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La latteria, Via Degli Alfani 39/r, Firenze, Florence, Italy

Ristorante vegetariano. Small vegetarian restaurant cafe and latteria. Serves homestyle cooking. Brunch all day. Open hours sometimes changes, so call ahead. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-8:00pm.

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First Review by Stevie

Limited selection, unfriendly - Edit

I went here with the family, after much discussion of wanting to try this place for several months. Unfortunately, the owner was unfriendly and yelled at us a couple times before we could even manage to get our food (once for sitting at the wrong table, and once for putting a shopping bag on the table while we got situated). The food and drink were generic and not anything special. Won't be returning here.

Pros: Good location

Cons: Unfriendly , small selection

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disappointed - Edit

We were pleased to find this veggie café but were disappointed. There was no non dairy milk alternative. We had a vegan tomato quiche & 2 veg quiche. There was no side salad so we were not full up. There was no pastry just a topping. They tasted ok & were warm, but small. We did not stay for cake.We found better places, some in the next street. Had a big selection of teas.

Pros: good location, vegan option

Cons: small portions, no non dairy milk alternative

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Avoid - Edit

Its quite hard to have a bad food experience in Italy, but if you're up for the challenge try and find this place. It is comedy bad, I don't know why we actually didn't leave straight away.

Its a small, cramped little place that was totally empty (a sign I think).

The old woman that runs the café is mental. When I tried to ask more about the "Rice+cheese+eggs" she started howling about don't I know what rice is? She was so rude.

When the "Rice+cheese+eggs" turned up it was a tiny slice of a quiche type thing that was cold - straight from the fridge, served with nothing else.. not even a bit of salad. It was very dry, I'm guessing she must have made it 2 or 3 days previous. This delight was on the menu for 5 Euros a slice.

I also had a piece of "Crostini" which was basically just a small piece of stale bread.

Awful doesn't quite seem to capture the experience of this place, it was by far the worst food we have been served anywhere. Avoid at all costs.

2 is the lowest score you can give on here!

Pros: None

Cons: Bad food, Bad staff, Bad service

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I wish I had seen the reviews - Edit

I made a list of all the vegetarian restaurants in Florence but I did not take the time to read the reviews. How I wish I did. I will certainly do so in the future. I agree with everything said in previous reviews. Our experience was the same. I don't know how this woman could stay in business so long. The food is horrible. As already said, the only vegan option was a quiche that was cold and hard and had no taste. The serving was tiny. Her hand written menu said she would serve tap water but when I asked for it, she made believe she did not know what I was talking about until I pointed to her own note on the menu. An Italian diner told me that their family asked for tap water but she brought them bottled water anyway. My husband ordered a glass of wine and it was the smallest glass I have ever seen served in Europe. She insisted that we try the vegan cake. It was tasteless . I truly can make much better food at home without any effort. She was not nice at all. Actually cranky. There was only one family in the restaurant other than us and they ordered coffee. When we went to pay the bill, we were astounded. As already stated , she added one euro to the price of everything listed and said it was a service charge . I have never heard of a service charge being added to every item ordered. She was defensive about the bill because I presume many others have complained. I certainly felt cheated. The bill was outrageous and we both left starved. It was not a pleasant experience. I recommend that you do not try this restaurant . Anything or nothing would be better. I cannot think of one pro.

Pros: None

Cons: the food, the owner, the prices and quantities

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not recommendable - Edit

This place I found accidently and was fascinated by its nostalgic ambience. The owner is an old woman. I was surprised that she directly offered English and French as her foreign languages, but it became clear within the first minute that she is a bit crabby. But anyway, I read something about "vegan cake" outside the cafe and liked to eat something sweet, so I went in. She was warming up the cake in a small oven and afterwards the cake got a fruit purée topping. It looked wonderful, but I was confused, when she served not only a pastry folk but also a knife ...
The knife was really too blunt to get through this kind of something, that you could not call "cake". The taste was not so good as well, it was really disappointing.
Because I am an honest person, but I would not like to be rude, I told the woman, that it was "nice" (not really true), but that it was difficult to eat because it was quite hard. Then she said something like "yes of course, there is no milk, no egg, nothing inside..." And this was the point, where I was asking myself, why she is serving vegan cake then, when she has no clue of baking it. I got even more angrier, when she told me, that this wooden piece of baked dough should cost 5 euros. I finished our talk with telling her, that it`s normally no problem to prepare fluffy vegan cakes!
Two cows is the lowest possible voting...

