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40 Rue de Gergovie (at Arrondissement 14, Metro: Pernety), Paris, France, 75014

Small veggie restaurant. Food is mostly lacto-vegetarian with dairy, and limited to no vegan options. Has organic beer and wine. Open Mon-Sat 12:00pm-2:00pm, Mon-Sat 7:00pm-10:30pm.

Category: Lacto, Ovo, Organic, Beer/Wine

Reviews (31)

First Review by SarkeBeeley

Not worth going there in purpose (for vegans) - Edit

After reading the previous reviews I was hesitating to go to this restaurant for a while; but I finally did.

To me, it's a mixture of many of the reviews we already have:

- Few Vegan options (there are not just 1 or 2 plates; but perhaps 3 or 4 salads, and 3 main dishes). Also, the day of my visit (Jan. 6th, 2016) the Plate of the Day was not vegan; so I ordered from the regular menu.

- Tastewise, the vegan food is just ok. Very simple and not exciting at all (from the menu it seems to be much better for vegetarians). Also, portions are a bit small.

- The staff is also ok. Not rude at all; but not super friendly either.

- The interior is a bit vintage; but I found it to be pleasant.

Hope it helps.

Pros: vegan options

Cons: food is nothing special, portions are a bit small

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OK - Edit

I went there with an omni friend once. The place looks old, it gives a sad atmosphere. It feels a bit like you were in your old aunty's kitchen but the waiter was friendly and the food was good. The (sadly) narrow vegan choices were nice, simple but very tasty. I understood that everything was homemade.
My friend was very surprised by her seitan-based meal and loved it, she said she was no longer afraid of having a meal without meat (yeay!) We had a great time anyway but the place steel gives me the creeps ^^

Pros: Good simple food, Not Expensive

Cons: Old-Fashioned Place, Rare Vegan Options

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pleasant restaurant - Edit

vegan options. good and interesting food. in run down area. worth hunting out. had lunch here while en route from Montparnasse station to aurport.

Pros: vegan options non pretentious.

Cons: a little hard to find

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Fair Vegeterian food but... - Edit

This place offers fair Vegeterian food.
Unfortunately the place looks old and stucked in the 70's.
I went there 3 times but I stopped it ; I found the staff unfriendly. I don't go to restaurants to see closed faces and lack of smiles.
Prices are OK.

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Super Cheap Tasty Veg Food - Edit

This little restaurant was is so cute and they decor is so fun and arty, I love it. The food I had was super tasty and pretty cheap for Paris. I recommend checking this restaurant out for sure - if you have time to waste though, when I was there they were very busy with just one waiter (possibly the owner) and he was run off his feet - I had the time to waste so it was fine.

Pros: Inexpensive, Delicious Food, Good Location

Cons: Understaffed , Limited Vegan options

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Really good place - Edit

Although this is not a vegan restaurant, they always have 1 or 2 vegan options, and of the several times I've eaten here, I've always loved the vegan dishes I've had. The staff is often busy, but they are very friendly and helpful. The atmosphere is interesting and a bit funky in a really nice, artful way.

Pros: Few but good vegan options, quiet, friendly

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Fresh and simple - Edit

I wouldn't make a special trip for this place but it was a good option when I was in the area. The food was fresh and simple. The service was prompt but not all that warm or welcoming. Still, not a bad option in the area.

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Not very vegan-friendly but couscous was good - Edit

I tried Aquarius once but I think this will be my only time since the restaurant offers very few vegan options. The only vegan thing I could have was their couscous which nevertheless, was very good and varied. However, no vegan dessert at all... The staff was relatively friendly and the place is pleasant.

Pros: couscous is good and generous, pleasant place

Cons: very few vegan options, no vegan dessert

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Very good, simple and not expensive. - Edit

Good food; vegan options available. Friendly staff, good value. Nice fat cat wandering around.
We ate there 3 times as was very close to our hotel.

