavorful. I requested spice level 4 (on a 1-5 scale), but it was not spicy at all.

HOT & SPICY GREEN BEAN $9.95 w/ Soy Chicken + $2 - American menu. I requested spice level 4. It only had a hint of spice. Maybe they gave me the American spice scale instead of a real spice scale?

VEGETABLE FRIED RICE $9.95 w/ Soy Chicken +2 - American menu. Excellent flavor in this dish as well.

One of my dinner mates ordered the Vegetable Pho (Vietnamese menu) and was served REAL MEAT! How can this happen? Because it shares a kitchen with its non-veg*n neighbor, Pho Bamboo. For this reason, I have a major problem with this establishment marketing itself as a vegan restaurant.

Aside from investigating further, I won't return to Green Lotus unless they become completely independent from Pho Bamboo.

Pros: some dishes were very flavorful

Cons: you might be served real meat here!, Shares a kitchen with neighboring, non-veg eatery, a little dirty


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30 Dec 2016

greasy food

We went in at 7 and it was completely empty, our waiter didn't know anything and the food was awful. My mom got pad thai and it looked like they dumped water on it and i got the chow mein and there was so much grease on it i couldn't even have a bite. The lady who worked there was absolutely lovely though.


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10 Oct 2016

Not fully vegan AT ALL.

Scary situation overall for me. As a vegan, I truly wanted to support a place with so many options. The inside is pretty dingy and overall pretty uncomfortable. The kitchen is shared with many animal products and it was tough to be sure our food wouldn't be cross contaminated. The food was lackluster at best and very greasy. Gluten-free items were not labeled and the ingredients were a mystery most of the time.

Updated from previous review on 2016-10-10

Pros: Friendly owner

Cons: Shared kitchen, Sketchy dining room, Dingy


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27 Aug 2016

Reminds me of eating at grandmas house

The lady who served us was very sweet. The decor is very eclectic. We enjoyed our meal and took home a bunch of leftovers. The portions are huge. I'm just happy there is an actual vegan restaurant in Mesa!

Updated from previous review on 2016-08-27

Pros: Friendly staff, Large portions, Inexpensive

Cons: Cluttered dining area, Shared kitchen with non vegan restaurant

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