Pros: pretty nostalgic atmosphere

Cons: crubby owner, expensive, not able to bake cake

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Just excellent ! - Edit

Contrary to the notices precedent, this restaurant will remain for us one of best remembers of our stay in Italy, thanks to the user-friendliness(conviviality) of this small restaurant and its warm welcome.
The proposed dishes are certainly a few, but are in perfect adequacy with the theme of the restaurant. Ingredients are of quality and the generous portions. The cook knew how to describe us his dish(flat) simply and even if his recipe(takings) was very family, we knew what to expect. This nice atmosphere returned our meal more pleasant than the other more tourist places.
All the meals are fresh and home-made, special mention to the cinnamon milk we deeply recommended.
The service is made with the smile, the cooker took time to discuss with us.
We deeply recommend this establishment and would return to it with pleasure, whether it is for the cooking or for the welcome(reception).

Pros: quality, reception, originality

Cons: choice

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Closed for summer until 31 August - Edit

Just tried to go here today and found it is closed for the holidays until 31 August so watch out if you were planning to go to.

Previous review from last year:
I came here intending to have dinner in September, but they only had one or two things to eat other than the cakes so it's more like a cafe. Looked like a nice place for a coffee and cake though, but then I guess you don't need a vegetarian cafe for that - surprised to hear teh cakes aren't vegan from the reviews below.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday October 27, 2010

Pros: Nice atmosphere for tea+cake

Cons: Only a couple of meals available

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Trapped - Edit

Should have read the reviews before we got to Caffellatte. Breakfast for two cosrted almost 50 euros. Food was ok, not good. The woman spoke English quite well ans was somewhat friendly. At least it was funny to read similar stories from here... :-)

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Not great - Edit

I am very easy going, so I am very quick to give people a second chance. The staff was very rude to me the first day, one woman wouldn't even talk to me because I didn't know enough Italian. The food was okay, but not great.
I assumed okay, everyone has a bad day and didn't hold it against them.

The second time I went here, again the staff was rude and the food was horrible.

There are only 2 vegan options. Vegan quiche or cake. The quiche was really spicy, I could barely eat it. The cake was just bad. I've made better at home.

Cons: rude staff, bad food/no options, expensive

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We felt conned - Edit

The owner was reasonably friendly and the atmosphere/decor was attractive, so we liked the place and did our best to enjoy ourselves despite the food being the worst we have eaten anywhere in Italy (the quiche that others have mentioned).

But then added 1 euro for every item brought to the table (including drinks) and we felt completely ripped off. Even if the food were good, which it was not, the prices were astronomical. The worst value for anywhere I have ever eaten, and the owner was unembarrassable! She knew very well what she was doing and we clearly were not the irst people to be completely shocked.

It was our worst experience in Italy, so avoid it if you want to enjoy a holiday there!

It also gives a terrible impression of what it means to be vegetarian to non-vegetarians! The happy cow system says the lowest rating I can give for a vegetarian restaurant is 2 stars. This makes the points given here very very misleading. I would give this place zero as it gives vegetarians a bad name, and rips off vegans who can eat cheaper and better anywhere else in the city.

Pros: Decor

Cons: High prices, low food quality, hidden charges

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Worst resturant in Florence - Edit

Worst food I've ever eaten in my life. The owner also added 1 Euro to each dish served at the table. We found many standard Italian resturants in Florence which were far superior for both vegetarian and vegan food. Avoid unless you want to be ripped off.

Cons: Food, Service

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Reviewer Avatar

No Happy Cows Here! - Edit

First Warning: gray cardboard menu
Second Warning: only vegan item was quiche
Third Warning: owner was rude with one of our group
Fourth Warning: quiche was bland, cold, and obviously microwaved
Heed the Warnings and don't eat here!

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REALLY bad. Avoid! - Edit

The worst restaurant I've been to yet, vegetarian or otherwise. My error was in not realizing that Happy Cow ratings start at a minimum of two stars.The food was worse than bland - the only seasoning used in our 'quiches' was salt, and there was far too much of it (and I love salty food...). They were covered with an icing that had no flavor or taste whatsoever - not even salty or sweet. Despite the small portion size, if we hadn't been starving my wife and I would not have been able to finish them. My cafe fredo (ice coffee) was watery, room-temperature, small, and turned out to cost FIVE euro (about $7.50), about double the going rate. Overall, our bill was about double what it would have been at any other cafe, all for a meal that I would probably have paid to avoid having to eat.

The woman who made and served the food was slow, unfriendly, and weird. I agree completely with the other reviewers who concluded that this place is out to rip-off tourists (presumably the locals have learned to avoid it by now) and should be avoided.