Pros: Good food, Good value, friendly staff

Cons: location away from city center

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Dissapointing - Edit

I've been twice to Aquarius. As a vegan the first time, I had the (vegan) Indian plate, a selection of small dishes inspired by India. I found most dishes uninspiring, prepared without imagination or flair and without proper Indian spices.
The second time I had the Ocean salad (or similar name), combining different see weeds and algae. It was ok, but again the salad wasn't seasoned, no vinaigrette, basically a few spoonful of various algae around a plate of green salad. Plus that second time we had a little annoying issue with the drink order, having asked specifically for Roiibos tea (or red tea) and being served something that contained black tea and then having to argue with the waitress about it.
We will not go back to Aquarius. It might be ok as vegetarian restaurant and I understand that it has been around for a while, but as a vegan, there are many better alternatives managed by passionate vegan cooks who are doing much more than vegetable on a plate, who are trying to really create tasty and exciting food. If Aquarius was cheaper, it could at least redeem itself on a price/quality basis, but it's not even cheap.

Pros: Good location in the 14th district, Interesting decoration

Cons: Uninspired cooking, Unexperienced staff, Too pricy for what you get

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Disappointed - Edit

The first times I went there, I really liked it : "pâté végétal", "feuilletés aux pleurottes"... almost everything seemed vegan and tasted nice.
Then they changed the menu and marked clearly what is vegan and what is not : actually, they put eggs and cream in virtually anything and only two dishes remain available for vegans.
The last time I went, I was also extremely disappointed by the food : it did not taste particularly good, and this goes for the vegan meal and my sister's vegetarian meal.
Besides, they do not seem to care about seasonal food (tomatoes and zucchinis in the middle of winter...)
It's a pity because I live right next to it but I don't think I will go there again.

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Just if you are in the neighborhood... - Edit

It's not bad, but it's not worth making a detour to eat there. The place seems to have remained stuck in the 70s. It is very cheesy ... It is a vegetarian food without any originality, but we have enough to eat.

Pros: Good portions

Cons: Noisy

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Pricey but great atmosphere - Edit

My partner and I went here the other day while on holiday. It was our first night and we arrived late so couldn't be bothered quibbling over prices and decided to splurge a bit. The restaurant is slightly crowded but I took that as a good sign - there was never an empty table. It had very cute decor with carved wood tables with candles and flowers. The waitress spoke no English but with our little French and some general gesticulating we didn't have any trouble ordering. The menu had English descriptions which made it much easier for us. The vegan items on the menu were clearly marked which I suppose must have been a recent change as other reviews have said they had to ask.

We ordered the raviolis for a starter which were delicious and packed with flavour and came with a small side salad. For mains I got the mushroom tart and my partner ordered a meatless loaf. My tart was slightly dry but the mushrooms were delicious and the side vegetables - seasoned carrots in sauce and zuccini/courgette in tomato sauce - were very nice. My partner enjoyed his loaf slice which he had with the same carrots as I had and some roast potatoes. Even though we were quite stuffed we got a slice of chocolate gateau which was also very tasty.

My only real complaint was the price. On top of our food my parter ordered a small glass of cidre and altogether the bill came to over 40 euros which I felt was a bit extortionate. However, it was our first night in Paris and if you don't mind splashing out a bit the food is pretty good, the staff are lovely, and the experience feels very 'French'.

Pros: Lovely staff, Clearly marked vegan, Large portions

Cons: Expensive

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Delicious food - Edit

A charming place in Montparnasse. The staff is friendly, and the food tastes great. There are many fine vegan choices, and the staff seems quite willing to accomodate vegans. Even so, vegans should be aggressive here--we were served one dish that we were suspicious about, and waiter then realized that we were served something with dairy in it by mistake, though promptly made amends.

Pros: great taste, charm

Cons: vegans need caution

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Yummy Veggie Food in Paris!!! - Edit

We're a veggie and veggie-friendly spouse and in Paris the last week in APril 2012. Both of us enjoyed our food. Was able to do several courses with wine affordably and sooo very happy to have had soup! Seriously, can only trust veggie-only places to truely use only veggie broth and this was very delish (even with needing a little more seasoning). My husband commented later in trip that he was more pleased and full with their meal then at other places later on in our trip. Got there at openning so no trouble getting seated, staff was very helpful, waitress' english was better than she believed it to be (and our jet lagged french was prob'ly worse). Cannot recomend it enough! Reminds you of the college town "hippie" places we've all been to and enjoyed the food at (decor and food wise!)

