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Via San Gregorio 17, Milan, Italy

Bit rude....

16 Sep 2013

I don't want to be negative about a vegetarian restaurant as I really want to support them...but we really were quite upset by how we were treated at this restaurant.
It was very busy and when we tried to order a hot drink after the meal we were told we couldn't have it and that we would have to leave because they needed the table :-(
We had eaten so much of the very yummy food it was quite unpleasant to have to get up and walk miles home straight away. Suppose it's a good thing that a vege restaurant is so popular though....So would definitely recommend it for a quick lunch, but not for a sociable dinner perhaps.

Via Dell'Unione 6, Milan, Italy


16 Sep 2013

Great place, very popular, has a vast choice normal italian dishes that happen to be vegetairian rather than lots of fake meat. Admittedly they didn't have half of the dishes available, but what we had (mixed plate of about 9 hot dishes to share between 2 for 30 euros) was delicious. Great service.

40 Rue de Gergovie, Paris, France

Great atmosphere

27 Oct 2010

The thing I really liked about this place is that it you really wouldn't have known it was a vegetarian restaurant - although I like all the health drinks etc that you can find in vege restaurants it was very nice to be in a nice restaurant where the food happened to be vegetarian ratehr than feel like I was being difficult. I think it's the kind of place you could definitely take a meat eating friend! It was great to be able to have a set menu too, which I can't normally do in France as in restaurants which serve meat there won't be vege options on the set menu. Cosy atmosphere, very reasonable prices, felt like a family place (not sure whether it is) and had things like home made pear cider (although they had run out). Went there twice in a 4 day trip! It's a bit of a hike from central paris but well worth the trip.

Drahtgasse 3, Vienna, Austria

Great atmosphere

29 Jan 2012

I went here for lunch on a sunday when almost all the other vege restaurants in Vienna are closed. Really liked the atmosphere, comfortable and colourful. Large choice on the menu, I liked that there were Austrian options (e.g. Wiener sausages, Goulash) so that I didn't miss out on trying local options because I don't eat meat as usually happens!
Was a little difficult to find - is just off Judenplatz which is a few hundred meters further south than the map shows it (that may have been corrected by the time you read this)

Stoofstraat 6, Den Bosch, Netherlands

Small and quirky

07 May 2016

Nice small place, menu is limited to tosti, sandwich or soup.

La latteria, Via Degli Alfani, 39/r Firenze, Florence, Italy

Closed for summer until 31 August

29 Jul 2012

Just tried to go here today and found it is closed for the holidays until 31 August so watch out if you were planning to go to.

Previous review from last year:
I came here intending to have dinner in September, but they only had one or two things to eat other than the cakes so it's more like a cafe. Looked like a nice place for a coffee and cake though, but then I guess you don't need a vegetarian cafe for that - surprised to hear teh cakes aren't vegan from the reviews below.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday October 27, 2010

Via degli Albari 6, Bologna, Italy

Expensive for what it is

16 Sep 2013

This is a cafeteria style affair where the food is pre-prepared and you choose 1, 2 or 3 dishes from the trays behind the counter. We went on a Saturday night and found the prices exp. for what you get: 7.50 for 1 item, 12.50 for 2 items and 15 for 3 items. I think it's cheaper on weekdays though. The food was cold, although they did re-heat it when we went back to complain. Was quite complicated with it unclear what was included and what wasn't, and contradictory pricing on the wall. Seemed to be quite a popular place though.

Rue la Vieuville, 24, Paris, France

Great character

16 Sep 2013

All the reviews below are accurate - both positive and negative!
Bit cramped (especially toilet which is full of stuff!) but charming. There are about 5 tables inside and another 3 outside so you may have to wait for a table.
Owner/chef/waitress is disorganised indeed, and waited over half an hour after ordering before I got my drink (after asking for it again). It seems everything is made from scratch (you can see it being made) which is good.
Felt very healthy.
There was a second chef/waitress this evening. Both friendly. Would go again.

C/Hospital 74, Barcelona, Spain

Can't wait to come back

29 Jan 2012

Loved this place, so healthy, and great atmosphere crazy walls very colourful with lots of painted on fruit!
The menu of the day + juice of the day is great value, and was all really tasty.

21 rue Duret, Paris, France

Gets booked up very early!

27 Oct 2010

Didn't actually go here but wanted to warn others to book far in advance - they were booked up 3 days in advance while we were in Paris. Looks amazing though from the reviews can't wait til next time!

Stall 29, food court Talat Sao Shopping Mall, 3F, Vientiane, Laos


29 Mar 2014

Has about 5 options including rice, noodle soup or spring rolls. I had the fried rice which was nice, and came with some impressively realistic fatty pork - wish I could buy that at home!
Beware the mall seems to have two buildings - the food court is in the southern one (I almost gave up after searching the northern building which has 5 floors but the top 3 are not in use).

R de Mouzinho da Silveira 249, Porto, Portugal


25 May 2016

High end buffet at normal prices! Lots of choice, good quality food, beautifully presented and very tasty.

Via Mascarella, 81/H, Bologna, Italy


16 Sep 2013

Was a proper restaurant rather than a take away which we liked. Food was average and not that much choice. Waiter insisted on speaking to us in English no matter how much we replied in Italian desperate to practice! Waitress was very sweet though.

Griecinieku 11a , Riga, Latvia

Interesting combinations - executed perfectly!

05 Jul 2016

Really enjoyed the interesting dishes, the chef really knows what they are doing with the combinations, want to go back to try everything.

Kruisstraat 24, Den Bosch, Netherlands

Nice little place

07 May 2016

In a lively area with lots of terrace cafes, does nice snack/lunch food (see picture), friendly staff.

Via Farini 1/3 r, Florence, Italy

Great place, yum yum

29 Jul 2012

We went to Sedano Allegro after finding that the Raccolta was closed for the summer - and what a find!

Had the seitan green curry, which was delicious, apparently the seitan is home made, and it was really tasty, not at all cardboardy like it can be sometimes, wish i could somehow ship it home...

They were very accomodating to my mum who can't eat oily things, and adapted a dish to suit.

Waiter spoke great English and service very good. Can't wait to go here agian.

Weimarstraat 60A, The Hague, Netherlands


16 May 2016

Nice little new place which cooks about 10 dishes a day and you can buy a mixed plate of them for eat in or take away. With sides of salad and bread it costs about 10 euros. They can also do pizzas and other dishes (see menu in photo) if you pre order.

Vientiane, Vientiane, Laos

Arrive early!

29 Mar 2014

Went here today, thanks for the amazing directions, made it very easy to find even in the chaos of the area!
I made the mistake of not arriving until 1pm so the dishes were almost finished and a bit cold, but sure it's great if you arrive a bit earlier.

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