Summary: very bad food, bad atmosphere, criminal prices. Do not eat here!

Pros: none

Cons: bad food, extremeley overpriced, unfriendly service

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Avoid! - Edit

In Florence on a week long break in late November, we went to a lot of trouble to find this place, and just wish we had taken some trouble to read the reviews first. We waited 40 minutes to be served, although there were only three other customers present with two of those being together. Just as we were about to give up and leave, the owner took our order. Being assured that both the soup and quich were vegan, and feeling cold and very hungry, we asked for both. The soup was a watered down, stone cold, plate of something green with no flavour whatsoever to give any clues as to its ingredients. No bread was served with the 'soup'. The quich was laughable: mine, a "mixed vegetable" variety apparently, was a very small, very thin, slice of something that looked like it might contain some vegetable matter but which, like the soup, had absolutely no taste at all. My husband had chosen the tomato variety and, although his slice was even thinner than mine (a tremendous feat in itself), it at least did have some taste - of salt. The quich slices were served on teaplates and still managed to look insignificant. All of this, together with one coffee (cold) and one small glass of juice cost a staggering 35 euros. A total rip-off and it should be pointed out that prices were NOT on display. Anyway, had the whole bill come to 5 euros, we still wouldn't have gone back. That night, we had dinner at Dolce Vegan and THAT was a delight.

Cons: poor service, dreadful food, extortionate prices

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Sadly not very good - Edit

Miniscule portions of food served at hugely inflated prices. There are extra charges which don't appear on the menu. Lunch for two people - an exceedly small portion of vegan quiche with no garnish, a stale cake dessert and coffee came to €44! You will leave feeling fleeced and hungry.

Pros: None

Cons: Charges not transparent, Bad food, Small portions

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Good, but it could be better - Edit

When I was a vegetarian I used to come here very often and, especially, I couldn't stop enjoying the "Bretone", a cake made with a special cow milk cream, I couldn't stop to court that cake... But since I completely stopped eating animal products I realized that here the vegan options weren't numerous. Of course there is always something vegan to eat, but not much, maybe also because the owner/female cook never uses soy milk or rice milk. Here you can usually find only one vegan option in the cakes menu ( usually made of fruits and pine nuts with jam, very good), only one vegan option in the quiches menu ( very good), and two vegan options in the soups menu. The portions could be bigger ( since the prices are not that cheap!) and, even if all the dishes are home-made, they are not always organic. The atmosphere is very nice ( and it's also in the historical centre of Florence), but, if you need to go the toilet and whas your hand, pay attention to the soap, I guess it's not vegan and it's not cruelty free at all.
My opinion about "Caffélatte" is good, but, if the owner wanted, could be even better. Because if you're a vegan and you're looking for a large ( and exquisite) variety of meals, go to "Tropponais", always here in Florence.

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I should have read the reviews - Edit

I was very disappointed with this place. We came in and looked at the menu. After being persuaded to sit down, we placed an order. I ordered 2 Quiche (10 Euro), 1 glass of water (2 Euro), 1 small order of bread (1.50 Euro) and a cup of tea (? Euro). The food was fine. The bill came to 27.50! After my initial confusion and recounting the meal, I was confused. Here I thought we were finally sitting down for a light and inexpensive snack in this expensive town and it was wildly expensive. I was told of the 5 Euro fee that was tacked on. To which I responded, "you invited us to sit and made no mention of that". After all is said and done, the tea cost me 10 Euro ($15 American! for a cup of tea!). She explained to me that is was special tea and organic. In reality she lied and ripped me off. She seemed nice at first, but I felt scammed in the end. I actually have a hard time putting someone down, especially a hard working person, but she took advantage of someone who came a long way and supported her establishment in a town where vegetarianism is pretty non-existent. Plus, the portion was quite small. I would understand if it was an entire pie of quiche. Oh well.

Pros: Location, One of few veggie places in Florence

Cons: Lack of choice, Rip-off service fee, Overcharges

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Biggest tourist trap EVER - Edit

we came to this place after receiving reports praising the cakes we decided to have lunch here.
to make a long story short, the menu is dubious, the food is BAD, is in small portions.
However, non of this compares to the minute you are ready to pay the bill.
Turns out for EVERY dish, including beverages that are ordered, an additional 1 Euro is added.
This is in addition to a cover charge and to overpriced dishes!!!
Do not walk in here, or, if you do, make sure you only stop to ask direction to the nearest place worthy of your money and appetite.
You deserve better then this.

Pros: good cakes

Cons: rip off, over priced, bad food

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