Pros: Great Food, Good Prices

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Excellent - Edit

I ate at this restaurant tonight. In France, it's usually quite difficult to be vegetarian. In restaurants, and particularly in lunch-canteens, the vegetarian dish is at best the entire dish with the meat left out. Result: I'm always still hungry after lunch/dinner and need to get a snack to satisfy my hunger. Not so here. For the first time in my life, I leave a French restaurant happy and had more than enough food. Considering the high quality and location in central Paris, the price is reasonable: 20€ (March 2012) for a three-course dinner with soup, lasagne and chocolate pie with cream (all but the cream were okay for vegans, I think). They also had a much better option for non-alcoholic drinks than most restaurants do. Usually I pay 2 euro for a glass of juice from a carton one can buy at ALDI for 1 euro; here I got delicious fresh juice (several fruits available), a bit expensive but worth the money. In summary, I can strongly recommend this restaurant!

Pros: excellent food, friendly staff, big portions

Cons: possibly too big portions for some

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Nice Place - Edit

Whilst in Paris we had evening meals here and at Potager du Maris and Saveur VegetHalles. This place had the smallest portion sizes of the three (we were very hungry after a full day of sighseeing!), however it was definitely the best value for money - 30E for two for two courses (drinks not included) as opposed to the 50E at Potager du Maris. Food and atmosphere were good and the Italian waiter was very helpful.

Pros: Menu, Price

Cons: Portion sizes

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Nice little place - Edit

I did not know what to expect. Having been living in Paris for 8 years, it was the first time I visited the place.
I went there on a Monday lunch and I must say that for 12€, i had a very pleasant 3 course menu starting with a green soup, some kind of lasagnes with potatoes as the main meal with creams and side-cooked veggies and a part of cheesecake as a desert. Really honest.

Pros: Warm , Friendly, Tasty

Cons: Unvegan

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Great atmosphere - Edit

The thing I really liked about this place is that it you really wouldn't have known it was a vegetarian restaurant - although I like all the health drinks etc that you can find in vege restaurants it was very nice to be in a nice restaurant where the food happened to be vegetarian ratehr than feel like I was being difficult. I think it's the kind of place you could definitely take a meat eating friend! It was great to be able to have a set menu too, which I can't normally do in France as in restaurants which serve meat there won't be vege options on the set menu. Cosy atmosphere, very reasonable prices, felt like a family place (not sure whether it is) and had things like home made pear cider (although they had run out). Went there twice in a 4 day trip! It's a bit of a hike from central paris but well worth the trip.

Pros: Tasty food, Very healthy, Good set menu

Cons: Bit of a hike!

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A great find! - Edit

We loved this place! The food was excellent and the waitress was fun & helpful. She struggled with English; we struggled with French. And we all did a lot of laughing. She even took my notebook and wrote down the name of the wine we were drinking. Was the food 100% vegan? I don't know. We were having such a good time we forgot to ask.

Pros: excellent food, friendly & helpful staff, nice atmosphere

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What a gorgeous little place. - Edit

I think I may make myself unpopular with this review, judging by some of the others, but I found this petit resto to be a wonderful little find.
I had a beautiful veggi (not vegan) meal with a bottle of wine for about 25 euros.
The food was great, the atmosphere was warm and friendly, the portions were huge and the decor was beautiful.
I would highly recommend this place, on its quiet little side street in a lovely neighbourhood (I was staying there anyway), to anyone, veggi or otherwise.

Pros: Friendly staff, Huge portions, Good value

Cons: Non vegan

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conservomom 03 Oct 2010 - I agree. Aquarius was our favorite restaurant in Paris.

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Perfect! - Edit

The title sums it up really... as others have written, the menu is in English and French, which is helpful, and is 100% vegetarian. I chose from the specials menu (which the English chef willingly translated to us through the very friendly waitress who was really trying her best at talking in English!), which was $15 for 2 courses. Meals average about $12, the only thing that bought the cost up was the wine ($20 for the bottle), as the house wine was out of stock. The food was truely fantastic, really rustic-style home cooking, but clearly made with care for detail and taste. The restaurant was decorated in a kitsch but cute way, and along with the staff, was really welcoming.

The chocolate truffle log is to die for!

Pros: English-friendly, Great staff, Attention to detail

Cons: $20 wine brough the cost up

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Not my first choice in Paris - Edit

I tried Aquarius during my recent trip to Paris and was disappointed by the lack of vegan options on the menu. The location is slightly off-centered in the 14th arrondissement, the restaurant itself is cute and welcoming. I had hummus as a starter and an Indian dish as my main course. The only vegan option for dessert was an apple compote, and I passed on that.
They serve organic wine.

Pros: 15 euros prix fixe dinner, organic wine

Cons: not enough vegan options

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Hard for non-french-speaking Vegans - Edit

I had a lovely dinner here with a friend, but had one heck of a time trying to figure out what was vegan. I ended up picking the safest-sounding dish. I don't see why a vegetarian restaurant would choose not to label things that are vegan.

Pros: Good, fresh food

Cons: Opens late, Not vegan-friendly

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I didn't find it vegan-friendly, either, but... - Edit

My only visit to Aquarius was this past winter or spring, while living in France (we did try to go one other time, but they were full). I remember nothing about what I ate, or even if I had dessert, which doesn't say much for whatever it was. But I do remember that I had a hell of a time trying to find something vegan, and seemed to have no luck getting through to our waitress.

As it turns out, she gets a get-out-of-trouble-free card -- we finally succeeded at communication at the end of our meal, and as it turns out she is somewhat hard of hearing and usually works the quieter lunches (not dinner), so she was having trouble understanding everyone, not just me, because of background noise. *Vegans take note:* She explained that while the menu is indeed fairly devoid of vegan options, if you call ahead and tell them you're vegan, they can usually make something for you. I have had great luck with the "make me something vegan" option at other places (in the States), though I never got a chance to try it here. Would love to see how well it works...

Pros: nice décor, they have the english-language expat mag

Cons: can suck for vegans

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Vegans, beware! - Edit

I've been there twice. I find the place to be pleasant, and the food is very nice although there is not much choice (and a little on the expensive side). First time I went I had this couscous with loads of stuff on the side: seitan, tofu,... I checked and was told it was vegan.

Went back a few days later, and wanted something else, but it wasn't vegan. So I said I would have the couscous. They tell me it's not vegan. I explained about last time, so they checked. Turns out it contained eggs, cheese and butter. Very vegan! And I had eaten that.

In the end, there are only 2 vegan dishes and one vegan desert. I wouldn't recommend the place to vegans.

Pros: tasty

Cons: not-vegan friendly, not much choice

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moderate... - Edit

Because my friend and I are going to stay one year in Paris for studies, we have to find a good veggie restaurant over here to satisfy our vegetarian needs :)
Unfortunately, it won't be Aquarius...
The food is moderate, the atmosphere was moderate, the service was moderate... I had a soup with not to much taste and "le friand forestier" who wasn't that special for 15€...which can count already for a student.

Pros: A bit cossy, Quick service

Cons: Small portions, A bit noisy

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Reviewer Avatar

Stars were not aligned - Edit

A really bad experience. We stepped in the door to be told by a man sitting at a table eating, "Rentrez pas, c'est pas la peine". Which meant don't bother coming in. This man happened to be the owner of the restaurant and definitely needs some work on his sense of humour. The food was fair, the service was poor and the jokes were terrible. Will not be returning.

Pros: BIO beers and wines

Cons: Un-accomodating, Small dining area, Not kid friendly

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dirtandskirts 22 Feb 2013 - "Rentrez pas" or "Entrez pas"?

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Maybe if we had been there earlier? - Edit

I was looking forward to trying Aquarius after reading the reviews on this site but I have to say I was a bit disappointed. We unfortunately arrived about half an hour before they were closing after lunch which may well have changed our experience. The staff seemed really disgruntled that we'd turned up, plonked us on a table and didn't even bother to refill the water jug that had been there from the last diners. The waiter (manager?) was english and talked down to us as if we were really stupid. There were some decent options on the board but limited choice for vegans. The tabbouleh starter was lovely but there weren't really many options for a main course. In the end the only thing I could eat was the chilli which was basically a big bowl of kidney beans with a tiny bit of sauce and a couple of chunks of fake meat. As for dessert there wasn't anything that was vegan (that they were willing to cook at the last minute) so I ended up with a bit of fruit. Not very impressed. I have to say the waiter did write down how I should explain that I'm vegan in French which was really helpful but other than that I felt as though he thought we were stupid. He told me I'd really struggle to eat as a vegan in Paris in a tone of voice that implied that it was stupid to even attempt it. We didn't get the chance to go back on an evening when they may have been friendlier without the time contraints but perhaps it may have been better then.

Pros: Nice layout, Okay prices

Cons: Limited vegan options, Attitude of staff

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